3 Years Of TS-D/JA Productions

I’m really surprised I’ve stuck with it for 3 years, but I’m sure glad I have.
Okay now, this year I’m really flying without a net, none of this shit is planned.
So strap in (or strap on) cause this might take a while.

But before we get into everything else, let’s go back to where it all started on May 27th 2013 with Bitch Slappin’ The Wind: https://youtu.be/OBrVxZaKcT4

Also, give a look at years 2nd Anniversary post: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/two-years-of-ts-dja-productions/

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.
Boil it all down and TS-D/JA Productions, in all of it’s many forms, is really just the continuing progress of 1 dude who’s scared shitless of the real world, who never wanted to grow up and be a big people, who always just wanted to make stupid voices because it made himself laugh, who’s awkward around people because he doesn’t trust them, who just doesn’t want to face reality.
A dude that’s worried that some day he is going to die alone and there’s not going to be anybody on the planet to remember him because he was so closed off, so apart, so detached from the world.
A dude that would desperately love to be remembered for one of the best reasons imaginable, at least in his mind…to be remembered because he entertained you.

3 years after starting on this journey, I’m not sure if I’ve even begun accomplishing that feat…but it’s definitely not for lack of trying.
This last year I, with the help of so many many talented people, have been far more prolific than in either of the 2 years before, maybe even more so than those 1st 2 years combined.
Once again, on a personal level, this past year hasn’t really been the greatest, but I have creatively thrived in spite of that.
Probably as a way to try and escape the craziness.
But lets just keep to the public shit.

Sadly, in the past year, there have been fewer posts on my channel and on this site.
Hell, the Typecast has basically become a thing of the past as it’s becoming harder and harder to get folks to do them and cover new ground.
The videos have become rarer and rarer on the channel because it’s getting harder to come up with new material, whether it’s based on known properties or just making shit up.
But there is a good excuse for that!

If you follow either of my twitter accounts (@TheScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction, if you didn’t know) or if you’ve been paying attention to this site you’ve seen me talking about The Camping Trip.
I think I started writing it the day before or the day after Christmas and it took me about a month to write my half of the story.
After a few persisting issues with my old Rock Band mic that I’ve used since I made Dumbass Poets Society, I was able to get a new mic from @SteBoost (who has actually, and probably without even realizing it, been a really big hero to TS-D/JA Productions this year) in February and it took me about a month to record all of it in 8 voices or so and send it to my partner in crime, the dude that’s basically become the Scotty Mo to my Kev Smith in the last 12 months, the good sir @Fitzman73.

Over the last 2 months Fitz has edited, and I’ve heard, over a half hour of The Camping Trip.
And let me tell you folks, this will be the best sounding anything to have the TS-D/JA Productions name on it, the dude is fucking CRUSHING it!
I wish to hell I could give you the release date here, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
But I can give you a little hope on that front, I’m 75% sure it will be out before the end of July.
There could still be a bump in the road that causes a delay, but right now it’s looking good.

Until then, enjoy this trailer I just posted not too long ago: https://youtu.be/897tXlY3etI

Cool and creepy, right?

Now, what’s the other thing that’s kinda made me slack off on everything else?
Again, if you’ve paid attention to my 2 twitter accounts, I’ve launched a 3rd twitter account!
Wait…that’s not the thing, it’s what that twitter account is for that’s worth celebrating!
If you read the 2nd Anniversary post that I linked to above you know I was big time dreaming of hopefully launching a podcast before this years Anniversary.
Well guess what!
After @Fitzman73 and I went and saw Episode VII back in December (right after I started writing my half of The Camping Trip) we recorded a pod on the way back to my house (which you can read more about and find out how to listen to here: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/just-jump-to-the-end-episode-20-a-couple-of-jakku-jackoffs/) and it was fuckin’ fun, man.
First time I met the dude and we had an awesome time, at the very least from my perspective, which just added fuel to the fire of folks begging us (based on all of our Typecasts) to do a pod of our own.
Well, on April 16th @NerdBlitzPod set sail into the harsh waters of Podcastdom.

Fitz (again, like a champ) does ALL of the editing, so why has my shit been so sporadic?
Well, those intros and outros don’t write and record themselves.
That’s been my thing since The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz launched, I write and record all of the intros and outros (Fitz does lines as needed) you hear on the pod (which you should all go listen to at NerdBlitz.com) and I’ve been making and editing videos for the Nerd Blitz YouTube channel (which you can find HERE), where very soon you will see the podcast episodes popping up as soon as I can make them and get them to Fitz to post.

So yeah, you are getting fewer posts, but you are getting far more content.
We’ve been recording weekly and banking episodes, but bi-weekly, for the foreseeable future, you will be getting at the very least 1 hour of new content from your favorite giant dog man Doom and his hockey helmeted friend Fitz in the form of The Nerd Blitz (which you should read more about here: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/the-nerd-blitz-with-doom-and-fitz/), and we have a few things planned that we hope you folks will dig to give you more content than just the regular bi-weekly show, plus a few things we hope some of you will want to help us with to help us grow our listenership.

Something else that was pretty fuckin’ awesome in the last year was that, thanks to the rocker and roller that is @TheJSarge, my voice can be heard on one of my favorite podcasts!
At the end of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave (a podcast which has been talked about many times around these parts) Halloween special last year, the creepy little voice that says the title is none other than me!
It’s nothing huge, but it’s pretty damn cool for me.
You can listen to it at this link: http://www.smodcast.com/smodcast/episodes/emperor-flanagan
And here’s my very first reaction to it: https://twitter.com/TheScoobyDoom/status/662743366023716864?s=09
I’d talked to Sarge before and sent him some takes of me saying Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave that I’d recorded on my old phone with the shitty built in mic.
Well, I offered to redo them for him with my slightly better set-up (the old Rock Band mic and such) and he said sure.
He said he’d try to use them if he could, and I honestly didn’t really see when he’d have the opportunity to use them, but hey, at least I tried!
Then the dude came through with this!
He really is a cool motherfucker.

Now, lets get into the numbers game, which is what I obsess over more than anything else. Haha
Total views for everything I’ve done in these last 3 years are as follows…
The Site: 4919
The main YouTube Channel has: 8697
The Pod Youtube Channel has: 120
And the Pod has: 237
Pretty fuckin’ cool, right?
All combined, that’s 13,973 views.

Now, lets talk about total combined hours of content in these 3 years.
Between both YT Channels (not including The Camping Trip trailer, that goes on year 4’s record) I, with crazy amounts of help, have created and produced a total of 2 hours 13 minutes and 36 seconds of video content.
Between the 2 bonus episodes posted on the JJ2End Feed, Episode 20 of Just Jump To The End, and the 1st 3 Episodes of The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz, Fitz and I have produced 5 hours 46 minutes and 26 seconds of glorious podcast content.
All that comes together for a grand total of 7:59:02 by my mathin’.
Just 58 seconds short of 8 full hours in 3 years.
That’s over 4 times the 1:43:00 I had last year.

Now let’s get into the thank yous for the last year.
For the videos, I want to send a huge heartfelt thank you to the following people: @ShariSayz, @_13Chris, @FromTheMonkey, @Woody_TESDFan & @JoePeel of @ShootheMoonBand, @AmandaMDanger, @Fitzman73, @GingerNacre, @NeilGat, @Forgeticus, @SteBoost, @KatLong31, @LookingForEight, @Gabryelledam, & @Joinedtofollow.

For their help with the site, deepest thanks go too @Fitzman73, @Joinedtofollow, @ScoobySnaxCom, @MemeEmSteveDave, @SpiderScooby, @CheeryAnt, @SteBoost, @ShariSayz, @KatLong31, and a special thanks to @SMorgan21 for offering to doba Typecast (I still wanna give it a whirl, Sandy).

To start wrapping up, and to reiterate what I said last year, of you’ve been here since the beginning, THANK YOU!
If you just found something I made yesterday, THANK YOU!
If you read, watch, subscribe, or listen to anything or everything I have made, THANK YOU!
And if you have ever helped, left a comment, or engaged in conversation based on any of it,
It really does mean the world to me and I THANK YOU!
You’ve helped me through those small simple actions more than you could ever realize.
And a Huge Thank You goes to @SpiderScooby for encouraging me to get on the twitter in the first place, without that push, none of this exists.
Thanks for that and so much more, brother.

One more time, here are all of the links to all of the ways you can consume and support TS-D/JA Productions.
Pod: NerdBlitz.com
Pod YT: Nerd Blitz on YT
Pod Twitter: @NerdBlitzPod
My YT: Youtube.com/ThatScoobyDoom
My Scooby Writings: ScoobyFan.Net/Author/Scooby-Doom/
My Twitter: @TheScoobyDoom
TS-D/JA Productions Merch: CafePress.com/JustJumpToTheEnd/12361893
TS-D/JA Productions Twitter: @TSDJAProduction


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And finally, quite often the world can be an incredibly shitty place.
Do EVERYTHING in your power to combat that and spread a little bit of good and kindness in any way you can.
Even small acts can help far more than you realize.
Thank you so much for your support, I hope to see you back here again next year.


The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz

You wanted it, you got it!
After 10 Typecasts and much encouragement from the readers of said Typecasts, FINALLY Lord @Fitzman73 and I have taken the plunge.

I believe it was March 22nd, at around 10 AM Central time, the good Sir Fitz and I got off our dicks, had a phone call, talked about some nerdy shit, and recorded it for over 2 hours.
2 hours that would be released as our 1st 2 Episodes.
I don’t know about Fitzy, but I know I was nervous as a motherfucker to finally be doing a recording session for my very own podcast.

We met up and I gave him a flashdrive that had my half of the recordings in sweet, clear, near High Definition MP3 format, thanks to the kindness of @SteBoost providing me with a sweet ass mic and Audacity.
Without Sir Ste, I can promise you this podcast wouldn’t sound NEARLY as good as it does.


So Fitz and I sat on the Eps for a few weeks until I got antsy, we have a few projects in the works and I was wanting to release something so I could get to promoting it, so I asked him to take a break from the arduous task of editing and assembling The Camping Trip (our upcoming original audio drama) and edit Episode 1 of The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz.

While he was editing, I came up with a hair brained scheme to do a little cross promotion of The Nerd Blitz and The Camping Trip.
Thanks to @MaidforMischief making the amazing fuckin’ poster for The Camping Trip that I’d just tweeted (which you can see here: https://twitter.com/TSDJAProduction/status/717004475358162946), I figured I could get more eyes on it and raise awareness for our still unnamed pod (at least as far as announcing it went) by promising folks that we’d announce the pod title as soon as the original tweet with the poster got 30 RTs.
Well…as we got closer to releasing the first episode and the tweet was struggling to get 30 I was losing hope and lowered the number to 25…which it got soon after on April 14th 2016.

On April 16th 2016, The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz launched!

And speaking of nervous, you can hear it in our 1st Episode right here: http://nerdblitz.libsyn.com/episode-001-sticky-arms
Here’s a funny little story to prove just how nervous I was: About 5 minutes in, Fitz is telling a story about being at a birthday party for his kid at a bowling alley.
He says he snuck off to the Arcade to take a breather when one of the kids (not 1 of his) runs up and grabs one of the balls off the pool table.
You can tell I was nervous because I started to make a joke about the kid running up and grabbing an old dudes balls.
But if you listen REALLY close, you can hear me do something I NEVER DO.
I slammed on the brakes midstream and self-edited.
You can hear me stutter a bit and kinda roll over it awkwardly chuckling to myself, mostly because I knew where I was heading with it.
I mentioned this on twitter after the episode went up and Fitz said he noticed in the moment and thought it weird that I pussed out.

So here is my vow, starting with Episode 3 (Episode 2 is already recorded), I promise not to self-edit, to make the “little kid grabbed an old man’s balls” jokes.
In my videos and on this site, I say and do flat out retarded shit simply because it makes ME laugh.
If The Nerd Blitz is going to work, I have to do the same on the pod, I have to be true to myself and my deranged sense of humor.

Now, for even more thank yous!
Back on January 31st of this year, I asked the man, the myth, the legend that is your friendly neighborhood Rockstar @TheJSarge if he could do an intro song for us.
On February 2nd the dude came through in a big bad way.
If nothing else, we have an amazing song to start off the show with.
So, go thank this fuckin’ amazing musician by supporting his work at these links: http://RemedialM-Theory.Bandcamp.com
And http://IrvingsBasement.Bandcamp.com

Then, the day after we launched, somebody else came through for us in a big way.
If you read this site regularly, you should all know @ShariSayz well.
After 2 artists fell through for various reasons, and knowing Shari had great design skills from her work on Interview With A Declachaun: Creaky Strikes Back, Fitz and I asked her if she could take a stab at it for us.
We asked her if she could do it on the 15th, we launched episode 1 on the 16th, I got an email with the logo above & the twitter header below on the 17th.
Just like J Sarge with the theme, she came through for us in 2 damn days!
It’s just fuckin’ amazing the work they both did in such a short amount of time.
So go thank her by checking out her Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/user/ShariArchinoff


Now, for all the ways you can get and interact with the show.

First and foremost, listen to every episode by going to our site: http://NerdBlitz.com

Or you can listen, subscribe, rate, and review us on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-nerd-blitz-w-doom-and-fitz/id1106955481

Then you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, where I hope we’ll be able post the episodes eventually plus all kinds of new content: https://m.youtube.com/#/channel/UCL8isNQGcFAqMO1668WoROw

Then you can follow the pod on Twitter: @NerdBlitzPod

That’s all of our links for now, hopefully we’ll have more for you to check out soon.

If you listen to the pod and you like it, please don’t hesitate to tell us.
If you have any questions or comments, send them our way.

And finally, the world is a hard place.
It’s full of assholes that want to tear you down.
To combat that, go out in the world and try to do your best to put a little bit more positivity in it, as hard as that can be.

Thanks for reading and now listening.
See ya next time.

Abandoned Scooby-Doo! Story Part 3 Of 3

This is it kids, the last part of my Scooby story.

You’ll have to cut me a little slack, I was never good at coming up with last names.
I never wanted to say “this is Bill Smith or Wayne Jones, tried to be different and usually came off goofy as hell.

No more jabberin’ from me, get to reading Part 3 of Scooby-Doo and the Curse Of The Football Spector…

“Well, I guess I’d better tell you then.
This might well be the last game played here in the Igloo Dome.
We’ve had a…well, he claims that he’s thr ghost of the very first owner of the Penguin’s, Tom Hawkrider.
He calls himself “the football spector” and he’s been scaring the day lights out of the crowds.” Carl told them.
“Why, Carl?” Daphne wondered.
“Because, back in 1979, he sold the team and then the man that bought the team turned around and sold the team a season or two later to my father who never got along with Hawkrider.” he explained.
“And let me guess, Hawkrider put a curse on the team?” Velma asked.
“That’s right, he said 10 years after his death he would return and stop whoever owned the team from ever owning another team.
Well, I don’t have to tell you what that means.
This season is the 10th season since his death.” Carl finished.

“You’re not worried, are you Mr. Trekwall?” Fred asked.
“To be honest, I am.
What with all that has happened this season, I’m very worried.” he replied.
“What’s happened, sir?” Velma asked.
“Well, at first it was a lot of minor things that almost went unnoticed.
Broken lightbulbs, dumped over trash bins, simple things that we thought were petty vandalism.
Then the scoreboard started displaying rude messages and things like that.
You may also remember hearing on the news that we had postponed a game, the story we put out to the press said that we had a plumbing issue, when the actual issue was that the entire field had been dug up.
So you see, at that point I knew it had to be the curse, and then the spector showed up.” Carl said, looking increasingly uneasy.

“What happened when the ghost showed up?” Daphne asked.
“It started appearing the day after the field incident, it threatened me.
It told me a horror unlike any the world had ever seen before would befall me if I didn’t step aside by midnight last night.”
“Why didn’t you just step aside a save us all an unimaginable horror?” Shaggy asked with a nervous laugh.
“I have 2 reasons.
1st, the 1 person I would trust to put in charge hates working here as it is, and that’s my daughter.
So I’m sure she would hate having even more responsibilities in the organization.
And 2nd, this is the only connection to my father that I have left.” he explained.

The door opened again and in walked a man carrying a helmet, wearing the powder blue and black gear of the Coolsville Penguins, followed by the ticket girl from the gate, holding a purple purse.
While they all recognized the girl, only Velma and Fred recognized the man.
“You’re the man that almost trampled us in the parking lot.” Velma said at the same time Fred shouted “Oh my god! You’re Craig Walkerton! Can I have your autograph?”
Visibly overwhelmed, Craig said. “I’m so sorry about that, I was late.
But seeing as the dome is only a third full 10 minutes before kick-off, I don’t think many will mind.” he then turned to Fred. “And yes, you can have my autograph.
These days, I’m just glad to know I still have a fan who wants it.”

Just then Daphne notices what the girl from the ticket gate was holding and exclaimed. “My purse!
But where did you get it?”
“Obviously, you left it on my counter when you handed me your tickets.” the girl responded.

“Elizabeth! Where are your manners?
That is no way to treat a customer!” Trekwall said to his employee.
“Yeah, whatever, Dad.” she said
She threw Daphne’s purse at his feet and stormed out.
Scooby walked over, picked it up, and brought it to Daphne as, with surprise, Velma asked. “She’s your daughter?”
“And my wife.” Craig said
“She was the one that grabbed your arm in the hall, she said you’d left your bag and we were coming to return it when you walked by us.
We didn’t mean to scare you.”
With that, the two guards left.

Seconds later yells came from the hall.
“What the hell?
Every single damn time I clean up this dump the morons around here have to make another one.” Ranted a custodian.
“And worse yet, Ig and Ook have to come through kicking trash, making my job even harder.
One of these days I’ll get my….oh! Mr. Trekwall, uh, Mr. Walkerton.
H-how are you gentlemen doing today?” Clearly worried he’d been heard.


That custodian was actually supposed to be a character from an old issue of DC’s original Scooby-Doo comic, #114 if I remember correctly.

That’s it, hope you all dug it.

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And finally, the world is a tough place full of crappy people.
Do your part to change that by being a little less turdy.
A smile or a kind word can help more than you realize.

That’s it for TS-D/JA Productions this year, gang.
There’s a bunch of cool stuff that I hope to share with you next year and I hope you all come back then to read, watch, & listen to it all.
Thanks for your support and thanks for reading.

Abandoned Scooby-Doo! Story Part 2 of 3

Yesterday I posted this tweet (https://twitter.com/TheScoobyDoom/status/663584160209063936?s=03) telling folks if it got 12 RT’s they’d get Part 2 of my abandoned Scooby story (you can read Part 1 here).
Well, moments ago, it reached that goal.

This is about 95% of what the original was, there are a few spots where I couldn’t read my own handwriting, so I had to kinda connect the dots a bit.
So if it gets a wee bit flowery or good, That’s why. Haha
Also, as I said in Part 1, this was written at a creative low point, so that’s why folks sound a little bit more aggressive than you’d expect.

So, without further ado, Scooby-Doo! And The Football Spectre, Part 2!

“Like, that would be me dude. And please, just call me Shaggy.” Shaggy responded.
“Oh right, so sorry, um, and who are all of these…nice young people you have with you, um, Shaggy?” Carl asked, looking the Gang over.
“This is Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and my best friend in like, the whole wide world, Scooby-Doo.” Shaggy told Mr. Trekwall.
“Good doggy.” Trekwall said in Scooby’s direction.
“Roggy? Where?” Scooby asked with offense as Carl pretended not to hear him and continued on.
“Well, come right this way, your V.I.P. booth is right up here. Food vendors will check in to see if you need anything every half-hour, everything you order will, of course, be free of charge. Any questions?”
“Yeah man, when does the first vendor get here? I’m totally starving here!” Shaggy asked.
“Shaggy!” Daphne scolded him in a motherly sort of way.
“No, no, no, it’s quite alright Miss. Blake. Right after kick-off, which should be in about 15-20 minutes. I need to go and speak with Mr. Walkerton before then, so I don’t wish to be rude, but I have to go.” He said as He left.

“Oh boy, I don’t know if Scooby and I can wait 20 minutes more, huh buddy?” Shaggy asked his pal.
“Reah, Ri’m so starved, Raggy.” Scooby replied, clutching his stomach.
“Well, would a Scooby Snack help?” Velma asked reaching for the familiar box.
“Reah, reah, reah!” Scooby replied excited.
“You too, Shag?” She asked.
“Totally, but like, two would be twice as nice!” He said.
“Fine then.” She said and threw them each two.

As the friends ate their snacks, Fred spoke “Well Gang, what should we do until the game starts.”
“We could go look at one of those cute little gift shops we saw on our way up.” Daphne suggested.
“That’s a great idea, I’d like to get myself a Penguin’s jersey and hat.” Fred said.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Velma said.
“Shaggy, what about you and Scooby?” Daphne asked him.
“Me and Scoob’ll stay here and wait for you all to come back, right ol’ buddy?” He asked.
“Reah, wait right here.” Scooby answered licking Snack crumbs off Shaggy’s hand.
So Fred, Daphne, and Velma all left to go to the gift shop.
Half way down the ramp Daphne stopped.
“What’s wrong?” Fred asked her.
“I forgot my purse in our booth.” She replied.
Let’s go back and get it then.” Velma said.
“No, no, you two go ahead, I’ll go back then meet you there.” Daphne told her.
Daphne started walking back to the room, suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed her arm.
She shook her arm loose, screamed, and ran the entire way back to the booth.

Back in the V.I.P. booth, Shaggy stood up, stretched, and asked “Like, Scoob, I need to stretch my legs, wanna go for a walk?”
“Rokay!” Scooby replied excitedly.
Just then they heard the scream, exchanged a quick glance, and both grabbed the end of the couch.
They started to walk it to the door to block it when it flew open, Daphne ran in, and slammed it closed behind her.
The twosome rammed the couch up against the door and turned to Daphne.
“L-l-l-like, please tell me it wasn’t you that just screamed.” Shaggy asked.
“Well I wish I could tell you it…JEEPERS!” Daphne yelled as the couch came across the room towards Her, Scooby, and Shaggy.
The door burst open behind it, Fred, Velma, Carl came rushing in followed by 2 guards.
“What happened? Who yelled?” Carl asked.
“That was me Mr. Trekwall, somebody grabbed my arm.” Daphne replied.

How will it all end?
Find out soon, when I post Part 3!

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Finally, the world is full of people who will be unnecessarily crappy to you.
Combat that by going out into the world and spreading a little kindness.
Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Abandoned Scooby-Doo Story Part 1 Of 3

I threw it out there on the Twitter last weekend that if this tweet (https://twitter.com/TheScoobyDoom/status/640497697636655104) got 22 RT’s by Wednesday I’d post a part of a Scooby story I started writing probably close to half my life ago on Sunday September 13th, the 46th Anniversary of the airing of first episode of Scooby-Doo.
Well, it didn’t make it by Wednesday…so I extended it to Thursday…which is a deadline it did make!
So all of you get to read a little summit summit from the ancient TS-D/JA Productions archives.

I’m gonna try to fix some of the spelling as I go, but it’s still not amongst my stronger points. Lol

After the story I’ll try to breakdown a few of the references that I can recall and do a bit of a wrap up.
Please note that I started writing this at a time when I was in a creative low place, I think that’s why everybody sounds so…angry.
Anyway, without any further yappin’ from me, here is part 1 Scooby-Doo And The Curse Of The Football Spectre!

Fred drove the Mystery Machine down the highway in route to the Coolsville Penguins football stadium.
“Freddie, are we there yet?” Shaggy asked.
“We’ll be there in 10 minutes, Shag.” He answered.
“Like, that’s great cause me and Scooby are totally starving back here.
We haven’t eaten in like 2 whole hours!” Shaggy told him.
“Fred, do you know who the Penguins are playing?” Velma asked.
“I think it’s the Buzzards, but they’re Shaggy’s tickets so ask him.” Fred replied.
“Like, yeah man, and did you guys know that if the Penguins win today we get tickets to the Bionic Bowl in 2 weeks.” Shaggy said.
“Hopefully they do win so we get to see Craig Walkerton help the Penguins win the Bionic Bowl!” Fred said.
“Who is Craig Walkerton anyway?” Asked Daphne.
“Well, He’s only the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the RFL.” Fred replied.
“What does RFL stand for Shaggy?” Velma asked him.
“Well, I think it stands for Real Football League or something like that.” He answered.
“No Shag, actually it stands for Regional Football League, not real.” Fred pointed out.
“Like, ya learn something new everyday.” Shaggy said with a laugh.

“So how far are we from the Igloo Dome now Freddie?” Velma asked.
“Just off this exit.” Fred replied as he turned the old van off the highway.
“Well we hope to get there soon so we can chow down on some of that great Stadium food, right Scooby?” Shaggy asked his pal.
“Yeah, yeah, Rot Dogs and Rizza, rummy!” Scooby answered licking his lips.
“Good thing for you two, because we’re here, Gang.” Fred told the moon pulled the Mystery Machine into a parking space.
The Gang all stepped out and began the long walk to the stadium.
They had almost made it to the ticket gate when a man came pushing his way through.
“Excuse me, sorry guys and gals.” Said a tall man in a red flannel shirt and black sweatpants.
“Oh, it’s alright.” Fred said, but the man had already ran too far away to hear it so the Gang continued their walk.

“May I have your tickets, please?” Asked the woman at the gate, with an obvious forced smile.
Shaggy handed them to her and she gave the rest of the Gang a slight look.
She examined the tickets and said “Oh, V.I.P.’s! Well then, up that ramp to the top, two doors down on the right, have a nice day!”
“You too, miss.” Fred said pleasantly.
“Yeah, right!” She said “Around here? Never…” She finished under her breath.
“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” Daphne said as they walked up the ramp to their box seats.

As they made it to the top of the stadium they were met by a man in a black business suit.
“Welcome, my name is Carl Trekwall and I own the Coolsville Penguins. Now one of you must be our contest winner, Mr. Norville Rogers?” He asked peeking at a tiny card in his palm.

Okay, before anybody give me any crap on the name Trekwall, let me explain! Haha
I’m not great at coming up with names.
So, at the time I wrote this I remember searching like a mad man for something to call this dude and I glanced over at my bookshelf.
On the shelf I had 2 X-Men novels: 1. X-Men: Watchers On The Walls
And right next to it 2. Star Trek TNG X-Men Planet X.
So I took Trek and Wall and mixed ’em for this.
Not the best, I know. Lol

Based on how this opens, I think it’s pretty obvious who my main writing influence was at the time.
James Gelsey, the dude @ScoobySnaxCom and I kept talking about in this months Typecast.
I think at one point I actually ran this story by @SpiderScooby hoping we could collaborate on it and post it on his site ScoobyFan.Net, but obviously that didn’t happen for some reason I clearly don’t recall.

The other thing I wanted to point out was the red flannel shirt and black sweatpants.
To some, that may be a very obvious reference, but if not…it’s a very hamfisted nod I threw in to the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.
No clue, other than I’m a huge WWE fan and I thought it was pretty funny.

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That’s all I have for ya this go round, gang.
Always remember, the world is a tough place full of crappy people trying to tear everybody down.
Combat that by putting some good into the world in anyway you can.
Thank you for reading!

Typecast #14: Doo You Feel Rucky? Well, Doo Ya, Runk?

This month we have another new kid on the block…NO, Not those fuckin’ 90’s relics with Marky Mark’s brother!
A dude you may know from the ScoobyAddicts.com board, one of the admins over there, or from his own site ScoobySnax1.Weebly.com, Doo/Wildwind Vampire is in the guest slot this month.

This conversation appears just as it was had, no edits have been made simply to maintain transparency and honesty.

For this Typecast he’ll be going by his twitter handle @ScoobySnaxCom, which will appear in red and link to his site http://scoobysnax1.weebly.com.
Now away we go!

ThatScoobyDoom: As is customary round these parts, lets start at the beginning.
How did you come to find the Doo?

@ScoobySnaxCom It actually started back all the way in the 80’s when USA was still airing Scooby on Saturday mornings.
I believe I watched my first episode when I was 4.
“Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts” was the first episode that I watched.
As a kid, I absolutely fell in love with Scooby and began watching more and more Scooby.
As of 2012, I’ve seen every Scooby-Doo episode, movie, and special ever made.


ThatScoobyDoom: Shit, that’s going back a ways in your life then.
Do you remember what it was specifically that hooked you in? Was it just “oooo, cartoon”, “hey look, puppy”, the spookiness of it, or some combination of those plus some others?

@ScoobySnaxCom: It was a mix of the spookiness/mystery aspects of the show, and the talking dog really was a cool concept to me back then!

I watched the show until I was about 13, then unfortunately the teenage years came and I felt embarrassed about still liking Scooby as I was becoming an adult.
I actually stopped watching for a while because I felt that I had to be “cool” and Scooby didn’t fit with that, so I completely abandoned the show for a while.
I didn’t start watching again until my senior year of high school when I realized I didn’t have to hide that I liked Scooby because I didn’t really care what anybody thought as much anymore.
In fact when I mentioned it to one of my friends, she mentioned that she also liked Scooby but hadn’t told anyone!

ThatScoobyDoom: Talking Dog peaked my interest too.

Alot of people seem to go through that with cartoons/comics/things that make them happy. Thankfully, from a young age, I was lucky enough to not really give a fuck what anybody thought of what I liked.
I remember some asshole in like 4th grade trying to mock me for having Scooby cupcakes for my birthday, I replied with some snide comment about his Mom not loving him enough to make him cupcakes.
He cried, I laughed.
I learned at a young age that people are dicks if you don’t fall in line with the rest of the sheep.

So yeah, I was fortunate enough to avoid that.
I’m basically the same dude now as I was then, I just say fuck alot more now.

I’ve never really had the chance to ask somebody this, do you regret that time away from the franchise when you look back now?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I really do regret 5 years away from the franchise, looking back, I wish I would have just kept watching the franchise and not gave a fuck what anyone thought, especially since I actually still liked the franchise.
But I forced myself not to like it because I was the kind of teenager that was like “oh my god, I MUST be popular! I will do ANYTHING to get people to like me!” It’s funny now because now I’m like the biggest nerd ever and just ignore the haters.

ThatScoobyDoom: As you bloody well should!
I’ve never understood the mentality of the bile spewing fuckwits.
If ya don’t like something, shit man, I’m sorry for ya, but to get up somebodies ass about it is nuts.
State your POV then fuck off, man.

So back then there wasn’t nearly as much going with the franchise as there is now, what fed your fandom?
Home Video wasn’t even super popular (not to mention, affordable) yet.

@ScoobySnaxCom: My level of fandom pretty much stayed the same until 2008, when I started getting involved with the Scooby communities online.
The first one I joined was ScoobyAddicts in July 2008.
I joined as “Doo” and started contributing in some of the threads, and really loved the forum.
It’s a great community and in fact is still my favorite Scooby forum (I even like it more than my own lol).
In 2010, ScoobyAddict, the owner of the forum, sent me a message on the forum asking me if I wanted to become an admin for the forum.
Of course, I accepted her offer.
In March, ScoobyAddict made both SpiderScooby and I admins on the forum.
I remember on my first day as admin I had to deal with a problem with a guy trying to get people to buy Scooby DVDs for him, and then send them to his house!

Luckily, it is pretty rare that we get spammers on the forum, the only couple I remember were this guy, someone who was demanding people to give him money, and someone who was asking people to hook up with her.
Oh, and there was the one guy who was being a total dick and harassing everyone on the forum for months.
It was so bad at one point that I had to even leave the forum for a few weeks because this guy was being such an ass, and his 2,000 posts were pretty much all harassment or bitchy remarks towards us admins.

I’ve really loved being a part of such a great community.
ScoobyAddict is amazing and I’ve enjoyed working SpiderScooby and j3h.
I’ve been on there 7 years as of a few weeks ago.

I actually even remember you signing up for the forum and being on for a few weeks!

ThatScoobyDoom: I think I told Scooby Addict this one of the times I talked too her, but yeah.
I was there from pretty much the beginning too, only I was a lurker.
Reading all the shit youse guys posted kinda helped me through some rough times.
I have no clue why I didn’t join, I guess cause I was relatively new to the net or somethin’.

Yeah, I’ve seen you all deal with a few like that.
SpiderScooby has dealt with some real fucktards in the comments on his site.
Jerk-offs jumping in trying to spoil the fun times and shit.
He had this one dill hole that just would not quit, he’d block his email and the dude would create more.
I swear, this numb nut got blocked no less than 8 times for just coming in and shitting on folks.
I think we lost a few folks because of it, not sure we’ve recovered them all.


I miss being able to post over there, I had a few short convos with SA there and a few other interactions and then that new design became the norm and fucked me outta posting.
My phones just can’t handle it.

Did you ever get any merch or anything back in the 80’s to feed your fandom?
Comics or anything?

@ScoobySnaxCom: We’ve had someone similar over at ScoobyAddicts recently, he’s created 6 accounts!
We’ve blocked IPs, global ID, email, everything, but he still finds a way to get back on and post these annoying videos.
I guess there’s always going to be idiots like that trying to ruin people’s fun.

Back in the 80’s I did buy a bunch of the Scooby comics, but I believe that was the only merchandise I bought.

ThatScoobyDoom: Dickheads.

Do you still have any of them?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I do have some really old ones, but haven’t been able to find them!

At first, I wasn’t buying Scooby comics at all, I just watched the series.
I think I might have been 10 when I got my first Scooby comic.

I began buying various Scooby VHSes in the 90s and early 2000s.
First one I ever bought was Scooby-Doo Meets the Harlem Globetrotters, which happens to have my all-time favorite episode “The Lochness Mess” on it.

Do you have a favorite Scooby episode/movie at all?

ThatScoobyDoom: My Ma thinks she may have more of the comics from the 70’s, but she’s yet to find them.
The comics really are what kept me a Scooby fan since, in the early days on my fandom, there wasn’t much beyond the DTV’s and the Gelsey books.
The theatrical movie was still a few years off, still no series, so every 1st Wednesday of the month I got me a 22 page fix.

Oh yes, I have that tape and I think I have the DVD release too.
I have a box full of all of my Scooby VHS’s next to my bed.

I’ve never been able to narrow it down to just 1 episode, but I do have a list of favorites from different series.
WAY: Haunted House Hang-Up
NS-DM: The Johnathan Winters ep
13 Ghosts: The comic strip ep
Pup: The Comic Con ep
WNS-D: A Scooby-Doo Halloween & A Scooby-Doo Christmas
S-D:MI: Mystery Solvers Club State Finals

As for favorite movie, still to this day, the first Scooby movie I ever saw remains my favorite.
Witch’s Ghost.
It’s a masterpiece, plus…come on, Tim Curry is fuckin’ awesome!

How about yourself?
You have a list beyond Lochness Mess?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I also have tons of the Gelsey books!
I think 60 if I remember right.

These are my faves by series:
WAY: Night of Fright is No Delight
NSDM: Lochness Mess
Scooby-Doo Show: Vampire Bats & Scaredy Cats (gotta love how dark this episode gets!)
Scrappy 1979: The Ghoul, the Bat and the Ugly
Scrappy shorts: Fit Night out for Bats
New SD and Scrappy Show: Wedding Bell Boos
NSDMysteries: Halloween Hassle at Dracula’s Castle
13 Ghosts: Scoobra Kadoobra (although Zomba was really a cool looking villain!)
Pup: Babysitter from Beyond
What’s New: SD Halloween
Get A Clue: Mystery of the Missing Mystery Solvers
SDMI: Theater of Doom

My favorite movie is probably a tie between Ghoul School and Boo Brothers.

I also love the Jonathan Winters ep that you mentioned!

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m guessing you’re including the ones outside of the Scooby-Doo Mysteries series?
Cause there were only…34-36 of those, but he wrote a few of the ones for the mail away book club and a few other series.
When I say “Gelsey books” I’m refering to the Mysteries series since that was all him, the other shit was always so damn hard to find for some reason.
I got most of those from Walmart.

I can’t really say for most of the Scrappy series because alot of that isn’t in DVD so I haven’t seen it in years.
The Richie Rich shorts are…unbearable for me though.
I remember being okay with them when that set came out but now? Woofah!

I like all of those Scrappy movies, Boo Brothers, Ghoul School, Reluctant Werewolf, but I never consider those movies.
I guess since they were before the DTV shit so I just call ’em specials. Lol
Which of the DTV movies is your favorite?

Lets dig in on those, starting with Ghoul School.
Do you remember when you first saw that?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I’m including all the ones Gelsey wrote, I think I have 20 or so of his that were outside of the Scooby-Doo Mysteries.
I think I bought the hard to find ones from a used bookstore.

Why don’t you like the Scrappy shorts?
Is it just because of the overbearingness of Scrappy, the real monsters, the gang not being in them, or something else?

My favorite DTV is Zombie Island, just cause it was so much darker and change from the normal mystery formula.

I’ve always thought of the Scrappy specials and Goes Hollywood as movies, but I think I’m one of the only fans that foes.

I never saw Ghoul School until they released it on DVD until 2002.

ThatScoobyDoom: I got the first 2 books from the book club out of a scholastic book order (that’s also how I got the first 4 Mysteries books), only one of those was Gelsey, and I didn’t have money the next month to get the next 2 books so I missed ’em.
I almost tried getting back into it a few months later, but didn’t for some reason.
Do you have a pic of the other books?
I’d like ta see what I’m missing.


It’s a mixture of Scrap being a huge pain in the ass and the format.
There was no mystery.
It was just the guys running into a creep then running away.
Just seems like there’s no point beyond wasting time, IMO.
And keep in mind, I actually like Scrappy.

I would probably like it more if I’d seen it before Witch’s Ghost.
Not that I don’t like it, mind you.
But ya dance with the one that brought ya, ya know what I mean? Those first 4 DTV’s are damn near perfect, just golden!

I guess it’s because they were TV specials, they just feel like long episodes to most folks.
Kinda like the What’s New era DTV’s.
Strangely I don’t look at The Mystery Begins as a Special though…I have weird lines, dude. Lol

Wasn’t the VHS out before that?
I could swear I saw it before 2002.

@ScoobySnaxCom: The VHS for Ghoul School was out in March 2001, and the movie was aired on TV in 1988.

I did miss the “mystery” aspect of the show in the Scrappy shorts, but I guess I tolerated it since it was Scooby.

The only thing I actually hate of Scooby is the Arabian Nights special…that was just…total shit.
Scooby was in like 5 min of the 69 minute special.

Do you have a fave of the Scrappy specials at all?

ThatScoobyDoom: Seriously?
Fuck, did they air it on Cartoon Network back before it was out on VHS?
It’s hard for me to believe that Special has only been in my life for 14 years, man.

I think that’s on of the many reasons I hate Get A Clue also.
No franchise, filmmaker, band, or anything has my loyalty that hard, almost everything has stumbled at some point in my view.
Star Wars has Attack Of The Clones, Kevin Smith has Chasing Amy, AC/DC has Fly On The Wall, and Scooby has those shorts, GAC, and a few DTV’s.
I try to put a positive spin on it (I think I said this when I talked with SA the first time) but it’s that shitty stuff that makes me appreciate the good so much more.

Yes, I actually defended that special to SpiderScooby a few years back…I recently rewatchd it…I must have been higher than a kite when I defended that fuckin’ thing.
Shit, they must have been high when they made it cause it sucks harder than a vacuum at a hooker convention.

No, not at all.
I’m not a huge fan of Boo Brother’s, but even at it’s worst it’s easily watchable.
The other 2 are solid as a rock.
Reluctant Werewolf is probably the one I’ve seen the most, but Ghoul School is so fuckin’ metal.
The Universal Monsters, come on?
What’s not to like.


@ScoobySnaxCom: I think they aired Ghoul School sometime in the 90s on CN.

Wow, you defended Arabian Nights?
What’s there even to defend?

I’ve always loved Boo Brothers…probably because it got us back to the mystery element in the show, and not just the guys running away for 7 minutes.

Revolta and the Universal monsters are awesome in this movie!!
I think that alone has made this my favorite Scooby movie.
Besides those probably the Grim Creeper and Sybella are my favorite characters.

ThatScoobyDoom: They had to of!

I saw it years before and remembered the animation being okay.
Upon rewatching it I saw that everybody was way off model, the story was pure shit (not to mention derivative as hell of many other things), and as cheap as Hanna-Barbera Productions notoriously are, this was beyond the norm.
I think I was just such a huge fan of H-B I was blinded to how horrible it was.

Again, I dig it, but I think with the Boo Brothers being the 3 Stooges as ghosts was a minus for me.
I’ve never been a huge fan of the Stooges, I mean I can definetly respect what they did and their place in comedy and comedy history, hell we wouldn’t have Tom & Jerry without them, but it’s just not really my bag, man.

I liked fish out of water aspect for Shag and Scoob too.
Stuck in a swampy hole in the middle of nowhere amongst these creatures that the just think are a quirky bunch.
Ripe for laughs!


@ScoobySnaxCom: The animation was fine for me in Arabian Nights but the plot line and the lack of Shaggy and Scooby just turned it into a terrible movie for me.

The 3 Stooge ghost thing never really bothered me much, but I’ve heard the argument before for why folks didn’t like it.
The southern stereotype thing with Billy Bob never actually bothered me either, but pretty much anyone who’s said they don’t like the movie has said this was the reason.

ThatScoobyDoom: It’s hard not to notice the animation for me, Shag looks kinda puffy and Scoob is a bit plain looking.
If not for the voices you could believably say they were new characters.

I wouldn’t say it bothered me that they are Stooges, it’s just not my cup of whiskey.
Billy Bob and his lady don’t bother me either, I know some get offended by some shit like that but that ain’t me.
I’ll give it up to that special though, they did something new for the franchise and it works for the most part.

Is there any special, movie, or episode you watch yearly?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Nah, I’ve never been one to be offended by the Southern stereotype thing either.
It’s a cartoon, and it’s not like they’re saying all Southerners are like that.
I agree that Boo Brothers does work, I don’t have anything that I don’t like about it.

I watch A Scooby-Doo Christmas every December and A Scooby-Doo Halloween and Goblin King every year on Halloween week.

I actually never realized that a lot of people hated Goblin King until I made a thread about it on ScoobyAddicts.
Almost everyone on there said it sucked, but I think it’s the best DTV besides Zombie Island.

What about you, got any yearly episodes or movies that you watch?

ThatScoobyDoom: No stereotypes bug me really, I think far too many people take far too much pleasure in being offended.

I watch A Scooby-Doo Christmas and Halloween every year on those respective holidays, for 10+ years running at this point.

I actually did watch Goblin King a few years in a row on Halloween.
That is a strange movie that I really need to be in the mood for.
I definetly don’t hate it, but I would put it on the lower end of the spectrum.
I like real monsters, but that was a step too far for me.
It was trying to be a bit too magical and I think that did it more harm than good.
I think it would have made a better 10-13 episode mini-series than a movie because it had too much going on, too much variety in theme and monsters, too much happening to do it all justice.
Ya know?

I also have taken to watching the pilot and TMB on September 13th every year.
Makes for a good celebration of the anniversary for me.

@ScoobySnaxCom: I’ve watched Goblin King every year since it came out on Halloween, the others I think I missed one year cause I had some other crap going on.

Wow, I’ve never thought of the mini series idea for Goblin King but that would actually be pretty cool!
It might have given it less of a shitty reputation if WB would have done it that way instead.

I used to watch Zombie Island on Halloween every year but stopped for a while.
I did watch it again though last year because I was writing a fanfic on what would have happened if the gang stayed broken up after the events of Zombie Island.

ThatScoobyDoom: I think it would’ve definetly worked in it’s favor.
As it is it’s just too much at once, it needs more time to breath.
It would have been a good way to bridge the gap between GAC & SD:MI, even if it was only 6 episodes.
It would’ve given them 40 minutes more to do they story justice.

I think Ross used to watch ZI on Halloween, it’s a good movie for that time of year.
So is Witch’s Ghost, both have a good fall feel.
Warm color palate.
Did you ever finish that story?

Oh, I just thought of this, I try to watch Big Scare In The Big Easy (the Mardi Gras What’s New ep) every Mardi Gras too.
That chase song that was in the first Theatrical movie fits it really well!

@ScoobySnaxCom: I ended up putting 2 parts of that story up on my site, and started writing the third part but never finished it yet.

That’s a really unique tradition, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone doing that before.
I’ve always thought the chase song (Man with the Hex) fit well with the episode too.

ThatScoobyDoom: Link ’em up, foo!

I never woulda guessed that’d be unusual. Lol
Seems an obvious choice to me.

I wanna ask you something I think I asked SA, what would you say is your favorite piece of Scooby merch you own?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Www.scoobysnax1.weebly.com/scooby-fanfiction.html

That’s a tough question!
I’d have to say the older 80’s Scooby comics.
I wish I could find them though!
What about you?

ThatScoobyDoom: Nice!
Do you have an outline that you’re working from or are you just winging it, letting it flow forth, and seeing what happens?

My answer remains the same, my collection of Gelsey Mysteries series books or the WAY complete series set.
That set is simply fucking amazing in it’s packaging alone.

@ScoobySnaxCom: I’m actually just completely winging it, writing down whatever comes into my head.
I do a read through before I finish the story and take out whatever parts I feel that could be done without.
I’ve seen and read a few of the stories you’ve written on your site.
I’m curious, do you do something similar to what I just described or do you have a different method?

I’ve never actually bought the complete WAY set!
I have the Season 1 and 2 box set, and then the Season 3 one separately, so I didn’t buy it because I didn’t want to spend money on episodes I already had.

ThatScoobyDoom: I do pretty much the same as you.
Usually I have an opening line that pops into my head and go from there.
I have a Batman universe video that will be up for a little bit by the time this gets posted called Confessions Of A Two-Faced Joker that starts “Yet another explosion rocked the building, same as they always do”.
I’ll go deeper into it when I do the break down of that video in a few months, but that line popped into my head along with a line about the walls being spider webbed with cracks.
I had no intention of that being about Batman but it just kinda turned that way over the 5 days I wrote it.
If I work from an outline it usually cripples me cause I try to stick to it, I grow to like the idea and put so much into the outline that by the time the outline is done I just lose intrest.
But then, like with the Channel Surfing videos I do bare bones segment breakdowns then let the segments percolate for a while and build in my head until finally I get a pencil in hand and it all bursts forth.
So I try to just let it flow and see where it takes me.

That 2-part (so far) short story that I have posted was just a challenge to myself to write something completely fucked up and deranged.
I wrote it in my email and sent it to myself, part 1 went through like 3 revisions before I posted it, nothing big it was mostly slight rewordings to make it seem creepier.
I had Part 3 over half done and saved as a draft and my email deleted it.
So now I gotta start from scratch on the one, thankfully I remember the 1 really disgusting part.

Hope that answers your question. Lol

I think it’s probably not worth it if you already have both sets, but I never got the 1st set so it was infinetly worth it too me.
The bonus disc has some cool shit, but nothing groundbreakingly mindbending that you need to rebuy it.
But it is pretty fuckin’ sweet.

@ScoobySnaxCom: The same thing happen to me if I try to stick to an outline, I get so obsessed with sticking to the outline that I feel like I can’t write what I want because it doesn’t fit with the outline, so I just stop writing it out of boredom.

That sucks about your draft getting deleted!
I had that happen once with my site, I spent like 4 hours working on the character page, then forgot to save it and logged out.
When I logged back in the next day, everything was gone.

I’ve always been the person who buys all the cheap volume sets before the larger, better set comes out.
For example, I bought all the SDMI volumes and then like 2 weeks later they announced a complete season set.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yep, that’s pretty much it.
I tend to overbloat the outlines sometimes too, perfect example is that Superman story here on the site.
I had such big plans for it and it just collapsed under its own weight.

I saved it too, but my phone’s just an asshole.

I did that with What’s New and the burned me, I didn’t do it with Pup and it worked out.
SD:MI was just too fuckin’ awesome for me to be able to resist buying the 4 ep sets, but thankfully they moved on to 13 ep sets so I didn’t feel like they screwed us over by doing season sets.
I’d like the season sets, but I’m good with the other for now.

So tell me how your site came about.
What prompted you to launch?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I was looking around the Internet one day for different Scooby sites and saw that most of the Scooby sites had all their content copied from other sites (mainly ScoobyAddicts, ScoobyFan.net, and Wikipedia).
It just made me think that there really aren’t that many Scooby sites out there that aren’t copied.
I thought about it for a while, and decided that I wanted to create my own site that gave people my viewpoint and take on the show, not what someone copied off Wikipedia.
A 10 year old could do that.
I think you and ScoobyAddict talked about this, but I found some sites that were literally an exact copy of ScoobyAddicts.
So in June 2014, I began constructing and making pages on the site throughout the Summer.

On September 3, 2014, the site went live.
I just mentioned casually on the ScoobyAddicts forum that I had created my own Scooby site.

That next day, I logged back on to ScoobyAddicts only to find that I had like 15 private messages.
I opened them all up, they were all hate messages about my site.
In fact, not a single positive one.
I had a few accuse me of trying to upstage ScoobyAddict and said I was trying to steal everybody off of her site.
One called me a slimeball and said that I shouldn’t show my face on the forum anymore.
The rest said “why would an admin on this forum feel the need to create a site AND a forum?” which made me pissed, because SpiderScooby is an admin has both a site and forum and no one’s ever said anything to him for that.
How is my situation any different from his?

I had already had a shitty day before I even came on the forum, so this didn’t help.
What made it even worse is that all the members who sent me those horrible messages were all people I respected and liked.
I remember ScoobyAddict or one of the other admins asking me for names of the people who sent me those messages so they could be dealt with, but for whatever reason I decided to protect those guys and refused to give out names.
Maybe it’s cause I still had some respect for them, I don’t know, but to this day I’ve never told anybody who sent the messages.

At this point I felt outraged and hurt that people would feel that I would make the site just to upstage ScoobyAddict, because it simply wasn’t true.

I looked on the main (public) forum, and saw that one of my fellow admins had posted what I took to be a somewhat rude message about my site.
At this point, I couldn’t take any more.
I’m not at all proud of this next part.

In response, I posted a message that was like 10-paragraphs long publicly challenging him.
I’m not gonna say what I posted, but it was basically 10 paragraphs of bitchy comments towards him.
If I had to paraphrase, the message was basically saying “fuck off.” At the end of the message, I was so angry I said ” So you’re saying I’m not wanted on this forum anymore? Fine, then I’m outta here” or something along that line.
The message was so embarrassing I can’t even read it again.
Of course, I could never leave the forum, but I actually didn’t log on for 3 weeks and considered leaving and just moving on.
Words can’t describe how embarrassed I was about posting that message for everyone to see.

We both apologized to each other after those 3 weeks and have become friendly again, which I’m really glad about.

I kinda got off topic there so I’ll get back to the site here now.
The site has been pretty quiet since it started, I only have one regular commenter on there, and I’m really grateful that he has been such a great supporter of ScoobySnax.com.
I made him an admin on my forum, and he’s been a really great help!
I’m so grateful for Scoob16, without him, my site would be pretty much dead.
I did have another admin, but I haven’t heard from her since last October.
But she’s been busy with college, so I completely understand.

I’m still working on a few things on my site, in fact I finished the movie guide while I was waiting for you to email me back the first night we started this, but I still have a lot to work on.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d say the reason SS hasn’t had much flak about his site would be because he’s had it since before most of those folks even signed up for SA’s board.
As for his forum, he basically shut that down because nobody besides me used it.

But it’s funny, when I first saw your site, never once did I look at it and think “who does this asshole think he is?”.
I saw you weren’t just copying shit from SA & SS so I thought it was great!
I’ve not made it a secret about my disappointment with WB and their general lack of marketing in regard to Scooby.
So the way I see it, even if you reach one person, it’s fuckin’ worth it, man.
Because I’ll tell ya, the general public doesn’t really have a clue that Scooby is still rolling strong.

And since you bring up people being dickhead, I said this in either my WrestleMania Mystery defense article or in my review of the movie, but what is up with Scooby fans?
The Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is a notoriously pissy, closeminded, and just plain bitchy bunch, but since WM was announced I’ve noticed some segments of Scooby fandom are just as bad if not worse.
Some of these folks are just too fuckin’ bitchy for their own good.
Snapping at people over small shit that doesn’t matter.
My first guess was that most of them ar kids who don’t want change, but I learned very quickly from reading some of the vitriol on SA’s board and SS’s site that most of these fuckers are near my age, mid 20’s.
As we talked about earlier, just gotta learn to ignore these dick heads.

What are your plans for the future of your site?
Where are you hoping to reach?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Yeah, way too many people just copy others’ content and then call it their’s.
One of the sites that I visited had an episode guide that had a message at the top that said “I hate people who just copy stuff from Wikipedia, so I never do that, I write my own things.” When I looked at the summaries, all of them were copied from Wikipedia.
Better yet, a few of the summaries were ones that I wrote and put on Wikipedia!

I’d never read your WrestleMania defense post but I just read it, and I totally agree with you there.
I’ve found it surprising too that the people are in their mid-20s.
A few though you can tell are pretty young, on SA’s board I’ve had a 10 year message me like 20 times asking why we’ve banned him, when in reality he’s just lost his password every time.
I think he’s created at least 10 accounts.

I’m going to leave Weebly eventually and get my own domain.
Weebly was more of just a starting point for me to get some of the info I wanted down.

My site is slowly becoming one of the more well-known Scooby sites, which I’m glad about.
I’ve actually gotten multiple emails through my contact form recently saying how much people love my site.
I’ve been glad people haven’t been abusing the contact form, I know SA was having problems with some people abusing her contact form for a while and I was worried people would do that to mine too.
No one did it yet, except one person who was oddly trying to convince me that P. Diddy, Kanye West and Jay-Z had teamed up to sell insurance together.
I think I might have posted it on Twitter just cause it was actually pretty hilarious so you may have seen it.

I’m glad that the odd rumors that I was trying to upstage the other Scooby sites has stopped.
I don’t understand why people believed that, but like we’ve been talking about there are some people who are asses out there.
I’ve even considered asking SS and SA to collaborate on a Scooby project together between our sites for Scooby fans, and probably will sometime this year.

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I’ve also started writing Scooby quizzes for Funtrivia.com in addition. http://www.funtrivia.com/profile/Ascoobus.html

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it’s beyond frustrating that these assholes wholesale steal from folks just because they’re to damn lazy to be original.
It’s a hard thing to police to because unless somebody points it out too you there’s a good chance you’ll never even know which is frightening too me.

Good lord.
That’s gotta be a pain in the ass. Lol

I’d like to get my own as well before somebody snatches it up but I lack the money and knowledge as to how to go about it.
I’m not the most tech savvy.

One of the things that impressed me about you and your site is that you’ve actually named ScoobyFan.net and ScoobyAddicts.com in a section or 2 of your site.
I think if you were just trying to steal their thunder you’d be a fuckin’ idiot to even think about mentioning their sites.
Why promote the perceived competition?
So you got points from the start for that in my book.

Oh yes, I saw that.
Was funny.

Nice, I’ll hafta check that out!

What are you expecting from the future of the franchise?

@ScoobySnaxCom: It’s even more of a pain in the ass seeing as he’s been doing it consistently since August of 2012. Lol

I’ve even said that I like being a part of their sites as much, if not more, than my own on multiple pages of my site, so you’d have to be a complete idiot to think that I’d say that and still try to compete with them.

I’d like another series like SDMI, that was amazing!
I’m looking forward to Be Cool too!


My most sincere hope for the franchise is that it will continue to evolve and produce new series and movies despite the somewhat closed minded fans.
I also hope they move on a bit with the Fraphne thing.
I’ve seen a lot of (what I assume to be) teenage girls hating every single thing that’s not Fraphne related and saying stuff like “FRAPHNE IS LIFE! SLAYYY ME FRAPHNE!!!!” I don’t know if you have seen the latest KISS movie so I won’t ruin it if you haven’t, but there’s a lot of Daphne being obsessed with Starchild and Fred being jealous.
I wouldn’t mind if they did the Fraphne storyline occasionally, but it’s become constant now and it’s getting a little annoying.

What are you hoping for the franchise?

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh good god! Lol

My site doesn’t compete with them at all, but I do feel a wee bit of guilt in how this site has distracted me from helping Ross with promotion, ideas, and writing over there.
But, and I think I told SA something similar to this, I think the lot of us can and should group together and do shit like this to help one another out.
As we’ve seen with Scooby recently with the WWE & KISS movies, cross promotion works!

I said this on twitter back when it was announced, but I was open minded about it up until they announced the new Velma.
I’ve never been a huge fan of that chick.
The hipster shit about their clothes mixed with her have made me okay with the fact that I’m gonna miss it.
I’m not gonna harp on my dislike of her or the series, I hope it does well.
But everything I’ve seen just makes me think it ain’t for me.

I’m not into the relationship nonsense, it’s one of the things that caused Curse Of The Lake Monster to suck.
I think how it was handled in the first 4 DTV’s where Fred and Daph were kinda assumed to be together and there wasn’t much attention shined on it worked best.

What I would like is a live-action series.
I think if you got somebody like Tony Cervone involved to spearhead it and actually put forth a great effort it could rock.
And if not that, I’d like another hour long series.
Given how TV animation has changed in pacing and whatnot, it’d be nice to see more complex stories.
And if they go full NSDM with it it’d be brilliant promotion in this social media landscape to get known “stars” (even if they use people that I don’t necessarily like) on who have a following and can get the word out.

I also wanna know what’s up with the theatrical movie/movies?
(*Editors Note* Since we did this Typecast, Tony Cervone has been announced as the director for an animated Scooby-Doo film to be released on September 21st 2018.
You can read more details here or on @ScoobySnaxCom’s site here)

@ScoobySnaxCom: I don’t really know that much about Kate or her career.
I saw her on Big Bang as Raj’s girlfriend, but that’s about it.
I’ve always been a really optimistic kind of person, so I’ll definitely give the series a try.
The designs look very weird though.

I’m okay with the relationship stuff if they handle it right.
But with SDMI’s first 22 episodes, it wasn’t handled well at all.
Lake Monster just seemed like they were trying to copy SDMI.
I liked how it was handled in the first DTVs too, they were together but it wasn’t thrown in your face like they did in SDMI.

A live action series would be cool, especially if Tony Cervone was involved.
I would love to see another New Scooby-Doo Movies, I really liked everything about that series.

Nothing more’s been announced with the live action movie, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
There supposedly is going to be a 22-minute special in LEGO animation later this year.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen her on that and on a few other things in bit parts, I wasn’t impressed.
The designs are fine by me though.

I’m with ya there, I really wanted to hold Velma’s head under til the bubbles stopped in season 1.
I read an interview SA did with 1 of the producers (I think) and he tried explaining why they did it, but in the end it was a misstep. She was just too overbearing.
Love sick Daphne and the oblivious, dullard, and some what idiot savant Fred being clueless to her advances was a touch too much as well.
I love that series, it’s by far my favorite, but they had quick a few kinks in the first season.

I think it’s got great potential, they could adapt some old eps and work in a storyline or new details to give you something old with something new.
Make it familiar but different.

And it’s been some time, makes me wonder if it’s even still in the cards over at the WB.
Yes, that Lego special is coming next month when the Lego sets are officially released.
I keep saying it, but holy hell I hope this shit does well enough for us to get a Lego Scooby game!

@ScoobySnaxCom: I’ve gotten more used to the designs as we’ve seen more pics, but at first, it was a bit of a shock.

I agree, the first season was very flawed.
Glad they took that stuff out for the second season.
The Daphne/Fred thing didn’t annoy me as much in this series.

Wait, next month?
I don’t think I heard about that!
We are getting Scooby in the LEGO Dimensions game that’s coming out September 27.

ThatScoobyDoom: I mean, I was surprised at how different it looked, but I got over it quickly.
I like seeing new interpretations of the characters, it’s refreshing.
The style of the opening from Abra would have made a cool series.

I think it was more understandable because of everything Fred was going through, but even so it did get a bit soap operay.

I’m 90% sure that’s when it’s coming. (*Editors Note* I was dead wrong, no word yet on when the special will be released)
That sounds pretty freakin’ sweet too!
Those type of games confuse my old man brain, but sounds cool.

@ScoobySnaxCom: I got over it too, as I did with Get A Clue.
Although I hope they make this series better than Get a Clue, I didn’t mind that series too much.
It certainly was my least favorite Scooby series though.

I’m really excited for both the special, the sets and the game!
Not sure if you are a Simpsons watcher but I liked the style they did the “Brick Like Me” Lego episode in, and would like to see something similar happen with this Scooby special.

ThatScoobyDoom: I couldn’t get over GAC, it had to many hurdles to jump.
Is there anything Scooby you find unwatchable?

I’ve not been a regular simpsons watcher in years, but I saw that.
That was great!
But I think the special will be more in line with what the Star Wars specials have been.
It’d be great if they did a series of specials because it seems most don’t really like the current DTV specials, I’ve only seen the Olympic and Christmas ones but I liked both.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Arabian Nights sucked, and I can’t watch Ghastly Goals because of the horrible animation quality, but other than that I don’t dislike anything Scooby related.
Although Music of the Vampire was very poor in my opinion, in fact that’s the only Scooby movie that I’ve only watched one time, but it’s not completely unwatchable.
What about you, is there anything Scooby that you can’t stand?

Spooky Games and Haunted Holidays were good, Spooky Scarecrow was okay but Shaggy and Scooby were just running away from the scarecrow for like half the special, so that annoyed me a bit.
Mecha Mutt was great, Ghastly Goals looked like they spent 3 cents animating it.
I haven’t seen Beach Beastie yet.

ThatScoobyDoom: We kinda talked about mine, but GAC, The shorts, & Arabian Nights are all on my list.
I wasn’t a big fan of Phantosaur either.
Music Of The Vampire has always had me conflicted I’m not a musical fan so it had that against it from the jump, but the animation on it is simply fuckin’ amazing.
The story is pretty weak, but I liked that they stretched and tried something new.
I don’t like it much but I gotta give it up, that movie did cool interesting shit.
It was also the last movie (with the exception of WrestleMania Mystery) that I was able to get so I’ve seen it alot.

What about Moon Monster (Mega Mondo Mushy Master Munchausen Mushroom) Madness?
I haven’t seen it, but not many liked that, where do you fall on it?

I only saw Haunted Holidays on YT, but I liked it more.
I think Spooky Games was really good but I think not having the ability to use the Olympics hurt it, they were trying to cash in on the Olympics but didn’t want to pay the licensing fee or whatever the case may be.
If it had been animated better would Ghastly Goals rank higher?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Lol!
I fall in the “meh” category for Moon Monster Madness.
The plot was thin and predictable and I didn’t really find any of the jokes funny (they all seemed more for young kids).
The part where Daphne was slapping her hair in Velma’s face for nearly a full minute made me cringe.
Although the villain and some of the plot was good.
I felt like the storyline, villain and mystery could have been great…they just went the wrong way with it.

Slightly higher only.
The plot was still extremely thin and it felt like they put ten minutes into it.
Everything was predictable and it felt like the plot could have gone somewhere but never did.

ThatScoobyDoom: I think it’s interesting… definitely weird, but interesting none the less…that they went to space.
As shitty as every makes it seem I’ll gladly watch it some day if I can.
Same goes for Ghastly.

Would you agree these last 15 or so years have been packed with some of the best Scooby we’ve ever gotten?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I’m guessing your one of the people who doesn’t like to watch the “non-licenced” versions of the movies online?
These are all online for free and I know many Scooby fans have been watching them that way.

I would say so, I think the franchise is going stronger than it’s ever been.
We got Zombie Island, SDMI and many other great DTV movies that we’ve never gotten before.

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t watch them with my cheap phone, but even if I could I probably wouldn’t.
Something about online shit like that rubs me the wrong way.
But I never had a problem with burning a CD or something like that.
I guess it’s the global scale of it all that bothers me.
Unless it was on YT, I’d watch it there…it’s complicated. Lol

Damn straight.
I wish we could get some more books though.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Ummm..ok. Lol.
Why’s YouTube so different for you?
It’s still technically illegal.

I miss the Gelsey books!
In college I used to look forward to them coming out!

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t know, man! Lol
It’s the exact same thing, but YT just doesn’t seem as bad for some reason to me.
Like I said, it’s complicated.

Me too, so much!
Those were my introduction to Scooby, so of course I miss them.
But I’d love it if they’d get him to do some 200 pagers.
Basically what I want is a novel series that’s the prose equivalent of SD:MI.
A deep, layered, multi-part story.
SD:MI gave me everything I wanted from a series, now I just need a book series that’s similar and I can die a happy man.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Introduction meaning you read them before you saw any of the TV series?

I had always wished for 200-300 pagers too!
I loved the 60 pagers but I always wanted more of a storyline.
Throw in some SDMI, and that would be really damn amazing!

Hey, do you have that never before released Gelsey book “Scooby-Doo’s High Flying Adventure?” I managed to get that one a few years ago.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yes!
Scooby-Doo and the Howling Wolfman was what made me a Scooby fan!

That has been my dream for many years.
Because as much as I love TV, Film, & Comics, my true love lies with Novels.
And I love Media Tie-In novels.
MONK, Psych, Burn Notice, Smallville, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, these are all great franchises that I’ve been a huge fan of for years but some of my favorite experiences with these franchises have been through novels.

Yes I do!
And I actually shouldn’t have it!
One of the only things I liked about my school experience.
I was in 4th or 5th grade and my teacher (like all but my Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers) was a lazy asshole that didn’t want to handle the Scholastic Book Orders, she had a stack of the fuckin’ things but never passed them out.
One of the mom’s of a girl in my class had told the teacher that all she had to do was pass them out and then if anybody wanted to order anything just fill out the forms and give them to her daughter.
Teacher was too lazy to even do that.
So I asked her if I could go through them and shockingly she said yes.
Some how she had some for a grade or 2 below us too.
So anyway, I went through them and spotted that and I have almost a photographic memory when it comes to book covers and shit and I jumped on that sum bitch.
I cherish that book to this day, because due to this harpies laze I landed an extremely rare book!

How’d you get it?
Used bookstore or online?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Wow!
That’s really cool!

I had a 2nd grade teacher like that…in fact she treated me (and the rest of the kids) so terribly that I remember coming home begging my parents to get me out of her class.
Within the first week of school I got out of that class and ended up getting a great teacher.
I remember that at the end of the school year she was fired for verbally mistreating a kid with autism, and quickly replaced.

I got it online.
The guy selling it didn’t even know it was rare, so I ended up getting it for $0.01!
That was really great to get such a rare book for so cheap!

ThatScoobyDoom: Through out my school career, with the exception of K and my 2nd 1st grade teacher, I never had great experiences with teachers.
Most of them were bitter old bitches that were stuck in an endless loop.
2nd grade on it was horrible.
There was 1 4th grade teacher that was an awesome old lady but she retired at the end of my 3rd grade year so I got stuck with yet another crabass.

Holy shit!
That’s awesome!
I think the book orders were slightly below retail, but not that cheap!

Did you happen to get those 3 novels that came out a few years ago by Kate Howard?
The Hotel Of Horrors, The Frozen Giant, & The Haunting Of Pirate Cove?

@ScoobySnaxCom: I also ended up getting free shipping as part of the Amazon Prime program!

I never did manage to get those.
Someday I will though!
Do you have those?

ThatScoobyDoom: Noice!

I did.
I read the first one, Hotel Of Horrors, and may have posted a review somewhere.
It was actually pretty good.
I wish they woulda published more than 3, even though I haven’t read the other 2.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Was it as good as the Gelsey books?
Some of those “Scooby-Doo & You” books not written by Gelsey weren’t as interesting.

ThatScoobyDoom: As good?
Probably not, but that’s not to say it’s not good.
I mean, the quality of these books is alot cheaper, not the crisp white pages and colored art of the Mysteries series.
But the first is good as I recall, held my attention.
Worth the time I think.

Well sir, is there anything else you wanna say about Scooby and the gang?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Yeah, I didn’t like the downgraded quality of the Scooby-Doo and You series either.
Which one of these have you read?

I really hope that Be Cool Scooby-Doo and the WWE movie are as good as the previous series and movies!

Thank you so much for having me, this has been fun!

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s always a problem for me because I don’t think they dropped the price.
But when DC started printing the Scooby comic on better paper you better believe they raised the price on that motherfucker from $2.50 to $2.99.
I have The Case Of The Glowing Alien and The Case Of The Bigfoot Beast, which are supposed to be the first 2 but I have no idea.
I haven’t read them in at least 10 years so I don’t even remember how good those 2 are.
I do remember Tracey West wrote alot of Pokèmon books though.

I hope the WWE movie still gets made!

Thanks for doin’ it, man.
Like I told SA, with the exception of Ross, it’s rare that I can go deep into Scooby and not lose the person I’m talkin’ to.
It’s nice to expand that circle a little wider.

I’ll gladly have you back if you want.

@ScoobySnaxCom: The order on that series is confusing!
I always thought Glowing Alien was #1 and Theater Phantom was #2, but I could be wrong.

I hope so too!
There’s been rumors around the Internet that they’re going to edit out Hogan and replace him with another wrestler, but I have no idea if that’s true or not.

No problem, I really enjoyed doing this!
I’d love to come back for another one!

ThatScoobyDoom: I have no bloody clue, man.
I’ll have to investigate it indepth, but I was basing my guess on how they came from the book club.

Based on how WWE is distancing themselves from him, it’s almost certain they will.
They have pulled most mentions of him from their site and pulled the announcement video he did.
I have no clue who they can replace him with either.

Right on.
As we start wrapping up, I have 1 last book question for you.
Did you get those Scooby “guide” books?
The guide to life and the guide to school?

@ScoobySnaxCom: Wow…to be honest I’ve never even heard of those guide books.
Are they worth getting?

ThatScoobyDoom: Yes and no.
For us collectors, fuck yeah.
For everybody else, not really.
They are really kiddie, but I remember loving them as a kid.
There is a Scooby Snack recipe in the life guide that I always wanted to try, now that I’m old enough to do it on my own I just might hafta give it a whirl.

I think you’d probably dig ’em though.
I keep meaning to read them again.

@ScoobySnaxCom: I may have to pick those up sometime.
The Scooby Snack recipe sounds interesting!

ThatScoobyDoom: Doesn’t SA has a recipe or a link to one one her site?
If so, I should probably compare them.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Yes she does!
It’s in the Fun Stuff section of her site.

ThatScoobyDoom: I just checked, that’s a totally different recipe than the one in the Guide To Life.
I wanna try ’em both, man!

Well sir, I appreciate you takin’ the time to come round and talk Scooby with me.
It’s been great fun and you are welcome back anytime ya want.

@ScoobySnaxCom: Me too!

I’ve really enjoyed this too.
Thank you for having me!
Like I said, I’d be happy to do another one with you sometime!


Once again, I wanna thank Doo/WildWindVampire for taking the time to do this Typecast.
Dude has become a good supporter of me and TS-D/JA Productions and I truly appreciate it.

Do me a favor and show him some support by following him on twitter: http://twitter.com/ScoobySnaxCom
Visiting his site: www.scoobysnax1.weebly.com
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And finally!
The world is a shitty place full of people who will try to tear you down at every turn.
Combat all of that by going out and spreading a bit of goodness, we can all use some.

Thank you for reading!

Typecast #10: Doom-vengers Assemble!

Again, things are gonna be a bit different this time around.
Everybody that I’ve done a Typecast thus far is back for a rapid fire round of fun.
Basically, you’re getting 4 Typecasts for the price of one!

Everybody’s names appear in red and link to their respective sites, twitters, and podcasts.
@TESDGroupie‘s links to her Twitter http://twitter.com/TESDGroupie
SpiderScooby‘s links to his site http://ScoobyFan.Net.
@ScoobyAddict‘s links to her Twitter http://Twitter.com/ScoobyAddict.
@Fitzman73‘s links to his podcast Just Jump To The End.

These conversations appear just as they were had, all flaws intact and no edits to maintain honesty.

First up is @TESDGroupie, to talk MallRats 2, and away we go!


ThatScoobyDoom: I was gonna get all eloquent and wax rhapsodically but fuck dat noise, Mallrats 2!
Are you as out of your goddamn mind excited for it as I am???

@TESDGroupie: More than excited, I was surprised at first… it sort of came unexpectedly… but now that I’ve seen Jason Lee’s picture (in his instagram no less) I’m so in!!!
What is making you so excited?

ThatScoobyDoom: I was shocked when I heard the rumblings too, but before I could google it Gigliotti tweeted a link confirming it.
I can’t explain how excited I was!
Is that the pic that Kev tweeted of Lee?

That’s a hard question to answer.
It might be because Mallrats was the first View Askew movie I saw, it might be because the cast was so damn strong, it might be because there are so many possiblities for the story.
Hell, it might even be because the story grew out of Kev wanting to feel a connection with Jim Jacks after falling out of contact with the dude.
I don’t know, but I’m almost more excited for this than I am for Clerks III…and I am so fuckin’ ready for that!

Have you been able to nail down what exactly it is that has you so fired up for it?

@TESDGroupie: Yes, it was the same picture Kevin tweeted.

We always have attachment to the things that connected with us growing up, no matter what they were and where we are from.
I always loved the friendships: Jay and Silent Bob and especially TS and Brodie, and how ordinary days can be not so ordinary.
I have a terrible curiosity about the direction it will take, as you say there are so many options.
Actually the fact that Shannen Doherty has said yes made me more curious, cause I am not sure where that may lead to.
Can’t wait for more details and people, but I’m sure Kevin will fill us in as time goes by.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s very true.
And I connected with Mallrats in a big way.
Right around the time I started getting into comics hardcore about 10 years ago.

It will be interesting to see if Kev can tap into that same goofy plainness that he used for Clerks & Mallrats and that we haven’t really seen since.

Doherty coming back does add a very interesting wrinkle.
Do you really think Brody and Renee are still together 20 years later?
I feel like they would have stayed together for like 5-10 years and probably gotten a divorce.

So far we know Rooker, Stan Lee, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Doherty, Jay, and Silent Bob are all coming back (with another possible reveal tomorrow), who are you most excited to see returning?

@TESDGroupie: I really hope for that goofy plainness… in a way I think it’s what made it so charming.
I think the logic answer is that Brody and Renne are not still together, just can’t picture it.
You are optimistic, I think 5 years is way too long πŸ™‚ But may be they are and it would be an interesting take on it.
I know by now how people settle when you grow into middle age… maybe this is the time when all that explodes and one of them goes #YOHO on things Of the peole on, I’m interesting in Ethan Suplee… curious to know what the take would be.
Of the non-announced yet, certainly I would love to see Steve-Dave and Fan Boy, and Jeremy London.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I really hope it doesn’t get too complicated.
It did add to the charm, it was more simple than even Clerks in some ways.
2 dudes, no jobs, just fucking off in a mall.

Hahaha, really?
You think even 5 years is too much?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Willam became a College Professor? Lol
Seeing that goddamn sailboat may have opened up the world to him.

I think Bry and Walt are almost a lock, I missed them in Clerks II.
What do you think Steve-Dave & Fan Boy are up too now?

@TESDGroupie: Sometimes I just sit and have a good time, laugh and forget the outside.
Simple is definitely underrated and some times it’s unappreciated.
Sorry, but she seems a bit unbearable and entitled at times, and that can fed up people.
Sounds too crazy?
That is what I like about William being back… the possibilities are endless.
And being a College Professor would be an awesome idea!
I love Steve-Dave & Fan Boy so much (not too mention TESD,as you may know, lol) that I wish things stay as close as the same as possible: just hanging in malls, around comic book stores and bickering.
It would be comforting for me.
I don’t ask for much, right?
Did you have anything in mind for them?
I hope Walt has a second appearance as a wink to Mallrats.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m with you, simple can be better sometimes.
And I love his more complicated stuff too.

I agree with that too.
And keep in mind, she dumped Brodie that morning and was already with Hamilton by noon!
Met his Mom and everything!
Not like she’s too trustworthy!

I’d like to see Steve-Dave and Fan Boy progress a bit, maybe owning a comic shop, doing something besides just being outraged about silly shit.

Do you think T.S. and Brandi are still together?

@TESDGroupie: I wish they are.
He is willing to fight for her when it is her father that is against it, it’s so endearing.
But I am not sure, there may be more things separating them than joining them, but they being together would mean love wins at the end.
And who doesn’t want to see that?
Too girly?
What’s your take on them?

ThatScoobyDoom: I think their chances are far better than Brodie and Renee’s.
They, for the most part, seem to like one another.
Sure, they have some problems, but nothing they can’t overcome just so long as they stick together.

Do you think Mr. Svenning is still hating T.S. after all these years?

@TESDGroupie: That sounds like I could have said it πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure if he hates him, but certainly the dislike still exists. One you set your mind that he is not good enough for your precious daughter, nothing will make it good enough. I am certain that he is more subtle about it, and if he tries things, it is going to be in a more concealed way.

By the way have you seen??? … https://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith/status/581450106920042497

ThatScoobyDoom: Hahaha, thanks!

I don’t know, He and Brodie seemed high on his shit list.
Hard to imagine him ever coming to terms with him being his son in law.
To quote @NeilGat, he’s about as subtle as surprise prision rape.

I was gonna send that to you, I saw it about an hour after he posted that.
I like how he’s revealing a returning cast member every day or so.

@TESDGroupie: Maybe he will not be as subtle, maybe I see it from my perspective.
Women can be more Machiavellian, I guess, and pretend to get along just to not disturb the other person.
Wow, this could be an interesting part too.
Though I always trust what @NeilGat says.
I think that the revealing is being one of the most fun part of the whole thing.
Really well done, but also playing to that love people have for the movie… and I can’t wait for Bry and Walt’s pic πŸ™‚
*fingers crossed*

ThatScoobyDoom: I would bet on that, you can see it on twitter even.
I don’t know if you talk much with chicks on there, but some times I see chicks talking all sweet and then one will DM me and be like “can you believe this cunt?” and I’m always amazed by that.

Neil is a motherfuckin’ genius!

4 folks left, they must be 2.

What do you think the chances of Affleck are?
Think he’ll flap away from Gotham for Kev?

@TESDGroupie: Agreed on the twitter thing…but we would be going into a whole tricky conversation going on that route πŸ™‚
Couldn’t agree more with you.
He was one of my first followers, so almost three years surrounded by awesomeness.
As much as I would like, I don’t think Affleck will be back.
After being such an asshole in the movie, and the end part of the movie (with his new friends in the State Correctional Facility).
Not sure it is that much a Gotham related thing.
Though a cameo, even just walking Hitchcock style, would be fun.
Steve-Dave and Fan Boy are so part of that universe, they have to be there.
If not, it would really be heartbreaking

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear that! Lol

He was one of mine too, never miss an opportunity to praise Neil.
I think I joined about a month after him if I remember right, he followed me soon after and has been a big booster.

Playing Batman might make him too high profile, though it would bring some attention to it.
Kevin had said that he doesn’t really talk to the dude anymore, there’s no ill will there but their carreers have taken them apart.
But on this weeks HB-O Kev said every character from Mallrats is written to return he just hadn’t talked to every actor.
So using that as a segue into your other, I think it’s safe to say Bry and Walt are coming back.

Few other bits from this weeks HB-O, Kev said that they will be shooting Mallrats 2 at the end of this year and that Ralph will have a role.
I’m putting my money on Sean Hartle, the character that was only mentioned in the first and that Kev said Ralph will be playing in Clerks III.

Are you interested to see what Trish The Dish is up too?

@TESDGroupie: As said, I would love to see Affleck, but it does indeed seem hard, even if he has not been approached.
As you say, their careers are now too afar.
Good bet!
If Ralph is playing Sean in Clerks III, I do agree that there is a good chance that is the character he plays.
I love that from Kevin movies, seeing characters moving from one movie to another, even if just for a brief moment.
That is what made it a universe for me.
I think it would be interesting to see what happened with Trish.
After her book being so successful (even with a movie), what can she be doing?
And being so accomplished, if the way is down… a lot of opportunities here, actually.

ThatScoobyDoom: Indeed, but it makes me wonder what Kev wrote for him.
One would think he’d still be in prision but sounds like he’s out.

That was what they said a long time ago.
I’m glad Kev is giving Ralph work.
We can all hear from Family Guy and HB-O how talented he is.

Fuck Marvel, Kev has been doing the whole “shared universe” thing for 20 fuckin’ years!
For comic/tv/film nerds, that is what makes his shit so cool.
Like you said, even if it’s just a moment, is strengthens the whole verse by having the characters appear again and again.
That’s why Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back was so great, every character was in there.
Fuckin’ awesome!

Yes, she could have ridden the wave and stayed a success or been crushed by achieving so much so soon.
The whole movie has so much potential!

@TESDGroupie: Maybe they could do like for Red State and have that part animated to see it πŸ™‚
It is great seeing Ralph in Kevin movies.
I even found some the Joe Schmo show episodes and he was great.
I really love Ralph in HB-O.
Besides being voice talented, he is such a fast thinker and so funny.
Would love to see a live so, but that is really far and costy for me, so I have enough with dreaming about returning to the Stash.
That was one of the things that got me hooked about his films, the callback references and people.
It was so much fun.
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is indeed great in that aspect… so exciting to see people you know popping up as the story moves.
I even think Trish could be used as a metaphor for Kevin.
Similar start in a way, but we’ll see… I think this may be the movie with the most open opportunities on how things may continue

ThatScoobyDoom: Was that ending ever animated?

He’s been in both of Seth MacFarlane’s movies too.
I’ve never seen Joe Schmo, but it sounds funny as fuck.
Totally, the dude has a mad fuckin’ talent we get to hear all the time but I wish we got to see it more often.
I think tickets are only $20, so if you ever happen to be coming to the states…

The same for me, not only are they funny they have a sense of history.

Exactly, it seems like it’ll sorta be a spiritual sequel to J&SBSB in a way.
…and if Kev keeps going the way he’s going, an actual sequel to Strike Back may not be to crazy an idea!

@TESDGroupie: Hope you can see it: the tweet https://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith/status/581228915441606656 the link to the video http://bcove.me/cv0jopa4

I have seen ‘Ted’, but I haven’t seen ‘A million ways to die in the West’ though.
I’ve seen a bit of the first season of Joe Schmo and of the third.
The third is great because he plays the host but he is a bounty hunter looking for a replacement.
And one of the candidates is Lorenzo Lamas, who is incredibly funny.
LA is out of the scope of my US visits.
And last year I missed the Tenderloins in Chicago by a week more or less.
It sucks I missed HBO in the UK; couldn’t go because of work.
And WSY was during Easter week, so you should have seen the prices for tickets and hotels in London.
I think the trip would have been more expensive than going to the Stash.

I thinks that sense of history is what made people connect.
It is not something that starts and finish, but something that goes on and grows with you.
That is why I liked Clerks II so much, because being closer in age to Kevin that I am sure you are, it is like friends that you reconnect with and just keep hearing how they are doing and have fun, no matter how many time has gone by.
Middle age is the time when people start longing for their youth, so I’m up to anything at this point πŸ™‚

ThatScoobyDoom: I will be able to hopefully watch it by the time this is posted.
Is it as awesome as Kev described it a few years back?

Same here, Ted but not A Million Ways.
Season 3 was the season they did a like 2 years ago, right?
Totally understand the restrictions.
Sucks you missed it by a week though. 😦

It totally makes sense As I mentioned earlier, it’s what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe work, at least on some level.
I’m almost 24 and I seriously pine for my youth every fuckin’ day, dear lady. Lol
So I completely understand that.

Anything else you wanna add about Mallrats 2?

@TESDGroupie: It is beyond awesome!
It has a little feel of the (c)Rapture.
He says this scene would probably have been more expensive that any of his movies.
That’s right, season 3 was a couple of years ago and season 1 and 2, early 2000s If you feel like that way about youth now, imagine in 15-20 years.
The things we loved in our youth give us comfort, I think.
And for me, going to the movies or a concert, was exciting, time with friends, laughs, and we never want to see that go.

Just one thing, I have read people wanting Q to be in the movie.
Some had enough with a Dogma-like cameo.
Others think that he should have a bigger part alongside Walt and Bry.
What’s your take on that?

ThatScoobyDoom: That sounds fuckin’ awesome!!!
I remember him saying that back when he first talked about it.

I agree, I’d give almost anything to go back about 10 years because now?
Now sucks.

It all depends on Q’s IJ shooting schedule, but I think it would be a cool nod to us Ants to have him as a third wheel to Steve-Dave and Fan Boy.
Kind of an uber nerd, hero worshipping them, trailing after them idolizing them as if they are important.
That would make me laugh.
What about you?

@TESDGroupie: Hope you can see it, because there are awesome little things that I don’t want to spoil.
It is funny how moments that I thought sucked, now I would love to go back to.

If Q can make it to record TESD, I’m sure he’ll manage to make this work.
At first, I was not sure how I felt.
I wanted him to be in the movie for sure, but that much?
And altering my beloved Steve-Dave and Fan Boy relationship?
But the way you say it sounds awesome, you’ve sold me.
Maybe he could be the Fan Boy Fan Boy πŸ™‚
I don’t think I can improve your scenario, sounds amazing and with lots of awesome laughs.

ThatScoobyDoom: Can’t wait to give it a spin.
I hear ya, just when you think it couldn’t get worse…it did.

Better watch it or you’ll give me a big head. Lol
Yeah, I think it could be fun.
Fan-Boy: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!
Steve-Dave/Fan-Boy: Shut up!
Q: Sorry sirs.

Oh, and for the record…MALLRATS WAS GOOD!!!

@TESDGroupie: You know I like your creativity and daring to be out there.
If that doesn’t happen in the movie, I hope they do it for instagram or something, lol.
And indeed… MALLRATS WAS GOOD!!!


ThatScoobyDoom: The majority of the cast has been confirmed to return, including La Fours.
So besides Ben, who else is missing that you hope comes back?
I can only think of Miss Ivana.

@TESDGroupie: I think that if you go through the list of characters, the only “big” or better known ones left are: Shannon (Affleck), Brandi and Miss Ivana.
And since Affleck doesn’t seem likely -just in case, lol-, I would definitely choose Miss Ivana.
Would be interesting finding out what she is up to now πŸ™‚

By the way, I think I found one with everybody https://twitter.com/Matt_Westphalen/status/585913023409172480

ThatScoobyDoom: Brandi is doing booze commercials for Dewars here in the States, not sure what else she’s been up too but she’s still working.
Ivana, not sure what she’s doing at all.

I actually have a group collage posted above that @JCynda made for me.
I hadn’t seen Mosier’s before, so thanks for that.

@TESDGroupie: Didn’t know about the commercial.
I read in one of the articles that apparently Priscilla Barnes has never stopped working and now is Jane the Virgin.
So who knows?
Would you be interested in any of the two?
Or who can I be forgetting about?

I was sure there were more collages around, but just in case πŸ™‚

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I didn’t know that! I want her and Brandi back, if La Fours is back why not?
I can’t think of any others, maybe the kid that got stuck in the escalator? Lol

Where did the Mos pic come from?


@TESDGroupie: The more the merrier indeed…Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a subtle callback to his son getting stuck in the elevator?
Done much better than this of course.

I’ve seen Mosier both in Facebook and instagram, but didn’t find it on Twitter.
https://instagram.com/p/ 1LTaD5xyxg/

ThatScoobyDoom: Any reference to it would be awesome!
If they met the kids Dad would be funny too, I doubt it would happen but it’d be kinda funny if escalator boy was Pickle Fuckers kid.

That explains why I never saw it.

Before we wrap up, and because I know we both love it, do you have the updated TESD breakdown?

@TESDGroupie: As said before, the more the merrier, and after the Audible book, boy, I would love callbacks πŸ™‚


Hope it looks okay, but of course, here it is.
2015 is being pretty good.

Next up, we’ve got SpiderScooby talking Pre-MCU films!


ThatScoobyDoom: Just to kick off the conversation, going back to the time before the MCU, to those very dark days, what did you think of the Marvel movies as a whole?

SpiderScooby: As a whole?
They certainly varied in quality, with the best being Spider-man 1&2 and X2.
But then you had stuff like Ang Lee’s Hulk, Punisher War Zone, Blade Trinity, the 70’s Captain America, etc.

ThatScoobyDoom: Let’s keep it to the 90’s and forward, we don’t have nearly enough time to cover the shit storm that is 70’s Cap or Lundgren’s Punisher.

You’d lump Trinity in with the worst?
I dug that?

Speaking of Blade, best place to start I guess, where do you fall on that franchise of movies?
I personally think those movies (especially the first) don’t get nearly enough credit for what they did for comicbook movies.

SpiderScooby: Fair enough.

Yeah, I rewatched it recently, and it’s a huge step down from the first two.
I think the biggest problems were the script and putting more focus on Ryan Reynolds and his “team”.

I was never a Blade fan, but the first two are not bad.
Blade 2 was good mainly because of Guillermo Del Toro.


ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen it recently too, I wouldn’t put it anywhere near as bad as Ang Lee’s Hulk!
Though I do agree with what you said, Reynolds and Co did get too much spotlight and it had Patton Oswald.
But it has more pluses than minuses.
Jessica Biel, Triple H, and that original Vampire dude was good.

I’ve never read a Blade comic, but those movies and the TV show were great!
Made me want to read the comics…but I never got to them.

SpiderScooby: I actually didn’t mind Hulk at the time, though my views have certainly changed on it.

It’seems like they were trying to spin off Renyolds into his own movie.

I barely remember the TV show (only saw the pilot).
I remember his appearance on the 90’s Spider-man show more than anything else.

ThatScoobyDoom: I read the Junior Novel when it came out, it was okay.
It took me many years to watch it start to finish…I regret every moment of it.
It was up there with The Wrong Side Of Town as one of the worst, completely unredeemable movies I’ve ever seen.

Story of that dudes life, am I right? Lol

I watched most of the eps when they aired, haven’t seen them since, I loved it.
It was pretty brutal as I recall and that worked for me.

That 90’s Spidey toon stuff was brilliant, all of it, Blade, Morbius, Cap, Hydro-Man, Goblin, every episode was great!

SpiderScooby: Very odd they released kids books for that movie, because it really didn’t feel like something for kixs.

He seems to have a habit of getting screwed with Marvel franchises.
First Blade Trinity, then X-men Origins.
At least he’s finally doing Deadpool.

Love that series.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t think they were sure what the movie was supposed to be, it has moments of strange lightness then moments of extreme forced darkness.
A goddamn anomaly!

Has he had better luck with DC?
Before GL opened there was heavy sequel talk…it opened…and that went away…fast!!!

I’d think that since Disney owns Marvel now that it would get a full proper DVD release.

Back to Blade, I think it gets the short end of the stick.
Everybody credits X-Men with taking the Comic Book genre serious for the first time, but I think it was Blade.
Would you agree?

SpiderScooby: I liked what they were going with it with the whole psychological angle, but they overdid it.

I think that not only hurt the chances of another GL movie, but it also hurt his career.

Well, they finally put it back up for streaming, so who knows.

The thing is, unless you were a hardcore comic fan, you probably didn’t know it was based on a comic book.
Plus you had a much more limited audience with its R rating.
So while Blade certainly helped, I think X-men did more to revitalize the genre.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, they over did it and his directions and the editing choices were fuckin’ dumb.

Totally, not even sure what he’s done since.

Hope springs eternal.

I don’t know that I agree.
It was limited by the rating of course, but they made it clear it was a comic movie.
X-Men popped huge, but Blade laid all the groundwork.

SpiderScooby: And the choice to make it look like a comic with the multiple panels on screen was a mistake.

But you wouldn’t know on the surface.
I figure they wouldn’the to promote it as such since it came out so soon after Batman & Robin.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so.
That was probably the thing I hated most.

I guess.
B&R was a nerdboner killed, but Blade kept trying like hell to get it hard again.
I think it was great foreplay X-Men and Spider-Man.

SpiderScooby: Did you like Eric Bana?

Those two were just bigger.
Blade wasn’t a instant hit when it came out.
It only got popular on home vid3o.

ThatScoobyDoom: Not really, mostly for the same reasons I don’t like Ruffles.

Didn’t it pick up steam quickly after that?

SpiderScooby: I thought he was okay, no one in that movie really stood out.

I’mean not sure, but I know it was after it’s video release.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh yes they did, the dude that played the evil corporate douche stood out!
He sucked in that movie, I’ve seen him in other shit and he was fine.
But he was down right horrible here.

I thought Sam Elliot was a great Thunderbolt Ross too.

Did you think Snipes did a good job as Blade?

SpiderScooby: Well sure, Sam Elliot is great.

Yes, I think so.
I don’the know how faithful his performance is to the comics, but I think he pulled it off.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed on both.

So finally X-Men happens, what did you think as it was getting closer?
For me, it had HUGE shoes to fill.

SpiderScooby: I didn’the actually see it until X2 came out.
I wasn’t really an X-men fan growing up so I wasn’t interested in seeing it when it came out.

ThatScoobyDoom: I watched the hell out of the 90’s X-Men animated series.
Those movies had a huge mountain to climb in my book, a mountain they never really made it to the top of, for me, until First Class.
Those 1st 3 have alot of boring bullshit in them.

SpiderScooby: I remember X-men TAS, but I don’t think I watched it that mcuh.

I disagree.
I find the first two highly entertaining.
X2 was my favorite of the franchise up until last year.
They were able to bring these characters to life without making it feel silly.


ThatScoobyDoom: That and Spider-Man are my referance for the Marvel characters the same way B:TAS & S:TAS are for the DC characters.

I loved the first one, warts and all, for what it was.
2 was busier than Iron Man 2, had alot of yawn moments that I just didn’t really give a rats ass about.
3 was the defintion of mixed bag.
It was fun, stupid, boring, cheesy, great, lame, slow, fast, confusing, and had a bloodlust worse than Wolvie in a full berserker rage.
But I will say this, this franchise has an AMAZING cast.

SpiderScooby: Agreed.. Tbeh really couldn’t have picked anyone better than Hugh Jackman.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, and didn’t he say recently he wants to keep going for quite a few more years?

Can you imagine how goofy he’d look with everybody towering over him?
It works on the page…not so much on screen.

SpiderScooby: Yeah, and he still looks good too.

ThatScoobyDoom: Indeed.
He looks more like Logan now than he did in 2000.

And speaking of him as Logan, what do you think about his first solo movie?

SpiderScooby: Complete shit.
Bad writing.
Bad CGI.
Plot holes that contradict previous films.
Not to mention the complete waste of characters(Deadpool and Gambit).

ThatScoobyDoom: Couldn’t agree more, such a waste of time, money, and skills.
It had every damn reason to be great but ended up shitting the bed at ever freakin’ turn.
Seemed mostly rushed.
It’s sad really.

SpiderScooby: And I feel like we didn’t need an Wolverine origin story anyway because tne otber X-films heavily focused on Wolverine anyways.

The Wolverine, while not a great movie, thankfully was a lot better.

Next, we have our penultimate guest, to talk Scooby specials and the upcoming KISS movie, @ScoobyAddict!


ThatScoobyDoom: Lets talk about these recent Spooky Tales specials, I’ve seen the 1st 2.
Have you seen any or all of them?

@ScoobyAddict: I have seen Spooky Games and Haunted Holidays.
I don’t remember much from Spooky Games, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.
I do remember them being chased by a giant gladiator.
Haunted Holidays stuck to the original series, but had a more modern feel.
Shaggy and Scooby looking at their reflection in the ice and making faces at themselves, then the villain shows up behind them reminded me of classic Scooby.
The flow of this episode was very much like SDWAY, and of course Velma lost her glasses.
There was a scene with Scooby riding on a toy car, which I believe was also a scene from early SD.


ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah yeah, I just watched Spooky Games the other day.
I think it struggles a bit because they want to say Olympics so bad but can’t for legal reasons and it’s unintentially funny.
I was only able to see Haunted Holidays on Youtube, but I dug that one too.
Being caught in a snow storm is creepy and really fit.

Velma losing her glasses was something I wanted to bring up last time actually when we were talking about SD:MI!
That was one of the 2 things that SD:MI was missing, the other being the hallway gag.
I love me a good hallway gag!

I seem to recall that toy car bit being in the New Movies opening.

@ScoobyAddict: Velma losing her glasses and the hallway scenes were definitely missing from SD:MI.
That was always funny to me when she lost her glasses.

Yes, I believe you are correct…Scooby on the car is from The New Movies intro.
I knew I remembered it, but couldn’t think of which intro it was in!

ThatScoobyDoom: I thought it was kind of an interesting twist and a cool piece of development when Shaggy started carrying a spare pair of glasses for her.

I’ve got the Globetrotters DVD here, I should give it a spin and be sure.

Back to the specials, have you gotten the compilation sets that they’ve released them on or have you held off in hopes that some day they’ll release them all together?

@ScoobyAddict: Shaggy didn’t carry spare glasses very often, but it was a nice change to him having food in his pockets.

I didn’t buy the compilation sets.
I don’t want to keep buying the same episodes on different DVD sets over and over again.
I would love to see them release all the specials as a DVD set.
When I say all the specials, I mean Spooky Games, Haunted Holidays, Bravo Dooby-Doo, Those Meddling Kids, The Scooby-Doo Project, and so on…

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m right there with you!
I hate compliations and I hate the 4 episode volumes.
And yes they need to release all of these specials, old and new, in one set.
That’s about the only compilation set I could see myself wanting to buy anytime in the near future.

I especially love this animation style we’ve had these last few years, from Abra forward.
Where do you stand on it?

@ScoobyAddict: I do like the animation style in the recent movies.
I like that they stay close to the original SDWAY character style…Fred has his ascot, Daphne in her typical purple dress and the green scarf.
Even if they don’t wear that trough the entire movie, at least they started off in the classic style.

ThatScoobyDoom: Since Abra, I’ve seen quite a few folks complaining because they mimick some of the things H&B has to do to make the show cheap (Fred, Daphne, & Shaggy having flesh colored eyes etc.), where do you stand on that?

@ScoobyAddict: I don’t mind the flesh colored eyes. I like that they stick to the classic drawing.
At least the characters look like themselves and the animation isn’t way off like Get A Clue was.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m with ya, I think this is perfect.
I like to imagine if they did an animated movie on the big screen they’d use these designs, I think they’d look amazing if done super high quality.

I wanna ask you about a rumor, I’ve seen a few folks speculating that Mindy may not be voicing Velma in Be Cool.
They’ve given absolutely no reason for thinking she was done, but I wanted to know if you’ve heard that or seen anything to suggest that she is?

@ScoobyAddict: Jon Colton Barry, one of the writers for Be Cool, Scooby-Doo, stated on my forum: “All the voice actors have confirmed that they will be playing their usual roles except for Mindy.” I don’t know if she is not going to voice Velma for the series or if she just hasn’t confirmed it yet.
I hope she does voice Velma.
I think she does a good job!

You can read his post here: http://scoobyaddicts.proboards.com/index.cgi? action=gotopost&board=593& thread=2908&post=33927

ThatScoobyDoom: So that’s where it came from!!!

I like her too, she gives Velma spunk. She’s sarcastic and dry.
I really dig the way they write Velma for her.
Much like I said in our last talk about Fred, gives her more of a personality than “generic smart girl”.
Of course they went too far in season 1 of SD:MI.

If she doesn’t come back, who’s out there right now that could replace her?

@ScoobyAddict: Mindy does give Velma some spunk.
She adds a lot to her character.

Maybe Linda Cardellini?
I liked her live action Velma.
I wouldn’t even really know who else could do it.
I had said Mae Whitman could possibly pull off playing Velma live action, but I don’t know how she would do with the voice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t even think of Linda!!!
She seemed happy to voice Hot Dog Water, which was like a bizzaro version of Velma…and we know she’s comfortable behind the mic.
I’d take her in a heart beat.

Do you think she and, specifically, Matt realized 14-15 years ago when they signed on to that movie that they’d have roles that could last the rest of their lives if they wanted them?

@ScoobyAddict: I don’t think Linda and Matt really thought Scooby would be a long term thing.
I think they put their heart into their performances in the live action movies and they did great portraying Velma and Shaggy.
I like that they have continued to work on Scooby.
They are, by far, my favorite live actors from the Scooby movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m just glad that WB is utilizing them, would be a shame to let such great performances be limited to just 2 movies.

But I still hope Mindy sticks around for a while.

Something else I wanted to ask you about was CG in the 2-D animation, specifically creatures and vehicles.
Do you think it works well with the 2-D?

@ScoobyAddict: Yes, I am happy to see WB has continued to give them roles.
I would like to see Mindy continue as Velma, but if she chooses not to, Linda would be great too!

The CG never really bothered me.
I think it works ok.
I know other people find it to be distracting, but I think it works.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.

I think it should be kept to vehicles.
Look at the Cicada episode of SD:MI, IMO, that critter looked like crap up against the 2-D.
The CG kinda wavered over it, showed the limitations of the TV animation budget.

@ScoobyAddict: Every time I watch the cicada episode, the thought of having all those bugs on me creeps me out.
I agree the cicada creature didn’t look great, but I’m not sure they could have gotten the same effect with 2-D.
I guess I’d have to see it to know!

ThatScoobyDoom: I know, I hate those damn bugs…and all bugs and insects really.
I think they could have, it just would have been more complicated and time consuming.

The last thing I wanted to talk about with you this time, and this is another reason why I love Mindy (it’s because of Mindy we even know about the movie), was the upcoming KISS movie that we only mentioned last time.
Are you at all excited about that?


@ScoobyAddict: I am kind of two-fold on this one!
I am excited because I used to be a KISS fan when I was in high school.
I saw them live once when they did the tour with half the show in make-up and the other half without make-up.
I met Sebastian Bach from Skid Row at that show.
I used to love Sebastian and Skid Row until I met him and realized he was a huge ass!
Anyway, I follow Gene Simmons on Twitter and sometimes I feel like he is a pompous ass.
He’s very high on himself, but he’s great at marketing, so we see KISS stuff everywhere.
I might choose a different band to be in a Scooby movie.
Not that I am complaining really, I think a Scooby/KISS movie could be done well.

ThatScoobyDoom: I totally understand, and you wouldn’t be the first to say that for damn sure.
I think I cut him (Gene), and people like him, a little slack because he came from nothing and now sits atop this vast empire.
I think you get that way because along the way you have hundreds of people telling you that you suck and that you’ll never make it.
So, when you finally do make it it’s a bit of a “fuck you” to all the folks that tried to hold you back.
It is shitty, but it happens.

He is indeed a marketing/networking genius and an ultimate opportunist, he knows how to get folks aware of stuff.
The Scooby projects are an extenstion of that, this will be their second time crossing over with Scooby.
It branches them out to a new generation.

We know next to nothing about this project, but do you have any expectations?
I know I’d love them to cover the WAY and WNS-D themes!

@ScoobyAddict: I can understand he came from nothing and now he has built an empire, but he could still be humble and remember where he came from.

I don’t really have any expectations, I just hope his arrogance doesn’t shine through in the movie.
It would be great for them to cover one if the themes or create their own.

ThatScoobyDoom: I agree, but I understand the mentality behind his attitude.

Agree here too.
Much like was said in an earlier segment of this Typecast about Mallrats 2, this KISS movie has vast amounts of potential.
And at least we know it’ll have some pretty kickass music.

@ScoobyAddict: I can understand his attitude, I just don’t condone it.
I think the best way to get back at people who tell you it’s impossible is to do it and remain humble.

The music will definitely be good!

ThatScoobyDoom: So we’ve gotten a trailer, cast & story details, and the official title for Scooby-Doo & KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery, did that excite you anymore for it?

There will be 6 classic songs and 1 original, care to guess the 6?

@ScoobyAddict: I m a little more excited about it because I know it’s real now and not just gossip.
I used to like KISS in high school a lot, but I haven’t listened to them in years.
I might have chosen a different band, but I can see how KISS would be a good choice for a Scooby movie, especially with the makeup.
I know Gene Simmons has a great marketing sense and he will be very picky about the movie and how they are portrayed.
I’m hoping that will translate to a good movie!

My guess on the songs…Seven Days A Week, Pretty Mary Sunlight, Daydreamin’, Love the World, Tell Me, Tell Me…not sure which one the 6th one would be.
Maybe Recipe for My Love?

ThatScoobyDoom: The Sonic Boom album was damn good, you should check that out.
Has a nice classic feel.
Indeed he is.

I think they meant classic KISS songs, but that would be cool if they covered those!

Did any of the casting announcements excite you?
I think they annouced Pauly Perette from NCIS, right?
I know I’m pumped for Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes!

@ScoobyAddict: Oh, I don’t know why I was thinking classic Scooby songs!!
Rock n Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City…KISS has an album called Unmasked, they should use songs from that!!

In addition to Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer, the voice cast will include Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Darius Rucker, Garry Marshall, Penny Marshall, Jennifer Carpenter and Pauley Perrette.
I am super excited about Pauley Perrette.
I love NCIS!!!
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are kewl!
I’m getting more excited about the movie!!

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t recall that album off the top of my head, but I’ve never been good with songs and albums like that. Lol

I know Pauley is a big fan of KISS and AC/DC, so that’s not surprising to me that she’s in there.
I was rather stunned by Kev and Mewes though, but after the Plants Vs Zombies and Lego Batman 3 stuff I guess I shouldn’t have been.
I’d heard Kev say last year that he’d met with Gene a few times for a few projects, has me wondering if this was one of those meetings.

@ScoobyAddict: I think Gene Simmons could probably get anyone he wanted to star in this Scooby movie.
He’s got a lot of power in the celebrity world! LOL

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn right, that is as connected as an old timey switchboard.

With as much attention as this one will get, do you think we’ll get a new bonus feature?
I’d love a commentary!
Those character commentaries on Legend Of The Vampire and Monster Of Mexico were great, but I’d love a real commentary.

@ScoobyAddict: I hope we get some good bonus features!!
Maybe a bit of a making of kind of thing or bloopers!
Something that will stand out!

And finally, to talk about the 2nd Episode VII trailer and more, here’s @Fitzman73!!!


ThatScoobyDoom: Lets just get right down too it, what did you think of the new Ep VII trailer and what do you think of the new planet and it’s name?
I know in previous conversations we both were betting it was just a Into Darkness/Khan like swerve and it was Tattooine.

@Fitzman73: The new trailer is beautiful.
There’s no other word to describe it.
And the scary thing is, it’s still only a teaser.
I’m afraid my brain will explode when we finally get the full theatrical trailer.

Mark Hamill’s voiceover gave me legit chills.
And I really was genuinely surprised at how many things were revealed, especially things that until now had been “rumors” like the melted Vader helmet.

As for that new planet, it’s fine I guess, but until I see it confirmed on screen in the theater, I will continue to think it’s a swerve.
Although at this point, what would be the point?

ThatScoobyDoom: Beautiful indeed.
That was strange to me, sure we’re still 8 months from release, but this was a minute and 20 seconds of actual new footage!
Not quick flashes of stills, not quick flashes of slightly moving images, long shots that reveal big info, at what point do they go from teaser to theatrical?

That melted helmet is very interesting.
As much as I don’t think flashbacks fit the Theatrical Star Wars style, that could be confirmation of a return of Vader via flashback.
Also, at this point, I think I could listen to Mark Hamill describe my own death before he set it in motion.

What was the point of the Khan swerve (even though everybody knew he was bullshittin’), even up until the release of Into Darkness?
And why go through the trouble of coming up with such a strange new name?
Just so after release they can mock us for falling for it?
I think JJ’s credibility was hurt enough with the Khan thing, I’d hope he wouldn’t pull the same shit twice and expect folks not to get a bit pissy with him.

@Fitzman73: I wouldn’t say I’ll be pissy with him about it, but it does seem like a dumb game to play if he is in fact playing a game.
And if he’s not I just don’t get the point of creating a whole new planet that’s essentially just Tatooine.

Something that just occured to me though, what if it is the truth and a swerve at the same time?
What if it IS Tatooine but for some in universe reason we aren’t privy to yet it was renamed?

I don’t really buy for a second that Vader will appear alive in the suit via flashback.
I think the melted helmet is as much as we’ll be getting and whether that shot was part of a flashback or not remains to be seen.

What I do know is I got a full on nerd boner seeing that crashed Star Destroyer.
So fucking awesome to see a graveyard of fallen ships that were part of a battle over that planet.


Did you notice that Luke appears to no longer have a fleshy bionic hand and instead has mechanical one that looks more like Anakin’s at the end of Ep2?
I thought that was kind of an odd choice.

And it does appear to be true that Luke’s old lightsaber figures into the story somehow as we’re shown Daisy Ridley handing it to Leia.

Also I was really surprised to see that it looks like Kylo Ren is actually part of the Empire remnants, which we know after Celebration are going by the name “The First Order”.
For some reason I thought he would be a lone wolf not someone that would be commanding stormtroopers.

One thing we can put to rest is that it’s Mark Hamill under the Kylo Ren mask because that dude is way too tall and slender to be Hamill.
Although it’s still unclear to me whether it’s Adam Driver or Domhnall Gleeson under there.
They’ve both been conspicuously absent from both teasers.

ThatScoobyDoom: Creating new planets, that’s something that’s in the theme of another question I want to ask you if we’ve got time.
I’m interested to hear your take.

That’s interesting and actually very well possible given that Tatooine is just a back water dirt planet that really has no bearing on the Republic, the Empire, or this new breed of Imperials.
It doesn’t appear to have any real resources to tap, no special indigenous flora or fuana that we know of, it’s just a hot dust bowl in the ass crack of the galaxy.
You may be onto something, that is a theory worth remembering.

I’d prefer not to have any flashbacks at all, but those are the most persistant of the rumors it seems.

That opening shot tracking, what looks like a landspeeder, and unveiling the gigantic downed ship as if it’s become a part of the planet, almost a mountain, was breathtaking!
Then seeing a TIE chase the Falcon through the remains of a ship on top of it?
I couldn’t stand up either man!

I did notice that.
That whole shot was pretty revealing to me.
Seems almost to confirm that rumor of Luke’s solitude.
Not having the Synth-flesh is sort of odd since that hand doesn’t look like the hand he got at the end of Empire.
Maybe he’s gotten an upgrade in the 30 years?
But it seems weird that they’d give him an upgrade to a hand that (by the time of just after Jedi) 25-30 year old tech, right?

Which I find it strange that I haven’t seen too many folks mentioning that that is Leia receiving the hilt.
Everybody has been so excited by Han and Chewie, which I think might be in part because Chewie was dead in the EU.

That shot in the first teaser of him running through the snowy woods kind of makes it seem as though Ren is a man apart, so I understand why you thought that.
Now that Celebration gave us a close up of him, tell me what you think of him, cause I think we’re on the same wavelength about his look.

I was unaware of the Ren/Hamill rumor, not sure I would have bought into it, though I thought that’s who you thought that was back when he first teaser hit.
I think Driver has an interesting look, a real face of character, would be weird to cover him up even though he seems tall and thin enough.
I’d be more inclined to say it’s Gleeson under the mask.
Still conspicuously absent also is Andy Serkis though.

@Fitzman73: Yeah but Serkis is playing a CG character so it’s not as surprising to me that they’d keep that under wraps as long as possible.

Rumors that I’ve heard actually put Gleeson as an Imperial officer, but if it was that simple, seems strange that there’s no shot of him in the teaser so it could be a massive head fake getting everyone to think Adam Driver will be under that mask only to find out nope it’s someone else.

I think the vehicle in that opening shot is Rey on her popsicle speeder that we saw in the first teaser.
If you look real close it looked to me like the same shape.

I would’ve expected Luke to probably have a new hand, it is 30 years later, but to have it not covered in skin was shocking to me.

Yeah one of those early rumors was that Luke would be revealed to be the “cyborg villain” from that old concept art.
But I think it’s pretty clear that they moved from “cyborg” to “dude in a mask” and there’s no way Hamill’s body type matches what we’ve seen so far.

I think Kylo Ren looks badass and we talked about it before, the design of that helmet lools like a cross between Plo Koon and Darth Revan.


ThatScoobyDoom: Not even a hint though?
I feel sorrt for the dude, I understand he’s great at mocap but if he’s great at that imagine how great he’d be as himself…but then again, he is himself in Avengers, ain’t he?

I would much rather they accentuated Driver’s features and slap some make-up on him.
I’m wondering if Gleeson is gonna be the son of an OT character, he comes from a decent acting legacy so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him as the son of a legend.

I have a 3 inch screen, not alot of detail is popping out for me.

If he’s gone recluse the upgrade would be older, unless he fashioned it himself.
And again, if he’s gone koo koo ka choo recluse, the coverings may have rotted off, been damaged and ripped off.
The covering isn’t as interesting as the hand itself too me.

Do you think he could be the same species as Plo?

@Fitzman73: I think from what I’ve heard through the rumor mill is that Gleeson is the offspring of an OT character and his allegiances are a little fuzzy, like is he really for the Empire or just a spy?
So that to me puts his entire purpose in this film into question and opens up (to me) the possibility that the real surprise is the bad guy ends up being him.
My money is still firmly on Driver as Kylo Ren, BUT, I don’t count out the possibility of all the early speculation of him being the bad guy turning out to be a head fake.

Andy Serkis was in Avengers?
Oh you mean the new one?

I would seriously doubt that he ends up being the same species as Plo Koon.
The mask resembles his face shape and breath mask a little but I think that’s just a design coincidence or inspiration.

What do you think of the new names for the Empire and Rebel factions?
The First Order and The Resistance?
Again, seems like an unnecessary change but I guess it will make sense within the context of in universe history

ThatScoobyDoom: I hadn’t heard all of that, adds a new wrinkle.
Trying to think of whose kid he could be, not got a clue really.

Aye, Age Of Ultron.
Very secretive who he’s playing!

Have we seen many of Plo’s race?

With no context, The First Order sounds stupid too me.
Unless it’s something like The Lost Tribe Of The Sith and it’s a previously unheard of sect of the Sith that rises up to take Sidious and Vader’s place.
The Resistance is fine, Rebellion?
Same fuckin’ thing.
No big deal too me.

What to you think of the new Imperial logo?

@Fitzman73: We haven’t seen any of Plo’s race other than him as far as I can recall.
If you google around you can find EU renderings of what they look like sans breathing mask.
Not pretty.
They’re one of those races that can really only survive well in their natural eco system so it’s not too surprising that they’ve never shown us other examples.
Probably don’t see them unless you go to their planet specifically.

That new Imperial logo is ok.
It looks more like a flower to me though.
Too many points on it.

What do you think of the new trooper designs?
We didn’t see the snow or flame troopers in this trailer, but they showed off the costumes at Celebration.
Do they look too “slick” for you?
That’s almost the case for me.
They’re so sleek that they almost look fruity.

ThatScoobyDoom: Not even trying to be funny, I saw a pic of one maskless and it’s mouth looked like a gaping asshole.
I guess the Jedi fashioned that make for Koon when they took him from his parents?

I think it looks kinda cool, but it is very busy.

I haven’t seen the new designs, but my first thought about that silver Trooper with the cape was that they were trying to force a new Boba Fett.
It seemed like they were trying too hard with that one.
But in the case of them being sleek, I’d think some Imperial designs would be.
The Empire has been ruling for 55-60 years by this point, they gotta work some kinks out in all that time.

@Fitzman73: Yeah, it’s only natural that the designs would get more refined as time went along but they almost look like they should have the Apple logo on the back of their helmets.

Yeah I’m not sure what the point of the so called “Chrome Trooper” is.
I’ve heard that it’s basically an elite soldier that’s in charge of tracking down Finn, and SPOILERS, under the helmet is supposedly Gwendolyn Christie.
Although wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts if she ended up being Kylo Ren?
Everyone assumes it’s a dude but might not be at all.
I don’t think she’s very busty so it wouldn’t necessarily be a big trick to make her look like a flat chested man in those robes.
Come to think of it, something about the way Ren is trudging through the snow in the first teaser reminds me a bit of how she walks sometimes when in armor on Game of Thrones….hmmm….but sane money is still on Adam Driver

But I digress.
Chrome Trooper.
I hadn’t thought of it as a new Boba Fett type character, but I can kinda see that.
Still not sure why it’s necessary, but again, I’m sure it will make sense in the story.

So we’ve mentioned Luke.
We mentioned Leia.
Are we ready to talk about the big reveal at the end where we actually get to see one (two?) of the old dogs’ faces?

ThatScoobyDoom: Hahaha, new from Apple, ITroopers!

So it’s supposed to be like an old Clone Commando type from the old EU.
I have no clue who Christie is and I’ve never seen GoT.
I’ve never considered it could be a chick under the Ren mask, the movements seem masculine, threatening, not that women can’t be threatening, but chicks tend to be more graceful in their movements.

That shot with the cape swinging, massive gun, in slomo, looks like it’s trying to be an entrance for a new major pimp character.
My mind jumped to Fett immediately.

That was where I was heading!
Too me, that might well be the most revealing parts of the whole trailer.
“Chewie…we’re home” Han and Chewie have lost the Falcon sometime in the last 30 years!
What do you think about that?


@Fitzman73: Yeah kind of a Commando.
I’m not sure if it’s one of a kind or part of a larger group.
Oh if you saw her you wouldn’t forget.
She’s a 6’3 model/actress and she can definitely play tough badass.
They try their best early on to make her very brutish and manly and it works even though you see her out of character and it’s like that can’t be the same person can it?

Actually, I was trying to figure out what he meant by the “we’re home” line, because I knew that supposedly Han and Chewie were not going to have the Falcon in the movie but what I had heard as speculation was that it had been handed down to his kid.
But if that part isn’t true and they haven’t seen her in decades then that line makes total sense.

I like that they didn’t go the cliche route and give Chewie any gray hair.
People who know their shit would know that 30 years is nothing to a Wookiee, I think Chewie was still only a young adult in A New Hope and he was already 200 years old.
So 30 years ain’t shit.
But I could see them doing gray hair just emphasize “hey time has passed right audience???”.
Glad JJ was smart about it.

ThatScoobyDoom: So she’s basically the new Lucy Lawless?

That’s how it plays to me, they’ve been away from that boat for quite some time.

I have to disagree with you, slightly.
I think had they gone overboard and gave him a mane of Gray it would look ridiculous, but just a little streak under his bottom lip or between his eyes would show that time has past.
Just a little 2 inch tuft of gray hair, that’s it.
I’m 24 now, even I have a couple of grays.
So if Chewie looks the same after 50 years (remember, he was with Yoda during the battle of Kashyyk) it seems strange.
Just something to make him look slightly different, just a tich older, to show a passage of time, makes alot of sense to me.

So, how much did this trailer up your excitement?
We see new TIEs, more Falcon, a few downed ships, X-Wings again, the old guard, and motherfuckin’ R2 D2!!!

@Fitzman73: I’ve heard that they did supposedly add some lighter, not fully gray, hair to the suit to show a little bit of aging, but I sure couldn’t tell just from that clip.
Definitely some gray highlights would’ve been ok with me, I would just oppose going overboard and having him look like grandpa Chewie from the Holiday Special.

This trailer sent my excitement through the fucking roof.
Chalk it up to being unspoiled and unprepared for this one as opposed to the first or say it’s because the OT characters were in it finally, either way I could not have been more jacked after watching this thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: From that clip or the Force For Change clip, I really can’t tell any difference.
From the OT to III to now, I can’t tell a difference.
Even with the old continuity saying Wookiees live for hundreds of years, that long of a time should show some change.

For the most part, I’d put it on the OT characters showing up.
Which is what got me pumped too.

So moving along, we have a title, release date, and some story details for the first spin-off/stand-alone/anthology film.
Rogue One is indeed about the stealing of the Death Star plans, what do make of all of that?

@Fitzman73: So far I’m not sure what to make of it.

The “Anthology” brand is a pretty smart move.
Everyone knew these would be outside of the numbered episodes, but giving them their own umbrella to be collected under is pretty cool.

I’ve said several times where I think the story of the Death Star plans being stolen should be told, but alas, Disney is apparently ignoring my brilliance.

It’s not necessarily a story that I feel needs to be told, so having it be the series finale of an episodic tv show like Rebels whose entire concept is tailor made so that it can pay off in a grand event like that makes total sense to me as opposed to a 2 hour movie with characters we’re presumably going to meet for the first time.

I have faith that the film will be enjoyable and well made, I just feel like that particular story would be better served on Rebels.

ThatScoobyDoom: Anthology makes me think there will be multiple stories per film, which I don’t think is what they intend to imply.
This is semantics, of course, but Spin-Off worked better for me.
They are spinning out of ideas from the Saga films.

Rebels does make sense, you’ve been beating that drum since it premiered and I agree with you.
And who knows, maybe Rebels will feature the characters that’ll be in the film stealing the plans.
Maybe that’s where we’ll get the introduction, then that’ll be the first time we see a character cross from small to big screen.

Do you find it weird at all that, even though it’s a vast Galaxy with many characters and stories to tell, they keep focusing on that period right before A New Hope?
The novels are covering it well, Rebels is doing that for a half hour weekly, now Rogue One is filling that “void” too.

They say it’s gonna be a ground level war movie, what do you make of that?wn

@Fitzman73: How is it going to be a ground level war movie about stealing the Death Star plans?
That does not compute at all.
Is it going to be The Dirty Dozen or Guns of the Navarrone situation or what?
I assumed it was going to be more Mission Impossible.

You’re right, there’s nothing so far to say that the main characters of the movie might include live action Rebels characters.

I don’t necessarily find it odd to be focusing on the just prior to episode 4 time period, until Ep 7 comes out that’s really the only OT time period they can do much with (in addition to in between OT films that is) and not possibly run into episode 7 spoiler territory.
If you start looking at post RotJ then you’re going to have to at some point explain why the Empire is still around, what happened to the heroes after Endor, etc.
Which I imagine they’d rather not reveal until episode 7 drops.
In fact I think they already have a post RotJ novel set to come out but not until much closer to ep7’s release I belive if not after.
They’re not even dropping the ep 7 novelization until after the film is released.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well look, they had the plans as far back as Episode II, 5 years between II and III.
How many places did they have those plans?
Maybe they’re in the war and the newly forming rebellion stumbles across an old Separatist base with a copy of the plans, one of the Separatist leaders had a back up that they didn’t retrieve before heading to Mustafar.

At this point, I think they really want to do that.
I just have a feeling that this story group is pushing for a Toon character to turn Live.
I think they may have teased or hinted at it.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me asking “why not the PT era” again, I understand they aren’t interested in that.
This is me saying “so much just before and just after at the same time, comics, novels, TV Shows. What about after Empire?” Seems like that year or so after Empire might have some interesting Luke, Leia, and Chewie stories as they accept this dude that just fucked them over, got Han frozen, and carted off by Fett.
It just seems like overkill (Zuuuuuuuune) to keep ringing that bell, like by covering it so much at the same time their gonna make it easier to have continuity troubles.

Yeah, Aftermath, set just after Jedi. Sounds like it’ll be good.

@Fitzman73: Between Empire and Jedi?
They did that.
Once. Lol.
Shadows of the Empire.
Not a bad story, but given the MASSIVE marketing and tie in effort that they had for it, it’s a bit underwhelming.
I can’t imagine it hold up real great 15 years later.

Keep in mind though, I think it was a year tops between Empire and Jedi so not a lot of time to play with there.
2 or 3 years between New Hope and Empire though.
So maybe we’ll see more stuff after that, like the new Marvel series.
That picks up right after Yavin.

ThatScoobyDoom: But again, nothing there now.
Fill all the gaps, spread the stories around, I know they will eventually!
But shit, only filling like 2 gaps now.
Like I’ve said a few times in the past, with the EU purge the timeline desperately needs depth and to keep banging the same drums seems like reactionary fanservice to me.
I believe I’ve said this a few times too, this isn’t me speaking as a jilted PT era fan, it’s more of a Pre-PT fan thing.
It’s clear from Menace that this Galaxy has history, show it!
Give us some goddamn Qui-Gon, we know we have plenty of Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie stories coming.
Maybe after TFA we’ll get that.

Now the next thing I wanna ask you about, which we can end on if you want, is about the tech and what not.
Ignore all the previous EU stories, the histories, the characters, trash ’em all.
And also, let’s just say Jakku for the sake of arguement is indeed a new planet, how do you feel about them resolving old problems of the EU?
Meaning creating new species, new vehicles, new weapons, new planets, when the EU had all these things laid out.
Do you think it’s a wise choice to spend time thinking of a new desert planet when there are 2 or 3 already that they could repurpose or just revisit and show us a new side of?

@Fitzman73: I don’t know, I still think that even though the old EU has been relegated to Legends status that they are and will be mining certain elements of it.
Even if there aren’t direct adaptations or obvious inclusions, there have been and will continue to be at the very least subtle nods and designs inspired by the EU.

I mean we already talked about the look of Kylo Ren, it couldn’t be more EU inspired.
It’s straight out of the old KOTOR games.

I think at the end of the day these movies are being made by artists.
Artists create shit.
For better or for worse they’re not really interested in telling other people’s stories.
Hell, forget the EU, George Lucas is on record saying JJ shitcanned his episode 7,8,9 story treatments and went in a completely different direction and he CREATED THE WHOLE FUCKING THING!
So if they’re not even interested in using the Maker himself’s stories then there’s no way they’re interested in looking to the EU for material.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is the best possible answer you could have given, and I understand it.
But at the same time it’s like, these motherfuckers were under the gun from the jump!
Hell, this time last year we found out there was a writer shake-up for godsake!
With that much turmoil, it seems ill advised to start from zero and try and make up shit from scratch that fits into what everybody has in mind as being Star Wars when you can just repurpose old shit.
It’s a way that they could have their cake and eat it too.
“Look, here’s all this old shtuff that you guys know and love.
Now it’s not exactly how you remember it, but we made it fit and we hope you’ll give it a chance” type of thing.
Shit, even George did exactly that, look at the name Coruscant.

And ignoring George’s vision is something that still rubs me the wrong way.
I’m not an apologist, because that would imply sorrow or regret, I have neither.
I know I’ve said this alot in our conversations, but I’m gonna say it again goddamn it.
That dude gets far too much disrespect and it’s fuckin’ sad and pathetic.

@Fitzman73: Yeah when I heard him say he has no idea what the the new movies are about because they dropped his story treatments entirely I was like whoah that’s fucked up.
And that writer shakeup was all part of that.
The original guy Michael Arndt was George’s boy, he basically pushed for him and got him.
So what I’ve heard is that JJ Abrams never liked him, wanted his own writer and so basically booted him and I guess whatever script he’d been working on and brought on his own guy to bring HIS vision to life.

All I know is that it better be fucking awesome after all this intrigue.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, which brings me back to the topic I brought up, seems unwise, at least on Ep VII, to waste time starting from scratch when the EU has a wealth of this shit set up and waiting to be repurposed.
And I realize I’ve overused repurposed, but I feel it’s logical to think they would repurpose it to fill the current need.
I’ve accepted that the EU stories aren’t canon, but to clean the slate of all the extra shit that was created just to puff out your chest and say you created it seems like not the bed idea when under a time crunch.
Hope I’m explaining my thoughts on this well enough.

I can see adapting his ideas, but shelving them feels wrong.
He knows this shit better than anybody, to ignore that is really strange.

I have faith, just look at Rebels.

@Fitzman73: Right.
And other than it being helmed by Dave Filoni it really has no input from George, yet it feels like it does.
In my opinion Filoni is the closest thing we have now to GL in terms of understanding how all these pieces fit together, how the Star Wars universe works and why things are the way they are.
He’s the closest thing to a protege that GL ever had.
I fully expect him to one day be in charge of Lucasfilm.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed, and I hope for that, but I have a very real fear that, given as hard as he’s been working on the Saga for the last 10 years, he may come face to face with burnout.
As anybody in any job knows it’s hard to do the same thing for a long period and not get burnt the hell out.

I’d be interested to learn exactly when TCW shuttered and Rebels started.

@Fitzman73: I don’t think there was much time between the two.
A matter of months maybe.

ThatScoobyDoom: Given the way TCW has ended, leaving so many unfinished episodes, it might even be less time than that.


Pictures provided by @Jcynda, @TESDGroupie, SpiderScooby, & @Fitzman73.

I can’t thank @TESDGroupie, SpiderScooby, @ScoobyAddict, & @Fitzman73 enough for taking the time to have these conversations with me.
Means alot that they’ve all done so many of these with me, I can’t express how much I appreciate it.
Thanks guys!
I can’t say it enough, Thank You.

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Typecast #8: Hey Man, Can I Get A Dime Bag Of Scooby?

Welcome back, folks!
I’ve got a good one for you, the Lady I’ve got this time around is one of the original people I’d hoped to get when I decided to launch the whole Typecast idea, I finally worked up the courage to ask Her to do one.
From ScoobyAddicts.com, the owner and designer of the site Herself, @ScoobyAddict!

We talked about her history with the characters, her site, and the future of the franchise.
Strap in because we both like to talk!

This conversation is presented just as it was had, simply to maintain honesty.

Her name, @ScoobyAddict, appears in red and links to her Twitter account.
Away we go!


ThatScoobyDoom: What’s you’re earliest Scooby memory?
And can you tell me how far back you go with the character/franchise?

@ScoobyAddict: Wow!
My earliest Scooby memory…I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons with my brother.
I grew up in a time when cartoons were only on Saturday mornings and we played outside all the time.
I remember watching Scooby and falling in love with him as a kid!
The thought of a talking dog just amazed then!
My parents knew how much I loved Scooby and every time they went to Atlantic City, they would stop at the Warner Bros. store and bring me something back…stuffed Scooby’s, glasses, shirts, VHS tapes…anything they could find that was Scooby related!!

I was watching Scooby Saturday mornings in the early 80’s.
I always wished there was a 24 hour Scooby channel when I was a kid!!

ThatScoobyDoom: Saturday Morning Cartoons?
Things sure have changed, huh?

The talking dog aspect was what helped hook me in too.
Before Scooby, I really didn’t care about mysteries or any of that type of stuff.

Did you ever go to one of those WB Stores?

Do you remember what your first series was?

@ScoobyAddict: Things have changed a lot!
I don’t even have cable anymore…just Hulu Plus and Netflix and an extensive collection of Scooby DVD’s!!
I can’t remember what my first series was, I just remember watching a lot of Scooby!
I looked forward to Saturday mornings because of Scooby!

Mysteries weren’t really my thing when I was younger, though my friends and I were convinced Bigfoot lived in the woods next to our house.
Thanks to Scooby and the gang, we had to courage to try to find him.
We didn’t have any luck, but we did find some big footprints…or maybe they were bootprints!

I did go to the WB store in Atlantic City.
I had never seen so much Scooby stuff all in one place.
It was like heaven!!
I spent a few hundred dollars on Scooby merchandise and decided that I could never go to the store again!

ThatScoobyDoom: Me being as old school as I am, the Netflix and Hulu part hurts my soul…MY SOUL IS HURT!
*rolls single tear*

Awww, that’s cool.
Some would say looking for Bigfoot sounds crazy…but since one year my brother and I tried digging to China in our Grandma’s backyard and only got down about a foot before we got bored…and yelled at I understand.

I know what you mean, I never went to a WB Store (that I can remember at least) but do you remember QVC doing the Warner Brothers Shows back in the 90’s/early 2000’s?
I got a shit ton of Scooby stuff off of there.
Would you agree that ’98-’04 was the last great time for Scooby merch?

@ScoobyAddict: Haha!
Ideally, I would love to have cable.
I miss Cartoon Network and Boomerang!
But $90 a month just wasn’t worth it for the amount of time we actually watched TV.

Digging to China…I never tried that as a kid.
My dad would have been fuming if we dug up the yard! lol

I don’t remember Scooby on QVC…I think I missed out!!

There definitely is not a whole lot of Scooby merchandise, at least not in stores and readily available, like there was back then.
Although, you can find pretty much anything on the internet!
When the WB Stores were open, they had more Scooby merchandise, even in other stores like Toys R Us.
I am happy to see new merchandise coming out though, like the Scooby LEGO sets!
I am really looking forward to them in August!
I thought there would be an official Scooby Yahtzee by now.
They make almost everything else in Yahtzee form, so why not Scooby?
I even went as far as to have a woodturner make me custom wooden Scooby dice so I could have my own Scooby Yahtzee set!

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh I totally understand, they don’t make it easy at all to stick with the traditional methods.
The cable companys threw a hissy because WWE launched an online network and has their PPV’s and everything else available for a 6th of what you could just get the PPV’s for on cable.
Strange that it took this long for all of these companies to cut out the middle men.

Oh, trust me, Granny was pissed for sure!

Oh, you totally missed out!
It was basically the WB Store on TV, they’d sometimes interview people involved with the shows and stuff.
It was awesome, a Warner fans dream.
I think on rare occasions they still do stuff like that for really big movies and stuff, I know a few years back I saw a comic book themed show on QVC or HSN and I believe the had some creators call in.

Target used to be the main spot I found Scooby stuff, I remember seeing those villain figures there and drooling over ’em.
Never got the damn things.

Those Lego sets have me so excited because they open up a whole new world of possibilities.
I’m starting to sound like a broken record with this, but with as hot as Lego is, and continues to be, we have a real shot at getting a Lego Scooby-Doo game!
The first Scooby game in almost 5 years!
Given the humor of those games, they could without a doubt have a whole lot of fun with Scoob.
I can’t wait to see the trailer for that special!

@ScoobyAddict: I’m surprised the internet didn’t ruin cable sooner!
I do hope Be Cool Scooby-Doo! Will be available on the internet, because without cable I won’t be able to watch it!!

I always thought QVC was more for clothes and kitchen items, I guess I never thought of them selling Scooby stuff.
I would have gone broke had I known!
I never see anything at Target other than movies.
I look for Scooby stuff every time I go to any store, and I never seem to find anything lol.

The LEGO sets could potentially open the doors to a lot of other Scooby merchandise!
Wouldn’t it be great if Scooby merchandise was everywhere?
A LEGO Scooby game would be amazing…and I would want to play it all the time and never get any work done lol!
Maybe there will be a LEGO Scooby movie!
Who knows…maybe Hasbro will make that Scooby Yahtzee game now!!

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya, I’m gonna miss it too.

That’s basically all it is now, Jewelry, Kitchen stuff, and some Tech stuff.

Yeah, Target doesn’t have anything anymore.
Internet, Toys R Us, and Barnes & Noble are your only hopes for new stuff these days.

Yes, I miss those days.
It would be awesome if the 22 Minutes special lead to a movie!
Did you get the Scooby Monopoly?
Do you have a picture of those custom dice you had made?


Do you have a favorite piece of official merchandise?

@ScoobyAddict: I do have Scooby Monopoly!
I think all money should be printed with the Scooby characters on it! lol
I also have a Scooby-Doo Where Are You board game from 1973, Scooby-Doo! Haunted House 3D Board Game, Scooby-Doo! Thrills and SpillsGame, Scooby-Doo! DVD Board Game, Scooby-Doo! Get That Dog Game, Scooby-Doo! Trivia Game, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mansion Game, Scooby-Doo! Snakes and Ladders and the Hold on Scooby-Doo! Game.

I have attached a picture of the Scooby dice.
I really like them.
The guy that made them said in the 30+ years he has been doing woodworking, he has NEVER made dice…let alone Scooby dice!


It’s hard for me to pick 1 item that would be my favorite!
I have so much Scooby stuff, unfortunately, most of it is in storage because I don’t have the room to displayed it all.
I used to have a Scooby stapler that I got at the WB store.
That was a favorite!
Something in my current collection that is a favorite is my Scooby karate t-shirt.
I love that shirt!

ThatScoobyDoom: Scooby money would not be a great idea, how would you ever pay for anything?
I’d be Scrooge McDuck’in the Scooby money.
I think I have quite a few of those, I really wish I would’ve gotten that DVD game though.

Those are great!
Looks like you chose classic designs too.
Now I want a set!!!

When I think of my favorite pieces of Merch 2 things come to mind.
1 is the Where Are You! Complete Series Set with the actual Mystery Machine.
The other is sort of a cheat, the James Gelsey Scooby-Doo Mysteries Books.
Specifically, Scooby-Doo and the Howling Wolfman.
Not only was that book the first piece of Scooby merch I ever got, it was actually my introduction to the characters!
So it holds a very special place in my heart.


@ScoobyAddict: Yeah, I guess Scooby money isn’t as great of an idea! lol

I wanted to go more classic with the dice.
Classic Scooby is my favorite!

I also really like the Where Are You Complete Set with the Mystery Machine!
I still haven’t opened mine!
The James Gelsey Scooby-Doo Mysteries Books look cool!
I had to look them up on Google to see what you were referring to.
I never had any of those books, but now I want them all!

ThatScoobyDoom: Would I be right in guessing that Where Are You is your favorite series?

I’ve been watching mine sort of in preparation for this Typecast (I never got that Season 1 & 2 set cause $60 at Target just wasn’y worth it for 26 eps).

You never read the Gelsey Books?
Those were so important to me, still are, I even got Scooby-Doo’s High-Flying Adventure which I’m not sure was ever released.
I got it from a Scholastic Book order form that I…technically…wasn’t supposed to have…per se…but thank god I had a lazy teacher that just let me dive into the stack of forms she had. Lol

@ScoobyAddict: Yes, Where Are You is definitely my favorite series!
There is nothing like those original episodes!
They focused on solving mysteries and there really was no “drama” to deal with.

I have never read the Gelsey books, it is true.
I always tried to persuade my kids to pick Scooby books for their free book day at school or from the book fairs.
My youngest son picked one Scooby book one year and said he got it because I love Scooby.
I don’t think my kids appreciate Scooby like I do! lol

ThatScoobyDoom: They focused on the mysteries…and they 100% had the best villains.
Nothing beats Space Kook, The Creeper, and The Headless Specter (The Haunted House Hang-Up might be my favorite episode of WAY).
Plus, those chase songs from Season 2 are just perfect, they remind me so much of childhood.

But, all that being said, SD:MI gave me everything I ever wanted from a Scooby series.

Those books are rather simplistic, but you can tell Gelsey was a HUGE fan of WAY.
His love for it just oozes out of the page.

I wanted to ask you about that, I’ve been reading your board for years and you’ve mentioned your kids and I have always wanted to know if you’ve shared your Scooby love and if they’ve latched onto it.

@ScoobyAddict: Definitely the best villains in SDWAY!
SD:MI was interesting.
I liked the series, but I felt like the drama between the gang members got to be a bit much.
I wasn’t thrilled with the Velma/Shaggy relationship and I liked it so much better when they just hinted toward Fred and Daphne liking each other and they didn’t make it such a part of the series in the past.

I am going to look for the books!

As for my kids, I think they like Scooby more than they let on!
For Scooby’s 40th birthday, I made a cake in the shape of Scooby’s head and I wore my Scooby costume and we celebrated.
The kids thought it was cool.
They never want to watch Scooby with me though.
I usually get complaints from them when I turn it on.
If it’s a new movie, they are more willing to watch it with me, especially if there is popcorn!
My youngest son does like to read Scooby books with me before he goes to bed.
When they see anything Scooby in the store, they point it out to me.
I tried to get them to be more interested in Scooby, but I guess it worked out for the best…at least they aren’t stealing my Scooby stuff and playing with it!

ThatScoobyDoom: 100% agreed, those first 20 episodes with the relationship crap just made me want to throttle Velma.
I am so glad they dropped that in season 2.
The Fred Daphne relationship didn’t bother me as much because things are awkward at that age, and given all the craziness he was dealing with it’s not surprising he is…a little strange.
Mayor Dad just didn’t seem to be interested in being a good father, Fred turned out accordingly.

I give SD:MI the edge solely because it told that badass over-arcing story.
That was something that I’ve been wanting for years, a true sense of continuity (beyond some of the stuff that was in the comics that was only mentioned when convenient or they brought characters back) that built to a satisfying end.
That is true art, that show (especially it’s ending) was ballsy as hell and I hafta respect that.

Yeah, if they’re still rather young that would be a nightmare if they got ahold of some of that merch.

@ScoobyAddict: I liked the continuity in SD:MI too!
Having each episode lead into the next made the characters seem a little more human.
They filled in a lot of gaps in the personal stories of the characters too.
I always felt bad for Fred.
The Mayor never gave him a chance!
I did want to see Scooby-Dum make an appearance!

My youngest son is 8, so he’s no longer at that age that he messes with my Scooby stuff.
When the Scooby LEGO sets come out in August, I know my kids will find a new appreciation for Scooby and they will want to help me put the sets together.

ThatScoobyDoom: It did, it invested you more in the characters and made you want to see what happened next.
I love the vast majority of the other series (Get A Clue is something only it’s mother could love…and since it doesn’t have a mother it doesn’t even have that going for it) but you could never say that before.
For the first time you had a reason to watch next week beyond loving the characters and it was exciting.

I always wished they would have done a little something more with Scrappy.
Poor kid gets such a bad wrap.

Have you decided which of those sets you’re gonna invest in yet?

@ScoobyAddict: Get A Clue was terrible!
I watched the show, not every show, but a few of them and I tried to give it a chance, but everything about it annoyed me!
I hate to think that there are kids out there who’s first introduction to Scooby was Get A Clue!

I am happy that Scrappy wasn’t in SD:MI.
I am not a fan of Scrappy!!

Which LEGO sets will I get?
All of them, of course!
Hey, I have 6 months to save up the money for them! lol

ThatScoobyDoom: And lets just get it all out there on the table, Scott Menville is beyond talented!
He is a great voice actor…but his Shaggy SSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUCCCCKKKED!!!
Just down right horrible.
Everything about that show was shit, the Style/Models, the writing, the stories, that bloody horrid theme song!!!


For real?
Where’s the love for the half pint punk pup?

I’ll be lucky to even get the special.

@ScoobyAddict: Scott Menville is very talented!
He’s worked on some great projects, but I don’t think Get A Clue was a good project for him (or anyone else, it never should have been made!) I think he could do a better Shaggy if he had a better show to work on.
I can’t find anything that I like about the show at all, except that it ended!

Scrappy is annoying, and like all other shows at the time, they brought Scrappy in to liven it up.
He got on my nerves!
I think you either love him or hate him…there is no in between where Scrappy is concerned.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t know that it shouldn’t have been made for a few reasons.
1. If it hadn’t been made we might not appreciate SD:MI as much.
2. Even if it sucks, it’s never a bad idea to try new things.
3. After What’s New, we needed a reminder that not every series is great because from 97 forward we were spoiled with awesome Scooby (some DTV’s aside).
That was an almost 10 year ride.

Maybe he could have, but I’m more than happy to stick with Matt for as long as he wants it.

I sorta fall in the middle, he was annoying at times but he wasn’t intolerable.
And you say he was brought in to liven it up, but he saved the franchise.
Without Scrappy we might not be having this conversation.
He is the Jar Jar of the franchise though, he probably had far too much focus far too soon.

@ScoobyAddict: I agree with your reasons, especially that trying new things is not a bad idea.
However, I still feel like the people that never saw anything Scooby before Get a Clue, and that was the first series they ever saw, really missed out!
I know of people that dislike Scooby because of Get a Clue.
Just like I know of people that loved Get a Clue and they compare all other incarnations of Scooby to Get a Clue and they feel like the other series aren’t as good.
Perhaps WB and CN should start doing focus groups where they test the shows on us fans.
Get a group of Scooby fans together, show them the ideas they have come up with or the clips from the show, and see what the fans say.

I have said this before…Matthew Lillard was born to play Shaggy!
There is no one they could have possibly cast in the live action movies that could have done better than him!
He was the perfect Shaggy!
I was happy to see him take over for Casey Kasem.
If anyone else had to do Shaggy’s voice, Matthew Lillard was the best choice!

I haven’t met many people that feel like you do where Scrappy is concerned.
Most either love him or hate him! lol
I had a really old Scooby website before I started ScoobyAddicts.com, and I used to have an anti-Scrappy page.
I got so many emails from people who felt the same way and very few from people that liked him.
But when I started ScoobyAddicts, I felt that I wanted the site to be more about Scooby and the gang and all information Scooby and not about my opinion on the series and characters.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t disagree, I’m just glad it did happen.
I appreciate the good so much more because I know how bad it did and can get.
Now, with that said, and this is almost embaressing given how much I hate that series, I wish WB would release that entire series on DVD just for collections sake.

I would love to be on a Scooby focus group, but that would take them actually putting some care into the franchise.
And don’t get me wrong, I think the people who create the stories love and care, but as a whole they just don’t seem to.
Look how many times they repackage and rerelease the same damn episodes over and over and over and over again.
There are still episodes that have never been released, it’s nuts!

I really have nothing to add.
Scott Innes’ Shaggy was good without a doubt, but Matt’s?
He’s GREAT!!!

Don’t get me wrong, at times Scrappy is annoying as hell, but for the most part I can tolorate him.
13 Ghosts is a perfect example, how can anybody hate on Scrappy when you have Vincent Van Ghoul (he is no longer Vincent Price to me, lol) in the show for godsake?!
That’s amongst my favorite series for sure.
Plus, knowing what we know about the history of the franchise, I think it’s cool that Scrappy is exactly what Too Much was going/meant to be on Mystery’s 5.

Lets get into the history of the site (I’ve now learned sites) a bit, you’ve mentioned on your board (http://www.scoobyaddicts.proboards.com/) a few times that you do or understand web design.
When did you build your first website and when did you build your first Scooby site?

@ScoobyAddict: Some of the episodes may never get released due to copyright issues.
I think that is more of an issue with The New Scooby-Doo movies episodes.
I agree that they keep re-releasing episodes in different sets, and I would love to have them release things that haven’t been on any DVD yet.
When they do release Get a Clue, I will buy it only because I don’t want my collection to be incomplete!

Scott was a good Shaggy, and I have met Scott Innes.
He is a great guy!
I got to go to one of his Christmas parties he does in Louisiana.
It was a lot of fun!


Here is a link to the pictures I took while I was there: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.320299924687429.98461.100001222734950&type=1&l=300a6e3287
Here is a video I took of Scott singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as Shaggy and Scooby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkiC0bvcvuM.
We drove 24 hours straight through to get to that party, but it was totally worth it!

Years ago, I taught myself HTML so I could create a Scooby website.
My first website was called PantherGR’s Scooby-Doo Website.
It was just a basic site, nothing special.
I used a lot of the wallpaper like backgrounds and I listed information, so the pages were really long.
The episode guide was a bullet list.
I look at some Scooby sites now, and it’s funny because a lot of people that have really old sites had actually used my first site as the basis for their site, so their site was almost a copy of my pages.
That, and the experience I have gained over the years with the webdesign business I co-own with my husband – Aqua Monkey Designs – allowed me to come up with a better website with more features.
On February 1, 2007, ScoobyAddicts.com went live.
I have added a lot of information over the years.
I still have so much to add!
It isn’t a complete site at this point, but I have a lot of things in the works right now that I want to add to the site.
The next big addition will be Scooby video games.
The code for those pages is almost done, then it’s just a matter of entering in all the games.
It’s very time consuming to work on the site, but I love it!
I still see people stealing ideas from my website or trying to copy what I have done.

I actually have another Scooby project in the works, that I hope will be launched by this summer.
It’s going to be tons of work, but it will be a great way to truly bring Scooby fans together.

ThatScoobyDoom: I have a hope that one day they will go series by series and release it all, we have Where Are You already so they can stop repackaging it and just reissue the quality sets.
Ross (SpiderScooby) and I were talking about Scooby Movies not to long ago and he made a great point, WB settled alot of rights issues for Batman 66 so there is hope.
Now Batman and Scooby are totally different, but a precedent has been set.

I know he’s from Poplar Bluff Missouri, I always wanted to mee him or even interview him because I know that whether he has the job or not he is a huge fan.
So he has to have great stories and experiances of growing up as a fan and then getting to be an integral part of the franchise for over 10 years (if you count video games).

Oooo, I can’t wait to watch that!
It always amazes me when voice actors can sing in character, because trust me it is hard!
The Alien Invaders soundtrack is a gem!
I don’t doubt it was worth it.
I wish he was more active on twitter.

You have a great resource there, of course folks would want to copy it.
Hell, I’ve made suggestions to SpiderScooby for his site before and he has told me far more than I’d care to admit “Um, ScoobyAddict has that.” and my first reaction is always anger, but then I always have to tip my hat.
You’ve done so much and done such a great job at it that you’ve made it hard for others to come along and break new ground.
And folks will also copy you because your site has gotten alot of attention over the years.
It must be hugely flattering.

That site has only been running for just over 8 years?
That’s extremely hard to believe, but then that was about the time I really started traveling the web heavily.
I know I told you this on twitter last year, but it’s hard to imagine what it was like before I found your site.
It truly was a dark time where I just happened to stumble upon stuff just by pure dumb luck.
Your site, and then when ScoobyFan.net came along, really changed and helped alot.

Sounds great!

@ScoobyAddicts: It would be great to have them release every series as complete series sets.
I wonder if they will ever do that?
I would imagine WB could do whatever it took to manage any copyright issues so they can release episodes.
Maybe they just don’t see it as being marketable?
I know a lot of people that would buy the DVDs!

Scott is a HUGE Scooby fan!
I think that is what makes him such a great voice artist, he loves the characters he plays and he puts his heart into it.
Within minutes of meeting him, he talked to us in the voices of Scooby and Shaggy.
He really is great!
Very down to earth and he is so eager to help people and make their lives better!
I really admire that about him!

Ross is great!
I like reading his posts, and he has been such an amazing help on the ScoobyAddicts forum as an admin.
He’s got a great resource and he should add whatever he wants to add to his site!
I know he will present any information he adds differently than I do, he will give it his own spin and not copy everything word for word.

I don’t know how flattering it is when people copy my site lol.
It’s great that people like ScoobyAddicts, and I have created it as a resource for Scooby fans.
I think if you want to create your own Scooby site, you should put your on spin on it.
It doesn’t make sense to copy another site and put your name on it!
I had someone a few years ago email me and ask me to look at the Scooby site they just created.
When I clicked on the link, their site was a complete copy of my site…word for word, picture for picture…it was ScoobyAddicts with a different name.
I couldn’t believe this person would copy my site and then ask me for my opinion on it.
I was very honest with them when I responded to them.
I expressed just how pissed off I was and they ended up taking the site down.
I wish people would think about the countless hours I have put into my website before they steal everything from me.
We don’t use templates for our business, everything we design is coded from scratch, and ScoobyAddicts is no different.
I created that site from the ground up, and someday I hope to add everything Scooby I can to the site.
It takes a lot of time to create a website and keep it updated.
I don’t get paid to do anything to ScoobyAddicts, I just do it for fun and because I love Scooby!

It does make me happy to get feedback on my site, whether it is positive or negative.
I created my first Scooby site because I really needed something to keep my mind occupied and off of some things I was going through at the time.
To hear that ScoobyAddicts has helped someone else is awesome!

ThatScoobyDoom: My guess would be someday the demand will be high enough that they’ll do it, but I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

He is one of the people that, while I just said I’d love to meet or interview him, I think I’d be so nervous around him that it wouldn’t be worth it.
I think the first animated Scooby I ever saw was Witches Ghost, so he was my first Shaggy and Scooby.
I mimicked that dude for years!
But I am glad to hear he’s welcoming.

I just put up a post here on my site about Ross, he’s been a great friend to me.
I love his site, and not just because he gave me a place to put my Scooby thoughts down on wax so to speak.

Whoa, I didn’t know you meant copy as in “copy and paste”.
That is scummy as hell.
Some people have the mentality that once it goes out on the internet they are free to do with it what they please without giving a single shred of credit to the original creator or artist or whatever, those people are chunks of shit.
I’ve run across it myself.

But I meant more along the lines of, if somebody takes every single idea that you have used and it’s obvious that you gave them the ideas BUT they put their own spin on it?
That must be flattering.

Trust me, there have been times when I was rather depressed and certain things weren’t there for me to find comfort in, but I’ve turned to your site and just started digging through the pages you have there and it’s helped.
And now knowing that you’ve built it from the ground up, out of nothing, it’s even more impressive.
So you should be very proud.

@ScoobyAddict: I do hope they release everything in time.

I was nervous when I met him, but as soon as he broke out into the Scooby and Shaggy voices, the nervousness just faded away.

Yes, copy and paste…I don’t own the rights to anything Scooby, but the layout and design of my site was all me.
I try to use pictures on the site that I collected myself, and another one of the admin’s on my forum, doo, has allowed me to use pictures that he posted on the forum.
I did take the History from Wikipedia, which I gave them credit on the bottom of that page, and then another admin on the forum, j3h, wrote up the info on SD:MI.
I really do try to give credit where credit is due.
I am slowly working on redesigning the website as well.
I want to give it a new look and present the information a little differently.
It is flattering when someone creates a website because they are inspired by my site, and I will gladly post links to people’s sites on my links page as long as they didn’t copy my site.

I am proud of the work I’ve done on my site.
Like I said, it’s helped me get through some tough times and even now if I am going through something, I work on the site.
It helps me escape and be creative.
I really am happy to heat that my site and Ross’s site has helped you too!

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally understandable.
I did always take notice that you were good about giving credit, mad respect for that because I’ve come across some that don’t.

Talking about Scott reminded me that you’ve gotten the chance to inteview him and some other big names, specifically Ruby & Spears and the Legendary Frank Welker, can you tell me when those interviews were done and how they came about?

@ScoobyAddict: Thank you!!

All of the interviews I have done were all done through email.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do any of them face-to-face.
Doreen Mulman, who ran Frank Welker’s website, set up the interview with Frank, which was done on May 5, 2007.
Sadly, Doreen passed away on March 14, 2014.
The Ruby/Spears interview was done on February 22, 2007 and was set up with the webmaster of their website.
I did the interview with Scott Innes on March 3, 2008.

I wanted something that set me apart from other Scooby sites.
I also was very interested in getting feedback from the people that have worked on Scooby in some way.
I have another interview in the works.
I am not very good at interviewing people though!
I have so many questions I want to ask people, but I usually have to limit what I ask, and then I always feel like I ask stupid questions.
I try to research the people as much as possible before I send them the questions so I can try to ask them the best questions possible.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s the thing that’s hard about doing interviews by email where you only have only a set number of questions, it doesn’t matter who’s doing the interview they tend to come off stiff or disjointed.
I’ve seen interviews on so called “real news” sites that are really hard to read because of it.
Specifically take a look at that interview with Frank, there are many oppritunities for great follow up questions…but that dude is insanely busy!
You were lucky he was able to get time enough to answer those, so don’t be so hard on yourself it’s rather unavoidable.
Doreen did great work on that site, I loved reading the Q&A section.
May she Rest In Peace.

I loved the Ruby-Spears interview, especially the part where you asked about Get A Clue.
That answer was hilarious!

I’ve tried setting up interview with a few voice actors, one for Ross’s site and one for another, but nothing ever came of them.
It’s hard to get those folks because they’re always busy.
I tried getting Grey Delisle (now Griffin) like 2 years ago, she said yes but told me she was going to have do it in the summer.
She never got back to me and I understand, I see how much she works and how often she’s at cons.
I’m surprised she’s still able to have a coherant thought much less keep working.

I won’t press for more (even though I want too! Lol) so, besides the interview you have coming up, who’s still around that you’d love to talk too?

@ScoobyAddict: It is really difficult to do email interviews because there are so many questions I want to ask after they answer my questions, but I know they are so busy and I don’t want to annoy them, so I just thank them and leave it at that.
I can’t tell you how much I truly appreciate them taking time out to answer my questions.
The Ruby/Spears interview was probably the most amazing as I never thought they would even respond to my questions.
When they did, it was mind blowing!
I loved their response about Get a Clue as well.
I was really interested to see how they felt about Scooby going in that direction.

I asked Grey DeLisle Griffin for an interview years ago, but I never heard back from her.
I know she’s really busy, so I totally understood her not getting back to me.
I had some other people say they would do my interviews, but then they never responded to the questions, so maybe someday, I’ll try to contact them again.

I’d like to interview Jon Colton Barry and Zac Moncrief about Be Cool Scooby-Doo!
I haven’t contacted them yet because Jon is on the forum and there isn’t much information he can give at this point.
So I thought after the show starts, I’ll try them.
I’d also like to interview Mitch Watson.
It would be great to interview Heather North and Nicole Jaffe.
I tried to interview Casey Kasem.
I mailed him my questions along with a picture I wanted him to sign.
I got back the picture, which was signed by him and his wife, another picture of him that was signed and the interview question sheet with no answers filled in.

ThatScoobyDoom: I can understand why, they created the whole thing!
That was quite a get.

They will be another good get, just because they’re working and building onto the legacy.
I wanted to talk to Tony Cervone when SD:MI was going since he’s pretty active on twitter and he’s done quite a bit, directed a few of the DTV’s and those Insurance commercials, but I never pursued it.
Alot of potential out there for sure.

Lets go back to Pup and work our way forward, did you watch that series when it originally aired?

@ScoobyAddict: I knew I was forgetting someone…Tony Cervone would be a great person to interview, but I always felt like he was so good about posting things and answering questions that I never wanted to bother him with an interview.

I did watch a Pup Named Scooby-Doo when it aired.
The show was ok.
It was hard for me to handle because it was so far from the classic Scooby and such a different style of animation.
I didn’t like the dance sequences during the chase scenes, I always thought that was really odd to put into a mystery solving show.
Red Herring was kind of annoying, too.
However, it is the last seriesthat Don Messick voiced Scooby for.
What I did like about it was the villains were more amusing and it was kind of cute to see a show from the perspective of them being kids.

ThatScoobyDoom: See that was why I never pursued it, he’s always willing to respond it almost seemed unnecessary to bother him.

I love that series, in my top 5 favorite series And also the only series that Frank didn’t voice Fred in.
Yeah, those dance scenes always seemed like them trying to reinvent the wheel of the WAY Season 2 chase songs.
Plus I’m sure they saved money by slapping them in there since they were just plug in repeat animations for the most part.

Freddie annoyed me more than Red Herring in that show, but I will say that was probably the first time Fred had a real personality.
Before that he was simply “generic leader”.

@ScoobyAddict: Had Frank Welker voiced Fred in Pup, I think he might have been less annoying lol!
And you are right, he did have his own personality.

ThatScoobyDoom: While I liked it, it kinda sucks that Fred got stuck with the idiot personality though.
It started there and it’s still there today.
How do you feel about that?

How did you feel about the so called “babyfication” of classic cartoons at the time?

I liked Tom & Jerry Kids & Muppet Babies too.

@ScoobyAddict: I think Fred being the “idiot” was done because he was a jock type character, and they just wanted to stick him in that stereotype.
I don’t think he was an “idiot” so much in SD:MI.
I think his actions were based more on his lack of parental support.

I liked Muppet Babies… I don’t think there is any show or movie The Muppets did that I didn’t like!
But the baby phase got a little carried away!
They turned all of our favorite characters into babies!
I didn’t like Tom & Jerry Kids, I didn’t even like when they talked in the normal version.
I wasn’t very fond of Baby Looney Tunes either.
I definitely liked the classic versions better.
Maybe it’s just because that is what I grew up with.

ThatScoobyDoom: He sorta slipped in and out of moron mode in What’s New, depended on the episode.
If they went to a different country you knew you were going to get brain damaged Freddie.
Agreed, for SD:MI I’d say he was more simple than simpleton.

I think I liked all that stuff because I grew up with it, Muppet Babies was my first exposure to those characters.
I’ve noticed alot of folks don’t seem to like Looney Tunes in any variation of a classic sitcom format, they seem to just like the short form skits and sketches.

@ScoobyAddict: I grew up with The Muppet Show.
I loved that show!
So when they made The Muppet Babies, not only were they babies, but they were animated.
That was a strange concept to deal with.
It’s kind of like Scooby…I prefer animated Scooby, most likely because that is what I knew for years and years.
When the live action movies came out, I actually didn’t watch them for a long time.
Then people on the forum told me they were pretty good, so I watched them.
I definitely prefer the first live action cast.
Matthew Lillard was the perfect Shaggy and Linda Cardellini was the perfect Velma.
They couldn’t have cast anyone better than them for those roles!
I didn’t like Freddie Prinze Jr. or Sarah Michelle Gellar as Fred and Daphne though.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve only seen a few episodes of The Muppet Show, I saw a few seasons of it for cheap a few years back but couldn’t get it.
That show was a true cultural phenomenon.

Wait, people on the forum?
Are you saying you waited at least 5 years before you watched the first Live-Action movie?
Don’t get me wrong animated Scooby is far superior to Live-Action, but 6 freakin’ years???

Fred and Daphne seem to be hard roles to cast, people didn’t seem to like Robbie and Kate either.
I actually thought Kate did a pretty great job as Daph, she played the slightly different version of her perfectly.

As I said before, I’ve been watching alot of Scooby lately and I’ve made it up to The Richie Rich Scooby-Doo Show.
I’ll give this to you and the Scrappy haters, these short episodes are trash.
Completely pointless, no mystery what so ever, Scrappy is beyond repetitive, annoying, and simply put this is pure shit almost as bad as Get A Clue.
Just a useless addition to the franchise.

@ScoobyAddict: Yes…I waited 5 years to watch the live action movie!
I was really scared of it.
I just didn’t think Scooby would translate very well to live action.
People on the forum convinced me to watch Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.
They were ok. Matthew and Linda were amazing, but they could have cast Fred and Daphne better.
When The Mystery Begins came out, I was really worried about the cast!
I wasn’t familiar with any of the actors, but Hayley Kiyoko as Velma seemed like not a very good match.
I did watch it soon after it was released, and I wasn’t impressed.
Nick Palatas did good as Shaggy and Kate Meton did good as Daphne.
I didn’t like Robbie Amell as Fred, and maybe it was the brown hair.
I asked him why he didn’t have blonde hair and he said he didn’t look good as a blonde.
I couldn’t accept that lol!
If he didn’t look good as a blonde, they should have recast Fred!
I didn’t like Hayley as Velma at all either.
I felt she just didn’t fit as Velma.
I also was unhappy that they came out with new live action movies without Matthew and Linda as Shaggy and Velma.
They were perfect for those roles, so why do another movie without them?


The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show is hard to watch!
Scrappy is almost unbearable in these episodes with his constant talking and wanting to be the hero while Shaggy and Scooby are scared of everything.
They make it seem like there is a mystery, and you wait and wait and wait and then all they do is run away.
The lack of Fred, Daphne and Velma makes me miss the gang being together.

ThatScoobyDoom: I can understand being worried, but that is insane to me!
I saw both in theaters and was blown away.
Sure, there are some shitty parts…the fart scene for sure (see what I did there? ;-)) and the way the creatures were taught to talk was…bad!
But for me, that first movie is really enjoyable and the second one is even better.

You have to give it up to Freddie Prinze Jr though, he went the full 9 and did indeed dye his hard.
I like him and Sarah alot, but I agree they were miscast.
My theory is that they cast her solely because of Buffy, they knew even if Scooby fans saw a trailer and wrote it off they’d get her Buffy fans.
TV fans from the 90’s forward are rabid and will follow the stars anywhere.

As for the TV Movies, I have said this many many times, but The Mystery Begins made me a bit misty eyed…okay, I cried.
I love that movie!
It felt like the closest representation of the cartoon up to that point, Nick was awesome (not nearly as great as Matt but a decent replacement), Kate is great, and I liked Hayley alot.
She was closer to original Velma, I feel Linda is closer to Mindy’s Velma (which I love) because Mindy’s Velma has alot of attitude.
She’s sarcastic as hell.

You’ll notice I left Robbie off, he just felt really dull.
I saw an interview once with him where he said he offer to die his hair but producers/director/somebody said it was unnecessary, my reporters instincts just screamed bullshit.
It seemed very much like a line he was feed to save him from being hated for it.
When did you ask him about it?

Well, they wanted to go younger, it would have been creepy to have Matt and Linda running around with Teens especially after they established in the first 2 movies that they were clearly playing adults.

When you first heard the announcement for the first movie were you excited at all or were you just totally against the idea from the jump?
I know that Batman teaser had me pumped for it!

Yeah, it really was just a series of wheelspinning shorts.
I stopped after 2 episodes (about 8 shorts) and switched to 13 Ghosts.

@ScoobyAddict: LOL!
I did enjoy the original live action movies, for the most part.
They didn’t annoy me as much as I thought they could!
I do give kudos to FPJ for dying his hair and trying to look the part of Fred.


I had a hard time with The Mystery Begins.
I liked Nick and Kate, but Robbie and Hayley…no way!
I used to follow Robbie Amell on Twitter, but he just seemed so arrogant and high on himself that I couldn’t take it anymore and I unfollowed him.
I think he ruined the movie for me.
My feelings of him being arrogant carried over to my perception of him in the movie and I just couldn’t like him as Fred.
The brown hair was unforgivable lol!
I asked him about it a few years ago.
He only responded that he didn’t look good as a blonde.

I can see why Matt and Linda wouldn’t have fit into The Mystery Begins.
They would have looked odd with Hayley and Robbie.

When I first heard about the movie, I was so against it.
I felt like they were just trying to ruin Scooby!
Scooby live action??
That was just unheard of!
Scooby was a cartoon!
For a few years now, we’ve been in nostalgia mode…releasing movies and shows and toys featuring characters that were popular when I was a kid.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paddington Bear, He-Man…They are doing this in hopes that we will want to relive our childhoods with our kids and take them to see the movies or watch the shows with them. (It is working!!)
I felt like they were just releasing a live action movie for that reason…and I was worried they were going to ruin Scooby!
Instead of giving it a chance, I waited a few years to watch the movies.
I actually owned them on DVD for a year or so before I ever watched them.
I wasn’t as disappointed after seeing them.
I agree Monsters Unleashed was the better of the 2 movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: Where do you fall on the Real Vs Fake Monsters debate?
All 4 movies have deftly done both.

I can agree about Robbie, I’ve never met the dude, probably never even been in the same zipcode as the dude, but he just seems to give off a certain aura of…I don’t want to say superiority, but that’s kinda what it is.
We’ll have to agree to disagree on Hayley.

While we’re on the subject, what did you think of Curse Of The Lake Monster?

This is gonna sound familiar if you pay attention to the Question Of The Week’s on ScoobyFan.Net (but I wrote it so I can steal my own work if I want!!! Lol) If you were to pick a whole new cast for a Scooby movie, who would pick for the roles?
I know who I’d pick for Daphne but struggle with the rest.

I love the nostalgia movies and sequels and what not myself, but I find it very disheartening when you hear folks constantly bitching and crying about not having new, original, franchise free movies out but they don’t support the original movies that do get made.

I can understand you being worried about the movies being bad but seriously, how the hell did you resist watching them when you had the DVD’s for a year?
That would have driven me nuts in some twisted Tantalus kinda way!

@ScoobyAddict: I like the classic idea of the monsters being fake, just someone dressed up in costume trying to scare everyone, and they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!
But the darker tone of Zombie Island with the real zombies was a great twist.
It was such a different concept.
I wouldn’t want all of the villains to be real though.
I can handle it once in a while, but I wouldn’t want it to be the norm.

I love that Scooby meme that was going around a while ago that said “Scooby-Doo taught us that the real monsters are humans.”

I thought The Mystery Begins was much better than Curse of the Lake Monster.
I didn’t like the Shaggy/Velma love angle.
I also didn’t like that Velma was possessed and going against the gang.
They kind of broke up the gang by having Velma as the villain.
I think it would have been better if there was a mystery the whole gang could solve together.

A whole new cast for a Scooby movie…WOW!
I thought about this for hours today!
Ok, If I was casting a movie, I’d want to keep Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini as Shaggy and Velma, but you asked for a whole new cast so…I would cast Eric Christian Olsen as Shaggy.
He plays Marty Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles.
There have been so many Shaggy references made in the show about him.
I think he would make a great Shaggy!
For Daphne, I would choose Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne on Revenge.
I don’t recall many Scooby references on that show, and Revenge is a lot different than Scooby, but I could see her in the role of Daphne and I think she would do a decent job.
I would cast Mae Whitman as Velma.
She played Amber Holt on Parenthood and voices April O’Neil in the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle animated series.
She is also doing a movie with Robbie Amell called The Duff.
Then there is Fred!
I have tried to think of someone that I would cast as Fred.
I mean, this has been eating away at me all day!
I can’t think of anyone that would be able to do a great job as Fred.
The only actor that I really thought might be able to pull it off is Chris Hemsworth, and I’m not even totally sure of him!
Fred is really difficult to cast.
So far, we’ve had 2 actors that couldn’t really pull off Fred’s character.
Anyway…who would you pick for Daphne?

I don’t go to the movies very often.
When I do, it is to take my kids to the movies to see what they want to see.
I think it’s very expensive to go to the movies, especially with a family of 5.
I do hear a lot of people complain about the lack of new, original movies.
Really, the nostalgia movies and sequels probably bring in a lot of money, and as long as that is the case, it will continue.

It is a bit crazy that I waited so long to watch the original live action movies.
I looked it up on the forum…I don’t have the exact date, but I watched the first movie at the beginning of 2009.

ThatScoobyDoom: Again, I think that SD:MI nailed that aspect.
Ever episode had “a man in a mask” but they also built up to that extremely ballsy real monster.
Hold onto that thought about Zombie Island, I wanna come back to that a little later.

I love it too, anybody that has followed me on twitter for awhile, or read my bio, knows why. Lol

…not only did it break up the gang…they spoiled the ending of the damn thing within the first 5 minutes!!!
Velma wasn’t around when they were chasing the monster through the house and they were all shocked by who it was…hmm, I wonder who it could be?!?!?
And that doesn’t even bring up the worst part of that movie, where the hell was Scooby?
His name is in the title but he was only on screen for like 10 minutes collectively.
It’s sad really, I loved TMB but I can not stand to watch CotLM.

The dude from NCIS: LA, was he the dude that played the young version of the old guy that fell into the Kryptonite lake and was killing off the folks that convicted him on Smallville?
I think I know the chick that you said is in The Duff.
Not sure who your Daphne is. Chris Hemsworth?
THOR as Fred?
That would be hard to swallow. Lol
But it is a hard question to answer, that’s why I only have 1 of the 4 cast. Lol
My Daphne is Emma Watson, I saw a picture of her a while back and she looked startlingly like Daphne.
She had the scarf, head band, and everything.
I was looking for it but can’t find it, hopefully I do by the time I post this.

Wait…7 years???
Holy shiznit!!!

@ScoobyAddict: SD:MI did a great job with that!

I forgot about Scooby barely being in the movie!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Curse of the Lake Monster.
I don’t plan on watching it anytime soon either!

Eric Christian Olsen played Young Harry Bollston in Smallville.
I only watched the first few episodes of Smallville, so I can’t say that was what he did, but I’m going to assume you are right!
Emily VanCamp played Sharon Carter (Agent 13) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Fred is really difficult to cast!
I say Chris Hemsworth because I think he could look the part of Fred.
Whether he would be good at playing Fred is another story!
I could see Emma Watson as Daphne.
She could definitely look like her.
It is really hard to think of who to cast for the roles.
Like I said, it took me hours yesterday to really think about who would be perfect for each role.

7 years lol!

ThatScoobyDoom: Much like The Dark Knight, I don’t know that I’ll ever watch CotLM again and the DVD version is even worse!

You can ask Ross, I have a very strange connection with Smallville and an ability to recall actors and their roles on it. Lol
I still haven’t seen The Winter Soilder. πŸ˜₯
And hey, what can I say, I have a bit of a crush on Emma Watson too, so I may have ulterior motives for wanting her cast as Daph…don’t judge me!!!
It is insanely hard to cast for these roles, so much so that I only had 1 name. Lol

Bewildering for sure.

So, after Pup ended…and there was no new series the next year…or the year after that…or the year after that…did you get worried at all?
I’m not sure if you are interested in them or were aware, but there were comics still being published by Archie if I remember correctly.

@ScoobyAddict: I can’t say that any of the live action movies are at the top of my list to watch anytime soon! haha

That’s cool that you can recall all of that!

I looked up Emma Watson on Google and I saw a picture of her with a scarf, no hair band though, and she had long hair and I could see how she could look a lot like Daphne.

I was worried after Pup that we wouldn’t see any more Scooby series.
I thought maybe Pup didn’t do so well as a show and that would be the last Scooby series we would ever watch.
Characters havetheir run, but not many characters can have seriesafter series and still be well liked after 40+ years!
11 years later, when What’s New Scooby-Doo? came out, I was ecstatic to see a new series!
And what’s new was close to the classic animation.
Not quite the same, but close.
They modernized their outfits and Fred no longer had his ascot which was hard to get used to.
Everything about this show was more modernized, even the theme song.

This is a little off the subject, but I just realized that all of the series except for The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated first aired in the month of September.
RR/SD ended in September.

I never really read comics, but that is interesting that Archie comics were still being published!

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, I watch TMB every year on September 13th.

I wish I was like that with Scooby but there’s just so much it’s hard to store it all in the brain parts.

I’m gonna dig around and find that gorram pic, I must have it in an old email somewhere.


So I was wrong about the hand band, but still! Look at her, she'd be a perfect Daphne!

There are alot of characters that have come and gone, look at The Flintstones!
If not for that upcoming WWE movie I highly doubt we’d be seeing any new Flintstones content.
I think Scooby’s longevity can be attributed solely to the dog being center stage, folks love dogs in a big bad way, myself included.
Not many other franchises have a hook like that.

Don’t jump ahead too far, we wouldn’t have gotten What’s New or maybe even the first Live-Action movie without Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island in 1998!
The year before that DC started publishing their 1st Scooby comic series as well.
1998 was the year Scooby relaunched to superstardom and didn’t look back, I wonder if the DC comic lead to the DTV’s or if it was just a coincidence.
This is right around the time I got into Scooby.

Even more interesting is that most of them debuted as close to Sept 13th as they could.
I wonder why they tried different start times of year for RR/SDS & SD:MI since most shows that they had faith in (beyond event series) tend to air first run in the fall.

And BTW, I just did a little research, at the time of Pup’s cancellation, there weren’t any Scooby comics.
Harvey published some in 93-94, are had the license from 95-96 and had a 20 issue (or so) run that ended when DC got the license in 97.
So, there have been nonstop Scooby comics since 93 it looks like.

@ScoobyAddict: It is definitely difficult to remember every detail of Scooby-Doo!
As the older I get, the less I can retain lol!

The only reason they are bringing back The Flintstones and The Jetsons is because of nostalgia!
They know we will take our kids to see the movies or buy them.
I’m not even sure kids know those shows.

I forget the comics have been published for so long.

I guess when you combine the series and the movies, Scooby has only really had a 7 year lapse.
I don’t really count Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights as a Scooby movie.
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island definitely paved the way for WNSD.
We’ve gotten at least 1 new DTV Scooby movie since 1998, keeping Scooby in the spotlight!

For SD:MI, I’m guessing the release was set by the network and they just kind of got it out there.
Maybe they felt pressure to release it earlier.

I’m happy to see the Scooby comics being made by DC.
The first set of comics, just titled Scooby-Doo were made from 1997-2010 and then Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? from 2010 – now.

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya.

Totally, but still.
Outside of cereal, yhat franchise was dead.
Seth MacFarlane tried and failed to revive it a few years ago, I was really looking forward to that too.
And even when I was in school 10 years ago, not alot of kids know these old cartoons.
And it’s understandable to a degree, the 90’s had alot of great cartoons.

I don’t count Arabian Nights because it sucked. Lol
Did you see Zombie Island when it first came out?

Maybe, but given how they marketed that show (or rather didn’t) doubtful that they felt pressure.

And don’t forget Scooby-Doo Team-Up started in late 2013.
I reviewed a comic from the 1970’s for ScoobyFan.Net, the older comics are far better than the ones we have today…with the possible exception of Team-Up.
Team-Up is one of the comics I miss getting the most.

@ScoobyAddict: Seth McFarlane’s Flintstone revival could have been interesting, but I’m not sure a new Flintstones series would really make it with all the competition that is out there.
It was have to be absolutely amazing!

I did see Zombie Island soon after it was released.
Usually when a new movie is released, I’ll buy it and then we have a movie night and I watch it with my husband and our 3 kids.
They enjoy that because they get popcorn and usually get to stay up later lol.

Scooby-Doo Team Up was meant to be similar to the 70’s Scooby comics, so it makes sense that if you liked the original comics, you would like Team Up.

ThatScoobyDoom: I Don’t know, it could have worked.
Everything else is basically a modern day version of that with a twist, The Simpsons, Family Guy.
The funniest thing to me about Seth’s Flintstones was that folks immediately trashed it and thought it would just be dirty jokes, which I doubt he would have done…but even if he had, Hanna-Barbera made dick jokes in the original so why is the mere thought of Seth doing them a crime against humanity?

And before you or anybody else thinks I’m blowing smoke about Hanna-Barbera making a dick joke… http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=IJPi3Ej0h2A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

What was your first impression of ZI?

And similar to The New Scooby-Doo Movies, which is another one of my favorite series.

@ScoobyAddict: I think Seth would have been more likely to do it tastefully.
It wouldn’t make sense if he made it vulgar.
That video is funny!

I liked Zombie Island.
I liked that it was darker and a little more scary than what we were used to.
They gave the characters a more modern look and it was kind of cool to see that they had these lives aside from being part of the gang.
I always looked at them more as being kids/teens, but in Zombie Island they were adults who had jobs.
It was interesting that they did that with the 7 year lapse.
I liked that the zombies were real.
It was a different concept and with the gap in movies and series, It was nice to see some creativity with Scooby’s return.

I liked The New Scooby Movies!
I loved the guest stars on the shows.
I wish they would revamp that show now.
A new series with modern guest stars…I could think of many people they could solve mysteries with!

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally, alot of people said the same thing about Cosmos and look how that turned out.
Seth had the utmost respect for Bill and Joe, he surely wouldn’t have pissed on that.
I thought so too.

Me too, I think one of things that can make WAY a bit tedious at times is the laughtrack.
That show would probably be spooky as hell without it and I felt Zombie Island kind of proved that.
It made it fresh in a way it hadn’t been in years, it gave us plenty of the “man in a mask” and then whipped a freakin’ giant cat lady and some biters at you.
In many ways I think those first 4 DTV’s were the best.

In a way it is being revived just without the name, the Blue Falcon movie, the WWE movie, the upcoming KISS movie.
Don Knotts and Johnathan Winters were among my favorite guest stars.
Who were some of your favorites?
As for current day stars, The Harlem Globetrotters would still be good, WWE again, and I’d love to see a true Weird Al crossover!

@ScoobyAddict: They definitely overused the laugh track in SDWAY!
I never liked laugh tracks.
It’s not like the show was taped in front of a live studio audience…I think we can do without laugh tracks!
I did always like the sound of them running though haha.

I guess they are kind of reviving The New Movies.
I don’t like WWE, so that doesn’t really appeal to me so much.
I really liked Davy Jones!
I loved his accent and he was always my favorite Monkee! (He touched my hand at a Monkee’s concert I went to when I was like 10. lol.)
I also really liked The Addams Family.
I think their creepiness added a lot to the episode and they already had the spooky house!

I know I’ve said this before, but it would be awesome if they had Rob Zombie write a Scooby-Doo movie!
He’d have to tone it down a lot from his movies, but I think he could do it and do it well!
He’d also have to write and perform the theme song for it and be the guest in the movie!
I think he could do wonders with a Scooby movie!
I wouldn’t mind the cast of NCIS or NCIS:LA as guest stars in a movie.
The Muppets would be fun!!
Weird Al would be cool!
My kids used to sing his songs all the time!
That could be a really fun crossover.
There was a show on a while ago called Without a Trace.
A scooby movie like that would be cool!
Every time I watched that show I could see Scooby and the gang trying to help find the missing person!

ThatScoobyDoom: Worst element of the franchise to me.
It was drawn infront of a live studio audience!

I just want them to right the big wrong from Wrestlemania Mystery, Undertaker needs to be in Scooby!
There are so many episodes from that series I haven’t seen in years, I liked the Davy ep and Dick Van Dyke was great too.

Were you a Munsters or Addams Family kid?

Rob Zombie doing a Scooby anything would be fucked up and awesome!
The NCIS casts?
Are you thinking murder mysteries?
Muppets would be fun for sure.

I would love for Bruce Timm to be put in charge of a Scooby series, he did AMAZING work on Batman, Superman, and Justice League!!!

@ScoobyAddict: I know nothing about WWE! lol
The Dick Van Dyke ep was good!

I watched both The Munsters and The Addams Family, but I always liked The Addams Family better.
Herman Munster was a lot like Frankenstein, but The Addams Family had Lurch and Thing.
Lurch was funny to me how he’s answer the door “You rang!” with that voice and totally creepy and emotionless look on his face.
Thing was great and amusing!
They also had a dragon living under their stairs…that right there was the coolest thing I had ever seen!

Rob Zombie is twisted in a creative kind of way.
He’s got what it takes to take Scooby to a new level of scary, but he’d have to make it more geared towards kids.
Look at that Woolite commercial he did.
Who knew laundry detergent could be so creepy!
It’s not like he showed anything bad in the commercial, but it was creepy.
If he did something like that with Scooby, minus the laundry detergent of course, it would be a masterpiece!
With the NCIS casts, I was thinking more of a missing person, and not a murder mystery.

ThatScoobyDoom: Nobody’s perfect. Lol

I was a Munsters man, them Addams’ were a bunch of whack-a-doos. Lol
The Munsters had Spot under the stairs, but I will agree Lurch was awesome.
That is a great voice.

Rob Zombie did that Woolite commercial?
That explains it!
I always thought that was kind of cool.
That could work, and it would be interesting to see Shaggy’s reaction to Gibbs smackin’ him upside the head.
I will say this though, even though I liked the Addams Family & Globetrotters episodes, I wonder how having “the cast of…” would work today.
The 2 I mentioned and the Stooges episodes always stuck out for being slightly weirder (IMO) than “Hey look kids, it’s Batman & Robin” or “Dick Van Dyke” or “Phyllis Diller” just because they were really crossing the streams of vastly different franchises.

@ScoobyAddict: lol!

I guess I don’t remember the details of the shows like I thought lol!
I still liked The Addams Family better.
Yeah, it was goofy and they were crazy!
That was what made the show good.

Yes, Rob Zombie did a great job with the Woolite commercial!

I could see Gibbs smacking Shaggy in the back of the head.
Or Fred.
That would be funny!

I think those shows were weirder because of the characters.
The Three Stooges were always weird, The Addams Family was weird too.
I think they carried that over to the Scooby show to keep the characters as they were.

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally, I liked the Addams’ but Munsters was my favorite of the 2.
I’ve said this in previous Typecasts, but it’s amazing the wacky shit they did back in the day that they would NEVER do now.

I had no clue he did that commercial.

And I’m glad they kept them true to form, but those eps don’t go down as smooth for me.

So, what do you think of the very little we’ve seen from Be Cool so far?

@ScoobyAddict: Be Cool Scooby-Doo…when I first saw the drawing of the characters, I was disgusted!
All I kept thinking was this was going to be Get A Clue all over again.
I thought the characters looked demented, like they were drawn by a 5 year old!
I was really worried about the show, and not very excited about it.
Of course, with all Scooby shows, I knew I would give it a chance, but I didn’t have very high hopes for it.
Over the past few weeks, Jon Colton Barry, who is one of the writers for Be Cool Scooby-Doo, has been answering questions and giving us little pieces of information about the show on my forum.
Here is the link to that thread: http://scoobyaddicts.proboards.com/thread/2908/new-series-cool-scooby-doo.
He knew that we weren’t thrilled with the artwork, but I think he helped us all see the show a little differently.
He was a writer for Phineas & Ferb, one of my favorite modern cartoons and one of the only cartoons from the past few years that I could handle watching with my kids.
I love the writing in P&F, and it made me look at Be Cool a totally different way knowing that JCB would be writing it.
Ok…I know that wasn’t what you asked, but I had to share that.
As for not seeing much about Be Cool, I think in time we will see more.
I don’t think they want to give away a lot at this point.
WI do hope they stick with a September air date to follow most of the other series.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s exactly what I meant, but before I go further I just want to say something about your board (but more so about proboards in general).
I haven’t been on your board in…geez, probably close to 2 years and it’s 100% because of that update they did.
With the shitty phones I’ve had, it takes no less than 5 minutes to load.
The mobile version sucks too.
I remember when they were beta testing the update and Ross signed up for it on his now defunct board, I couldn’t post anymore.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’ve never seen Phineas and Ferb but I know Dan Povenmire created it and he did some of the best episodes of Family Guy so I always kinda wanted to see it.

And speaking of Family Guy, I never understood or saw how folks compared the art style, or more aptly tthe character designs, of Be Cool to Family Guy.
It looks like Courage The Cowardly Dog or something, Velma sort of looks vaugely Meg-like but that’s it.

See, they originally said it would air during the 2014 TV season (which is rapidly drawing to a close) but they’ve since said it will air in 2015.
And this again is what pisses me off about CN, they push the mind rot shows like Adventure Time or some such nonsense but something like Scooby or Young Justice (that has a semi presold audience) they screw around so much it’s exhausting.

That short sizzle reel they showed looked pretty decent to me, so I’m willing to give it a chance.
That first teaser image of Scooby did make him look severely brain damaged though. Lol

@ScoobyAddict: I’ve had so many issues with Proboards, especially trying to access it through my phone.
For a short time after the update, no matter how I tried to access my forum, it said I was banned.
How could I be banned from my own forum?
I had to contact proboards and they have sort of fixed it.
I still get the banned message sometimes when I try to access it from my phone.
But the forum has been very successful, so moving it somewhere else isn’t an option.
I just hope they can correct the issues someday.

Phineas & Ferb was great!
They solved problems, used their creativity, and the show wasn’t annoying like Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball…you know, all the shows that CN pushes down everyone’s throats, like you said!
I know a lot of people that love those shows, but I just don’t see the fascination with them.
They annoy me!
I’ve always wondered why CN seems to have a problem with Scooby.
Hey, there’s a mystery for the gang to solve!

I give every series a chance, though sometimes I go into it without an open mind, like with Get A Clue.
I would have done the same thing with Be Cool, but JCB changed my mind about the show.
I’m really looking forward to it now!


ThatScoobyDoom: In my experience, proboards is the best but they gotta quit screwing with shit.
I miss reading your board.

I seriously baffles me, they should have stretched out the end of SD:MI and plugged the hell out of it but instead they burned through the episodes with little promotion so they could get back to the normal annoying bull.
I hate those shows with a fiery passion.
No shit, get some Scooby Snacks cause that mystery is gonna be a tough nut to crack.

Me too.
So, to start wrapping up, what are you excited about for the future of Scooby?

@ScoobyAddict: Proboards was great when I first set up the forum, but the changes they made weren’t great.
I wish you would come back to the forum, but I understand that it not working for you is annoying!


I’m excited about the new merchandise that will be coming out…the LEGO sets, the new “Re-Mego” figures by Figures Toy Company, and anything else they may come out with.
I still hope to see a Scooby Yahtzee game in the future!
I hope they come out with a Scooby LEGO video game and maybe even a movie.
I’m looking forward to Be Cool, and I hope they continue to make Scooby series after.
And of course the DTV movies…which they should be releasing on Blu-Ray too!

ThatScoobyDoom: I miss just being able to lurk, but given how I talk it’s probably best I can’t post. Lol

Those Re-Megos sound awesome!!!
Mego was well before my time but I always hear about how great those were.
Don’t forget, there is going to be a 22 minute Lego special.
If that does well it could lead to a movie…and speaking of movies!
What do you think about the 2 theatrical movies that were announced and we’ve heard nothing about since?
The Animated movie and the “Reboot”.

Would you have been interested in those 2 proposed series that never happened?
That one that was called Mixed Nuts which was H-B Characters and Looney Tunes Characters in sketches and the other that was going to be the style of the opening sequences for Abra and Camp Scare.

That bugged me that they didn’t put out the newest one on Blu, but hopefully it will get release on Blu by the time I get to see it.

@ScoobyAddict: The original Mego toys looked really cool in pictures!

I keep forgetting about the LEGO special!
I’d love to see it turn into a movie!

I don’t like when WB announces possible Scooby shows or movies and then they just fade away and nothing ever comes of it.
I’d love to see Scooby on the big screen again…in animated form!
I’d prefer they didn’t do live action again, but if they do, they should use the cast I chose lol!
I wonder if they could make Scooby work with a live action cast and an animated Scooby…like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
or Space Jam!

I never heard of Mixed Nuts, so I had to look it up. (http://cartoonatics.blogspot.com/2011/04/cartoon-shows-that-never-were-2-mixed.html)
I really like the concept and I think it could have worked!
I’d love to see Scooby and The Looney Tunes together!
There is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS called Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: Adventure.
I had never heard about it until about a week ago when I was working on the Video Game page to add to the website.
My kids have a 3DS, so I may buy the game.
I have no clue if the Scooby characters and The Looney Tunes characters interact with each other.
It would be cool if they do!

I liked the opening sequences for Abra and Camp Scare.
I liked that they did something a little different.
I was also happy to see the movies were not done in that animation style.
Fred looks like Elvis and Velma is really short!
I don’t know if I would like a series in that style, though I do like it better than Be Cool.

Have you ever seen The Mystery Map or the live Scooby stage show?

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen them on Comic Book Men, they rave about them.

Me too, though I want a game more at this point.
Video Games tend to have a way of burrowing into peoples minds these day so I think that would be a bigger help to the franchise.

Yeah, bugs me too because I have always wanted to see animated Scooby on the big screen.
If they used the current DTV style with a bigger budget it would be magical.
I don’t think that would work, it would seem weird to me after seeing a realistic dog next to humans.
It was kinda weird seeing Shag and Scooby rip Matt a new one in Looney Tunes: Back In Action.
But why can’t they just get their shit together and do both?
Do an animated movie one summer and the next do another live-action movie!

I thought it sounded fun but that’s how WB works though. *shrugs*
There was supposedly a code for that crossover game in the Big Top disc case, but I couldn’t get it so I don’t know.
But I like the idea of that game for sure, it sounds like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup of games.

I think if they would put alot of effort into the story, I could handle any style they’d throw at me.
I just like seeing the characters reimagined in different ways.
That’s part of why Pup and SD:MI work for me, because they look different.
Though I do think the current DTV style is the best they’ve ever looked.
I’d like to see them done CG but I’m afraid they’d stick with it so I’m okay imagining it. Lol

Never seen the stage show but I gave The Mystery Map a glowing review.
( http://scoobyfan.net/scooby-doo-adventures-the-mystery-map-review/ )
It was a great revival of Pup and I want to see more of those for damn sure!

@ScoobyAddict: A game would definitely be better than a LEGO movie!
I wish there were more Scooby games…although I’d want to play them and I’d never get anything done!

I don’t know if we’ll really see Scooby on the big screen anytime soon.
And I think we’d be more likely to see a live action Scooby movie as opposed to an animated on in theaters.

I’ll have to see if I can get the game!

You certainly did a detailed review of The Mystery Map.
I felt that it was weird.
Scooby as a puppet was not really my thing.
It wasn’t bad, but it was difficult to get used to.

I did get to see the live stage show, Scooby-Doo! Live Musical Mysteries.
I wrote a review of it.
(http://scoobyaddicts.com/News.aspx? pageIndex=3&NumRows=5)
Scroll down the page to find it.
I enjoyed it, but I also didn’t expect a lot from it because it is geared towards younger kids.
It was cute though!


ThatScoobyDoom: I think so, games are longer than movies so they tend to stick with you more.
I wish there were too, it makes me really sad that there was never a game on the PS3 console generation.

I don’t think we will either, if I’m honest I doubt we’ll see animated Scooby on the big screen at all.
They may have announced it, but given how quickly they made the reboot announcement after the animated movie announcement it would appear they are one and the same.
The chances of us getting two big screen Scooby movies as close together as those two would have to be are far more astronomical than successfully navigating an asteroid field.

Let us know how it is.

Yeah, I do my reviews and shit like that because I know alot of folks that follow me on twitter don’t really know much about the current Scooby stuff so I want to give them as good picture as I can without spoiling it.
That and I just love writing/talking about Scooby, that’s one of the reasons why you were one of the folks I wanted to get for a Typecast.
You can ask Ross, I was nervous about asking you to do it, mostly because we’ve not had much interaction, but this has turned out better than I could have hoped.
Rare that I can cut loose and talk Scooby with somebody different and they actually know what they hell I’m on about.

Nice piece.
I think I remember reading that, I would love to see it it just to see a new story.
Oooo, I noticed it was at the Beacon in NYC.
Carlin did some of his HBO specials there.

@ScoobyAddict: If we ever do get another Scooby movie in theaters, it will most likely be live action for sure.

I think it’s great that you do your reviews.
I always enjoy reading them.
I know other people look to reviews before they decide to watch the movies.
It’s hard sometimes to get good, honest reviews too, and I know you are honest in the reviews you write.

Nervous about asking me to do the typecast?
I am really a nobody, I just run a Scooby-Doo website because I love Scooby-Doo and I wanted a place for fans to get as much information as they could get about Scooby.
I have very much enjoyed this.
I don’t really get to talk Scooby with many people.
My kids just roll their eyes at me when I try to talk to them about it lol.
And like you said, many people don’t get it!

I would recommend you seeing it if you can.
Beacon Theater was a beautiful place!
George Carlin was great!
He told it like it was.

ThatScoobyDoom: Everything I do, be it the reviews, these Typecasts, the videos, whatever, is because I love it.
So thanks for that.

Yes, nervous.
You may think you’re “a nobody” but I promise you that you’re not looked at that way, you provided a service of sorts when nobody else did.
Maybe it’s just me, but in a strange way I look upto and respect you for that.
There is a reason I wanted to talk to you after all.

I’m not sure if it was ever here in ST.L.
Carlin, amongst others, was, and continues to be, a huge influance on me.
He’s definitely the reason I’m so free with language, because there’s no such thing as “Bad Words”.
Bad intentions? Shit yeah!
Bad People? You bet your ass!
But Bad Words? Ridiculous.
It’s so damn arbitrary.
Modern day philosopher.

@ScoobyAddict: It’s great that you can do something you love!

Thank you!
It means a lot that you would say you respect me.
I put a lot of time into my website, and sometimes it’s hard to work on it because of time constraints.
I have so many new ideas to add to the site to really expand it a lot.
Plus, the new project will be a lot of work and I hope the fans like it just as much as they like ScoobyAddicts.com.
I always feel like I am letting people down when a lot of time lapses and I haven’t added anything new.

I post a lot of quotes and inspirational stuff on my personal Facebook page.
I’d love to quote Carlin more often, but I know people find him offensive.

ThatScoobyDoom: Keeps me sane. Lol

I truly have admired your work from afar for quite some time.

Yeah, but the thing you have to remember is to do what you want.
Can’t worry about offending folks or you’ll never have anything to say because in this day and age somebody gets offended by everything.

Is there anything else you want to say about Scooby, or anything in general?

@ScoobyAddict: Sanity is good lol!

Thank you!

Well…I’m sad to have this end lol! It’s been fun!
I hope people try to keep an open mind for Be Cool Scooby-Doo!
I know the writers are awesome, and from what I’ve been told, it’s going to be a really great show!
Of course, I heard it from one of the writers and he’s biased haha!
But really, I’m looking forward to when it airs, and I’m hoping it airs online somewhere because I don’t have cable.

ThatScoobyDoom: I just hope they all have a healthy respect for everything that came before, at this point it all feeds to the legacy.

Hey, you can always come back for another one!
I can think of a few things we can go a bit more in depth about.
It’s been my pleasure having you.

@ScoobyAddict: I agree!

I’d be honored to do another one sometime!

Thank you so much for having me!


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Subscribe to her Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Sc00byAddicts.

And most importantly, visit her site at http://www.scoobyaddicts.com/, it really is a great resource.

And if you feel so inclined, visit her board at http://www.scoobyaddicts.proboards.com/ and get involved in some great Scooby discussion!

Special thanks to @ScoobyFanDotNet for some images.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys this time, but remember!
The world has enough bad in it, why don’t you try adding some good?

Thanks for reading.

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Typecast #5: Four Color Fitz

The Fitz and I done did it again, but we decided to take a break from the Prequel talk and read the first Six issues of the original MARVEL Star Wars comic.


We used the Dark Horse Star Wars: A Long Time Ago…. Volume 1 Omnibus, just incase you have it and want to try to follow along.

As always, @Fitzman73‘s side of the conversation will appear with his name in red and link to his podcast Just Jump To The End, available at http://JJ2End.com.

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling fuck ups and everything, just to maintain the honesty of it all.

ThatScoobyDoom: As you’ve said previously you read this issue when it first came out in Treasury back in the day.
My first question to you has to be, 37 (nooch) and a half years after this issue first came out, does it still hold up to what is was for you way back then when you first cracked it open?

@Fitzman73: Oof.
I just read it again for the first time in a couple years and man, it’s rough.

You can really tell that Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin had no fucking idea what this movie was about.
I think they were working while production was underway and nobody had actually seen the film yet, so Howard Chaykin’s art is a pretty poor representation of what ended up on the screen.

I heard an interview with him a few years ago and he was a real hate tank so I have no problem ripping his work on this book apart.
You can tell they probably just had a draft of the shooting script and had maybe been shown a few reference photos.
The way the characters are drawn you can tell they weren’t studying (especially the visuals) very closely.
They’re good enough to pass but a lot of the detail is really glossed over.

Roy Thomas did a pretty good job adapting the script I guees, but it’s so compressed to fit into a few comic books that some things that took several minutes of screen time happen in a single panel.
The pacing is off.

What I found most interesting though was that this movie is so ingrained in me that as I’m reading the dialog I hear it exactly as it is said in the film.
So it’s especially strange when the dialog in the comic doesn’t exactly match the lines from the movie.

Does it hold up?
Not really, but some of the images are just as burned into my brain as the real movie.
Like Luke’s rifle getting smashed by the gaffi stick.


Luke's Rifle Being Smashed By A Tusken Raider

Is this the first time you’ve actually read it?

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, this first issue is…strange…to say the least.

You can tell this was done with an early draft of the script because it still has the scenes with Biggs before he leaves.
Reading those was interesting because, while I have read about them, I’m not sure I’ve ever watched them.
Is Biggs’ last name really Darklighter?
That sounds about as heroic as Starkiller or whatever Luke’s original name was.
The different descriptions of shit was throwing me off a bit too.

It seems like an awfully timid adaptaion of something that grew to be as huge as it is today.

As for the art, yeah…it’s pretty bland and forgettable.
It sometimes evokes what ended up on screen and other times it’s like I hafta flip to the cover and make sure I’m still reading a Star Wars comic.
Though I did like the tease of Obi-Wan in the last page or 2.

It’ll be interesting to to see as we get deeper into these if it gets closer to to the screen.
This first issue dropped in July, 2 months after Ep IV came out, so I’d hope that by the time issue six came out they’d seen the movie and maybe changed the way they did things.

Yes, this is indeed the first time I’ve read it.
It’s alot to take in if I’m honest, and that’s just one issue.

Rough estimate, how many times you think you’ve read this?

@Fitzman73: How many times? Less than 10 for sure.
But if we’re counting just looking at the art and stuff then who knows, a million?
I used to thumb through these all the time.
But to actually “read” them, probably not that many.

His name is Darklighter for realz.
And his two friends in the shop were really named Camie and Fixer.
They never actually even completed shooting that interior stuff, but if you look on youtube I think some really rough and I mean ROUGH dailies of that scene have surfaced recently.
Black and white and no sound even if I remember right.

The outside stuff with Biggs was filmed but it was never really fully completed either I don’t think.
I think wasn’t it included as a deleted scene on the Blu ray release?

ThatScoobyDoom: Looked at it, read it, all the same ta me really.
Art tells a story just as well as words do.

Sounds threatening.
I remember seeing those dailies, I believe they mentioned them in one of the Rebel Force Radio Witwer commentaries as well.
I think those scenes may have totally altered the film, mostly because Fixer (a name that was later used in the Republic Commando novels and game for a Commando on Delta Squad) and Camie are kinda dicks.
You woulda felt even worse for Luke than you already kinda do.

It must have been on Blu because I recall seeing it on a rather large screen.
It’s weird, but I’ve not really dug into much of the deleted scenes.
I found the menus a bit counterintuitive.

What did you think of this cover?


Iconic Cover Of Issue 1

@Fitzman73: Awesome cover.
So iconic to me.
Very 70s, very Star Wars.
I was super excited to see Alex Ross’ version of this cover will be an alternate cover for the new Marvel relaunch of their Star Wars series.
A perfect choice for a variant.

Yeah I was surprised how mean they were to Luke.
It totally felt like he was the annoying tag along kid.
Fixer was probably just wanting to get a finger in Camie and here comes Luke again cockblocking him.

It’s funny though, that whole sequence that was cut from the film is the most dated looking to me.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it looks how I’d imagine a poster for the movie to look if the movie was a cartoon.
And to prove, to your point, just how iconic this cover is, this is one of the images I remember seeing before I became a Star Wars fan.

I don’t care what Alex Ross does, it looks amazing.
I hate Batman 66, but those covers he did were simply fuckin’ astounding.
It’s mindblowing what that dude does.

A few strange things about this cover, and please correct me if I’m wrong (I’m basing this on the cover inside my Dark Horse Omnibus so it could be wrong), but were Luke and Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber’s really red and Vader really green on the original cover?

Totally, their nickname for him is Wormie for fucksake!
Tattooine must be a truly lonely and depressing place for Luke to prefer to hang around with these two bloody cuntrags than to just fuck off around Anchorhead all alone.
And the really fascinating thing is, with as big of assholes as they are, and with them only showing up in one goddamn panel, why not just leave those two out?
I kinda want them to get the same treatment Owen & Beru got.
They make Luke seem pitiable more so than anything else.

I can see that.
Though I will say, I really liked those 3 panels of Luke watching the space battle, though they really don’t impact the story hugely.
Gives you even more of a sense that this kid wants to be out there doing more with his life than farming moisture…whatever the fuck that even means. Lol

@Fitzman73: I had/have the kid’s story book for the movie and as a kid I was always confused by the part where he’s watching the space battle.
For one thing I couldn’t figure out how he could see them so far up in the sky and then on top of it I always thought when the hell did this happen that wasn’t in the movie??
It was even more confusing in the storybook because unlike the comic where it’s just a drawing, that book had actual stills from those deleted scenes.
Even the Biggs farewell to Luke scene.
In fact that reminds me of when we were kids my cousin that had seen and told me all about Star Wars before I saw it, was adamant that Biggs was Darth Vader.
Now we were 7 and 6 or 6 and 5, something like that, but he had it figured out already.
And his proof?
He’d point to that picture of Luke and Biggs on Tatooine and say “see he’s wearing the same black cape as Vader”.
Well fucking OBVIOUSLY they must be the same guy. Lol.
Kids are dumb.

I’ll have to check my originals to see if the colors were the same as the omnibus, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they looked like in the 70s too.
Dark Horse did recolor the omnibus to make stuff look better I think but they didn’t drastically change anything.

That’s actually something I was going to bring up, the color choices are really bizarre in some of these pages.
It just goes to show how little the artists were allowed to see or that was even finalized before they had to draw and color the book.
Vader’s eye lenses are almost red in some panels, saber colors are jacked, Unlce Owen’s hair is straight up dark brown instead of a dirty, graying brown.
None of the principal cast really resemble the live actors.
It’s really weird.

Spoiler though, I did peek at issue 2 and the art changes dramatically.
So I think you were right in that as the adaptation goes on they will have had more exposure to the real thing and the art will begin to resemble the film more and more.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m gonna guess that scene doesn’t befuddle you any longer?
Cause when I saw it, I figured he just saw some flashes or, to his eyes/binocs, small explosions.
One another thing about that scene, the comic seems to indicate that the battle takes place just over Tattooine, like just out of the planet’s pull.
Now I could well be wrong, but the movie seemed, at least to me, to show that that battle, while definetly within close proximity to the planet and its surface, it was a pretty decent distance away.
So, what I’m saying is, that scene probably wouldn’t have worked as well from a logic standpoint in the film.

That to me is the earliest form of internet speculation right there, it’s thoughts, theories, and cock suredness like that that lead folks to be disappointed in the prequels.
That just seems to be par for the course with Star Wars.
In a way, I think it’s kinda cool.
Not all fandoms have fuckers within their midst that will take a tiny, insignificant, useless detail and extrapolate that into a huge backstory all it’s own.

Did they recolor this?
I thought it was just Empire and Jedi they did touch-ups on for their “special edition” versions.

Even on the cover, Vader has Hypnotoad eyes.
Lets not forget though, in the OT Vader did at times have red lenses.
Before I go any further, I need to make it painfully clear that I love handdrawn comic art and animation, they had a particular warmth that digital art and animation severely lack.
Now, having said all of that, back then, for the most part, those artists sucked at doing likenesses.
They could draw their dicks off making beautiful pieces of art but they couldn’t really do reality to save their goddamn lives.

Makes sense, George probably loosened the reins a bit and let these guys see shit as it go closer to release just to ensure the comic didn’t end up sucking mad ass.

@Fitzman73: Oh I agree hand drawn is way better in my opinion.
It doesn’t feel as sterile to me.

I didn’t mean “recolor” in the same way they recolored those special edition books, but more just that they converted all of these printed pages to digital and part of that process must include punching up the color and adjusting saturations and all that shit.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a straight “scan” of the originals.

You’re right about those red lenses, that’s another example of concept art/early designs being used to as work reference for these.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, as beautiful as art is not it feels…cold, machine made, less personal, though some artists can still pull it off.

Ah, I understand what ya meant now.
You may be right, I’ve not a clue.

Just for a second, slightly off topic, in the movies, when you can see through Vader’s lenses and see Prowse’s actual eyes, does that make you laugh as much as I do?
I think the spinning Tie Fighter scene was one of the big examples of this.

Are you about ready to move onto Issue 2?
Cause I know I have strong feelings about that fuckin’ cover! Lol

@Fitzman73: You know as many times as I’ve watched that movie I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed seeing through those lenses.
I know you can, I know it exists and chaps people (especially GL), but personally I can’t recall ever actually noticing.
I must have a block against it seeing it.

Yeah I’m ready to move on, the next issue should meatier.

The cover?
Oh you mean like that it’s completely false advertising? Lol


Issue 2's Not So Iconic Cover

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t help but notice it, real Shit That Should Not Be for the Babble fans reading.
Kinda like the Stormtrooper banging his head, then George added the sound effect.

Lets hope, I’m gonna start reading now.

I think Peter David has gone on rants a few times about covers like this advertising shit that would never happen in a book and I totally agree with him, it’s fuckin’ stupid.
And this is totally out of character for Luke, the first issue he’s the punching bag of Anchorhead and issue 2 he’s dealing with a bloodlust in the Mos Eisley cantina.
This cover is just as infamous as the 1st issues is famous.

@Fitzman73: That kind of shit was rampant back in the day.
They’d do anything they could to catch your attention at the newstand. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve noticed.

Ssssooooooo, did you read the issue yet?
Cause there’s really only one thing I want to talk about…I’m sure you know what that is!

@Fitzman73: Just finished it.
Whatever could it be that you want to talk about?
A certain crime lord’s first very (and very awkward) appearance?

ThatScoobyDoom: No, the sky in panel 3.
Why was it purple…OF COURSE!!!

A few things:
1. That proves to the Special Edition haters that that scene was originally part of Ep 4.
2. What in the actual fuck?
3. Do you remember that?
4. Lucas really was making this shit up as he went, wasn’t he?
5. When did the slug idea come up and where is the proof (beyond this) of existance of this critter in the grand scheme/archives???

And don’t worry about my vagueness, I’ll post a picture of that creature they called Jabba.


Jabba The What???

@Fitzman73: Of course I remember it.
Those panels are legendary.
For 20 years that WAS the Jabba scene.
Eventually we saw a couple behind the scenes still photos of that scene with fat Scottish dude that was the stand in for Jabba, but yeah those couple comic pages were it.

He wasn’t necessarily making it up, at the time it was planned to superimpose a monster over the top of that actor in post, but they couldn’t figure out a good way to do it or a good monster design for Jabba so since they were pressed for time and money they dropped it at the last minute.


It didn’t get cut from the comic, and Chaykin didn’t have a Jabba to work from so he just picked a background alien from Mos Eisley and used him.
You can actually see this guy in the film in the background when the Garindon spy is following Luke and Ben to docking bay 94.
They used him again as a background alien in Jabba’s Palace.

ThatScoobyDoom: I never knew about this!
This is amazing to me, an undiscovered little nugget of strangeness that is astoundingly fuckin’ weird and random.

Was this covered in the Rinzler book?

I’ve never noticed this dude or species before.
I’ll hafta pop in a disc and check this out.

@Fitzman73: Oh yeah it’s in that book.

Here’s the original scene

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=4Sf4eb9l__4&sns=em

It’s totally weird.
And you know what they actually reference the switch in that Kenobi novel.
It was a nice little surprise in that book.

That alien shows up in Clone Wars too as an Easter egg.

It was definitely supposed to be in the film they just never got it finished.
And honestly, it’s not a very strong scene anyway.
It’s fun to see it in the SE but the movie actually works better without it.

Oh and the actor was Irish not Scottish.
My bad.
Declan Mulholland was his name.

ThatScoobyDoom: That just seems wrong.

The most memorable thing in that scene in the film to me is Jabba’s line “Han, may bookey” not sure why but that line always sticks out in me head.

Did they really?
How so in the novel?
Was he just background in TCW?

I noticed the accent.
He’s fuckin’ dead???

@Fitzman73: Just background Clone Wars.
I just sent you the Wookieepedia link for that alien.
Ready to have your brain blown apart?
Meet Mosep Binneed.


It’s got screencaps and the stuff from that novel.

Basically he’s Jabba’s accountant. He travels around doing his business, taking meetings and shit using Jabba’s name.
So a lot of dummies he meets just assume that he IS Jabba. Lol

Yep aneurysm mid backstroke.

ThatScoobyDoom: Dat is…awesome!

See, this is another thing I love about Star Wars, every single character you see onscreen has a name…and there are fuckers out there like Seth Green that know all of those names.
Simply fucking amazing to me.

Glad you picked up what I was putting down.

@Fitzman73: For sure.
I almost missed it and was like why is he so surprised an old fat fuck is dea–Oh!!! Right. Lol.

Can I get super nerdy for a second?
Did you notice how they had to explain how to turn on a lightsaber?
Did you notice they explained it WRONG?

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol.
It was that or a creaky knees joke, I regret nothing.

Never ask for permission to nerd round these parts.
You mean Obi-Wan telling him the wrong button to press?
Yeah, I picked up on that right away.
I immediately asked myself why George didn’t ask for that dialogue to be changed.

What about the art this time?
There were 2 things that stuck out for me besides Jabba that I wondered if you noticed.

@Fitzman73: Honestly I don’t think George gave a shit back then.
It wasn’t until it became this huge juggernaut that he started exercising a lot of control.
Plus his plate was so full that he probably never even saw it before it was printed.

I thought the art was a big leap forward.

Couple things I noticed were Chewie’s odd monkey/dog looking face and the interrogation droid that looked like Black Manta.

I would like to say though, this issue has one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars art and I always forget about it until I see it, but as soon as I see it I’m immediately like ahhhh yes!

Care to guess?

ThatScoobyDoom: That could be true, but keep in mind he was trying to keep shit under control a bit, he tried to retain as much of the film in the form of rights as he could.

Totally agreed.
And despite what I said about artists not being great at likenesses back then, dude pretty much nailed Alec Guinness.

Chewie was one of the things that stuck out to me.
I actually thought Chewie might have looked somewhat like that in Episode VII, you know gray him up some to show age.
Here it almost looks like his face is bald though.

I didn’t notice the Black Manta dude til you said that, that’s funny.

The other thing that popped out to me was that trippy final panel when they go to make the jump to hyperspace.
That panel is quintessential 70’s.

My memory is fuzzy on Ep IV right now, was that lizard faced fucker that set the Stormtroopers to the droids in the movie?

I just flipped through it 4 times, I’m stumped.
Maybe Han shooting Greedo?

@Fitzman73: Nope, you already inadvertently guess it in your last statement.
The final panel with the trippy colors and shit.
So 70s.
That looks like childhood to me.
I’d love it if they did a nice art print of just that panel.


Whoa Man, Like...Hyperspace Is So...Whoa!

Yeah I was going to mention Chewie’s bald face.
There are a couple of panels where his face is so hairless and human he looks like Bigfoot or something.

They did really nail Alec Guiness’ likeness though in this issue.
I thought Tarkin looked very good and even Vader was much closer to the film version of Vader.

Yes, the garindan is that long snout guy in the hooded robe that reports them to the fuzz.
Another interesting difference between the comic and the movie.
That alien is completely different looking in the comic.

We touched on recoloring pages before and how I didn’t think these issues in the omnibus were drastically altered, just punched up and evened out, but an example of where they did alter the colors is the cover of the omnibus itself.
It’s the cover image of issue 1 but unlike the reprinted issue on the inside, this version of that image has been completely recolored.
They corrected the saber colors so they’re both blue, Solo’s blaster has been recolored, pretty much all of the elements in the image were altered.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol, seriously?

Yeah, at times he’s got a bald face and a pink mustache.
It’s way off model but kinda wicked looking.

The differences are so vast in some cases that it almost looks like a different artist all together.

Okay, yeah, the little spy fuck.
Did 3PO & R2 see him outside and get nervous like they do here?
I do remember them ducking behind that door and keeping quiet while the Troopers knocked by I don’t remember homeboy running up to the Troops and pointing out the ro-buts.

I noticed that and almost pointed it out, Luke’s Saber is strange looking on both the way it goes from white to a deep red/blue.
Good point.

@Fitzman73: I don’t think he spots the droids, I don’t think he spots them until after they sell the speeder.

Yeah a pink mustache and a big fat dog nose.
I need to get out my originals because they used to include pinup pages and there’s one with Chewbacca where he’s got these gigantic feet with big toes and claws coming off of them it’s bizarre.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s what I thought, nitpicky but I noticed it.

I envy that, those things must smell euphoric.
I only have one really old comic so I don’t get to get that smell often.

Anything else you wanted to mention or are you ready for issue 3?

@Fitzman73: There’s nothing like musty newsprint.
I only wish my originals were in a bit better shape, but whatever, they were much loved and read to death.
I just wish I would’ve stored them a little better.
They weren’t even bagged and boarded until maybe 5 years ago.
Isn’t that appalling?
Just packed in a long box all raw dog and shit.

Yeah let’s go for number 3.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lol. That old book I have was found thrown in a closet at my Grandma’s house, I bagged and boarded it just last year.
Cover’s ripped off.
It’s a bloody disgrace.

One last thing about 2’s cover…what/who the funk is that giant blue demon Wookiee critter and where do I get one?

@Fitzman73: That is a Gotol on steroids


ThatScoobyDoom: Are you George Lucas, Seth Green, and Dave Filoni’s unholy offspring?
How the hell do you keep track of all these background characters, species, and shit?
You shame me with your knowledge.

Moving on, issue 3’s cover.
What say you?

@Fitzman73: Years of absorbing stupid shit.

Issue 3 cover is a big step back after the first two.
Pretty lame composition really.
And Chewie?
Wtf is wrong with his face is he a Wookiee or a troll?
I’m always amazed and how much trouble they had in the 70s getting him to look right on the page.


Han And His Hetero Life Mate Sasqua...I mean, Chewbacca!

ThatScoobyDoom: But you make all others tremble and kneel before you on trivia night, am I right?

The only thing I thought was kinda cool was the falling stormtrooper.
And Chewie looks like a rampaging gorilla during the season of fuck…but at least he’s colored right this time.
Where is this even supposed to be set?
Given the close quarters, it kinda looks like a cock(teehee, I said cock)pit.

Did you notice this is the first issue to have the true Star Wars logo on it that we know and love today?

@Fitzman73: Ah, I did not notice that.
More proof that the few issues were printed before the movie hit theaters.

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly, that was what I thought too.

Make a list the thing of the things about this one that popped out for you.

I just noticed, something else about issue 2.
Did you see Leia saying her father was Bail Antilles?
Clearly a hold over from an older version of the actual script.
I skimmed Issue 1 of The Star Wars and saw the name proving Lucas really liked the name Antilles.

@Fitzman73: I did see that.
And you’re right that is a holdover from earlier drafts of the script.
I still can’t figure out why in the actual FUCK they used that name instead of Organa in Phantom Menace.
Made absolutely no sense to me.

Couple things that stuck out for me:

The scale of the Death Star when the Falcon gets pulled in.
It seriously look smaller than a Star Destroyer.

The “secret” compartments they hide in on the Falcon could not be more obvious or less camouflaged.

Couple of super nerdy things. They refer to Luke in disguise as TX-421 and not TK-421.
They say they have a prisoner transfer from cellblock TX-138 instead of cellblock 1138.
But somehow Leia’s cell number was right.
They say 2187 just like in the film.

ThatScoobyDoom: Whoa whoa whoa, what did they do in Phantom Menace?
Did they call Organa Antilles in Ep I?

Yeah, that was…weird… It does look as if you could put 2 Star Destroyers bridge to bridge and have roughly the same sized vehicle.

What, you don’t think a raised hatch with an obvious handle is covert?
What is wrong with you?
Do you know nothing of sneakery?

I noticed that!
I didn’t recall the call name from the movie but I did know that was wrong.
And, obviously, I noticed 1138…sidetrack, did you ever see THX 1138?

I noticed what you said about issue one with the dialogue.
During the “boring conversation” scene in my head I was hearing the film version, this is only slightly different but I still noticed.

How did the art hit you this go round?

@Fitzman73: Basically.
In Phantom Menace when Panaka comes in and names the people that were just nominated to be chancellor one of the names is “Bail Antilles, of Alderaan”.

You mean to tell me there are 2 senators from Alderaan named Bail?
And that the Captain of Organa’s ship is named Antilles?
Somebody either fucked up on continuity or I don’t know what.
The company line is oh no it’s just a different guy.
Jar Jar I defend, wooden Anakin I can tolerate, but this has always bugged the hell out of me.

The art in this issue was pretty decent, there wasn’t anything too distracting aside from Chewbacca still being a riddle that Chaykin can’t solve.
Although thinking about it, the colorist is as much to blame for his weird look as Chaykin.

THX-1138 is a fantastic, strange little film.
Have you ever seen it or know what it’s about?
If not and you have the chance you should, it’s really interesting.
It really gives you and idea of the kind of movies George planned to make his career out of before taking a 40 year detour into mainstream blockbuster event films.
This one can really be categorized as a “film”, very art school, very experimental and abstract in some places.

ThatScoobyDoom: You know, until you just spelled it out, I remembered it but for some reason I just auto-retconned it in my mind.
She was later revealed to be Leia Organa in the movies so it is a bit of a head scratcher.
Maybe it was intended as a nod to that original gaff?
Did we not talk about this when we went over Phantom Menace in your last Typecast?

I’d say with the exception of Chewie, this issue has the best art yet.
Especially those first 2 pages.
I mean, go to page 2 and look at panels 2 and 3.
That is Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing!
Those 2 panels are perfect.


Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

Flip to page 53 of your Omnibus and look at that last panel, for the time, that almost looks like a photo of Alec.
Page 57, the whole page, beautiful!
Page 59, another even better rendering of Carrie.

I’m guessing adding Steve Leiaoha on art (while he does slip on coloring) is a huge plus!

Never seen it, it’s another one of those movies I’ve never even seen a DVD of.
I’ve heard mixed reviews of it though, the harshest saying it’s slow and damn near impossible to understand.
The best being that it is a landmark of sci-fi, creative, imaginative, truly groundbreaking cinema.
I understand, and totally appreciate, why Lucas took so much time off to raise his family and cool down after Jedi…but after New Hope, when he gave up the directing duties, why couldn’t he have done something else?

@Fitzman73: Just burned out.
I should go back and look but I want to say he had some major health problems due to the stress of making that first one.
Plus he did do something else it’s called Indiana Jones.

Supposedly it’s these types of weird art films he’s going to start making again in his “retirement”.

Anyone who says THX is impossible to understand should stick to Michael Bay films.
It’s definitely not overexplained, but it’s not a David Lynch movie for Christ’s sake.
Worth a watch if you get the chance.

They really are starting to nail the likenesses now.
I will say the first panel of the next issue is one of my all time favorites.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d not heard of any health issues.
I mean directorally, before the prequels he’d only directed like 4 movies or something.

The way he was talking there for a while I thought he was gonna direct Red Tail but he just headed that.

Hey, Bay can be complicated to…that second Transformers movie…I’m not quite sure even Bay understood what the fuck that piece of shit was getting at, so give credit where credit is due.

Are you ready to move onto issue 4 already?

@Fitzman73: Oh shit you’re right!
I always assumed he did direct Red Tails.
On IMDB he’s not even listed as a writer.
I’m dumb.

Sure, ready when you are.
This next issue has one of the most disturbing panels ever in my opinion.
This image scarred a 4 year old me forever.
Haunted my dreams for a long time.

ThatScoobyDoom: No, that’s how it was in the lead up to the release.
Alot of people swore he directed it because he was doing alot of interviews saying shit like “these are the types of movies I’m going to make from here on out”.
But appearently he just EP’d it.
It was fuckin’ weird, I’ve broken the news to a few folks and get damn near the same reaction.

Real quick, what do you think of that pin-up page with Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie?

Would it be going to far to say this is far and away the best issue thus far?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I honestly did not realize he didn’t direct it.
That’s crazy.

That pinup page is one of the ugliest renderings of those characters I’ve ever seen. Lol.
It looks like they said shit we came up a page short and this thing has to go to print in 5 minutes, Howard draw something real fast.

I looked but I can’t seem to find the page I was telling you about where Chewie’s got these giant troll feet with big ass claw/toenails.
I know I didn’t imagine it.

This is definitely the most action packed and least expository so far.

Something I forgot from last issue, did it annoy you how many times they had Obi Wan say “Mr. Solo”?
Wtf is with that?

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly, when he made that announcement a few years back about retiring from big budget movies (which in hindsight, we can see was him prepping us for the Disney sale) because of the internet to settle down and focus on making small films he talked that movie up and then promptly didn’t do a goddamn thing except maybe open a few doors to get it made.
And now, he seems so wrapped up in that museum he wants in Chicago…I wonder if maybe we’ve seen the last film directed by George Lucas.

I found it oddly hilarious, you notice Luke looks older than Han by like alot?
What’s Leia doing?
And Chewie…poor fuckin’ Chewie, man.

We still have 3 issues to go, we may run across it still, or maybe it was deeper in the run.

I did!
I noticed Luke dropped all formality to and just started calling him Solo.
These bitches acting like their his fuckin’ dad and best buddy all of a sudden too.

For reals this time, last thing about issue 3 and then we’ll move along move along: what did you think about the changes to the “Hokey religions” scene?
Cause I gotta say, I kinda like Obi-Wan saying Han doesn’t believe in the Force.
Mostly for the reason brought up in the Family Guy special, Luke just learns about the fuckin’ Force in the movie and all of a sudden he’s the biggest Force believer?

@Fitzman73: Poor Chewie.
He looks like a Wookiee version of Pig Pen.

I didn’t mind the added dialog there, it’s not really necessary in my opinion, but it was fine.
I did always think it was a little weird how strongly Luke reacted to him being like fuck that force shit, but, on the other hand he is really wet behind the ears and already bowed up on Solo a couple times so it doesn’t seem THAT implausible that he’d react like that just to contrary or defiant.
Especially when you consider he just found out that the father he never knew was hardcore into this Jedi thing, I can see why he’d be totally defensive at even a hint of derision.
He’s not only shitting on this cool thing that Luke is now into, but basically shitting on his dad’s life’s work.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ha. I’m not sure how best to describe it, like a Gorilla wearing a full body suit made out of shag carpet rolled in dog shit.

I never really though of it that way, but that does make it make more sense though I still say it’s a bit abrasive.

Now for Issue 4’s cover.
This one is right up there with the 1st one for me, it’s the best that Vader has looked in the entire series up to this point too.
Where do you stand on it?


Lamest Chess Game Ever...Or Best???

@Fitzman73: It’s a great cover, and you’re right, the best one since issue 1 by a mile.
I’ve never been a big fan of the lame dialog they used to put on covers, and this one is no different.
It’s so not Star Wars dialog.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so, I’ve come to the point where I just ignore it because it’s so bad that it’s sad.
I did laugh at Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan though.
They all look like they dropped X and went to a rave.

Lets slip inside and see what’s going on under these covers…what?

Art and “Story”, thoughts?

@Fitzman73: Art was good, something I’ve noticed are the way certain panels jump out at me because they’re reversed compared to the same shot in the film.
For example, the swing across the chasm, they’re swinging left to right instead of right to left.
Not a complaint or nitpicking, just something that stsnds out to me.
There’s at least one other place so far that was like that.

This one felt a lot like issue 1 where there’s so much stuff compressed into one issue a lot of the drama is lost.
Like the compactor, they’re about to die and the next pnael they’re free.

Also, going back to numbers being different in the last issue, the pressure maintenance hatch was totally different number than in the movie (3263827).

BUT this issue continues the trend of the dialog beginning to sync up with the lines in the movie.
Most of the book seemed to be exactly the same as a opposed to the 1st issue where it was totally whacked.

Two huge things about this issue, a panel that disturbed and fascinated me for years, and a glaring error that really bothers me.
Any guesses?

ThatScoobyDoom: I noticed it with the chasm, not really noticed it before.
It’s kind interesting to see from another angle.
Yeah, totally not a nitpick, you brains just screaming at you though that it’s the wrong angle.

About the art, did you notice the complete disregard to continuity with Obi-Wan’s beard?
On panel he has a full beard and mustache, the next he has a chin beard and a mustache that just barely covers his upper lip.
And Chewie looks like he’s one of the Cat Creatures from Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, it’s still horrible.


3 Wookies Walk Into A Bar...

I was flipping through the other 20+ issues last night and Chewie gets even worse, he just has curtains of hair at times.
Like 3-4 foot long hair, it’s nuckin’ futs.

Speaking of the trash compactor, did you notice the little tag to that scene of the creature grabbing at them as they left?
I found that incredibly strange for some reason, even more so with the way Han just nonchalantly shots it and tells it to piss off.
And also in the compactor, I don’t remember this in the movie, after the walls stop, after she just snaps at Han about shooting his blaster Leia later tells him to blast the door again saying its quote “our only hope”.
Folks in this comic are bipolar.

I was gonna ask you about that, I was thinking of the elevator number from Revenge of the Sith for some reason.
I believe that was 2814…or maybe that’s our sector of space in the Green Lantern Corps.

Cause I was noticing alot more differences in 4 as compared to 3.
Alot of folks saying other folks lines, added shit to lines from the film, and then just “new” shit all together.

Hmm, I read it with the disturbing panel in mind and I had an answer until you just said an error panel.
Here’s the list of potential panels I saw that could fit:
Obi-Wan bursting into flames must be one.
Vader stabbing Obi-Wan’s robes instead of the small kick?
Luke’s scream as Obi-wan dies?
Maybe the passion of the Luke/Leia kiss?
That’s all I got.

@Fitzman73: It was Ben bursting into flames with a silent scream on his face.
Absolutely traumatizing.


Yeah I noticed they made it a romantic Gone With The Wind kiss instead of the peck on the cheek.
So many people must’ve been mindfucked when it turned out she was his sister. Lol.

In the movie Han does shoot the Dianoga but you don’t see it.
Leia yells at him not to but he’s like meh, and just shoots at something off scream and you hear a moan of pain.

But you’re right not only was the part where Leia tells him to shoot the door again totally invented for the comic but it makes absolutely no sense.
And honestly given how much ricochet there was the first time they should’ve been fried in that smaller space.

The last panel on page 75 with the vibrator saber, look at Vader’s hand, what do you see?
Because I see a hand that’s drawn backwards.


Me Gun Kill You O-Ben Nobi!

ThatScoobyDoom: I can 100% see why, that is a fucked up piece of imagery right there.
Looks like horrible pain.

Lol It looks like if they had the time she was gonna peel off his pants and swallow his tattoiney.

After they escaped?
I do not remember that at all.
Blu to the rescue for damn sure, I need to see that.

Very much so, and based on how long that scene lasts here and the size of the compactor, they would have been crushed to death within seconds.

It’s going to be hard to describe in print, but I’m gonna try.
Both are right handed and both of their hands are at awkward angles, but it looks like Obi-Wan had the proverbial upper hand at that point.
It looks like he had Vader on the ropes and brought his blade down with such force and urgency that Vader had no choice but to bring his up quickly to block his attack.
Looks like Kenobi kinda rushed him and caught him off guard.
While all that makes sense based on the panel, given the close quarters of that image, Vader’s arm would have to be at an inhuman (even worse for a ridged cyborg arm) angle with his elbow tucked in and his wrist ready to snap.
But no, it’s not backwards it’s just EXTREMELY awkward and bad drawing of the human anatomy.

@Fitzman73: I had considered the angle thing as a possibility but why would a rational artist choose to do it that way in a panel where he knows you can’t see the rest of their bodies or arms and the end result is it looks like you drew the hand wrong?
So therefore I concluded he was drunk when he did it.

Something else I didn’t like was that when Ben-s ghost talks to Luke all he says is “Luke” and it was Luke that then decided to run.
It works so much better in the film where he actually tells him stop being a little emo bitch and RUN!

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey hey hey, don’t jump to conclusions like that…it was the 70’s, he was probably hopped up on goofballs or trippin’ on PCP or something.

Like I said though, it is an incredibly awkward panel.
Probably should have made Vader left handed, because we all know lefties are evil same as gingers…I know a few people on twitter who will hate that joke. (Hi @GingerNacre!)

After being so incensed that he had to attack, he takes a minute to wonder if it is Ben’s voice that said one word then decides he’s no longer angry and runs up the ramp…I legit said “huh” out loud reading it.

@Fitzman73: I can confirm lefties are evil.
But please do not compare us to gingers.

You mentioned it before briefly but how wrong did it look, Vader using his lightsaber to lift up part of Obi Wan’s empty robe instead of stomping on it to see if he was gone?
Lightsabers don’t work like that!
It’s crazy to think there was a time when the rules of Star Wars were that undefined that even the physical qualities of a lightsaber blade were open to artistic interpretation.

ThatScoobyDoom: …you’re a lefty…um, hey man, some of my best friends are lefties.

Yeah, he’s using it like one of those old claw grabbers you get for grandma so she’ll quit buggin’ you while you watch Mr. Belvedere.
That was another thing I noticed it right away so when you said glaring error I was almost positive you were headed there.

Just from the art, what you’ve said about this series being way out there and straying from true Star Wars after the movie stuff is 100% fact.

@Fitzman73: And we haven’t even gotten to giant green space bunnies, casino space stations, or Terminator-like cyborgs either.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know!
At one point, I’m gonna guess it didn’t take long after issue 6, it went from “Star Wars: The Greatest Space Opera Of All Time” to “Random Sci-Fi Movie”.
Some of that shit looks 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movie-ish and I can’t wait to read that shit!

Anywho, anything left to say about issue 4?

@Fitzman73: No I think I’m reading to hit issue 5.


What Movie Is This?

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, just to switch it up, as you read it make a list of everything that sticks out for you, no matter how big or small.
I’ll do the same.

So here’s my list:

I’m on page 2 and I already have 3 things

1. With the exception of issue one, the first page of every issue is great.
Issue 5 has another stunning opening page.

2. Page 2, if found this to be pretty stupid.
The Luke and Han both have an internal monologue.
Luke says as he gets to the gun that he’s gotta do it for Ben, all’s good.
The narration says Han’s “Thoughts are of more mundane matters” and his thoughts are basically “Kenobi died to save us, lets hope he didn’t die for nothing”…how is that anymore mundane than Luke’s thought?
I’d say Luke’s is actually more mundane.

3. 3rd panel on page 2 (page 82 of your omnibus) has probably our best look at Chewie yet…sadly it’s a close up of his eyes.

4. I noticed the complete lack of “don’t get cocky kid”, I grew to like that line thanks to Family Guy.

5. Last panel on page 88, fuckin’ badass!

6. 2nd panel page 90, after how that kiss was portrayed…yikes.
And I get it, he doesn’t know yet that she’s his sister, but hindsight being what it is…yikes!

7. Last panel page 90, did Han do that in the movie just to break Luke’s balls?
The narration makes Han seem very dickish.

8. This has always kinda bugged me, I don’t know his name in the movie but here it’s General Jan Dodanna.
With the Force being an out of date old dead religion, why the fuck does he end his speech with May The Force Be With You?
And in that panel, why does he look like he’s threatening them all?

9. When Luke confronts Han about leaving, Han’s “SHUT UP CHEWIE!” in the penultimate panel of page 94 comes off really harsh.
Probably more an issue of no inflection in print than anything else but it still comes off bad.

10. Yet another deep passionate incestuous kiss. *facepalm*


11. Is the conversation with Biggs longer here?

12. Last page 1st panel, Leia Organa.
Is it hyphenated and they just use half of it at a time?

@Fitzman73: Ok

Haven’t made my list yet but I’m going to comment on yours.

Those inner monologues are brutal.
Han Solo uses the word erstwhile.
What in THE fuck?

Yeah they really play up the incest in this. Lol.
But they’re not alone.
You should check out Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.
It’s the first SW novel and the true beginning of the EU.
And boy oh boy does the author REALLY go off the rails. Lol.
Holy shit this ae out right after Star Wars and literally everything in this book is contradicted within 3 years by Empire.
It reads like straight up fan fic.

They never say it in the movie but that was Dodonna’s name.
I think it’s in the novelization and probably in the script as well.
He looks like angry Zeus in Clash Of the Titans here.

The Biggs scene seems about the same length to me but “Blue” Leader has more dialog I think.
I think all that extra shit got cut because all the talk about Luke’s dad would completely mess up what gets established in the prequels.
Nobody knows Luke is the son of Anakin Skywalker, they couldn’t that was the whole point of hiding him on Tatooine.
So him bringing him up and mentioning Luke is the son of a Jedi cannot be allowed into canon at all.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it’s a good idea and tool to use to describe what’s going on in their heads but it’s extremely poorly executed here.

If you read this and then watched the movie it’d be awfully strange.
This sets it up as though Luke and Leia are the couple of the saga, I always got the feeling from A New Hope (no prequels, no sequels) that it was kinda supposed to be a bit of a triangle.
I can totally understand they didn’t know they were siblings, but that is a big departure from the film.
By this point, it was December of 77.
There is no excuse for huge discrepancies such as this.

I’ll probably get to Splinter and A New Hope next year.
Speaking of the Ep IV novel, do you have the original?

He does!!!
He looks fuckin’ crazed!

Well, it has to be expected that folks would know him or make the connection to Anakin.
Putting Luke on Tattooine was a pretty fuckin’ stupid idea when you really think about it.
I’ll probably say this again when we cover Ep III, but Anakin Skywalker was known in and around his town, especially after the Boonta Eve Race.
When a new kid named Skywalker shows up not far away it’s not a stretch to think that may be related.

@Fitzman73: True, but it’s pretty clear in ep3 that almost no one knows Anakin knocked up Padme or that the kid was actually born.
They went so far as to bury Padme with a fake pregnant belly if I remember correctly.
Anakin was known around Mos Espa and even at that he was only there for a couple years.
I doubt he was very well known as far off as Mos Eisley.
I agree it seems like a weird choice on the surface but Anakin wanted nothing and mean NOTHING to do with Tatooine after ep2 so I think Obi-Wan and Yoda actually played that pretty brilliantly.

But you are right in a way since he was the only human to win the Boonta Eve race, that name would be known even 30 years later on Tatooine.
But still all Owen would have to say if someone questioned about Luke was oh yeah he’s my step mom’s 3rd cousin’s kid.

It is weird though that they wouldn’t have changed his name to Lars as a baby.
I mean wtf? Lol.
But let’s be honest, GL was making it up as he went sometimes and some logic or continuity problems can’t always be fixed other than by suspending disbelief.
Don’t ask.
Don’t tell. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: All of that is true, but I’m not talking about on the imperial level.
I just mean regular joes, Skywalker is not a common name so it’s easy to think, given Anakin’s skill and penchant for showing off, he made have made a lasting memory.
Also, what of Blue Leader is Jaybo Hood?

Not only was he the only human to win the Boonta Eve, I believe at 1 point he said he was the only human who could do it.

Of course, it does seem a cop out to always paint everything with the brush of “He mad it up as he went” but it is true.
So, I’ll give you that.

@Fitzman73: And for the most part they seem to always find creative ways to retcon or work those types of problems into the overall saga.

Ok here’s my list.

1. The title of this issue.
Holy crap can we just start there?
“Lo, the moons of Yavin”.
Wow what a truly Marvel title, sounds like it came straight from Stan Lee’s mouth.
Not sure if I hate it for being so un-Star Wars or love it for being so old school comic booky.

2. Page 82, bottom row middle panel.
Worst rendering of a TIE pilot in the history of ever.
To this day when I see that panel my first thought is that it’s a shot from Luke’s POV up through the gun turret canopy with the weird triangle helmet being the back end of the cannons.

3. Luke uses the Force to shoot the TIEs.
Don’t like it.
Diminishes the ending where he finally trusts his feelings and uses the Force to hit the exhaust port.

4. Page 94 top panel.
As a kid I always thought those were the noses of X-Wings but that the nose cones retracted and exposed cannons.
It wasn’t until I was older that I realized duh they were Y Wings.

5. Blue Leader.
Roy Thomas hadn’t yet got the memo that they were changing Luke’s group from Blue to Red, so Red Leader is called Blue Leader on page 95.
It’s this way in the novelization too.
(Which, yes I do have)

6. Page 96 the X-Wing ground crew guy calls Luke “Skyboy”.
What a dickhead.
Reminded me of Ahsoka calling Anakin “Skyguy” in the Clone Wars only not even remotely as cute.

7. Page 97.
I guess at this point Leia still hasn’t showered because they’ve got her AAAAAAAAAALL they way on the other side of the command center. Lol.

That’s it.
Can’t wait to find out if they blow up the Death Star!

ThatScoobyDoom: I will give it up for George and Dave and all the other writers over the years, whenever there was a problem they did a better job of figuring out a way around it or incorporating it in than MARVEL, DC, or and other comic company ever has.
I’ll once again stroke Filoni and say that TCW is a perfect example of that.

Awfully poetical, ain’t it? Lol

No, that was the 1st Star Wars crossover…Star Wars meets The Coneheads, obviously.
Crossovers in those days weren’t as in your face as they are today.

The first instance played to me as he just calmed himself and took control…the second time was clear Force usage, agreed.

Huh, I didn’t notice that.
I just thought they was X-Wings meself.
Good eye, son.

Yeah, I just accepted that gaff and moved on.
After a while the little shit like that starts to feel like holding a hand on a midget’s head and kicking him in the bollocks.
It’s just too easy to do.
I’ll get to the original Ep IV novel in just a bit.

I left that off my list just to see if you’d mention it.
What a cockstain.
Without Luke they wouldn’t have Leia and this fuckin’ shitwhistler has diminished him too “Skyboy”.

That one is weird, when I first saw it I was like “oh, that’s Mon Mothma. I looks exactly like her!” and then I realized “wait, wasn’t she in Jedi? Who the fuck is this broad?”.
That’s an all around bad panel.

I bet you 25 credits they don’t make a dent in the Death Star.

I forget, did we talk about this cover?

@Fitzman73: Ah! We didn’t.
I meant to, and then forgot.
If you thought issue 2’s cover was false advertising what about this one? Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, it looks cool…but I wanna know what fuckin’ comic this is advertising?!?!?

About the Ep IV novelization, how long was that?
Cause the one I have is horribly short, it’s like 217 pages or so.
I know I mentioned how shit back then didn’t have as much as going on as shit now does bit fuck.

@Fitzman73: How big of a book is that one?
Is it the larger format collected edition or is it just the standard paperback size?

The cover actually reminds me of the pilot episode of the 70s Battlestar Galactica when the Cylons destroy Caprica.
People running around with ships blasting everything.
Whatever it was advertising, it was not this comic.

ThatScoobyDoom: Just the paperback, about the same size as the Batman 89 novel.
I do have the first 3 Indy movie novels in that collected edition though.

I still never watched B*G.
It looked far too serious, kinda like Star Trek but darker…well, at least the newer series.
Never seen shit from the original series except that silver robot head.

Very much so.

Speaking of Indy, do you have any of the Indy comics?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I’d say that’s about right then.
I don’t have them both in front of me but I’d guess SW and Batman 89 are about the same thickness.
That’s about standard for old movie novelizations.
Even 2001 is slim.
But slim.

You should check out the new BSG. It’s pretty fucking dope.
It’s definitely dark and serious.
It’s like 70s BSG is 60s Batman and 00s BSG is Nolan Batman (only watchable).
I have issues with how it ended kinda (not as many as some people) but overall highly recommend at least the first few episodes to get a taste.
If you’re not hooked after the original mini series that launched the show, you probably won’t ever be.
That mini series is strong.

BTW, watch the opening of 70s BSG and tell me it doesn’t hook you.
The show itself is campy and hella dated, but that opening still gets me excited.

This might be a shocking admission, but I don’t remember an Indy comic series.
Although I think I do have the Marvel adaptation of Raiders somewhere that I stumbled on basically in the garbage (left behind after some people moved).

ThatScoobyDoom: That kinda sucks.

60’s Batman and Nolan are both things I’m not a huge fan of.
Nolan made a good movie out of the gate and just free fell from there.

The Further Adventures Of Indy ran for like 30-35 issues, Dark Horse put out 3 Omnibus’ collecting those and the movie adaptations.
They also did quite a few mini/limited series that were later collected in Omnibus’.
Of the 5 released I have all but the first volume of Further Adventures.
They look pretty cool but I’m holding out til I get that volume to read them, but I may not find it now.

Anywho, are you ready to go to issue 6 and Old Yeller this sum bitch?

@Fitzman73: I was just comparing them in terms of tone.
One is kinda silly the other is the same premise but taken very earnestly.
I hated the Nolan films but love me some BSG so maybe not the best analogy.

I’m ready let’s stick a fork in this thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: You hated the Nolan movies???
Awwwww, I wanna get into that so bad…next time we have got to talk about that!
Because I have very strong feelings that probably line up with yours that I really wanna get on the record…because I’m very clearly a glutton for punishment!

So sir, tell us all what you think of this…Soul Shattering cover.

@Fitzman73: Suffice to say I have yet to watch DKR.
Begins had ok moments, Dark Knight was a fun movie but aside from Heath Ledger it’s pretty blah.
And from wgat I’ve heard DKR is a Man of Steel sized rape of the Batman mythos.
Nuff said.

Speaking of something being so unfaithful to the spirit of the license, holy shit there’s so much wrong with the cover to issue 6, I mean where does one begin?
I mean.


What Can I say, This Never Happened

Also before I forget, in the top left of the covers for the SW series where the price goes, there’s a picture of what I can only assume is supposed to be Luke Skywalker but I swear to god every time I see it, for a split second I wonder why Thundarr the Barbarian is on the cover of a Star Wars comic.

ThatScoobyDoom: After the abortion that was TDK, TDKR isn’t completely horrible.
I hated Ledger, anybody would have been a better Riddler than he was…and yes, I said Riddler because that was clearly not Joker.

That’s for goddamn sure, but maybe they were predicting Empire’s ending…with Leia thrown in.
For a split second I thought that Tie Fighter was The Enterprise.
And is it just me or does Vader look like MARVEL’s Apocalypse?

Speaking of Luke, does it annoy you the way his hair color changes with every cover?
Yellow, Green, and Brown have all been used.
Pick a fuckin’ color and stick with it for fucksake.

@Fitzman73: Yeah actually I thought Vader looked like a black Silver Samurai or something.
They definitely crossed the streams on that drawing.

ThatScoobyDoom: No shit!

Get up in dem guts, tell me whatchu think of this issues insidey parts?

@Fitzman73: BY THE IMMORTAL GODS OF THE SITH… I present to you my list.

1. First panel, Wedge is flying a Y-wing

2. Always thought it was cool that in the movie and in the comic they made a point of saying they had to pass through their shields and that it was kind of a rough thing to do

3. Pg 101 features another interesting TIE pilot rendering.
Reminds me a little of of the version 1 Snake Eyes outfit in the GI Joe comic

4. Page 103 they attempt to show how a pilot enters a TIE fighter.
Of course we now know thanks to Rebels this ain’t it.

5. Page 104 first panel.
Is that Lon Chaney as the Wolf Man?

6. Page 105, Porkins’ first name is “Tono” as in “he weighs a Ton, O! “.
And Biggs calls him Piggy! Lmfao.



7. Blue Leader doesn’t crash after losing his starboard engine.
Instead Vader just straight up vaporizes him.

8. Page 107, Wedge is now in an X-Wing

9. Page 110, “Now with the Red Group beaten off”.
What the fuck Roy?
Phrasing dude, phrasing…

10. They make it seem like Wedge breaking off out of the trench might’ve been an intentional ruse to get the TIEs to chase him.
Never considered that.
I like it.

11. Page 110, TIE pilot looks almost normal

12. Finally page 115 answers the age old question of why Chewie didn’t get a medal

ThatScoobyDoom: 1. There seems to be a couple of Y-Wings mistakenly in here.

4. Devils Advocate, maybe that is how you get into that TIE.
Remember Vader’s is slightly different.

5. Lol

6. See my E.

9. And don’t forget the infamous “Close it up, Wedge! You can’t do any more good back there.” They had no clue how fuckin’ dirty and deranged we’d be in the future.

10. Is that what you got out of that?
Maybe I’m just dumb today, but I found the battle pretty hard to follow with all the tight close-ups and tiny panels.

12. It’s better than no explination at all or thinking he got snubbed…but does she not know how to tell the furry fuck to stand on a step or 2 below her?

I made my list before reading yours, so keep that in mind.

A. Opening page is once again a 5 star stunner.

B. I nerded out hardcore at Blue Two-Six standing by.

C. Page 101, the Troopera having a convo about the silly Rebels is “new” and pretty cool.

D. Page 105, that like Leia window.All of this really make me wonder if George was wanting Luke and Leia together.

E. Biggs “so long, Piggy.” as Porkins dies…what a dick.

F. 113, that is 70’s psychedelic beauty, man.

G. 114, Didn’t Lando call Han a space-devil in Empire?

H. 114, panel 5, now Leia is seconds away from blowing Han.

I. A New Adventure Of The Star Warriors!
That sounds so fuckin’ retarded to me! Lol


Derr, Ster Werryers, Derr!

@Fitzman73: Yeah his is different and there’s always a way to explain weird shit, but that shows him entering from what looks like the rear (nootch) but the way his ship is built you couldn’t get in that way. Lol.

They definitely had no clue what to make of that possible love triangle.

Yes the further adventures of the Star Warriors.
But for now they are content. Lol.
What a lame ending line.

I did like the description of the Death Star explosion and how it would be collapsing on itself for days.
Probably not the most scientifically accurate description of an explosion in space (ok, DEFINITELY not) but still, dramatic.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know, just trying to not be too damn hard on it cause I really dug this issue.

Yeah, that is the big take away I feel.
They had so many ideas, thoughts, directions, and they just had to many ingredients to work with.

I meant just the moniker Star Warriors, but totally.

And different.
They could have just said it esploded and it was done, but they tried to put a little sizzle on it and for once it worked.

Art wise, how did this issue feel to you?

@Fitzman73: It was pretty good I thought, the way he drew the dogfighting looked cool.
The big splash of the Death Star explosion is another one I’d like a nice print of.


All Kinds Of Beautiful

ThatScoobyDoom: In some ways it is the best art so far.

Hell yeah!
That is a great piece, I’d hang it on my wall for damn sure.

Storywise, changes and all, you vibin’ on this one?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I thought it worked well as a finale.
Stayed pretty true to the movie, and the trench run while greatly shortened for page count was still well done.

ThatScoobyDoom: Couldn’t agree more.

So overall, what do you think of this 6?
You’ve actually read them many times before, do they feel different now?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I’d say they feel different in some place and very much the same in others.

I don’t remember them being so far off from the movie though.
The images, the dialog, I mean it almost felt like that “The Star Wars” comic in places where it’s almost a different interpretation altogether.

Obviously I’m way more critical now than I used to be as a kid.
I guess critical is not exactly the right word, I just like poking fun at the corny stuff and old timey comic book dialog.
I really do love these issues if for nothing else than reading them or even just thumbing through them looking at some of the really iconic art instantly takes me back to gradeschool, laying on my bedroom floor with these spread out in front of me.

And in a way I have more of a sense memory with these than I do the actual film.
I mean I probably only saw it once in the theater in the 70s, but like the Kenner toys I looked the comics every day.

ThatScoobyDoom: Clearly, based solely on your reactions to some panels, some of these images with be burned into your brain til the day you die.

We both have said that many times over the course of this Typecast, it really does feel at times like storyboards from the film and at others like a totally different beast.
This has been a truly fascinating experience.

And it must be pointed out that, and this is something I’ve learned from writing reviews, it is far easier to point out flaws.
When it’s good you barely notice, but you hit a shitty panel where Chewbacca looks like Lon Chaney in a shag rug suit and that shit sticks out and burrows into your brain.
We tried to point out the good, but what can you say beyond “I like that”.
It’s hard to explain why something is good or why it resonates with us, but if something is bad you can usually explain with extreme eloquence why.

Totally understandable, you probably lived and breathed these comics.
You had these in your hands day in and day out, acting them out with figures, studying the art, just listlessly flipping through ’em because you were a goddamn kid in an age where you didn’t have on demand entertainment beyond a book, magazine, or comic.
Shit stuck with you in those days in a way I’m not sure that the pop culture of today does or will in the future.
Kinda sad.

@Fitzman73: You’re right, staying power is definitely something today’s pop culture lacks, and a lot of it does have to do with just the absolute flood of nonstop content 24 hours a day.
Good bad ugly it all blends together at some point.
But back in the day there was so much less bullshit to distract you.

Yeah this was a fun experiment.
Especially doing it with someone that has never seen these panels before.
Hopefully we do this again, the next arc introduces one of the most controversial and maligned characters in all of the Star Wars EU.
And the arc after that is when I started being a monthly collector so I have pretty vivid memories of that art as well.
Some pretty cool concepts.

ThatScoobyDoom: And it’s even worse with places like netflix where the dump all of their new episodes and shit at once. Stretched out over the year gives folks a chance to spend alot of time talkin’ about it.
Now you just have to hope you watch as fast as your pals or else they’re on to the next thing while you’re still on episode 4 of 12.

As fun as this was?
I guarantee you and anybody else reading this, be it here on this site or in some other medium, we are doing this again.

Next time you come around these parts we gotta finish talking prequels though.

@Fitzman73: Cool I’ll leave you with one prequel comment.

For anyone that thinks they lack depth and subtlety, consider this:

The celebration music at the end of Episode I is really just the Emperor’s Theme sped up and performed by a children’s choir.



You know the drill, kids!
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And remember the world sucks enough so don’t be a dick, thanks for reading.

Typecast #4: The MCU with Scoobies Two

Hey kids, welcome back.
This time around for the Typecast I talked to my brother from another mother, my best friend on this planet, and the dude without whom I’d not have this site or anything else I’ve done in the last 3 years or so (as you’ll read soon in an upcoming post here on this site) about the majority of Phase 1 of the MCU.
He is the webmaster of, what is in my opinion the very best Scooby-Doo site in the intranets, http://Scoobyfan.net.

His screenname, SpiderScooby, will appear in red and link to http://Scoobyfan.net.

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling mistakes and all, to maintain the honest of the whole thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: As with all things, lets start at the beginning.
Iron Man was announced as the first movie MARVEL would be producing all on their onsies and they picked RDJ to play Tony, what dif you think of all that when you first heard it?

SpiderScooby: When the first Iron Man was coming out, I was only vaugely familar with the character.
I had never read an Iron Man comic.
I only knew him from his animated appearances.
So I didn’t pay much attention to it until that first Comic-Con trailer came out.


ThatScoobyDoom: So you didn’t really have an opinion on RDJ, did you?

Oh yeah, I remember seeing that trailer and being blown away by it.
That one shot of him flying between the 2 fighter jets and then breaking off had me all aquiver!

SpiderScooby: I had no expectations, really.
But from that first trailer, it was pretty clear that this was going to be something special.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is a fact.

Okay, what was your reaction when it finally got out that Sam Jackson was in it as Fury?
Cause I know I went apeshit with giddiness.

SpiderScooby: Absolutely perfect casting.
They couldn’t have picked a better choice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m gonna guess you, like everybody else, were ecstatic about the possibility of them building a larger universe?

SpiderScooby: Yes and no.
While it certainly opened up a wide range of possibilities, they still had the potential to fall flat on their face.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, and I must keep in mind that that was their first shot at the whole thing under their own steam.

From the jump I was behind the idea of RDJ as Tony because who better to play a drunken asshole that a dude that everybody thought of as a drunken/junkie asshole.
It’s not like he wouldn’t have an experiance to pull from to play the part.

SpiderScooby: His career sure made a comeback with that and Tropic Thunder.
Tony Stark is the James Bond of superheroes, and he captured that perfectly.

ThatScoobyDoom: It is funny the way back then folks were like “that dude? He’ll ruin it.” and now he’s one of the most sought after actors on the freakin’ planet!

Did you go see Iron Man in a theater?


SpiderScooby: I hadn’t seen much with him, which is why I didn’t have much of a opinion of him.
But he was so right for the part.

I did.
I saw it multiple times actually.

ThatScoobyDoom: I wanted to see that movie he did with Mel, I think it was A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, but never got around to it.
But I clearly agree.

What was that like on the big screen?

SpiderScooby: After a few years of medicore comic book films, it felt so refreshing.
It just had a sense of fun to it.
That end scene just put a smile on your face.
The Nick Fury scene was iceing on the cake.

ThatScoobyDoom: It was the birth of the modern Superhero movie.
It really did do for the genre what Blade did in the late 90’s.

How about Incredible Hulk?
Did that peak your interest more than Iron Man did?

SpiderScooby: Yes, I was much more familar with Hulk.
And I feel he’s the one character in the MCU that gets the short end of the stick.
Incredible Hulk had the disadvantage of coming out two months after Iron Man, five years after Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I feel that really hurt the movie.
It’s a fun movie.
It had some good action.
Edward Nortan was a great Bruce Banner.
It’s just unfortunate that we’re not getting another Hulk solo movie, especially after Avengers.


ThatScoobyDoom: I think it may have suffered more from the Ang Lee movie because that was such a mess.
I can’t remember if they hyped up the fact that Incredible Hulk and Iron Man were in a shared universe or not, but I’d like to think that Iron Man helped it a wee bit.

Plus, you have to remember Bixby & Ferrigno are still who alot of folks think of when you say Hulk, especially The Incredible Hulk.

SpiderScooby: From what I can remember, we knew about the Tony Stark scene, but there wasn’t much talk about it.

ThatScoobyDoom: Universal didn’t do a great job marketing that movie, did they?

SpiderScooby: No, they did not.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t think so, I kinda remember that movie being over shadowed by alot of shit that summer.

SpiderScooby: If I reember correctly, it made about as much as the previous movie did.

ThatScoobyDoom: Which is a real shame, that first movie sucked.

Do you think after Infinity War we’ll see a solo Hulk movie again or do you think his time alone is done?

SpiderScooby: No, and that’s what dissapoints me the most about Marvel’s recent announcement.
They don’t seem to have any interest in another solo Hulk film.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, can you blame them?
I mean, you said yourself that TIH made about the same as the first.
5 years later makes that number even worse than it was in 2003.

No matter how much folks seem to like Ruffles Have Ridges, that character has kinda fell flat solo twice.

SpiderScooby: You are correct, he worked better as part of a team.
But I think Hulk is worthy of another chance.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t know if he worked better on a team, but they definitely ate up some of the spotlight and helped prop him up.

SpiderScooby: But back to The Incredible Hulk.
I do like how the movie pays homage to the 70’s TV shoe.

Also the tie-in to Captain America with Banner trying to recreate the Super Solider serum was nice.

ThatScoobyDoom: Same here.
Norton captured the essence of Bixby while not just straight up copying what he did.

I don’t think that movie gets nearly enough credit for the universe building it did, folks tend to just prop up Iron Man and forget it.

Recreating has been part of his story before, remember the first Ultimate Avengers animated movie?


SpiderScooby: And don’t forget the little hints at the Lonely Man Theme in the score.

I think Iron Man 2 did most of the universe building.
But yeah, TIH certainly helped it along.

Not a huge fan of that movie, I admit.

ThatScoobyDoom: Say what now?

It did, but TIH showed it first.
Even more so than the first Iron Man.
Sure, the first Iron Man had Fury but to folks that know nothing of the comics, he was just random spooky guy played by Sam Jackson.
TIH pulled Tony in.

I dug it, not perfect but few things are.

SpiderScooby: Not only was it setting up the MCU, it was also setting up for future sequels, which is another reason why it’s a shame they’re not getting another chance.

ThatScoobyDoom: You never know, they may bring some of that shit in to his story in the other movies…it’s not looking likely, but it could happen.

Iron Man 2, where do you stand on that?


SpiderScooby: Iron Man 2 is the weakest link of the MCU.
Mainly due to the Avengers stuff feeling forced in.
there’s way too much going on.
It doesn’t feel as fresh as the first film.

That said, it’s a entertaining movie.
And it gave us the suitcase armor.

ThatScoobyDoom: I look at it as the Hudson Hawk of the MCU.
Everybody said Hudson Hawk was a clusterfuck of a movie that had too much going on to make sense.

I think if you pay attention to both, you can follow them with ease.
They both just demand a wee bit more of your attention than most movies do.

Suitcase armor was piiiiimp!

SpiderScooby: The plot suffered because of it though.
That was time they could’ve used giving Whiplash more character development.

ThatScoobyDoom: True, but I didn’t see him being a very deep villain anyway.
I think that may well be because of Mickey Rourke, who I’m not a huge fan of.
Only flick he was in besides Iron Man 2 that I really like that I can think of is Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

SpiderScooby: I think they could’ve done something more interesting with him had they had a stronger script.
But you’re right.
This movie doesn’t have very strong villians.

ThatScoobyDoom: It also kinda felt a little weird to me to be having Tony fight another dude in a metal suit so soon after Stane.

I should also mention the soundtrack for 2 was great too.
Can’t go wrong with AC/DC.

SpiderScooby: I think that was one of the worries going in.
That Iron Man’s villians would just be guys using arc reacter tech.

The soundtrack was okay, yeah.

ThatScoobyDoom: A very real worry, I think I did suffer some for it.
I’m glad they moved on for Avengers and Iron Man 3, I think I’ll be okay with it for Age Of Ultron.

More than okay.

SpiderScooby: What do you think of Rhodey’s recasting?


ThatScoobyDoom: I had absolutely zero problem with it, I’ve never liked Terrence Howard anyway.
Don Cheadle brings more prestige to the MCU too.
Wish they woulda just picked him from the start.


SpiderScooby: See, I never had a problem with Terance Howard. I liked him in the role.
BUT…Cheadle is denfinetly better.

ThatScoobyDoom: He just seems whiney to me, always has a look like he’s on the verge of tears.
Whenever I see him trying to be a badass or serious it just makes me laugh hysterically.

SpiderScooby: I think he was just miscast.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so.
Can’t say it enough, he was just a weird choice.

So next came THOR.
When that was announced what did you think or expect?

SpiderScooby: I was curious to see if they could pull off Thor sucessfully without it coming off as silly(remember that Incredible Hulk tv move?).
The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I think was the right move.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh dear god, that TV movie was…so so so bad…and I loved that show.

When I first heard of it I was extremely excited, I’ve always thought THOR had the potential to be just as big if not bigger than Superman.
Mostly because MARVEL can ground a God character much better than DC, MARVEL made a drunken billionaire relatable for christsake!
So I was over the moon.


SpiderScooby: Imagine if Thor kept refering to Hulk as “You Green Troll!” in The Avengers?

That’s a interesting comparision. I always equate Captain America with Superman(more on that in a few).
But you are right.
They really made him likable.

ThatScoobyDoom: Stop, don’t even say that! Lol

Alot of people do, I understand that comparison, but don’t fully agree with it.
THOR and Superman are both, basically, Gods.
Neither should be relatable, and for the most part Superman isn’t.
Some how MARVEL makes this goofy looking, wing headed, hammer wielding God work on a very human level.
It’s preposterous…but it works!

SpiderScooby: It helps that the movie is entertaing.
And can I just say that Loki is the stand out villian of the MCU?
Most of the villians of the MCU have been pretty weak except for him.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I don’t think you’re necessarily going out on a limb with that one. Lol
I don’t think Jeff Bridges/Iron Monger was weak at all…but he wasn’t worth revisiting even if they could.

Mickey Rourke, for sure he was weak.

I like Tim Roth but Abomination was less…than stellar.

The only other villain that I think matches Loki is Red Skull, but Hugo Weaving had to be a whiney little shit.
I think the reason Loki works so well (besides Tom Hiddleston) is the whole “God Of Mischief” thing.
It gives him license to be big, bombastic, and over the top!

SpiderScooby: Don’t forget turning The Manderin into a joke.

One knock I’ll give the movie, it takes place too much on earth.
Something I think the sequel fixed.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, that was 9 kinds of not good.

I don’t think that was a problem.
It helped to ground it and him, helped to make you care about him.

As I said on your board when it came out, my only real problem with it was that Kenneth Branagh used the tilt shot a little to much for my taste.

Speaking of him, what was your reaction to him directing?
I know some folks got a bit pissy when he was first announced.


SpiderScooby: I wanted more fantasy and less Thor getting drunk, but sure.

He is a Shakespeare guy so it made perfect sense I thought.

ThatScoobyDoom: It did make him more sympathetic though, for sure.

Yeah, I was bewildered by the backlash.
He seemed the perfect choice.

Other than Avengers, I think THOR may well be my favorite movie of the MCU…it is a close call with the next movie though.

SpiderScooby: My memory’s a bit fuzzy, but was there much backlash?
I didn’t think he was a bad choice at all.

It’s middle of the road for me.
I put it ahead of Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk.

ThatScoobyDoom: I distinctly remember quite a few folks all capping “THE IDIOT TEACHER FROM HARRY POTTER!!!” that type of stuff always sticks out in my memory…now ask me what I did last week…not a clue. Lol

I find it far better than those, and even the first Iron Man.

Now the next movie we got was Captain America: The First Avenger.
What were your initial thoughts on it?


SpiderScooby: The First Avenger: Think about it.
Marvel made a better Superman movie with Captain America than DC did with Man of Steel.
People say the “Big Blue Boy Scout” doesn’t work today.
But I think TFA was able to do it without it being completely silly or stupid

ThatScoobyDoom: I’d put Captain America up against any DC movie ever made…including the DTV’s.

Superman and Cap do have vast differences though, Cap isn’t all powerful.
Superman is basically a God.
And that is the big difference between MARVEL and DC.
DC has all powerful gods and MARVEL has flawed humans, and that includes THOR…a freakin’ god!!!

SpiderScooby: That’s a tough call.
I think I agree for the most part.

But I’m mainly talking about what they stand for.
They are often potrayed with having similar values.
If it wasn’t for the man out of time aspect, I would say Cap wouldn’t be that interesting.

ThatScoobyDoom: While they do both stand for the same values, I still think Cap could be interesting without the man out of time gimmick solely for the fact that he isn’t all powerful.

On a human level, his story is more interesting.
He’s enhanced, yes, but even without the serum he was willing to do whatever it took to pitch in and help out knowing full well he could be hurt.

With Superman, being an alien that has pretty much always had powers, we’ll never really know what he would have been like.
Sure, there are stories like on Smallville where they take his powers away and shit but he never had to grow up knowing the taste of his own blood because some scumbag bully would beat his ass on a daily basis.
Ya know?

SpiderScooby: I don’t know… that’s the primary reason Cap’s story is interesting.
Personally, Superman is more fascinating to me (depending on the story of course).

Do you like the 1940’s setting?


ThatScoobyDoom: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming Superman now or ever, but he is often boring and hard to get right.

Loved it!
And I’m not the type that likes war movies and shit like that.
But it was the perfect place to set it and it helped to make the MCU bigger and richer, deeper history than just Odin fighting along humans 200-300 years ago.


SpiderScooby: Maybe it’s because I’ve never read a Captain America comic.
He’s not a character that ever really interested me outside of the movies and cartoons.

I just love the idea of a superhero period piece.
I think they pulled it off brillantly.
I’m glad they didn’t try to modernize it like those ferrible dirrct-to-video movies from the 70’s.

ThatScoobyDoom: Fair enough.

Right, and it made that storyline for Cap in Avengers that they kinda gutted work even better.
The man out of time visiting the places he knew from 70 years ago and seeing the differences.
I guess they touched on that in Winter Soldier?

I never saw those DTV’s…don’t think I want to either!

SpiderScooby: Right, I kinda wish they kept some of those deleted scenes in even though I see why they cut them.
They touch on it a little bit in Winter Solider.
There’s a nice little moment between Steve and a dying Peggy Carter.
But it really isn’t the focus of that movie.

Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from those movies.

Just be glad Rogers isn’t riding around on a motorcyle throwing a plastic shield in these movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.
Added more character, but aren’t necessary at all.
I think the deleted scenes on THOR were great too.

Kinda makes me wish they would put a little more focus on it, all of those scenes that lead to Times Square can’t be the only time they show us how truly out of his element he was.
I know from the trailers for Winter Soldier he did have a little trouble adjusting to the espionage and shit of today, but the world has changed far beyond that too.

Don’t worry brother, I have no interest in ’em!

Yeah, I much prefer the Harley/Vibrainium combo.

SpiderScooby: I don’t even remember the deleted scenes from THOR.

You are correct.
Cap doesn’t approve of what SHIELD is doing.
Of course, he ends up being right with the whole Hydra thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: There was one at the beginning of him throwing a bit of a hissy fit that I felt made his comeback even better.
And there was a short one where he took a mug to the diner that I felt was a great character scene showing how much he’d learned during his time on earth.

But was there anything beyond that?
You see older folks now bitching because everybody today does what I’m doing right now, staring at a phone screen.
Anything like that, any disappointment or comment on how the world has changed for him?

SpiderScooby: I only remember the deleted scenes from Iron Man and Avengers.

I’ve only seen Winter Solider twice, but I don’t think there was anything specifically like what you’re saying.

ThatScoobyDoom: That kinda sucks.
Perfect opportunity for it, maybe even to inject a little humor.


That’s gonna rap it up for this Typecast, next time I get SpiderScooby we’ll cover Avengers and some of the smaller bits of the MCU.

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