Cue The Golden Girls Theme (or How It Happened: TS-D/JA Productions)

This is something I’ve wanted to do since this site launched.
To me, this is probably one of the most important posts I’ll ever write.
This is going to be about something I’ve struggled with for many many years, something I thought I had a few times but ended up getting fucked over by instead, this is going to be very personal, this is a post about friendship.

It’s not often in our lives that we can point to the day and time when we meet people who are going to change the course of our lives forever, it’s even less often that we don’t actually meet those people at all, that we don’t even know what they look like.

October 2nd, 2010 8:18 AM
I sent an email that would end up changing my life for the better.

Clearly, I’m a huge Scooby-Doo fan (look at my screen name for christ sake) and I’d recently found a Scooby-Doo site (Scoobyfan.Net) that catered to all of my needs as a fan.
It provided News (which even to this day, Scooby news is hard to find unless you know where to look), Reviews, and Release Date information.
But the Owner/Webmaster/Writer of/on the site (SpiderScooby was the screen name) had put up a post about a couple of books that were being released for the new TV Movie Scooby-Doo And The Curse Of The Lake Monster.
In the post he (up to this point I think had just assumed the writer was a dude) had mentioned that he normally didn’t cover Scooby books because there were so many of them.
Now this is where my true nature kicked in, (and looking at it, if it had happened to me I’d have been like “who the fuck does this little piss ant think he is?” and ignored what’s about to follow) always being saddened by WB’s lack of Scooby marketing and also desperate to know when new franchise merch was being released, I sent him an email.

In the email (timed and dated above) I asked why he didn’t just cover the books that were a bit longer since there were fewer of those.
I’m not sure, but as memory serves I don’t think I really expected a response.
But on October 3rd, 2010 at 9:41 AM, shockingly enough, He did reply.
He said something like despite what he said in the post he’d thought about it.
That was it.
He’d replied.
But me being the idea man I’ve always proclaimed myself to be, I pressed my luck.

October 10th, 2010 1:14 AM
I sent him another email (by now I knew his name was Ross) this time suggesting he get somebody to do 2nd opinon reviews of stuff.
And before I go any further, I want to make it crystal clear (and I’ll try to clear it with Ross and post the actual emails) I wasn’t thinking about myself doing them at all.
Those of you who are Comic Book Men fans and know the origins of the show will already know this, but when Kevin Smith conceived of the show they were looking around to find a Comic Shop to shoot the sizzle reel in…all the while Kevin had a Comic Shop of his own in New Jersey they could have shot it in.
But it never crossed his mind, somebody else had to screw in that lightbulb over his head for the idea.
This was the same situation.
I wasn’t looking to further myself, I wasn’t looking for some place to write stuff (shit, at this point I really didn’t think about writing much, or think of myself as a writer like I do now), I was just looking for more content.
Simple as that.

On October 11th, 2010 at 1:13 AM he sorta suggested I do it which, having recently read the emails myself, I remember for a fact was baffling to me.
Why the hell was he suggesting I do it?
1. He didn’t know if I was any good (and if you read the first…4 or 5 things I wrote for the site, I WASN’T!!!).
2. I wasn’t sure if I could do it.
I mean, I’ve always written reviews and shit for myself, for my own entertainment, but publicly?
I don’t know.
I’d been crapped on pretty hard by a teacher for my writing just 6 or 7 years before and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take that risk again.
3. Was he just being nice?

Here are the emails, I think we both come off very noncommital, but you decide.
***Warning, my spelling is (then and now) complete shit***

Me: I’ve been wondering for some time have you thought of posting your reviews then a second opinion review.
I really like reading different reviews, if there well thought out, they can make you look at something I a totally different way.
Just one fans opinion.

Ross: Do you mean like a review from you or somebody else?
Because I’m always open to contributions to the site.

Me: Well I have to be honest I don’t think anyone would want to read what I have to say about anything.
But if you wanted I could send you like a test review of something of your choosing or something like that if you gave me a little while to really absorb and watch something.

Ross: Sure.
I mean, if you ever wanted to submit a review or something, I’d be happy to post it.

Awfully strange, isn’t it?

Now, I know some of you are probably wondering “what does any of this have to do with TS-D/JA Productions?
Why is he posting this here?
Why should I care?”
I’ll tell you why.

If you like anything I have ever done and posted on the internet at all, it can all be traced back to my friendship with Ross.
Let me explain how.
After I started writing stuff for his site, I started coming up with ideas for his site and he encouraged it.
I’m not one to flash my achievements in folks faces (ever notice how people say that just before they do exactly that?), but I suggested he change the site color scheme to fit the Scooby colors and make it feel more Scooby like, I suggested and wrote over 40 of the Question Of The Week‘s (edging close to its 100th installment), and I continue to write reviews and provide suggestions to make that site better to this day.
We’ve worked together to make it a better site.
Now, I don’t tell you all of this to brag, I tell you this to show you how much I’ve benifited from this friendship.

For quite some time, he suggested I should join twitter and I always balked at the idea.
I always thought, and to some degree still do, that Twitter or any social media was only good for promotion.
At the time I had nothing to promote, so I didn’t see a need for it, but he still persisted.
Finally I did, and I met some cool folks from the jump, @NeilGat & @WJelks are 2 of the folks who’ve been following me the longest, but I still often felt there was no reason for me to be there.
I wondered if maybe Ross wanted me to join so I’d quit bothering him to ask people questions on his twitter. Lol

But then on May 27th 2013 I made my first Youtube video, Bitch Slappin’ The Wind.
Between my newly forming Youtube Channel and my Author Page on his site, I finally had something to promote.
I finally felt like I had a reason to be on twitter.
All through out all of this Ross had been hugely supportive of me and my work, even though, for the most part, I know the stuff I do for Youtube isn’t really his cup of tea, he always encouraged me.
The last year or so he’s been telling me that I should start a blog or a site (can you see where this is heading yet?), why? To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure.
What the fuck do I need a blog for?
Having a platform that big could really get me into trouble (and trust me, there have been a few controversial posts I’ve wanted to write but I’m not sure I want to cross the streams of personal thoughts with the TS-D/JA Productions name that I’ve been cultivating. Think of it as branding (holy shit, I’ve turned into Git ’em.)).
But again, he kept telling me “you should start a blog of your own”.
So back in very late September I talked to him about it and he took the time, without getting, or asking for, anything in return, to set up this site.
He set it up and put up the banner you see above…then I came in and screwed around and changed the “Theme” and he came back and posted the banner you see above AGAIN!!!

Now comes the part that some troll will want to mock me for, but they can go eat a bag of dicks.

I have talked to this dude almost every day for the last (damn near) Four And A Half Years.
We’ve exchanged probably close to, if not over, 100,000 emails, discussing Books, Movies, Comics, TV, News, Weather, Sports, Life, Deaths, Highs, Lows, and everything else you can think of.
I’ve mentioned the Karen Traviss Star Wars Republic Commando novels (you had to know I’d bring Star Wars up somehow, it’s something else we bonded over) a few times on this site, and while they have alot of faults one of the things in those books that have stuck with me is all of the stuff in Mandalorian culture about family.
Karen Traviss’ Mando’s believe family is of the utmost importance…but blood is not.
I have a brother by blood and I can’t stand him, but Ross?
I consider him Ner Vod (Mandalorian for “my brother”), I really do.
I’d do almost anything for him, all he’d have to do is ask.

What this dude has done to help, support, and encourage me is undeniable and most likely I’ll never get to meet him face to face and say thanks.
He has helped set me on the path to achieving my dreams.
Because of him I’ve gotten to meet, and in some cases work with, truly talented and inspiring people like @ComicWasteland, @ShariSayz, @Fitzman73, & @_13Chris.
I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again, if you like anything I’ve done he is to thank…or blame, depends how you want to look at it.

Without him there is no TS-D/JA Productions so if you like me, if you like what I do, if in any way I have entertained you, please go give him a quick Thanks.
You can reach him on twitter at @ScoobyFanDotNet or @SpiderScooby
And if you have the time, please go check out both of his sites Scoobyfan.Net &

Thanks for reading.


Typecast #6: In SMod We Trust

This go round I had the great pleasure to talk with a Lady we Twitter SModCo/TESD Ants know from her weekly visit into our mentions, one of the best Ants in the hill, the great sweetheart that is @TESDGroupie herself.
We talked all about Kevin Smith, his movies, and of course SModcast and the SModcast Podcast Network!


Now I want to warn you all I was a little scatterbrained on this one…mostly because I was shocked (shit, I still am) that Groupie actually agreed to do this.
I was super unprepared, so please forgive my stumbling, bumbling, and my seemingly disjointed nature.

This conversation appears just as we had it, spelling fuck ups and all, just to maintain the integrity of the whole thing.

Groupie’s name (@TESDGroupie) appears in red and links to her twitter.

ThatScoobyDoom: How far back do you go with Kev and his particular brand of deviancy?

@TESDGroupie: I saw Clerks, not in the cinema (I was living in mid-size city at the time).
I saw it on TV in a pay channel (C+) in original version.
Movies here are dubbed, but this channel usually had one or two viewing that were subtitled.
I believe it was around 1996-97.

ThatScoobyDoom: Did that turn you into a View Askew fan right away?

@TESDGroupie: Not really.
Not easy when you live in another country with not many movies.
Also, internet was not big here at the time.
I remember watching Dogma, but not anything inbetween it and Clerks.

ThatScoobyDoom: Without great internet service or a real connection to the movies, how did you ever find out about SModCo?
And how did your fandom get to the level that it is today?

@TESDGroupie: I actually got to see ‘Jay & Silent Bob’s strike back’ while visiting my sister in the States.
I got to see it in a cinema in Salt Lake City.
When I moved to Barcelona in 2005, I got internet access and came accross Kevin’s ‘an evening with’ in internet, so I had to see them all.
I also got movies like Mallrats and Chasing Amy in DVD, so the contact was not really lost.
About the podcasts, when I got my iPod and showed it at work, a colleague told me about Podcasts.
I looked into it, but all the Spanish ones seemed pretty uninteresting, so I had to search for something, I searched movie stuff and Kevin Smith.
And Smodcast came up, so I started listening in episode #56.
I also went through the back catalogue, including the episodes with Walt and/or Bryan.
So when Tell ’em Steve-Dave came up, I started listening and have been hooked ever since.


Let’s just say that as many other people, Smod first and TESD later have helped me through dark times.
There was a very hard moment in my life within the first year of TESD and they were the only thing that would help me deal with it and get through the days.

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, lets roll it back to before the pods.

What was it for you about the movies that stuck with you?
Because it’s clear they did.

I know for me it was the language, one second you’ve got a dude using a word like morose and the next word he says is motherfucker.
I’d never seen some shit like that in a movie, I’d only seen George Carlin have such a wide grasp on the language like that.

@TESDGroupie: I know the usual answer is the dialogues, and that is something that I really dig.
But I think Clerks appealed to me for being daring, being different for what I had seen and making me laughs with topics that usually didn’t come up in movies.
In some ways, I could relate to that sense of humor.
So after that, when the Kevin Smith name came up, I had to check it out.
And I have to say that Chasing Amy is still in my top 10 movies to this moment.

ThatScoobyDoom: I dig that too, Kev has said he was inspired by that scene in Reservoir Dogs where they talk about comics to be real and include shit that didn’t move the plot forward but was interesting none the less.
And of course the so called dirty shit made me laugh too.

Really, Chasing Amy stuck with you?
That one was probably my least favorite of all of his movies.
What was it about that one that popped out for you?

@TESDGroupie: In general, some of the movies that stuck with me are the ones that impact me in that moment of my life.
And I think that is what happened with Chasing Amy, the fact that relationships are not easy, you will find things about the other person that will be hard for you and the end it had, I think impacted me in a way that stuck with me.
Hard to put words to what something makes you feel, I guess likes are like that sometimes, not very rational or explainable 🙂

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh totally, I think I was far too young to grasp it when I first saw it.
I have no judgement good or bad for those that do dig it, just wasn’t really my bag.

Dance sequence aside, Clerks II was my favorite.
That one, to me, had far and away the most heart.
It’s funny as hell, touching, deep, and relatable, you would not believe how much I relate with Randal in that movie.

@TESDGroupie: I love Clerks II also.
Really deeper than it may seem at first.
Certainly I can relate to it too, maybe in a different way.
Randal has always been one of my favorite characters.
And the first Smodcast with Jeff Anderson is funny as hell.

ThatScoobyDoom: I honestly feel in some ways, but not completely, that Clerks II was his best work to date.
It has a perfect balance of everything.

How do you relate to it?

Yes, that live ep is great.
Kev kinda being baffled by the elevation and Jeff breakin’ his balls over it was hilarious.

@TESDGroupie: It’s hard to grow up and things don’t come out as you plan, but it is important to be surrounded by people that make the road better.
But all said in a much funnier and interesting way, no doubt.
And I just remember I saw it when it came out in a cinema in Barcelona.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is very true.

How many of his movies have you seen in the theater?

@TESDGroupie: Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob strike back, Clerks II, Red State and Tusk.
Boy, this does not look very good, but remember that in some cases movies arrive months later.
And it still happens with some main releases, even though it is just a couple of weeks now.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, I’ve never seen any of them in a theater so you’ve got a leg up on me.
I almost saw Tusk thanks to a fellow ant but I couldn’t get a ride.

So, after you found SMod and listened to all of those, how did you hear about TESD?
I saw Kev tweet about it before I was on twitter and gave it a listen.


@TESDGroupie: Besides twitter, at that time Smodcast was the only show, so when new shows where added, it was hard not to notice.
And I have heard Bry and Walt on Smodcast and there were really fun moments, so I gave it a listen and I was forever hooked, even though there was a big gap in the first episodes.

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I don’t remember any talk up leading to TESD, and I was checking Kev’s twitter everyday day back then.
I just remember him tweeting something one day like “You liked them on SModcast, now Bry and Walt have their own show.” and he posted a link.
Now, that’s not a direct quote but it was along those lines.

Were you instantly hooked on TESD?

@TESDGroupie: Don’t think there was talk, but sure there was a tweet, and where Smodcast was downloaded at the time (no yet, I think it was something like quickstopentertainment) there were more shows, one of them was Tell ’em Steve-Dave

I think I was almost instantly hook.
There was little wait for the second show and I couldn’t wait for it.
I wish I could say why… but I really have no explanation to it.
I think it was the way they made me laugh and the variation of topics.

ThatScoobyDoom: Didn’t launch before TESD did?

Yeah, that’s the thing, I don’t know what it was either.
For me, it definitely wasn’t because they were friends of Kev (as Walt feared early on).
I know that wasn’t it because there are/were other people that were close to Kev that had pods that I never listened too.
It may have been because of Walt and his comic connection, but I’m really not sure.

@TESDGroupie: I don’t think so, but don’t take my word on it…

Some people say they restart their run-through listenings in episode 4, but episode 1 has great moments.
For me Walt’s “point joint counter point” and Bry’s comment about his mom saying about Josh Grobin “his mom must be so proud” and Walt’s laugh are highlights of that first show.
I think it is true that Walt’s laugh is a big part of the show and I guess it’s a way of having that every day whenever we want/need it.


ThatScoobyDoom: Hmm, I don’t remember ever going to the other site.

I’ve never done that, I always listen from the start.
I think in the very beginning they, especially Walt, were a little more unguarded.
Now, and they’ve even admitted and joked about it, if the don’t watch what they say they’ll get a flood of assholes tweeting and emailing bitching about what they say.

And yes, Walt’s laugh is a gift from the angels on high.
It’s almost musical, like a scottish accent.

@TESDGroupie: I think for a while Walt was sure this was not going to last… and it has been almost 5 years already.
I guess Bry got most of the mails at first, but once Walt’s mail was out for booty time, people turned to him, and I guess that is not easy on anyone.
I don’t want to imagine that happening to myself.
But I actually wrote him once about going to a Monster Magnet concert because of hearing Dave on the show and how much fun it was and he answered me!

ThatScoobyDoom: The way Bry talks sometimes it seems Walt still expects it won’t last long. Lol

I actually got a reply from Bry way back in the beginning.
I’m sure you remember the episode where they talked about that show Intervention, well I email Bry about seeing an episode about a dude that was addicted to video games and he replied.
I about shit myself.
That and the email I got from Bill Moody AKA Percy Pringle AKA Paul Bearer are to that really meant alot to me.

But yeah, to your point, he must get inundated with assholes whining about shit.
Stupider shit than bitching about Hitlearn.

What are all the SMod pods that you listen too?

@TESDGroupie: Boy, I still remember where I still listened to #TESD57 the first time, was that an scary moment… Lucky!
I have written Bry a couple of times, I wish he had answered, though he has answered in twitter.

As my main personal issues happened within the first year of TESD, I decided to follow Walt and not sweat the small stuff.
Of course, out of 345 hours (as of #TESD233, that I know you like this kind of things, lol) there are things that I don’t agree with, that of course I don’t see the same way.
I understand writing about accuracy, about facts… but writing about opinions is no use.
And I will keep the laughs, the bickering, the what if stories, over all that.
I’m sure you and I don’t see some things in the same way.
Your experience of, let’s say ‘the Goonies’, will be different from me, because I saw it when I was a girl, in the movies, after being on a long line with my friends, but that is just how things are.
I almost wrote about a comment in the TESDXmas pod for 2013 where there was talk about Spain and made things look so great.
But then I thought, I laughed so much, the radio play was so awesome… do they really care about interpreting something that does not exist (and will probably never exist) in the US wrong?
Are they gonna explain people how it was wrong?
So I just didn’t do it.

Right now, I’m pretty busy and my wi-fi is broken, so I listen to HBO, try to keep up with Smodcast (though I’m a bit late) and some WSY.

ThatScoobyDoom: And that right there is why I wanted to talk to you, you have such an encyclopedic knowledge of Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave.
You know the pod how I know something like Smallville, throw out a little fact and the both of us can nail down what somebody is talking about with-in a few eps, you with TESD & me with Smallville.

What was #57 and what was so scary about it.

I know!
That was so cool, I’ve gotten tweet replies but getting that email was before I was on twitter (I was a lurker for years before joining) and was really awesome.

See, as far as I recall, they’ve never said anything that pissed me off, slightly bugged me, annoyed me, or put me off in anyway.

I’ve never seen The Goonies…but I totally understand your point.
And see, that is a huge problem with jackasses on the internet, they think because it’s a thought in their empty heads that it is an undisputed fact and they must act like assholes about opinions.
It’s futile to argue about opinion.

Well, when you have full use of Wi-Fi, are there any other SModCo pods you listen too?

@TESDGroupie: Thanks for the compliment!
In #TESD57 Walt is upset with Bry and Q about not going on with the Halloween project and the question actually comes up Walt to Bry “So you’re trying to leave the show? You’re trying to dismantle Tell ’em Steve-Dave?” and Walt says “I feel this way more often than not, though” Bry “more often that you rather not do it?” Thankfully, the following week there was a new #TESD.

I think I should listen to Edumacation after listening to Andy McElfresh on @ThatManOnFatman.
I had always feel it would have too much science for me, something I am completely illiterate about.
I have listened to some Walking from the American Dream with Kelly Carlin, and she has had some interesting guests, so that would be an interesting one too.
And I shouldn’t say this, but I have some catching up to do with WSY (shame on me I know, especially cause I think Sal can be really funny).
For some reason, when I am feeling low, I find comfort in known things: movies, tv shows, podcasts, even books, and I find it really uphill to step out of my confort zone in any way.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ah yeah, I remember that now.
That’s one of the things I can point to about TESD that I like.
Unlike alot of pods, when they have shit to deal with the turn on the mics.
You don’t get that most places.
And even though they do air that shit, almost everytime that stuff comes up Q mentions that it’s probably boring…it ain’t!
Shits riveting.

If you like SMod, Kev, or TESD at all, you need to listen to Edumacation.
In the beginning, it was Andy trying to legit do a serious show and teach folks some shit…with Kev interrupting to make dick jokes.
Now, Andy has embraced it and they have tons of fun (my nickname) and you really don’t realize you’re learning shit until much later when you start spewing these facts and then the realization sets in “oh shit, I learned that from Edumacation”.

Kelly is awesome, Nuff Said.

I just started listening to What Say You last month, I burned through the first 13 or 14, that one is alot of fun.

@TESDGroupie: That also happened in #TESD214, that is one of my favorites of last year, Q saying “is there anyone left listening at this point?” (or something similar) Or daring to disect the Houston show and make fun of themselves.
You gotta be brave, and also really good to pull that off.
I just wish Walt wouldn’t shut in the live shows, but as a shy person I understand it.
I think this gives it the human aspect that make it so appealing; it’s not that much a show.

I really enjoyed @ThatManOnFatman 51, that was sort of a Edumacation and I even knew one thing!
So that is definitely in my list. It will be easier now knowing things get much relaxed, let’s say.
Wait for WSY19… not saying any more…

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly!
Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I gotta figure out a way to listen to That Man, the current set up they have just will not work on my phone.
I wish they’d use Lybsync (the thing JJ2End uses) or Soundcloud on the site (like the way SModCo does) cause I really wanna listen to it.

It’s a totally relaxed goofy show with some learnin’ thrown in.

Everybody keeps telling me 19 is awesome, I have it on my phone to listen but I’ve been so busy working on my Videos, Typecasts, and other shit to be able to get to it.

I was gonna ask you about it, but you mentioned how many hours TESD has over 223 episodes.
Do you happen to have what the average length of the show is?
Cause for some reason, that is so interesting to me. Lol

@TESDGroupie: I know it is not very popular now, but do you have stitcher?
@ThatManOnFatman is there.

As an exclusive (haha) part of my episode lenght chart by year: total length, number of episodes and average I actually started it when you asked about it, and have kept it up for my on geeky curiosity too.
Note: 194 is not included as it is not available anymore.


And WSY19 is not very long, about 45 minutes, but just pure genius

ThatScoobyDoom: Don’t have Stitcher, too big for my shitty phone.

Aww, that is so awesome!
Glad I inspired you to keep track.
So, 2013 was the best year?

Do you have a favorite episode of SModcast?

@TESDGroupie: You haven’t seen my phone, lol

And this is updated to the latest episode #233.
Indeed 2013 was a great year, where also the Puppet DVD was release, which I still love.

Not to be topical, but it’s true the saying “there’s so many to choose from” To name a few, the one with Hellen Keller (#15), #74, Scott’s vasectomy (#80)the one with Jeff Anderson (#134), #145, the ones with Harry Scotter… too hard, lol
And with #TESD, Gnome alone and the one with Bridge Beach to say just two.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I said 223 earlier.
Good thing you said so before I got Eduma-corrected.

I still haven’t seen Puppet Theater, what was that exactly.

I love the Harry Scotter eps, the recent eps with Joe Rogan were great, both of the Anderson eps, I’m really looking forward to the episode with Jericho.
Oh, and who could forget The (c)Rapture and 259.

My all time favorite episode of TESD is one that, sadly, is without Q, care to guess which one?

@TESDGroupie: I can’t believe I forgot the Walrus one (Eduma-corrected).
And I now remember the The (c)Rapture… I really would love to see that movie.
It would make Dogma look like a kid’s idea.

Walt goes postal?

ThatScoobyDoom: The (c)Rapture would make a good movie, but if they did a 2 hour super HQ animated movie…that would be the greatest fuckin’ movie in the history of ever.
They could do 2 versions too, go super serious on one and then go for an extremely wacky over-the-top comedy.
Would be awesome!

“IT WAS SUSAN???” makes me bust out laughing too.
That and the Not So Super Bowl are just classic Walt.
And Ming’s stumbling and bumbling under Walt’s hard nosed interrogation is hilarious.

@TESDGroupie: Oh God, now I want to see the animated version of the (c)Rapture so bad…

Love the Not so superbowl, never saw the outcome coming.
And don’t forget the one, true, three!
That’s why I love PuckNuts, Walt does the same with Sunday Jeff but at least he tries to come back, and some comebacks are hilarious.

I forgot about the Puppet DVD.
It’s bits of TESD done with Puppets, Q’s, Ming’s and Sunday Jeff’s one-true-three, the pizza story, the black box and some others.
Really worth the money.

ThatScoobyDoom: Stark did some animation that I think may still be on YT somewhere or it might be on the first SModimations DVD.

Walt has a great creative mind, you can tell he’s spent many an hour listening to Game Show Network. Lol

You keep telling me to listen to pucknuts, but I just can’t stand hockey or sports talk.
I keep wanting to listen but it’s just so hard to attempt. Lol

Sunday Jeff is awesome, that ep of TESD with him and Walt was genius!
It’s funny as fuck listening to those to explode at one another.

They just took the pod audio and puppeted over it, right?

Oh, a few other choice TESD moments: The Black Box was awesome!
Delivering comics, “Wultuh Wultuh, your married?” brilliant!
So much great content in them thar eps.

@TESDGroupie: I’ve seen most of the animations on YouTube.
The one with the panties in the ice is one of the first ones, right?
I am not sure the DVDs will play here, different region.
Maybe you should start in PuckNuts 5, where Walt gives up on the show.
I believe there is a show where about three-quarters in, someone is like “shouldn’t we talk about hockey?” but I can’t remember now.
When Walt introduced Sunday Jeff in the PodWars as “cult podcaster” I thought, genius! and so true.
And he goes along with everything and takes everything.
The interaction between them is one of the best discoveries.
In the puppeted moments there is some edition, but it is just the pod audio.
There are some awesome stories, even the harder ones.
I think how Bry tells his visit to the doctor is how all visits should be told.
We could make and endless list… lol

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, the panties one was within the first 3 I believe.
The Auqaman one, which was the very first one is still my favorite of those.

I may give it a try, but it’ll be a while.

With well over 300 hours of content, you’re damn right we could make endless lists.

Lets talk a bit about the bonus pods, starting with Overkill.
Were you one of the lucky few that actually figured out a way to listen to that when it first went up?
I know I was.

@TESDGroupie: I remember someone posted a way to add it to iTunes and downloaded there, and it worked.
I also have a sister in the States, which was a nice back up plan for this situation.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I did not know that.
I found a way that I had to dive through an RSS feed or 2 but it pulled ’em.

Did you immediately like Overkill?
I’ve heard some say it took them a while to warm up to it.

@TESDGroupie: I think it was hard to know what to do at first to make it a bit different, but Walt’s idea of the paramormal was good.
And JSarge’s theme added to it so well.
The ghostbusters in Q’s house is a moment that still cracks me.
I always thought the contrary was easier, that it was hard to keep that topic for so long.
But it’s definitely worth listening to.


ThatScoobyDoom: I haven’t heard them since they originally dropped, but I remember there being alot of great stuff in there.
And wasn’t that where the whole domain fiasco with Git ‘Em started?

J Sarge is a goddamn master, I’m proud to say I’ve worked with him on my shit.
He makes everything better.

@TESDGroupie: I have done a couple of run-throughs, and relistened to some episodes.
Indeed, that’s the moment, in the ‘Spanish Bry’ episode.

Wow, lucky… That, makes me envious.
I am not creative at all, so much respect to both of you.
How I wish the puppet DVD soundtrack was available.

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn Git ‘Em.

See, that bugs me when people say they aren’t creative.
I know I’m gonna sound like Kev here but oh well.
Everybody is creative in their own way, be it J Sarge and Meme Em making music, be it Bry, Walt, & Q recording a pod, or me making videos that make me laugh, we all have stories to tell.
Hell, even this conversation we’re having right now is a form of creativity.
As soon as an audience, no matter how big or small, is watching you, reading your stuff, looking at your photos or paintings, or listening to you talk about a 30 year old movie franchise, you are creating, you are an artist.
In your case, you’ve just got to figure out what your art is.

Did J Sarge do new music for the Puppet movie?

I feel if we didn’t talk about the Christmas pods we’d be leaving out some of the best stuff…and that’s coming from a dude that’s on heard the 2013 one.

@TESDGroupie: That is why I tweet/retweet your stuff, because I like how you turn your ideas into things.
I think I have the mentality that things are always better in my mind, and that is really the barrier that can really keep you from doing stuff.
That is why I also have never answered to mean tweet or ignore certain people, because I want to enjoy the moment and the people that like the things I do.

I believe there is.
He did an “I sell comics” song and there are some tracks used during the movie that appear later during the credits that I really dig, especially the one that sounds the first.
And it was cool seeing the credits and seeing that you know some of the names that come up.

The Christmas pods are so much fun.
And I think the way they are released, setting the date, so everybody goes and gets it, with enough time to enjoy them before Christmas is really genius.
I found out this year some people that wait until Christmas day to listen to it… don’t know if I would be able to do that.
I guess every year it must be harder to think of ideas, as so much ground has been covered, but they are really top-notch every year.
I enjoyed the first year because of the Xmas in foreign lands, two out of the three happen in Barcelona.
I even sent Bry a caganer and Walt the real figure where the last story was based on.
I guess he must have been like “what the hell is this?” And I love the songs they did, and having callback from one year to another.
Do you have a favourite moment of the ones you’ve heard?

ThatScoobyDoom: You’ve gotta break that barrier, figure out your thing, and make it happen.
Because trust me, it is totally worth it in the long run.

Huh, I did not know that!
Strangely enough, that was another reason I wanted it, I wanted to see how many folks I knew in the credits.

I think one of us said it earlier, but I’ll say it again: screw Kanye, Walt Flanagan is a creative genius!
Just when “you” (or even he) think he’s out of ideas…BOOM!
He pops up with yet another cool little thingamabob, like the dogtags!

Like I said, I only heard the 2013 one, but in that there were 3 things that I found insanely funny. 1. When Git ‘Em was telling his story of a shitty Christmas.
That made me think that that must have been how Q felt when he came into the Stash that day when he’d been in the car accident. Just brutal mocking.
2. Was when Q said he had Mistletoe on his belt and the way Walt howled with laughter when he asked him why when he knew he’d only invited dudes.
3. Fuck the holocust, and fuck you!
I Sell Comics, bitch!


@TESDGroupie: Actually, I was going to say no to Scott when he asked me to be on @ThatManOnFatman.
I was so self-concious about my accent and talk, that I really didn’t know what to do.
Also, I am very shy… but I still don’t know why I did not dare to cancel it.
And look now, I think next week is number 25 TESD pick of the week.
And even though I said yes to Scott pretty quick, you’d never imagine how many times I second guessed myself.

Totally agreed, just when you thought that was it, Walt always comes with something that still makes your jaw drop.
When he talked about the drop of blood in the Cryptozoic men issues, the dog tags, are you worse than Hitler, going on stage with puppets,… even the ice cream truck idea in CBM.
Creative genius indeed.

My bad, I thought you had said you had listened up to 2013. That was a great year too… boy, the radio play was just hilarious.
I loved Sunday Jeff as the narrator.
I know Q has mentioned the mistletoe on his belt several times, but had forgotten about Walt’s answer, lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I look at it this way, English isn’t your first language, right?
So, even that you make the attempt to try and speak it should be good enough.
And BTW, I’ve heard you a few times on That Man, you do a pretty damn good job…plus you’re Groupie, that goes a long way in my book. 😉
Also, I bet I’d surprise you with my understanding of second guessing ones self.

Pod Wars, nuff said.

And don’t forget the clicky contributions of our favorite creaky character, ol @DeQuinn. He’s like the rug in The Big Lebowski, he really ties the room together.
The cats, the music, all of the other effects, dude has got mad skills too.

@TESDGroupie: Right, Spanish born and raised. My birthtown:

I hope there is something PodWars-like this year too.
And I was on the banner sent to the Stash and I got to help Walt with the survey (well, you know that) It was so much fun, especially because people were so excited to take part and I know how weird/fucked up to others the questions were.
Especially because I knew other people were doing it too, so I thought 30-40 people would be okay and I heard on TESD it had to be 100 people and… it was really fun nevertheless.

I think your description of Dec is the best I’ve ever heards… close to ever *high five* Do you know I got to see him in the Manchester show?
I actually found out it was him because Bryan told me.
And only sometimes people notice about the hour difference.
It’s amazing the capacity of work and the effort he does to put the show up at 5am in UK/Ireland, sometimes weirder time.
I really liked how the Fair-re-re Tale Theatre sounds and all the work every week.

ThatScoobyDoom: Then you’ve got no reason to worry about it, dear Groupie.

Pod Wars & Wallywood Squares are also among my favorite eps, but I figure that goes without saying. Lol
That was really cool, I wonder what it is about the pods like TESD and HB-O that inspire such loyalty from the listeners.
Because with everything TESD has done that had listener involvement it seems to have happened with such ease, the survey’s were a perfect example of that.

Hahaha, thanks.
I didn’t even know you went to the Manchester show, how was it?

Dude puts alot of effort in just to have folks break his balls because he’s embezzling and buying Jaguars…totally unsubstantiated…I guess. XD

I haven’t heard Fair-re-re theater either, but I thought it was really fuckin’ cool the way they tried to make it free for everybody.

@TESDGroupie: I think it is just that everything is so unpretentious and accesible that attracts all the effort.
Plus, they are open to acknowledge people.

It was great to see people react to the PodWars survey request and I really enjoyed doing it.
I can’t believe how good sport Declan is about all the ball-busting and Irish jokes.
Can’t imagine the number of tweets asking about the pod, when he hasn’t even received it yet.


The Manchester show was awesome, really funny.
And the after show was really cool: they took pictures with everyone, signed posters, hung around.
I left close to 1am and they were still there with people.

As you can see, I was a groupie already then (I arrived the first and was in the first row).


ThatScoobyDoom: Very true.

Yeah, lets hope General Flanagan does indeed call upon you again.
A good soldier through and through that Dec is.

That’s awesome!
Kev only came here once, on the Groovy Movie Tour, I missed that and the Why Bry after.
Sounded like it was a fun show.

You mentioned it earlier, what did you think of them taking down 194?

@TESDGroupie: I wish Kevin would come here.
I really thought Tusk was my only chance.
I saw it at a nearby festival, where Red State had won the award for best movie and actor.
But, no luck…

About 194, if they didn’t decided putting it up, I agree.
What if you now you decided to take down one of your videos?
Ultimately it’s your feed, and the decision is yours.
Even if there have been con shows posted as TESD, there were usually small intros or comments in most of them.

ThatScoobyDoom: I forget, did we talk about Tusk yet?
Sorry, bad memory.

I agree…to an extent, when it was pulled I think the next ep should have been numbered 194.
Now there’s a gap there.
As OCD as I am, that annoys the fuck out of me.


@TESDGroupie: Just talked about the Smod.
I was really, really lucky because there is horror and fantasy festival here about an hour from Barcelona, and I got to see Tusk there.
It is where Red State won the award for best movie and actor.

I really enjoyed it.
It was around 11am, so I was by the seaside, and by 10:20 I was in the line, about 50-60 people already and growing.
The cinema has 2 floors and if is was not full, it was really close.
And I really liked it, but Michael Parks just captures you.
And I think beyond the laughs, podcast callbacks,… Pretty meaningful.
I think there were some references I only got (like the ringtone, or name sign) but there were plenty of laughs, clapping at the end and the buzz of people talking. Really lucky for being able to see it and for this new experience (first time I ever went to that film festival).
I hope we do get a release date here… I’ll go back again.

ThatScoobyDoom: How closely did it follow the “plot” that they laid on on SMod?

Besides Parks, how did Long, Deep, and the rest of the cast do?

@TESDGroupie: To me, the main difference is the ad.
In the podcast, all is detailed and in the movie some of the explanation included in it is done later… I think it is good to withhold the info to add to Wallace anxiety… and ours…

I liked everybody, but I tend to always be too nice with movies.
Indeed, as Bryan says Johnny Depp is amazing… The first time he appears is… wow!

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn, I wanna see it.
How did the Walrus look?

You’ve mentioned Red State a time or 2, were you shocked that Kev and crew had that one up their collective sleeve?

@TESDGroupie: For me it was a bit hard to see, but thinking about it… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sorry… Not sure I understand the second question.
Could you rephrase, please? :-/

ThatScoobyDoom: What was so fucked up about it?

Given all of Kev’s other work, were you shocked by Red State?

@TESDGroupie: It is certainly different from other movies… Not only for the content, but for the lack of music, the visual image.
It was really a change in what he did.
But radical religion and guns… I’m not surprised at almost anything.

Growing up was a bit different over here.
It was after the dictatorship, with terrorism, so crude violent does not surprise me.
I’m not much a fan of gore or guts though…

ThatScoobyDoom: I mean specifically because it was Kevin that wrote and directed it, alot of people were surprised that he did it.
Alot didn’t think the guy that made Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Zac & Miri Make A Porno had something as fucked up as Red State in his wheelhouse.

@TESDGroupie: It was certainly a surprise and I thought… “when did I miss whatever was said/discussed to come up to this point?” But it sort of ties with something you said some mails ago… try different things.
Certainly, for let’s say painters it’s easier to try different mediums, topics,… but it is part of your working brain trying to push limits.
I guess movies can be different for the kind of money involved.
I also remember Kevin that all his movies had been from a different kind, that he had done an independing movie, a sequel, a buddy film,… something similar.
So a new kind for the list.

ThatScoobyDoom: He talked a bit about it in the 3rd Evening With…but that’s not what I was expecting at all.
It wasn’t a shock, I was prepped for something different, but like you said it has a look unlike anything he’d done.
And Red State had one of the best casts he’s ever worked with for damn sure.

Very nicely put.
It is funny the way Actors, Directors, & Writers get put into “style” boxes.
We saw that recently with Steve Carell and Foxcatcher.

@TESDGroupie: How much credit do you think goes to David Klein?
I know Kevin talked about it too, and how lucky he was to have him.

I just have seen pictures of Foxcatcher, it opens here on February 6.
I guess there’s a lot of money at stakes, and expectations play a very big role in decision making.
Here we have some actors that didn’t break out of their comedy roles until their sixties.

ThatScoobyDoom: I think it was 90% Dave, but keep in mind Dave did Clerks II.
It’s a big departure from that even.

Did you listen to the Red State Of The Union pod?

I haven’t seen it either, but those pix of Carell are a bit shocking.

Til their 60’s???
That must be tough.

@TESDGroupie: But he can certainly add his own road and learnings to it.
I listened to some of when they came out.
The one with Dave, the casting director and assistant director… really interesting all of them.

This is one of the things I wish were different: being about to share my Spanish geek with people… But I’m really starting to think I am really the only Spaniard listening to TESD (not to be confused with people living here or people in Spanish speaking countries, that I have seen a few).

ThatScoobyDoom: No question about it, I hope I didn’t say this already, but that’s why when some folks were bitching about Clerks III getting pushed in favor of Tusk and Moose Jaws I was like “are you people fuckin’ stupid? It’s only gonna make Clerks III better, shut up!” the more experiance he has the better it’ll be for us.

The whole process, from start to finish on that film was fascinating and I loved that they opened up and showed us how they did it all.
I also loved having some of those podcasts on the Blu-Ray, they made for great commentary tracks.

That must be isolating for you, but at least you have twitter to share your passion.
From time to time I try to make the effort to Tweet spanish for you and a few others, but Google Translate isn’t exact so sometimes it’s just a waste of time.

@TESDGroupie: As long as Clerks III is still talked about and it is in the horizon, no problem for me.
(Boy, are we being controversial, lol)

Every mail, I have more pods added.
But may be fun to add them to a trip.

I really love and appreciate anything in Spanish, Espanglish… My favourite is JTF going after Memeem and me when we sometimes speak in Spanish.
So funny!
So Google translate or not, any of your comments is welcome.
And if you want to add subtitles to any video, let me know.

ThatScoobyDoom: Last I heard, Clerks III is the very next movie he’s working on now that Yoga Hosiers is done.

You should, alot of good shit in there.

Yeah, ol JTF likes to pretend he’s an asshole but he’s a big ol pussy…cat, pussy cat.

I guess we can end on Clerks III.
What did you think of his original idea of doing it as a stage play?

@TESDGroupie: I think it would have been really fun and interesting.
Another format to add, that I think could work for this story.
Actually, maybe due to the budget and limitations, Clerks may look like a play sometimes.
The only issue is that is a limited format to people watching it.
But I am sure a DVD of it would have been made even if it was at the end of the run.
It would have been a good reason to return to New York, the Stash, see a play.

ThatScoobyDoom: Clerks could totally work as a stage play, Clerks II and Mallrats could as well…with a little trickery.

I think he said at one point he said they were going to stream it into theaters at the end of the run.

I like all the ideas he threw out there about things to do in the build up to it.
At one point he talked about doing a book or novel.
And I think during the Groovy movie tour he said they have plans to release animated shorts leading up to the release of III, but given how long ago that was that may have changed.

What do you think about all the story details he’s dropped along the way?

@TESDGroupie: The truth is I do not remember much about it… I do remember the talk about the mid-life crisis.
I remember when he asked about actresses ideas on twitter.
I also remember the talk about the first ten minutes being in black and white and then going to color, and if you want to go from Clerks II and want to close the trilogy, maybe the move to black and white should be at the end, but may be with the way the story goes, it makes sense.
I just know I am very excited, though also a bit sad, as I have been there for (almost) all the way.
And they are like some good friends you may have; you just see them from time to time, but you know they are always there for you and when you see again, it seems no time has gone by.

ThatScoobyDoom: He said at one point, back when he was talking about it as a play, that he was going to put Randal in the spotlight this time around.
That should make for a great change.

I saw him ask that on twitter too, that was interesting.
I wonder if he was seriously asking for fan input or just wanting to see what folks thought or hell, maybe even seeing if anybody said one of the actresses he has in mind.

My guess would be that it’ll be like Clerks II, the beginning and the end will be Black & White and the rest will be color.

That is pretty much the same thing @Fitzman73 said about the original Star Wars trilogy and Episode VII.

I don’t think Clerks III will be the end of Dante and Randal’s story.
Just by the way Kev has talked, with all of these ideas he has for the build up to III, I think he may have a series of shorts up his sleeve along the lines of The Flying Car.
Basically, I think he may do with Clerks what Disney has done with Toy Story.

@TESDGroupie: I think it would be great to see more of Randal… He versus life, when everybody seems to be settling/surrendering to middle age, lol
I’m up for everything that has to do to the road to Clerks III… as long as it is foreigners friendly.

ThatScoobyDoom: Unless you have anything else to add, I think we’ll end it there.

@TESDGroupie: Not really… I think this is more than enough of me, lol
Thanks for all your time and thinking of me for one of your Typecast.

Remind people to listen to ThatMan on FatMan.
And just so you know, this is how I first saw Mallrats:

Take care!

ThatScoobyDoom: The thanks is all mine, glad you agreed to do it.


If you liked Groupie here (and who the hell wouldn’t?) be sure to follow her twitter ( and her instagram (

Thanks for reading, and as usual: the world sucks enough so don’t add to it by being a dick.

How It Happened: Doom’s Halloween

I mentioned in my Dumbass Poets Society How It Happened a file that I used to figure out how to make videos using Microsoft/Windows Movie Maker, a video using Star Wars pix and the Smallville theme, a file I oh so eloquently titled “fucking about”.
This video was an extension of that.
I started adding in these nature pix to the end of it, fuckin’ around with the different transitions and effects, and I was starting to dig on the way these weird random images were starting to blend together.
They started looking really creepy with the added film grain effect and a story started forming in my head about aliens, or wizards of some sort, and how they were pissed with the way we’ve treated the planet.

Now, I’m not gonna try and sell you on this video, even I can admit that it’s kinda lame and cheesy…but I’m a Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell fan…so fuck you, I love this video.
I’m proud that I had the balls to go this cheese ball and continue after it and make (in my opinion) great, serious, thoughtful videos.

Anyway, as with most of the shit I write, I started hearing a line in my head repeatedly, this one in a voice that was slightly creepy but mostly corny: “Your forrests will dry up and turn into desert wastelands”.
Over and over I heard this, so I wrote it down and fleshed it out until I was satisfied with the story/speech I’d pulled out of my ass.
But it felt like something was missing, and that’s when I settles on Aliens and wrote the whispery parts (some folks have told me in the past that they couldn’t hear the whispers, but I promise you there is dialogue there.).

Now here’s the biggest secret about this video: After asking on twitter if anybody lived where they could get a good picture of the stars and getting no response (none that I recall anyway) from anybody, I popped in one of the Star Wars movies, probably Revenge Of The Sith, and snapped a pic of the star field.
I put that picture of my TV screen into paint and added some stars of my own just so nobody could tell I was using Star Wars…but secret reveal…I’d be surprised if everybody didn’t guess it.
I also made the first Skull picture while I was in there.


Time to record!
This one was unbelievably simple.
I recorded everything and put it all together and I liked it, but the credits kind of bothered me.
I know that views on Youtube only count if folks watch end to end, but I’ve also been to a movie theater and seen that 90% of people leave just as soon as the credits start rolling.
So I took a page out of the Marvel playbook and added a little post credits scene.
If my memory is to be believed, I recorded that post credits scene all in one go…yes, even that unholy beastial screech.
There is no trickery with that screech because I have no equipment to do any sort of trickery, and that is another reason I’m proud of this video.


But even that felt unfinish so I took another look at the skull picture and decided to add more skulls and eyes to it.
Once I posted this video I was struck by how much the idea of the floating eyes with no skulls always felt like an unitended Scooby-Doo reference, you all should know the Scooby images I’m talking about.
You can’t see the skulls very well in these pictures (they show up fine in the video), but they are there.


So now, with all of that in mind, here is Doom’s Halloween for your viewing pleasure…

Now before I go, I want to mention 2 other things.
1. At the end, right before the part that sounds like somebody snapping their fingers (guess what, it is!) there was supposed to be another burst of static, but for some reason it was dropped in the process of publishing the video.
That’s always bugged me, and it’s a problem I still run into from time to time as you folks that follow me on twitter (***plug @TheScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction plug***) will know.
And 2. The part just after the snapping fingers was supposed to be dead air buuut it turned out even better and creepier.
Mostly because I repeated this little section of audio that I thought was nothingness (I think that audio file is even called “Nothingness”), but apparently when I made that file I wasn’t as quiet as I thought and there is this creepy little sound that sounds like a record skipping or something.

So there you have it.
If you’re interested, you can read my original very short explanation of this video here.

And remember to share this post and the video on the Tweeter with the hash #DoomsHalloween.