How It Happened: Interview With A Declachaun: Creaky Strikes Back

This one is a strange one for a few reasons, probably the biggest of which was because it wasn’t really planned, it just happened.

I had planned for this month to be a by month, I was going to really focus in here on the site and work on Typecasts, a few How It Happened’s, and a few other things I’ve wanted to do…but when my April video fell through (more on that in the next paragraph) I didn’t want to have 2 months in a row with no videos.
So I was kind of scrambling to find some idea of what the hell I wanted to do.

Since Senior Moment 3 came into my head I’d though about doing videos for as many of the fluffy holidays this year as I could, I had New Years covered with SM3, I wrote, edited, and recorded an Easter video, but I struggled with St. Patrick’s Day.
That was when I decided to skip March.
But the best laid plans and all that…I’d asked a few artists about doing art for the Easter video but they were all too busy (that’s what happens when you work with truly talented folks kids. HIGH DEMAND!) to help me out with it.
So with that going kaputski I started thinking about taking another look at St. Paddy’s Day.

I knew I had to do something with a Leprechaun so on February 6th I sent this email to @DeQuinn: “I may be working on a project here soon and I was wondering if you would mind if I used a pic of you as a leprechaun in it?
If not, no worries.


He replied and gave me the okay, after that I had to start taking it seriously.
Wracking my brain thinking, trying desperately to come up something to do…and I got nothin’…how hard can it be?
St. Patrick’s Day, green, irish, think! think! think…BRAIN BLAST!!!
Kermit The Frog!
I know it’s not great, but much like my Tricia Takanawa impression, I feel I can capture Kermit’s voice semi decently, so I knew I could do something with him.
And I remember when I was a wee lad that Kermit was an on site reporter (I asked on tweeter if he ever did interviews and a few people said yes or they thought so, @MattAndCorey [listen to their podcast Matt And Corey Talk Too Much which I did a bit of business on the recent Christmas episode] was one of those) on Sesame Street, so that was my hook.

So I started writing like a bastard trying to think of where an Interview With A Leprachaun could go.
But as I was writing I started thinking about visuals, and if you’ve seen my videos you know I don’t do anything complicated on my own, I don’t have those skills.
Again, I took to twitter, I asked if there were any photoshoppers interested in working with TS-D/JA Productions on something, if so DM.
I got 1 reply from @ThatJoser saying he’d be down, but he’d have to wait 2 weeks or so (if I remember right).
He told me he’d do it when he could but if I could find  somebody else to go with them, I let him know the job was his unless I did find another.
Enter the multi-talented @ShariSayz!
As I recall, we were talking about something else and she said she could do photoshop, we talked a bit about it, I gave her the details, she asked for a pic of Dec…shit!
I forgot about that!
But, when it comes to TESD and all related folks there is only 1 person you can turn too, the lovely @TESDGroupie (check out the Typecast I did with her here and follow her on Instagram here).
She sent me 2 pix of the man behind @CreakyStudios that I sent to Shari.

A day or 2 later I’d finished writing and had started recording when @ShariSayz (speaking of, visit her site/blog at sent me this picture…


…and first and foremost, I was shocked she got such a well rendered pic done in like 2 days.
That’s beautiful!
Perfectly rendered based on my description…but I got a bit worried that it was too empty.
She did exactly what I asked for and did almost exactly what I had in my head…but for some reason I saw an open field (what I told her and @ThatJoser to give me) being fuller.
I asked her if she could maybe add a few trees and maybe a road, she said yes.
Then being the master of guilt and wishy-washy…ness…I started feeling bad that I asked her for more when she already did such a great job and told her not to bother making the changes.

Then I turned to @FromTheMonkey (listen to his podcast Just Give Me A Few Minute) to give me some sound effects to put it over the top.
I told him I needed “the sound of a card table being flipped, which knocks a mic onto gravel.” and as usual Mike came through with flying colors.

So anyway, I finished recording and uploaded this…

Now, 2 of the other big reasons why I say this video is strange would be because, if I’m completely honest, this video didn’t take much work at all.
It was simple, 2 voices I’ve used for years to entertain myself talking to each other, and artwork done by another talented individual.
Simple as pie…mmmmmm, pie…
And the other reason would be the reaction, for example this tweet from one of my long time subscribers/supporters @SMorgan21 (screencap provided by the great @TESDGroupie)…


A tweet from @SMorgan21

…I swear, it seems the videos I put the least time and effort into are the ones folks like the most!
It makes me laugh like a damn lunatic…but it also makes me worry about the videos I put 10, 20, hell even 30 hours into like the Star Wars: The Challenge Of Darth Doom videos I’m doing.

The reaction to this video has been great, as I write this it has 60 views and 10 likes!
Makes me think I’ll have to invoke the name of Creaky again soon.

So, thanks to @TESDGroupie for the pictures of Declan, mega thanks to @DeQuinn for allowing me to use his face part, big thanks to @FromTheMonkey for the crashing mic, and huge thanks to @ShariSayz for the picture that makes it all work.

And I just want to say that I hope that @ThatJoser and I get to work on something in the future.

Thanks for reading, go out in the world and don’t be a dick.
There’s more than enough of those already.

Be sure to share this post and the video on twitter with the hash #CreakyStrikesBack.


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