How It Happened: Family Dinner

This one was my first really big stretch.
It has a joke or 2, but those were only added to kind of try and offset just how heavy this video was.
I also had a plan for this one that, due to some unfortunate circumstances for one of my intended collaborators, kind of got chucked out the window…and in a weird way made it more memorable for some of my viewers.
Give the video a watch and lets get into it afterwards.

In 2014 there were a lot of folks I dug, public and personal, that died and this was a bit of how I tried dealing with it.
But that’s not actually how it was originally intended.
Ya see, I had originally planned to have the wife in this video, and it was my intention to have @ShariSayz play her…but Shari was going through a few things at the time and needed to work through them, so I decided before I even started writing to leave the wife out…and that decision is what gave this video all of the heart it has.


Just to spell it out, this video is about a family gathering for their first Thanksgiving following the death of a beloved and important friend/family member, something I sadly have a lot of experience with both of my Grandpa’s dying when I was at a very young age (the 20th and 19th anniversaries just passed earlier this week) and both of my Grandma’s in the last 15 years.
I saw how it affected my parents, I remember well how it affected me, so I dumped all of that into this.

I can’t remember if it was during or after the writing of this that I reached out to @ComicWasteland and @TheJSarge/@MemeEmSteveDave of @IrvingsBasement for their help.
As per usual, I gave @ComicWasteland a breakdown of what I needed and the dude nailed it all.
I had him add a few things to the table pic to fill it out a bit, and I sorta remember having him add something to one of the kid’s rooms.
But all of these images are slick as fuck!
That stairway particularly tells a story of this house and it’s history.
Dude did damn good AGAIN!!!
Show him some love and such by visiting his blog:


So, we have Parents of the Husband left behind (Morty and Gloria, who are 2 characters/voices I’ve used for many years to entertain myself and my Mum), the grieving Husband and Father of 2, and the 2 Sons, Bobby (a douchey, selfabsorbed kid loosely based on my brother) and Stevie (named after the owner of the comic shop I when to who died earlier in 2014) all gathering for the first holiday dinner following the recent funeral for the Wife/Mother/Daughter-In-Law.
We start with the man’s Parents having a conversation before following the Widower as he goes and gets the boys for dinner.


Bobby, the problematic son, blasts music with no concern or consideration for anybody else in the house gives his Dad a hard time when Dad requests his lordships presence at the family meal.
Again, this is ripped from my own life.
There were many many years where we had to chase my brother down for our holiday dinners and got the same kind of assholic reply.
The soundtrack for this scene is brilliantly provided by @IrvingsBasement in the form of their song Comfort Problems, which you can buy here:
I forget which of the duo I hit up for permission to use this song (probably @MemeEmSteveDave cause, as busy as I know Meme Em is, I’ve always been a bit worried about bothering @TheJSarge since he’s a fuckin’ rockstar and all), but they sent it right over.
That’s the really cool thing about these 2, no matter what, they are always willing to try and help somebody with some creative type shit in any way they can.
Both really good dudes.


Then there’s the other son, Stevie, loosely based on myself, alone in his room playing with his toys and shit in a world all his own.
As I said a couple of times above, there were a few deaths that rocked me that year, and one of which was Steve who owned the comic shop I went too.
So, as a little tribute, I named this kid after him.
Then there’s the sound effect that @FromTheMonkey provided, which again my memory is shitty, but I think he did it for me for another video and I used it for this.
Mike is another one of those dudes that always comes through for me, cool fucker, check out his site here:


I thought it was kinda funny having the Dad say “5 minutes, bud” and then having “6 minutes later” pop up.
And then there’s this final scene, where it all comes together.
The whole family gathers for the meal and they do that thing I’ve always seen families do on TV and in Movies where they sit around and say a few things they’re thankful for, seems weird but it’s a trope I will gladly use to get my point across.
Once I made the decision to leave Shari out, I realized what I wanted to use this video to do.
On twitter, I used to try to thank everybody who RT’d my shit, but with as much shit as I do sometimes it does get hard to keep up, so this video is me breaking the fourth wall.
When the Dad says “everyone of you who can hear my voice right now” that’s me talking directly to all of the people who watch my videos, and retroactively read this site or listen to my pod.
It gets really serious and I know I was walking a fine line that could have easily tipped into lame, cheesy, sappy, or overdramatic territory (some might say it did, I like to think it didn’t) and it just gets progressively heavier until the end…and yes, this is why I threw in the fart joke at the end to try and let off a little of the steam/pressure that had built up through the entire video.

So there ya have it, gang.
This was a huge step out of my normal range, and hopefully you all dug it.
As heavy as it was, it was nice to stretch and work a new muscle for a change.
Hopefully I’ll have even more different shit in the future.


As per usual, the world is a rough place full of a lot of shitty people that can and will try to tear you down at every turn, combat those bastards by throwing a little good in the world in anyway you can.
Be it a smile to somebody having a bad day, helping a stranger carry something, or any other way you can.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here next week for my TS-D/JA Productions 3rd Anniversary post.


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