Typcast #9: And Now For Something Completely Different

This time around things are gonna be a wee bit different, @Fitzman73 and I got a little experimental.
Look, we were drunk and things happened, don’t judge us and we won’t judge you!
Yes, this is a typical Typecast that you read…but you also get a TS-D/JA Productions first, a goddamn podcast!

I’ve been thinking about ways to keep things fresh, challenging, and interesting for myself and came up with this idea.
We do a regular old Typecast then record our parts and edit it together like we were in the same room.
That’s the magic of it all, still to this day I have never met Sir Scott in person, yet he continues to be a big help to this whole dream endeavor of mine and jumped on this and (hopefully) great things came out of it.
The Intro, Outro, and Idea were all mine, but it COULD NOT have been executed without Fitz’s Editing, Cooperation, Patience, and Skill.
So for that, the biggest of thanks go to him.

If I sound like shit, it’s my own fault for being nervous and hating my own voice.
Not the fault of Scott’s Editing skills, he made the best of what he had to work with.


The the subject this time around?
We watched the Season 2 finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling and grammer fuck ups intact to maintain transparency and honesty.
His name (@Fitzman73) appears in red and links to the podcast he does with his sister (@Tacky1Z) Just Jump To The End.

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Take it away, Fitzman!


@Fitzman73: So today we’re going to be discussing the season 2 finale of Star Wars The Clones Wars, which, hard to believe aired almost 5 years ago now, way back in April 2010.

As you could tell by the the intro this is actually mot just the season finale but also the finale of a 3 episode storyline.

So before we jump into the episode proper I wanted to touch on one of the biggest revelations for me in the first 2 episodes of this arc which is, Jango Fett’s helmet that Boba kept after the Battle of Geonosis, DESTROYED when Boba Fett blows up a Republic Crusier attempting to kill Mace Windu.

So for the 8 years between Attack of the Clones and when this episode aired I (and I’m sure a LOT of other people) lived under the assumption that it was Jango’s armor that we see repainted and battle damaged in Empire Strikes Back.
Not so it appears.

What did you make of that?

ThatScoobyDoom: At first I thought it seemed kinda strange that he would just blow it all to hell, but he was using it to taunt Mace.
So to destroy it with Mace, or so he thought, it’s kinda symbolic of him moving on.

I bet he was pissed when Mace made it out alive.

@Fitzman73: I like that theory.
There was quite a bit of debate when this first aired as to whether or not it really WAS Jango’s or just a copy.
I might be wrong but I feel like Dave Filoni at one point confirmed that it absolutely was Jango’s.

Ok, getting into the episode itself, Aurra Singh and her gang have taken the survivors of that cruiser hostage, and it’s not long before we see how weak Boba Fett is.
Maybe not weak exactly but definitely not the hardened killer that we assume he becomes in the future.
He’s clearly not comfortable with the way this plot is going and is definitely NOT ok with taking hostages.
Especially when Aurra starts smacking the shit out of them.


He’s very much a scared 10 year old boy in this episode who’s really lost control of the situation.
What did you think about this little twist to the character?
It would’ve been so easy to indulge in fan service and made him this bad seed kid from the very start but I think they did a really nice job of showing that squeamishness and making him a sympathetic character instead of just a “bad guy”.

ThatScoobyDoom: And the last thing you said completely nailed it, they had to make him a sympathetic character.

Let him be the hardcore, icy veined, stone cold badass later.
It’s far less interesting to have little bouncing baby Boba blast the fools brains all over the sky.

This way it makes you wonder what happened.
How did he go from this hurt kid that just wanted to get back at one guy to the dude that, based on that theory you showed me a while back on twitter, murdered a shitload of Jawa’s, burnt Luke’s home and family up.

I guess one could make the arguement that he followed in Jango’s footsteps in a sad attempt to be closer or more like him, but we don’t know.
It could be anything.

So yeah, they could have taken the easy way out and made him the Boba we know from the OT, but instead they took the much more interesting path and set up a multitude of future episodes.

@Fitzman73: I also found it really interesting how he reacts to the clone officers that they have as hostages.
Did you notice how disgusted he was with them?
And how quick he was to say he was nothing like them?
I didn’t pick up on it the first time I watched it but he genuinely HATES the clones who are basically his brothers.

It’s easy to forget because he’s only part of the Star Wars Saga for a very brief moment that all these clones ARE Jango Fett.
They ARE Boba Fett.
And for a kid who saw his father, the only person he had he in the world, killed in front of him, can you imagine what it must be like for him to see thousands upon thousands of his dead father’s face everywhere he turns?
That’s gotta fuck with your head.
Especially when all these guys are taking orders from the man who, in Boba’s eyes, murdered their collective father.

ThatScoobyDoom: That was one of the things I was gonna bring up, it was pure unadulterated disgust.
I found that fuckin’ fascinating, I have no clue why.

It’s gotta be the worst kind of mind fuck ever imagined, his Dad is basically a slave to his own murderer.
I mean, talk about pissing on the dudes grave, there is no better example of that.

But, I think Boba can and does distance himself from them because of the way the long necks screwed with the DNA.
Keep in mind, while Boba is 10-15 years old in this episode, those clones are half of that.
He may see that as a way to justify that these creatures (and based on his reaction, that’s how he looks at ’em) are not him, are not his father, are not even human.

@Fitzman73: I think you’re totally right he views the clones as creatures, not human at all.
I think that’s probably the only way he can deal with that mind fuck.

He’s definitely a troubled kid and he’s not exactly surrounded by a healthy support system to help him work through his issues.
You’ve basically got Aurra Singh the Mommy Dearest, psychopath mother figure, Castas the grizzled old Nikto ready to turn on them at the first sign of trouble, and Bossk, a 6 foot 5 lizard who does a disturbing tongue slither like Hannibal Lector when he talks.
Quite the nuclear family.

But before we get too far into the Bounty Hunters, we just talked about how sympathetic they made Boba in this arc.
Could they have made Mace Windu any LESS sympathetic?
The guy is a completely aloof douchebag.
Anakin even confronts him about not actually going after this kid aggressively and bringing him to justice and until they start executing hostages Mace is kinda like, meh, not my problem.

It’s completely your problem!
It couldn’t BE more your problem. He was never my favorite character but episodes like this really drive home how truly unlikable he can be.
(Spoilers, later episodes go the other direction)

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally.
And on top of it all, poor kid has to deal with the shadow of Jango even when he’s not around the clones.
Everybody is always telling him how great and honorable Jango was.
Kid has this crushing weight on his shoulders that, as far as he knows, he will never live up to.

It’s funny, for the longest time I thought I liked Mace, I’d considered him one of my favorite Star Wars characters.
But I recently read the Shatterpoint novel and I came to the realization that that was bullshit, I just like Sam Jackson.
Mace is a complete dick in most everything except the movies, but even there he has moments of being a huge cock knocker.

Speaking of Mace, in that early scene where he and Anakin were in the med center, and a few places later on, did you notice the lighting?
Real moody, mysterious, and noir.

@Fitzman73: Yeah they make really good use of lighting all the way through the series, it keeps getting better each year.
They’re able to create some really cool atmospheric shots for ” just a cartoon”.

I think you’re right.
It’s the Sam Jackson pimp factor that makes him at all likable in the films.
And, not saying TC Carson does a bad job voicing him in this show.
In fact I’m probably more saying he does a great job because what we see in the Clone Wars is really what Mace is intended to be.
Very much “don’t bother me with all this nonsense”.
He is the absolute anti-Anikan.
He’s especially cold and distant with Anakin and that, ultimately is the death of him.

So back to the Bounty Hunters.
They finally send Mace a message that if he doesn’t come to face them they’re going to start killing hostages.

Were you surprised that when Aurra orders Boba to execute one of the officers he couldn’t do it?
I actually found myself in that moment where he’s trying to make himself pull the trigger saying to myself don’t do it kid.
Again they make him sympathetic.
He’s horrified wheb Aurra just callously puts a bolt in the the guy’s head.
You get to see that he’s realizing there’s no honor in this revenge.
It’s not the way his father would’ve handled this.
This is cowardly and he doesn’t like it.
I feel like he would have no problem killing Mace.
Yes people have died because they were in the way (i.e. the crew that died on that cruiser when they blew it up) but using hostages and just executing defenseless prisoners is not cool.

ThatScoobyDoom: And there is a certain detective feel in the lighting that, even when they aren’t hunting for clues or a suspect, gives you this feel that some shit is coming down the road.

Yeah, especially in the EU, he just comes off how you’d think Yoda would and should.
He acts like “ugh, I’ve seen all this shit before. It’s not that hard, guys. Go deal with this shit, kid.” not the compassionate Jedi he should be.
Carson does a great job at that.

I was a little surprised, but based on how clear he made it in the previous 2 episodes that he just wanted Mace, I’m not sure why I was, even with his disgust for clones.
And was it just me or did Aurra killing that Clone come off as even more brutal BECAUSE it was off screen?
I think there was alot of brutality in this ep.

Something else I wanted to mention, and this sorta goes to 2 points you just made.
1 about Honor and 1 about it being “just a cartoon”.
Everybody, including Hondo, a goddamn space pirate that was crushing farmers on a dirt planet for there crops earlier in the season, keeps telling Boba about honor.
It’s just Honor, honor, honor.
That can be heavy shit to deal with as a kid trying to make his way in the Verse.
Funny for a show that alot of folks wrote off as “kids shit” early on.

@Fitzman73: It was definitely more brutal being off screen and seeing the juxtaposition of her face next Boba’s reaction.
Just the sinister evil look on her face and him almost cowering in the background.
It’s almost like an abusive parent situation.
She’s the only “family” he has.
He trusts her, relies on her, but he’s also scared shitless of her.

This episode had some really dark elements in it, the execution being one and then a something I was going to bring up next, the way they just jettisoned the guy’s body and we see it floating through space.
That was pretty rough for a “kid’s show” and easily the most brutal sequence of the series up to this point.

In fact, this whole arc was I think where everyone started to realize oh this shit really isn’t for kids necessarily is it?
I think this is maybe the point where they intentionally began steering the show down a darker path in response to fan reaction.
The first season was filled with some pretty bland if not downright lame stuff obviously aimed at a younger audience, but after a while it starts to skew decidedly older and darker to the point in later seasons there are episodes that go almost too far.

ThatScoobyDoom: He probably thinks if he dishonors her or something he’ll end with a bolt through his head too.
So much fear running through that kid, it’s insane.
It’s almost like he’s a prince, trying to do right by the crown.

Yeah, that was fucked…up!
When dealing with bounty hunters it appears brutality is the name of the game.

I would agree with that to an extent, but keep in mind that episode with Nahdar Vebb or the Ryloth eps.
That shit wasn’t light and fluffy.

@Fitzman73: No those were light and fluffy but they were pretty normal “battle” scenes.
The things I’m talking about in future episodes go beyond just clones getting shot.
I just mean there is a definite swing towards more adult themes as the series goes along.

So with the execution of the first hostage Mace is finally like ok I guess we have to catch these people now.
But since he’s still recovering from his last encounter with the Bounty Hunters, they have to send Plo Koon (voiced by the very talented James Arnold Taylor) to figure out where these guys are hiding out before more hostages die.

Obviously when youre on Coruscant and you want to find scum and villainy, where do you go? The Underworld.
The deepest levels of Coruscant.
We’ve always heard about how Coruscant literally layers and layers of cities on top of each other, and I think we might’ve seen little bit of that earlier in this season in the Lightsaber Lost episode, but this is the first time we get to see the lowest depth of the planet.

What did you think of Plo and Ahsoka’s trip to the lower depths and how in the hell does anyone navigate that city/planet?
It’s a commuting nightmare.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ll have to take your word for it as far as future episodes, but I thought Nahdar’s death was a little brutal too.

And talking about the layers, it makes me a wee bit sad that we didn’t get that 1313 game that was much hyped.
I think that would have been a great look at Coruscant, which is indeed a confusing nightmare with even more crazy shit in it than you probably realize.

I think the Plo/Ahsoka stuff is the true highlight of the episode.
There is so much depth in that, and not just in the animation.
The sound design.
The effects.
All of it is just amazing.
But to beat that dead horse just a little bit more, I love when they go detective.
Little Soka and Master Plo have such a great relationship that it’s like a mixture of Noir detective and buddy cop movies.

But really quick, do the jumps to Hyperspace give you a little charge?
Cause they for damn sure give me one.

@Fitzman73: Yeah I really like their relationship.
There’s an episode in season 5 that deals with younglings and there a really brief flash back during a n montage where you see him meeting her as a tiny little toddler.

I like seeing them work a case so to speak.
The way they interact with the public.
And I think too here for the first time you get a taste of how the average person is already sick of the war and sick of the Jedi.
Public opinion is already turning.
The bartender is totally dismissive of Plo Koon’s questioning and they very nearly find themselves in an all out gunfight.
Yes these are criminal types and low lifes but not really the hard boys that you’d think would have absolutely no fear of the Jedi.

ThatScoobyDoom: Really?
That’s cool, I’ll have to look for that on the youtube.

I wouldn’t say the feel sick of the Jedi, I think they feel more ignored.
They seem to have the feeling that unless there’s a major battle these assholes with the flashy blades don’t give a shit…which is exactly what Sidious wants people to think.
I think one of the Karen Miller Clone Wars novels hinted that Sidious was using the Holonet to make it seem that the Jedi have been neglecting their home world just to win the war.


Did that bar at all remind you of the club scenes from Batman Beyond?

@Fitzman73: Ya know I never got into Batman Beyond.
But I can see that.

Yeah Sidious is a master of propaganda.
He sets all this stuff up and then publicly he’s like oh the Jedi are so great etc etc so that people will never suspect he’s behind all the misrepresentation of the Jedi.

I liked how Plo Koon points out that Ahsoka has been picking up bad habits from Anakin, namely his impulsive shoot first ask questions style of operating.
But it’s that same unconventional style that saves their asses when they’re cornered by thugs in the bar and battle royal is about to break out.
Tossing a handful of credits and letting the ensuing chaos cover their escape was exactly the kind of trick she’d learn from Anakin.

ThatScoobyDoom: It wasn’t my favorite of the DCUA shows, but it’s one I fondly remember.

A master manipulator and double talker as well.
That’s why I wish they’d do DTV movies and adapt some of the EU, Darth Plaguis would be an awesome movie showing how manipulative Sidious truly is.

That is a given, when you spend that much time with somebody learning how to be a Jedi, it’d be more shocking if she wasn’t like Anakin.
But you’re right, it was nice that he pointed it out.
Based on what you’ve told me, it’s a comment about how much she’s changed since he first met her.

How great was the sound of Plo’s lightsaber igniting when they were in the shit?
Did they give each blade a distinctive sound?

@Fitzman73: I think they did, I think they all have slightly different sounds.
At least maybe in dramatic moments like this, they may not bother doing it when there are a dozen lightsabers going at once.

That whole sequence was pretty sweet.
And leading up to it you got to see just how novice Ahsoka is with her powers.
She’s trying to eavesdrop on all the conversations in the bar and actually has to stand still and concentrate really hard to do it.
A full Jedi Knight could do it easily and be much more covert, but she has to really exert some effort.

She finally does catch a lead by overhearing a conversation though which leads us to, while Plo and Ahsoka are doing their investigation, Aurra Singh and her crew have taken the hostages to Florum and hooked up with Hondo Onaka and his pirates.

Two things.

1. The first thing you see when they get to Florum is a group of Weequay pirates having a cock fight with Salacious Crumb creatures.

And 2. Hondo and Aurra Singh used to be a couple.
How shocked were you by that?
That old Hondo used to break some off in that space witch?

ThatScoobyDoom: I think it’s pretty cool that they took the time to differentiate ’em.

Her trying to listen in for some clue really really reninded me of the first episode where Clark used his super hearing on Smallville.
He had to really focus in and wade through all of the noise to get to what he needed, I know they weren’t doing a tribute in anyway to Smallville…but in my heart, they sure enough did.
The drunk dudes in there were great too.

That was fuckin’ brilliant!
A subtle sign that these aren’t good people.

That was another one of those things that was shocking and then I immediately wondered why?
These 2 are both lowlife scumbag assholes, of course he’d be knockin’ the bottom out of her pasty gash.

@Fitzman73: I thought it was cool to tie Hondo in with Jango.
It’s cool to imagine a time and place where they were colleagues, even maybe pulling jobs.

I chuckled a little when he asked if Boba was his kid.
Even Hondo knows she’s trouble and barely tolerates her in his HQ.

We get another example of how unstable she is not long after they arrive when Castas decides he’s done with this caper and this crew.
He’s supposed to stay behind on Florum but Aurra Singh overhears him on the vid phone spilling his guts to an associate and so in the middle of a crowded cantina puts a laser through his chest from across the room like it’s no big deal.


ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it gives it a bit of history…which, and I know this before the EU purge but with that having happened, the saga desperately needs that sort of depth.

Hondo was created specifically for The Clone Wars, right?

And her killing Castas is yet another instance of brutality I watched his body slump to the ground and thought “damn, she is one heartless bitch.”.
Hondo’s reaction right after was perfect too.

Oh, real quick, back to Snips, when she and Plo landed in the depths of Coruscant, did you hear the little automated woman say “move along, move along” over the loud speaker?
That made me laugh.

@Fitzman73: That move along didn’t even register.
I heard it but I didn’t even think anything of it until you said that.
Fun fact.
That ticket taker droid was voiced by Jamie King who does the voice for Aurra Singh.
(Bonus fun fact she is the wife of Kyle Newman the director of Fanboys).

Hondo is 100% created for Clone Wars and voiced by Jim Cummings the same dude that does Tigger and Winnie the Pooh (in case you can’t tell I’m obsessed with who does the voice acting in cartoons).

I wasn’t sold on him at first but after this arc and things that happen later in the series he’s become one ofy favorite characters.
As the series goes along you’ll see that his loyalties and morals shift based on the situation but you get the impression that at the heart of it he’s not that bad of a guy.
He’s much more like Lando or Han than he would appear on the surface.
You kind of see that with how he handles Boba Fett.
He will make several more appearances before the series wraps up, and I was very happy that (spoilers) he does survive the series. So we may see him pop up in the future.
It’d be great if he was still operating during the time of Rebels.

She is a true psycho killer.
She does not give a FUCK.
What makes it creepier is the way she’s smiling or sneering each time she’s wasted someone in this episode.
She is absolutely getting off on killing.

And here again you see Boba totally taken back by her.
This time she blows away a member of their crew.
You’ve gotta believe that by this point he’s wondering what kind of future he has if this crazy bitch is in charge much longer.

ThatScoobyDoom: It clicked for me immediately, great sly little reference.
I knew it was Jamie King, but I didn’t know she was hitched to Newman.
Fanboys was good shit, I remember following the rocky development/release of that…but that’s a story for another time.

I thought he was a Clone Wars original, folks seem to dig him, huh?
I knew that was Cummings as well, if you listen really close you can hear the connect between Hondo and Tigger.
Nobody likes watching Cartoons with me, not only because I spend the whole time guessing who’s voicing who, but because I have to watch the actor credits and see if I was right.
You’re amongst friends here, son.

You can see his shifting morals just in the first 2 seasons, he lets Anakin and Obi-Wan go in season one and they part on relatively decent terms.
Season 2 when Hondo is shaking down the farmers he shows respect, but he is ready to kill, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka to get what he wants.
Then in this episode, as he walks Plo and Ahsoka into the trap, he makes sure to warn them because he doesn’t want to fuck them over and get caught up in somebody elses bullshit, even somebody he did and continues to care about.
That’s very much like Han’s arc through out A New Hope.

Psycho Killer, Talking Heads reference?

And it makes me wonder how long it will be until he tells her “fuck this, I don’t care if you knew my Dad, get the fuck away from me.” because he clearly can’t take much more.
Hard to think she was once a Padawan, ain’t it?

@Fitzman73: Padawan?
Is that the EU creeping in? Lol.

It wasn’t an intentional Talking Heads reference but you get points for calling it out.

Right I liked how he welcomed the Jedi and was like hey just so you know you’re about to get fucked by some Bounty Hunters.
They already knew that obviously, and even says well just so you remember I warned you.
Even somebody like Hondo doesn’t want to make an enemy of the Jedi.

So Plo and Ahsoka arrive to try and get them to release their hostages and come quietly.
We all know that’s not going to happen, and she even has Bossk holding the hostages at a remote location waiting for her signal to off them.

Speaking of Bossk, before we get into the final fight I wanna talk about him for just a minute.
This arc is the first time we see him in the Clone Wars, and the first time EVER that we hear him speak.
I remember the lead up to his appearance and being really excited to see him but wasn’t expecting to actually hear his voice.
I was shocked to hear him talk and it was cool to see how they animated his face and mouth, since the only thing we’d seen up tp this point was the motionless rubber mask in Empire.
What did you think?

ThatScoobyDoom: It is.
Not great for audio but here’s her wiki:

I’ve played it far too many times on Rock Band, great song.

Exactly, because while there is some honor among thieves, he knows if the council unloaded their might on him and his crew, his crew would tuck tail and feed him to the wolves just to protect their own asses.

I’m not sure when I first saw this episode if I even realized who he was or how cool it was that they used him, keep in mind this was still early in my Star Wars fandom.
But now?
Fuck that’s cool.
It was totally unnecessary to put him in, but the fact that they did shows you how much George and Co grew to care.

@Fitzman73: That song is in Rock Band?
Strange choice.

Yeah Bossk being in this group with Boba Fett is where it first clicked for me that OH SHIT those aren’t individual Bounty Hunters we see in Empire that’s Boba Fett’s crew!
I always assumed they were just solo contractors working for their own gain but they make it clear (and even more so in a later episode) that those dudes all work in the same gang and Boba is in charge.

Ok so at this point Plo Koon attempts to do the Jedi thing and negotiate with Aurra but that goes south real quick.
They’re pissed right from the start that it wasn’t Mace that came to florum so this meetup is immediately doomed.

When the shit hits the fan, lightsabers ignite and blasters start shooting.
In the end it looks like Aurra and Boba will escape but Plo Koon snatches Boba with the Force and even though Boba begs Aurra to help him she chooses to save her own skin (for now) and leaves him behind.

What did you think of this sequence?
The fight was pretty spectacular for being such a close quarters battle.
Boba Fett being abandoned and the way he reacts with just disbelief that she left him there was surprisingly heartbreaking.

ThatScoobyDoom: There’s alot of strange choices in those games, alot of shit I’d never consider “Rock”, but whateves.

That’s what I wanted to ask you about because you’ve mentioned that to me before.
In later episodes, did they specifically say that those fuckers were on the crew busting skulls on Boba’s command?

All the big flashy fight stuff is cool…but the real story is indeed told on Fett’s face.
The animation has really stepped up this season, especially in the facial animations, because you can see the dawning realization set in of “oh shit, Mom left me…what am I gonna do?”, and you are 100% right.
It’s heartbreaking, even though you know in 35 years he’s gonna be saying “you want that little Skywalker pussy’s friend Han Solo? It’s done, son!”…and yes that’s a direct quote.


@Fitzman73: The first step on Boba’s journey to hardcase is looking at his father’s headless body.
The second is absolutely this moment of abandonment where he realizes wow I can’t count on anyone but myself now can I?

They never come right out and SAY that those guys in Empire are all Boba’s crew but you do get to see more instances of these guys all working together as a team.
Almost like Ocean’s 11 or something.
And at some point yes I think in this series it’s clear that Boba is in charge or at least you can see his balls getting bigger and you can see how at some point he’s going to take control.
I think the next time you see him he’s involved with Cad Bane and I honestly thought by the end of the series it would be Boba Fett knocking him off and taking charge of the gang.
And maybe that was the plan and they never got to show it.

Were you surprised that they seemingly destoyed Slave I while Aurra was inside making good her escape?
I nearly shit myself the first time I saw Ahsoka jump onto the hood and flip over and slice off one of its wings.
Holy shit.

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly, and it may be a case of he doesn’t have Dad to protect him anymore as well.
Even though he saw and held Jango’s head, a shock like that can take a while to set in no matter how old.
I also wonder if maybe she was unnecessarily cruel to try and toughen him up.

Little baby Boba’s balls drop?
Glad they started showing it.

That was the biggest shock for me, how many Slave I’s are there because you know that one is completely fucked all to hell.
But talk about balls, took some mad balls for Ahsoka to jump up on the viewscreen and start stabbing into the flightdeck.

@Fitzman73: For sure, she didn’t even hesitate to jump on that ship.
I thought the staging was great with her stabbing through the canopy and Aurra firing blaster bolts back at her through the glass.

Fucked all to hell huh?
Sure seems like that.
Of course it DID just crash in the backyard of the galaxy’s best salvage pirates.
There’s 2 questions I had after this episode, by the end of season 5 one of them is answered.

And again it took Hondo to talk Boba into giving up the location of the hostages.
I liked that he stepped up again and invoked Jango’s name to get him to do the right thing.

So finally Bossk and Boba are captured and brought to justice back on Coruscant, and Boba gets to confront Mace Windu (kinda) at last.
What did you think of that exchange?
I felt like this was the second time in one episode I wanted to punch Mace Windu in his stupid face.
Also, I felt like his response was basically like the writers couldn’t think of something better so they were like meh just go with this.
For such a great arc and strong episode it really ended with a thud.

ThatScoobyDoom: One might think that’s a bit more of Anakin’s training shining through.

I’m guessing by your response that they save that one?
But I would argue that as hard as it hit they may be able to save some of it they’d need to find a new, and by new I mean salvage, ship to take alot of parts from.
I know that it all sorta breaks into the old riddle of “if you darn a sock until all of the original sock is gone, is it still the same sock or a new sock?” but I feel it needs to be pointed out that that ship hit really fuckin’ hard, man.
What are, or were, those questions?

Put in a moral quandary to save the hostages he does want to hurt or help the colleagues of the man who killed his Dad.
Again, heavy heavy shit for a kid thats like 10 or 12 at this point.

Yeah, Mace totally needs a swift kick in the head.
Dude just basically says “life sucks then you die, ya little prick. Deal with it.” which sadly, based on what we said earlier, kinda fits Mace.
It felt like they just ran out of time though, time constraints are a creative killer on TV.
They could’ve done an extended version for the DVD like they did with quite a few Season 1 episodes, but I guess they just felt this was good enough.

@Fitzman73: Yeah there were several places over the years where this show felt rushed or out of time.
Other times it felt like they ran out of time because they spent too much time dicking around with unimportant shit instead of getting to the point.
Pacing was always an issue with this series.
But, it was a learning process and now with Rebels it seems like Filoni and crew have taken those lessons and applied them well because so far every episodes has felt satisfying.

My 2 questions were what happens to Slave I and is Aurra Singh dead.
You only get the answer to the first one.
Not the details necessarily but it does make a pretty awesome and unexpected reappearance in S5.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen the Yoda arc from 6 on YT and it seemed pretty tight, at that point if they hadn’t learned how to pace by then they never would’ve.


I’ve read that Hondo rescued her and salvaged Slave I.
She was in a bad way, but she survived.
So she may pop up again in a novel or comic.

@Fitzman73: You got it.
It’s revealed to be Hondo’s in season 5, let’s just same some shit goes down and he has to make a quick getaway and surprise he uses Slave I.
It was pretty awesome.
Everyone assumed that’s what happened to it but I was absolutely giddy when it appears.
Still unanswered is how Boba Fett gets it back, but I’m sure we’ll find out at some point.

Oh yeah, by season 5 they pretty much had figured out the pacing problems and also abandoned the confusing nonsense of jumping around in the timeline.

So any final thoughts on this episode or things we didn’t bring up?

ThatScoobyDoom: Rebels presents the perfect opportunity to show that, it’s been more than enough time for Boba to become an accomplished pilot and take back what’s his.

That time jumping pissed me off, I always hoped they’d release a box set with everything in chronological order, but seems doubtful now.

Nah, we covered everything I wanted to and so much more, sir.

@Fitzman73: Someone (Pablo Hidalgo maybe?) published a comprehensive timeline that puts all the episodes in order so there was some hope that when the whole series set was released on Blu Ray they’d be put in chronological order, but that didn’t happen so you’re right, seems unlikely at this point but who knows.

Well then I guess we can close the book for now on this episode of the Clone Wars.
We’ll have to do this again some time, depending on how long this ends up being maybe we should take an entire arc next time.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ooooo, I did not know that.
I’ll have to look into that.
Sad the waybthat they sorta justll slammed the door shut on this series.

Right on, you know I’m down.


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How It Happened: Nature: A Cold Bitch

This one is quick and easy, kids.

It’s true what they say, necessity really is the mother of invention.
At this point I was pumping out shit every fortnight or so so I was (and still am) always looking for content anywhere I can find it, just so long as I find it funny or interesting or I feel I have a story that’s both of those thing combined.
This one, as simplistic as it is, is those things to me.
It’s just fuckin’ goofy and goofy makes me laugh.

Still getting a grasp for how Movie Maker works, I was digging around on my laptop and found these 3 random nature videos.
It got me wondering if I could drop them into Movie Maker and cut them together and make 1 long video.
Turns out I could.
I tried putting them together a few different ways with filters, effects, and transitions to see how they played and to just fuck around and sharpen my skills.

As I was chop sockying around, an idea started forming of a sort of lame Nature Documentary.
A documentary that didn’t necessarily, actually, 100%, know the facts of the subject at hand.
So I had videos of a flock of birdies, a bear trying to get some fishies, and a flutterby flappin’.
Figured out my 3 line, 17 word, script, recorded it, slapped some credits on that sum bitch, and now we have this…


…I know I say this alot (but it’s true so get off my nuts!) I’m proud of this one too.
It’s simple but it taught me something new, gave me a chance to flex and build a muscle.
After making 28 videos, most of which are “sequels”, it’s hard to find a new angle to come at these things and keep it interesting for myself.
Even as I write this, I have 3 videos with 3 in the title and one with a 4.

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The world has enough assholes floating around, go out and do something that brings a smile to some folks.

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