Don’t Go Down There, Part 4

As you all know by now, many months ago I gave myself a little challenge.
I wanted to write something truly horrific, fucked up, disgusting, and weird.
This is the product of that self challenge.

What follows is Part 4 of what was originally planned to be a 3 Part story, if you all like this story I may turn it into a series of videos, audio drama style, some day.

You can read Part 1 at this link:

You can read Part 2 at this link:

And you can read Part 3 at this link:

If you want more, don’t be shy!
The only ways for that to happen is for you to let me know in the comments below or through tweets and retweets.
Any encouragement leads to more.

Without further ado, Please Enjoy Part 4 of Don’t Go Down There!

His eyes snapped open, the light was still shining down the steps.
“How long was I out?” He wondered with an increasing panic
He sat up, almost nervously, the blood was still trickling from the split in his damn head, and holy hell did it hurt!
Then strangely the door slammed shut.
He thought that was awfully damn weird, but He heard no footsteps coming down the stairs so He knew cosmically He had somehow bought Himself some more time.
He brought His hand up and wiped the blood off His neck, it felt slimy, probably the mix of cold sweat and hot blood.

He got to His knees, knowing it was best to try standing slowly, and tilted His head to the side to see if He could hear anybody moving around upstairs, he heard nothing.
Was She just…standing up there by the door?
Was it the kids?
If not, where were the stupid ass kids?
He quietly crawled over to His work bench and started to pull Himself up.
As He put His hand on the shelf underneath it for leverage, His fingers touched something they’d not felt in weeks.
He’d thought He lost it when He’d went into the woods to take those little bastards, that She swore He was related to, camping.
His beautiful handgun.
Shit, He wished now that He would’ve used it on those goddamn little motherf…no, there would be time for that later.
He pulled it off the shelf and put it in His waistband, He’d definitely be needing it.

He put his hand on the gritty surface and pulled Himself, wobbling slightly, and blindly searched for His little pen light to help Him see since he’d stupidly broken the one over the bench.
The floorboards directly above His head creaked, He stopped His search, looked up, and grinned.
It didn’t make a shit lick of difference to Him which one it was, the piece of shit was going to die!
Then the heard the floorboards creak again as whoever it was crept away, all the insulation He’d installed to help deaden the screams did Him a disservice in this case, He couldn’t tell which way They had moved.
He went back to Hiss search and immediately found the little pen light.
After falling and the panic of somebody finding Him in such a weakened state, everything He found brought Him a little slice of childish glee.

The door opened and flooded the stairs with light again, the light switch flicked on then off with no result, He was ready now!
He wrapped his fingers aroung the grip of His gun.
Then the most unexpected thing happened, the cutest, most beautiful little voice called down to Him.
“Honey, are you down there? Is anybody here?”
He pulled His hand off the gun in a heartbeat, He relaxed, cleared His throat, and replied.
“Yes baby, bring a light and come on down. Close the door too.”
She was THE ONLY ONE He allowed down here, He actually liked this one, She had showed great potential.
“The overhead still flickers, but plug it in anyway.” He told Her as She made Her way down the steps.
He turned the little penlight on and found a roll of paper towels to wipe His head.
Admittedly, She had seen Him in some pretty bad spots before, but He still wanted to look semi-presentable.
The light flicked on, giving the dingy basement that damn rave feeling again, and She made Her way over to Him.

He grabbed Her by the waist, pulled Her close, and stuck His tongue in Her mouth.
Every other girl He’d ever kissed would belittle the way He did it, always with the nagging of “Too much tongue, it’s like kissing a wild snake trying to attack my uvula”, He was lucky to have found someone that liked everything about Him.
“I thought you were them.” He told Her after they’d pulled apart.
She looked Him over for a silent moment before asking “What happened? Why do you look so rough?”, and He told Her as He turned His head and showed Her the gash in His skull.
She turned Him around and walked Him backwards toward the workbench, telling Him to close His eyes and trust Her, which She knew He did with every fiber of His being.
“I wish you would have waited for me, you know I like watching you work. I love watching the dread set into their bodies before you end them.” She told Him as She helped Him hop up.
“It pissed me off, I just lost control, and put my boot through It’s fuckin’ face.”
“Mmmm, how did It taste?” She asked, noticing the impact the topic had on Him.
“So sweet. There was a piece of It’s skull up here somewhere, I lost it trying to cover up.” The tingle had returned in force, the work excited Him for sure, but the recounting of it was where He got His real charge.

As He continued to tell Her what happened, She began cleaning the wound.
Licking the blood and sweat away from around the new hole in His head so She could sew it shut.
“You might need to go move your car, I don’t them to know you’re here. They’ll have to be  back soon. I wanted to see how long this one lasted, but she had to stick her fuckin’ nose where it didn’t belong. I’m tired of it, I’m ending this today.” He told Her.
“Okay, I’ll do it in a few minutes…but can I please see It before I move the car?” She asked, pulling the last stitch of thread through His scalp.
This is why He loved Her, She liked this shit just as much as He did.
He slid off the work bench, picked up His light, and waved Her over to the hole.
She stepped right up to the edge and They shined Their lights down into the shadowy depths, revealing all of His hard work.

The hole was roughly 4 feet wide and the very bottom, which by now was completely covered, was 45 feet under them.
Deep below, it looked like there were close to 3 dozen bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages, and various stages of decay.
The saddest of which was what looked to be a little old lady, her face forever frozen in pain and fear.
It was thrilling for Them both to be seeing them all twisted and contorted at the bottom, it brought back so many great memories of all the time They’d spent together.
Their love was made clear by the fact that She stood infront of Him with no fear that He’d push Her in, and the thought never crossed His mind.
The smell would be vomit inducing for normal beings.
Stagnant water, the coppery scent of blood, numerous voided bowls, and rotting flesh all intermingling in the nose and on the taste buds.
No doubt it took a little time to warm up to it, He thought, but once you did it was rather pleasant.

They stood there admiring it all for a moment “It’s so beautiful.” She said.
He slide His hands around Her waist, pulled Her close, and whispered in Her ear “you know I love you right?” and She turned around, put Her hands on both sides of His face, looks deep in His eyes, and said “And I love you more.” before kissing Him again.
He pulled away from Her after a few seconds.
“Now go move the car. When you come back we can get this all straightened up and get ready to hunt for the next one.” He said as He started guiding Her toward the steps.
She went up the steps and closed the door.
He went back over to the bench and set about His prep work, grabbed two push brooms from His tool storagelocker, connected the hose and drug it over to His corner of the basement.
He went over and picked up the busted TV off the floor and threw it down the whole, after all it was garbage just like They were.

When She came back They got down to business.
They scrubbed the dried and coagulated blood off the floor and washed it down into the pit, then pushed the old rags of the mattress and down the pit they went.
He flipped the matress that He’d kept It on up while She brushed the broken glass off and swept it down the hole, then he gave the matress it’s much needed flip.
He even replaced the light above the bench, but not the seizure inducing rave light.
It took them no longer than 30 minutes to get it all back in order.
The strange rollercoaster ride of emotions of the day was intoxicating, and now the rush of the hunt for a new victim was starting to set in.

The basement door suddenly swung open!
They looked at each other, panic quickly replaced the rush.
They both instinctively crouched down and crept under the staircase.
A woman’s foot stepped down onto the top step.
“Stacey, are you down there?” the woman asked.
“The bitch is back.” He thought as They looked at one another again, He nodded.
“Yeah, Mom. What’s up?” She replied as She grabbed His hand.
“Is…is he down there with you?” the woman quietly asked as they watched her come down the steps slowly, one at a time.
He blood began to boil.
He tilted His head and cracked His neck “Yeah Aunt Sheila, I’m here.” He replied.
Sheila froze on the steps.
“Oh. I’ll come back.” she said.
She wasn’t the most physical woman, old injuries prevented movement at any great speed.
She tried to turn around on the steps, but he put his hand through the steps and grabbed her ankles before she could.
“NO, IT’S OKAY!” He screamed at her “COME ON DOWN!” then He pulled her ankles through the steps, her face hit on a lower step, teeth shattered out of her mouth and flew away.
He looked at Stacey “Go around and grab her arms.” She did.
And just like that, the hunt was over.

To Be Continued…


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Go Down There, Part 4

  1. Man… Your site is all the way at the end of the Internet. Wish there was a cartoon dog w/ a link in his Twitter bio to make it easier get here.


  2. Your use of words To explain certain things is awesome…..old injuries prevented movement of any great speed. That was pretty good dude! I liked it and I hope more to come.


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