Don’t Go Down There, Part 3

I gave myself a challenge, I wanted to write something fucked up and weird.
This is the produce of that self challenge.

Part 3 of what was planned to be a 3 part story, if you guys like this one I may turn it into a video trilogy, audio drama style.

You can read Part 1 at this link:

You can read Part 2 at this link:

If you want more, don’t be shy!
The only way for that to happen is for you to let me know in the comments below.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy…

He slowly took a step back, trying like hell to keep His blood soaked boot steady.
It’s head gushed with blood and he simply watched with the most interest, seeing the plasma burst forth in a great flood was the most exhilarating feeling He could think of.
The river of red traveled with great speed across the floor toward the pit He’d dug.
He continued backing, up while still watching the flow, until He bumped into His workbence.
He stood there with his ass against the hard wooden surface for a second and just watched, this was His favorite part.

He raised His hands up and pulled the top band of the mask up and over His face so that mask itself hung around His neck.
The smell of fresh blood found it’s way to his nostrils as soon as He lifted the band, His excitement begin to build.
He closed his eyes, opened His mouth, and tilted His head to the side.
His neck gave 3 sharp cracks, then He quickly twisted His head to the other side, and took a deep long breath.
His heart began to beat faster.
With the mask still down, He placed His hands on the gritty bench and lifted Himself up to sit on it.
His legs dangled as He opened His eyes to watch as the fountain of blood slowed to a trickle, sad to see it end so soon.
He looked down at his boot covered in the fruits of his labor.

Carefully, He scooted back on the bench and he raised His leg up to place His foot on the bench.
First, He picked the sliver of alabaster bone off of the laces and held it in His hands.
It looked like an oversized splinter, naught more than 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide.
He brought it close to His nose and inhaled it’s sweet scent.
He licked His lips and placed it behind Him in a small magnetic dish for screws.
The chunk of brain had some how gotten stuck in the laces, so He unlaced the boot and pulled it off His foot, bringing the boot up to His face to get a good look.
The blood was beginning to cool and coagulate around the edges, it was a beautiful sight.

He grabbed the brain off the tongue of the shoe and held it in His hands.
Almost instantly, He felt a stirring in His crotch.
He loved that the simple feeling of the spongey softness in His bare hands excited him so much.
Like everything else, He gave the brain a sniff, the tingle intensified.
He closed His eyes, stuck His tongue out and gave the squishy hunk of gray matter a lick, His erection exploded to it’s full intensity in seconds.
The flavor was the most magical thing He’d ever tasted, it was a blend of salted pork and the scent of wood stain dancing elegantly across His taste buds.

He looked up and the still twitching body going through the motions on the mattress and smiled.
It was horrific when seen with the strobbing light from the malfunctioning overhead, He loved it!
Suddenly, He heard a car pull onto the gravel in the driveway.
“Sooner than I expected!” He thought.
He quickly jumped off the bench, ran over and pulled the plug from the light.
As He ran back He slide on the same blood He’d slipped on earlier, but this time He went down.
His head smacked the cold, sticky, unforgiving concrete with a dull Thunk.
He felt His skull crack open, but the adrenaline was pumping so hard He couldn’t waste the time to think about it.

He rolled over onto His stomach, climbed to His hands and knees and hastily crawled over to the pit.
He put his hands into the holes in the rusty grate and lifted with all the strength He could muster.
Panic started to set in, He could feel His strength slipping away and He only had minutes, maybe even seconds, to cover up what He’d done and hide himself.
He grabbed the body by the neck and pulled…it didn’t move at all!
“MOTHERFUCKER!!! The chains! WHERE IS THE KEY?!?!?” He thought in anger.
He crawled the few feet to His bench and felt around on the surface, nothing!
The magnetized dish!
He pulled Himself up, swung His hand in that direction, and thankfully struck gold on His first attempt.
The bone sliver flew away as He ripped the dish off the shelf and stumbled over to the corpse, He heard the back door unlock.
He unstuck the key from the dish and threw the dish away, unlocked the chains that had bound It to the wall, and began the struggle again.
Reaching under It’s lifeless arms, lifting with his knees just life every idiot boss had told him since he’d started unloading trucks at 12, and promptly collapsed due to the exertion.
Just 4 feet may as well have been 400 miles at this point!

He grabbed the damn thing, planted his feet against the wall and “jumped” off, flinging them both half way there.
As He landed, not wasting any energy, He rolled another foot closer and pushed It toward the pit.
It flopped in that direction and, with great relief, went in the hole.
Now, where was He to go?
Footsteps on the floor above nearly blinded Him with rage!
“Why the fuck are they home so soon?” He asked Himself, not for the first time since He’d cracked his damn head.
The light over His bench was still on and He knew He’d never get there and back in time, so He ripped his other boot off His foot and threw it with all His might…and missed wildly.
“Cocksucker!” He said aloud ever so softly.
He crawled again, like a little bitch baby, over to the mattress and moved the TV, and grabbed the hammer within.
The footsteps reached the basement door.
He launched the hammer at the light like that blonde haired jackass from those stupid movies everybody loved…and again, luck was on His side!
The light exploded in a shower of sparks, He flung himself behind the rags They’d given It as the basement door flew open.
Light flooded down the steps and he passed out.

To Be Continued…


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