Typecast #5: Four Color Fitz

The Fitz and I done did it again, but we decided to take a break from the Prequel talk and read the first Six issues of the original MARVEL Star Wars comic.


We used the Dark Horse Star Wars: A Long Time Ago…. Volume 1 Omnibus, just incase you have it and want to try to follow along.

As always, @Fitzman73‘s side of the conversation will appear with his name in red and link to his podcast Just Jump To The End, available at http://JJ2End.com.

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling fuck ups and everything, just to maintain the honesty of it all.

ThatScoobyDoom: As you’ve said previously you read this issue when it first came out in Treasury back in the day.
My first question to you has to be, 37 (nooch) and a half years after this issue first came out, does it still hold up to what is was for you way back then when you first cracked it open?

@Fitzman73: Oof.
I just read it again for the first time in a couple years and man, it’s rough.

You can really tell that Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin had no fucking idea what this movie was about.
I think they were working while production was underway and nobody had actually seen the film yet, so Howard Chaykin’s art is a pretty poor representation of what ended up on the screen.

I heard an interview with him a few years ago and he was a real hate tank so I have no problem ripping his work on this book apart.
You can tell they probably just had a draft of the shooting script and had maybe been shown a few reference photos.
The way the characters are drawn you can tell they weren’t studying (especially the visuals) very closely.
They’re good enough to pass but a lot of the detail is really glossed over.

Roy Thomas did a pretty good job adapting the script I guees, but it’s so compressed to fit into a few comic books that some things that took several minutes of screen time happen in a single panel.
The pacing is off.

What I found most interesting though was that this movie is so ingrained in me that as I’m reading the dialog I hear it exactly as it is said in the film.
So it’s especially strange when the dialog in the comic doesn’t exactly match the lines from the movie.

Does it hold up?
Not really, but some of the images are just as burned into my brain as the real movie.
Like Luke’s rifle getting smashed by the gaffi stick.


Luke's Rifle Being Smashed By A Tusken Raider

Is this the first time you’ve actually read it?

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, this first issue is…strange…to say the least.

You can tell this was done with an early draft of the script because it still has the scenes with Biggs before he leaves.
Reading those was interesting because, while I have read about them, I’m not sure I’ve ever watched them.
Is Biggs’ last name really Darklighter?
That sounds about as heroic as Starkiller or whatever Luke’s original name was.
The different descriptions of shit was throwing me off a bit too.

It seems like an awfully timid adaptaion of something that grew to be as huge as it is today.

As for the art, yeah…it’s pretty bland and forgettable.
It sometimes evokes what ended up on screen and other times it’s like I hafta flip to the cover and make sure I’m still reading a Star Wars comic.
Though I did like the tease of Obi-Wan in the last page or 2.

It’ll be interesting to to see as we get deeper into these if it gets closer to to the screen.
This first issue dropped in July, 2 months after Ep IV came out, so I’d hope that by the time issue six came out they’d seen the movie and maybe changed the way they did things.

Yes, this is indeed the first time I’ve read it.
It’s alot to take in if I’m honest, and that’s just one issue.

Rough estimate, how many times you think you’ve read this?

@Fitzman73: How many times? Less than 10 for sure.
But if we’re counting just looking at the art and stuff then who knows, a million?
I used to thumb through these all the time.
But to actually “read” them, probably not that many.

His name is Darklighter for realz.
And his two friends in the shop were really named Camie and Fixer.
They never actually even completed shooting that interior stuff, but if you look on youtube I think some really rough and I mean ROUGH dailies of that scene have surfaced recently.
Black and white and no sound even if I remember right.

The outside stuff with Biggs was filmed but it was never really fully completed either I don’t think.
I think wasn’t it included as a deleted scene on the Blu ray release?

ThatScoobyDoom: Looked at it, read it, all the same ta me really.
Art tells a story just as well as words do.

Sounds threatening.
I remember seeing those dailies, I believe they mentioned them in one of the Rebel Force Radio Witwer commentaries as well.
I think those scenes may have totally altered the film, mostly because Fixer (a name that was later used in the Republic Commando novels and game for a Commando on Delta Squad) and Camie are kinda dicks.
You woulda felt even worse for Luke than you already kinda do.

It must have been on Blu because I recall seeing it on a rather large screen.
It’s weird, but I’ve not really dug into much of the deleted scenes.
I found the menus a bit counterintuitive.

What did you think of this cover?


Iconic Cover Of Issue 1

@Fitzman73: Awesome cover.
So iconic to me.
Very 70s, very Star Wars.
I was super excited to see Alex Ross’ version of this cover will be an alternate cover for the new Marvel relaunch of their Star Wars series.
A perfect choice for a variant.

Yeah I was surprised how mean they were to Luke.
It totally felt like he was the annoying tag along kid.
Fixer was probably just wanting to get a finger in Camie and here comes Luke again cockblocking him.

It’s funny though, that whole sequence that was cut from the film is the most dated looking to me.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it looks how I’d imagine a poster for the movie to look if the movie was a cartoon.
And to prove, to your point, just how iconic this cover is, this is one of the images I remember seeing before I became a Star Wars fan.

I don’t care what Alex Ross does, it looks amazing.
I hate Batman 66, but those covers he did were simply fuckin’ astounding.
It’s mindblowing what that dude does.

A few strange things about this cover, and please correct me if I’m wrong (I’m basing this on the cover inside my Dark Horse Omnibus so it could be wrong), but were Luke and Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber’s really red and Vader really green on the original cover?

Totally, their nickname for him is Wormie for fucksake!
Tattooine must be a truly lonely and depressing place for Luke to prefer to hang around with these two bloody cuntrags than to just fuck off around Anchorhead all alone.
And the really fascinating thing is, with as big of assholes as they are, and with them only showing up in one goddamn panel, why not just leave those two out?
I kinda want them to get the same treatment Owen & Beru got.
They make Luke seem pitiable more so than anything else.

I can see that.
Though I will say, I really liked those 3 panels of Luke watching the space battle, though they really don’t impact the story hugely.
Gives you even more of a sense that this kid wants to be out there doing more with his life than farming moisture…whatever the fuck that even means. Lol

@Fitzman73: I had/have the kid’s story book for the movie and as a kid I was always confused by the part where he’s watching the space battle.
For one thing I couldn’t figure out how he could see them so far up in the sky and then on top of it I always thought when the hell did this happen that wasn’t in the movie??
It was even more confusing in the storybook because unlike the comic where it’s just a drawing, that book had actual stills from those deleted scenes.
Even the Biggs farewell to Luke scene.
In fact that reminds me of when we were kids my cousin that had seen and told me all about Star Wars before I saw it, was adamant that Biggs was Darth Vader.
Now we were 7 and 6 or 6 and 5, something like that, but he had it figured out already.
And his proof?
He’d point to that picture of Luke and Biggs on Tatooine and say “see he’s wearing the same black cape as Vader”.
Well fucking OBVIOUSLY they must be the same guy. Lol.
Kids are dumb.

I’ll have to check my originals to see if the colors were the same as the omnibus, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they looked like in the 70s too.
Dark Horse did recolor the omnibus to make stuff look better I think but they didn’t drastically change anything.

That’s actually something I was going to bring up, the color choices are really bizarre in some of these pages.
It just goes to show how little the artists were allowed to see or that was even finalized before they had to draw and color the book.
Vader’s eye lenses are almost red in some panels, saber colors are jacked, Unlce Owen’s hair is straight up dark brown instead of a dirty, graying brown.
None of the principal cast really resemble the live actors.
It’s really weird.

Spoiler though, I did peek at issue 2 and the art changes dramatically.
So I think you were right in that as the adaptation goes on they will have had more exposure to the real thing and the art will begin to resemble the film more and more.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m gonna guess that scene doesn’t befuddle you any longer?
Cause when I saw it, I figured he just saw some flashes or, to his eyes/binocs, small explosions.
One another thing about that scene, the comic seems to indicate that the battle takes place just over Tattooine, like just out of the planet’s pull.
Now I could well be wrong, but the movie seemed, at least to me, to show that that battle, while definetly within close proximity to the planet and its surface, it was a pretty decent distance away.
So, what I’m saying is, that scene probably wouldn’t have worked as well from a logic standpoint in the film.

That to me is the earliest form of internet speculation right there, it’s thoughts, theories, and cock suredness like that that lead folks to be disappointed in the prequels.
That just seems to be par for the course with Star Wars.
In a way, I think it’s kinda cool.
Not all fandoms have fuckers within their midst that will take a tiny, insignificant, useless detail and extrapolate that into a huge backstory all it’s own.

Did they recolor this?
I thought it was just Empire and Jedi they did touch-ups on for their “special edition” versions.

Even on the cover, Vader has Hypnotoad eyes.
Lets not forget though, in the OT Vader did at times have red lenses.
Before I go any further, I need to make it painfully clear that I love handdrawn comic art and animation, they had a particular warmth that digital art and animation severely lack.
Now, having said all of that, back then, for the most part, those artists sucked at doing likenesses.
They could draw their dicks off making beautiful pieces of art but they couldn’t really do reality to save their goddamn lives.

Makes sense, George probably loosened the reins a bit and let these guys see shit as it go closer to release just to ensure the comic didn’t end up sucking mad ass.

@Fitzman73: Oh I agree hand drawn is way better in my opinion.
It doesn’t feel as sterile to me.

I didn’t mean “recolor” in the same way they recolored those special edition books, but more just that they converted all of these printed pages to digital and part of that process must include punching up the color and adjusting saturations and all that shit.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a straight “scan” of the originals.

You’re right about those red lenses, that’s another example of concept art/early designs being used to as work reference for these.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, as beautiful as art is not it feels…cold, machine made, less personal, though some artists can still pull it off.

Ah, I understand what ya meant now.
You may be right, I’ve not a clue.

Just for a second, slightly off topic, in the movies, when you can see through Vader’s lenses and see Prowse’s actual eyes, does that make you laugh as much as I do?
I think the spinning Tie Fighter scene was one of the big examples of this.

Are you about ready to move onto Issue 2?
Cause I know I have strong feelings about that fuckin’ cover! Lol

@Fitzman73: You know as many times as I’ve watched that movie I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed seeing through those lenses.
I know you can, I know it exists and chaps people (especially GL), but personally I can’t recall ever actually noticing.
I must have a block against it seeing it.

Yeah I’m ready to move on, the next issue should meatier.

The cover?
Oh you mean like that it’s completely false advertising? Lol


Issue 2's Not So Iconic Cover

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t help but notice it, real Shit That Should Not Be for the Babble fans reading.
Kinda like the Stormtrooper banging his head, then George added the sound effect.

Lets hope, I’m gonna start reading now.

I think Peter David has gone on rants a few times about covers like this advertising shit that would never happen in a book and I totally agree with him, it’s fuckin’ stupid.
And this is totally out of character for Luke, the first issue he’s the punching bag of Anchorhead and issue 2 he’s dealing with a bloodlust in the Mos Eisley cantina.
This cover is just as infamous as the 1st issues is famous.

@Fitzman73: That kind of shit was rampant back in the day.
They’d do anything they could to catch your attention at the newstand. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve noticed.

Ssssooooooo, did you read the issue yet?
Cause there’s really only one thing I want to talk about…I’m sure you know what that is!

@Fitzman73: Just finished it.
Whatever could it be that you want to talk about?
A certain crime lord’s first very (and very awkward) appearance?

ThatScoobyDoom: No, the sky in panel 3.
Why was it purple…OF COURSE!!!

A few things:
1. That proves to the Special Edition haters that that scene was originally part of Ep 4.
2. What in the actual fuck?
3. Do you remember that?
4. Lucas really was making this shit up as he went, wasn’t he?
5. When did the slug idea come up and where is the proof (beyond this) of existance of this critter in the grand scheme/archives???

And don’t worry about my vagueness, I’ll post a picture of that creature they called Jabba.


Jabba The What???

@Fitzman73: Of course I remember it.
Those panels are legendary.
For 20 years that WAS the Jabba scene.
Eventually we saw a couple behind the scenes still photos of that scene with fat Scottish dude that was the stand in for Jabba, but yeah those couple comic pages were it.

He wasn’t necessarily making it up, at the time it was planned to superimpose a monster over the top of that actor in post, but they couldn’t figure out a good way to do it or a good monster design for Jabba so since they were pressed for time and money they dropped it at the last minute.


It didn’t get cut from the comic, and Chaykin didn’t have a Jabba to work from so he just picked a background alien from Mos Eisley and used him.
You can actually see this guy in the film in the background when the Garindon spy is following Luke and Ben to docking bay 94.
They used him again as a background alien in Jabba’s Palace.

ThatScoobyDoom: I never knew about this!
This is amazing to me, an undiscovered little nugget of strangeness that is astoundingly fuckin’ weird and random.

Was this covered in the Rinzler book?

I’ve never noticed this dude or species before.
I’ll hafta pop in a disc and check this out.

@Fitzman73: Oh yeah it’s in that book.

Here’s the original scene

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=4Sf4eb9l__4&sns=em

It’s totally weird.
And you know what they actually reference the switch in that Kenobi novel.
It was a nice little surprise in that book.

That alien shows up in Clone Wars too as an Easter egg.

It was definitely supposed to be in the film they just never got it finished.
And honestly, it’s not a very strong scene anyway.
It’s fun to see it in the SE but the movie actually works better without it.

Oh and the actor was Irish not Scottish.
My bad.
Declan Mulholland was his name.

ThatScoobyDoom: That just seems wrong.

The most memorable thing in that scene in the film to me is Jabba’s line “Han, may bookey” not sure why but that line always sticks out in me head.

Did they really?
How so in the novel?
Was he just background in TCW?

I noticed the accent.
He’s fuckin’ dead???

@Fitzman73: Just background Clone Wars.
I just sent you the Wookieepedia link for that alien.
Ready to have your brain blown apart?
Meet Mosep Binneed.


It’s got screencaps and the stuff from that novel.

Basically he’s Jabba’s accountant. He travels around doing his business, taking meetings and shit using Jabba’s name.
So a lot of dummies he meets just assume that he IS Jabba. Lol

Yep aneurysm mid backstroke.

ThatScoobyDoom: Dat is…awesome!

See, this is another thing I love about Star Wars, every single character you see onscreen has a name…and there are fuckers out there like Seth Green that know all of those names.
Simply fucking amazing to me.

Glad you picked up what I was putting down.

@Fitzman73: For sure.
I almost missed it and was like why is he so surprised an old fat fuck is dea–Oh!!! Right. Lol.

Can I get super nerdy for a second?
Did you notice how they had to explain how to turn on a lightsaber?
Did you notice they explained it WRONG?

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol.
It was that or a creaky knees joke, I regret nothing.

Never ask for permission to nerd round these parts.
You mean Obi-Wan telling him the wrong button to press?
Yeah, I picked up on that right away.
I immediately asked myself why George didn’t ask for that dialogue to be changed.

What about the art this time?
There were 2 things that stuck out for me besides Jabba that I wondered if you noticed.

@Fitzman73: Honestly I don’t think George gave a shit back then.
It wasn’t until it became this huge juggernaut that he started exercising a lot of control.
Plus his plate was so full that he probably never even saw it before it was printed.

I thought the art was a big leap forward.

Couple things I noticed were Chewie’s odd monkey/dog looking face and the interrogation droid that looked like Black Manta.

I would like to say though, this issue has one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars art and I always forget about it until I see it, but as soon as I see it I’m immediately like ahhhh yes!

Care to guess?

ThatScoobyDoom: That could be true, but keep in mind he was trying to keep shit under control a bit, he tried to retain as much of the film in the form of rights as he could.

Totally agreed.
And despite what I said about artists not being great at likenesses back then, dude pretty much nailed Alec Guinness.

Chewie was one of the things that stuck out to me.
I actually thought Chewie might have looked somewhat like that in Episode VII, you know gray him up some to show age.
Here it almost looks like his face is bald though.

I didn’t notice the Black Manta dude til you said that, that’s funny.

The other thing that popped out to me was that trippy final panel when they go to make the jump to hyperspace.
That panel is quintessential 70’s.

My memory is fuzzy on Ep IV right now, was that lizard faced fucker that set the Stormtroopers to the droids in the movie?

I just flipped through it 4 times, I’m stumped.
Maybe Han shooting Greedo?

@Fitzman73: Nope, you already inadvertently guess it in your last statement.
The final panel with the trippy colors and shit.
So 70s.
That looks like childhood to me.
I’d love it if they did a nice art print of just that panel.


Whoa Man, Like...Hyperspace Is So...Whoa!

Yeah I was going to mention Chewie’s bald face.
There are a couple of panels where his face is so hairless and human he looks like Bigfoot or something.

They did really nail Alec Guiness’ likeness though in this issue.
I thought Tarkin looked very good and even Vader was much closer to the film version of Vader.

Yes, the garindan is that long snout guy in the hooded robe that reports them to the fuzz.
Another interesting difference between the comic and the movie.
That alien is completely different looking in the comic.

We touched on recoloring pages before and how I didn’t think these issues in the omnibus were drastically altered, just punched up and evened out, but an example of where they did alter the colors is the cover of the omnibus itself.
It’s the cover image of issue 1 but unlike the reprinted issue on the inside, this version of that image has been completely recolored.
They corrected the saber colors so they’re both blue, Solo’s blaster has been recolored, pretty much all of the elements in the image were altered.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol, seriously?

Yeah, at times he’s got a bald face and a pink mustache.
It’s way off model but kinda wicked looking.

The differences are so vast in some cases that it almost looks like a different artist all together.

Okay, yeah, the little spy fuck.
Did 3PO & R2 see him outside and get nervous like they do here?
I do remember them ducking behind that door and keeping quiet while the Troopers knocked by I don’t remember homeboy running up to the Troops and pointing out the ro-buts.

I noticed that and almost pointed it out, Luke’s Saber is strange looking on both the way it goes from white to a deep red/blue.
Good point.

@Fitzman73: I don’t think he spots the droids, I don’t think he spots them until after they sell the speeder.

Yeah a pink mustache and a big fat dog nose.
I need to get out my originals because they used to include pinup pages and there’s one with Chewbacca where he’s got these gigantic feet with big toes and claws coming off of them it’s bizarre.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s what I thought, nitpicky but I noticed it.

I envy that, those things must smell euphoric.
I only have one really old comic so I don’t get to get that smell often.

Anything else you wanted to mention or are you ready for issue 3?

@Fitzman73: There’s nothing like musty newsprint.
I only wish my originals were in a bit better shape, but whatever, they were much loved and read to death.
I just wish I would’ve stored them a little better.
They weren’t even bagged and boarded until maybe 5 years ago.
Isn’t that appalling?
Just packed in a long box all raw dog and shit.

Yeah let’s go for number 3.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol. That old book I have was found thrown in a closet at my Grandma’s house, I bagged and boarded it just last year.
Cover’s ripped off.
It’s a bloody disgrace.

One last thing about 2’s cover…what/who the funk is that giant blue demon Wookiee critter and where do I get one?

@Fitzman73: That is a Gotol on steroids


ThatScoobyDoom: Are you George Lucas, Seth Green, and Dave Filoni’s unholy offspring?
How the hell do you keep track of all these background characters, species, and shit?
You shame me with your knowledge.

Moving on, issue 3’s cover.
What say you?

@Fitzman73: Years of absorbing stupid shit.

Issue 3 cover is a big step back after the first two.
Pretty lame composition really.
And Chewie?
Wtf is wrong with his face is he a Wookiee or a troll?
I’m always amazed and how much trouble they had in the 70s getting him to look right on the page.


Han And His Hetero Life Mate Sasqua...I mean, Chewbacca!

ThatScoobyDoom: But you make all others tremble and kneel before you on trivia night, am I right?

The only thing I thought was kinda cool was the falling stormtrooper.
And Chewie looks like a rampaging gorilla during the season of fuck…but at least he’s colored right this time.
Where is this even supposed to be set?
Given the close quarters, it kinda looks like a cock(teehee, I said cock)pit.

Did you notice this is the first issue to have the true Star Wars logo on it that we know and love today?

@Fitzman73: Ah, I did not notice that.
More proof that the few issues were printed before the movie hit theaters.

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly, that was what I thought too.

Make a list the thing of the things about this one that popped out for you.

I just noticed, something else about issue 2.
Did you see Leia saying her father was Bail Antilles?
Clearly a hold over from an older version of the actual script.
I skimmed Issue 1 of The Star Wars and saw the name proving Lucas really liked the name Antilles.

@Fitzman73: I did see that.
And you’re right that is a holdover from earlier drafts of the script.
I still can’t figure out why in the actual FUCK they used that name instead of Organa in Phantom Menace.
Made absolutely no sense to me.

Couple things that stuck out for me:

The scale of the Death Star when the Falcon gets pulled in.
It seriously look smaller than a Star Destroyer.

The “secret” compartments they hide in on the Falcon could not be more obvious or less camouflaged.

Couple of super nerdy things. They refer to Luke in disguise as TX-421 and not TK-421.
They say they have a prisoner transfer from cellblock TX-138 instead of cellblock 1138.
But somehow Leia’s cell number was right.
They say 2187 just like in the film.

ThatScoobyDoom: Whoa whoa whoa, what did they do in Phantom Menace?
Did they call Organa Antilles in Ep I?

Yeah, that was…weird… It does look as if you could put 2 Star Destroyers bridge to bridge and have roughly the same sized vehicle.

What, you don’t think a raised hatch with an obvious handle is covert?
What is wrong with you?
Do you know nothing of sneakery?

I noticed that!
I didn’t recall the call name from the movie but I did know that was wrong.
And, obviously, I noticed 1138…sidetrack, did you ever see THX 1138?

I noticed what you said about issue one with the dialogue.
During the “boring conversation” scene in my head I was hearing the film version, this is only slightly different but I still noticed.

How did the art hit you this go round?

@Fitzman73: Basically.
In Phantom Menace when Panaka comes in and names the people that were just nominated to be chancellor one of the names is “Bail Antilles, of Alderaan”.

You mean to tell me there are 2 senators from Alderaan named Bail?
And that the Captain of Organa’s ship is named Antilles?
Somebody either fucked up on continuity or I don’t know what.
The company line is oh no it’s just a different guy.
Jar Jar I defend, wooden Anakin I can tolerate, but this has always bugged the hell out of me.

The art in this issue was pretty decent, there wasn’t anything too distracting aside from Chewbacca still being a riddle that Chaykin can’t solve.
Although thinking about it, the colorist is as much to blame for his weird look as Chaykin.

THX-1138 is a fantastic, strange little film.
Have you ever seen it or know what it’s about?
If not and you have the chance you should, it’s really interesting.
It really gives you and idea of the kind of movies George planned to make his career out of before taking a 40 year detour into mainstream blockbuster event films.
This one can really be categorized as a “film”, very art school, very experimental and abstract in some places.

ThatScoobyDoom: You know, until you just spelled it out, I remembered it but for some reason I just auto-retconned it in my mind.
She was later revealed to be Leia Organa in the movies so it is a bit of a head scratcher.
Maybe it was intended as a nod to that original gaff?
Did we not talk about this when we went over Phantom Menace in your last Typecast?

I’d say with the exception of Chewie, this issue has the best art yet.
Especially those first 2 pages.
I mean, go to page 2 and look at panels 2 and 3.
That is Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing!
Those 2 panels are perfect.


Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

Flip to page 53 of your Omnibus and look at that last panel, for the time, that almost looks like a photo of Alec.
Page 57, the whole page, beautiful!
Page 59, another even better rendering of Carrie.

I’m guessing adding Steve Leiaoha on art (while he does slip on coloring) is a huge plus!

Never seen it, it’s another one of those movies I’ve never even seen a DVD of.
I’ve heard mixed reviews of it though, the harshest saying it’s slow and damn near impossible to understand.
The best being that it is a landmark of sci-fi, creative, imaginative, truly groundbreaking cinema.
I understand, and totally appreciate, why Lucas took so much time off to raise his family and cool down after Jedi…but after New Hope, when he gave up the directing duties, why couldn’t he have done something else?

@Fitzman73: Just burned out.
I should go back and look but I want to say he had some major health problems due to the stress of making that first one.
Plus he did do something else it’s called Indiana Jones.

Supposedly it’s these types of weird art films he’s going to start making again in his “retirement”.

Anyone who says THX is impossible to understand should stick to Michael Bay films.
It’s definitely not overexplained, but it’s not a David Lynch movie for Christ’s sake.
Worth a watch if you get the chance.

They really are starting to nail the likenesses now.
I will say the first panel of the next issue is one of my all time favorites.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d not heard of any health issues.
I mean directorally, before the prequels he’d only directed like 4 movies or something.

The way he was talking there for a while I thought he was gonna direct Red Tail but he just headed that.

Hey, Bay can be complicated to…that second Transformers movie…I’m not quite sure even Bay understood what the fuck that piece of shit was getting at, so give credit where credit is due.

Are you ready to move onto issue 4 already?

@Fitzman73: Oh shit you’re right!
I always assumed he did direct Red Tails.
On IMDB he’s not even listed as a writer.
I’m dumb.

Sure, ready when you are.
This next issue has one of the most disturbing panels ever in my opinion.
This image scarred a 4 year old me forever.
Haunted my dreams for a long time.

ThatScoobyDoom: No, that’s how it was in the lead up to the release.
Alot of people swore he directed it because he was doing alot of interviews saying shit like “these are the types of movies I’m going to make from here on out”.
But appearently he just EP’d it.
It was fuckin’ weird, I’ve broken the news to a few folks and get damn near the same reaction.

Real quick, what do you think of that pin-up page with Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie?

Would it be going to far to say this is far and away the best issue thus far?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I honestly did not realize he didn’t direct it.
That’s crazy.

That pinup page is one of the ugliest renderings of those characters I’ve ever seen. Lol.
It looks like they said shit we came up a page short and this thing has to go to print in 5 minutes, Howard draw something real fast.

I looked but I can’t seem to find the page I was telling you about where Chewie’s got these giant troll feet with big ass claw/toenails.
I know I didn’t imagine it.

This is definitely the most action packed and least expository so far.

Something I forgot from last issue, did it annoy you how many times they had Obi Wan say “Mr. Solo”?
Wtf is with that?

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly, when he made that announcement a few years back about retiring from big budget movies (which in hindsight, we can see was him prepping us for the Disney sale) because of the internet to settle down and focus on making small films he talked that movie up and then promptly didn’t do a goddamn thing except maybe open a few doors to get it made.
And now, he seems so wrapped up in that museum he wants in Chicago…I wonder if maybe we’ve seen the last film directed by George Lucas.

I found it oddly hilarious, you notice Luke looks older than Han by like alot?
What’s Leia doing?
And Chewie…poor fuckin’ Chewie, man.

We still have 3 issues to go, we may run across it still, or maybe it was deeper in the run.

I did!
I noticed Luke dropped all formality to and just started calling him Solo.
These bitches acting like their his fuckin’ dad and best buddy all of a sudden too.

For reals this time, last thing about issue 3 and then we’ll move along move along: what did you think about the changes to the “Hokey religions” scene?
Cause I gotta say, I kinda like Obi-Wan saying Han doesn’t believe in the Force.
Mostly for the reason brought up in the Family Guy special, Luke just learns about the fuckin’ Force in the movie and all of a sudden he’s the biggest Force believer?

@Fitzman73: Poor Chewie.
He looks like a Wookiee version of Pig Pen.

I didn’t mind the added dialog there, it’s not really necessary in my opinion, but it was fine.
I did always think it was a little weird how strongly Luke reacted to him being like fuck that force shit, but, on the other hand he is really wet behind the ears and already bowed up on Solo a couple times so it doesn’t seem THAT implausible that he’d react like that just to contrary or defiant.
Especially when you consider he just found out that the father he never knew was hardcore into this Jedi thing, I can see why he’d be totally defensive at even a hint of derision.
He’s not only shitting on this cool thing that Luke is now into, but basically shitting on his dad’s life’s work.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ha. I’m not sure how best to describe it, like a Gorilla wearing a full body suit made out of shag carpet rolled in dog shit.

I never really though of it that way, but that does make it make more sense though I still say it’s a bit abrasive.

Now for Issue 4’s cover.
This one is right up there with the 1st one for me, it’s the best that Vader has looked in the entire series up to this point too.
Where do you stand on it?


Lamest Chess Game Ever...Or Best???

@Fitzman73: It’s a great cover, and you’re right, the best one since issue 1 by a mile.
I’ve never been a big fan of the lame dialog they used to put on covers, and this one is no different.
It’s so not Star Wars dialog.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so, I’ve come to the point where I just ignore it because it’s so bad that it’s sad.
I did laugh at Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan though.
They all look like they dropped X and went to a rave.

Lets slip inside and see what’s going on under these covers…what?

Art and “Story”, thoughts?

@Fitzman73: Art was good, something I’ve noticed are the way certain panels jump out at me because they’re reversed compared to the same shot in the film.
For example, the swing across the chasm, they’re swinging left to right instead of right to left.
Not a complaint or nitpicking, just something that stsnds out to me.
There’s at least one other place so far that was like that.

This one felt a lot like issue 1 where there’s so much stuff compressed into one issue a lot of the drama is lost.
Like the compactor, they’re about to die and the next pnael they’re free.

Also, going back to numbers being different in the last issue, the pressure maintenance hatch was totally different number than in the movie (3263827).

BUT this issue continues the trend of the dialog beginning to sync up with the lines in the movie.
Most of the book seemed to be exactly the same as a opposed to the 1st issue where it was totally whacked.

Two huge things about this issue, a panel that disturbed and fascinated me for years, and a glaring error that really bothers me.
Any guesses?

ThatScoobyDoom: I noticed it with the chasm, not really noticed it before.
It’s kind interesting to see from another angle.
Yeah, totally not a nitpick, you brains just screaming at you though that it’s the wrong angle.

About the art, did you notice the complete disregard to continuity with Obi-Wan’s beard?
On panel he has a full beard and mustache, the next he has a chin beard and a mustache that just barely covers his upper lip.
And Chewie looks like he’s one of the Cat Creatures from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, it’s still horrible.


3 Wookies Walk Into A Bar...

I was flipping through the other 20+ issues last night and Chewie gets even worse, he just has curtains of hair at times.
Like 3-4 foot long hair, it’s nuckin’ futs.

Speaking of the trash compactor, did you notice the little tag to that scene of the creature grabbing at them as they left?
I found that incredibly strange for some reason, even more so with the way Han just nonchalantly shots it and tells it to piss off.
And also in the compactor, I don’t remember this in the movie, after the walls stop, after she just snaps at Han about shooting his blaster Leia later tells him to blast the door again saying its quote “our only hope”.
Folks in this comic are bipolar.

I was gonna ask you about that, I was thinking of the elevator number from Revenge of the Sith for some reason.
I believe that was 2814…or maybe that’s our sector of space in the Green Lantern Corps.

Cause I was noticing alot more differences in 4 as compared to 3.
Alot of folks saying other folks lines, added shit to lines from the film, and then just “new” shit all together.

Hmm, I read it with the disturbing panel in mind and I had an answer until you just said an error panel.
Here’s the list of potential panels I saw that could fit:
Obi-Wan bursting into flames must be one.
Vader stabbing Obi-Wan’s robes instead of the small kick?
Luke’s scream as Obi-wan dies?
Maybe the passion of the Luke/Leia kiss?
That’s all I got.

@Fitzman73: It was Ben bursting into flames with a silent scream on his face.
Absolutely traumatizing.


Yeah I noticed they made it a romantic Gone With The Wind kiss instead of the peck on the cheek.
So many people must’ve been mindfucked when it turned out she was his sister. Lol.

In the movie Han does shoot the Dianoga but you don’t see it.
Leia yells at him not to but he’s like meh, and just shoots at something off scream and you hear a moan of pain.

But you’re right not only was the part where Leia tells him to shoot the door again totally invented for the comic but it makes absolutely no sense.
And honestly given how much ricochet there was the first time they should’ve been fried in that smaller space.

The last panel on page 75 with the vibrator saber, look at Vader’s hand, what do you see?
Because I see a hand that’s drawn backwards.


Me Gun Kill You O-Ben Nobi!

ThatScoobyDoom: I can 100% see why, that is a fucked up piece of imagery right there.
Looks like horrible pain.

Lol It looks like if they had the time she was gonna peel off his pants and swallow his tattoiney.

After they escaped?
I do not remember that at all.
Blu to the rescue for damn sure, I need to see that.

Very much so, and based on how long that scene lasts here and the size of the compactor, they would have been crushed to death within seconds.

It’s going to be hard to describe in print, but I’m gonna try.
Both are right handed and both of their hands are at awkward angles, but it looks like Obi-Wan had the proverbial upper hand at that point.
It looks like he had Vader on the ropes and brought his blade down with such force and urgency that Vader had no choice but to bring his up quickly to block his attack.
Looks like Kenobi kinda rushed him and caught him off guard.
While all that makes sense based on the panel, given the close quarters of that image, Vader’s arm would have to be at an inhuman (even worse for a ridged cyborg arm) angle with his elbow tucked in and his wrist ready to snap.
But no, it’s not backwards it’s just EXTREMELY awkward and bad drawing of the human anatomy.

@Fitzman73: I had considered the angle thing as a possibility but why would a rational artist choose to do it that way in a panel where he knows you can’t see the rest of their bodies or arms and the end result is it looks like you drew the hand wrong?
So therefore I concluded he was drunk when he did it.

Something else I didn’t like was that when Ben-s ghost talks to Luke all he says is “Luke” and it was Luke that then decided to run.
It works so much better in the film where he actually tells him stop being a little emo bitch and RUN!

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey hey hey, don’t jump to conclusions like that…it was the 70’s, he was probably hopped up on goofballs or trippin’ on PCP or something.

Like I said though, it is an incredibly awkward panel.
Probably should have made Vader left handed, because we all know lefties are evil same as gingers…I know a few people on twitter who will hate that joke. (Hi @GingerNacre!)

After being so incensed that he had to attack, he takes a minute to wonder if it is Ben’s voice that said one word then decides he’s no longer angry and runs up the ramp…I legit said “huh” out loud reading it.

@Fitzman73: I can confirm lefties are evil.
But please do not compare us to gingers.

You mentioned it before briefly but how wrong did it look, Vader using his lightsaber to lift up part of Obi Wan’s empty robe instead of stomping on it to see if he was gone?
Lightsabers don’t work like that!
It’s crazy to think there was a time when the rules of Star Wars were that undefined that even the physical qualities of a lightsaber blade were open to artistic interpretation.

ThatScoobyDoom: …you’re a lefty…um, hey man, some of my best friends are lefties.

Yeah, he’s using it like one of those old claw grabbers you get for grandma so she’ll quit buggin’ you while you watch Mr. Belvedere.
That was another thing I noticed it right away so when you said glaring error I was almost positive you were headed there.

Just from the art, what you’ve said about this series being way out there and straying from true Star Wars after the movie stuff is 100% fact.

@Fitzman73: And we haven’t even gotten to giant green space bunnies, casino space stations, or Terminator-like cyborgs either.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know!
At one point, I’m gonna guess it didn’t take long after issue 6, it went from “Star Wars: The Greatest Space Opera Of All Time” to “Random Sci-Fi Movie”.
Some of that shit looks 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movie-ish and I can’t wait to read that shit!

Anywho, anything left to say about issue 4?

@Fitzman73: No I think I’m reading to hit issue 5.


What Movie Is This?

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, just to switch it up, as you read it make a list of everything that sticks out for you, no matter how big or small.
I’ll do the same.

So here’s my list:

I’m on page 2 and I already have 3 things

1. With the exception of issue one, the first page of every issue is great.
Issue 5 has another stunning opening page.

2. Page 2, if found this to be pretty stupid.
The Luke and Han both have an internal monologue.
Luke says as he gets to the gun that he’s gotta do it for Ben, all’s good.
The narration says Han’s “Thoughts are of more mundane matters” and his thoughts are basically “Kenobi died to save us, lets hope he didn’t die for nothing”…how is that anymore mundane than Luke’s thought?
I’d say Luke’s is actually more mundane.

3. 3rd panel on page 2 (page 82 of your omnibus) has probably our best look at Chewie yet…sadly it’s a close up of his eyes.

4. I noticed the complete lack of “don’t get cocky kid”, I grew to like that line thanks to Family Guy.

5. Last panel on page 88, fuckin’ badass!

6. 2nd panel page 90, after how that kiss was portrayed…yikes.
And I get it, he doesn’t know yet that she’s his sister, but hindsight being what it is…yikes!

7. Last panel page 90, did Han do that in the movie just to break Luke’s balls?
The narration makes Han seem very dickish.

8. This has always kinda bugged me, I don’t know his name in the movie but here it’s General Jan Dodanna.
With the Force being an out of date old dead religion, why the fuck does he end his speech with May The Force Be With You?
And in that panel, why does he look like he’s threatening them all?

9. When Luke confronts Han about leaving, Han’s “SHUT UP CHEWIE!” in the penultimate panel of page 94 comes off really harsh.
Probably more an issue of no inflection in print than anything else but it still comes off bad.

10. Yet another deep passionate incestuous kiss. *facepalm*


11. Is the conversation with Biggs longer here?

12. Last page 1st panel, Leia Organa.
Is it hyphenated and they just use half of it at a time?

@Fitzman73: Ok

Haven’t made my list yet but I’m going to comment on yours.

Those inner monologues are brutal.
Han Solo uses the word erstwhile.
What in THE fuck?

Yeah they really play up the incest in this. Lol.
But they’re not alone.
You should check out Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.
It’s the first SW novel and the true beginning of the EU.
And boy oh boy does the author REALLY go off the rails. Lol.
Holy shit this ae out right after Star Wars and literally everything in this book is contradicted within 3 years by Empire.
It reads like straight up fan fic.

They never say it in the movie but that was Dodonna’s name.
I think it’s in the novelization and probably in the script as well.
He looks like angry Zeus in Clash Of the Titans here.

The Biggs scene seems about the same length to me but “Blue” Leader has more dialog I think.
I think all that extra shit got cut because all the talk about Luke’s dad would completely mess up what gets established in the prequels.
Nobody knows Luke is the son of Anakin Skywalker, they couldn’t that was the whole point of hiding him on Tatooine.
So him bringing him up and mentioning Luke is the son of a Jedi cannot be allowed into canon at all.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it’s a good idea and tool to use to describe what’s going on in their heads but it’s extremely poorly executed here.

If you read this and then watched the movie it’d be awfully strange.
This sets it up as though Luke and Leia are the couple of the saga, I always got the feeling from A New Hope (no prequels, no sequels) that it was kinda supposed to be a bit of a triangle.
I can totally understand they didn’t know they were siblings, but that is a big departure from the film.
By this point, it was December of 77.
There is no excuse for huge discrepancies such as this.

I’ll probably get to Splinter and A New Hope next year.
Speaking of the Ep IV novel, do you have the original?

He does!!!
He looks fuckin’ crazed!

Well, it has to be expected that folks would know him or make the connection to Anakin.
Putting Luke on Tattooine was a pretty fuckin’ stupid idea when you really think about it.
I’ll probably say this again when we cover Ep III, but Anakin Skywalker was known in and around his town, especially after the Boonta Eve Race.
When a new kid named Skywalker shows up not far away it’s not a stretch to think that may be related.

@Fitzman73: True, but it’s pretty clear in ep3 that almost no one knows Anakin knocked up Padme or that the kid was actually born.
They went so far as to bury Padme with a fake pregnant belly if I remember correctly.
Anakin was known around Mos Espa and even at that he was only there for a couple years.
I doubt he was very well known as far off as Mos Eisley.
I agree it seems like a weird choice on the surface but Anakin wanted nothing and mean NOTHING to do with Tatooine after ep2 so I think Obi-Wan and Yoda actually played that pretty brilliantly.

But you are right in a way since he was the only human to win the Boonta Eve race, that name would be known even 30 years later on Tatooine.
But still all Owen would have to say if someone questioned about Luke was oh yeah he’s my step mom’s 3rd cousin’s kid.

It is weird though that they wouldn’t have changed his name to Lars as a baby.
I mean wtf? Lol.
But let’s be honest, GL was making it up as he went sometimes and some logic or continuity problems can’t always be fixed other than by suspending disbelief.
Don’t ask.
Don’t tell. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: All of that is true, but I’m not talking about on the imperial level.
I just mean regular joes, Skywalker is not a common name so it’s easy to think, given Anakin’s skill and penchant for showing off, he made have made a lasting memory.
Also, what of Blue Leader is Jaybo Hood?

Not only was he the only human to win the Boonta Eve, I believe at 1 point he said he was the only human who could do it.

Of course, it does seem a cop out to always paint everything with the brush of “He mad it up as he went” but it is true.
So, I’ll give you that.

@Fitzman73: And for the most part they seem to always find creative ways to retcon or work those types of problems into the overall saga.

Ok here’s my list.

1. The title of this issue.
Holy crap can we just start there?
“Lo, the moons of Yavin”.
Wow what a truly Marvel title, sounds like it came straight from Stan Lee’s mouth.
Not sure if I hate it for being so un-Star Wars or love it for being so old school comic booky.

2. Page 82, bottom row middle panel.
Worst rendering of a TIE pilot in the history of ever.
To this day when I see that panel my first thought is that it’s a shot from Luke’s POV up through the gun turret canopy with the weird triangle helmet being the back end of the cannons.

3. Luke uses the Force to shoot the TIEs.
Don’t like it.
Diminishes the ending where he finally trusts his feelings and uses the Force to hit the exhaust port.

4. Page 94 top panel.
As a kid I always thought those were the noses of X-Wings but that the nose cones retracted and exposed cannons.
It wasn’t until I was older that I realized duh they were Y Wings.

5. Blue Leader.
Roy Thomas hadn’t yet got the memo that they were changing Luke’s group from Blue to Red, so Red Leader is called Blue Leader on page 95.
It’s this way in the novelization too.
(Which, yes I do have)

6. Page 96 the X-Wing ground crew guy calls Luke “Skyboy”.
What a dickhead.
Reminded me of Ahsoka calling Anakin “Skyguy” in the Clone Wars only not even remotely as cute.

7. Page 97.
I guess at this point Leia still hasn’t showered because they’ve got her AAAAAAAAAALL they way on the other side of the command center. Lol.

That’s it.
Can’t wait to find out if they blow up the Death Star!

ThatScoobyDoom: I will give it up for George and Dave and all the other writers over the years, whenever there was a problem they did a better job of figuring out a way around it or incorporating it in than MARVEL, DC, or and other comic company ever has.
I’ll once again stroke Filoni and say that TCW is a perfect example of that.

Awfully poetical, ain’t it? Lol

No, that was the 1st Star Wars crossover…Star Wars meets The Coneheads, obviously.
Crossovers in those days weren’t as in your face as they are today.

The first instance played to me as he just calmed himself and took control…the second time was clear Force usage, agreed.

Huh, I didn’t notice that.
I just thought they was X-Wings meself.
Good eye, son.

Yeah, I just accepted that gaff and moved on.
After a while the little shit like that starts to feel like holding a hand on a midget’s head and kicking him in the bollocks.
It’s just too easy to do.
I’ll get to the original Ep IV novel in just a bit.

I left that off my list just to see if you’d mention it.
What a cockstain.
Without Luke they wouldn’t have Leia and this fuckin’ shitwhistler has diminished him too “Skyboy”.

That one is weird, when I first saw it I was like “oh, that’s Mon Mothma. I looks exactly like her!” and then I realized “wait, wasn’t she in Jedi? Who the fuck is this broad?”.
That’s an all around bad panel.

I bet you 25 credits they don’t make a dent in the Death Star.

I forget, did we talk about this cover?

@Fitzman73: Ah! We didn’t.
I meant to, and then forgot.
If you thought issue 2’s cover was false advertising what about this one? Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, it looks cool…but I wanna know what fuckin’ comic this is advertising?!?!?

About the Ep IV novelization, how long was that?
Cause the one I have is horribly short, it’s like 217 pages or so.
I know I mentioned how shit back then didn’t have as much as going on as shit now does bit fuck.

@Fitzman73: How big of a book is that one?
Is it the larger format collected edition or is it just the standard paperback size?

The cover actually reminds me of the pilot episode of the 70s Battlestar Galactica when the Cylons destroy Caprica.
People running around with ships blasting everything.
Whatever it was advertising, it was not this comic.

ThatScoobyDoom: Just the paperback, about the same size as the Batman 89 novel.
I do have the first 3 Indy movie novels in that collected edition though.

I still never watched B*G.
It looked far too serious, kinda like Star Trek but darker…well, at least the newer series.
Never seen shit from the original series except that silver robot head.

Very much so.

Speaking of Indy, do you have any of the Indy comics?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I’d say that’s about right then.
I don’t have them both in front of me but I’d guess SW and Batman 89 are about the same thickness.
That’s about standard for old movie novelizations.
Even 2001 is slim.
But slim.

You should check out the new BSG. It’s pretty fucking dope.
It’s definitely dark and serious.
It’s like 70s BSG is 60s Batman and 00s BSG is Nolan Batman (only watchable).
I have issues with how it ended kinda (not as many as some people) but overall highly recommend at least the first few episodes to get a taste.
If you’re not hooked after the original mini series that launched the show, you probably won’t ever be.
That mini series is strong.

BTW, watch the opening of 70s BSG and tell me it doesn’t hook you.
The show itself is campy and hella dated, but that opening still gets me excited.

This might be a shocking admission, but I don’t remember an Indy comic series.
Although I think I do have the Marvel adaptation of Raiders somewhere that I stumbled on basically in the garbage (left behind after some people moved).

ThatScoobyDoom: That kinda sucks.

60’s Batman and Nolan are both things I’m not a huge fan of.
Nolan made a good movie out of the gate and just free fell from there.

The Further Adventures Of Indy ran for like 30-35 issues, Dark Horse put out 3 Omnibus’ collecting those and the movie adaptations.
They also did quite a few mini/limited series that were later collected in Omnibus’.
Of the 5 released I have all but the first volume of Further Adventures.
They look pretty cool but I’m holding out til I get that volume to read them, but I may not find it now.

Anywho, are you ready to go to issue 6 and Old Yeller this sum bitch?

@Fitzman73: I was just comparing them in terms of tone.
One is kinda silly the other is the same premise but taken very earnestly.
I hated the Nolan films but love me some BSG so maybe not the best analogy.

I’m ready let’s stick a fork in this thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: You hated the Nolan movies???
Awwwww, I wanna get into that so bad…next time we have got to talk about that!
Because I have very strong feelings that probably line up with yours that I really wanna get on the record…because I’m very clearly a glutton for punishment!

So sir, tell us all what you think of this…Soul Shattering cover.

@Fitzman73: Suffice to say I have yet to watch DKR.
Begins had ok moments, Dark Knight was a fun movie but aside from Heath Ledger it’s pretty blah.
And from wgat I’ve heard DKR is a Man of Steel sized rape of the Batman mythos.
Nuff said.

Speaking of something being so unfaithful to the spirit of the license, holy shit there’s so much wrong with the cover to issue 6, I mean where does one begin?
I mean.


What Can I say, This Never Happened

Also before I forget, in the top left of the covers for the SW series where the price goes, there’s a picture of what I can only assume is supposed to be Luke Skywalker but I swear to god every time I see it, for a split second I wonder why Thundarr the Barbarian is on the cover of a Star Wars comic.

ThatScoobyDoom: After the abortion that was TDK, TDKR isn’t completely horrible.
I hated Ledger, anybody would have been a better Riddler than he was…and yes, I said Riddler because that was clearly not Joker.

That’s for goddamn sure, but maybe they were predicting Empire’s ending…with Leia thrown in.
For a split second I thought that Tie Fighter was The Enterprise.
And is it just me or does Vader look like MARVEL’s Apocalypse?

Speaking of Luke, does it annoy you the way his hair color changes with every cover?
Yellow, Green, and Brown have all been used.
Pick a fuckin’ color and stick with it for fucksake.

@Fitzman73: Yeah actually I thought Vader looked like a black Silver Samurai or something.
They definitely crossed the streams on that drawing.

ThatScoobyDoom: No shit!

Get up in dem guts, tell me whatchu think of this issues insidey parts?

@Fitzman73: BY THE IMMORTAL GODS OF THE SITH… I present to you my list.

1. First panel, Wedge is flying a Y-wing

2. Always thought it was cool that in the movie and in the comic they made a point of saying they had to pass through their shields and that it was kind of a rough thing to do

3. Pg 101 features another interesting TIE pilot rendering.
Reminds me a little of of the version 1 Snake Eyes outfit in the GI Joe comic

4. Page 103 they attempt to show how a pilot enters a TIE fighter.
Of course we now know thanks to Rebels this ain’t it.

5. Page 104 first panel.
Is that Lon Chaney as the Wolf Man?

6. Page 105, Porkins’ first name is “Tono” as in “he weighs a Ton, O! “.
And Biggs calls him Piggy! Lmfao.



7. Blue Leader doesn’t crash after losing his starboard engine.
Instead Vader just straight up vaporizes him.

8. Page 107, Wedge is now in an X-Wing

9. Page 110, “Now with the Red Group beaten off”.
What the fuck Roy?
Phrasing dude, phrasing…

10. They make it seem like Wedge breaking off out of the trench might’ve been an intentional ruse to get the TIEs to chase him.
Never considered that.
I like it.

11. Page 110, TIE pilot looks almost normal

12. Finally page 115 answers the age old question of why Chewie didn’t get a medal

ThatScoobyDoom: 1. There seems to be a couple of Y-Wings mistakenly in here.

4. Devils Advocate, maybe that is how you get into that TIE.
Remember Vader’s is slightly different.

5. Lol

6. See my E.

9. And don’t forget the infamous “Close it up, Wedge! You can’t do any more good back there.” They had no clue how fuckin’ dirty and deranged we’d be in the future.

10. Is that what you got out of that?
Maybe I’m just dumb today, but I found the battle pretty hard to follow with all the tight close-ups and tiny panels.

12. It’s better than no explination at all or thinking he got snubbed…but does she not know how to tell the furry fuck to stand on a step or 2 below her?

I made my list before reading yours, so keep that in mind.

A. Opening page is once again a 5 star stunner.

B. I nerded out hardcore at Blue Two-Six standing by.

C. Page 101, the Troopera having a convo about the silly Rebels is “new” and pretty cool.

D. Page 105, that like Leia window.All of this really make me wonder if George was wanting Luke and Leia together.

E. Biggs “so long, Piggy.” as Porkins dies…what a dick.

F. 113, that is 70’s psychedelic beauty, man.

G. 114, Didn’t Lando call Han a space-devil in Empire?

H. 114, panel 5, now Leia is seconds away from blowing Han.

I. A New Adventure Of The Star Warriors!
That sounds so fuckin’ retarded to me! Lol


Derr, Ster Werryers, Derr!

@Fitzman73: Yeah his is different and there’s always a way to explain weird shit, but that shows him entering from what looks like the rear (nootch) but the way his ship is built you couldn’t get in that way. Lol.

They definitely had no clue what to make of that possible love triangle.

Yes the further adventures of the Star Warriors.
But for now they are content. Lol.
What a lame ending line.

I did like the description of the Death Star explosion and how it would be collapsing on itself for days.
Probably not the most scientifically accurate description of an explosion in space (ok, DEFINITELY not) but still, dramatic.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know, just trying to not be too damn hard on it cause I really dug this issue.

Yeah, that is the big take away I feel.
They had so many ideas, thoughts, directions, and they just had to many ingredients to work with.

I meant just the moniker Star Warriors, but totally.

And different.
They could have just said it esploded and it was done, but they tried to put a little sizzle on it and for once it worked.

Art wise, how did this issue feel to you?

@Fitzman73: It was pretty good I thought, the way he drew the dogfighting looked cool.
The big splash of the Death Star explosion is another one I’d like a nice print of.


All Kinds Of Beautiful

ThatScoobyDoom: In some ways it is the best art so far.

Hell yeah!
That is a great piece, I’d hang it on my wall for damn sure.

Storywise, changes and all, you vibin’ on this one?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I thought it worked well as a finale.
Stayed pretty true to the movie, and the trench run while greatly shortened for page count was still well done.

ThatScoobyDoom: Couldn’t agree more.

So overall, what do you think of this 6?
You’ve actually read them many times before, do they feel different now?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I’d say they feel different in some place and very much the same in others.

I don’t remember them being so far off from the movie though.
The images, the dialog, I mean it almost felt like that “The Star Wars” comic in places where it’s almost a different interpretation altogether.

Obviously I’m way more critical now than I used to be as a kid.
I guess critical is not exactly the right word, I just like poking fun at the corny stuff and old timey comic book dialog.
I really do love these issues if for nothing else than reading them or even just thumbing through them looking at some of the really iconic art instantly takes me back to gradeschool, laying on my bedroom floor with these spread out in front of me.

And in a way I have more of a sense memory with these than I do the actual film.
I mean I probably only saw it once in the theater in the 70s, but like the Kenner toys I looked the comics every day.

ThatScoobyDoom: Clearly, based solely on your reactions to some panels, some of these images with be burned into your brain til the day you die.

We both have said that many times over the course of this Typecast, it really does feel at times like storyboards from the film and at others like a totally different beast.
This has been a truly fascinating experience.

And it must be pointed out that, and this is something I’ve learned from writing reviews, it is far easier to point out flaws.
When it’s good you barely notice, but you hit a shitty panel where Chewbacca looks like Lon Chaney in a shag rug suit and that shit sticks out and burrows into your brain.
We tried to point out the good, but what can you say beyond “I like that”.
It’s hard to explain why something is good or why it resonates with us, but if something is bad you can usually explain with extreme eloquence why.

Totally understandable, you probably lived and breathed these comics.
You had these in your hands day in and day out, acting them out with figures, studying the art, just listlessly flipping through ’em because you were a goddamn kid in an age where you didn’t have on demand entertainment beyond a book, magazine, or comic.
Shit stuck with you in those days in a way I’m not sure that the pop culture of today does or will in the future.
Kinda sad.

@Fitzman73: You’re right, staying power is definitely something today’s pop culture lacks, and a lot of it does have to do with just the absolute flood of nonstop content 24 hours a day.
Good bad ugly it all blends together at some point.
But back in the day there was so much less bullshit to distract you.

Yeah this was a fun experiment.
Especially doing it with someone that has never seen these panels before.
Hopefully we do this again, the next arc introduces one of the most controversial and maligned characters in all of the Star Wars EU.
And the arc after that is when I started being a monthly collector so I have pretty vivid memories of that art as well.
Some pretty cool concepts.

ThatScoobyDoom: And it’s even worse with places like netflix where the dump all of their new episodes and shit at once. Stretched out over the year gives folks a chance to spend alot of time talkin’ about it.
Now you just have to hope you watch as fast as your pals or else they’re on to the next thing while you’re still on episode 4 of 12.

As fun as this was?
I guarantee you and anybody else reading this, be it here on this site or in some other medium, we are doing this again.

Next time you come around these parts we gotta finish talking prequels though.

@Fitzman73: Cool I’ll leave you with one prequel comment.

For anyone that thinks they lack depth and subtlety, consider this:

The celebration music at the end of Episode I is really just the Emperor’s Theme sped up and performed by a children’s choir.



You know the drill, kids!
Follow Sir Fitz on the Twitter @Fitzman73 and also follow the Twitter for the Podcast he does with his Sister (@Tacky1Z) @JJ2End.
And be sure to listen to Just Jump To The End at http://JJ2End.com, I’ve done intros for it so you know I like it well enough!

And remember the world sucks enough so don’t be a dick, thanks for reading.


Typecast #4: The MCU with Scoobies Two

Hey kids, welcome back.
This time around for the Typecast I talked to my brother from another mother, my best friend on this planet, and the dude without whom I’d not have this site or anything else I’ve done in the last 3 years or so (as you’ll read soon in an upcoming post here on this site) about the majority of Phase 1 of the MCU.
He is the webmaster of, what is in my opinion the very best Scooby-Doo site in the intranets, http://Scoobyfan.net.

His screenname, SpiderScooby, will appear in red and link to http://Scoobyfan.net.

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling mistakes and all, to maintain the honest of the whole thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: As with all things, lets start at the beginning.
Iron Man was announced as the first movie MARVEL would be producing all on their onsies and they picked RDJ to play Tony, what dif you think of all that when you first heard it?

SpiderScooby: When the first Iron Man was coming out, I was only vaugely familar with the character.
I had never read an Iron Man comic.
I only knew him from his animated appearances.
So I didn’t pay much attention to it until that first Comic-Con trailer came out.


ThatScoobyDoom: So you didn’t really have an opinion on RDJ, did you?

Oh yeah, I remember seeing that trailer and being blown away by it.
That one shot of him flying between the 2 fighter jets and then breaking off had me all aquiver!

SpiderScooby: I had no expectations, really.
But from that first trailer, it was pretty clear that this was going to be something special.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is a fact.

Okay, what was your reaction when it finally got out that Sam Jackson was in it as Fury?
Cause I know I went apeshit with giddiness.

SpiderScooby: Absolutely perfect casting.
They couldn’t have picked a better choice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m gonna guess you, like everybody else, were ecstatic about the possibility of them building a larger universe?

SpiderScooby: Yes and no.
While it certainly opened up a wide range of possibilities, they still had the potential to fall flat on their face.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, and I must keep in mind that that was their first shot at the whole thing under their own steam.

From the jump I was behind the idea of RDJ as Tony because who better to play a drunken asshole that a dude that everybody thought of as a drunken/junkie asshole.
It’s not like he wouldn’t have an experiance to pull from to play the part.

SpiderScooby: His career sure made a comeback with that and Tropic Thunder.
Tony Stark is the James Bond of superheroes, and he captured that perfectly.

ThatScoobyDoom: It is funny the way back then folks were like “that dude? He’ll ruin it.” and now he’s one of the most sought after actors on the freakin’ planet!

Did you go see Iron Man in a theater?


SpiderScooby: I hadn’t seen much with him, which is why I didn’t have much of a opinion of him.
But he was so right for the part.

I did.
I saw it multiple times actually.

ThatScoobyDoom: I wanted to see that movie he did with Mel, I think it was A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, but never got around to it.
But I clearly agree.

What was that like on the big screen?

SpiderScooby: After a few years of medicore comic book films, it felt so refreshing.
It just had a sense of fun to it.
That end scene just put a smile on your face.
The Nick Fury scene was iceing on the cake.

ThatScoobyDoom: It was the birth of the modern Superhero movie.
It really did do for the genre what Blade did in the late 90’s.

How about Incredible Hulk?
Did that peak your interest more than Iron Man did?

SpiderScooby: Yes, I was much more familar with Hulk.
And I feel he’s the one character in the MCU that gets the short end of the stick.
Incredible Hulk had the disadvantage of coming out two months after Iron Man, five years after Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I feel that really hurt the movie.
It’s a fun movie.
It had some good action.
Edward Nortan was a great Bruce Banner.
It’s just unfortunate that we’re not getting another Hulk solo movie, especially after Avengers.


ThatScoobyDoom: I think it may have suffered more from the Ang Lee movie because that was such a mess.
I can’t remember if they hyped up the fact that Incredible Hulk and Iron Man were in a shared universe or not, but I’d like to think that Iron Man helped it a wee bit.

Plus, you have to remember Bixby & Ferrigno are still who alot of folks think of when you say Hulk, especially The Incredible Hulk.

SpiderScooby: From what I can remember, we knew about the Tony Stark scene, but there wasn’t much talk about it.

ThatScoobyDoom: Universal didn’t do a great job marketing that movie, did they?

SpiderScooby: No, they did not.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t think so, I kinda remember that movie being over shadowed by alot of shit that summer.

SpiderScooby: If I reember correctly, it made about as much as the previous movie did.

ThatScoobyDoom: Which is a real shame, that first movie sucked.

Do you think after Infinity War we’ll see a solo Hulk movie again or do you think his time alone is done?

SpiderScooby: No, and that’s what dissapoints me the most about Marvel’s recent announcement.
They don’t seem to have any interest in another solo Hulk film.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, can you blame them?
I mean, you said yourself that TIH made about the same as the first.
5 years later makes that number even worse than it was in 2003.

No matter how much folks seem to like Ruffles Have Ridges, that character has kinda fell flat solo twice.

SpiderScooby: You are correct, he worked better as part of a team.
But I think Hulk is worthy of another chance.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t know if he worked better on a team, but they definitely ate up some of the spotlight and helped prop him up.

SpiderScooby: But back to The Incredible Hulk.
I do like how the movie pays homage to the 70’s TV shoe.

Also the tie-in to Captain America with Banner trying to recreate the Super Solider serum was nice.

ThatScoobyDoom: Same here.
Norton captured the essence of Bixby while not just straight up copying what he did.

I don’t think that movie gets nearly enough credit for the universe building it did, folks tend to just prop up Iron Man and forget it.

Recreating has been part of his story before, remember the first Ultimate Avengers animated movie?


SpiderScooby: And don’t forget the little hints at the Lonely Man Theme in the score.

I think Iron Man 2 did most of the universe building.
But yeah, TIH certainly helped it along.

Not a huge fan of that movie, I admit.

ThatScoobyDoom: Say what now?

It did, but TIH showed it first.
Even more so than the first Iron Man.
Sure, the first Iron Man had Fury but to folks that know nothing of the comics, he was just random spooky guy played by Sam Jackson.
TIH pulled Tony in.

I dug it, not perfect but few things are.

SpiderScooby: Not only was it setting up the MCU, it was also setting up for future sequels, which is another reason why it’s a shame they’re not getting another chance.

ThatScoobyDoom: You never know, they may bring some of that shit in to his story in the other movies…it’s not looking likely, but it could happen.

Iron Man 2, where do you stand on that?


SpiderScooby: Iron Man 2 is the weakest link of the MCU.
Mainly due to the Avengers stuff feeling forced in.
there’s way too much going on.
It doesn’t feel as fresh as the first film.

That said, it’s a entertaining movie.
And it gave us the suitcase armor.

ThatScoobyDoom: I look at it as the Hudson Hawk of the MCU.
Everybody said Hudson Hawk was a clusterfuck of a movie that had too much going on to make sense.

I think if you pay attention to both, you can follow them with ease.
They both just demand a wee bit more of your attention than most movies do.

Suitcase armor was piiiiimp!

SpiderScooby: The plot suffered because of it though.
That was time they could’ve used giving Whiplash more character development.

ThatScoobyDoom: True, but I didn’t see him being a very deep villain anyway.
I think that may well be because of Mickey Rourke, who I’m not a huge fan of.
Only flick he was in besides Iron Man 2 that I really like that I can think of is Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

SpiderScooby: I think they could’ve done something more interesting with him had they had a stronger script.
But you’re right.
This movie doesn’t have very strong villians.

ThatScoobyDoom: It also kinda felt a little weird to me to be having Tony fight another dude in a metal suit so soon after Stane.

I should also mention the soundtrack for 2 was great too.
Can’t go wrong with AC/DC.

SpiderScooby: I think that was one of the worries going in.
That Iron Man’s villians would just be guys using arc reacter tech.

The soundtrack was okay, yeah.

ThatScoobyDoom: A very real worry, I think I did suffer some for it.
I’m glad they moved on for Avengers and Iron Man 3, I think I’ll be okay with it for Age Of Ultron.

More than okay.

SpiderScooby: What do you think of Rhodey’s recasting?


ThatScoobyDoom: I had absolutely zero problem with it, I’ve never liked Terrence Howard anyway.
Don Cheadle brings more prestige to the MCU too.
Wish they woulda just picked him from the start.


SpiderScooby: See, I never had a problem with Terance Howard. I liked him in the role.
BUT…Cheadle is denfinetly better.

ThatScoobyDoom: He just seems whiney to me, always has a look like he’s on the verge of tears.
Whenever I see him trying to be a badass or serious it just makes me laugh hysterically.

SpiderScooby: I think he was just miscast.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so.
Can’t say it enough, he was just a weird choice.

So next came THOR.
When that was announced what did you think or expect?

SpiderScooby: I was curious to see if they could pull off Thor sucessfully without it coming off as silly(remember that Incredible Hulk tv move?).
The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I think was the right move.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh dear god, that TV movie was…so so so bad…and I loved that show.

When I first heard of it I was extremely excited, I’ve always thought THOR had the potential to be just as big if not bigger than Superman.
Mostly because MARVEL can ground a God character much better than DC, MARVEL made a drunken billionaire relatable for christsake!
So I was over the moon.


SpiderScooby: Imagine if Thor kept refering to Hulk as “You Green Troll!” in The Avengers?

That’s a interesting comparision. I always equate Captain America with Superman(more on that in a few).
But you are right.
They really made him likable.

ThatScoobyDoom: Stop, don’t even say that! Lol

Alot of people do, I understand that comparison, but don’t fully agree with it.
THOR and Superman are both, basically, Gods.
Neither should be relatable, and for the most part Superman isn’t.
Some how MARVEL makes this goofy looking, wing headed, hammer wielding God work on a very human level.
It’s preposterous…but it works!

SpiderScooby: It helps that the movie is entertaing.
And can I just say that Loki is the stand out villian of the MCU?
Most of the villians of the MCU have been pretty weak except for him.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I don’t think you’re necessarily going out on a limb with that one. Lol
I don’t think Jeff Bridges/Iron Monger was weak at all…but he wasn’t worth revisiting even if they could.

Mickey Rourke, for sure he was weak.

I like Tim Roth but Abomination was less…than stellar.

The only other villain that I think matches Loki is Red Skull, but Hugo Weaving had to be a whiney little shit.
I think the reason Loki works so well (besides Tom Hiddleston) is the whole “God Of Mischief” thing.
It gives him license to be big, bombastic, and over the top!

SpiderScooby: Don’t forget turning The Manderin into a joke.

One knock I’ll give the movie, it takes place too much on earth.
Something I think the sequel fixed.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, that was 9 kinds of not good.

I don’t think that was a problem.
It helped to ground it and him, helped to make you care about him.

As I said on your board when it came out, my only real problem with it was that Kenneth Branagh used the tilt shot a little to much for my taste.

Speaking of him, what was your reaction to him directing?
I know some folks got a bit pissy when he was first announced.


SpiderScooby: I wanted more fantasy and less Thor getting drunk, but sure.

He is a Shakespeare guy so it made perfect sense I thought.

ThatScoobyDoom: It did make him more sympathetic though, for sure.

Yeah, I was bewildered by the backlash.
He seemed the perfect choice.

Other than Avengers, I think THOR may well be my favorite movie of the MCU…it is a close call with the next movie though.

SpiderScooby: My memory’s a bit fuzzy, but was there much backlash?
I didn’t think he was a bad choice at all.

It’s middle of the road for me.
I put it ahead of Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk.

ThatScoobyDoom: I distinctly remember quite a few folks all capping “THE IDIOT TEACHER FROM HARRY POTTER!!!” that type of stuff always sticks out in my memory…now ask me what I did last week…not a clue. Lol

I find it far better than those, and even the first Iron Man.

Now the next movie we got was Captain America: The First Avenger.
What were your initial thoughts on it?


SpiderScooby: The First Avenger: Think about it.
Marvel made a better Superman movie with Captain America than DC did with Man of Steel.
People say the “Big Blue Boy Scout” doesn’t work today.
But I think TFA was able to do it without it being completely silly or stupid

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d put Captain America up against any DC movie ever made…including the DTV’s.

Superman and Cap do have vast differences though, Cap isn’t all powerful.
Superman is basically a God.
And that is the big difference between MARVEL and DC.
DC has all powerful gods and MARVEL has flawed humans, and that includes THOR…a freakin’ god!!!

SpiderScooby: That’s a tough call.
I think I agree for the most part.

But I’m mainly talking about what they stand for.
They are often potrayed with having similar values.
If it wasn’t for the man out of time aspect, I would say Cap wouldn’t be that interesting.

ThatScoobyDoom: While they do both stand for the same values, I still think Cap could be interesting without the man out of time gimmick solely for the fact that he isn’t all powerful.

On a human level, his story is more interesting.
He’s enhanced, yes, but even without the serum he was willing to do whatever it took to pitch in and help out knowing full well he could be hurt.

With Superman, being an alien that has pretty much always had powers, we’ll never really know what he would have been like.
Sure, there are stories like on Smallville where they take his powers away and shit but he never had to grow up knowing the taste of his own blood because some scumbag bully would beat his ass on a daily basis.
Ya know?

SpiderScooby: I don’t know… that’s the primary reason Cap’s story is interesting.
Personally, Superman is more fascinating to me (depending on the story of course).

Do you like the 1940’s setting?


ThatScoobyDoom: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming Superman now or ever, but he is often boring and hard to get right.

Loved it!
And I’m not the type that likes war movies and shit like that.
But it was the perfect place to set it and it helped to make the MCU bigger and richer, deeper history than just Odin fighting along humans 200-300 years ago.


SpiderScooby: Maybe it’s because I’ve never read a Captain America comic.
He’s not a character that ever really interested me outside of the movies and cartoons.

I just love the idea of a superhero period piece.
I think they pulled it off brillantly.
I’m glad they didn’t try to modernize it like those ferrible dirrct-to-video movies from the 70’s.

ThatScoobyDoom: Fair enough.

Right, and it made that storyline for Cap in Avengers that they kinda gutted work even better.
The man out of time visiting the places he knew from 70 years ago and seeing the differences.
I guess they touched on that in Winter Soldier?

I never saw those DTV’s…don’t think I want to either!

SpiderScooby: Right, I kinda wish they kept some of those deleted scenes in even though I see why they cut them.
They touch on it a little bit in Winter Solider.
There’s a nice little moment between Steve and a dying Peggy Carter.
But it really isn’t the focus of that movie.

Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from those movies.

Just be glad Rogers isn’t riding around on a motorcyle throwing a plastic shield in these movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.
Added more character, but aren’t necessary at all.
I think the deleted scenes on THOR were great too.

Kinda makes me wish they would put a little more focus on it, all of those scenes that lead to Times Square can’t be the only time they show us how truly out of his element he was.
I know from the trailers for Winter Soldier he did have a little trouble adjusting to the espionage and shit of today, but the world has changed far beyond that too.

Don’t worry brother, I have no interest in ’em!

Yeah, I much prefer the Harley/Vibrainium combo.

SpiderScooby: I don’t even remember the deleted scenes from THOR.

You are correct.
Cap doesn’t approve of what SHIELD is doing.
Of course, he ends up being right with the whole Hydra thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: There was one at the beginning of him throwing a bit of a hissy fit that I felt made his comeback even better.
And there was a short one where he took a mug to the diner that I felt was a great character scene showing how much he’d learned during his time on earth.

But was there anything beyond that?
You see older folks now bitching because everybody today does what I’m doing right now, staring at a phone screen.
Anything like that, any disappointment or comment on how the world has changed for him?

SpiderScooby: I only remember the deleted scenes from Iron Man and Avengers.

I’ve only seen Winter Solider twice, but I don’t think there was anything specifically like what you’re saying.

ThatScoobyDoom: That kinda sucks.
Perfect opportunity for it, maybe even to inject a little humor.


That’s gonna rap it up for this Typecast, next time I get SpiderScooby we’ll cover Avengers and some of the smaller bits of the MCU.

Please go check out ScoobyFan.Net, it’s a great site that I’ve been a part of since I found it.
It has alot of really helpful posts and features to help you collect all of the Scooby Cartoons and Movies available.

Be sure to check out Ross/SpiderScooby’s other site RossStuartMedia.com, he’ll have a review of Marvel’s recently released S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 comic up this week and soon he’ll review Marvel’s Star Wars #1.

Also, follow him on twitter @ScoobyFanDotNet.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

How It Happened: Dumbass Poets Society

It’s been awhile since I made this one, but I’ll never forget the struggle it was to post it.

I think I started writing limericks on Twitter with the intention of posting a new one everyday or everyweek (I can’t remember which) around the time I posted Dead Or Dumbass and that was it, I had no other plans for those limericks.

Also, sometime after Dead Or Dumbass, I didn’t have anybody to make videos with anymore.
My brother, being the huge douche munch that he is, just wouldn’t work with me anymore, so I had to figure a way to do these on my own or drop the channel completely.
Being as making these videos for my channel has been one of the only things that has brought me any joy since I started it, stopping was not an option.
So I’d started fucking around on my laptop and found Windows Movie Maker…I’d had my laptop for about 4 years at that point and never knew WMM was on it, and even if I did I hadn’t a goddamn clue how to work the damn thing.
I started dropping in a few of the pictures I had on my slaptop, mostly Star Wars backgrounds from Empire At War and laid the Smallville theme under it.
It blew my fucking mind how simple it was!!!
Just click, drag, drop, snip, publish, DONE!
My mind immediately started racing thinking of the world of options this opened up!

I’m not sure how or why, but I made the decision to take those limericks I’d written on Twitter (which I’ve searched and searched for so I could link to ’em in this post but for the life of me I can’t find the gorram bastards. (***Update*** I actually found the limerick that ended up being used for Junior, you can see it here.)) and built a story around them of a washed up, disgruntled, game show host being forced to host a poetry reading in his hometown just for the cash.
The name I chose for that host was a name I’ve long loved and used in my personal life whenever I needed a name for a cheesy game show host, Chip Skippy.

I’d figured out the characters, I’d assigned the limericks to them, and I’d figured out that I could take my Rock Band mic from my PS3 and make the sound better then I could by using my laptops built in mic.
I recorded…rerecorded…and rererecorded, started editing the audio, but there was something missing.
I like the idea of making audio dramas/radioplays but if I was going to go high quality why not go big?
I seem to remember making a big deal on Twitter about doing it a different way and I wanted to make it really special.
So may say using cheesy brick patterns isn’t special, but that was chosen for a specific reason.
I think it’s the Improv Comedy Club chain that’s famous for the brick wall stage and that is exactly what I was trying to evoke, a familiar comedy club setting.

I want to make it clear to everybody just how much I care about this and all of my other work, I make sure to do alot of research to try to make this shit as authentic and deep as possible.
I try to give them as much replay value as well, especially since I started doing them this way.
No you may be wondering “what kind of research did you do for this, asshole?” and my response would be “capitalize Asshole when you refer to my fuckwhistle.”
And then we’d continue to be even more increasingly hostile until one of us (probably me) got punched and cried like a little bitch…or I’d say that I did alot of research into Beatnik Poetry and Beat Slang to give it something deeper.
The perfect example of this would be the name of the club, Varicose Alley.
Varicose Alley is an old Beatnik Slang term that means the runway of a strip club
Kinda fucking interesting, right?
Moving on!

Right here, before I go any further, I need to mention my biggest regret about this specific video, something I mentioned in my Thanks To My Collaborators post.
When I was making it I had this one line where Cleveland Jr says “that’s a burn bitch” and I wanted to do something different there, something to drive the point home.
At the time I was talking to @NeilGat quite often and I asked him if he had a picture of flame.
Graciously, he sent me a pic of a huge fire ball that I believe he said was from a destruction derby he took his kid too.
The regret I have is that I didn’t thank Neil in the credits for the picture.
I think what happened was that I was just learning how to use the program and it just slipped my mind, but that is not a good excuse.
So right here I wanna be perfectly clear and say Neil sent me that explosion picture.
Thank you very much sir, sorry it took so long for you to get the credit you deserve.

So I’d finished the video…but something was still missing.
I had these credits but they seemed rather boring when they played dry.
I don’t remember how I heard it or how I got it, but I remembered that @TheJSarge did a 8-Bit version of his AMAZING theme for the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave Podcast and that I had it.
I DM’d him and asked him if I could use that for my credits, he said sure as long as I credites him and his site, so I did.
Simple as that.
And here again I’ll plug his site http://JSargemusic.blogspot.com, be sure to check it out.

Finally, and most importantly, I had to figure out how to post this bastard.
This was the longest and most complex thing I’d ever done up to that point…and it almost never got posted!
After I published it onto my laptop I put it on my phone, but for some reason that I’ll probably never understand it just wasn’t showing up on my phone.
So whenever I need help with Technology I always turn to my best friend Ross A.K.A. @ScoobyFanDotNet, the true unsung hero (that will soon change) of this and really all I’ve done.
When I was trying to figure out how to publish this video to my laptop he walked me through it step by step until it was done.
Thankfully, he tried to do the same when it came time to post.
I took my laptop to Target’s parking lot to use the free Wifi the have and sent Ross an email and waited for his reply.
While I waited a few minutes I tried fuckin’ around and figuring it out, no such luck.
He responded and I sent him a few pix, he tried walking my through it but it just was not happening.
No matter what he suggested, what I tried, how he thought I could try this or do that, it just was not working.
I was dead in the water.
All that hard work, no less than 16 hours as I recall, was for nothing.
That was when I think it he suggested I try an older phone since the one I tried before hadn’t worked.
When I got home I did just that, found an old phone and EUREKA!!!
It actually showed up!
So next time I went out we swung by Target and I posted this:


No doubt about it, this was a HUUUUGE step forward for me and my work.
All thanks to Ross, so if any of you like this video please hit him up on Twitter, @ScoobyFanDotNet, and say thanks.

I’ve definetly improved in everyway possible, I try to cut all the annoying breathing out, there isn’t as much unintentional mic fumbling, but as hard as I am on myself about everything I must admit it has a certain charm to it.

Here’s a bit of trivia for any Scooby fans out there: The first voice you hear, with the black mic on the red blanket pic, that was a voice I’d thought I just came up with on the spot, but one day, not long after I made and posted this video, I was rewatching Scooby-Doo Camp Scare, barely paying attention as I’d seen it so many times, and I heard what sounded almost exactly like the voice I’d chosen for the Varicose Alley DJ.
That’s right, I took the voice for (as he would come to be known) Marcus from a character named Deacon in a Scooby-Doo movie…and in case you were wondering, Deacon was voice by Mark Freakin’ Hamill!!!

***Update #2***
I meant to post this too, my original tweet from when I posted this video.
It still kinda makes me laugh too.
This here is the link to the extremely short string of tweets I posted describing this video almost a year ago.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Youtube Channel to see what will be coming up in future How It Happened posts.

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