Two Years Of TS-D/JA Productions


Today (May 27th 2015) marks 2 full years since I started on this crazy little journey of mine.
A journey full of many many ups and downs, making new friends, creating new stories, learning new skills, and collaborating with cool, interesting, different people from all over the world.

Forgive me if this gets a wee bit rambling, except for that opening and the ending I really don’t have a plan for what I’m going to say here.
I really just wanna mark the occasion.

First, just to remind everybody where this all started, lets take a trip back and watch the one that started it all, Bitch Slappin’ The Wind:

The past 2 years have been among the worst I’ve endured personally.
But creatively?
I’ve flourished!
In a way, I think it’s because with as much bullshit happening that’s been so hard to handle I’ve latched onto this idea of entertaining folks in a way that I hadn’t before.
I honestly think it’s been one of the only things driving me forward these past 2 years.
Sad, but true.
I think I must have said it before on here that putting these goofy little videos together and having somebody say “man, I was having a shit day but I watched (or read) *insert title* and it really picked me up. Thanks.” gives me a fuckin’ charge.
It has even more power when you see where this shit is coming from.
Far reaches of the world, places I’ll never visit in person.
One of the things that’s been fueling me to keep going these past to years is this Kev Smith picture with a quote from the man himself.


And speaking of far reaches of the world, the list of countries that have visited this very site is astounding!
In some cases it was only 1 visitor from said country on a single occasion, but impressive still considering how long this site has been fully operational.(..yes, a Star Wars reference!)

That list of countries, in the order of clicks and the way they appeared in the site stats, is:
USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, The Russian Federation, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Serbia, The Philippines, Greece, Romania, Sri Lanka, Italy, Indonesia, and most recently Poland!
Impressive…most impressive.
(Yes, another one!)

When you’re striving to put out a new video every month, you obviously have to come up with new shit and pump it out quick.
One example being Batman: Aftermath (which will be the next How It Happened), it came from seeing a bridge of railroad tracks on a short trip to meet up with a family member.
And I’ve even pulled shit from my past that I’d written before I even knew what a Youtube was.
X-Mas In Da Hood is exactly that, I can’t remember if I said it in that How It Happened or not, but that video is a little ditty I wrote 5-7 years ago.
There’s gonna be a few other pre TS-D/JA Productions stories coming up soon as well, mostly because it is indeed hard to keep coming up with new shit every month.
And if you add in this site, it’s even harder to come up with that monthly content.
Why do you think the Typecast’s have become monthly instead of Bi-Weekly?
It’s hard to find folks to do them with, they take alot of time to do, and they’re a big time eater to assemble.
I’m also pulling shit from the past for here, the abandoned Superman story (which you can read here and here) and I may post an old Scooby story that I gave up on probably 10+ years ago.
And lets not forget my first venture into podcasting (which can be heard here)
Between the videos and this site I’ve been able to attract nearly 8400 total views.
I’ve produced 1 hour 16 minutes and 2 seconds of content, if you include the Pod with Fitz that’s over 1:43:00 of content.
It’s not much, but I did it.

And why did I come up with such a title/banner/name?
Why @NeilGat of course!
I’d had a DM conversation with good Ol Neil (one of many that, and this isn’t a knock against the dude, probably meant way more to me than they ever did too him) and he’d suggested that I needed a banner to put all my shit under instead of just the individual hashtags that I put on every video.
That got me to thinking and I came up with TS-D (for That or The Scooby-Doom) / JA (for my 1st and last name) and I slapped Productions at the end because…well, because I’m producing content!
Simple, easy, why didn’t I think of that from the fuckin’ start???

After all of that, has it been worth it?
You tell me.

Make no mistake, TS-D/JA Productions is a 1 man operation.
Every idea, video, story, and post you’ve seen has for better or worse been 100% my idea, but there is no doubt I could not have built whatever all this has or ever will become on my own.
So, to start wrapping up, I wanna list all the folks who’ve helped me out with the videos.
@NeilGat, @TheJSarge, @ComicWasteland, @Woody_TESDFan/@Shoothemoonband, @FromTheMonkey, @ShariSayz, @ElTankoDeFranko, @SteBoost, @MemeEmSteveDave (he and J Sarge are collectively @IrvingsBasement), @Chundertoons, and @DeQuinn.

And for the folks who’ve helped me out with this site, my thanks go to @TESDGroupie & @ScoobyAddict.
And my deepest thanks go to my brother from another mother @ScoobyFanDotNet/@SpiderScooby & @Fitzman73.
Ross set up this site and Fitz has helped me get more eyes on it than I thought possible just by doing so many Typecasts.

And my final thanks go to @_13Chris for inspiring my Star Wars story, which I will be telling the story of not too long after Episode III drops.
To everybody above, thank you!

And to everybody that has watched one of my videos, read a post on this site, listened to that podcast that Fitz and I did, or has supported any of this shit I’ve done in these last 2 years, Thank You!
If you’ve been there since the beginning and stuck around, Thank You!
If you’ve come on board recently, Thank You!

You maybe wondering what does the future hold?
I’m hoping to get a Podcast off the ground before next May, there are many more videos coming that will be different than anything I’ve done yet, there will be a few sequel videos coming that have new spins on old favorites.

One last time, Thank you all for reading, watching, and sharing

Now, if after 2 years you want to do more to support TS-D/JA Productions than by Reading, Watching, Listening, and Retweeting, you can get merch with my logo on it here:

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Trust me when I say the world is hard enough, try not to be a dick.
You never know what a little kindness can do.


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