The Nerd Blitz: The 1st Anniversary

I have no plans for this (except 1 thing I need to say), I really just want to mark the day.
So please forgive me if I start to ramble a bit, I’ll try to keep it short.

Holy hell…WE DID IT!!!
Today, April 16 2017, is the anniversary of the launch of one of my favorite things in the world to do!
3 shows, 26 (it’s 29 if you count the 3 .5s) Episodes of the flagship show, 11 Eps of Book Club, and 2 Eps of Commentaries.
A total of 42 releases, 61 hours, 59 minutes, and 35 seconds of FREE Nerd Blitz content!

I’m not sure about Fitz (more about him in a bit), but I was wondering if we’d make it to this milestone.
I’ve heard over the years that if you can make it past 10 episodes you just might make it, we’ve had 2 shows hit that and keep right on going.

Now for thanks!
@theJSarge for our musicy parts, intro and pimp spot, and for guesting twice!
@ShariSayz for doing our 2 logos for us!
@thejeccanator for doing those promo images of the lovely @peltier_logan (see above), and hopefully for future collaborations!
To @TESDGroupie & @BatKat37 for helping us out with the Book Club intro!
Thanks all for sharing your talents and patience with us.
Thank you to @SteBoost for providing my mic that makes it all possible.
Also thank you to everybody who has ever listened and enjoy an ep of any of our 3 shows.
Hope you stick around for more.

And the last thank you goes to my co-host, @Fitzman73.
Thanks for puttng up with (and sometimes encouraging) my insanity for the last year and helping me get through it.
You have made dreams come true for me in the last year, and I appreciate it everyday, brother.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

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