Don’t Go Down There Part 7

As you should all know by now, over a year ago I gave myself a little challenge.
I wanted to write something truly horrific, fucked up, disgusting, and weird.
This is the product of that self challenge.

What follows is Part 7 of what was originally thought to be a 3 Part story, if you all like this story I just might turn it into a series of videos, audio drama style, some day soon.

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Without further ado, Please Enjoy Part 7 of Don’t Go Down There!

He handed His gun to Her, grabbed Donny, and hissed into the little puke’s face, sending spit flying onto his stupid dimwitted face.
He grabbed Donny’s head and forced him to look into the pit, It burst into tears when his face appeared over the edge.

It was more than just simply tears at this point, it was a full body shuddering blubber as It helplessly watched everything It knew, everything It loved, every single thing It had ever held dear gleefully warped or destroyed right before It’s very eyes by It’s own flesh and blood.

The boy went limp with the shock of seeing his mother, brother, neighbors, and friends beaten, bloodied, and dead.
The stupid little mouth hung open.
He put his knee in the boys back and forced him to the ground, head hanging over the edge of the pit, He planted His foot into the boy’s back, and held His hand out behind Him.
“Give it to me, baby.
I am DONE fucking playing around with this FILTH!”
He felt the cold steel press into His hand, and the warmth of Her hand on top of it.
He smiled, and then everything He’d planned changed.

The gun went off in His hand, burning Him, as the bullet went into His arm just above the elbow.
The scent of the discharged gun hit His nostrils before the shock of the bullet entering His body had fully set in.
When that wave finally washed over Him a second or 2 later, He slowly turned and saw Her, His cousin, His love, the only woman who’d ever understood Him and His work, holding His smoking gun.
He pushed Donny into the pit, the boy screamed all the way down and didn’t stop even after he landed.
It and the boy’s cacophonous wailing only served to underscore the horror that followed.

As their eyes locked, the fury in His exploded.
She squeezed the trigger again, this time into His knee, and watched Him drop.
“You never said we’d hurt all these people, just that…THAT BITCH!
I only wanted to destroy her!” She declared.
“WHAT BETTER WAY TO DESTROY THE MOTHER THAN BY DESTROYING THE SONS, THE FRIENDS, YOU MAKE HER LONELY THEN YOU END HER, YOU SMALL MINDED, IGNORANT SLIME!” He spat back, pounding His fist on the wet concrete that was soaked in a rapidly widening pool of His own blood.

She began to shake as the gravity of the situation started setting in.
They both knew what had to happen at this point.
She looked away for just a moment, He tried to stand with a painful growl, and She snapped Her head back to Him.
“I loved you…I’m pregnant…”
His face twisted as the news processed, and before it fully could, She squeezed the trigger and unloaded the gun into Him.
He fell back and started gasping for breath.
She set the gun on His bench, walked over dropped to Her knees, and shoved Him into the pit to live out His last moments with His victims.

She went back to the work bench to catch Her breath, it was almost over.
But She had to decide how to end it.
Her mother and brother were still screaming in the pit, She knew that She could not free Her mother, not now.
The boy would be damaged goods from this day forward as well.

She looked under the bench and found a power saw, a 5 full gas cans, a few extension cords, a belt sander, a machete, a nail gun, and a few other assorted tools and power tools.
She grabbed two of the items and went up stairs.
She made one slow final walk through the house to gather Her thoughts, letting all of the memories flood back, the bad and the good, though there were far more of the former.
She visited every single room and took it all in before heading back to the basement.
A plan had hit Her like a ton of bricks.

She grabbed the nail gun, plugged it in, and headed back up.
The plan had solidified in Her mind, and She executed it with a cold precision.
She nailed the front, back, and side doors shut then dropped the nail gun by the basement door.
Next She pushed the couch infront of the front to help barricade it, then proceeded to do the same with the china cabinet at the back door and some chair from the kitchen at the side.

She picked up the nail gun and headed back to the basement, slamming the door and nailing it shut, sealing it, as She went.
She stepped to the edge of the pit and asked Her mother if He was still alive.
“I think so…Stacey, sweety, help us up and let’s all three leave.” Sheila pleaded as the boy kept screaming.
“Turn Him over so He can see me.” She called down, ignoring Her mother’s request.

She made a circle around the mouth of the pit as Sheila did as She’d requested.
Stacey grabbed the machete, stared into His eyes, and told Him “This is for you” before stabbing Herself in the stomach.
He groaned in response.
Stacey knew She only had a few moments before She would pass out, She had to act quickly.
She grabbed the final gas can and emptied it in the pit, having dumped the others throughout the house, and set the empty plastic next to Her.
Pulled matches from Her back pocket and yelled down “NOBODY CAN EVER KNOW ABOUT THIS, I HAVE TO END ALL OF IT…my way…” She whispered the last 2 words before striking the match and dropping it to ignite a ring of flame around the pit.

The stream of gas leading up to the stairs went up less than a second later.
Her pant leg caught fire with the dropping of the match, the pain was unbearable and caused Her to fall into the pit with the rest of Her family.
The screams of Her mother and brother as they burned were more horrifying than your most hellish nightmares.

The entire house was fullly engulfed in a raging inferno in 1 minute.
It took 2 whole days to put it out.
The bodies were recovered, but none were ever identified.

Nobody in the neighborhood could ever quite figure out what had happened, but you know how rumors always spring up.
The only thing they knew for sure was it had to have been that damn bald boy who’d done it.
After all, He’d watched His mother die in such a horribly similar way.

The End!

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And finally!
As we can all see every single day, the world can be an Incredibly shitty place.
Do every single thing in your power to combat that by spreading a little bit of joy, even if it’s just a smile to a stranger who seems to be having a bad day.
We need it now more than ever.

Thank you for reading, I hope you come back soon.


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