Typecast #3 Revenge Of The Fitz

After saying we’d do it in previous Typecasts…FINALLY! THE FITZ HAS COME BACK! TO TALK PREQUELS!

This time around The Dark Lord of the Fitz starts sharing his experiences leading up to, and after, Episode I when suddenly Star Wars fandom had a bombshell dropped in our laps, read on and you’ll find out exactly what we thought of the trailer.

As always, his parts of the conversation appear with his twitter account, @Fitzman73, in red and link to his podcast Just Jump To The End.

This conversation appears just as it was had, warts & spelling mistakes intact just to maintain the honesty of the whole thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: Alright, so we established our first go round that you were a bit sad when the credits rolled on Jedi because you thought the adventures were over…but to paraphrase a certain old Jedi “there is another”.

When did the first serious rumblings of Prequels shine light on those dark days?

@Fitzman73: There was always some rumor floating around even as far back as Jedi that new movies were coming.
Of course in those day pre internet the “rumor mill” was just some kid who heard from some kid who heard from some kid etc, etc.

But the first time I remember people really getting excited was about 1997 when the Special Editions hit the theaters.
It was obvious to everyone that this was a prelude to more Star Wars movies.
Testing the waters to see how much interest there still was (lots) and something for ILM to practice their new digital toolbox on.
I wanna say it was right around then that we got the first solid confirmation straight from Lucas’ mouth that yes he was working on a script for what would become Episode I.
I think there was also some news about prepoduction work being done as well, maquettes, concept drawings, etc.

That was still very very early internet so getting news was way more difficult than it is now. Even by the time of episode II, you were seeing big time spoilers being leaked on the internet, but 97, 98, 99, forget about it.
You had to read Star Wars Insider to get any news.


It wasn’t until very close to the actual release of the film that I even saw pictures of the cast in costume.
I think the trailer dropped and basically destroyed the internet.
Mother fuck a Kim Kardashian ass, the ep I trailer broke the internet.
It was dial up too. 56k.
It would take hours to download the 2 minute trailer.
Unless you were one of the 10 richest men in the world and actually had DSL. Lol.

But after that trailer dropped, then the marketing insanity began.

ThatScoobyDoom: So by 97 you guys knew they were finally happening after almost 2 years of near nothingness?
What was that like for you?

Would you know of their was any truth to the story that Weird Al wrote The Saga Begins based completely on the internet rumors or did he get a peek from Lucasfilm?

What was Insider like back then?

Hours to DL 2 minutes?
Sounds almost like me with my shitty throttled net now.

@Fitzman73: It was exciting, but like I said you only got news in dribs and drabs, so it wasn’t like the almost constant state of anticipation you have these days with ep 7.
You’d hear a new piece of news and be super excited for a day or two and then nothing for awhile and the excitement would go away until the next bit of news or the next magazine photo or whatever.

But once the marketing started it was inescapable.
It was everywhere you looked.
TV, stores, magazines, everywhere.
That’s when the excitement really started to build, when it was no longer rumors or bits of story coming out but actual carded action figures, vinyl figures, taco bell toys, all that shit.

Actually, I’ll give you an example of how it was for me.
There was such a ridiculous demand for the trailer (it was attached to Meet Joe Black and there was a big problem of people sneaking in just to see the trailer) that they actually showed it after the 10 o’clock news one night.
I was at worked but taped it (with a VCR naturally).
I got home from work well after midnight and the first thing I did was play that tape.
It was the first time I’d gotten to see it, and when those gungans came walking out of the swamp I actually got choked up.
I wore that tape out in a few days.

I think that Weird Al song came out way after the movie so I think he wrote it based on the movie.

The Insider was really cool back then.
They had a lot of cool interviews and behind the scenes stuff that you couldn’t find just anywhere.
I actually have all of them still from when I subscribed.

ThatScoobyDoom: That must have been maddening!
Knowing how big of a fan you are, how did you deal with the lack of…well, anything?

See, not being a fan back then, I don’t really remember seeing it everywhere.
I mean, we have some models and shit from Ep I that we only got because the vendor at the flea market couldn’t sell ’em.
So we got ’em almost for free.

I’ve heard alot from alot of folks about that trailer on Meet Joe Black.
Lots of folks bought tickets just to see it and left which is fuckin’ nuts to me.

I can’t remember when Running With Scissors came out but I could have sworn that song dropped around the same time or soon after.
Did that song crank your engine any?

Oh shit son!
You ever go through those when you need a nostalgia shoot?

@Fitzman73: Oh it was a sickening amount of merch and food tie ins.
Just absolutely obscene.
There will never be a marketing blitz like that for another movie.

I can’t imagine anyone not seeing this shit all over.
How old were you back then?
Maybe it was more of an age thing?

Or maybe I just have a skewed perspective since I was actively seeking a lot of this stuff out.
I don’t think it’s just me though.

I worked at Blockbuster at the time too and this was the first time we ever got merch in stock that had a street date, meaning it couldn’t be put out or sold until a specific date.
Of course the shipment came when I was working, alone as usual, and I was shitting myself over all the cool vinyl figures.
In fact I was so distracted I didn’t notice all the packing tape all over the boxes that said DO NOT SELL BEFORE XXXXX.
I put ALL that shit out for sale immediately.
Store manager wasn’t happy.
But I didn’t know any better at the time.
I had to pull it all off the shelf and box it back up.
Of course I stashed the 12″ vinyl Darth Maul for myself.


ThatScoobyDoom: And as we’ve said previously, keep in mind you’re talking about a movie that was technically an indie movie.
Until recently, the biggest independent franchise in history.

It was May of ’99, right?
I’d just turned 8 a week or 2 before.
I can honestly say, if not for this kid Tim (not What’s Your Name? Timmy for those wondering) that I went to school with, I’d have had very little knowledge of Phantom Menace at all.

I mean, if that was me now, I’d have dug through and bought all the figs I wanted no matter what the fuck the street date was.

@Fitzman73: Yeah May 99, very soon after Columbine.
I remember there was all this anticipation and buildup to the premiere and then right before you had this great explosive nerdgasm we were slapped in the face with cold reality.
It was so close in fact that the day it premiered I remember watching George Lucas getting interviewed on Today or one of those morning shows and actually get sandbagged and have to defend violence in his movies.
He was like look these movies are fucking cartoons.
There’s no blood, no bullets.
It’s a completely made up fantasy world.
It was really ridiculous of them to try and work that into what was obviously supposed to be a light “entertainment” segment.

And he had to deal with that BEFORE the accusations that he was using racist stereotypes in the film.
Thinking back, he really took it up the ass when epsiode 1 debuted.
Can you imagine?
All the work and design and planning that went into that movie and then you find yourself maligned in the press when you finally get to show it to people?
Jesus, I can’t believe be pushed on actually.

That’s too bad you weren’t into it at the time you were the perfect age for it.
When did you finally watch it?

ThatScoobyDoom: See, it’s shit like that that kinda crushed one of my childhood dreams.
I think it came from being a Superman fan, but when I was a kid I wanted to be a Reporter/Journalist/Interviewer.
Shit like that just disgusted me and kinda turned me against the idea.
I fuckin’ HATE ambush journalism and people in that business who take low blows like that.

Yeah, I never understood the “racism” claims with Gunray, Jar-Jar, and shit.
Didn’t Watto even catch some hell?
I’ve never understood how using Asian or so called Black accents is offensive but it’s okay to do a Waspy affectation or English accent.
I guess it’s around that time when the world started changing into pussholes about ethnicity and shit.

Clearly he has that artists drive to share a story, I can’t think of any other reason why he’d get reamed constantly and be like “fuck it, lets make another”.
Ya know?

Well, I’d seen bits and pieces of all 6 over the years.
I did see the OT on VHS when I was somewhere between 4-7 and just thought it was beyond boring, I can remember falling asleep during the Speederbike chase in Jedi.
But the first time I saw Ep I start to finish would hafta be sometime in very late ’08 to mid ’09.
I saw Menace and was instantly hooked.

@Fitzman73: Wow.
Fell asleep huh?
That’s crazy talk to me.
It’s also unusual at least from a popular opinion perspective that it was Episode I that got you hooked on Star Wars and not the OT.
I’m sure that’s a dagger in the heart of many so-called fans.

Yeah I guess the elephant in the Episode I room is Jar Jar.
I acknowledge that he was abrasive at times and a little too over the top, but I don’t get all the hate.
In fact I think he has one of the most inpactful scenes in the whole movie when he has that heart to heart with Amidala on Coruscant that opens her eyes to what they need to do to win their battle.
You’re meant to realize this guy is clumsy and naive but maybe not as dumb as he appears.
That was supposed to be a real character moment for him but I don’t think anyone was really paying attention by that point.
I wish he would’ve had a little bit less of a comic relief role in the final battle.
It probably would’ve helped his character’s mini-arc.

The backlash definitely didn’t help his future development either.
And in some ways I think George caving in to the criticism and reducing Jar Jar’s role in the rest of the PT actually contributed to the rest of the PT being weaker than he probably intended.
What I mean is, I think he had to retool a lot of the rest of the trilogy to fix the fact that one of the main characters was now getting scrapped.
I can’t wait until Rinzler does a comprehensive making of for the PT.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, actually, if I’m completely honest, the movies had nothing to do with me getting hooked on Star Wars.
Star Wars Battlefront II is what really got me interested.
I saw it for $15 at Walmart at the start of December 2008 and got it for Christmas.
I figured it’s only $15, I won’t be too disappointed if it sucks.

The other thing that really hooked me in was those Family Guy episodes, and that is why I think George Lucas/Lucasfilm/Disney own Seth Macfarlane a HUGE debt of gratitude!
Those episodes were fuckin’ amazing!

I have a history of getting into franchises through weird ways. Scooby-Doo for instance, I became a fan of that through these 60-70 page chapter books that James Gelsey wrote.

But yeah, I feel asleep…but in fairness, I was young and a child of the 90’s.
Like I said in the first Typecast, when my cousin first tried getting us too watch it I was like “screw a Star War, I can watch a Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, or X-Men cartoon.” ya know?
In the 90’s I had way better options.
And lets face it, while I love the OT, those movies are slow when compared to those 90’s action cartoons.
I just wasn’t at a point where I could slow down and watch them, I had to grow up as a movie fan and get to the point where I could watch them.

See the thing about Jar Jar, and the whole Saga, that people need too realize is that A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi were not made as kids movies, no matter how much Lucas or anybody else wants to retcon history, they are not
George was making movies for HIMSELF!
There is no debate here, he was.
When he made Phantom Menace that was clearly intended as a kids movie, he made that so that the folks that loved the first 3 would grow up and say “I loved those, I hope my kids do.” and instead he go tarred and feathered for it.
Is Jar Jar annoying?
Of course!
But it is clear George had a plan for him, and you’re right, he got scared and abandoned it.

And ya know what, I think that may be the only reason Jar Jar was the one to give Palpatine the final round of power.
That probably had nothing to do with his original plan but he figured “fuck it, they hate this guy anyway…lets give ’em a real reason to despise him.”, which is sad because, as we saw on The Clone Wars, Jar Jar can be a really cool character.

@Fitzman73: Yeah, Clone Wars did a ton of good for the prequel films.
It really did help flesh out a lot of the things that fall short in the movies, like characterization and chemistry between the leads.

ThatScoobyDoom: So, Episode I is coming, your excitement is building…did you get the soundtrack before you saw the movie?

@Fitzman73: I did.
And like everyone who got it I read the track listing and was like what in the actual fuck?
Because as I’m sure you know, major spoiler, probably THE major spoiler of the whole movie is given away right there in on the back of the CD.
Why on earth they named a track “Qui-Gonn’s Noble End” and released it before the film is beyond me. Lol.

What I remember being more blown away by was the video for Duel Of the Fates when it debuted on MTV.
That was huge and gave me goosebumps.
The first time you got a new Star Wars theme (not counting the new celebration music at the end of RotJ Special Edition, which imo was kinda lame) in 16 years.
And it was the first time you got to see footage from episode 1 married to music from the film.
The trailer didn’t use new music I don’t think, only existint OT music arranged to fit.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s where I was leading you. Lol
That is something that is nuts to me, why the hell they’d spoil one of the biggest movies of all time on a goddamn disc jacket made it mind blowningly stupid, compounded by the fact that they had so much secrecy surrounding it up until that point.
I can understand releasing a novel a week or 2 early and that spoiling it but that was nothing short of stupidity.

I don’t know the video that you’re talking about, but that song is…just wow.
Simply fucking amazing.
I get goosebumps just listening to that song today, so you must have been out of your fuckin’ mind.

How long was it before the movie that the soundtrack dropped?

@Fitzman73: Yeah it was crazy, definitely not where you’d expect a spoiler.
Although later they did the same thing with AotC and RotS via action figures.
AotC Anakin had a removable arm I think and RotS Anakin came with Dooku’s saber.
So yeah it’s all top secret until a week or two before the movie opens and then the spoiler floodgates open.

I wanna say it was at LEAST two weeks before the movie came out that the soundtrack dropped.
I know the video came first and I wanna say that was way before like a month maybe?
Whatever it was it felt like ages.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t think RotS would have been a movie to worry about spoilers for me, mostly because ***SPOILERS*** Anakin is gonna hit the fuckin’ iceberg. Lol
Everybody knew he was going to be Vader, not much else to spoil there.
That movie was just about closing the book.

Damn, that makes the load even bigger the longer it was before the movie.

So you know going in that Qui-Gon is gonna eat it, did that temper your excitement any?
Or where you still blinded by the stary wars?

@Fitzman73: No not really, in fact on first viewing I was surprised when he died, it completely caught me off guard.
I had totally forgotten that it would happen at some point.

Holy shit.
I just went and watched the Duel of the Fates video, I forgot how LONG it is and how much footage is shown and also how mucb awesome behind the scenes stuff is in there almost half of it is all “making of” footage.

Treat yourself:

ThatScoobyDoom: Really?
Just so caught up in the movie you forgot?

Can’t watch it right now, but I believe you.
I do love that song though.

@Fitzman73: Yeah no lie, when Maul get him I was like oh shit!
I remember feeling like a real dope for being surprised.
Of course the other surprise is that a few seconds after that, Maul gets diced, which I 100% did not see coming.
I couldn’t believe he got “killed” in the first movie.
Every one that I knew just assumed he was going to be the new Vader for the prequel trilogy.


ThatScoobyDoom: I have noticed now, looking back, that he was kinda billed as the next big thing.

You think Lucas ever regretted killing him off?
Of everything in the Prequels, and that movie specifically, he was the one thing everybody loved!

@Fitzman73: Oh absolutely.
I think he’s actually been quoted as admitting that killing him off was a mistake.
Which would be a rare admission on his part.
He usually doesn’t publicly second guess himself.

Trying not to spoil anything for anyone, but I think what Lucas put in the Clone Wars animated series worked great and really did satisfy my fan boy blue balls for Darth Maul.
He allowed himself a second bite at that apple.

ThatScoobyDoom: And for good reason, that would be blood in the water.
I didn’t know he’d that before though.

I don’t know all of the details, but it sounded sorta similar to that old comic where he came back.

But if you want, feel free to spoil it.
It’s been out long enough and I wouldn’t mind knowing.

@Fitzman73: Well, I won’t give you all the details or his eventual fate by the end of the series, but it involves Sith Witches, his brother from Dathomir, and a garbage collection system. Lol.

But you’re right it is like that comic where he ends up with robot legs.
Some of his rebirth is a little cheezy but overall it works and Sam Witwer does a fine Maul voice.
Basically Maul wants revenge for being abandoned by his master and for being taken out of the game literally by Obi Wan.
So yes, there are a couple of rematches.

ThatScoobyDoom: *sing songy* I just got a little hard!
That sounds ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo fuckin’ good.

Witwer is fuckin’ awesome too! Dude definitely knows his shit.

Also, you’re nothing but a goddamn tease!

Okay, getting back on track, clearly you saw Episode I in the theater…I already know the answer but it’s so fuckin’ fanboy, tell us how many times you saw it.

@Fitzman73: Before I tell you my number can I confess something first?

I was initially left feeling kinda empty after that first viewing.
It’s crazy now but I really did leave the theater thinking what the fuck where is the euphoria I was expecting?
Yeah the movie was not exactly what I expected based on the buildup and all the footage I’d seen, it was kind of a bipolar experience silly and corny one minute, exciting the next, then kinda slow and super serious.
But it was Star Wars why wasn’t I just in a fucking diabetic coma from the sweetness of a new Star Wars movie?

And that’s when I realized it’s never going to be exactly the same as what I felt in 1983.
It doesn’t matter what they put on the screen, I was not the same 10 year old kid that went to see Jedi.
I’d had 16 years of growth and life experiences in between.
It was unfair for me to expect that movie to give me the same feelings that I had as a kid.
I was an adult essentially watching a movie whose main demographic I had already aged out of.

When I finally realized that this movie wasn’t made to appeal to a 26 year old me but to appeal to a 10 year old me, and that it was ok to not like some parts while loving others, the movie got better and better with every viewing.

I think that was the same for all the first gen fans.
Expectations were unreasonably high, and when the movie fell short or weren’t exactly what we wanted it took a little adjusting.
Some people adjusted and began to enjoy the prequels for what they were and some people were Patton Oswalt.

My number was 12 by the way.
In every conceivable venue around town and out of town.

ThatScoobyDoom: And you see, the flip side of that is that is it had been exactly what you had wanted, dreamed, and expected is that you still would have been disappointed.
You wouldn’t have been surprised.
You might have been disappointed that he didn’t do something different than what you, a 26 year old dude that isn’t paid to write, would have.
I think it would take the magic away a little if you could predict what he was going to put out.

But fuck man, that is truly eloquent.

It looks like the extremely vocal minority is like Patton Oswald.
It’s really fuckin’ sad too.

12 times, 12 times is just mind blowning for me as I’ve never seen a movie in a theater more than once.
I’ve never been able to go to the theater much either.
But while I say that’s mind blowning I also find it to be a beautiful thing.
You were a little let down but the power of fuckin’ Star Wars compelled you to come to terms with that, get over it, and go see the fuckin’ thing 11 more times.
That is astounding.

Did you go opening day/weekend?

@Fitzman73: Well it’s not as impressive as it sounds at first, I would say a third of those were at the dollar show. Lol.

I don’t usually get to/want to go to the movies but I will always turn out for Star Wars.

And guess what?
That statement just made me realize my number isn’t twelve at all!
I forgot I got to see Ep I in 3D when it was out awhile back.
Verdict, meh.
Some of the 3D was cool but I think it looked better in 2D.
Plus I think the theater fucked up the projection.

The only Star Wars I’ve missed theatrically is the Clone Wars movie.
I still regret it, but it couldn’t be helped.
Our first kid was only a few months old and time/money was an issue.

Oh, did I go opening day for ep I?
Yes I did.
First movie I ever purchased advance tickets online for.
2nd show opening day at Des Peres Cine (closest one doing presales).
I remember the lines and how small the screen looked.
We ended up in one of the smaller theaters it felt like a big private screening room.
I think at least half of their screens were showing it.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is still impressive to me.

I love going to the movies, I still cherish the experiences seeing the 2 Scooby-Doo movies on the big screen.
I know I use this word alot in these conversations, but it is an appropriate descriptive, but it’s magical.
It really is.

I wanted to go but had nobody to take me, I think Ronnies had it in 2D.
3D to me has always been a stupid gimmick, it was in the 50’s, it was in the 70’s, and it is today.
I see no value in it.

I was gonna ask you if you saw that.
I wanna touch on that with you a little bit later if we have room for it, so hold onto that thought.

What was that crowd like?

@Fitzman73: The crowds were relatively normal.
Lotta kids.
Not a ton of dressing up that I can remember.
Of course the more times I saw it, the fewer other people I saw.
By the end of the summer it was literally me and a buddy in a theater completely alone.
It was pretty cool.

The only reason I was able to go that often was a perfect storm of life conditions.
I was still living at home, working part time at the video store, and going to college 4 hours a day.
It was technical college so you were in one class for 4 hours a day.
That particular class I got finished with all the work sometimes 2 hours in advance so you could just leave.
I chose to go across the street on days I didn’t have to work and hit the 10 or 11 am show.

ThatScoobyDoom: So in your experience it wasn’t really like Fanboys showed it to be?

I’d have loved being alone in the theater seeing that, that’s almost how it was when I saw Green Lantern.

That just sounds like great fuckin’ fun.
Suffer through school and then BOOM Star Wars.

@Fitzman73: Yeah it was great motivation to get work done and not dick off for 4 hours like everyone else did.

No it wasn’t exactly like Fanboys for me, but didn’t they go to a midnight show?
Those are way different.

And what was cool about the empty theater was it was the last time I was at the old Creve Coeur cinema before they tore it down and made the new one.
That was where I saw both Star Wars and Empire along with tons of others.
Still looked the same, same crappy auditorium seats everything.
Fitting that Ep I was my final visit.

ThatScoobyDoom: Of course.
Only better motivation is pussy.

True, but I’d have thought that weekend would have been batshit crazy.
The start of a new trilogy?
Come on now!
That is worth a bit of excitement.


@Fitzman73: Oh it was crazy as far as lines and crowds and shit but I guess not as nutty as you might think.
Of course the negative reviews and overall backlash came pretty fast so I think that threw a wet blanket on things a little.

ThatScoobyDoom: Of course, sadly.

So what was your first reaction when you got over that feeling of being slightly let down, so your second reaction?
What really stuck out for you?

@Fitzman73: All of act 3, from the moment those doors open and Maul is revealed to end credits.
You can shit on Episode I all you want but I challenge even the most ardent PT hater to say that climax was anything less than breathtaking.
The sets, the score, the pacing, the choreography.
All amazing.
For a long time it truly was what kept me coming back.
That and the gorgeous Natalie Portman.

Over time I got more invested in the rest of the plot and everything.
I really think that part of my feeling let down was that there’s just so much happening so quickly that you miss a lot the first time through so it feels like “is that it?” when it’s over, but the more you watch it the more things you pick up on and you start to see there’s really a ton of shit going on.

Really there’s only one part of that entire movie that gets a yawn from me.
It’s the goodbye sequence between Anakin and his mom.
The rest of the movie I felt was pretty well paced.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed on all fronts.
That Dual Bladed Lightsaber lights and every single goddamn time I perk up.
It’s a real “oh fuck! Shits on.” moment!
And agreed on Portman…stunning.

That is a great point to.
I’ll bring it to an arena I’m very familiar with to perfectly illustrate your point.
Go watch any episode of Scooby-Doo Where Are You and then watch any episode of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated.
After WAY, SD:MI is an assault on your senses.
The pace is break neck with so many levels of story that it’s overwhelming!
But if you watch SD:MI then WAY, WAY is so slow and boring.
The pace is snail like with so many pauses that it’s crazy.
Both are 22 minute shows.

That shows how different thing were back then, you could do simplistic stories and be fine.
Audiences are so sophisticated that you have to make these vast layered stories that almost demand repeat viewings.

Yeah, where he talks to her, walks away, then runs back?
That and the opening with Gunray kinda bore me a bit, but not too much.

How was the podrace on a big screen?

@Fitzman73: The podrace was awesome on the big screen.
The sound was amazing.
That’s another part of the flick that some people hate on and say is boring or too long.
I never understood that either.
That whole sequence was a special effects orgy.

What was your take on it when you saw it?

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, and you know I love it, but they sorta have a point.
It is long, and kinda a pointless we to get to the “wesa free” moment for Anakin.

First time I saw it I came so hard my pants are still kinda wet.
I loved it, the fuckin’ weird Gauze headed sniper freaks (Tusken Raiders), that pasty lanky white chick (Aurra Sing), dodging those goddamn rock formations at lightning speed, the fuckin’ sound!
Oh my god!
Orgy is an understandment!
It was like fuckin’ Caligula mixed with the hardest of hardcore Orgy porns in my face holes.

That whole stretch of the movie is a perfect example of the achievements we talked about last time that George Lucas pushed us towards.

I sorta said it last time, but I’ll say it yet again, without George Lucas and Star Wars, I don’t think we’d have Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Avengers, Spider-Man, or any of these huge blockbusters we’ve gotten in the last 15 years or so.
Or at least not at the same level that we did get them.

@Fitzman73: One thing I never thought really worked as well as it should was the Amidala/Padme duality with the body doubles and all that shit.
They kinda screwed the pooch a little on that by saying way in advance that Portman was playing the queen.
It was obvious to anyone who knew of her that she was also Padme, that wasn’t fooling anyone. Lol.
They shouldn’t have billed her that way and just given a bogus name for the actress playing Amidala.
That way the deception and reveal would’ve maybe been more believable.

ThatScoobyDoom: While I didn’t know that they revealed it before hand, I can say for sure I agree.
Maybe they should have listed her as Padme Naberrie and called Keira Knightley Queen Amidala.
That’s almost as bad as the soundtrack gaff.

I think it still works, but that is strange.

@Fitzman73: Yeah I think she was listed as Padme Amidalla.
So later when they would refer to her as Padme Naberrie I was like what the fuck where’d that name come from?

I mean it still kinda works, it’s just weird.

Actually I think Amidalla might be her middle name.

ThatScoobyDoom: As far as I remember, Amidala is a name she took on after she was elected Queen of Naboo.
It’s kinda how Sith chose a new name, the rulers of Naboo chose a Regal name that sticks with them for life.

@Fitzman73: Yeah that makes sense.
They must all have to end in “la”. AmidaLA, JamiLA.

Not to derail the prequel trilogy discussion but when we were talking about the OT we neglected to bring up a very infamous piece of Star Wars history that happened back then.
The anniversary just past which made me remember we didn’t talk about it.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I guess that would have to be true.
I wonder if there is any documented proof of the Naboo process anywhere.

Oh boy…The Holiday Special?

@Fitzman73: Didn’t they touch on it a little in that Plaguis book?
Now that you say that I think the ep 1 novelization might explain some of it in a little more detail than the film.
Which, in general to anyone who is on the fence or straight up hates the PT, should really check out the novelizations, they really help give more depth to the films.
Especially the episode 3 novel.
Really good.

Oh yeah.
Holiday Special.
We can put a pin in that I just wanted to bring it up.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t remember much about the process of the Throne of Naboo being touched in either of those.
I remember more of the political side being drilled.
Now, I guess you could say since the Throne is an elected position it is political but…

No no, lets go into it.
I’m gonna guess you saw it when it aired?

@Fitzman73: I did.
Only aired one time and somehow I saw it.
And it actually does fit this prequel discussion because to all the people who think the PT was terrible and a horrific cash grabbing rape of their childhood, go take a look at the Holiday Special and get some perspective on what “bad Star Wars” looks like.

It was so bizarre that for over a decade I thought I must have imagined or dreamt it.

Have you ever seen it?

ThatScoobyDoom: Sorry, you just misspoke.
I must correct you.
You didn’t THINK you imagined or dreamt it…you HOPED you imagined or dreamt it.

I saw like 10 minutes of it on youtube once and that was far more than I needed to see.

Bad is an understatement.
It’s just astounding how bad it is.
I wonder if when he sold to Disney George had a stipulation about that special in there.
Something like they have to wait until he dies before they can release it, because we both know it’s well known he doesn’t want it seen.

And as bad as it is…I would like to see it get a high quality release.
Just as a historical document.

@Fitzman73: 10 minutes?
That’s it?
Oh dude, you’re missing out.
It’s barely getting up to speed by that point.

Did you at least watch the cool yet bizarre Boba Fett animated sequence?

ThatScoobyDoom: It was far too bad to stick with it, the quality was shit to.
It was like watching through a snow storm.

I think I did, but this was 5 years ago so my memory is fuzzy.

I guess I should give it another go sometime.

@Fitzman73: In all seriousness if you never get to watch it, it’s not that big of a loss. Lol.
I do recommend finding the Boba Fett short though.

Did you ever watch the Droids or Ewoks cartoons?
Much less terrible than the Holiday Special obviously but still a good example of Star Wars done worse than the PT.
Oh, and the Ewoks live action tv movies. Stinky.

My point is, Phantom Menace and the PT, for all it’s flaws, is Shakespeare compared to every attempt at Star Wars from 1983 to 1999.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know it’s not a loss, but I’ve heard the Fett segment is great by comparison to the rest of it.

I was just going to ask you about those.
No, the only Star Wars show I’ve watched was TCW.
But that’s mostly because everything else is out of print and basically unavailable.
Ewoks, Droids, and the Clone Wars micro series, I’ve never seen.

Based solely on what I’ve seen of the Holiday Special, I can totally see that being true.

@Fitzman73: The Droids and Ewoks cartoons are totally watchable.
Typical 80s cartoons.
But they are the reason why so many people groaned when Lucasfilm said hey guys we’re making the new Star Wars cartoon called Clone Wars.
Luckily we didn’t have anything to worry about.

Oh and the micro series was ok.
It was no Clone Wars and I definitely don’t consider it G-Level Canon.
Oddly enough, I really did not like the voice acting for Obi Wan and Yoda in that micro series, but then those se 2 actors went on to the Filoni series and I really loved the jobs they did on those characters.
Such is the pickiness of the fanboy huh?

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d love to see those old Toons for sure.
Every once in awhile I see somebody on twitter post a pic of one of those Ewok “movies” or what ever that they put out on DVD a few years ago.

Didn’t Paul Dini work on those?
I know he worked on alot of those old 80’s cartoons.

A lot of people slobber on the balls of that series solely because of that Genndy dude that was behind it.

Did they do anything different vocally between the 2 series that made the difference for you?

@Fitzman73: I think he might have.
I know on the first Dini episode of Fatman he talks about working on He-Man, seems like he said Ewoks too.

Fun fact, Stewart Copeland of the Police wrote the Droids theme song.
It’s weird but actually not that bad.


Yeah I know some people love it.
But aesthetically and storytelling wise it just never did anything for me.
It’s garbage compared to the non-micro series.

I think James Arnold Taylor has actually talked about changes made to Obi Wan’s voice, maybe loosened it up a bit, but probably more than anything they just didn’t sound exact to me and it took me awhile to get used to them.
Probably if I watched those now I would love they’re performances but at the time I was like what the fuck is this?

By the way here’s a picture of my Holiday Special DVD.


ThatScoobyDoom: That’s where I remember hearing it.

That is so much 80’s in 1 minute that it’s nuts.
Just…wow…not bad or anything, but hehehehe.

I can’t speak to it being shit or quality.

I didn’t even know JAT voiced Obi-Wan until you said he did.
I know he said he added a bit of Lennon into the voice and that he felt it worked.
I agree.

@Fitzman73: Yeah JAT (Obi Wan), Tom Kane (Yoda), and Corey Burton (Dooku) all reprise their micro series roles in the Filoni series.
And here’s another little nugget that I just learned on last week’s Rebel Force Radio when they talked to Matt Lanter (Filoni’s fantastic Anakin).
He was not the first person cast as Anakin.
Matt Lucas (micro series Anakin) recorded Anakin dialog for like 5 episodes including the feature before they shitcanned him and went a different direction (less Hayden Christianson, more strong and manly) and cast Matt Lanter.
He has to do ADR over all of Matt Lucas’ dialog and match that performance which is one reason he starts out a little flat and develops into a much more dynamic and powerful character as the series progressed.

ThatScoobyDoom: Wait…WHAT???
Why did I not know this?
I know, much like Tim Curry as Joker, they’ll never see the light of day, but I want to hear those recordings!

@Fitzman73: Yeah apparently that was real unexpected revelation.
Even the RFR hosts were like wait WHAT!?
They’d never heard that either.
Pretty cool scoop.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so!

Getting back on track, did we talk about the Lightsaber combat and your first reaction to that yet?

@Fitzman73: Not yet I don’t think.

I was blown away by it.
Right off the bat at the very top of the movie you’ve got Qui-Gonn using his saber to melt a fucking blast door.
So right away I was like ok this is going to be a different level of Jedi in this movie.

In fact I think GL even said in the lead up to the movie that these are Jedi at the top of their game, not a cyborg, an old man, and an untrained farmboy.
And he was not kidding.
I was blown away by the ferocity and athleticism those fights had.
Not just a fencing match.

ThatScoobyDoom: That was my reaction too, the fights in the OT were just strikes.
This shit was…whoa…flips, blocks, force pushes/pulls, and all kinds of dynamic motion.

I think I remember reading that Lucas quote.

For you true fans that had spent 20 years with the OT…I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys were thinking.
Blown away doesn’t seem apt.
Cause that just kept building until it reached the crescendo of the Maul fight on Naboo.

That fight between Qui-Gon and Maul on Tatooine, while short, was great.

@Fitzman73: I was initially kinda let down by the fight on Tatooine.
I guess because it happened so fast and you really couldn’t see much with all the sand blowing and swirling capes and shit.
It wasn’t until the end when I realized oh THAT’S why the first fight was just a tease.
It was so they didn’t tip you off to the crazy shit that was going to happen during the big fight.

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly.
And it is stylistic as a motherfucker.

So credits roll, you said you felt a little empty and that it was a bit of a bipolar experience, did it immediately make you excited for the 2nd installment of the saga or did that come later?

@Fitzman73: Seeing Jake Loyd at the end with the padawan cut definitely made me excited for the next installment.
Of course at that time nobody knew (or even speculated that I can remember) that they were going to jump 10 years into the future and Jake Loyd wouldn’t return as Anakin.
Obviously a lot of people were happy about that though.
That poor kid took a critical beating for his performance.
Some of it justified, some not.
But really I blame GL for any shortcomings in performances by the actors is the PT.
At the risk of soundiny heretical, for all of his brilliance as a visual storyteller, idea man, and filmaking visionary, he’s really not a great directoy of human beings.
Just look at the 4 Star Wars films he’s directed.
All visually stunning but not that well acted dedpite A list casts.
Empire, not directed by him, the best acting performances of the Saga.
Not shitting on the man, just saying nobody can be awesome at everything and for him it appears that directing human beings is a weakness.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ll give you that.
I think he might think in a big spectacle film like Star Wars who’s gonna give a shit about performances.
That is just wild speculation on mypart, but it seems to fit.

When did you guys finally learn that Episode II was going to take place 10 years after I?

@Fitzman73: OAHonestly I can’t remember.
Probably pretty soon after that summer was over.
I remember GL dropping information a little at a time.
The one thing that sticks out the most is when he revealed oh by the way Boba Fett will be in the next one.
Everybody lost their shit.
I remember somebody made a fan trailer early on that had a set of blast doors opening to reveal an army of Boba Fetts.
People were convinced it would be Jedi vs. Mandolorians and that we were going to see the big battle on Concord Dawn where the Jedi wiped out the Mandolorians.
It even went so far as people speculating that the battle would destroy the environment of that planet so much that it would end up turning into the planet we’d later know as Dagobah.

It was for episode II that they also introduced “Hyperspace”, which was a subscription based service on the official site where you could get behind the scenes videos and photos and shit of the ep 2 production.
It was pretty ridiculous and nobody I knew actually paid for it.

ThatScoobyDoom: That Jedi Vs army of Mandalorians thing sounds better than the actual movie.

People’s speculation always fascinates me, the strange things folks come up with based on next to nothing.
I myself am guilty of it.

Is/was that the official fan club?

@Fitzman73: Oh speculation is fun as hell, it’s been part of the game since Empire.
I was totally on board with the Jedi/Mando thing.
I’m not sure where that was originally mentioned, I think maybe it’s a real quick mention in the Empire novelization but that concept has been around forever and people have been dying to get more information on it.
I think that might actually have been one of the no-go zones for the EU leading to more speculation that we’d someday see it.
But so far, nope.

Hyperspace wasn’t the fan club I don’t think.
That was different.
Hyperspace just gave you online access to stuff that even the Insider didn’t have.
So in essence it was even MORE inside that the fan club magazine.

They used to give you free teases every month called Behind the Mask or something like that.
It was usually juat a picture with no explanation or a very goofy caption.
I used to check for those constantly.
The best one was the first look you got at Jango. The caption was “Singing in the rain” and it was Tem Morrison in full Jango armor and helmet on a green screen set (just the actual green screen, no background added) posing with a rainbow colored umbrella like he was Fred Astaire.
It was amazing.
I shit my pants when I saw that silver armor.
I was like holy fucking shit that’s what Boba Fett’s armor used to look like!

(SPOILERS Clone Wars debunks that speculation).

Little did anyone realize that Jango would pull Maul and go out like a bitch.

ThatScoobyDoom: It was never shown in novels, I know that.
But I seem to remember seeing a cover of a comic that may have mentioned.
Also, didn’t Duchess Satine mention something about it in those Season 2 Clone Wars eps?

You think we’ll get teases of shit like that this time?
We’ve not as of yet, other than the 2 Force For Change sneak peeks.

Is that really going out like a bitch though?
I mean, Maul?
He got gutted by a Padawan.
But Fett?
Mace was a fully trained and seasoned Jedi.

@Fitzman73: Yeah I guess I didn’t mean like I bitch, just that he went out way too soon.
I guess he served his story purposes, but still it was a bummer that he was another one and done character.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, is sucks that George created these awesome characters but killed ’em off in one go…but it’s better to leave you wanting more than to run ’em into the ground until you hate them.
Grevious was another cool character he killed quickly.
But thanks to The Clone Wars, we got to hear more from all 3 in a way.

Okay, fuck all this prequel nonsense, we can come back to it later or next time.

Episode VII trailer dropped today, what did you think???

@Fitzman73: I loved it.
It was way short and told you nearly nothing (duh, teaser) but it was great.
Everyone was jizzing over the Falcon but honestly I can’t get the image of those X-wings blasting across the water.
So badass.

And thank christ those new Stormtrooper helmets play on screen.
When I saw the leaked images of just the helmet designs I was kinda like eww I don’t know.
But seeing them on screen and attached to living breathing troopers, man they look tits.

Really the only thing I was “huh?” about was that weird ball droid.
I’m sure I’ll love it in the film, I think it’s Dasy Ridley’s version of “R2-D2” so it will probably have a cool personality and it’s design will make sense, but just in those few frames it looked really silly to me.
Star Wars has a real believable feel to all of its gadgets and that design just really looked like someone saying “know what we’ve never seen? An astromech head that rolls around on a ball”.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m fine with it telling nothing, far to many trailers spoil the movie.
I hope all of the trailers are like this.


Both made my pants tight.
The camera work is what makes the Falcon bit better for me.
But fuck yeah, those X-Wings and the Rebel logo.
Fuck you!
Fuck him!
Fuck her!
Fuck all those dipshits in the back!
Take all my goddamn money and put that shit in my motherfuckin’ eye parts!

Yeah, I still can’t say that I’m 100% sold on them yet.
That trooper part looks fucked up though, like some shit is about to go way down.
I was kinda stunned to see that Trooper with his helmet off, then I checked @StarWars and saw a tweet that said the Clones were phased out soon after The Clone Wars…it kinda made sense then.
I wanna know of that dude is gonna be in deep poodoo for having his helmet off!

That didn’t even register for me as something to pick apart.
That feels in the same vein as those little trucks in the OT.
The boxy speeder bike stuck out more so.

It was also kinda shocking to look at the actors they showed and have no clue who they were.
I’d have loved to see somebody we know, even if it was just 3PO.

@Fitzman73: See I spoiled myself pre-teaser so I knew a lot of what was going to happen, but to SEE it was a beautiful thing.
I know (supposedly) what some of those shots were and what is happening but I won’t spoil anything.

Yeah the clones are long gone by this point.
And as you’ll see as you get into Rebels (free full eps on youtube everybody) they’re long gone 5 years before the OT.
The Empire is recruiting locals.
This also explains why the clones were so badass during the Clone Wars but stormtroopers suck a dick and can’t hit the broad side of a barn.
They’re not the same people at all.

And yeah, John Boyega is in deep shit

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I’ve remain sorta spoiler free due to my shitty internet being throttled.
Nothing wants to load so I can’t really read a fuckin’ thing even though I want to.

Yeah, once I saw that tweet it made sense.
Everybody was questioning the ethics of clones and, Sith or not, Anakin wasn’t completely into the idea from the jump so I can totally believe they are gone…though I do think some may have stuck around til the OT, but that’s just me.

It does indeed.
Clones trained from birth to be warriors would be sure shots whilst local yokels are just that.
It definetly looks like he has some splaining to do!

My question though…the Stormtroopers still exist, the Rebellion still exists…does this mean a new Empire has risen up in the aftermath of Lord Sidious?

@Fitzman73: From what I gather it sounds like maybe it never really went away.
Of course what we see with the PT and the 2 animated series is the line between good and bad is pretty thin.

I grew up believing the Empire was this new thing that displaced the Republic and was immediately shitty to everyone in the Galaxy.
But now, when you see Palpatine’s plan unfold it turns that notion a little bit upside down.

When you really look at it, the Empire is still just the Republic shrouded and controlled by the dark side.
When Sidious took over and declared the “Empire”, he kept all of the Republic’s infrastructure.
The army, navy, the political machine, everything right down to the Chancellor’s Guards.
Hell even the Senate was intact all the way up to episode 4.
It’s basically the same shit only Palpatine replaces all the key players with dummies that will just follow his orders and not question all the evil shit he’s doing (one might say weak minded individuals easily influenced and controlled by a powerful force user).

It took years for many systems to feel the boot of the Empire.
Yes there were rebel systems from the start, but the majority were duped by Palpatine and plenty of systems never came around to seeing the truth.
Really what you see in the OT is the reverse of what happens in the PT.
It’s still a galactic civil war with the sides somewhat switched.

So I think what we might see is that after Palpatine’s death, you do see sort of a New Republic emerge and reclaim their infrastructure that WAS the Empire.
So the stormtroopers you’re seeing may not be “Empire” troopers.

Of course I have no idea really but I could see how those troopers could be “good”-ish.
Although I’ve heard other things that make me think they’re not much and if that rumor is true then what you’re seeing as those troopers are leaving the transport is a prelude to some very bad shit happening.

That’s what makes this teaser so tantalizing.
Add this to the bits of information being leaked, and you come up with countless scenarios that might be happening.

ThatScoobyDoom: But there is no denying that the planets that were under Republic control once the Empire was declared got worse.
Just from the pilot Rebels (Spark Of Rebellion is the pilot, don’t let them tell you different) you can see that.

Those dickheads stealing that fruit from that old dude on Lothal?
The Empire gave assholes like that license to do whatever thet wanted without consequence.
Under Republic rule they did face some repercussions based solely on how Anakin treated the Troops under his command.
He built them up when they did well but it seems he did call them out if they went off book.
So there was a slight change in S.O.P. when the change happened.

I’d hope if there was a new Republic that they’d want to change the image a bit.
Once the oppression of Palpatine was out of the picture, you’d think some of these fuckin’ simpletons under his control would have woken up and had some regret.
Not all of them would, obviously, but some.
Like Mas Amedda, the hell happened to that dude?

Even without knowing spoilers, it brings up many cool interesting scenarios.
Just has me trying to figure out what the hell is going on!

@Fitzman73: I don’t know, Palpatine was pretty careful about the people he surrounded himself with.
And event if they did start to change their mind, at the first sign of them “waking” up he would’ve just killed them.
Which, maybe that’s where Mas Amedda went. Lol.

Plus as you’ll see, he pretty much puts an Imperial recruiting system in place that systematically weeds out the strongest applicants and eliminates them so that there is very little chance of insurrection.
Even if they did want to, most of the Imperials that actually make the cut are too cowardly and inept to be effective.
They’re JUST effective enough to keep a boot on the throat of the average citizen.
Palpatine clearly doesn’t want his underlings to be a threat to him.
I’m sure in his arrogance he sees himself as more than powerful enough to defend his own position and the rest of the galaxy?
Well, here are some straw soldiers to give them the illusion that the “Empire” exists when in fact it’s really just one man holding it all together.

Like I said though, what I’ve heard is that even though the Emperor was defeated, the war didn’t actually end.
So my guess is what we’ll see is a galaxy that’s still divided and either still in a civil war or maybe there’s an uneasy truce?
I don’t know.
I’m sure there were plenty of worlds that prospered under the Empire that maybe wouldn’t be so quick to roll over for the “rebels” even after Palpatine’s death.

Just so many possibilities it’s crazy.

But here again this is the kind of speculation that set a lot of people up for disappointment during the PT.
All these wild ideas about what would happen and when what was delivered did not meet or exceed the speculation, people got bummed.
Gotta be careful not to get into that same situation with the ST.

ThatScoobyDoom: You need to quit teasing shit and just spill, it’s maddening!
Lol Makes sense he would chose the weak, if he gathered the strong they probably would try to usurp him and bring down the whole operation.

Arrogance is a distinctly Sith trait, all of them think they’re the best thing for the galaxy.
Bane, Plaguis, and Sidious were all the same…everybody but Vader of course.
Vader was pretty centered on just protecting the ones he loved, even with Luke later on.

I’m safe from that level of disappointment.
I know none of my weird, wacky, and stupid theories will ever end up on the big screen.
I’ll not think JJ or Kathleen a useless piece of shit for doing what they want like the world did with George.

@Fitzman73: Not a whole lot to spill, there’s basically a whole episode that shows how they recruit local kids almost like the Hitler Youth and put them through all these tests to figure out who the best of the best are and those guys get to visit the Inquisitor and not be heard from again.

So far from the tiny bits we see in the teaser, I think the franchise is in very good hands.
We could all be fooled but I don’t think so.
JJ is a confessed Star Wars super fan, much more so that Star Trek, and he made a very good Trek reboot with the first flick, and a pretty good followup (I have opinions not suitable for this SW discussion…) so I was excited to see what he would do from the minute he was announced, and even more so after seeing a few shots.

FYI in case you hadn’t heard yet, the voice in that trailer is confirmed to be Andy Serkis.
So now I’m even more interested to know what his role (or ROLES, there are rumors he’s doing multiple) will be in the movie.

ThatScoobyDoom: …Sidious really likes to kill kids, huh?

Once again, I gotta say I whole heartedly agree about JJ.
I was never a big Trek fan because it was always kinda slow and boring for me and JJ, a dude I’ve never really paid attention too, got me interested.
I didn’t see the 2nd one, but the 1st was fuckin’ amazing!
I’ve been thinking about rewatching it since the trailer dropped.

I did see that.
I heard a rumor that he was hired on in much the same capacity as he was for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.
He has a part but he’s also there to help with some behind the scenes type stuff.
BUT, that could very well be bullshit based on that interview that came out last week where he said that about Age Of Ultron.

@Fitzman73: Well the jury is out on what happens to those kids that get identified as best of the best.
It’s surely death or worse, but so far they haven’t done anything but insinuate bad things happen.

ThatScoobyDoom: And to think, people were bitching that Rebels was just gonna be super happy fun time hour with robot and old man.

So, do you have a theory as to who old triple blades might be?

@Fitzman73: I’m gonna guess Adam Driver.
I have heard rumblings that his character is obsessed with Sith history and that he possibly collects Sith artifacts.
I believe that saber is a Sith relic.
That’s why it’s so crazy looking.

ThatScoobyDoom: …which one is Adam Driver again?

Yeah, since you said that, I realized it does have a bit in common with the dark saber from those first Mandalorian episodes of The Clone Wars.
Specifically, the unchecked electricity running up and down the blade.
So yeah, I can see it being old as shit.

@Fitzman73: I’d never heard of him before but this is him.


Looks like he’d he a great bad guy.

I’ve also heard that he’s possibly from a noble family.
Noble family.
Interested in Sith history.
Dooku relative perhaps?

ThatScoobyDoom: OH, That dude!
Other than Lupeta Nyongo, I have no clue who any of them new folks are.

Ooo, wouldn’t it be fucked up if he was Dooku’s kid or, more likely, grandkid?
That’d for damn sure give him a great vendetta against the Skywalker family.

@Fitzman73: I think there’s a better than 50/50 chance of that.

Something RFR brought up on their emergency trailer reaction podcast they recorded and dropped on Friday is what the narrator actually is saying which I admit I completely missed.
Or at least didn’t put the meaning together.
He says there’s been an awakening, and then we get some shots from the movie and towards the end he says The Dark Side………AND the Light.
At first I didn’t realize the 2 sentences were part of the same thought but they are.
It almost sounds like he and the person he’s talking to knew about the Dark side waking up, but he’s revealing that the same thing has happened on the light side.

So I thought that was interesting given the rumors of Luke’s situation.

ThatScoobyDoom: I had an idea before about maybe them following a Kenobi kid, I thought that might be an interesting twist.
We know from Clone Wars that even though the order frowns on it, and he did later, Obi-Wan has had physical relationships in the past so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.
But the major flaw with that is you run the risk of not being able to let go of the past if you just have the kids of the original characters running around, even though I really think in that case it does make sense.

I kinda figured it all ran together, that seems to be the trend of late, chop a speech up throughout a trailer, look at Age Of Ultron.

@Fitzman73: That was a rumor floating around.
Haven’t heard it recently so it must’ve just been bullshit, but early on there was talk that one of the new cast was somehow related to Obi Wan.
Did you ever read that Kenobi novel?
I know it’s not canon but they made it totally believable that he could hook up with a Tatooine local.

Which then makes you wonder, is Daisy Ridley’s character actually the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi?
Because even though JJ has denied it said it’s some “new” desert planet, we all know that’s fucking Tatooine she lives on.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t get to read that one, it looked/sounded good.
I was refering more to the fact that we know he had a relationship with Satine years before.
Now, from what I heard, they probably didn’t have a kid together…but it establishes a pattern of behavior he may have revisted once the order fell.

Yeah, I was just talking about that with somebody else.
If it’s definetly NOT Tatooine then they’re stupid, why do a tan desert planet when Tatooine exists?
Makes no sense what so ever.

@Fitzman73: Right there’s Satine, but in the Clone Wars they kind of act like yeah he had this relationship but he knows he shouldn’t have, etc, and that he knows he can’t become attached like that again, but then in that Kenobi novel he has a very brief and mild romance with a local Tatooine woman while in exile.
They don’t actually fuck, but like what you said it establishes or in this case, reinforces a pattern of behavior that he’s clearly down to clown.
So that would be crazy if he at some point unwittingly knocked someone up and that’s why Daisy Ridley will end up being strong in the Force, cuz she’s a descendant of Kenobi.

Yeah and like RFR pointed out, you don’t use a shot of those dunes as THE FIRST IMAGE in the teaser if it’s some new planet.
Plus JJ has already pulled this “it’s not xyz” during the run up to Star Trek Into Darkness, and he was straight up lying the whole time so credibility is lacking.

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly.
And like I said, once the order fell there is no saying he stuck to the old rules.
Who the fuck would punish him?
It’s not like Yoda is gonna break his exile just to go to Tatooine and go “Wet your dick must not get.
In your pants you must keep it, hmmm.” He was sent to do some training and learn to communicate with Qui-Gon…a known thorn in the side of the council members…so I’m sure, while he was watchful of falling to the dark side, he felt a little bit more free to indulge in the pleasures of life.

Very much so.
If they were going to do a sand planet and not use Tatooine it would be wise to change the terrain, even if just a little bit, like the Maker did with Geonosis.

@Fitzman73: Soccer ball droid, yes or no?

ThatScoobyDoom: As to whether or not I like it?
I had zero problem with it, I don’t see the big uproar about it.
I had to have the podracer parts in the background of that shot pointed out to me though.

Speaking realistically though, I’d think that would be a bad droid to have in sand though.
Would have a worse time then even poor R2 had.

@Fitzman73: I thought it looked weird, kind of jarring.
Like how does that even work?
Star Wars has always tried to maintain a functional believability in it’s machinery, and that one to me was like hmm.
I’m not in an uproar like a lot of people seem to be, I’m more like I accept this weird thing and expect I will grow to like it.
I’m sure once you see it interact with actors and you see its personality, it won’t seem so weird, but for a split second clip it’s a little bit WTF?

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I saw it and my thought was it must have some low strength magnetic something or other that makes that Astromech head float along in a semi-stable way.

That is my big problem with the internet, I really don’t understand the nitpicky bullshit over shit like 2 fuckin’ pimp looking mini blades on a lightsaber, a goddamn ball droid, and…a fuckin’ black dude!!!
The internet must shit themselves with anger every time Billy Dee and Sam Jackson show the fuck up to make a movie better.

@Fitzman73: Did you see that article I sent you eariler that claims Boba Fett will make a brief appearance in ep7?


ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I didn’t go to the board post though.
Makes sense to me, I believe I remember Disney officially saying that that one story of Boba escaping the Sarlacc pit was canon…or maybe they just said he did indeed escape the pit, but I know they addressed it.

Soo…ya think he’ll be pissed? Lol

@Fitzman73: After 30 years? I guess it depends on how long it took him to escape. Lol.

This rumor to me sounds like bullshit, but I could be wrong.
I didn’t read any of that guy’s other supposed ep7 details that were posted, but this one kinda sounds like he’s pulling our collective fanboy chain.
Maybe if it is indeed a brief appearance, maybe a background shot or something.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, I’d hope he didn’t get out the next day.
I like the idea of him being stuck for a while in the pit then being stuck on the surface of Tatooine itself struggling to find work, fighting and scratching to get back on top of his game so he can get revenge.

That would be a bit of a let down, no?
The equivalent of homeboy just pops up in the frame lifts his helmet, winks, and sinks away.

I think it’d kinda be nice to see a bit of a chase film between Han and Boba.

@Fitzman73: Well with the planned spinoff films you might get that.
Especially since with the added scene in the Special Edition, you know Jabba already had him employed so he was probably the first to be put on his tail after ep4.

I don’t think he got out that day, but I’m just thinking like even if he got out after 10 years, it takes him 20 years to get back to where he can hit Solo?
Seems like he would’ve had chances before then.
I don’t know.
It’ll be cool to see him though.

ThatScoobyDoom: Do you think they’ll do a Boba spin-off?
And if so, you think they’ll get the actor that played Jango to come back?

I don’t know about that, it is a huge galaxy with alot of planets after all.
It may take him some time to get back on his feet.
Tatooine is in the outer rim so they could be long gone and I don’t know if the Holonet is still up and running but who knows if they cover Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, and Lando’s accomplishments.
It may not be easy to find them if their faces aren’t plastered all over the galaxy, ya know?

Update on that Ball droid, I was watching the newest episode of The Comlink on Youtube and somebody on the panel said that was based on an old Ralph McQuarrie design.
So much like alot of the shit in The Clone Wars, that droid has deep roots.

@Fitzman73: Yeah I heard that too about the ball droid.
Rebels is full of Mcquarrie stuff too.
Great designs.

Boba Fett spinoff is 100% happening.
I think that was mentioned when Disney first took over.
Depends on when the spinoff takes place as to which actor.
If it happens during ST era, they’d almost have to go with Tem Morrison.
If it happens between ep3 and 4, it’s possible they could go with Daniel Logan.
Although have you ever heard the theory that’s floating around from somewhere that the OT Boba Fett is not the Jango Clone but a completely different person who at some point killed the clone and took over under the helmet?

ThatScoobyDoom: I wonder how much was Lucas describing shit to him versus George just saying “give me space shit, Ralph” either way, it is great.
I kinda noticed that from the few episodes I saw on the Star Wars site.

That was all rumor, at this point, as far as I know, nothing official is known about the characters of the spin-offs yet.

I have heard that theory, and I’m totally conflicted on it.
If that’s the case, why did George even bother using Boba in the PT? If it was some random it kinda makes it pointless.

Did you ever read that Boba Fett Bloodlines comic?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I pretty much shit on that theory.
It would be a helluva shocking twist but makes no real logical sense.

I think, judging by the Rinzler book and other things I’ve read, I think Lucas didn’t really know what he wanted visually, just vague ideas and then would tell the artists come up with shit and he’d either approve it or make a suggest or just say nope try again.

I think, especially with the first film, he just let Ralph go nuts and what he came up with really defined the look and feel of Star Wars.
Without his original few concept paintings they never would’ve even gotten a studio to bite.
So really I’ve always seen Star Wars as having 3 fathers.
George Lucas, the mind.
Ralph McQuarrie, the body.
And John Williams, the soul.

Oh and no, never did read that Bloodline comic.

ThatScoobyDoom: And a shock just to shock is rarely good.

That is very believable, way back then there was nothing like it.
He seemed to have a more defined vision in the prequels from the footage I’ve seen in making of docs and shit.

Uh, while I understand what you mean…I can’t really agree with that. It’s like the big creator credit debate in comics.
To me, the one that comes up with the actual idea is the sole creator.
Full stop.
Any artist, artists, or creators that come after are contributers at best.

So, for me, Lucas is the Father and Williams and McQuarrie are sorta the Uncles of Star Wars.

Find the first volume of it, I don’t remember all the details of it but I remember thinking that would make a fuckin’ pimp Boba flick.

@Fitzman73: Did you ever read the old Marvel comics where there were either one or two guys dressed just like Boba Fett.
They were other “Mandolorians”.
It’s so silly to look back at now.
I’m not sure but I don’t think either one was Jodo Kast who I think at some point supposedly stole Fett’s armor and was impersonating him or something.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve not really dug into all the comics yet, especially the old ones.
I was trying to get all the Dark Horse omnibus’ but only ended up with almost half.
I wanted to get ’em all and just burn through ’em in a month or two.

I basically all I’ve read comic wise is alot of the Knights Of The Old Republic comic, the Ep I and II comics, Boba Fett: Bloodlines, Knight Errant, some Clone Wars stuff, and this fuckin’ wicked Darth Maul mini I got in trade form.

@Fitzman73: The old Marvel comics are fucking BEE-ZAR.
Like so many comics in the 70s they were not afraid to create flamboyant ludicrous characters.
It both feels totally like episode 4 and not AT ALLLLLL like Star Wars at the same time.
Such a strange run.

I was hooked on Star Wars Legacy for awhile but then it just lost me.
I’m really looking forward to the Marvel relaunch next month.
Hope it’s good.
Looks good.
Has great talent attached.

So I guess that means you never read any of “The Star Wars” mini series that was out last year?
The one where they take the original 1st draft of the script and make a comic out of it?
Very interesting alternative.
Not at all the same as what made it to the screen but it’s cool to see names and character ideas being used in different ways.
I only read the first couple issues.
Storywise I found it a bit boring.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s what I always hear, what was it about that period where everybody just did weird creative shit?
Isn’t that where that rabbit dude came from?

Never read Legacy but I hear it was good.
The new Marvel shit looks amazing!
A new series or mini launching almost every month will be great!
I hope they do a Rebels tie-in.

I have the first 2 or 3 issues of it, never read ’em, but had to stop buying comics in March so I missed a good portion of it.
Sounded weird and different, which I like.
Woulda been cool to get it all.

Did you get any of the Adventures mini graphic novels?


This is the Maul Mini cover and a splash page.


It came out in 2000 and is set just before the battle of Naboo.

@Fitzman73: What was it about the 70s?
Oh and not having to censor your weirdness just to appease some faceless corporate overlords who know nothing about art.

Yeah that was where the Rabbit dude came from.
But it’s also where Luke devised a two saber fighting style with one long and one short saber in order to beat some crazy chick with an electrified whip or some shit that was impervious to a regular lightsaber.
So you know, gotta take the cool with the bad and/or weird.

Never read any of the Adventure ones.
Were they recent?
Any good?

Jan Duursema is badass.
I think she did the Legacy comics too.
Great SW artist.

ThatScoobyDoom: 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s everything was fucked up and weird.
I respect shit like that.

Short saber?
Kinda like the dagger that was a part of that Dual Bladed Lightsaber from a few years back…that I got!
Yeah, they love them some super whips in Star Wars fiction. Lol

About 2008-2012 is when they came out, I think I have almost all of them.
They look fun.
There are Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and Vader one’s.
Lucas Books and Dark Horse also did Clone Wars and Indy mini’s around the same time, I know the Clone Wars ones are good.

This proves it!
Just a beautifully detailed book from cover to cover.

@Fitzman73: Holy shit dude I just fell down an EU rabbit hole I was not expecting.
That chick with the force whip?
Apparently they brought her into EU novels in a big way.
Did you read the novels where Jacen Solo goes dark?
Apparently she’s the one that turns him in a big fuck you to the Skywalkers.


ThatScoobyDoom: I’m no where near that part of the saga, I’m just a dick hair shy of the Episode III novel.

Still reading Triple Zero, boring as fuck. Lol

@Fitzman73: What’s triple zero?

ThatScoobyDoom: The second Republic Commando novel I was reading when we started this Typecast oh…2 weeks ago?
I’ve been reading it for a month (which is a long time for me) but I must press on.

But at least I’m learning Mandalorian from it, Ner Vod*.

*My Brother

@Fitzman73: Sounds like a real page turner. Like I said about the Marvel comics, gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so.

I really like how Traviss has built her own little world within the world but, and this even goes for the Clone Wars novel she wrote, there is something about her style that bores me.
And her chapters are so fuckin’ loooooonnnnng!
A boring book can zip by for me if it has short chapters and a great one gets slowed way down by long chapters.

@Fitzman73: Totally off topic, but you know what books are really good and surprisingly fast reads?
The original Ian Fleming Bond novels.
Very short.
To the point.
No fucking around.
Yet still really interesting and detailed.
Not sure how he managed it, but they’re pretty brilliant.
Not a wasted word.

ThatScoobyDoom: I asked about ’em at Barnes & Noble once and the fuckin’ register jockey said they don’t print them anymore which I know is bullshit but I’ve still never seen one.

I have that Devil May Care one that came out a few years ago and it was pretty good.
And that’s coming from a dude that is not nearly the worlds biggest Bond fan.

@Fitzman73: Actually he might’ve been right at the time.
The versions that I was getting were discontinued before I finished the set and then were “out of print” for a short time before they released an updated printing with new cover art after Skyfall was in theaters.
I’m sure you can get them now.
Plus they’ve been reprinted to death so I’ll bet you might stumble on some in a used shop some day.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t know, I’ve seen all kinds of collections online but never one in person.
I run into assholes like that at stores alot.

I can’t remember if I told this in a typecast or not, but I went looking for that Mallrats script book once at Boarders and the fuckheads told me it’s 100% illegal to print scripts in any form for the public…keep in mind I had the Firefly guides with scripts printed in then and one of the Family Guy special edition volumes with a mini script.
Just lazy bitches.

@Fitzman73: They told you that? Lol.
What a fucktard.
Yeah it’s illegal for HIM to print it maybe.

ThatScoobyDoom: I always seem to get the laziest, dumbest motherfucker no matter what store I go too.

Oh, back to the trailer, before I forget it, did you see that video from ABC where they broke it down and told a few behind the scenes bits, mostly just confirming shit?

@Fitzman73: No I didn’t, anything noteworthy?
I find mainstream sources hard to stomach when it comes to this stuff.
I guess because I’m months ahead of them. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: They tend to be unbearably sugary too.
They confirmed that the lightsaber sound at the end is indeed Luke’s.
I haven’t seen about else say that.

@Fitzman73: Ah!
Yes I forgot about that.
You’re right I saw that cited on a Star Wars site.
I didn’t realize that’s where it came from.
And it’s specifically the ep 4/5 sound too not the green Jedi saber he builds.
So leads me to wonder whether the rumor about that saber and a certain body part are true?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s what I was gonna ask you about.

Do we know specifically where the second Death Star was when it was destroyed, just to know where that saber may have been propelled by the explosion?

Also, and kinda sorta related, how many of the old EU planets do you think survived the Legends purge?

@Fitzman73: I think until they do something that contradicts it, all the planets could conceivably be out there still.
Galaxy is a big place.

Well his green saber would’ve no doubt been atomized when the Death Star blew up.
His blue saber he lost along with his hand on Cloud City.
That’s the one they’re talking about based on rumors and now that saber sound in the trailer.
The ignition of the blue one sounds very different than the green one.
So theoretically his hand and saber would’ve fell down the airshaft and out the bottom of Cloud City shortly before he himself did.
So that’s where it would’ve started its 30 year journey from.


Now to follow where I think you’re going with this, I got a galaxy map and looked at where Bespin is compared to Tatooine, but according to this Insider map, they’re actually not that close.
Obviously that doesn’t take into consideration whether they have separate orbits, etc, that might bring them closer to each other at certain times, and it is just a movie, I was just hoping to have an A-HA moment for you.

ThatScoobyDoom: It’s shit like that that’ll bug me if they toss it.
I can handle the stories being non-canon, but why chuck out all that variety?
The hard work is already done, no need to redo shit when it’s there.

Oh…I though they were saying it was the other one.
Cause other wise it doesn’t really make much sense, that blade and hand woulda probably just fell down a chute and to the planet below Cloud City.
How would it be hurtling through space and land on another planet as that rumor stated?

Oh shit, I just remembered I have the Essential Star Wars Atlas around here somewhere.
Let me check that.

@Fitzman73: Yeah I don’t know, that’s why I originally rated that rumor bullshit, but seems like that saber is set to make an appearance somehow since it is that specific clip they chose to use in the trailer.
Too much of a coincidence to be unintentional.

ThatScoobyDoom: It’s all rather confusing really.


So I got out the Essential Atlas and if you look at this pic you’ll see Bespin is really near to Hoth just off the Corellian Trade Spine lane labled 3 on the left in the Greater Javin Sector.


Tatooine is on the right within reach of Geonosis of the Corellian Run lane labeled in the Arkanis Sector.

This brings up a very interesting question… motherfuck twin moons, look how close they are, you think Geonosis is one of the “Moons” you see in the Tatooine sky?

It says here that Tatooine has 2 moons but again, look how close the 2 planets are, surely you’d see one from the other.
And based on rotational patterns you could maybe see all three from time to time.

@Fitzman73: You mean the 2 suns Tatoo I and Tatoo II?

I don’t think Geonosys would be a “moon”, they don’t give any other “moons” a name, but you’d definitely be able to see one from the other.

ThatScoobyDoom: This is the extremely nerdy part again, what with all the sciencey shit involved.

What I mean is, everybody says twin suns and twin moons and all that shit because you can see the Suns in the sky in those shots but sand, there for sand planets, reflect sun in a really harsh way.
Given that the 2 suns are different distances away from the planet, and how rotational patterns are, the suns probably wouldn’t stay next to each other like that all the time.
Wouldn’t it be a kinda cool if one of what we thought were twin suns was on occasion Geonosis?

@Fitzman73: I think there is a shot in ep2 where it’s dusk on Geonosys or maybe it’s Tatooine and you can see these giant moons or planets in the sky.
I need to go back and check on that.

ThatScoobyDoom: Is it bad that I’ve kinda blocked out most of that movie?

@Fitzman73: Nah not really.

ThatScoobyDoom: As boring as Episode IV is at times it is a million times better than Clones.
That movie…just something about it bores the living shit out of me except a few select bits and the last 45 minutes or so.

@Fitzman73: At the time it was cool though because it had “intrigue”, but yeah there’s not a lot there except really bad acting.
It pains me to admit how bad the dialog is in that movie and how poorly delivered it is.
Least believable romance ever.

ThatScoobyDoom: And we’ll leave it there for now, tease the tip and we’ll go balls deep in Clones next time.

@Fitzman73: #NoHomo


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How It Happened: X-Mas In Da Hood

I normally don’t do these How It Happened posts out of order but, I felt with the way the world is going, this one needs to be explained now.

You all reading this may have realized long ago that I’m not the deepest thinker around.
I don’t really delve any deeper than the surface.
I say what I mean and I mean what I say, but alot of people think everything has some hidden meaning.
This video may well be a case of that but I can guarantee if you scratch the surface you’ll never guess what I had buried underneath.

I wrote this Rap about 8 and a half years ago really as a parody of the “music” my brother listened to.
It was, and I’ve noticed that it still is, all about Killing/Shooting somebody, Fucking, and Drugs or Booze.
Women are always refered to as Bitches, Hoes, and Sluts (and the really baffling thing on this front is that it isn’t just dudes that record this shit).
Essentially, this was to mock my brother and his shitty taste in (what he and alot of idiots of my generation call) music after he’d left the house.

My Mother, who has always been my first audience, thought the first 2 lines were hilarious, as did I, so I sat down with the original Visit From Saint Nicholas poem and line by line rewrote it into the unholy monster you can now view on my channel…and I still find it amazingly hilarious.

I made the decision back in April or May that this Rap would be my Christmas video and I started thinking of how I’d do it.
I just let it sit while I worked on other shit all the while it nagged at me.
I knew I didn’t want just a boring black screen like I do when I do an audio drama, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted 1 image or a series of Christmasy type pictures.
I even thought about writing an opening and making it a commercial for a Rap Christmas album, but that would’ve taken far more work than I had time for…but that idea gave me the idea to just have the image be a static album cover.
That was in September or October.

I weighed my options for Artists, I’ve worked with @ComicWasteland a few times for Batman/View Askew videos but around that time I was working on the idea for my Thanksgiving and knew I wanted to use him for that (if he was up for it) and I didn’t feel right about asking him to work on two videos in a row.
So I turned to @Chundertoons who has done animation for the That Man On Fat Man podcast, and some animation with clips from various SModCo podcasts and MC Chris songs/intros, and who I’ve talked to quite a bit about his work and projects.

Around this time is when I came up with the Bell/Glass breaking opening.
So I turned to @FromTheMonkey for that, like I do for almost all of my sound effects.
As per usual, Mike nailed it.

I’ve pretty much admired the work of Chundertoons.com from afar since ol @NeilGat told me about it…this time late year if I remember right.
Anyway, I told @Chundertoons what I was looking for, a deeply detailed neighborhood scene and he told me he was pretty busy but he’d try to squeeze me into his schedule.
And when you see this dudes animation, you’ll understand how busy he truely is.
I know how animation works and the fact that he does that well on his own is fuckin’ mind blowing!
So I recorded my Rapping and let this sit while I worked on Beer Run, Star Wars: The Challenge Of Darth Doom Part 1, and Family Dinner.
I checked in a few times and he sounded hopeful that he’d squeeze it in, but I made sure to tell him if he couldn’t fit it in just let me know, no harm no foul, I’d get somebody else and hope to work with him in the future.

And the reason I told him that was because you would not believe the guilt I feel about getting free art from these talented folks.
That is the main reason I didn’t want @ComicWasteland doing it.
I think I’ve convinced myself that the reason I can do it is that I can give them free promotion they may not get otherwise…but I honestly don’t know if I have been able to provide that exposure.
I am, after all, a tiny fish in a extremely big ocean.

So long story short @Chundertoons came through in a HUGE way with this beautiful piece.


I’m beyond grateful to @Chundertoons & @FromTheMonkey for their work on this video, like most of my videos, I am extremely proud of it.
And also thankful of @NeilGat for his private suggestion way back when that I work with Chundertoons.com.
See Neil, 2 goals you set out for me and I conquered ’em.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, X-Mas In Da Hood…


Now, don’t take this to goddamn seriously, it’s just me looking at mainstream Rap with bewilderment at the shit it does and putting it through my own filter for comedic effect.
As for the voice, if that Iggy Azealia broad, a white chick, can talk like a black dude why can I, a white dude, do it?

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