How It Happened: Beer Run

Hey gang!
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get a post up this month, The Camping Trip (the original Audio Drama coming soon from TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media, PLUG PLUG) has taken up a lot of time and energy.
I hope I can get more than 1 post up next month.
Anyway, into the video stuff.


The story: 2 Good Ol Boys are looking in the basement of their house for some beer when they find something much more sinister!

So my Mother and I were heading to go clean out my dead Grandma’s house one day (true story) and I figured I’d take my TS-D/JA Productions note book, video camera, and gorrilla mask along just in case.


I’d actually written this particular video a few weeks before, but I’d thought it would be another one of those that just lived in the notebook because I don’t have anybody to shoot with.
I’d gotten it out on paper, I’d done all I could with and for it for now.
I couldn’t think of anywhere that was particularly spooky or scary looking enough to shoot it at…enter Grandma’s house!
As far back as I can remember, that house has given me the willies!
It’s just shadowy, dark, lots of corners that swallow light and that make you feel like you can get lost in them forever, just not a fun place to be…but Perfect for my purposes!

So, we get out work done for the day and I flip through my notebook a bit and land on this little beauty.
Ah…a match made in heaven!
I grabbed the camera and my light and headed towards the dungeo…I mean basement!

As I recall, I think I did about 3 takes, but I know for sure this was the last 1.
It was the smoothest, felt the most nature, and got right to the damn point.
The other ones, how ever many there were, felt rushed, sloppy, and had far more blur and focus issues.
Wanting to get it all done in one go, I said all of the dialogue in both voices each time as I recorded.
It was GREAT!…that is…until I got home.

When I got home and went to add my titles and credits I had a problem.
The audio was completely fucked.
It was echoy and hard to hear, my foot steps were louder than my voice, I accidentally confused the voices while filming because I had no script to read from.
In short, it was unuseable.
So how/why did I end up releasing the video?
Why does the audio not sound like complete and utter mule caca?
Well, for that story, see me after the video.


So I was ready to just scrap this all together and went to bitch about it on the twitter because I was frustrated and tired of dealing with it.
So I was doing just that (bitching on twitter) when I had the idea to rerecord the audio.
I threw it out there to see if anybody would be interested and, honestly, I got a better response than I usually do these days.


The only reason that this video was posted is because the 10 people whose names appear in the picture above wanted it.
Simple as that!

As I said above, I threw out the idea of redoing the audio and posting it like that.
It was a cheat, and it lost some of the live recording ambiance that I had hoped to capture, but a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!
The 10 above all encouraged me to do it (Doug!) and it was just the kick in the arse I needed.

The one thing I didn’t do too well in the rerecord was the Gorilla noises.
They are far too loud, but I didn’t realize at the time.
The headphones I had at the time were pretty shitty and made them sound almost inaudible, once I posted the video I realized that wasn’t the case at all.
If I had a second go at it I would definitely lower those to make the Gorilla’s shocking appearance more of a surprise.

I will say this though, I loved getting behind the camera again.
I think that’s one of the reasons I really really love this video (and I know I say that a lot), because it’s just plain fun to shoot/direct.
I love the 1st person perspective of this.
I don’t think I’ve shot anything since this and it really does suck.
I mostly focus on just the vocals (voice actor’s obviously would), but it really does feel like something is missing.
I have a few scripts that can only be shot, so hopefully I can find somebody sometime willing to get down and shoot with me and I think I’m pretty sure I would do them Peter Jackson style like this again.
Peter Jackson style being to just get the physical acting done 100% and add the dialogue later, I think that is a great fit for what I do, especially since I have a much better set up with Audacity and a better mic (graciously provided by a great supporter from England).


And that’s How It Happened, Lads and Lasses.
A big thanks to @_13Chris, @WJelks, @AmandaMDanger, @JoeySCarr, @Fitzman73, @SMorgan21, @JoinedToFollow, @ThankSmodItsFri, @JamesCockrum1, and @NeilGat for the encouragement to follow through and get this done.

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