3 Years Of TS-D/JA Productions

I’m really surprised I’ve stuck with it for 3 years, but I’m sure glad I have.
Okay now, this year I’m really flying without a net, none of this shit is planned.
So strap in (or strap on) cause this might take a while.

But before we get into everything else, let’s go back to where it all started on May 27th 2013 with Bitch Slappin’ The Wind: https://youtu.be/OBrVxZaKcT4

Also, give a look at years 2nd Anniversary post: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/two-years-of-ts-dja-productions/

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.
Boil it all down and TS-D/JA Productions, in all of it’s many forms, is really just the continuing progress of 1 dude who’s scared shitless of the real world, who never wanted to grow up and be a big people, who always just wanted to make stupid voices because it made himself laugh, who’s awkward around people because he doesn’t trust them, who just doesn’t want to face reality.
A dude that’s worried that some day he is going to die alone and there’s not going to be anybody on the planet to remember him because he was so closed off, so apart, so detached from the world.
A dude that would desperately love to be remembered for one of the best reasons imaginable, at least in his mind…to be remembered because he entertained you.

3 years after starting on this journey, I’m not sure if I’ve even begun accomplishing that feat…but it’s definitely not for lack of trying.
This last year I, with the help of so many many talented people, have been far more prolific than in either of the 2 years before, maybe even more so than those 1st 2 years combined.
Once again, on a personal level, this past year hasn’t really been the greatest, but I have creatively thrived in spite of that.
Probably as a way to try and escape the craziness.
But lets just keep to the public shit.

Sadly, in the past year, there have been fewer posts on my channel and on this site.
Hell, the Typecast has basically become a thing of the past as it’s becoming harder and harder to get folks to do them and cover new ground.
The videos have become rarer and rarer on the channel because it’s getting harder to come up with new material, whether it’s based on known properties or just making shit up.
But there is a good excuse for that!

If you follow either of my twitter accounts (@TheScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction, if you didn’t know) or if you’ve been paying attention to this site you’ve seen me talking about The Camping Trip.
I think I started writing it the day before or the day after Christmas and it took me about a month to write my half of the story.
After a few persisting issues with my old Rock Band mic that I’ve used since I made Dumbass Poets Society, I was able to get a new mic from @SteBoost (who has actually, and probably without even realizing it, been a really big hero to TS-D/JA Productions this year) in February and it took me about a month to record all of it in 8 voices or so and send it to my partner in crime, the dude that’s basically become the Scotty Mo to my Kev Smith in the last 12 months, the good sir @Fitzman73.

Over the last 2 months Fitz has edited, and I’ve heard, over a half hour of The Camping Trip.
And let me tell you folks, this will be the best sounding anything to have the TS-D/JA Productions name on it, the dude is fucking CRUSHING it!
I wish to hell I could give you the release date here, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
But I can give you a little hope on that front, I’m 75% sure it will be out before the end of July.
There could still be a bump in the road that causes a delay, but right now it’s looking good.

Until then, enjoy this trailer I just posted not too long ago: https://youtu.be/897tXlY3etI

Cool and creepy, right?

Now, what’s the other thing that’s kinda made me slack off on everything else?
Again, if you’ve paid attention to my 2 twitter accounts, I’ve launched a 3rd twitter account!
Wait…that’s not the thing, it’s what that twitter account is for that’s worth celebrating!
If you read the 2nd Anniversary post that I linked to above you know I was big time dreaming of hopefully launching a podcast before this years Anniversary.
Well guess what!
After @Fitzman73 and I went and saw Episode VII back in December (right after I started writing my half of The Camping Trip) we recorded a pod on the way back to my house (which you can read more about and find out how to listen to here: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/just-jump-to-the-end-episode-20-a-couple-of-jakku-jackoffs/) and it was fuckin’ fun, man.
First time I met the dude and we had an awesome time, at the very least from my perspective, which just added fuel to the fire of folks begging us (based on all of our Typecasts) to do a pod of our own.
Well, on April 16th @NerdBlitzPod set sail into the harsh waters of Podcastdom.

Fitz (again, like a champ) does ALL of the editing, so why has my shit been so sporadic?
Well, those intros and outros don’t write and record themselves.
That’s been my thing since The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz launched, I write and record all of the intros and outros (Fitz does lines as needed) you hear on the pod (which you should all go listen to at NerdBlitz.com) and I’ve been making and editing videos for the Nerd Blitz YouTube channel (which you can find HERE), where very soon you will see the podcast episodes popping up as soon as I can make them and get them to Fitz to post.

So yeah, you are getting fewer posts, but you are getting far more content.
We’ve been recording weekly and banking episodes, but bi-weekly, for the foreseeable future, you will be getting at the very least 1 hour of new content from your favorite giant dog man Doom and his hockey helmeted friend Fitz in the form of The Nerd Blitz (which you should read more about here: https://tsdjaproductions.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/the-nerd-blitz-with-doom-and-fitz/), and we have a few things planned that we hope you folks will dig to give you more content than just the regular bi-weekly show, plus a few things we hope some of you will want to help us with to help us grow our listenership.

Something else that was pretty fuckin’ awesome in the last year was that, thanks to the rocker and roller that is @TheJSarge, my voice can be heard on one of my favorite podcasts!
At the end of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave (a podcast which has been talked about many times around these parts) Halloween special last year, the creepy little voice that says the title is none other than me!
It’s nothing huge, but it’s pretty damn cool for me.
You can listen to it at this link: http://www.smodcast.com/smodcast/episodes/emperor-flanagan
And here’s my very first reaction to it: https://twitter.com/TheScoobyDoom/status/662743366023716864?s=09
I’d talked to Sarge before and sent him some takes of me saying Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave that I’d recorded on my old phone with the shitty built in mic.
Well, I offered to redo them for him with my slightly better set-up (the old Rock Band mic and such) and he said sure.
He said he’d try to use them if he could, and I honestly didn’t really see when he’d have the opportunity to use them, but hey, at least I tried!
Then the dude came through with this!
He really is a cool motherfucker.

Now, lets get into the numbers game, which is what I obsess over more than anything else. Haha
Total views for everything I’ve done in these last 3 years are as follows…
The Site: 4919
The main YouTube Channel has: 8697
The Pod Youtube Channel has: 120
And the Pod has: 237
Pretty fuckin’ cool, right?
All combined, that’s 13,973 views.

Now, lets talk about total combined hours of content in these 3 years.
Between both YT Channels (not including The Camping Trip trailer, that goes on year 4’s record) I, with crazy amounts of help, have created and produced a total of 2 hours 13 minutes and 36 seconds of video content.
Between the 2 bonus episodes posted on the JJ2End Feed, Episode 20 of Just Jump To The End, and the 1st 3 Episodes of The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz, Fitz and I have produced 5 hours 46 minutes and 26 seconds of glorious podcast content.
All that comes together for a grand total of 7:59:02 by my mathin’.
Just 58 seconds short of 8 full hours in 3 years.
That’s over 4 times the 1:43:00 I had last year.

Now let’s get into the thank yous for the last year.
For the videos, I want to send a huge heartfelt thank you to the following people: @ShariSayz, @_13Chris, @FromTheMonkey, @Woody_TESDFan & @JoePeel of @ShootheMoonBand, @AmandaMDanger, @Fitzman73, @GingerNacre, @NeilGat, @Forgeticus, @SteBoost, @KatLong31, @LookingForEight, @Gabryelledam, & @Joinedtofollow.

For their help with the site, deepest thanks go too @Fitzman73, @Joinedtofollow, @ScoobySnaxCom, @MemeEmSteveDave, @SpiderScooby, @CheeryAnt, @SteBoost, @ShariSayz, @KatLong31, and a special thanks to @SMorgan21 for offering to doba Typecast (I still wanna give it a whirl, Sandy).

To start wrapping up, and to reiterate what I said last year, of you’ve been here since the beginning, THANK YOU!
If you just found something I made yesterday, THANK YOU!
If you read, watch, subscribe, or listen to anything or everything I have made, THANK YOU!
And if you have ever helped, left a comment, or engaged in conversation based on any of it,
It really does mean the world to me and I THANK YOU!
You’ve helped me through those small simple actions more than you could ever realize.
And a Huge Thank You goes to @SpiderScooby for encouraging me to get on the twitter in the first place, without that push, none of this exists.
Thanks for that and so much more, brother.

One more time, here are all of the links to all of the ways you can consume and support TS-D/JA Productions.
Pod: NerdBlitz.com
Pod YT: Nerd Blitz on YT
Pod Twitter: @NerdBlitzPod
My YT: Youtube.com/ThatScoobyDoom
My Scooby Writings: ScoobyFan.Net/Author/Scooby-Doom/
My Twitter: @TheScoobyDoom
TS-D/JA Productions Merch: CafePress.com/JustJumpToTheEnd/12361893
TS-D/JA Productions Twitter: @TSDJAProduction


Share this post on Twitter with the hashtags #TSDJAProductions #TheCampingTrip and/or #NerdBlitz.

And finally, quite often the world can be an incredibly shitty place.
Do EVERYTHING in your power to combat that and spread a little bit of good and kindness in any way you can.
Even small acts can help far more than you realize.
Thank you so much for your support, I hope to see you back here again next year.


How It Happened: Good Evening Mr. J

Based on the church scene from @ThatKevinSmith’s Red State, as preformed by Michael Parks.


When I first saw Red State, after listening to the Red State Of The Union podcast and seeing all of the Sundance fallout with everybody about Kev losing his fuckin’ cookies, I felt weird.
I had a “we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto” moment.
I waited with bated breath and much excitement for every episode of that podcast, and quite often on there Kev would talk about the speech Parks gives.
He talked about it in such a way that actually made me dread seeing it in a way, he’d talked it and Parks up SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much that I figured it couldn’t possibly live up to that hype.
I was wrong!


In my opinion, Kevin oversold Parks, but undersold John Goodman’s performance in the movie, and that’s not me trashing Parks.
But this scene?
When the movie was over I was thinking about this scene and the siege on the compound.
The compound scene stuck out for the very reason Kev said he liked it, because it didn’t feel like something he directed.
It, like the entire movie, was a huge departure for Kev.
But that fuckin’ church scene was riveting!


Jump ahead about 2 years and I’m making these videos, I’m remaking scenes from Kev’s movies, and this comes bubbling back to the surface.
And come on, you know a scene of pure hate speech is PERFECT for The Joker, just change it from gay bashing to hero bashing and it brings it all home.
I took a look at the scene again and I was really grooving on it, so I talked to and enlisted the help of @ComicWasteland.
And I know I say this a lot about this dude, but he really is a champ.
He did all of the shots I asked for, without complaint and with great skill, but most importantly, the dude did something he did not have too.
After he’d sent me all of the REQUESTED SHOTS and I started my assembly, it still felt a little bland because I was reusing the same few shots over and over again so much.
So I asked @ComicWasteland, way late in the game, after he’d finished and delivered everything, if he could give me 1 more shot to help break up the monotony a bit, and while I would have completely understood if he’d told me to fuck off because he was busy…the dude came through.
So, once again, a big thanks to Brad!
You all really should check out his site and show him some love: https://wordbloonillustration.wordpress.com/

Then there was Mr. Mike (@FromTheMonkey), of Monkey Basement Productions, who once again came through.
It started with that cattleprod as I recall, but then I asked him if he could give me the family crowd/flock.
That cattleprod sounds just fuckin’ brutal and the crowd is perfect.
Show him some a little kindness and give an ep or 2 of his pod a spin: http://justgivemeafewminutes.podomatic.com/

Now go watch the video itself and I’ll tell you about how there was almost a different Ivy!
And stay after the credits for a little extra!





Fun right?
Now about the Ivy, I can’t quite remember how it came about (it very well could have been just as simple as I was just too nervous to ask @ShariSayz to record anything for me after how poorly I handled working with her on Channel Surfing), but I asked around on twitter and wasn’t getting any bites.
Then I was having a conversation with the lovely and always supportive @_13Chris and we somehow got on the topic of it.
And knowing her how I do, I’m pretty sure I asked her if she would do it (I can almost bet she didn’t offer because she’s pretty private, same as me) and she took a stab or 2 at it.
The only problem is that at the time I didn’t have somebody like @Fitzman73 at the ready to convert different audio files (I’m sure @FromTheMonkey or @SpiderScooby would have done it, but Mike was pretty busy at the time and I didn’t really wanna bother Ross because that dude truly does enough for me) into usable formats for me.
The funniest bit of all of this was that Chris had her husband helping her record and send the files (and this is something that made me instantly love her and her fam).
I get this email from her dude that says something to the effect of “She didn’t want me to send this, but I think it was her best take” with an attached file.
I open it up and it’s him saying the Ivy line “SATAN MOTHAFUCKA, SATAN”…and I lost my shit.
It’s legitimately one of the funniest things to come out of this whole entire video makinimage

g thing I’ve been doing for almost 3 years now.

Now how did @ShariSayz actually come to get involved in this?
I can’t exactly remember.
I do remember giving her the direction to watch Arleen Sorkin for Harley.
I also remember telling her for Ivy I wanted something breathy, sexy, sensual.
On both fronts, she nailed it.
I seriously love Shari’s Harley, and can’t wait to bring that crazy ex doctor out of her again soon.
Once again, go give @ShariSayz a shout or go show her YT channel a bit of love: https://youtu.be/gPyCv8e6NpY

I also remember struggling with a title for this video.
For a while I was calling it Green State, but that just felt super lame.
I think I went through about 6 other titles before finally landing on Good Evening Mr. J, which for the few who haven’t seen Red State is in reference to the part that Mike and his family did.
When Abin Cooper says “Welcome Family” and you hear 1 person specifically say “Good Evening Grandpa”.
I think it fitz.


Share this post on twitter with the hashtags #HowItHappened & #GoodEveningMrJ.

Also check out the original tweet for this video, from be for the @TSDJAProduction account even existed!

That’s it for this time kids, please go watch, listen, or check out those folks and their links above.
Show them some support for helping me come up with some great content for you all.

And remember, the world is a hard place.
Do your best to make it a wee bit better any way you can, even if it’s just a smile or a kind comment to somebody having a bad day.
It really helps.

Thanks for reading, hope ta see you back here soon.

How It Happened: Channel Surfing

Strap in, cause this is a long ass story!


I realize I may say this a lot, but this is a video I love and am beyond proud of because I was able to show off my talent on every front.
Editing, Voice Acting, Producing, and Directing.
This is a showcase of just exactly what I can do at my very best!

I want to make this extremely, blisteringly, painfully clear here at the top, I hold no ill will, grudge, or anything else of the sort against the brilliant artist mentioned below!
What I say below is just my perspective on the situation and how I felt at the time.
And I will own it right here and right now, it is my fault and I definitely could have and should have handled it better.

With all of that out of the way, lets get into it, and trust me when I tell you there is a story and a half to be told here.

Some of you may have noticed that all of the female voices in this video are credited to a Twitter account (@Sunnee_dayz) that isn’t really active and there is a reason for that.
The lovely lady behind those beautiful voices is none other than the supremely talented @ShariSayz.
As I recall, this video came together in an extremely short amount of time to meet my fast approaching deadline, I think it was less than 2 weeks for the full production of this one.
And that includes the writing.
So, the idea I had for this thing originally was that a dude was sitting up late one night watching TV, flipping through the channels, and running across all the types of shows and infomercials that we all know exist in those wee hours of the night/morning.
But that felt a little too weak, I needed something to strengthen the video, I didn’t want it to just be a collection of me doing weird voices and shit.
I struggled to come up with a wraparound story to give it all a purpose to exist, and that was when I came up with the closing segment (which had it’s own set of problems that I’ll get to later) of the dude watching a porn on TV and getting caught by his lady.
I had my hook!

I knew I needed to write a lady in at this point, which gave me the idea for a new segment to include.
I figured I had to come up with a reason for the wifey to be gone long enough for the dude to flip through all of those channels too, and I’ll admit her having to park down the block is a bit weak but it’s enough to get into the showcase of voices.

As I was breaking and recording the segments, I started thinking of who I could get to help me out with bringing this baby home.
While technically this is the first time I’ve worked with @ShariSayz on something that you guys have gotten to see, I’ve actually written something with her in mind before that kind of stalled out due to my feeling overwhelmed by the story and another actor being hard to reach.
@ShariSayz had recorded and sent me some takes for that and a bit of a sizzle reel of her doing some voices and I liked what she did.

Now this is where things started getting complicated, and as I said above, I could have AND SHOULD HAVE handled it better, but this is how it happened from My perspective.
I DM’d Shari on Twitter and asked her if she would be interested in working with me on a new project.
She said yes.
Then I dropped the bombshell, because I figured if she didn’t want to be in based on what I had to say we could get it out of the way early, no harm no foul.
I broke it down and told her exactly what I needed, being PAINFULLY clear that there was a porn scene.
Her reply was that that was fine, she had no shame.
I was shocked she’d agreed, but she did.
I told her the timeline would be very short as this just popped into my head and the deadline was creeping up fast.
She said she’d do her best.
I was relieved simply because I thought, understandably so, the porn scene would be a hard sell.

So she recorded and sent the audio and it was brilliant!
I don’t say this because she was kind enough to help me or because I’m pretty sure she’ll read this, I say this because it is the goddamn truth, Shari is AMAZINGLY talented and made my work better just by taking part in it.
But I had a slight issue with her initial porn track and asked for a rerecord, which she quickly did for me, and it was perfect!
I quickly set about recording/editing it all together (which was a fiasco in and of itself that I’ll tell you about a little bit later) and that was when I got an email from from Shari that almost brought it all crashing down around me.

2 days before it’s ready to be posted, I’m still editing and recording like a bastard trying to get it ready to post when I get and email from Shari telling me that she’s getting cold feet because of the porn.
She was afraid, and understandably/rightfully so, of the possibility that future employers or, god forbid, her parents would hear it.
I tried my damnedest to talk her down, mostly for the incredibly selfish reason that at the time I had no other lady I could turn to (a problem that persists to this day, with the exception of the lovely Bat Kat), and I will admit that to this day, while I love this video deeply, I do feel a bit guilty for the pressure I did put on her not to drop out on me.
It was insanely selfish, and I’ll felt bad about it for quite a while and it continues to flare up when I’m in a particularly bad mood from time to time.
I’ve mentioned many times the guilt I feel about folks doing work for me for free, and that is something I still battle with.
I still try to do whatever I can without help because of that.

So I convinced her to sleep on it, all the while I was losing my fuckin’ mind on twitter.
The crunched production time already had me on edge and this seemed to be making all of the hard work I’d put in useless.
But thankfully the next day, after talking it over with somebody, she sent me an email and said cooler heads prevailed and gave me the go ahead to use her audio if I put that fake @ on it.
Which was a version of one of the contingency plans I’d posed the night before.
So that was settled.
Now before I go into breaking down each segment I want to make it clear that I only tell this story because @ShariSayz gave me permission.
For that and for doing the video, I thank you Shari.
And I do apologize for putting pressure on you to go through with it.
That WILL NOT happen again.

Now, go watch the video and afterwards I’ll break it down segment by segment for ya’s.


Fun, right?
Now lets get into the details!


Opening: As I said above, that was all just to get the wife/girlfriend out of the house so the husband/boyfriend could do some Channel Surfing.
But there is a bit more to it than you all realize.
When I said above that I had worked with @ShariSayz on something else, the image of Hal’s “qwik check” is a reference to that.
That story was called “Why Us” and featured @TheGuy4420, Shari, and myself in a story full of death, mobsters, and mayhem that I had intended to turn into a trilogy of videos.
It was also to feature @FromTheMonkey as Hal!
It was my little attempt at universe building, trying to connect all of my shit together in a View Askew kinda way.
But as of today, Why Us remains unproduced.
Maybe someday…


3:16: Any WWE fan knows exactly what this is, but for those of you reading who may not, this is a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s famous King Of The Ring ’96 promo after he won that basically helped launch his character and career to new heights.
Great promo, check it out on YT.


Channel 37 News: Obviously, Channel 37 is a reference to Clerks, but the cauterized assholes actually is a sorta reference to something from my childhood.
There was this kid in the neighborhood who had a video camera and a fascination with fire, one dangerously hilarious story had him put his finger into a bottle of finger nail polish remover, he turned the bottle upside down to soak his finger real damn good, he turned the bottle right side up, pulled his finger out, and lit his finger on fire…his finger went up, all of us (including him) laughed...THEN SUDDENLY THE FLAME TRAVELED UP HIS ARM TO HIS ARMPIT!!!
What dumbass didn’t realize was that when he turned the bottle upside down his finger didn’t create a perfect seal, the polish removing liquid leaked down his arm.
After that, we told him someday he’d melt his asshole shut.


Tube Man: Joke from Family Guy that I’ve always loved.
Everytime I see one of those fuckin’ things I think of that entire bit, and on occasion I break out and do the bit.

Televangelist: You all know late night TV is littered with these fuckin’ DOUCHE BAGS begging for money so they can maintain their goddamn arena churches.
Using the voice of Reverend Tim from Dumbass Poets Society, I did my version…which is, as per my usual, (and to quote @NeilGat)  about as subtle as surprise prison rape, Reverend Tim just flat out tells you to “GIVE ME YOUR MONEEEEY!” sounding a bit like Chris Tucker.


Music: Ah, now this segment has a pretty good story to it as well, most of which happened after the video dropped.
After @Woody_TESDFan did the song for me for Dumbass Poets Society 2: Fallout we talked about doing more together.
When this video developed I knew I wanted to have a segment with some music in it, so I talked to Woody about it and he graciously provided me with Part Of Life by his band Shoot The Mood.
I asked him for a picture to go along with it, again he came through.
The video got posted, everything went swimmingly…but that fuckin’ song, man!
I couldn’t shake it!
Just something about it kept giving me these flashes of images, images that were slightly depressing but realistic none the less.
You might notice I’m not telling you what those images are/were and that would be because I did a break down, including numerous time stamps, of these images and sent the entire idea of the music video I had playing in my head to Woody.
He talked to the band, said they dug it, and the plan was that he and a few folks he knew were going to go forward and shoot the video, send it to me to edit together, then it would be posted on the Shoot The Moon YouTube Channel and on My YouTube Channel…now somewhere along the way we both got busy with other projects and sadly nothing has happened since.
But, either they way described above or on my own (if they give me approval, obviously) I wanna go forward and make this video.
In my estimation, it’s too damn good not to make it!

Super Bright Flashing Light: This is just me poking fun at the stupid bullshit products they show in late night commercials and infomercials with so much excitement they make you wanna fuckin’ puke.


Russia From My Backyard: We all remember this particular soundbite of pure stupidity, no need to break it down any further on that front.
But the picture?
Ah, it was actually taken winter 2013/2014 from my back porch during the record snowfall we had.
I thought it was a bad ass pic so I snapped it.
While making this video, I had the idea for this segment and it fit.
I remember the reaction when I pitched it to @ShariSayz because, as detailed above, I figured she’d take issue with the porn right away but this is the one that seemed to stump her the most.
She said something like “I don’t know if I can do that. I’ve never done a Palin impression.” which still to this day makes me laugh.
I remember telling her it didn’t have to sound exact just to have the same feeling, but if she didn’t feel she could pull it off I would do it.
Obviously, she did it and she did it well.

Clouds: This segment here is an almost direct pull (I made 1 slight derivation in the restaurant name) from one of Gabriel Iglesias’s bits.
I have been a fan of Gabriel since his days on All That days on Nickelodeon and wanted to do a little tribute to him.


Veg-etarian: This I thought was funny simply because it’s not what you expect them to say.
You know you expected some kind of ethicist or homophobic bullshit to flop out of their mouths and it gives you a bit of shock when they pull a swerve and go in a different direction.
And I liked the pic I came up with for it, something kinda peaceful about a crapper at the foot of a mountain.


Balls Deep: Usually before I record I use songs from Family Guy and The Cleveland Show as warm ups.
So, with that in mind, I figured I’d bring some of the warm up into the work, and since we all know just how much I love doing the voice that Kevin Michael Richardson perfected on The Cleveland Show, I felt there was no better choice than to go with my Favorite Cleveland JR song Balls Deep.
That song is fucking hilarious and you need to search it on YT.
For the image, I took my inspiration from the episode/song itself and made a picture that in some way resembles a ball pit.

Cooking Show: Cooking shows are every fuckin’ where, man.
You flip the channel any which way and you have some goofy asshole in a hat telling you how you cut an onion wrong.
So there’s that.

Joker: As said previously, I love my Joker voice.
I imagined this segment as “The Joker enters the house in the pilot of his own sitcom finding Harley right where he left her…tied to a chair for the last 4 hours”.
Not sure if anything similar to that came across, but that’s what it’s meant to be.


Porn/Close: Besides everything listed above, this segment was the biggest pain in the dick.
The editing on it was a headache because for some reason I could not get that porn audio to work right.
As you’ll notice if you really pay attention to it, my part of the porn audio starts really loud then fades to nothing and Shari’s does the exact opposite, starts at nothing then ramps up to a huge crescendo.
What I was trying to do with it was layer them evenly so we both maintained a consistent volume.
If you don’t mind me getting technical, the way it should work is I lay her audio into the timeline with a photo that doesn’t matter so I can publish it as a video.
Then I take the video version of her audio and lay it into the audio portion of the timeline, lay my version into the audio portion of the timeline, edit and sync my audio to fit with hers, then publish that as a video to have our audio perfectly in alignment and lay it into the Official video’s timeline as audio…but no matter how many times I tried this process (which, trust me, is way easier than it sounds) it would not fucking work!
I later got it to work flawlessly in the ending of Dumbass Poets Society 3: The Return, but back to Channel Surfing, I kept trying like a bastard with no result.
So with the deadline looming, I took the lazy way out and just slid her audio file on top of my own which created the cheap fade.
This is one of the very few things that I would go back a fix George Lucas style if I could, because it really bugs the fuck out of me cause I know I can do it better with a little more time.

Credits: Here, just for shits and giggles, I felt it appropriate to revisit Reverend Tim 1 last time for a wee bit more fun.
Then, as my credits and thank you’s rolled, I decided to give @Woody_TESDFan and the @Shoothemoonband gang one more chance to shine and played a bit more of Part Of Life.
Thanks for the great song, lads!


And that’s it gang!
That’s the entire breakdown for this behemoth!
Since you’ve all made it this far, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the next Typecast!
If you follow me on twitter (@ThatScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction) you’ll know I’ve been teasing that it would be late this month because it’s being “worked on”…that’s because Typecast 16 will be another PODCAST!!!
That’s right kids, @Fitzman73 is hard at work editing our next conversation together.
Look for it real soon!

Screencaps provided by @ThatJoser and @JoinedToFollow.

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And finally!
The world is a hellish place full of a lot of assholes, do whatever is within your power to combat those pricks and spread a little bit of joy.
You never know how much it can help.
Thank you for reading, I’ll see you real soon right back here!

Typecast #15: Do You Really Meme It?

Hey gang, welcome back!
Yesterday (October 5th) was the 1 year anniversary of @SpiderScooby helping me launch this site (read the first official post here).
And man, what a year it has been!

I’ve gotten over 3,000 total views & over 1,600 total visitors from 25+ countries.
15 Typecasts, about half of my videos broken down, and a lot of stories shared.
A big thank you to everybody who has been a part of making the 1st year of this site as big as it’s been.
Now onto the future…or today at the very least.

Today’s Typecast has more variety than even Typecast #2 did.
And who is my guest for this momentous occasion?
Well, he IS the master of the Meme, the Helper of Hollywood, one half of @IrvingsBasement and probably half of my Twitter followers!
You all know him, you all love him, he is @MemeEmSteveDave!

As always, his name (@MemeEmSteveDave) will appear in red and link to his podcast, The LP Lexicon Podcast, which you can find at http://lexiconpod.blogspot.com.

All spelling and grammatical errors appear just as they were made simply to maintain honesty.

Take it away me!

ThatScoobyDoom: I think you’ve made it pretty clear that you dig the Tolkien stuff, how did you come by all of that?

@MemeEmSteveDave: I forgotten about this for the longest time, but I was working with a guy in Manchester, England, England … and he used to talk about Fellowship all of the time (I think The Two Towers movie was just about to be released), so he piqued my interest, and I simply went out and bought Fellowship.
I loved it right away.
Beautifully shot, awesome actors, and the film score … Holy crap, How man hours has that score kept me entertained.
From thereon in, I had to buy anything Tolkien-esque, which I did.
When I love something, I have to buy everything that I can which I find, so for the next few years, I bought whatever I could, and it still holds dear to me, even after all these years.

As a side note, the Harry Potter movies were being released at the same time, and I felt that, as it was so big over here in the UK, it was misguided and upon seeing elements which obviously had roots in Tolkiens mythology, I detested it from the get-go.
One day, I had a rare day off from work and was ill on the sofa.
I had just cancelled my satellite TV subscription and had 28 days viewing left (It was cancelled because I never used it), and the first Potter movie was beginning, so I thought “I’ve blasted this franchise with my friend all of this time, so I’ll watch one to see how accurate my judgement was.
Well, same again.
Watched it.
Loved it.
Bought everything that I could.
If it has roots in Tolkien’s mythology, it’s not theft, as I originally thought.
We call it ‘homage.’


ThatScoobyDoom: So let me get this straight, you’ve only been into it for like 13 years? That’s interesting, because the way it’s talked about here in the states, at least in my experience, is that that shit is drilled into you guys from an early age.
They act like that shit is your version of Batman/Superman/Spider-Man etc, your modern myths.

I’m the same way, if I get into a show, movie, franchise, I go looking for all the tie-in shit immediately.
Books, games, comics, magazines, whatever I can find to feed the beast.

So did you get all of the books right away and compare to the movies?

Don’t get me started on Potter, we’ll be here for a good long while!
I dig LotR, but I fuckin’ DEVOUR Potter!

@MemeEmSteveDave: Yeah, man!
The movies did it for me, but in school, we were never really introduced to Tolkien.
What I did learn later on, is that many people in prison like it, due to its escapist properties, and I think Potter is the same time way.
You get taken away from the woes and drudgery of real life, and can focus your mind on something else for a spell (pun intended).

Tolkien was an Inkling, along with CS Lewis, and the way they created was very interesting inasmuch as that they wanted to read these folk stories that never existed so they had to write them.
Personally, I feel that it’s a great way to create.

I bought the books right away, and was happy with how the movies were produced, in comparison for Rings.
Potter, on the other hand, always felt like a slight disappointment when I was leaving the theater because they cut so much out, to keep the run time decent.
For me, Goblet, Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Hallows should all have been split into two movies, like Hallows was.
Hallows was such an enjoyable cinema experience (incidentally, I am taking my two sons to The Magical World of Harry Potter in 10 days).

I just got the Kingsman trade paperback, because I have absolutely fuckin’ devoured that movie.
Have you seen it, yet?
I think it’s probably the best movie I have seen in a long while.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is so counter to what they make it seem like in the media.
I’m honestly surprised by that, never would’ve guessed it.
I can totally see inmates loving both, and if you include the in universe books from Potter that J.K. has done for charity it kinda adds a depth to that story that not many franchises get.
Harry and Ron talk about Quidditch Through The Ages and you can pull that off a shelf and read it yourself, with hand scrawled note from Harry and Ron…it’s nuts!
I’m not much into the other books of Tolkien (I’ve read The Hobbit & half of Fellowship), did he do in universe texts or was the rest of his work adding history to Middle Earthimage


Yeah, I remember hearing a quote from Tolkien where he said that England has a rich history that goes back many centuries, but when it comes to folklore, mythology, and tales of fiction they have King Arthur…and well, that’s pretty much it.
So he set out to change that.
Some would call that arrogance, I call it smart.
George Lucas did the same thing with Star Wars, and even American Graffiti, he saw a gap and felt he could fill it.
Shit, to invoke yet another passion we share, Kev Smith did the same fuckin’ thing with Clerks and the View Askewniverse.

With Rings they did it right, the did 2 hour cuts for theatrical, but the did extended cuts for home video.
Even if Potter hadn’t been split from Goblet on (which I totally agree they should have) they should have at least done extended cuts, and I don’t mean extended cuts like Stone and Chamber got where they had 12 minutes of extra footage, I mean 30+ minutes of extra shit to tell the whole bloody story the way it damn well needs to be told.
Hallows is the single greatest film of the Potter film franchise because they had the balls to let it breath.
It needed to be 4 and a half hours.

I haven’t seen it, but everybody keeps polishing it’s balls.
I have heard it has a stellar cameo from Mark Hamill, which I’m sure everybody reading this knows how I feel about Mark, so I definetly want to see it.
I’ve not been able to see many new movies the last few years though.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Tolkien had tonnes and tonnes of notes, backstory, etc. which formed the Histroy of Middle Earth from it’s inception right through to the Fourth Age (When the Ring was destroyed).
Of course, The Hobbit is where people begin, and a surprising amount of people can’t finish Fellowship, so don’t feel bad.
Once you get onto the journey, you’re away until the End, it’s awesome.
I love the Appendices of LotR, which tells of what happened to everyone in the Fourth Age.

But behind all of that was Tolkien’s notes which were released some years later in a book called The Silmarillion.
What happened with you with Fellowship, happened to me with The Silmarillion.
I got halfway and about gave up.
I forced myself to go back and I finished it, and it’ll be the greatest Tolkien movie never made.
I would absolutely love to see that in movie form, but it seems that it will never happen; the Tolkien family don’t appreciate the movies, it seems.


Here in England, we don’t have a great deal of folk-lore.
Our folklore is now LotR, which could be anyone’s folklore, it’s justhat the writer was British.
J.K. Rowling created an incredible universe, and a wonderfully told story which will be loved for years to come, too, and I often wondered what she would do after Potter.
The series that she is working on now is as good, and equally enjoyable, and it’s a great feeling heading out once a year to buy a new Rowling book (Even though it doesn’t have her name on the front cover).
I am, of course, referring to the Cormoran Strike novels. J.K. Rowling was always a detective writer at heart, only now she doesn’t mask it.
As of now, there is two books, with a third being released in October.
I hope there is an underlying arch-enemy.
Nothing has been mentioned at this point.
For every Potter, Baggins, Skywalker and Eggsy Unwin (just to whet you’re appetite), a Lord Voldemort, Sauron, Darth Vader and Richmond Valentine (Yeth, motherfucker!) is necessary.

I’m going to link you to a 3 minute video of Kingsman.
Watch it, and let me know exactly what you think. https://vimeo.com/126552945

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, the thought, effort, time, energy, and shear amount of work that he put in to it all is astounding.
He’s got a richly detailed way about his prose, The Hobbit itself is just so much fun and enveloping with amazing depth, but I’ll tell you why I didn’t finish Fellowship, and it’s sad really.
I have a 4 book box-set that starts with The Hobbit so, naturally, given the obvious fact that it’s set before LotR, I read it first and it has a wonderful pace.
Then I started Fellowship, and it felt like it was written by a completely different author.
Suddenly, the read gets frustrating because he goes into far too much detail for his own good.
It feels like he takes a page and a half to describe a blanket draped over a chair in the corner…that has no impact on the story what so ever.
It’s written beautifully but I was like “who gives a flying fuck? ‘There’s a blanket over a chair in the corner’ is all we need, move the fuck on!”.
He got far too detailed to the point that it became detrimental and distracting, I had to put it down.

The Silmarillion has always been confusing to me, some say it is and in universe text that the characters have access to, but others make it seem like a prose effort breaking down the stories of the verse beyond just Middle Earth, which appears to my understanding to be just a state or country in the world.

Sadly, I’ve not been able to read any of her post Potter product.
I know The Casual Vacancy was well received and I believe it is being made into an HBO (not that one!) mini-series.
I didn’t know that her book under her pen name was part of a series or that she’s even released a follow up to it.
But I do remember the veil being pulled back on her on that one though, it was pretty funny.
The reviews were astonished by this new upstart writer that had such skill, breadth, and ability.
I believe one review said his way with words was the best the world had seen since Rowling, and somebody took that comparison seriously and connected the dots, right?
She said she wanted to see if she could write something without hype or attention and make any wave and got busted because she’s too good.
I’d love to burn through that shit.

That was fucking brutal!
Holy shit on a stick, choreographed to perfection.
I imagine that that scene from the second webisode of Daredevil is something similar based on the praise I’ve read.
Seriously though, that is fuckin’ poetry in motion!
I wanted to see it before but shit!

@MemeEmSteveDave: A couple of years ago, I started to get into audiobooks, and I mentioned this on either one or both of the ThatMan on FatMan episodes that I was on; audiobooks make a good book great, and a great book awesome.
That level of detail is unnoticed when being read by someone.
I did pick up on that, first time I read Return of the King in regard to locations et al.
Jim Dale reading Harry Potter is astounding.

The Casual Vacancy has already been released on DVD.
I do love the book, and it’s great to see Rowling writing for an adult audience but some of the themes mentioned … Holy crap, dude.
Talk about traumatic.
I can’t stomach child death, and when that was flung in there … It’s kind of a downer.


Two Cormoran Strike novels have been released; The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm.
A third book, Career of Evil is coming out in October.
She has hinted that there could be eight or more books.
Talk about engaging characters … It’s excitement that I haven’t felt in books since Hallows.

I’m looking forward to Spectre this year, did you see the trailer, yet?
I love the new Bond movies.
Quantum was filmed where I got married in Chile, where my wife and my eldest son were born.

ThatScoobyDoom: I have a few audiobooks, 100% agree.
I have a Star Wars novel and the 1st Potter, the SW novel is interesting because it has music and sound effects, really takes advantage of the LucasFilm library of sounds in a great enriching way.
Potter is great too because Dale is somehow able to make all of those voices distinct enough that it’s not anywhere near confusing.
A masterstroke!

Shit, it’s out already?
I’m so out of touch it ain’t even funny.
Oh, so she gets that dark?
I can’t say I’m surprised by that, honestly.
After she had the fetus Voldemort in Deathly Hallows – which, lets be real, the movie made that more horrific than I ever imagined it.
Covered in blood and what not, holy shit – all bets were off, she made it clear she wasn’t writing just for kids with that one.
She’s always said she wasn’t writing for kids.

8 books, shit!
If anybody can do it it’s her.
Speaking of 8 books, Chris Columbus recently said he’d love to do a movie about the Potter trio as adults.
1. Would you like to see that?
2. Would you like to see her write another Potter book?

I did not, nets throttled.
I’ve only seen Casino Royale, but it was fuckin’ awesome!
I really wanna see the other 2.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Yes, sir.
It passed me by, too, to be honest.
Here at Lexicon Towers, we hardly watch any TV, but we do love film.
I was out shopping one day and stumbled across it.
It’s nicely filmed though, I just dread reaching the end.

Yeah, I’d love to see that.
JK Rowling has touched upon what the trio would be doing in this day and age, sporadically, though Pottermore.
There is also the play (Which isn’t a prequel} Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which is being released in London next year.
I’d be down with seeing that.

Casino Royale was awesome.
I was unsure what to expect because I hadn’t paid much attention to the recent Bond movies, and I was suitably impressed.
Same with Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall.
Incidently, I work in the motor industry, so it’s great to see our cars make their way onto film, especially when the movie is so good.
Skyfall surpassed mere Bond, in my opinion.
Such a great, well-filmed, terrific movie.
It shows a part of London which I know, too.
I only ever see it as a tourist, so it’s great to see that aspect of London shown in such circumstances.


So tell me, Scoobs .. what is the film history from where you live.
Any filming locations near, or movie ties?
I’m interested.

ThatScoobyDoom: I like all forms of filmed entertainment, I’ve always looked at TV as a film franchise anyway.
The pilot is is the first movie and every episode after is just a sequel.
Some good sequels, some back.
But to me it’s all the same.

I’d only want it if she released a wealth of material on it.
Which, knowing how she is, she has it but just hasn’t organized it in any great way.
That play sounds very interesting, I don’t buy that it can’t be turned into a book though.
Books are far easier to present stories than any other medium.
I think that a comic book would probably be the best way for her to present stories, and can you imagine the attention it would bring to have a true literary icon like her do a comic?

Solace picks up moments after Casino, right?
I think I’ll be disappointed in Skyfall if only for the fact that the kill off Dame Judi, I’ve thought she was insanely awesome since As Time Goes By.
I kept hoping they’d get her into Potter, but alas they missed their chance.

Do you remember that James Spader movie White Palace from 1990?
It was filmed just a few blocks from the hospital I was born at.
That George Clooney movie from a few years back Up In The Air was filmed in part around here, maybe just at the airport.
But nothing huge that I can think of.
Our local government isn’t very supportive of Film and TV, they don’t want to give the tax breaks so productions go elsewhere.
It’s insanity to me, because it they would allow them to show off some of the shit it would bring in tourism, but you know politicians.
Not too fuckin’ swift.

@MemeEmSteveDave: As a teenager I wasted my life in font of the TV, it wasn’t until I bought my own place when I was 20 that I realized, a) this place is expensive and b) I’m spending all of my time at work, so I decided to cut TV and do something productive with my time .. it was making music back then, something I still do albeit sporadically.
Job, wife, kids, etc. make recording hard, but I still have the Lexicon Pod which goes up every Sunday evening, so I still feel I’m putting something out there.
We are coming up to our one year episode in a month or so, and I’m looking forward to that.
Why have you not podded yet, sir?

The reason I asked about nearby filming locations is because here in Liverpool, various TV and movie productions pass through filming parts of the city.
Captain America, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, Peaky Blinders, even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had parts filmed here (Harry and Hagrid on Sirius’ old bike in the tunnel, FYI).
Years ago, there was a cult TV Series filmed right at the bottom of the street where I used to live, called Boys From The Blackstuff, which had a young Bernard Hill.
Peter Jackson saw that and cast Bernard Hill as Theoden in Lord of the RIngs, to bring it back to Ring-speak.

I think if JK Rowling did a comic, that would be cool.
Would she do it?
I don’t know, but once every so often she’ll throw out a pop-culture reference which will knock me on my arse, so she can always surprise.

Solace picks up mere moments after Casino Royale ends.
And how great it is, too.
I was lucky enough to see it in the cinema, and those experiences I always keep with me.
This is why I am so looking forward to Spectre.
As our mature British actors arc gracefully into their latter years, it’s always interesting to see what roles are offered them, and how they perform.
Look at Ian McKellen, John Hurt, and yes, Dame Judi and Helen Mirren.
Once it’s committed to magnetic tape, it’ll be around forever.

Governments can be awesome or stupid when it comes to culture.
Luckily, the UK Government has realized that our best export of the past 50 years has been culture, so it’s readily available and well-promoted.
For example, when lived abroad, the Government wasn’t too bothered by culture and taxed the Hell out of everything cultural.
But hey, cigarettes were cheap.

I just watched Big Hero 6 this week.
My eldest son is huuuge into Disney at the moment, and I bought both my boys a Baymax each.
Sure, the films are created to shift merch, but I don’t care.
I like merch.

ThatScoobyDoom: I wanna ask you about your pod in just a bit, but first why I ain’t got one.
There are a few reason why, but most importantly would be that I don’t have reliable Internet.
I know if I had reliable internet I could do a pod with fuckin’ anybody who wanted to talk over Skype.
I’ve had 3 folks ask me to be on their pods but I don’t have room on my phone for Skype so I’ve had to turn them down.
And trust me, it pisses me off that I can’t because I realize that if I could, if nothing else, it would be great promotion for this site and my videos.
Then there’s the equipment I don’t have, I record my videos on a mic that I got with Rock Band for PS3.
It’s decent, but it has a buzz that gets really annoying really fast.
Then there would be my lack of knowledge, I’m not the most technologically savvy dude in the world.
I’ve been told it’s simple to upload them and shit, but I do all my shit through apps on my phone now and that’s simple.
I tried uploading the first Dumbass Poets Society (featuring your Irvings Basement partner J Sarge) from my laptop like 4 or 5 times and I couldn’t get it to work.
I said here on the site in my 2nd anniversary that my plan was to have a pod up and running by the time my 3rd anniversary of doing all this shit comes around on May 27th 2016, but the way it’s looking that’s not gonna happen.
I need somebody local as a pod partner.
At this point, I can really only do a Franken pod like the one Fitzman and I did for Typecast 9.

Even if you take Film & Television out of the equation, you Liverpudlians have a lot of cultural heritage in music.
Most famously, and I’m sure you guys get tired of hearing it, with the Beatles.
That dude what played Theoden King was fuckin’ bad ass.


It makes sense for her to do one too.
It’d be a new medium for her, it’d last for many years which would make sure Potter stayed in the public consciousness, not to mention the benefits for the comic industry.
Which ever company (probably DC given the pre-existing Warner ties) got that book would get Oprah rich!

I wanna see that bastard (Solace)!
Ya’ll have some fuckin’ brilliant actors over there too!
Cleese (Bond vet I believe) & Idle are known for comedy but are both just great, well rounded, super talented actors, it was awesome seeing Cleese in Potter and I always hoped they’d get Idle but…
As for McKellen, he’s gotten more high profile work since he went gray than ever before, so there’s that.

Well, the same can be said for us here in the States, our greatest export is entertainment.
Why every State isn’t supportive of it is the reason why a lot of American productions, especially TV, are shot in fuckin’ Vancouver.

Awww, I wanna see dat too!

@MemeEmSteveDave: You gotta pod, man, it’s the easiest and most rewarding thing I the world.
My friends at The Attack of the 50 Foot Nerds podcast record everything via Skype.
If it drops out, it drops out and you edit it out afterwards.
The first Impractical Jokers pods were recorded on a rock band mic, and they all shared the same mic, and I myself have used one to record music.
It’s all part of the journey, the learning curve and building an audience.
I think that’s the best advice I can give to you.
If you don’t do it today, you’ll never do it.

You are a creative person anyway, so once you start, you’ll be amazed at how you didn’t begin before.
I’ve appeared on a few pods now, and it’s always humbling to be asked.

I love The Beatles, man.
That was the group which started me on my musical journey all those years ago.
You dig ’em?
What music are you into, sir?

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, like I said, I dipped my toes into the podding waters with Fitzman.
We had a conversation just like this then recorded our parts and he edited it together and released it on the JJ2End feed.
Folks seemed to have liked it, I hope to do that again soon.
He and I have kicked around trying to get together and do one, but as of now nothing has materialized.
I hope we can change that soon though.

I know, man.
It’s something I desperately wanna get into.
It was shocking the first time I was asked.
I’d only don like 12-15 of my vids and I got an offer and at first I was fuckin’ gob smacked.
It’s beyond humbling.
I was just out of my mind thinking “why the fuck would they want me?” because I just have a respect for the medium as a whole, probably because being a Talk Radio host seems like the most primo job on this ruddy rock.
Especially if you just talk easy shit like entertainment and pop culture.

I was never a huge Beatles fan, not saying I was ever like “fuck duh Beedles, fuck um up duh ash” either.
I respect them and their contributions to music, but I just tend to lean towards the harder shit.
My musical tastes are sorta eclectic at times, but for the most part, especially recently, I just stick to listening to AC/DC.
Fuck, as I type this I’m half watching the Let There Be Rock concert movie.
I listen to alot of 70’s & 80’s rock bands though.
KISS, Aerosmith, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Queen, Journey, Foreigner, Lynyrd Skynyrd, this is the shit I grew up listening to on the radio (94.7, KSHE 95) and it stuck with me.
I’m also a huge Weird Al fan, I love the sound of a bagpipe, & I like some classical type shit.
I’m all over the map really, but at the top of the heap always is AC/DC.
Folks get tired of my talkin’ AC/DC on twitter, but I mean the line Mal had years ago about them doing just street level workin’ man type of shit appeals to me.

What’s the type of shit you like to just kick back and spin?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Well, a quick look through the Lexicon episodes is enough to show exactly what we listen to … alt.rock, indie, singer-songwriters, psych, 60’s, 70’s, 90’s, punk … it’s a broad range. I think the point of the podcast is that you should try different types of music, because there is always something you can relate to, or something you might like which you never realised before. o be honest, it’s my take on the state of the music industry today, music theory, and trying to introduce our audience to something awesome. 

We play the album on my iPod, and listen to it, and have a discussion as it plays. It’s coming up to a year in September. (If you promise to keep it quiet, I’ll show you something … I’ve took the cover of each album we have done and put it in a file. When it’s complete, in time for our 1 year episode, I’m going to have it printed off and I’ll give it to my wife as a reminder of the great time we have spent together. I’ve attached what I have up to now FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! Hahaha).
Also see attached to see how much we have left to cover in the Lexicon.


Yeah, it’s been great fun.
I started a new job just before Christmas, and I like that we can record constantly on Sunday evening. I’ve fell behind on absolutely everything else, mind … Irving’s Basement .. there’s stuff in the can and to be done, but it’s finding the time .. HBOHelper blog is weeks behind. I’m just busy. LP Lexicon is my only vice at the moment.

ThatScoobyDoom: How did it come about?
Have you tried podcasting before?
Because I honestly think your pod has one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever heard, basically a music commentary pod.
So fuckin’ cool.

This won’t go up until probably early September or early October, so you’re safe.
Holy shit on a shingle!
That’s alot of fuckin’ CD’s and shit, dude!!!


Have you guys not skipped a week?
That’s quite a feat, congrats.

I wanna ask you about that too, how did the whole HBO Helper thing come about?

@MemeEmSteveDave: I’d podded on the Attack of the 50ft Nerds pod a few times, and I’d been on ThatMan on FatMan, too.
I’d always enjoyed it and I had edited best of episodes of TESD and HBO (I have a cameo on HBO Secret Origins 3), so editing was never really a problem.
I’d been doing it for years with music. 


One day, I was thinking about a music commentary pod, and my wife asked if she could do it with me.
She got the ol’ “If we do this, you need to be commited,” speech, and from then, we was.
We haven’t skipped a week, per se, we had a week off one week, but had multiple episodes previously, so it’s about right.

I knew I had a good idea when I thought of it, the night we recorded out debut episode, I went on Attack of the 50ft Nerds, too, and when I explained the concept of the podcast, their reaction was inspiring.

HBOhelper came around in Sept. 2011.
I was relistening to the episodes from the beginning, and I figured that some of the old news stories which Ralph and Kevin talked about were lost in the internet now, so I set about recording them on a blog, very similar to FindEmSteveDave (Which I also helped out with, later on).
After I did the first episode, Ralph started to follow me, and plug the blog on HBO.
It was a great time.
As mentioned, I used the notes I took to create the Secret Origins episodes, and when I met Kev last July, I told him I was the HBOhelper and he was like “Shit, you’re famous, dude!” which made me laugh.
I’ve fell behind on my blog for the last few weeks, which I hate to do.
I’ll catch up eventually, but I’m struggling for time at the moment.

ThatScoobyDoom: How did you get hooked up with 50ft Nerds and ThatMan?
Was it just common fandoms?

BTW, those Secret Origins eps are perfect ways to intro folks to HBO.
As you well know, I’ve asked you a few times to send me the links on twitter so I could forward them to somebody who wanted to listen but felt like the missed the boat because of all the references and shit.
You did primo work with those, man.

I’m telling you dude, I think it’s fuckin’ genius!
I’d kill to do something similar for movies and TV, just a pod of commentaries for shit I like.
You inspired that idea because yours is just so fuckin’ pimp.

Oh, I remember hearing them talk about it.
Once again, I had a moment where I just stopped and thought “fuck! This is a brilliant goddamn idea that I wish I’d thought of!” because it’s just so fuckin’ cool, man.
To catalog the news, bits, and assorted goofiness.

Which is why I appreciate all the more you takin’ the time to do this!

@MemeEmSteveDave: 50ft Nerds followed my Meme ’em account on twitter and I live about 15 minutes away from one of the hosts.
Scott asked me to go on FatMan one day, really early on, but I think I wasn’t able to make it on until Episode 14.
But yeah, common fandoms in TESD and Kev.

I loved putting the Secret Origins episodes together.
It takes a VERY LOOONG time, but I was please with how it turned out. 

Sometimes an idea hits you and you just have to run with it.
If you don’t you will forget it.
That’s what happened with HBOHelper and the LP Lexicon.
You understand that anyway, because you have your videos and your TypeCast, which is awesome.

What have you got planned for the future?
Anything you can divulge?

ThatScoobyDoom: I hadn’t planned to ask you this, but since your the only person I’ve talked to in this medium that’s met him, what was it like meeting Kev?
I know that he’s a huge hero for you the same way he is for me.

They were awesome, man.
Do you have a favorite HBO moment or bit?

Yes, I totally get it.
It’s happened many times to me.
And if you don’t forget, it, what ever IT may be, tends to haunt you until you do something about it.
I have a few of those haunting things now.

Hmm, that’s a good question…I plan to stretch and try new shit.
I have a few more Bat videos coming that I plan to tie together into 1 big multi-part, multi-perspective, multi-layered story.
I even have a love story (stop giggling!) planned.
I’ve got even more sequels coming, and I plan to finish off my Star Wars story in spectacular fashion.
I said in my 2 year post that I wanted to have a pod up and running by my 3 year anniversary, but I’m not quite sure that’ll happen.
I have a few other things I want to get done with a few other folks, but I don’t really wanna say just incase they fall through.
I don’t want a painful reminder.

How about yourself?
What does the future hold for the Lord of the Memes?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Oh, he was so cool, man.
I’ll tell you about it.
Saw HBO in London last year, with a couple of guys of the Attack of the 50ft Nerds.
Show was fun, and afterwards I went for a pint with ol; Declan ‘Creaky Knees’ Quinn.
When I came back Super Groovy Cartoon Movie was on, and then a short Q&A.
We had to clear out pretty quickly and there was a short queue outside to try to catch Kev outside.
I was talking to Declan all the while, who was inside, and we waited for aaaages, and eventually Declan came out.
We went to try to get another drink but by this time, everything was closed, but as we walked past the queue again, Kev was clearly visible outside so we headed over.
He was there, with Jay, and Jen was in the vehicle, I believe.
I waited a little and asked Jay if we could take a photo.
He was very friendly, and posed for photos with myself and my friends.
Very sweet guy.
Then I saw Kev was free, so I went over and asked if I could have a photo.
I told him about HBOhelper, as per above, and he was very friendly.
He took a couple of photos, to get the best light and complimented me on my TESD shirt.
He makes you feel at ease and talks to you, and leaves you feeling very positive afterwards. 


When I had met people whose stuff I dug before, there was always a kind of comedown afterwards, as it sunk in that you’d probbably never see them again.
Not the case with Kev.
I felt great afterwards, and i think it was the best meeting I ever had (and this comes from someone who met Quentin Tarantino).

Favourite HBO bit … Mmmm, if it made it into the Secret Origins, it was because I loved it, but I’ll say when Ralph did Christoher Walken discussing Natalie Wood.
That shit was gold. 

‘Love story.’ {giggle}.

Mmm … for me, I think the future is going to be as busy as my job lets me be.
I had a quick word with JSarge regarding some Irvings Basement stuff we’ve recorded this morning, and I’m planning to bring HBOhelper back up to date.
I’ll get there!
But my true vice is buying music, so I’m always looking for new material for the Lexicon.
I bought some stuff today (Deftones, Nine Inche Nails, Eagles of Death Metal), and I’ll get some in London, too, I’m sure.  

ThatScoobyDoom: It’s good to hear that.
I talked with JTF (the worthless shithead) and he told me about seeing Red State with the Q&A after, and while he never met the dude, he had good a good experience…despite having poo in his eye.
Kev is one of the few celebrities I’d actually like to meet and you never hear of folks meeting him and coming out the other end going “you know who’s a real piece of shit? Kevin Smith. He laughed at my limp, pushed me down to the ground, and carved out my spleen.” he really seems like a genuinely nice dude…unlike JTF who is a douche.
Yes, twice I smacked JTF.

I’m trying to think about a favorite Babble Bit myself, I may hafta go with Creepy Clown Time and it’s various incarnations.
That really shows off Ralph’s talent and skill as a voice actor, something I deeply admire.

Lets talk a bit about Irving’s Basement.
First and foremost, where did the name come from?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Ah, @JoinedToFollow … What an absolute twat.

All those Babble bits which went on to have their own segments were awesome … Creepy clown.
Babble story time. Inappropriate Toys.
The origins where the greatest.
Remember hearing the Fries Girl for the first time.
I damn near pissed myself laughing.

Irving’s Basement … I don’t know if we ever mentioned where the name came from, but it’s a Fight Club reference.
When Fight Club moves from the car park and into the basement of the bar, the guy who runs the bar was called Irving, and basically, Irving’s Basement was where Fight Club was held until it moved to Paper Street.

So there you have it!
An exclusive.
Pop yer monocle back in.

ThatScoobyDoom: He is…he really is…not a snappy dresser either…not a snappy dresser…

Yes, and Kev’s crys of “you’re goin’ ta hell, dude!” made it even funnier.
Remember the special ed teacher who said she loved the Fry Girl?
That was a bit awkward…which made it even funnier!
I remember Ralph making the promise back in the first 10 episodes or so to get Kev and Seth MacFarlane together.
I still wanna see that happen!

Mystery motherfuckin’ solved up in this bitch.
That’s cool, man.
This isn’t gonna post for a few months so we gotta keep that under wraps!
So, how did you and the Rock Star that is good sir @TheJSarge hook up to form @IrvingsBasement?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Well, I always loooved Argus (The TESD theme), and befriended JSarge in the early days of TESD.
I wanted to work with him on something because we had many ideas about music, but I recall that he was occupied at the time.
I was living in South America, and had time to spare seemingly and one day he sent me a demo of a track he had wrote, to see if I’d like to work on it.
The result was Bezlotek on my Mind: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CYqBhh4ciKM 

I played the guitars and made the video on a road trip close to where I was living.
JSarge did everything else.
From then on in, we’d record on and off, depending on our work/ family situations.

You dig, Scoob?

ThatScoobyDoom: How long have you guys been working together officially as Irving’s Basement?
And would I be right in guessing you guys still haven’t met in person?

That video is fuckin’ entrancing dude!
I’ve not heard everything you guys have done, but what I have heard it (I hate to say it again, but it fits) is so fuckin’ rhythmically entrancing it’s kinda soothing/calming and I find myself sorta zombified in a way.
Just slowly nodding my head.
It ain’t AC/DC, but it sure is fuckin’ good…so good I had to ask youse guys if I a could borrow a song for one of my vids.

I don’t know if you’ll remember, but can you tell me how you guys came up with Comfort Problems?
Cause I really dig that song alot.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Mmm … As for that, it was the same kind of thing.
JSarge sent me a demo, and I worked on it.
We have a couple of different versions, aside from the final one.
I had one which was loud as Hell.
I’ll have to dig that out sometime.

Irving’s Basement has been going since about the beginning of 2012.
We have never met as JSarge lives all the way over there, and I am across the pond, and even when I lived across the pond, it was wayyy south of the States, and next to the other pond (The Pacific). 

ThatScoobyDoom: Is it normal for you guys to have a few versions of a song?

I ask because it fascinates me.
I’ve collaborated with folks from all of the world myself, people that I will never meet.
It’s always interesting for me to see how and talk to talented fuckers that don’t let distance or vast bodies of water stop them from coming together and completing a project.
3 years?
Shit, that’s cool.

So before we wrap this up, I wanna get back to that which was the whole reason I brought you in, Lord Of The Rings, for just a bit.
I mentioned the extended editions earlier and I wanted to ask if you, like so many including meself, prefer those to the theatrical cuts?

@MemeEmSteveDave: It’s quite normal to record several versions of tracks, before I send everything over, and a final version is mastered.
The Bezlotek EP features the original version, the Morricone version, (A spaghetti western inspired version) and Bezlotek Ice which is over 30 minutes long. 

And so, to The Rings … ‘say what you will about Jesus, but leave the Rings alone!’ Yeah, the Extended cuts are my absolute favourites.
I can hardly watch the theatrical cuts anymore, because of what is missing from the extended cuts, and the same goes for The Hobbit.
I have the extended versions of Rings on blu now, which is beautiful.
I remember Mewes talking about it on Twitter one day, and he said “LotR on blu is incredible,” or something to that effect, and I was like, “How incredible can it be?” SO I went out and bought a blu-ray player to find out, and sure enough, it’s pretty incredible. 

When I saw The Hobbit for the first time, I was like, “It was OK,” but when I saw the extended cut, it took me back to feeling how I felt when the LotR movies were released.
The Desolation of Smaug extended cut is particularly astounding.
Gandalf in Dol Goldur … that stuff was left out of the theatrical cut.
How dare they?!
I can’t wait for the extended Battle of the FIve Armies, and I think that may be it.
As stated earlier, I don’t think Tolkien’s estate will allow the making of any more movies, which is a shame.
Some of The Silmarillion shuff is beautiful, but seems, confined to remain on the printed page forevermore.

ThatScoobyDoom: 30 minutes long?
Holy shit!!!
That sounds like a melodic wet dream.

I’ve…I’ve never actually seen the theatrical cut of Fellowship.
My dad liked the books but for some reason we never got it when it came out, I don’t remember when we got the Extended exactly but I watched it sometime before Two Towers came out and it was unlike anythink I’d seen before.
Towers dropped and I got it and was disappointed at the lack of development/character moments, few months later a neighbor moved in that had Two Towers extended and let me borrow it.
It was a revelation!
I quickly learned to just stick to the Extendeds.

I (sadly) haven’t seem any of the Hobbit movies, but does it bother you AT ALL that they split the shortest book in 3?
Because I STILL see motherfuckers bitching about it.

I also see so called “Tolkien purists” who complain they changed the story just to make it line up more with Rings, can you shed some light on that?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Yeah, 30 minutes long. It’s an interesting take on Bezlotek, and  it’s available to hear, here: https://irvingsbasement.bandcamp.com/album/bezlotek-ep

Before I saw the Fellowship extended, I only had the theatrical version, which I loved and made me fall in love with LotR, so it’s not bad at all.
It’s just I prefer all the extra stuff. 

Well, we discussed Goblet/Phoenix/Half-Blood Prince should have been two movies each, and The Hobbit being made into three movies really pleased me.
Can’t wait for the extended cut in December.
It’s a fact that when anything has been written and will appear on the screen, it won’t be a literal showing of the text.
People don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.
People can moan about the films changing the story of the books to make the story line fit, but The Hobbit was changed once the Lord of the Rings was changed to better fit the story, specifically Bilbo finding the Ring.
It’s actually touched upon in the prologue, presented that Bilbo wrote the original story, and it was later changed to say what had really had happened, s Bilbo had lied to the dwarves about the circumstances of how he found the Ring.

At the end of the day, you have The Hobbit, extra material, and whatever else in about 10 hours of film.
People just like to complain about movies.
For years, there was no Hobbit movie because it was tangled up in legal disputes, and there are movies and projects trapped in Development Hell.
Maybe I try to look at everything too positively (which I do), so I guess you have to watch it and make up your own mind,

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m gonna listen to this soon!

As you said though, it’s hard to go back.
I don’t have the theatrical cut of Fellowship and I’m never gonna get it.
As you and Mewes said, this shit is made for Blu.
I don’t have the blu’s but I hope ta get ’em someday.
Look so good.


I think there is a way to preserve the text and still make a good movie, the first 2 Potters did.
They cut shit, but not enough to effect the story in a bad way.
Prisoner is where they started losing me.

I know man, I’m not immune to bitching myself.
Speaking of that development hell, one of the big start stops had to do with the director.
So where do you stand on Del Toro?
Some were happy he left, others weren’t.
I’ve heard some even say that the first one feels like he directed it because it has his fingerprints all over it.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Azkaban is where I began to get a bit annoyed, too, to be honest.
I loved the darker direction, but all the stuff they cut annoyed the Hell out of me.
Nowadays, it’s seen as a lot of people’s favourite movie, but when I first seen it, I was disappointed that they cut out The Marauders, changes to the story, and even Dumbledore.
I loved Richard Harris, and was never really impressed with Michael Gambons angry take on Dumbledore.

I quite like Guillermo Del Toro.
The guy (kinda) made a live action movie of one of my favourite series of all time: Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Of course, Pacific Rim is not Eva, but almost like it.
I’ll take it.
Do you know NGE?

Del Toro wrote the script, so naturally, his mark has been left on the film.
It’s fine with me.
I’m just happy to have The Hobbit available to see on the big screen.

ThatScoobyDoom: I remember Mosier saying was his favorite, which baffled me.
I’ll never forget the first time I saw it, me and my Mom watched it on DVD and when the credits started to roll she slowly turned to me, blinked like 3 times and says “…what the fuck just happened???”
My simple reply was “I have no idea…AND I READ THE BOOK!!!”
It was my favorite book and they completely gutted all the story points to the point that folks knew shit and you had no clue how they knew shit until like 2 movies later…and everybody in the world was okay with shit just happening with no explination…it was just a clusterfuck of monolithic proportions.
They even made Dumbledore’s office into Remus’ office which really fucked things up.
At that point I sorta just checked out of the movies and just watched as Emma Watson grew more and more stunning…which I have a “signed” headshot of her, I wrote a letter and got that back on Christmas Eve.
Yeah, but by the time they got to Order, I think if they’d left that scene in where Harry goes apeshit and starts destroying Dumbledore’s gizmos and gadgets, angry Albus would have fit.
I missed Harris too, but not like they had a choice.
Crazy Albus we got.

I don’t know it at all, I haven’t seen Pacific Rim either.

I know Jackson had his reasons, but I thought it was weird he didn’t just do it from the jump.
Who knows the big screen version of this world better than him?
He brought it to life before, makes sense that he would again.

Did they get Christopher Lee into Hobbit?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Peter Jackson said during LotR that he would never make a movie trilogy again, from the stress that approaching deadlines caused.
That was why Del Toro was brought in, but as the legal ramifications seemed like they would never be sorted, he had to go as he had other commitments.
Completely understood, but I felt like it should have only been Peter Jackson, anyway.

Christopher Lee was brought in to movie one and three of The Hobbit.
And great he is, too.
What a life he had, man.
Dracula, Scaramanga, Count Dooku, Saruman and whatever else he played.
What an incredible life.
And he was in contact with Tolkien, when he was alive.
If one could achieve a fraction in life of what he achieved, one would have a tale to tell, would they not?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s the big secret of the film industry right there, deadlines.
Studios impose these hard deadlines and in some cases it turns into you get a movie done…not a movie done well.

Amd don’t forget his metal album!
He’s the type of dude that should’ve had a podcast because as you say, you know that dude had stories on top of stories on top of stories.
From seeing the last public execution im France, to knowing Tolkien, to working with George Lucas (a modern day Tolkien), to doing what had to have been a life long fantasy an being in 5 movies based on the work of Tolkien.
Cause it’s well documented that he was a huge fan of that work, he’d read the Rings books every year for like the last 50 years or some such shit.
So to just ask him “fuck being in it, what was it like to see a movie based on these books you’ve loved for decades dude?”.
The day he died sucked ass.
That day was made worse for Wrestling fans with the loss of Dusty Rhodes.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Very well said, sir … On everything.
Did you hear about the Stone Cold/Rowdy Roddy Piper debacle?

ThatScoobyDoom: Recent?
What happened???

@MemeEmSteveDave: Ask and ye shall receive!


ThatScoobyDoom: Wow!
That’s fucked up!
I just read about it on another site, did you see the 3rd person involved?

@MemeEmSteveDave: No! Who is it?!

ThatScoobyDoom: Dave Thomas, Founder Of Wendy’s!!!
*mic drop*


So I guess you are a fan of the wrasslin’?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Motherfucker.

Haha, yeah.
Foley, Austin, Rock. Attitude era.
Loved that stuff, man. Yourself?

ThatScoobyDoom: AHAHAHAHA!!!
I’m sorry, I had to!

Oh yes, I watched that era growing up and I have almost every PPV from WrestleMania XX to WrestleMania 28 on DVD.
Foley and Austin are awesome, Dwayne I have a distaste for.
But the dude that I’ve always rooted for the hardest would be the Phenom, Undertaker.
I remember being thunderstruck by his entrances as a kid.
Dude is truly a legend if only for maintaining that gimmick that should really be laughed out of the building in 2015…not just maintaining it, but thriving with it.

@MemeEmSteveDave: How strange that yesterday we were speaking about Rowdy Roddy Piper and today he has passed away.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah…I was just about to ask you about that.
How hard did that hit you?

@MemeEmSteveDave: Well, it was a shock because of everything which has happened in the past fortnight.
But I watched between Wrestlemanias 9-19.
Or thereabouts, so that was really after his time, with a few exceptions.
I did like him, though.
Dastardly heel, with a wealth of stories, from an interesting life.
It’s a shame he never got to document it all, aurally, but what he did get down was gold.

ThatScoobyDoom: I had never heard his pod but I might hafta check it out.
I was a bit more than shocked, I’ve recently said he’d be a good replacement for Hogan in the next WWE/Scooby-Doo movie.
I’ve been a fan for years!
They Live was fuckin’ awesome, I actually talked to Fitz about trying to write a TESD Parody of that movie.
But yeah, he and Dusty both were amongst the best talkers in the buisness.
It’s barely sunk in.
Did you see the DVD set they did 6 years or so ago with the doc about him?
Great shit.

@MemeEmSteveDave: I don’t know too much about the guy, but respected what he did.
I listened to his pod for a while, but eventually they all bled into one.
The odd episode will come along which I’ll be into, but aside from that, they’ve kinda all became the same thing.

Wrestling is weird inasmuch as yes, it’s scripted, and yes, Cena blows, but once every so often I’ll get the urge, and it’ll surprise me for a while.
But I never dug Hogan, or a lot of the pre-90’s crowd.
Or post-90’s crowd, now that I come to think of it.
I do love, however, how the podcast is an important part of the wrestling experience.
Absolutely great for the format.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I know how that goes.

I’ve never understood how wrestling being scripted is a reason to knock it.
Nobody bitched when that recent soul searing documentary by James Cameron turned out to be scripted…I’m of course refering to fuckin’ Avatard!
Who cares if it’s scripted???
That makes it no less valuble than any other form of entertainment.
All I have to say to those dickbrains is NEWSFLASH FUCKHEADS!!!
The Avengers, Jurassic World, Star Wars AND Trek ain’t fuckin’ real either!

You don’t like Cena?
What’s he ever done that was so bad, man?

@MemeEmSteveDave: One watch of Beyond The Mat is enough to show someone exactly how things are run, by whom, and the repercussions.
What a great film.
Personally, I think I am due a rewatch soon.

Cena just pissed me off with his gimmick when he came in.
I started to tire of it, and actually stopped watching for about 7 years.
It’s a shame because his debut match was so good, and full of promise.
Check it, John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle.
Kurt seems genuinely frustrated with this unknown kid, and he did this thing I have only seen once to pick up the win: it’s a sure fire way to pin someone so they can’t get out of it. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=10ivQ3ogO1M

I think I feel about him, how you feel about The Rock.

ThatScoobyDoom: Never seen it, just read Mick Foley talk about it a few times.
Care to explain a bit?

I’ve seen the match.
I know all about RUTHLESS…AGGRESSION!!!
Was impressive.
Hated Cena when he started, the whole Eminem wanna be bullshit just wasn’t for me.
But in 2007 they released that 3 disc DVD about him and I had no interest in it…but here in the states at Circuit City they released it with one of those Fathead poster things for Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 and that had Undertaker on it.
$22 and you get a free Fathead with Taker on it???
Threw the DBD (Dusty tribute right there) aside for a few weeks to collect dust…then I figured “I have it, why not spin it?” so I watched it and from that point on I’ve been a huge fan of his.
He seems like one of the few guys that is genuinely in love with the business and company.
I have insane respect for that.
Folks blame him for his unchanging gimmick and shit but the fact is it’s just not his decision.
As long as he and his gear continue to make MILLIONS for that company, he’ll be that saccharine sweet, squeaky clean, safe for kids dude that the internet hates.

Oh, I highly doubt that.
I detest Dwayne for his constant insulting of WWE and WWE fans in his years away.
Cena wasn’t lying in the build up to WM with all that shit he said about the dude.
When he dropped “The Rock” from his name he got real pissy about it telling folks Rock was just a dead character and all that other shit.
Before he came back everybody else remembered it, now they all drink the punch that he poisons.
And it’s sad, cause I was a huge fan…but now?
He’s just Dwayne to me, I can’t stand to see his fuckin’ face.
Him, Miz, and Hogan can all fuck off.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Beyond the Mat is a documentary showing several types of wrestler.
The Up-and-Comers.
The guy about to get signed (Droz).
The guy on top (Foley), and the guy on the way down (Jake The Snake).
It’s interesting because you see lots of backstage stuff, interviews with WWF brass (Jim Ross), and other aspects of the business that you’d never see anywhere else.
It’s well worth the watch, and it’s heartbreaking at times, especially when you see the Royal Rumble match.

I don’t grudge Rock.
His family is rooted in the business and he moved on, for a while.
I’ve always been entertained by him, and enjoy when he makes an appearance.
Never dug Hogan or Miz, though, so a double- fuck off for them.

Good reading your experience with Cena.
Maybe I should give the dude a chance.
I do like the passion that he has for the business when I’ve heard him on pods.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I can imagine.
I’ve wanted to see it since I first heard about it.
It sounds very thorough.
Did you ever see that doc about Bret Hart that ran through the screw job?
You wanna see something riveting, spin that shit…and I don’t like Hart.

He just seemed like he got to big for his britches, as they say.
He started believing his own hype and it’s like “dude, you did The Toothfairy, take it down a notch!”, ya know?

I think if can you look beyond the screen persona you’ll find his worth.
His interview with Austin is great, that right there is a perfect example of his passion.
I mean, shit, he even got divorced because he was more dedicated to WWE.
Watch that My Life doc, good shit.

@MemeEmSteveDave: I used to love Bret Hart.
I think that stuff which happened to him and his family were a shame.
I loved Owen, too, when I was younger.
He was a heel for a majority of the time, but I could look past that, with him, and always appreciated what he did, especially his run with Bret as warring brothers (which I understood a lot).
I’d love to see that documentary, I find the Montreal Screwjob fascinating.
Probably the turning point for wrestling in these later years.
Was it a shoot?
Was it a work?
I don’t know.
Everyone seems to change their stories every other week.
Except the one guy who got shit on. Bret.

ThatScoobyDoom: Bret has always rubbed me the wrong way, I’m not sure why.
But what happened with Owen is definitely up there as one of the worst tragedies to ever befall the buisness, I’d probably put it behind the Benoit Incident and The Screw Job as most impactful.

I tend to side with Vince when it comes to the Screw Job though.
In that time Vince was scared shitless because he’d had guys he thought he could count on piss in his fuckin’ face on live tv by throwing his belts in the trash on the competitions show and shit.
Everybody else (Shawn, HHH, Earl Hebner) were just carrying out Vince’s orders.
It’s a sad truth though, if you get burned so many times by folks you’re gonna start making preemptive strikes.

That’s what the Screw Job was, in a nutshell.
It’s on that same list of impactful incidents, and like the Benoit thing, you can still feel the reverberations from it today.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Yeah, there are things that happen which are still felt years later.
It’s weird, because now the podcast is just as important, in that sense.
In the past, aside from the incidents you mentioned, like the Kliq at MSG, Shaun Michaels getting his ass kicked in NYC and Alundra Blayze throwing the Women’s Championship in the bin on Nitro were what impacted the future.
What has happened recently in the podcast world was CM Punk explaining why he left the WWE (What an enthralling listen), Vince on Austin’s pod, and the aforementioned Austin/Piper debacle.
It’s going to be interesting to see what else happens in the future.
You hear another side to the people you see on TV, once they get going on a pod.

Can you recall anything of note which I might be forgetting?

ThatScoobyDoom: Punk finally explained why he left???
What pod was this on?

I think these guys writing books started us om that road, specifically Foley and Y2J’s books.
I’ve read all 4 of Mick’s books and the last 2 really pull back the curtain on WWE & TNA.
He describes the creative process indepth, details his battles with Vince and why HE left WWE after the announcing job.
After that, you really understand how good the WWE announcers really are.

How great was Austin’s pod with Vince?
Near the end where Vince dropped his dick on the table and said “I own the network, we’re going 10 minutes more”?
Wow, that was fucked up and funny.

I think Austin’s pod has had the most interesting shit for me, HHH breaking down this years Rumble not long after it happened, describing the fans revolt to Reigns winning was riveting!

The only thing I can think of would be Jericho getting Bill Demott on to talk a bit about why he was fired from WWE.
That was pretty interesting and gave me a new perspective on Demott.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Yeah, CM Punk went on Colt Cabana’s podcast, The Art of Wrestling: 226 and returned for an aftermath on 227 (seehttps://soundcloud.com/coltcabana/aow-226-cm-punk and  https://soundcloud.com/coltcabana/aow-227-cm-punk-returns ), and explained everything as to why he left.
Such an intriguing listen, and a look into the WWE of today.
This was unprecedented because he basically blasted almost all the brass at WWE and other talent, and staff, and explained about what happened when he left, and how he got his revenge.

The wrestling book was great, and I especially liked Foleys works because he wrote them all himself, without the aid of a ghostwriter.
Have a Nice Day was an especially great read and remains one of my favourites to this day, and is one of the reasons why i like Foley so much.

I loved Vince’s appearance on Austin’s pod.
It’s a great show because you can hear the real Vince in there, unlike you’ve really heard him before.
Austin said ages ago that he was going to try to get The Undertaker on is pod.
Man, I’d love to hear that.
That would be such a great show, as I’ve heard Austin tell of details of them both on the road in the past which have been hilarious.

I always liked Jericho, too.
As I said before, all the pods began to bleed into one and I had to make cuts, but I still see who is on the new episode, and if it tickles my fancy, I’ll give it a spin.

ThatScoobyDoom: I just listened to that.
Love or hate Punk (and trust me I have issues with him and a bit of what he said), but if you call yourself a fan of Wrestling, Sports Entertainment, WWE, TNA, ROH, any of it, that is must listen shit!

Yes, Foley has always been a favorite of mine too.
He’s one of the only heavy dudes in entertainment that was never just the fat idiot.
I’ve never been one of the folks that was bitchy because I don’t get much representaion in media, but when folks like Foley and Kev popped up I paid attention.
Smart motherfucker that made it in a field that was at a point where it was changing to be against him.
Such an eloquent dude.

It’s gonna happen on WWE network!
They’ve announced Taker will be on sometime this year.
I hope Austin posts it in his pod feed because that’s something I need to hear.
I’ve only seen Taker do 1 real interview and it was on Kimmel in like 2003, so it’ll be very interesting to hear.

Same here.

Damn, we’ve covered alot of shit, man.

@MemeEmSteveDave: I’ve always admired Punk.
Great on the mic, mesmerising in the ring, and I love his attitude.
That pod is very revealing, and I listened to that and the following episode several times.
I found it to be inspiring, and I’ll be interested to see where he goes in his career in the future.
Also, as a ‘small’ guy, he made it huge, which I always like to see.

I’ve enjoyed this Typecast, sir.
I remember when I saw the first one, and I thought ‘That’s a great concept,’ it’s like a pod, but like the transcript of a pod which doesn’t exist.
Guess you’d better start working on the audiobook version!

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve always flip flopped on him, everything you said is true.
He can rock the stick like few others, he has a great presence, amazing skill, but there’s something about him that strikes me as off…some have said it’s because he has that I Don’t Give A Fuck attitude but I doubt it as I generally share the sentiment.
I really wonder how well the UFC will fit him.

That’s the idea.
Shit, I even talk about it like it’s a real pod.
Awwww, that would be fuckin’ awesome!
To record them all like we did Typecast 9 and release ’em some where, cause I’ve had alot of cool folks on (yourself included, JTF excluded).
As I said earlier, I would love to get one goin’, just gotta figure out how.

@MemeEmSteveDave: Fuck JTF.
Fuck him in his ear!


I wanna say a big thank you to the good sir Meme ‘Em for taking the time to do this.
It took a few times, but I did, man!

If ya want some more Meme ‘Em (and after that how could ya not?) be sure to check out all of his great works.

And be sure to follow a few of his many accounts on Twitter!

Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #Typecast!

I think that’s it, gang.
As always, the world is a hard place full of shitty people who will be unnecessarily cruel to you.
Fight against that by being a bright light for somebody on a bad day, you’ll never understand how much it can mean.

Thanks for reading and for always coming back, guys.
See ya next time.

How It Happened: The Flying Batmobile

This here is one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever done simply because it’s based on one of my absolute favorite things @ThatKevinSmith has done.

Back when Kevin was doing press on Jay And Bob the folks over at The Tonight Show asked him if he’d want to do correspondent pieces for The Show.
He said yes and that he’d love to do what would be the first ever short film to air on The Tonight Show.
He would later go on to do correspondent pieces with Andy McElfresh, some of which can be found on the Jersey Girl DVD.
Anyway, The Flying Car was the first thing Kevin ever wrote and directed without his View Askew Co-Founder and SModcast partner in crime Scott Mosier at his side as his producer.
It reunited Kevin with Jeff Anderson for the 2nd time since Clerks (not counting the animated series) and with frequent collaborator Brian O’Halloran, and it probably started planting the seeds for Clerks II.
Shot in a Middletown parking lot next to a Soccer field for just $15,000, it debuted on The Tonight Show in February 2002.
You can watch that original short and Kev’s entire visit by going to http://viewaskew.com/tv/leno/flyingcar.html.


I first saw the short on the Clerks X DVD and I immediately dug it.
It has the classic, rapid fire, quick witted dialogue that Kev is known for writing so well.
Funny, Filthy, and Full of nerdom.
And as with most things back then, my liking of it ended at just watching it repeatedly.
But once I started making these higher quality videos, and especially after Kryptonite Condom, I knew I wanted to tackle this short eventually and put it through my comic loving filter.

With Shit Or Get Off The Cobblepot I’d perfectly set the roles of Dante as an exasperated beatdown Batman and Randal as…well, basically Randal with green hair, red lips, and white face paint…AKA, The Joker!
I talked with @ComicWasteland, my brilliant artist from Kryptonite Condom, and he was on board with coming back and doing the art for me again (while I’m talkin’ about Brad, go check out his site https://wordbloonillustration.wordpress.com/).
And as good a job as he did on Kryptonite Condom, what he did on this video made that look like cave paintings.
I told him all the shots I needed and he knocked it out of the park!
I can’t remember if it was this video or the next View Askew/Batman video (hell, it could be both), but I asked him if he could give me another shot or 2 to give me a little more variety and with ZERO complaints he did.
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, @ComicWasteland is the secret weapon of these VA/Bat videos.
A great collaborator that I’m proud to have worked with 4 times…so far.
Thanks alot, sir.


So I started my recording and got the idea to add in just a tiny bit of traffic sound to help bring you into the world.
And usually when I need sound effects I turn to the maestro of Monkey Basement Productions, @FromTheMonkey!
And as with Brad, I laid out my vision for what I needed and Mr. Mike elevated it to the next level as he usually does.
He’s another one of the folks that no matter how many redo’s or curve balls I throw at him he just takes it all in stride and excels at executing my vision better than I could expect.
So Big Thanks to Mike too (and give his Podcast Just Give Me A Few Minutes a listen).

Anyway, I finished my recording and my final edit and I started wondering how the 2 compare time wise.
I popped in my 15th anniversary blu-ray of Clerks and watched the original Flying Car short and was pretty impressed with my edit, I think mine runs just about 5 seconds longer but for the most part they line up pretty damn well!


So for your viewing pleasure, I present to you The Flying Batmobile!


Really quick, this has nothing to do with this video but everything to do with this site so I wanted to mention it.
Yesterday a really cool lady, @ShannyEdge, on twitter made a trip to Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red, Bank New Jersey and she put up a tweet saying she was taking requests for “The Table”.
“The Table” is the poker table that the fellas of Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave record at every week.
I asked her if she’d put either my hashtag or @ down.
Here’s what she did…


I just wanted to say thanks to her yet again for that, so thanks @ShannyEdge!

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And finally, the world is a hard place full of people that can be shitty and against everything you’ll ever do for no reason other than they can.
Combat that by spreading a little bit of good, even if it’s just a simple smile for somebody having a hard day.
Thanks for reading!

Typecast #13: JTF FTW? OMG, WTF!!!

Ok…I lost a bet.
Finally, @KCSmileHard gets her wish!
This time around my guest would be (barely) a man that one person has suggested needs to get a life…cause my guest, as you’ll see in just a sec when I finish trashing him, is a big stupid doo-doo head!
Yes, you guessed right, he is the most uninteresting man in the world…good ol @JoinedToFollow is in the hot seat to answer for his crimes against good taste.

We started this damn thing on March 3rd and killed the dirty bastard on June 29th, making this the one that took the longest to done get did.

We talked about alot of shit, all of which falls under that sweet sweet SModCo/View Askew Umbrella.


His name appears in red and links to his twitter account, @JoinedToFollow.
This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling & grammer fuck ups intact.

Away we go.

ThatScoobyDoom: How did you get to where you are today with your SMandom?
Are you a View Askew fan from way back or did you come in with the pod?

@JoinedToFollow Obviously I’d heard of Clerks when it came out but I was like 14 or 15 so going wasn’t really an option.

When I got to college they had like 4 on-campus movie channels and each channel would play one relatively new-ish movie on a loop for a week.
Kevin Smith was an obvious staple.

During my freshman year (and throughout the remainder of my college career) I saw Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma more times than I can count on those campus movie channels.

As far as theatrical viewings, I may have seen Dogma in the theater (the college years are a bit of a… Haze) but I definitely saw J&SBSB in the theater with my girlfriend (now wife).

Since then I have seen every Smith movie in the theater; including a Red State screening w/ a Q&A, and the ill-fated Tusk.

I believe the only acting performance I haven’t seen is him on DeGrasai.
Hell I even watched Catch and Release to see Kev (although not in the theater for that one).

ThatScoobyDoom: I was like 3 when Clerks came out so I could barely local my dick much less worry about a talky big people movie.

That would be late 90’s that you were in college?
Did you get to see that series that he did for MTV U or whatever the hell that channel was (wasn’t it exclusively available on there…not even sure it’s on DVD)?

Given his previous work, what did you think of Red State & Tusk?

I saw Catch And Release too, I’ll leave it at that.

@JoinedToFollow: It sounds so long ago the way you say it but yes I was in college during the magical time that the late 90’s.
Life was better when Third Eye Blind was on the radio.

I get a pass on the MTVU thing because I don’t know anybody that ever watched that channel.
I don’t think I could even find it on the dial.

I dug Red State.
Parks was great, Goodman was fantastic.
I enjoyed it from tip to tail.

Tusk was ok.
Not my favorite.
I like that he tried something new and I’ll line up for whatever he does, but it just wasn’t my favorite.
For me I think it suffered from all the hype on his pods, it was kinda built up.
Again, I didn’t dislike it (I bought it when it came out on iTunes) just not as good as Red State.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey man, for me, that was a long time ago.
’99 is over half my life ago!
I don’t know about TEB, but almost everything was better in the 90’s for damn sure.

I hear ya, nobody seems to want to admit to watching that channel.

I thought they over sold Parks and under sold Goodman.
And that’s not a slam of Parks, I think I’ve made it clear I dug him (that church speech? come on!), but from his first frame to his last, Goodman owned that fuckin’ movie.

Still not seen Tusk, but I had a feeling that might happen.
So with that in mind, I tried to ignore they hype machine that they, understandably, built and ran.

What do you think about his career resurgence of late?

@JoinedToFollow: I’ll tell ya, I don’t think he ever really went away.
He’s consistently put out movies every 2-3 years since ’95.
They’ve always been funny and his core audience hasn’t shrunk (at least I don’t think it has).

The pods are new-ish but he’s been doing them since before Zack and Miri.
Has he hit 10 years yet?
I think he has.
Plus even before that he’s always done random things to keep his name out there… Flying Car on Leno, Degrassi, etc… I guess my rambling point is that he never really went away to need a resurgence.
But what do I know I’m an out of touch middle aged man.

ThatScoobyDoom: He’s been doing the pods since Clerks II wrapped production and while it’s true that he never really went away, there’s no denying he was done.
He’d had enough of the hollywood bullshit and felt tapped out.
His movie output has been up, and lets be honest, alot of folks, even if TV is better these days, still hold Movies in higher regard.
Doing TV used to be looked at as slumming it to folks that broke in on movies.
As best as I can remember, he’s never put out movies in back to back years either.

Don’t forget CBM on your list.

@JoinedToFollow: Sure he said “I’m done after (insert name of current movie here) but I never believed he’d quit.

And as far as CBM, I really don’t consider that a Kev project.
It’s a vehicle for two-thirds of the award winning podcast Tell-Em Steve Dave.
How’s that for a segue!!!

ThatScoobyDoom: I had a feeling he wouldn’t give it up, but he was cocksure he was done.
Plus, alot of the shit he was saying about the problems with the industry were, and continue to be, true.

Smooth…made even smoother by pointing it out…
So how’d you find ol Steve-Dave what Tell’s ‘Em?

@JoinedToFollow: I was listening to Smod since the Too Fat To Fly incident (I went back and looked it was 4/2010 when that happened).

And the only reason I didn’t listen before that was I didn’t do podcasts at all.
I started googling him around the TFTF thing and found his rebuttal pod.
I was hooked after that.
Sometime later he announced the start of TESD w/ Bry and Walt, and I downloaded and listened on Day One.

Since then I’ve listened to every ep, got the vinyl cast, all the X-mas eps and I’ve heard like 99% of the bonus pods (assuming the bonus pod for one listener never actually happened).

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been mentioned on the show a few times (nothing like Fitzy has had), get a Twitter follow from Big Bry, and become friendly with a few of the more notable listeners on the Twitter.
And let me head off the next question, no Scoob, there is nothing of note about you…

ThatScoobyDoom: I started listening just a dick hair before that! I think I told Groupie this, but I’d been a fan for a bit and had gotten most of the movies and all 3 Evening With’s.
In Threevening, some dude asked Kev about getting Affleck on SMod and I was like “what the fuck is a SMod?”.
I wasn’t really online much at that point, still to this day never owned an Ipod, I’d never heard of a podcast.
But again, eventually I’d heard/seen/read Kev pimping twitter so well before I joined twitter I was following him.
He’d posted a link to Smodcast.com and I listened and loved it.
Been listening since. I’ve listened to almost every pod Kev has done except the SMorning Shows.

I’ve only listened to a couple of the bonus pods, 1 x-mas, the rest were Overkill.
Did you listen to Overkill as it happened?

I’ve never gotten a single mention on the pod, probably most because I don’t really interact with Bry because he seems easily annoyed and I am easily annoying.
Would be cool to get a mention, for either of my accounts really.

What does that mean, nothing notable about me?
I coulda told ya that.

@JoinedToFollow: I did listen to Overkill weekly, as a Mac user I had to jump through a hoop or two but I did listen as they were released.

Quick side note, one of my on air mentions was during the Overkill announcement.
Q read my tweet on the show (it was a live mid-day show) saying Zune was not available for Mac users.

ThatScoobyDoom: I had a Blackberry at the time, I know the struggle, son.
That was a complete and utter bitch to figure out for me since I had little technical know how.

Was that in the SMornings/Jay & Bob Get Jobs/Plus One Per Diem feed?

I sorta had a bit of a plan for this but Kev recently fucked that up.
Mallrats 2, what do you think?

@JoinedToFollow: Pulling back the curtain for all 6 readers, im writing this entry loaded on St Paddy’s Day.


It must have been Smorning but I remember that the Zune announcement was hyped as a “Special Announcement at Noon”.
At least that is what I remember.

As far as Mallrats 2.
I’m a little worried but hopeful.
Mallrats is by far my favorite Smith flick and if he fucks up the sequel it will taint the original (just by knowing the awful future of those beloved characters).

That being said, he knocked Clerks II out of the park.
The tone was spot on (and it was just plain funny to boot).
If he can pay the same care to Mallrats 2 I suspect it will be fantastic.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, fuck you!
I average 30 readers…but then again, look at the guest…

I miss my Blackberry, I didn’t have nearly as much trouble downloading podcasts and shit as I’ve had with every phone since.

I’m not worried at all, I’ll go a little more in detail on Clerks II in just a moment, but he proved himself on that one.
He knows full well how to handle his characters years later.
Do you think Ralph will show up as the character he’s playing in Clerks III that was only mentioned in the first Mallrats?

Clerks II is just a dick hair shy of being my favorite movie of all time, if he had left the “Sex Nuts and Retard Strong” scene intact it would be!
From tip to tail, Clerks II is damn near perfect, not a single flaw from where I’m standing.

Who all would you like to see come back?

@JoinedToFollow: What character is Ralph gonna play?
I don’t think I’ve heard about that.
I have to agree that Clerks II is pretty damn good.

As far as returning cast, I’d like them all back.
So far they said Doherty would be back.
I hope Affleck will be in it.
Affleck is awesome.

Jason Lee isn’t doing much these days so he’ll probably be an easy get.
The London guy ain’t doing shit, he’s probably dying for a payday.

I hope Ethan Suplee makes it back too, and again he ain’t doing much.
This may be a long shot but I’d really like to see Team Lefleaurs (sp?) back.

I’m assuming Bry and Walt will be in (hope Q is too).
I just hope they are still a small role.
I could see their relatively new found fame might as a reason increase their role, but I like them as bit players in these movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t fuckin’ remember the character name, I wanna say Choey London, not sure.
But there was 1 mention of the character in Mallrats.
Kev said a few years back that Ralph would be playing that character because he’s the right age.
It’s like the animated shorts Kev said in one of the Groovy Movie Q&A eps he wanted to do in the lead up to Clerks III, nobody believes me when I mention it because I don’t have an ep number, but I swear he said it!
We can get back to Clerks II in a bit.

Rooker, Stan Lee, Mewes, and Doherty are all confirmed to return.
Ralph will be in it too.
Affleck would be awesome, but I feel like it’s a pipedream.
That dude is about to be Batman, he doesn’t have time to fuck girls in a very uncomfortable place like the back of a volkswagon…yes, I made that easy joke and I will make it again and again.

Lee and Suplee have both been doing alot of TV actually.
Plus Lee is printing money of those fuckin’ shitty ass Chipmunk movies, Road Chip come out this year or next year.
But more power to that dude, ride that wave cause it’s great exposure.

Mallrats 2 is pointless to me without Jason and Jeremy though, the first was their movie so it’d be weird if all of a sudden 2 new assholes are the lead.

Agreed, I thought they would have been great as prick customers in Clerks II.
But yeah, I think it would be strange to have them have bigger roles at this point…unless they get their own movie of course…which you know Walt would never star in a movie.

Update, Sean Hartle!
I’m 90% sure that’s who Ralph was said to be playing in Clerks III.

@JoinedToFollow: Well looks like we got Jason and Jeremy back!
Rooker too…
That was a bit of a shock since his star has risen quite a bit since the last trip to the Eden Prairie Mall.

My wife is convinced that Affleck is gonna be in it.
I hope so but I bet Warner has his schedule locked up pretty tight these days.

Anyway I’m psyched for that.
Also on an unrelated tangent I’m psyched to join the 4 Color Demons when the website is up and running.
Just listened to Ep 241 of TESD.

ThatScoobyDoom: Rooker doesn’t surprise me since he seems to genuinely like Kev and crew.
They run into each other every once in a while and Rooker always seems cool.

Kev has said that he wrote everybody from the first one back into this one.
So he definetly wants Affleck…but I have to side with you.
He’s barely gonna get enough time to do the small movies he’s developing, directing, and producing.
Not a slight against Kev at all, but I just don’t think he has time for nooch at this point.
I’d love to be wrong though.

I listened to it too, sounds kinda cool.

@JoinedToFollow: Yea I was just telling my wife how psyched I was for the movie.

ThatScoobyDoom: You and everybody else, man.

Lets get a bit back on track, what did you think of the newest Audio Drama the T’ES-D fellers did?

@JoinedToFollow: I’m ashamed to say I don’t have it yet…
This may be the public shaming I need to get it tho.
You like it?

ThatScoobyDoom: I haven’t listened to the first one, so I can’t compare them, but this new one is pretty good.
The mini pod after the stories where they pick apart Sunday Jeff’s story is such a funny roller coaster of ball busting, ego stroking, and just classic Walt/Sunday moments it alone is worth the listen.

I don’t remember if we talked about this or not, but Have you gotten any of the bonus pods/extra shtuff?

@JoinedToFollow: With the exception of the audio books, I have all the bonus pods, vinylcast (though sadly not a red one), and the puppet theater.
I also have the Zune episodes.
I think the vinylcast is my favorite of the bunch.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lets fall down the Vinylcast rabbithole a bit, I still haven’t heard it.
How long is it?

@JoinedToFollow: I’m finally back to respond!!!

I don’t recall the exact length, I think it was about an hour.
A large portion was devoted to Walt explaining the album cover (if I remember correctly, it’s been a while).

I primarily bought it (as I suspect most did) to hang that bad boy in my office at work.
I can assure you it got quite a few weird looks/comments.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen the album art, it looks like an acid trip fantasy of an apocolyptic TESD Town…before there was ever a mention of a TESD Town!

Wasn’t that the first kickstarter project?
If so, did you get in on that?

@JoinedToFollow: I believe it was a Kickstarter and yes I did get it through that.
Funny enough, the guys just said that they would never crowd fund again.

ThatScoobyDoom: I can understand their reluctance with the pressure of waiting fans, remember how much of a clusterfuck it was for them to get that out on time?
Compound that with the mess that the T-Shirts were and now the stop-motion, even if folks aren’t complaining it still sucks to say “it’s gonna be out in March” and 3 months later it’s still months away from dropping.
I totally get it.
I couldn’t do it, mad respect to them for retrying after so many failures.

They’ve talked about maybe doing another vinyl, would you want that or would you prefer a new bandcamp/audible release instead?

@JoinedToFollow: Personally I’d prefer a vinyl cast 2.
But that’s just me.
What id really like is for them to do some more live shows.
I’ve seen Kevin Smith speak (after the Red State screening), seen the Tenderloins, but a live TESD would take the cake for me.

ThatScoobyDoom: Really?
Even though it would have a time limit?

Yeah, I think the best you can hope for on that front is a Space Monkeys show.
Because, unless it’s local, and even then there’s no promise of it happening, Walt won’t do it.
Probably not even with a puppet.

@JoinedToFollow: That’s the whole point… The exclusivity!!!
I’m one of a very small population that has the Vinylcast (and I’m so jealous of the folks that lucked out and got a red one… Looking at you Fitzy!!!).

Yea I kinda assumed I’d never get to see them live.
But we can hope.

ThatScoobyDoom: I get it, I’m completely on the outside looking in on with all the merch.
If not for a lovely lady ant I’d not have the dogtags, which are fucking awesome!

Speaking of seeing Kev live, my memory sucks, did we go into that at all?

@JoinedToFollow: I don’t recall if we got there or not, but I’ve seen him once.
I got to see a a Q&A following Red State Showing.
And not to jump around too much but I really liked Red State a lot.
Such a good movie.
Great casting, great script, great acting.
It’s probably in my top 3 Smith movies.
Maybe Top 5.

ThatScoobyDoom: Lets stick to that Q&A for a minute, I have the 4 that are available on disk.
Kev seems to be a great stage showman, but he himself has said when you add cameras to the mix it changes the game.
Especially after a movie like Red State, how different was he from the dude I’ve been watching talk for years on discs?

@JoinedToFollow: He was exactly like he is on the Q&As.
I have to say it was cool seeing him.
He introduced the movies and as he was walking to the back of the theater as the movie started he passed near me and I yelled out his name.
He gave the the “Hey” and a point.
Sounds stupid but I was pretty psyched!

I remember I asked the T-Shirt guy what Walt was like.
Even at a Kevin Smith event I’m a diehard ant.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s encouraging.
Not that I expected it from Kev, but when celebs go out and do shit like that you almost inevitably hear some story about them being assholes, aloof, cold, or just having there head up their ass.
I know you didn’t “meet” him, but it’s good to hear he seems to be genuine no matter what.

Dave Thomas aside, who was the Shirt slinger?

What do you remember of the actual Q&A?
Did anything cool come out of it?

@JoinedToFollow: Truth be told I don’t remember his name.
He was friendly and I chatted with him for a bit.
I think he was part of the Jersey crew but I don’t remember him ever being in a movie.

As far as the actual Q&A a lot of it was covered in previous Smods and the Red State pod he was doing.
Not sure why folks would ask questions he’d already answered.
I do recall I had a wicked case of pink eye from my son so I only had one contact lens in and had a wicked headache from it the whole night.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve wondered the same and I think it might just be they wanna hear it in person.
The Superman story is good, but if he’s telling it TO YOU, building the crazy screen in the air, looking at you while he does, it’s an experiance you’re not likely to forget.
I’ve thought for years what would I ask if I went to a Q&A, not a bloody clue.

Yeah, that does suck.
I got it once cause some shithead came to school with it, wiped out half the class.

@JoinedToFollow: Yea I have to say it was pretty cool just to be at one of the Q&As.

And as I said before the movie was awesome.
I didn’t know what to expect but I was totally blown away by how much I enjoyed the movie and the Q&A was a nice bonus after the movie.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m still mixed on RS cause I didn’t know what to expect and it delivered on the unexpected.
A weird little movie, indeed.

Yeah, some people on twitter were bitching about the ticket price and I was baffled by that.
Where the fuck else are you gonna go watch an independent movie, made by a dude that is pretty well known around the world, and then that same world known dude is gonna come out on stage and let you ask him, quite literally, any fuckin’ thing you could possibly think of, up to and including “what was it like the first time you fucked your wife?”…and for those wondering, pop in the first Evening With dvd to learn the answer to that gem.

Now, lets swing back to Clerks II.
We both were slobbering on it’s balls earlier (well, you were, I just watched and jerked it a little), what made that one so special for you?

@JoinedToFollow: I’m not sure why I liked it so much.
It was just a funny movie about folks getting their shit together.
Kevin Smith is good at writing characters that feel like guys you hang out with (at least they’re like the guys I hang out with).

Chasing Amy, while an excellent movie, is just not set in a world that I live in.
Clerks is good but it’s “too smart” to really identify with.
J&SBSB and Dogma are also great but they’re not exactly “slice of life” stories.
Mallrats is probably the other movie he did that I can really identify with.

It’s the same reason that TESD is my favorite pod.
Guys talking about every day life, especially the older stuff (still like the new stuff, it’s just a different tone).
I’m just more interested in hearing about folks doing what I perceive to be like what I’m doing.
I’ve never brushed with Icy Hot but it’s totally something I could see myself doing.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well, Clerks II is really personal for me (and I sort of touched on this a bit in one of my Typecasts with @ScoobyAddict) in how Randal’s story unfolds.
I grew up in a house without internet, with all this tech shit going on in the world, I really truly feel like the world passed me by a long time ago.
He’s a dude adrift, he has no clue where to go next because his best buddy just told him “I’m moving, bye!” now, I don’t have a close personal friend like that that lives real close, but I do have a few folks I’m tight with.
Now all I gotta do is find me a couple of fuckin’ stoners to make my goddamn dreams come true and give me a happy ending…not the handy kind.

Agreed on all accounts, especially Mallrats.
I can imagine myself being a loser nerd in a mall and having Batman beat the fuckin’ dust off my ass.

Agreed here too, some folks get bitchy about TESD saying they’ve changed.
But ya know what, if they got a TV after the hottest, highest rated show on TV (CBM), or a show that is promoted like crazy with a loyal fan base (IJ), and they didn’t fuckin’ change, I’d probably quit listening because it would really seem disingenuous.
If they were still the same dude that bungled and struggled to get out a goddamn record it’d be sad.
Folks gotta grow.

Also, the Icy Hot Toothpaste was one of the best stories in the history of podcasting.

@JoinedToFollow: It’s funny you mention the Vinylcast again.
My wife just got me a turn table for Father’s Day and the first record I listened to was the Vinylcast.
I don’t think I had heard it since I got the MP3 with the record way back when.
Pretty much then whole first side is talking about the cover and the B-side is them playing a game with somebody who didn’t pre-order the album (and basically admits to cheating during the game).

Best part was that Walt made the game impossible to win.
I hope they do a second Vinylcast, it’s easily my favorite piece of TESD merch that they have offered.
Although the 4CD patches do look nice.
I might have to get one sooner or later.

ThatScoobyDoom: Sweet, based on that stunning turn of events, here are my questions:

Why did haven’t you listened too the MP3 again?

Doesn’t everything on that cover have a hidden meaning or something?

Is the game a variation of 1, true, 3?

Did anything from that ever come back around in the main pod?

As I said before (I think) all I have are the dogtags (thanks to a lovely 13%er, hi C-Dub!) so by default those are my favorite piece of merch.

Those patches are pretty fuckin’ awesome, but I’d be happy with one of the shirts…or any of the shirts for that bloody matter.

@JoinedToFollow: Well truth be told I rarely re listen to any pods.
I just don’t have the time.
I have all the TESDs saved so I can listen again, just really don’t ever seem to get around to it.
I never understand the folks that say they’ve listened to TESD 4x through (no offense Groupie) I just would never have the time.

Yes pretty much everything on the cover means something.
Some of it is pretty out there but yea it’s all got a meaning.

Surprisingly no it’s not a variation of 1 True 3.
Well… Actually… It’s a little like it.
Walt names two albums one of them is made up and one is real.
So yea I guess it’s exactly like 1 True 3.

I really think the Vinylcast stayed pretty self contained.
I can’t really recall anything getting much mention.

All in all I am pretty glad I got it.
It’s almost as rare as a Puck Nuts shirt (which I wish I had).

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, back when TESD was in the 180’s-190’s, I’d been through it 3 times tip to tail.
Same with SMod.
Now I listen to every ep twice before deleting off my phone.
Some folks have jobs where they can listen to pods all day, I think @PeekABooBlondie is one uh dem.
But as shit gets worse, I have less time to do the shit I enjoy too.
But I get it.

What is the weirdest thing on the cover?

Lol, so it’s 2/3rds of a 1, True, 3 rip-off?

Right on, I don’t think I’ve heard of many being disappointed by it.
Mainly because it was just so cool and random of an idea.

The 3 pieces of their merch I want or wish I coulda got in on is the Claymation because I love stop motion, the first demon shirt cause it’s pimp as fuck, and the Puppet DBD…yes, DBD, cause it sounds so cool.
Honorable mention to the Makin’ Hay book, mostly because I love the Shootin’ The Shit book.
I wish they had released an audio book version of Shootin’ The Shit with the clips stitched together but… Hey, if you include that book there are some SMod’s I’ve experianced over 10 times!

@JoinedToFollow: While not the weirdest my favorite thing on the cover is the Sunday Jeff Angel.

10 times huh.
That is pretty nuts.
So let’s flip the script for a second…
What’s your favorite TESD moment?
Mine is by far “Bring It Steve Dave, Sing It Steve Dave!”

ThatScoobyDoom: I haven’t looked at that cover in a good long while, I’ll hafta take another peek to refresh myself on that.
Walt does some great likenesses though.

Again, that’s including the book and not every ep, just the key eps and moments.
Like 259: The Walrus And The Carpenter, I’ve probably heard that closer to 15 times because it’s just a fucked up story that was willed into a movie.

Hands down, my favorite TESD moment is from 33.5.
Walt’s Ming impression of “IT WAS SUSAN?!?!?!?”.
There is so much in Walt’s delivery of those 3 little words he could have won an Oscar with that performance.
You hear the obvious mocking, but he’s got shock, anger, offense, bewilderment, and to cap it all off he sounds like he’s gonna cry in dismay.
I laugh like a maniac every single time I hear it.

@JoinedToFollow: No real question here so I’ll take this time to remind your 10s of readers how awesome I am… Very, very awesome.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is one man’s opinion, nobody ever said that man was bright but…

Pulling back the curtain a bit, which brings me to what we can close with.
And this is something you and I have talked about privately and quite a few people have brought up recently, why are you such a mean stupid doo doo head?

No but seriously, this whole “troll” issue.
What’s up with that?

@JoinedToFollow: I don’t know why folks think I “troll” you.
I suspect you have a loyal follower base that doesn’t like the perceived barbs I throw at you.
*I think* we’re both in on the joke.

Perhaps these are people that have never had that one “asshole friend” well that is just the role I seem to be destined to play.
I once told my buddy his girlfriend wasn’t as ugly as I thought she’d be… in front of her… and I meant it as a compliment.
It’s just kinda what I do.

Anyway, this was good times and I’m sure you never thought it’d take 3 months (I averaged like 1 response every 8 days I think) to finish.

Thanks for asking me and fuck you Doom…. Fuck you very much.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m not in on any joke…you’re an asshole and I hate you.
This is just the forum I chose to publicly shame you.
But seriously, yeah, I get it.
I mean, sure, alot of times you say shit that I’m thinking anyway, so then I have 2 annoying voices in my head, but I think for the most part I sling shit back just as hard as you throw it.

The strangest one was the one fucker that DM’d me about you and asked if you caught me with your lady cause that would be the only thing to explain why you’re such a dick.
And when you try to explain it’s just jokes…some seem confuse by the idea, but it’s how alot of dudes joke.
Shit down each others mouths but if it comes down to it they could probably rely on each other for help.

Hehehehe, I once did something similar actually.

Ross held the record for longest period to do a Typecast at 6 weeks, you more than doubled it.
So finally, after a lifetime of disappointment, you FINALLY broke AND now hold a record.


Thanks to JTF for taking the time to do this, the dude is pretty busy.
If you want more of ol JTF (and why would you? See a doctor for christ sake!) be sure to follow him on the twitter: http://Twitter.com/JoinedToFollow

Share this post on Twitter with the hashy taggy #Typecast.

And finally, the world is a hard place full of shitty people doing shitty things.
Try not to be one of them, try to put a wee bit of positive in the world.

Thanks for reading.

Typecast #10: Doom-vengers Assemble!

Again, things are gonna be a bit different this time around.
Everybody that I’ve done a Typecast thus far is back for a rapid fire round of fun.
Basically, you’re getting 4 Typecasts for the price of one!

Everybody’s names appear in red and link to their respective sites, twitters, and podcasts.
@TESDGroupie‘s links to her Twitter http://twitter.com/TESDGroupie
SpiderScooby‘s links to his site http://ScoobyFan.Net.
@ScoobyAddict‘s links to her Twitter http://Twitter.com/ScoobyAddict.
@Fitzman73‘s links to his podcast Just Jump To The End.

These conversations appear just as they were had, all flaws intact and no edits to maintain honesty.

First up is @TESDGroupie, to talk MallRats 2, and away we go!


ThatScoobyDoom: I was gonna get all eloquent and wax rhapsodically but fuck dat noise, Mallrats 2!
Are you as out of your goddamn mind excited for it as I am???

@TESDGroupie: More than excited, I was surprised at first… it sort of came unexpectedly… but now that I’ve seen Jason Lee’s picture (in his instagram no less) I’m so in!!!
What is making you so excited?

ThatScoobyDoom: I was shocked when I heard the rumblings too, but before I could google it Gigliotti tweeted a link confirming it.
I can’t explain how excited I was!
Is that the pic that Kev tweeted of Lee?

That’s a hard question to answer.
It might be because Mallrats was the first View Askew movie I saw, it might be because the cast was so damn strong, it might be because there are so many possiblities for the story.
Hell, it might even be because the story grew out of Kev wanting to feel a connection with Jim Jacks after falling out of contact with the dude.
I don’t know, but I’m almost more excited for this than I am for Clerks III…and I am so fuckin’ ready for that!

Have you been able to nail down what exactly it is that has you so fired up for it?

@TESDGroupie: Yes, it was the same picture Kevin tweeted.

We always have attachment to the things that connected with us growing up, no matter what they were and where we are from.
I always loved the friendships: Jay and Silent Bob and especially TS and Brodie, and how ordinary days can be not so ordinary.
I have a terrible curiosity about the direction it will take, as you say there are so many options.
Actually the fact that Shannen Doherty has said yes made me more curious, cause I am not sure where that may lead to.
Can’t wait for more details and people, but I’m sure Kevin will fill us in as time goes by.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s very true.
And I connected with Mallrats in a big way.
Right around the time I started getting into comics hardcore about 10 years ago.

It will be interesting to see if Kev can tap into that same goofy plainness that he used for Clerks & Mallrats and that we haven’t really seen since.

Doherty coming back does add a very interesting wrinkle.
Do you really think Brody and Renee are still together 20 years later?
I feel like they would have stayed together for like 5-10 years and probably gotten a divorce.

So far we know Rooker, Stan Lee, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Doherty, Jay, and Silent Bob are all coming back (with another possible reveal tomorrow), who are you most excited to see returning?

@TESDGroupie: I really hope for that goofy plainness… in a way I think it’s what made it so charming.
I think the logic answer is that Brody and Renne are not still together, just can’t picture it.
You are optimistic, I think 5 years is way too long 🙂 But may be they are and it would be an interesting take on it.
I know by now how people settle when you grow into middle age… maybe this is the time when all that explodes and one of them goes #YOHO on things Of the peole on, I’m interesting in Ethan Suplee… curious to know what the take would be.
Of the non-announced yet, certainly I would love to see Steve-Dave and Fan Boy, and Jeremy London.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I really hope it doesn’t get too complicated.
It did add to the charm, it was more simple than even Clerks in some ways.
2 dudes, no jobs, just fucking off in a mall.

Hahaha, really?
You think even 5 years is too much?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Willam became a College Professor? Lol
Seeing that goddamn sailboat may have opened up the world to him.

I think Bry and Walt are almost a lock, I missed them in Clerks II.
What do you think Steve-Dave & Fan Boy are up too now?

@TESDGroupie: Sometimes I just sit and have a good time, laugh and forget the outside.
Simple is definitely underrated and some times it’s unappreciated.
Sorry, but she seems a bit unbearable and entitled at times, and that can fed up people.
Sounds too crazy?
That is what I like about William being back… the possibilities are endless.
And being a College Professor would be an awesome idea!
I love Steve-Dave & Fan Boy so much (not too mention TESD,as you may know, lol) that I wish things stay as close as the same as possible: just hanging in malls, around comic book stores and bickering.
It would be comforting for me.
I don’t ask for much, right?
Did you have anything in mind for them?
I hope Walt has a second appearance as a wink to Mallrats.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m with you, simple can be better sometimes.
And I love his more complicated stuff too.

I agree with that too.
And keep in mind, she dumped Brodie that morning and was already with Hamilton by noon!
Met his Mom and everything!
Not like she’s too trustworthy!

I’d like to see Steve-Dave and Fan Boy progress a bit, maybe owning a comic shop, doing something besides just being outraged about silly shit.

Do you think T.S. and Brandi are still together?

@TESDGroupie: I wish they are.
He is willing to fight for her when it is her father that is against it, it’s so endearing.
But I am not sure, there may be more things separating them than joining them, but they being together would mean love wins at the end.
And who doesn’t want to see that?
Too girly?
What’s your take on them?

ThatScoobyDoom: I think their chances are far better than Brodie and Renee’s.
They, for the most part, seem to like one another.
Sure, they have some problems, but nothing they can’t overcome just so long as they stick together.

Do you think Mr. Svenning is still hating T.S. after all these years?

@TESDGroupie: That sounds like I could have said it 😉 I’m not sure if he hates him, but certainly the dislike still exists. One you set your mind that he is not good enough for your precious daughter, nothing will make it good enough. I am certain that he is more subtle about it, and if he tries things, it is going to be in a more concealed way.

By the way have you seen??? … https://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith/status/581450106920042497

ThatScoobyDoom: Hahaha, thanks!

I don’t know, He and Brodie seemed high on his shit list.
Hard to imagine him ever coming to terms with him being his son in law.
To quote @NeilGat, he’s about as subtle as surprise prision rape.

I was gonna send that to you, I saw it about an hour after he posted that.
I like how he’s revealing a returning cast member every day or so.

@TESDGroupie: Maybe he will not be as subtle, maybe I see it from my perspective.
Women can be more Machiavellian, I guess, and pretend to get along just to not disturb the other person.
Wow, this could be an interesting part too.
Though I always trust what @NeilGat says.
I think that the revealing is being one of the most fun part of the whole thing.
Really well done, but also playing to that love people have for the movie… and I can’t wait for Bry and Walt’s pic 🙂
*fingers crossed*

ThatScoobyDoom: I would bet on that, you can see it on twitter even.
I don’t know if you talk much with chicks on there, but some times I see chicks talking all sweet and then one will DM me and be like “can you believe this cunt?” and I’m always amazed by that.

Neil is a motherfuckin’ genius!

4 folks left, they must be 2.

What do you think the chances of Affleck are?
Think he’ll flap away from Gotham for Kev?

@TESDGroupie: Agreed on the twitter thing…but we would be going into a whole tricky conversation going on that route 🙂
Couldn’t agree more with you.
He was one of my first followers, so almost three years surrounded by awesomeness.
As much as I would like, I don’t think Affleck will be back.
After being such an asshole in the movie, and the end part of the movie (with his new friends in the State Correctional Facility).
Not sure it is that much a Gotham related thing.
Though a cameo, even just walking Hitchcock style, would be fun.
Steve-Dave and Fan Boy are so part of that universe, they have to be there.
If not, it would really be heartbreaking

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear that! Lol

He was one of mine too, never miss an opportunity to praise Neil.
I think I joined about a month after him if I remember right, he followed me soon after and has been a big booster.

Playing Batman might make him too high profile, though it would bring some attention to it.
Kevin had said that he doesn’t really talk to the dude anymore, there’s no ill will there but their carreers have taken them apart.
But on this weeks HB-O Kev said every character from Mallrats is written to return he just hadn’t talked to every actor.
So using that as a segue into your other, I think it’s safe to say Bry and Walt are coming back.

Few other bits from this weeks HB-O, Kev said that they will be shooting Mallrats 2 at the end of this year and that Ralph will have a role.
I’m putting my money on Sean Hartle, the character that was only mentioned in the first and that Kev said Ralph will be playing in Clerks III.

Are you interested to see what Trish The Dish is up too?

@TESDGroupie: As said, I would love to see Affleck, but it does indeed seem hard, even if he has not been approached.
As you say, their careers are now too afar.
Good bet!
If Ralph is playing Sean in Clerks III, I do agree that there is a good chance that is the character he plays.
I love that from Kevin movies, seeing characters moving from one movie to another, even if just for a brief moment.
That is what made it a universe for me.
I think it would be interesting to see what happened with Trish.
After her book being so successful (even with a movie), what can she be doing?
And being so accomplished, if the way is down… a lot of opportunities here, actually.

ThatScoobyDoom: Indeed, but it makes me wonder what Kev wrote for him.
One would think he’d still be in prision but sounds like he’s out.

That was what they said a long time ago.
I’m glad Kev is giving Ralph work.
We can all hear from Family Guy and HB-O how talented he is.

Fuck Marvel, Kev has been doing the whole “shared universe” thing for 20 fuckin’ years!
For comic/tv/film nerds, that is what makes his shit so cool.
Like you said, even if it’s just a moment, is strengthens the whole verse by having the characters appear again and again.
That’s why Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back was so great, every character was in there.
Fuckin’ awesome!

Yes, she could have ridden the wave and stayed a success or been crushed by achieving so much so soon.
The whole movie has so much potential!

@TESDGroupie: Maybe they could do like for Red State and have that part animated to see it 🙂
It is great seeing Ralph in Kevin movies.
I even found some the Joe Schmo show episodes and he was great.
I really love Ralph in HB-O.
Besides being voice talented, he is such a fast thinker and so funny.
Would love to see a live so, but that is really far and costy for me, so I have enough with dreaming about returning to the Stash.
That was one of the things that got me hooked about his films, the callback references and people.
It was so much fun.
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is indeed great in that aspect… so exciting to see people you know popping up as the story moves.
I even think Trish could be used as a metaphor for Kevin.
Similar start in a way, but we’ll see… I think this may be the movie with the most open opportunities on how things may continue

ThatScoobyDoom: Was that ending ever animated?

He’s been in both of Seth MacFarlane’s movies too.
I’ve never seen Joe Schmo, but it sounds funny as fuck.
Totally, the dude has a mad fuckin’ talent we get to hear all the time but I wish we got to see it more often.
I think tickets are only $20, so if you ever happen to be coming to the states…

The same for me, not only are they funny they have a sense of history.

Exactly, it seems like it’ll sorta be a spiritual sequel to J&SBSB in a way.
…and if Kev keeps going the way he’s going, an actual sequel to Strike Back may not be to crazy an idea!

@TESDGroupie: Hope you can see it: the tweet https://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith/status/581228915441606656 the link to the video http://bcove.me/cv0jopa4

I have seen ‘Ted’, but I haven’t seen ‘A million ways to die in the West’ though.
I’ve seen a bit of the first season of Joe Schmo and of the third.
The third is great because he plays the host but he is a bounty hunter looking for a replacement.
And one of the candidates is Lorenzo Lamas, who is incredibly funny.
LA is out of the scope of my US visits.
And last year I missed the Tenderloins in Chicago by a week more or less.
It sucks I missed HBO in the UK; couldn’t go because of work.
And WSY was during Easter week, so you should have seen the prices for tickets and hotels in London.
I think the trip would have been more expensive than going to the Stash.

I thinks that sense of history is what made people connect.
It is not something that starts and finish, but something that goes on and grows with you.
That is why I liked Clerks II so much, because being closer in age to Kevin that I am sure you are, it is like friends that you reconnect with and just keep hearing how they are doing and have fun, no matter how many time has gone by.
Middle age is the time when people start longing for their youth, so I’m up to anything at this point 🙂

ThatScoobyDoom: I will be able to hopefully watch it by the time this is posted.
Is it as awesome as Kev described it a few years back?

Same here, Ted but not A Million Ways.
Season 3 was the season they did a like 2 years ago, right?
Totally understand the restrictions.
Sucks you missed it by a week though. 😦

It totally makes sense As I mentioned earlier, it’s what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe work, at least on some level.
I’m almost 24 and I seriously pine for my youth every fuckin’ day, dear lady. Lol
So I completely understand that.

Anything else you wanna add about Mallrats 2?

@TESDGroupie: It is beyond awesome!
It has a little feel of the (c)Rapture.
He says this scene would probably have been more expensive that any of his movies.
That’s right, season 3 was a couple of years ago and season 1 and 2, early 2000s If you feel like that way about youth now, imagine in 15-20 years.
The things we loved in our youth give us comfort, I think.
And for me, going to the movies or a concert, was exciting, time with friends, laughs, and we never want to see that go.

Just one thing, I have read people wanting Q to be in the movie.
Some had enough with a Dogma-like cameo.
Others think that he should have a bigger part alongside Walt and Bry.
What’s your take on that?

ThatScoobyDoom: That sounds fuckin’ awesome!!!
I remember him saying that back when he first talked about it.

I agree, I’d give almost anything to go back about 10 years because now?
Now sucks.

It all depends on Q’s IJ shooting schedule, but I think it would be a cool nod to us Ants to have him as a third wheel to Steve-Dave and Fan Boy.
Kind of an uber nerd, hero worshipping them, trailing after them idolizing them as if they are important.
That would make me laugh.
What about you?

@TESDGroupie: Hope you can see it, because there are awesome little things that I don’t want to spoil.
It is funny how moments that I thought sucked, now I would love to go back to.

If Q can make it to record TESD, I’m sure he’ll manage to make this work.
At first, I was not sure how I felt.
I wanted him to be in the movie for sure, but that much?
And altering my beloved Steve-Dave and Fan Boy relationship?
But the way you say it sounds awesome, you’ve sold me.
Maybe he could be the Fan Boy Fan Boy 🙂
I don’t think I can improve your scenario, sounds amazing and with lots of awesome laughs.

ThatScoobyDoom: Can’t wait to give it a spin.
I hear ya, just when you think it couldn’t get worse…it did.

Better watch it or you’ll give me a big head. Lol
Yeah, I think it could be fun.
Fan-Boy: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!
Steve-Dave/Fan-Boy: Shut up!
Q: Sorry sirs.

Oh, and for the record…MALLRATS WAS GOOD!!!

@TESDGroupie: You know I like your creativity and daring to be out there.
If that doesn’t happen in the movie, I hope they do it for instagram or something, lol.
And indeed… MALLRATS WAS GOOD!!!


ThatScoobyDoom: The majority of the cast has been confirmed to return, including La Fours.
So besides Ben, who else is missing that you hope comes back?
I can only think of Miss Ivana.

@TESDGroupie: I think that if you go through the list of characters, the only “big” or better known ones left are: Shannon (Affleck), Brandi and Miss Ivana.
And since Affleck doesn’t seem likely -just in case, lol-, I would definitely choose Miss Ivana.
Would be interesting finding out what she is up to now 🙂

By the way, I think I found one with everybody https://twitter.com/Matt_Westphalen/status/585913023409172480

ThatScoobyDoom: Brandi is doing booze commercials for Dewars here in the States, not sure what else she’s been up too but she’s still working.
Ivana, not sure what she’s doing at all.

I actually have a group collage posted above that @JCynda made for me.
I hadn’t seen Mosier’s before, so thanks for that.

@TESDGroupie: Didn’t know about the commercial.
I read in one of the articles that apparently Priscilla Barnes has never stopped working and now is Jane the Virgin.
So who knows?
Would you be interested in any of the two?
Or who can I be forgetting about?

I was sure there were more collages around, but just in case 🙂

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I didn’t know that! I want her and Brandi back, if La Fours is back why not?
I can’t think of any others, maybe the kid that got stuck in the escalator? Lol

Where did the Mos pic come from?


@TESDGroupie: The more the merrier indeed…Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a subtle callback to his son getting stuck in the elevator?
Done much better than this of course.

I’ve seen Mosier both in Facebook and instagram, but didn’t find it on Twitter.
https://instagram.com/p/ 1LTaD5xyxg/

ThatScoobyDoom: Any reference to it would be awesome!
If they met the kids Dad would be funny too, I doubt it would happen but it’d be kinda funny if escalator boy was Pickle Fuckers kid.

That explains why I never saw it.

Before we wrap up, and because I know we both love it, do you have the updated TESD breakdown?

@TESDGroupie: As said before, the more the merrier, and after the Audible book, boy, I would love callbacks 🙂


Hope it looks okay, but of course, here it is.
2015 is being pretty good.

Next up, we’ve got SpiderScooby talking Pre-MCU films!


ThatScoobyDoom: Just to kick off the conversation, going back to the time before the MCU, to those very dark days, what did you think of the Marvel movies as a whole?

SpiderScooby: As a whole?
They certainly varied in quality, with the best being Spider-man 1&2 and X2.
But then you had stuff like Ang Lee’s Hulk, Punisher War Zone, Blade Trinity, the 70’s Captain America, etc.

ThatScoobyDoom: Let’s keep it to the 90’s and forward, we don’t have nearly enough time to cover the shit storm that is 70’s Cap or Lundgren’s Punisher.

You’d lump Trinity in with the worst?
I dug that?

Speaking of Blade, best place to start I guess, where do you fall on that franchise of movies?
I personally think those movies (especially the first) don’t get nearly enough credit for what they did for comicbook movies.

SpiderScooby: Fair enough.

Yeah, I rewatched it recently, and it’s a huge step down from the first two.
I think the biggest problems were the script and putting more focus on Ryan Reynolds and his “team”.

I was never a Blade fan, but the first two are not bad.
Blade 2 was good mainly because of Guillermo Del Toro.


ThatScoobyDoom: I’ve seen it recently too, I wouldn’t put it anywhere near as bad as Ang Lee’s Hulk!
Though I do agree with what you said, Reynolds and Co did get too much spotlight and it had Patton Oswald.
But it has more pluses than minuses.
Jessica Biel, Triple H, and that original Vampire dude was good.

I’ve never read a Blade comic, but those movies and the TV show were great!
Made me want to read the comics…but I never got to them.

SpiderScooby: I actually didn’t mind Hulk at the time, though my views have certainly changed on it.

It’seems like they were trying to spin off Renyolds into his own movie.

I barely remember the TV show (only saw the pilot).
I remember his appearance on the 90’s Spider-man show more than anything else.

ThatScoobyDoom: I read the Junior Novel when it came out, it was okay.
It took me many years to watch it start to finish…I regret every moment of it.
It was up there with The Wrong Side Of Town as one of the worst, completely unredeemable movies I’ve ever seen.

Story of that dudes life, am I right? Lol

I watched most of the eps when they aired, haven’t seen them since, I loved it.
It was pretty brutal as I recall and that worked for me.

That 90’s Spidey toon stuff was brilliant, all of it, Blade, Morbius, Cap, Hydro-Man, Goblin, every episode was great!

SpiderScooby: Very odd they released kids books for that movie, because it really didn’t feel like something for kixs.

He seems to have a habit of getting screwed with Marvel franchises.
First Blade Trinity, then X-men Origins.
At least he’s finally doing Deadpool.

Love that series.

ThatScoobyDoom: I don’t think they were sure what the movie was supposed to be, it has moments of strange lightness then moments of extreme forced darkness.
A goddamn anomaly!

Has he had better luck with DC?
Before GL opened there was heavy sequel talk…it opened…and that went away…fast!!!

I’d think that since Disney owns Marvel now that it would get a full proper DVD release.

Back to Blade, I think it gets the short end of the stick.
Everybody credits X-Men with taking the Comic Book genre serious for the first time, but I think it was Blade.
Would you agree?

SpiderScooby: I liked what they were going with it with the whole psychological angle, but they overdid it.

I think that not only hurt the chances of another GL movie, but it also hurt his career.

Well, they finally put it back up for streaming, so who knows.

The thing is, unless you were a hardcore comic fan, you probably didn’t know it was based on a comic book.
Plus you had a much more limited audience with its R rating.
So while Blade certainly helped, I think X-men did more to revitalize the genre.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, they over did it and his directions and the editing choices were fuckin’ dumb.

Totally, not even sure what he’s done since.

Hope springs eternal.

I don’t know that I agree.
It was limited by the rating of course, but they made it clear it was a comic movie.
X-Men popped huge, but Blade laid all the groundwork.

SpiderScooby: And the choice to make it look like a comic with the multiple panels on screen was a mistake.

But you wouldn’t know on the surface.
I figure they wouldn’the to promote it as such since it came out so soon after Batman & Robin.

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much so.
That was probably the thing I hated most.

I guess.
B&R was a nerdboner killed, but Blade kept trying like hell to get it hard again.
I think it was great foreplay X-Men and Spider-Man.

SpiderScooby: Did you like Eric Bana?

Those two were just bigger.
Blade wasn’t a instant hit when it came out.
It only got popular on home vid3o.

ThatScoobyDoom: Not really, mostly for the same reasons I don’t like Ruffles.

Didn’t it pick up steam quickly after that?

SpiderScooby: I thought he was okay, no one in that movie really stood out.

I’mean not sure, but I know it was after it’s video release.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh yes they did, the dude that played the evil corporate douche stood out!
He sucked in that movie, I’ve seen him in other shit and he was fine.
But he was down right horrible here.

I thought Sam Elliot was a great Thunderbolt Ross too.

Did you think Snipes did a good job as Blade?

SpiderScooby: Well sure, Sam Elliot is great.

Yes, I think so.
I don’the know how faithful his performance is to the comics, but I think he pulled it off.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed on both.

So finally X-Men happens, what did you think as it was getting closer?
For me, it had HUGE shoes to fill.

SpiderScooby: I didn’the actually see it until X2 came out.
I wasn’t really an X-men fan growing up so I wasn’t interested in seeing it when it came out.

ThatScoobyDoom: I watched the hell out of the 90’s X-Men animated series.
Those movies had a huge mountain to climb in my book, a mountain they never really made it to the top of, for me, until First Class.
Those 1st 3 have alot of boring bullshit in them.

SpiderScooby: I remember X-men TAS, but I don’t think I watched it that mcuh.

I disagree.
I find the first two highly entertaining.
X2 was my favorite of the franchise up until last year.
They were able to bring these characters to life without making it feel silly.


ThatScoobyDoom: That and Spider-Man are my referance for the Marvel characters the same way B:TAS & S:TAS are for the DC characters.

I loved the first one, warts and all, for what it was.
2 was busier than Iron Man 2, had alot of yawn moments that I just didn’t really give a rats ass about.
3 was the defintion of mixed bag.
It was fun, stupid, boring, cheesy, great, lame, slow, fast, confusing, and had a bloodlust worse than Wolvie in a full berserker rage.
But I will say this, this franchise has an AMAZING cast.

SpiderScooby: Agreed.. Tbeh really couldn’t have picked anyone better than Hugh Jackman.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, and didn’t he say recently he wants to keep going for quite a few more years?

Can you imagine how goofy he’d look with everybody towering over him?
It works on the page…not so much on screen.

SpiderScooby: Yeah, and he still looks good too.

ThatScoobyDoom: Indeed.
He looks more like Logan now than he did in 2000.

And speaking of him as Logan, what do you think about his first solo movie?

SpiderScooby: Complete shit.
Bad writing.
Bad CGI.
Plot holes that contradict previous films.
Not to mention the complete waste of characters(Deadpool and Gambit).

ThatScoobyDoom: Couldn’t agree more, such a waste of time, money, and skills.
It had every damn reason to be great but ended up shitting the bed at ever freakin’ turn.
Seemed mostly rushed.
It’s sad really.

SpiderScooby: And I feel like we didn’t need an Wolverine origin story anyway because tne otber X-films heavily focused on Wolverine anyways.

The Wolverine, while not a great movie, thankfully was a lot better.

Next, we have our penultimate guest, to talk Scooby specials and the upcoming KISS movie, @ScoobyAddict!


ThatScoobyDoom: Lets talk about these recent Spooky Tales specials, I’ve seen the 1st 2.
Have you seen any or all of them?

@ScoobyAddict: I have seen Spooky Games and Haunted Holidays.
I don’t remember much from Spooky Games, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.
I do remember them being chased by a giant gladiator.
Haunted Holidays stuck to the original series, but had a more modern feel.
Shaggy and Scooby looking at their reflection in the ice and making faces at themselves, then the villain shows up behind them reminded me of classic Scooby.
The flow of this episode was very much like SDWAY, and of course Velma lost her glasses.
There was a scene with Scooby riding on a toy car, which I believe was also a scene from early SD.


ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah yeah, I just watched Spooky Games the other day.
I think it struggles a bit because they want to say Olympics so bad but can’t for legal reasons and it’s unintentially funny.
I was only able to see Haunted Holidays on Youtube, but I dug that one too.
Being caught in a snow storm is creepy and really fit.

Velma losing her glasses was something I wanted to bring up last time actually when we were talking about SD:MI!
That was one of the 2 things that SD:MI was missing, the other being the hallway gag.
I love me a good hallway gag!

I seem to recall that toy car bit being in the New Movies opening.

@ScoobyAddict: Velma losing her glasses and the hallway scenes were definitely missing from SD:MI.
That was always funny to me when she lost her glasses.

Yes, I believe you are correct…Scooby on the car is from The New Movies intro.
I knew I remembered it, but couldn’t think of which intro it was in!

ThatScoobyDoom: I thought it was kind of an interesting twist and a cool piece of development when Shaggy started carrying a spare pair of glasses for her.

I’ve got the Globetrotters DVD here, I should give it a spin and be sure.

Back to the specials, have you gotten the compilation sets that they’ve released them on or have you held off in hopes that some day they’ll release them all together?

@ScoobyAddict: Shaggy didn’t carry spare glasses very often, but it was a nice change to him having food in his pockets.

I didn’t buy the compilation sets.
I don’t want to keep buying the same episodes on different DVD sets over and over again.
I would love to see them release all the specials as a DVD set.
When I say all the specials, I mean Spooky Games, Haunted Holidays, Bravo Dooby-Doo, Those Meddling Kids, The Scooby-Doo Project, and so on…

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m right there with you!
I hate compliations and I hate the 4 episode volumes.
And yes they need to release all of these specials, old and new, in one set.
That’s about the only compilation set I could see myself wanting to buy anytime in the near future.

I especially love this animation style we’ve had these last few years, from Abra forward.
Where do you stand on it?

@ScoobyAddict: I do like the animation style in the recent movies.
I like that they stay close to the original SDWAY character style…Fred has his ascot, Daphne in her typical purple dress and the green scarf.
Even if they don’t wear that trough the entire movie, at least they started off in the classic style.

ThatScoobyDoom: Since Abra, I’ve seen quite a few folks complaining because they mimick some of the things H&B has to do to make the show cheap (Fred, Daphne, & Shaggy having flesh colored eyes etc.), where do you stand on that?

@ScoobyAddict: I don’t mind the flesh colored eyes. I like that they stick to the classic drawing.
At least the characters look like themselves and the animation isn’t way off like Get A Clue was.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m with ya, I think this is perfect.
I like to imagine if they did an animated movie on the big screen they’d use these designs, I think they’d look amazing if done super high quality.

I wanna ask you about a rumor, I’ve seen a few folks speculating that Mindy may not be voicing Velma in Be Cool.
They’ve given absolutely no reason for thinking she was done, but I wanted to know if you’ve heard that or seen anything to suggest that she is?

@ScoobyAddict: Jon Colton Barry, one of the writers for Be Cool, Scooby-Doo, stated on my forum: “All the voice actors have confirmed that they will be playing their usual roles except for Mindy.” I don’t know if she is not going to voice Velma for the series or if she just hasn’t confirmed it yet.
I hope she does voice Velma.
I think she does a good job!

You can read his post here: http://scoobyaddicts.proboards.com/index.cgi? action=gotopost&board=593& thread=2908&post=33927

ThatScoobyDoom: So that’s where it came from!!!

I like her too, she gives Velma spunk. She’s sarcastic and dry.
I really dig the way they write Velma for her.
Much like I said in our last talk about Fred, gives her more of a personality than “generic smart girl”.
Of course they went too far in season 1 of SD:MI.

If she doesn’t come back, who’s out there right now that could replace her?

@ScoobyAddict: Mindy does give Velma some spunk.
She adds a lot to her character.

Maybe Linda Cardellini?
I liked her live action Velma.
I wouldn’t even really know who else could do it.
I had said Mae Whitman could possibly pull off playing Velma live action, but I don’t know how she would do with the voice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t even think of Linda!!!
She seemed happy to voice Hot Dog Water, which was like a bizzaro version of Velma…and we know she’s comfortable behind the mic.
I’d take her in a heart beat.

Do you think she and, specifically, Matt realized 14-15 years ago when they signed on to that movie that they’d have roles that could last the rest of their lives if they wanted them?

@ScoobyAddict: I don’t think Linda and Matt really thought Scooby would be a long term thing.
I think they put their heart into their performances in the live action movies and they did great portraying Velma and Shaggy.
I like that they have continued to work on Scooby.
They are, by far, my favorite live actors from the Scooby movies.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m just glad that WB is utilizing them, would be a shame to let such great performances be limited to just 2 movies.

But I still hope Mindy sticks around for a while.

Something else I wanted to ask you about was CG in the 2-D animation, specifically creatures and vehicles.
Do you think it works well with the 2-D?

@ScoobyAddict: Yes, I am happy to see WB has continued to give them roles.
I would like to see Mindy continue as Velma, but if she chooses not to, Linda would be great too!

The CG never really bothered me.
I think it works ok.
I know other people find it to be distracting, but I think it works.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.

I think it should be kept to vehicles.
Look at the Cicada episode of SD:MI, IMO, that critter looked like crap up against the 2-D.
The CG kinda wavered over it, showed the limitations of the TV animation budget.

@ScoobyAddict: Every time I watch the cicada episode, the thought of having all those bugs on me creeps me out.
I agree the cicada creature didn’t look great, but I’m not sure they could have gotten the same effect with 2-D.
I guess I’d have to see it to know!

ThatScoobyDoom: I know, I hate those damn bugs…and all bugs and insects really.
I think they could have, it just would have been more complicated and time consuming.

The last thing I wanted to talk about with you this time, and this is another reason why I love Mindy (it’s because of Mindy we even know about the movie), was the upcoming KISS movie that we only mentioned last time.
Are you at all excited about that?


@ScoobyAddict: I am kind of two-fold on this one!
I am excited because I used to be a KISS fan when I was in high school.
I saw them live once when they did the tour with half the show in make-up and the other half without make-up.
I met Sebastian Bach from Skid Row at that show.
I used to love Sebastian and Skid Row until I met him and realized he was a huge ass!
Anyway, I follow Gene Simmons on Twitter and sometimes I feel like he is a pompous ass.
He’s very high on himself, but he’s great at marketing, so we see KISS stuff everywhere.
I might choose a different band to be in a Scooby movie.
Not that I am complaining really, I think a Scooby/KISS movie could be done well.

ThatScoobyDoom: I totally understand, and you wouldn’t be the first to say that for damn sure.
I think I cut him (Gene), and people like him, a little slack because he came from nothing and now sits atop this vast empire.
I think you get that way because along the way you have hundreds of people telling you that you suck and that you’ll never make it.
So, when you finally do make it it’s a bit of a “fuck you” to all the folks that tried to hold you back.
It is shitty, but it happens.

He is indeed a marketing/networking genius and an ultimate opportunist, he knows how to get folks aware of stuff.
The Scooby projects are an extenstion of that, this will be their second time crossing over with Scooby.
It branches them out to a new generation.

We know next to nothing about this project, but do you have any expectations?
I know I’d love them to cover the WAY and WNS-D themes!

@ScoobyAddict: I can understand he came from nothing and now he has built an empire, but he could still be humble and remember where he came from.

I don’t really have any expectations, I just hope his arrogance doesn’t shine through in the movie.
It would be great for them to cover one if the themes or create their own.

ThatScoobyDoom: I agree, but I understand the mentality behind his attitude.

Agree here too.
Much like was said in an earlier segment of this Typecast about Mallrats 2, this KISS movie has vast amounts of potential.
And at least we know it’ll have some pretty kickass music.

@ScoobyAddict: I can understand his attitude, I just don’t condone it.
I think the best way to get back at people who tell you it’s impossible is to do it and remain humble.

The music will definitely be good!

ThatScoobyDoom: So we’ve gotten a trailer, cast & story details, and the official title for Scooby-Doo & KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery, did that excite you anymore for it?

There will be 6 classic songs and 1 original, care to guess the 6?

@ScoobyAddict: I m a little more excited about it because I know it’s real now and not just gossip.
I used to like KISS in high school a lot, but I haven’t listened to them in years.
I might have chosen a different band, but I can see how KISS would be a good choice for a Scooby movie, especially with the makeup.
I know Gene Simmons has a great marketing sense and he will be very picky about the movie and how they are portrayed.
I’m hoping that will translate to a good movie!

My guess on the songs…Seven Days A Week, Pretty Mary Sunlight, Daydreamin’, Love the World, Tell Me, Tell Me…not sure which one the 6th one would be.
Maybe Recipe for My Love?

ThatScoobyDoom: The Sonic Boom album was damn good, you should check that out.
Has a nice classic feel.
Indeed he is.

I think they meant classic KISS songs, but that would be cool if they covered those!

Did any of the casting announcements excite you?
I think they annouced Pauly Perette from NCIS, right?
I know I’m pumped for Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes!

@ScoobyAddict: Oh, I don’t know why I was thinking classic Scooby songs!!
Rock n Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City…KISS has an album called Unmasked, they should use songs from that!!

In addition to Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer, the voice cast will include Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Darius Rucker, Garry Marshall, Penny Marshall, Jennifer Carpenter and Pauley Perrette.
I am super excited about Pauley Perrette.
I love NCIS!!!
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are kewl!
I’m getting more excited about the movie!!

ThatScoobyDoom: I can’t recall that album off the top of my head, but I’ve never been good with songs and albums like that. Lol

I know Pauley is a big fan of KISS and AC/DC, so that’s not surprising to me that she’s in there.
I was rather stunned by Kev and Mewes though, but after the Plants Vs Zombies and Lego Batman 3 stuff I guess I shouldn’t have been.
I’d heard Kev say last year that he’d met with Gene a few times for a few projects, has me wondering if this was one of those meetings.

@ScoobyAddict: I think Gene Simmons could probably get anyone he wanted to star in this Scooby movie.
He’s got a lot of power in the celebrity world! LOL

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn right, that is as connected as an old timey switchboard.

With as much attention as this one will get, do you think we’ll get a new bonus feature?
I’d love a commentary!
Those character commentaries on Legend Of The Vampire and Monster Of Mexico were great, but I’d love a real commentary.

@ScoobyAddict: I hope we get some good bonus features!!
Maybe a bit of a making of kind of thing or bloopers!
Something that will stand out!

And finally, to talk about the 2nd Episode VII trailer and more, here’s @Fitzman73!!!


ThatScoobyDoom: Lets just get right down too it, what did you think of the new Ep VII trailer and what do you think of the new planet and it’s name?
I know in previous conversations we both were betting it was just a Into Darkness/Khan like swerve and it was Tattooine.

@Fitzman73: The new trailer is beautiful.
There’s no other word to describe it.
And the scary thing is, it’s still only a teaser.
I’m afraid my brain will explode when we finally get the full theatrical trailer.

Mark Hamill’s voiceover gave me legit chills.
And I really was genuinely surprised at how many things were revealed, especially things that until now had been “rumors” like the melted Vader helmet.

As for that new planet, it’s fine I guess, but until I see it confirmed on screen in the theater, I will continue to think it’s a swerve.
Although at this point, what would be the point?

ThatScoobyDoom: Beautiful indeed.
That was strange to me, sure we’re still 8 months from release, but this was a minute and 20 seconds of actual new footage!
Not quick flashes of stills, not quick flashes of slightly moving images, long shots that reveal big info, at what point do they go from teaser to theatrical?

That melted helmet is very interesting.
As much as I don’t think flashbacks fit the Theatrical Star Wars style, that could be confirmation of a return of Vader via flashback.
Also, at this point, I think I could listen to Mark Hamill describe my own death before he set it in motion.

What was the point of the Khan swerve (even though everybody knew he was bullshittin’), even up until the release of Into Darkness?
And why go through the trouble of coming up with such a strange new name?
Just so after release they can mock us for falling for it?
I think JJ’s credibility was hurt enough with the Khan thing, I’d hope he wouldn’t pull the same shit twice and expect folks not to get a bit pissy with him.

@Fitzman73: I wouldn’t say I’ll be pissy with him about it, but it does seem like a dumb game to play if he is in fact playing a game.
And if he’s not I just don’t get the point of creating a whole new planet that’s essentially just Tatooine.

Something that just occured to me though, what if it is the truth and a swerve at the same time?
What if it IS Tatooine but for some in universe reason we aren’t privy to yet it was renamed?

I don’t really buy for a second that Vader will appear alive in the suit via flashback.
I think the melted helmet is as much as we’ll be getting and whether that shot was part of a flashback or not remains to be seen.

What I do know is I got a full on nerd boner seeing that crashed Star Destroyer.
So fucking awesome to see a graveyard of fallen ships that were part of a battle over that planet.


Did you notice that Luke appears to no longer have a fleshy bionic hand and instead has mechanical one that looks more like Anakin’s at the end of Ep2?
I thought that was kind of an odd choice.

And it does appear to be true that Luke’s old lightsaber figures into the story somehow as we’re shown Daisy Ridley handing it to Leia.

Also I was really surprised to see that it looks like Kylo Ren is actually part of the Empire remnants, which we know after Celebration are going by the name “The First Order”.
For some reason I thought he would be a lone wolf not someone that would be commanding stormtroopers.

One thing we can put to rest is that it’s Mark Hamill under the Kylo Ren mask because that dude is way too tall and slender to be Hamill.
Although it’s still unclear to me whether it’s Adam Driver or Domhnall Gleeson under there.
They’ve both been conspicuously absent from both teasers.

ThatScoobyDoom: Creating new planets, that’s something that’s in the theme of another question I want to ask you if we’ve got time.
I’m interested to hear your take.

That’s interesting and actually very well possible given that Tatooine is just a back water dirt planet that really has no bearing on the Republic, the Empire, or this new breed of Imperials.
It doesn’t appear to have any real resources to tap, no special indigenous flora or fuana that we know of, it’s just a hot dust bowl in the ass crack of the galaxy.
You may be onto something, that is a theory worth remembering.

I’d prefer not to have any flashbacks at all, but those are the most persistant of the rumors it seems.

That opening shot tracking, what looks like a landspeeder, and unveiling the gigantic downed ship as if it’s become a part of the planet, almost a mountain, was breathtaking!
Then seeing a TIE chase the Falcon through the remains of a ship on top of it?
I couldn’t stand up either man!

I did notice that.
That whole shot was pretty revealing to me.
Seems almost to confirm that rumor of Luke’s solitude.
Not having the Synth-flesh is sort of odd since that hand doesn’t look like the hand he got at the end of Empire.
Maybe he’s gotten an upgrade in the 30 years?
But it seems weird that they’d give him an upgrade to a hand that (by the time of just after Jedi) 25-30 year old tech, right?

Which I find it strange that I haven’t seen too many folks mentioning that that is Leia receiving the hilt.
Everybody has been so excited by Han and Chewie, which I think might be in part because Chewie was dead in the EU.

That shot in the first teaser of him running through the snowy woods kind of makes it seem as though Ren is a man apart, so I understand why you thought that.
Now that Celebration gave us a close up of him, tell me what you think of him, cause I think we’re on the same wavelength about his look.

I was unaware of the Ren/Hamill rumor, not sure I would have bought into it, though I thought that’s who you thought that was back when he first teaser hit.
I think Driver has an interesting look, a real face of character, would be weird to cover him up even though he seems tall and thin enough.
I’d be more inclined to say it’s Gleeson under the mask.
Still conspicuously absent also is Andy Serkis though.

@Fitzman73: Yeah but Serkis is playing a CG character so it’s not as surprising to me that they’d keep that under wraps as long as possible.

Rumors that I’ve heard actually put Gleeson as an Imperial officer, but if it was that simple, seems strange that there’s no shot of him in the teaser so it could be a massive head fake getting everyone to think Adam Driver will be under that mask only to find out nope it’s someone else.

I think the vehicle in that opening shot is Rey on her popsicle speeder that we saw in the first teaser.
If you look real close it looked to me like the same shape.

I would’ve expected Luke to probably have a new hand, it is 30 years later, but to have it not covered in skin was shocking to me.

Yeah one of those early rumors was that Luke would be revealed to be the “cyborg villain” from that old concept art.
But I think it’s pretty clear that they moved from “cyborg” to “dude in a mask” and there’s no way Hamill’s body type matches what we’ve seen so far.

I think Kylo Ren looks badass and we talked about it before, the design of that helmet lools like a cross between Plo Koon and Darth Revan.


ThatScoobyDoom: Not even a hint though?
I feel sorrt for the dude, I understand he’s great at mocap but if he’s great at that imagine how great he’d be as himself…but then again, he is himself in Avengers, ain’t he?

I would much rather they accentuated Driver’s features and slap some make-up on him.
I’m wondering if Gleeson is gonna be the son of an OT character, he comes from a decent acting legacy so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him as the son of a legend.

I have a 3 inch screen, not alot of detail is popping out for me.

If he’s gone recluse the upgrade would be older, unless he fashioned it himself.
And again, if he’s gone koo koo ka choo recluse, the coverings may have rotted off, been damaged and ripped off.
The covering isn’t as interesting as the hand itself too me.

Do you think he could be the same species as Plo?

@Fitzman73: I think from what I’ve heard through the rumor mill is that Gleeson is the offspring of an OT character and his allegiances are a little fuzzy, like is he really for the Empire or just a spy?
So that to me puts his entire purpose in this film into question and opens up (to me) the possibility that the real surprise is the bad guy ends up being him.
My money is still firmly on Driver as Kylo Ren, BUT, I don’t count out the possibility of all the early speculation of him being the bad guy turning out to be a head fake.

Andy Serkis was in Avengers?
Oh you mean the new one?

I would seriously doubt that he ends up being the same species as Plo Koon.
The mask resembles his face shape and breath mask a little but I think that’s just a design coincidence or inspiration.

What do you think of the new names for the Empire and Rebel factions?
The First Order and The Resistance?
Again, seems like an unnecessary change but I guess it will make sense within the context of in universe history

ThatScoobyDoom: I hadn’t heard all of that, adds a new wrinkle.
Trying to think of whose kid he could be, not got a clue really.

Aye, Age Of Ultron.
Very secretive who he’s playing!

Have we seen many of Plo’s race?

With no context, The First Order sounds stupid too me.
Unless it’s something like The Lost Tribe Of The Sith and it’s a previously unheard of sect of the Sith that rises up to take Sidious and Vader’s place.
The Resistance is fine, Rebellion?
Same fuckin’ thing.
No big deal too me.

What to you think of the new Imperial logo?

@Fitzman73: We haven’t seen any of Plo’s race other than him as far as I can recall.
If you google around you can find EU renderings of what they look like sans breathing mask.
Not pretty.
They’re one of those races that can really only survive well in their natural eco system so it’s not too surprising that they’ve never shown us other examples.
Probably don’t see them unless you go to their planet specifically.

That new Imperial logo is ok.
It looks more like a flower to me though.
Too many points on it.

What do you think of the new trooper designs?
We didn’t see the snow or flame troopers in this trailer, but they showed off the costumes at Celebration.
Do they look too “slick” for you?
That’s almost the case for me.
They’re so sleek that they almost look fruity.

ThatScoobyDoom: Not even trying to be funny, I saw a pic of one maskless and it’s mouth looked like a gaping asshole.
I guess the Jedi fashioned that make for Koon when they took him from his parents?

I think it looks kinda cool, but it is very busy.

I haven’t seen the new designs, but my first thought about that silver Trooper with the cape was that they were trying to force a new Boba Fett.
It seemed like they were trying too hard with that one.
But in the case of them being sleek, I’d think some Imperial designs would be.
The Empire has been ruling for 55-60 years by this point, they gotta work some kinks out in all that time.

@Fitzman73: Yeah, it’s only natural that the designs would get more refined as time went along but they almost look like they should have the Apple logo on the back of their helmets.

Yeah I’m not sure what the point of the so called “Chrome Trooper” is.
I’ve heard that it’s basically an elite soldier that’s in charge of tracking down Finn, and SPOILERS, under the helmet is supposedly Gwendolyn Christie.
Although wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts if she ended up being Kylo Ren?
Everyone assumes it’s a dude but might not be at all.
I don’t think she’s very busty so it wouldn’t necessarily be a big trick to make her look like a flat chested man in those robes.
Come to think of it, something about the way Ren is trudging through the snow in the first teaser reminds me a bit of how she walks sometimes when in armor on Game of Thrones….hmmm….but sane money is still on Adam Driver

But I digress.
Chrome Trooper.
I hadn’t thought of it as a new Boba Fett type character, but I can kinda see that.
Still not sure why it’s necessary, but again, I’m sure it will make sense in the story.

So we’ve mentioned Luke.
We mentioned Leia.
Are we ready to talk about the big reveal at the end where we actually get to see one (two?) of the old dogs’ faces?

ThatScoobyDoom: Hahaha, new from Apple, ITroopers!

So it’s supposed to be like an old Clone Commando type from the old EU.
I have no clue who Christie is and I’ve never seen GoT.
I’ve never considered it could be a chick under the Ren mask, the movements seem masculine, threatening, not that women can’t be threatening, but chicks tend to be more graceful in their movements.

That shot with the cape swinging, massive gun, in slomo, looks like it’s trying to be an entrance for a new major pimp character.
My mind jumped to Fett immediately.

That was where I was heading!
Too me, that might well be the most revealing parts of the whole trailer.
“Chewie…we’re home” Han and Chewie have lost the Falcon sometime in the last 30 years!
What do you think about that?


@Fitzman73: Yeah kind of a Commando.
I’m not sure if it’s one of a kind or part of a larger group.
Oh if you saw her you wouldn’t forget.
She’s a 6’3 model/actress and she can definitely play tough badass.
They try their best early on to make her very brutish and manly and it works even though you see her out of character and it’s like that can’t be the same person can it?

Actually, I was trying to figure out what he meant by the “we’re home” line, because I knew that supposedly Han and Chewie were not going to have the Falcon in the movie but what I had heard as speculation was that it had been handed down to his kid.
But if that part isn’t true and they haven’t seen her in decades then that line makes total sense.

I like that they didn’t go the cliche route and give Chewie any gray hair.
People who know their shit would know that 30 years is nothing to a Wookiee, I think Chewie was still only a young adult in A New Hope and he was already 200 years old.
So 30 years ain’t shit.
But I could see them doing gray hair just emphasize “hey time has passed right audience???”.
Glad JJ was smart about it.

ThatScoobyDoom: So she’s basically the new Lucy Lawless?

That’s how it plays to me, they’ve been away from that boat for quite some time.

I have to disagree with you, slightly.
I think had they gone overboard and gave him a mane of Gray it would look ridiculous, but just a little streak under his bottom lip or between his eyes would show that time has past.
Just a little 2 inch tuft of gray hair, that’s it.
I’m 24 now, even I have a couple of grays.
So if Chewie looks the same after 50 years (remember, he was with Yoda during the battle of Kashyyk) it seems strange.
Just something to make him look slightly different, just a tich older, to show a passage of time, makes alot of sense to me.

So, how much did this trailer up your excitement?
We see new TIEs, more Falcon, a few downed ships, X-Wings again, the old guard, and motherfuckin’ R2 D2!!!

@Fitzman73: I’ve heard that they did supposedly add some lighter, not fully gray, hair to the suit to show a little bit of aging, but I sure couldn’t tell just from that clip.
Definitely some gray highlights would’ve been ok with me, I would just oppose going overboard and having him look like grandpa Chewie from the Holiday Special.

This trailer sent my excitement through the fucking roof.
Chalk it up to being unspoiled and unprepared for this one as opposed to the first or say it’s because the OT characters were in it finally, either way I could not have been more jacked after watching this thing.

ThatScoobyDoom: From that clip or the Force For Change clip, I really can’t tell any difference.
From the OT to III to now, I can’t tell a difference.
Even with the old continuity saying Wookiees live for hundreds of years, that long of a time should show some change.

For the most part, I’d put it on the OT characters showing up.
Which is what got me pumped too.

So moving along, we have a title, release date, and some story details for the first spin-off/stand-alone/anthology film.
Rogue One is indeed about the stealing of the Death Star plans, what do make of all of that?

@Fitzman73: So far I’m not sure what to make of it.

The “Anthology” brand is a pretty smart move.
Everyone knew these would be outside of the numbered episodes, but giving them their own umbrella to be collected under is pretty cool.

I’ve said several times where I think the story of the Death Star plans being stolen should be told, but alas, Disney is apparently ignoring my brilliance.

It’s not necessarily a story that I feel needs to be told, so having it be the series finale of an episodic tv show like Rebels whose entire concept is tailor made so that it can pay off in a grand event like that makes total sense to me as opposed to a 2 hour movie with characters we’re presumably going to meet for the first time.

I have faith that the film will be enjoyable and well made, I just feel like that particular story would be better served on Rebels.

ThatScoobyDoom: Anthology makes me think there will be multiple stories per film, which I don’t think is what they intend to imply.
This is semantics, of course, but Spin-Off worked better for me.
They are spinning out of ideas from the Saga films.

Rebels does make sense, you’ve been beating that drum since it premiered and I agree with you.
And who knows, maybe Rebels will feature the characters that’ll be in the film stealing the plans.
Maybe that’s where we’ll get the introduction, then that’ll be the first time we see a character cross from small to big screen.

Do you find it weird at all that, even though it’s a vast Galaxy with many characters and stories to tell, they keep focusing on that period right before A New Hope?
The novels are covering it well, Rebels is doing that for a half hour weekly, now Rogue One is filling that “void” too.

They say it’s gonna be a ground level war movie, what do you make of that?wn

@Fitzman73: How is it going to be a ground level war movie about stealing the Death Star plans?
That does not compute at all.
Is it going to be The Dirty Dozen or Guns of the Navarrone situation or what?
I assumed it was going to be more Mission Impossible.

You’re right, there’s nothing so far to say that the main characters of the movie might include live action Rebels characters.

I don’t necessarily find it odd to be focusing on the just prior to episode 4 time period, until Ep 7 comes out that’s really the only OT time period they can do much with (in addition to in between OT films that is) and not possibly run into episode 7 spoiler territory.
If you start looking at post RotJ then you’re going to have to at some point explain why the Empire is still around, what happened to the heroes after Endor, etc.
Which I imagine they’d rather not reveal until episode 7 drops.
In fact I think they already have a post RotJ novel set to come out but not until much closer to ep7’s release I belive if not after.
They’re not even dropping the ep 7 novelization until after the film is released.

ThatScoobyDoom: Well look, they had the plans as far back as Episode II, 5 years between II and III.
How many places did they have those plans?
Maybe they’re in the war and the newly forming rebellion stumbles across an old Separatist base with a copy of the plans, one of the Separatist leaders had a back up that they didn’t retrieve before heading to Mustafar.

At this point, I think they really want to do that.
I just have a feeling that this story group is pushing for a Toon character to turn Live.
I think they may have teased or hinted at it.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me asking “why not the PT era” again, I understand they aren’t interested in that.
This is me saying “so much just before and just after at the same time, comics, novels, TV Shows. What about after Empire?” Seems like that year or so after Empire might have some interesting Luke, Leia, and Chewie stories as they accept this dude that just fucked them over, got Han frozen, and carted off by Fett.
It just seems like overkill (Zuuuuuuuune) to keep ringing that bell, like by covering it so much at the same time their gonna make it easier to have continuity troubles.

Yeah, Aftermath, set just after Jedi. Sounds like it’ll be good.

@Fitzman73: Between Empire and Jedi?
They did that.
Once. Lol.
Shadows of the Empire.
Not a bad story, but given the MASSIVE marketing and tie in effort that they had for it, it’s a bit underwhelming.
I can’t imagine it hold up real great 15 years later.

Keep in mind though, I think it was a year tops between Empire and Jedi so not a lot of time to play with there.
2 or 3 years between New Hope and Empire though.
So maybe we’ll see more stuff after that, like the new Marvel series.
That picks up right after Yavin.

ThatScoobyDoom: But again, nothing there now.
Fill all the gaps, spread the stories around, I know they will eventually!
But shit, only filling like 2 gaps now.
Like I’ve said a few times in the past, with the EU purge the timeline desperately needs depth and to keep banging the same drums seems like reactionary fanservice to me.
I believe I’ve said this a few times too, this isn’t me speaking as a jilted PT era fan, it’s more of a Pre-PT fan thing.
It’s clear from Menace that this Galaxy has history, show it!
Give us some goddamn Qui-Gon, we know we have plenty of Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie stories coming.
Maybe after TFA we’ll get that.

Now the next thing I wanna ask you about, which we can end on if you want, is about the tech and what not.
Ignore all the previous EU stories, the histories, the characters, trash ’em all.
And also, let’s just say Jakku for the sake of arguement is indeed a new planet, how do you feel about them resolving old problems of the EU?
Meaning creating new species, new vehicles, new weapons, new planets, when the EU had all these things laid out.
Do you think it’s a wise choice to spend time thinking of a new desert planet when there are 2 or 3 already that they could repurpose or just revisit and show us a new side of?

@Fitzman73: I don’t know, I still think that even though the old EU has been relegated to Legends status that they are and will be mining certain elements of it.
Even if there aren’t direct adaptations or obvious inclusions, there have been and will continue to be at the very least subtle nods and designs inspired by the EU.

I mean we already talked about the look of Kylo Ren, it couldn’t be more EU inspired.
It’s straight out of the old KOTOR games.

I think at the end of the day these movies are being made by artists.
Artists create shit.
For better or for worse they’re not really interested in telling other people’s stories.
Hell, forget the EU, George Lucas is on record saying JJ shitcanned his episode 7,8,9 story treatments and went in a completely different direction and he CREATED THE WHOLE FUCKING THING!
So if they’re not even interested in using the Maker himself’s stories then there’s no way they’re interested in looking to the EU for material.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is the best possible answer you could have given, and I understand it.
But at the same time it’s like, these motherfuckers were under the gun from the jump!
Hell, this time last year we found out there was a writer shake-up for godsake!
With that much turmoil, it seems ill advised to start from zero and try and make up shit from scratch that fits into what everybody has in mind as being Star Wars when you can just repurpose old shit.
It’s a way that they could have their cake and eat it too.
“Look, here’s all this old shtuff that you guys know and love.
Now it’s not exactly how you remember it, but we made it fit and we hope you’ll give it a chance” type of thing.
Shit, even George did exactly that, look at the name Coruscant.

And ignoring George’s vision is something that still rubs me the wrong way.
I’m not an apologist, because that would imply sorrow or regret, I have neither.
I know I’ve said this alot in our conversations, but I’m gonna say it again goddamn it.
That dude gets far too much disrespect and it’s fuckin’ sad and pathetic.

@Fitzman73: Yeah when I heard him say he has no idea what the the new movies are about because they dropped his story treatments entirely I was like whoah that’s fucked up.
And that writer shakeup was all part of that.
The original guy Michael Arndt was George’s boy, he basically pushed for him and got him.
So what I’ve heard is that JJ Abrams never liked him, wanted his own writer and so basically booted him and I guess whatever script he’d been working on and brought on his own guy to bring HIS vision to life.

All I know is that it better be fucking awesome after all this intrigue.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, which brings me back to the topic I brought up, seems unwise, at least on Ep VII, to waste time starting from scratch when the EU has a wealth of this shit set up and waiting to be repurposed.
And I realize I’ve overused repurposed, but I feel it’s logical to think they would repurpose it to fill the current need.
I’ve accepted that the EU stories aren’t canon, but to clean the slate of all the extra shit that was created just to puff out your chest and say you created it seems like not the bed idea when under a time crunch.
Hope I’m explaining my thoughts on this well enough.

I can see adapting his ideas, but shelving them feels wrong.
He knows this shit better than anybody, to ignore that is really strange.

I have faith, just look at Rebels.

@Fitzman73: Right.
And other than it being helmed by Dave Filoni it really has no input from George, yet it feels like it does.
In my opinion Filoni is the closest thing we have now to GL in terms of understanding how all these pieces fit together, how the Star Wars universe works and why things are the way they are.
He’s the closest thing to a protege that GL ever had.
I fully expect him to one day be in charge of Lucasfilm.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed, and I hope for that, but I have a very real fear that, given as hard as he’s been working on the Saga for the last 10 years, he may come face to face with burnout.
As anybody in any job knows it’s hard to do the same thing for a long period and not get burnt the hell out.

I’d be interested to learn exactly when TCW shuttered and Rebels started.

@Fitzman73: I don’t think there was much time between the two.
A matter of months maybe.

ThatScoobyDoom: Given the way TCW has ended, leaving so many unfinished episodes, it might even be less time than that.


Pictures provided by @Jcynda, @TESDGroupie, SpiderScooby, & @Fitzman73.

I can’t thank @TESDGroupie, SpiderScooby, @ScoobyAddict, & @Fitzman73 enough for taking the time to have these conversations with me.
Means alot that they’ve all done so many of these with me, I can’t express how much I appreciate it.
Thanks guys!
I can’t say it enough, Thank You.

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How It Happened: Kryptonite Condom


Still getting comfortable with the new set up.
I wanted to do another scene from a @ThatKevinSmith movie, and I figured my second View Askew video…why not do a scene from the second View Askew movie?
And I’ll admit, still to this day, Mallrats is one of my favorite movies that Kev and Crew have done, so it was a natural and perfect fit.
So I went through the movie looking for a prime candidate to put through the wringer.
Sadly, at this point I can’t remember what my alternate scene were, but I finally landed on the Kryptonite Condom/Cookie Stand-Food Court debate scene.


But I had a problem, at this point I don’t think I had a logo yet, and I didn’t know if I could make a video with no imagery.
Do I took to Twitter and asked if there was any artist out there that would like to work with me, but they had to be a Kevin Smith/View Askew fan…I got 1 response, just 1.
I described what I wanted: T.S. as Batman and Brodie as The Joker, them walking away from the cookie stand, and I think I gave him a rough number of images that I wanted.


So he grabbed his sketchbook and got to work, I grabbed my mic and did the same.
I was pretty impressed with what the dude came up with, the condom specifically is impressive too me.
So he sent me all the art, and I loved it, still do, but once I had it on my laptop almost every single one of the pictures had some fuzzy “digital noise” that bugged the living shit out of me.
As you can see in some of the pix I sprayed over them in paint to try and fix that but I’m not sure it worked.
I also had to split and “edit” the Batman/T.S. pictures to make it into two pics, no big thang.
Easy peasy.


So finally, I finished it up and got ready to post.
We’d gone to visit my Grandparents grave and I took a stab at uploading it at this Mickey D’s that we always stop at to stretch our legs.
It took nearly a half hour to upload, but it finally finished, I pressed play…and I had 2 minutes of the Kryptonite Condom with the title credits…that’s it!



So we loaded up and hit the road again.
Load road home, but we had to stop at Wally World before we made it back to my humble Castle of Doom.
Just across the lot is the big red bullseye that I normally post my videos from, it took another 20 minutes but HUZZAH this poor bastard finally uploaded in crystal clear…or as close as I can get…quality!
And without further ado, here she is…


Pretty cool right?
This was my first major collaboration and it really couldn’t have gone any smoother.

And another fun bit of info, as he was finishing up he told me he’d even done a little extra piece that was up to me to use or not.
So, without @ComicWasteland, this scene wouldn’t have been in the video…


Here’s my string of tweets from last year explaining this video: https://twitter.com/TSDJAProduction/status/432263526997311488

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Typecast #6: In SMod We Trust

This go round I had the great pleasure to talk with a Lady we Twitter SModCo/TESD Ants know from her weekly visit into our mentions, one of the best Ants in the hill, the great sweetheart that is @TESDGroupie herself.
We talked all about Kevin Smith, his movies, and of course SModcast and the SModcast Podcast Network!


Now I want to warn you all I was a little scatterbrained on this one…mostly because I was shocked (shit, I still am) that Groupie actually agreed to do this.
I was super unprepared, so please forgive my stumbling, bumbling, and my seemingly disjointed nature.

This conversation appears just as we had it, spelling fuck ups and all, just to maintain the integrity of the whole thing.

Groupie’s name (@TESDGroupie) appears in red and links to her twitter.

ThatScoobyDoom: How far back do you go with Kev and his particular brand of deviancy?

@TESDGroupie: I saw Clerks, not in the cinema (I was living in mid-size city at the time).
I saw it on TV in a pay channel (C+) in original version.
Movies here are dubbed, but this channel usually had one or two viewing that were subtitled.
I believe it was around 1996-97.

ThatScoobyDoom: Did that turn you into a View Askew fan right away?

@TESDGroupie: Not really.
Not easy when you live in another country with not many movies.
Also, internet was not big here at the time.
I remember watching Dogma, but not anything inbetween it and Clerks.

ThatScoobyDoom: Without great internet service or a real connection to the movies, how did you ever find out about SModCo?
And how did your fandom get to the level that it is today?

@TESDGroupie: I actually got to see ‘Jay & Silent Bob’s strike back’ while visiting my sister in the States.
I got to see it in a cinema in Salt Lake City.
When I moved to Barcelona in 2005, I got internet access and came accross Kevin’s ‘an evening with’ in internet, so I had to see them all.
I also got movies like Mallrats and Chasing Amy in DVD, so the contact was not really lost.
About the podcasts, when I got my iPod and showed it at work, a colleague told me about Podcasts.
I looked into it, but all the Spanish ones seemed pretty uninteresting, so I had to search for something, I searched movie stuff and Kevin Smith.
And Smodcast came up, so I started listening in episode #56.
I also went through the back catalogue, including the episodes with Walt and/or Bryan.
So when Tell ’em Steve-Dave came up, I started listening and have been hooked ever since.


Let’s just say that as many other people, Smod first and TESD later have helped me through dark times.
There was a very hard moment in my life within the first year of TESD and they were the only thing that would help me deal with it and get through the days.

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, lets roll it back to before the pods.

What was it for you about the movies that stuck with you?
Because it’s clear they did.

I know for me it was the language, one second you’ve got a dude using a word like morose and the next word he says is motherfucker.
I’d never seen some shit like that in a movie, I’d only seen George Carlin have such a wide grasp on the language like that.

@TESDGroupie: I know the usual answer is the dialogues, and that is something that I really dig.
But I think Clerks appealed to me for being daring, being different for what I had seen and making me laughs with topics that usually didn’t come up in movies.
In some ways, I could relate to that sense of humor.
So after that, when the Kevin Smith name came up, I had to check it out.
And I have to say that Chasing Amy is still in my top 10 movies to this moment.

ThatScoobyDoom: I dig that too, Kev has said he was inspired by that scene in Reservoir Dogs where they talk about comics to be real and include shit that didn’t move the plot forward but was interesting none the less.
And of course the so called dirty shit made me laugh too.

Really, Chasing Amy stuck with you?
That one was probably my least favorite of all of his movies.
What was it about that one that popped out for you?

@TESDGroupie: In general, some of the movies that stuck with me are the ones that impact me in that moment of my life.
And I think that is what happened with Chasing Amy, the fact that relationships are not easy, you will find things about the other person that will be hard for you and the end it had, I think impacted me in a way that stuck with me.
Hard to put words to what something makes you feel, I guess likes are like that sometimes, not very rational or explainable 🙂

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh totally, I think I was far too young to grasp it when I first saw it.
I have no judgement good or bad for those that do dig it, just wasn’t really my bag.

Dance sequence aside, Clerks II was my favorite.
That one, to me, had far and away the most heart.
It’s funny as hell, touching, deep, and relatable, you would not believe how much I relate with Randal in that movie.

@TESDGroupie: I love Clerks II also.
Really deeper than it may seem at first.
Certainly I can relate to it too, maybe in a different way.
Randal has always been one of my favorite characters.
And the first Smodcast with Jeff Anderson is funny as hell.

ThatScoobyDoom: I honestly feel in some ways, but not completely, that Clerks II was his best work to date.
It has a perfect balance of everything.

How do you relate to it?

Yes, that live ep is great.
Kev kinda being baffled by the elevation and Jeff breakin’ his balls over it was hilarious.

@TESDGroupie: It’s hard to grow up and things don’t come out as you plan, but it is important to be surrounded by people that make the road better.
But all said in a much funnier and interesting way, no doubt.
And I just remember I saw it when it came out in a cinema in Barcelona.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is very true.

How many of his movies have you seen in the theater?

@TESDGroupie: Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob strike back, Clerks II, Red State and Tusk.
Boy, this does not look very good, but remember that in some cases movies arrive months later.
And it still happens with some main releases, even though it is just a couple of weeks now.

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, I’ve never seen any of them in a theater so you’ve got a leg up on me.
I almost saw Tusk thanks to a fellow ant but I couldn’t get a ride.

So, after you found SMod and listened to all of those, how did you hear about TESD?
I saw Kev tweet about it before I was on twitter and gave it a listen.


@TESDGroupie: Besides twitter, at that time Smodcast was the only show, so when new shows where added, it was hard not to notice.
And I have heard Bry and Walt on Smodcast and there were really fun moments, so I gave it a listen and I was forever hooked, even though there was a big gap in the first episodes.

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I don’t remember any talk up leading to TESD, and I was checking Kev’s twitter everyday day back then.
I just remember him tweeting something one day like “You liked them on SModcast, now Bry and Walt have their own show.” and he posted a link.
Now, that’s not a direct quote but it was along those lines.

Were you instantly hooked on TESD?

@TESDGroupie: Don’t think there was talk, but sure there was a tweet, and where Smodcast was downloaded at the time (no SModcast.com yet, I think it was something like quickstopentertainment) there were more shows, one of them was Tell ’em Steve-Dave

I think I was almost instantly hook.
There was little wait for the second show and I couldn’t wait for it.
I wish I could say why… but I really have no explanation to it.
I think it was the way they made me laugh and the variation of topics.

ThatScoobyDoom: Didn’t SModcast.com launch before TESD did?

Yeah, that’s the thing, I don’t know what it was either.
For me, it definitely wasn’t because they were friends of Kev (as Walt feared early on).
I know that wasn’t it because there are/were other people that were close to Kev that had pods that I never listened too.
It may have been because of Walt and his comic connection, but I’m really not sure.

@TESDGroupie: I don’t think so, but don’t take my word on it…

Some people say they restart their run-through listenings in episode 4, but episode 1 has great moments.
For me Walt’s “point joint counter point” and Bry’s comment about his mom saying about Josh Grobin “his mom must be so proud” and Walt’s laugh are highlights of that first show.
I think it is true that Walt’s laugh is a big part of the show and I guess it’s a way of having that every day whenever we want/need it.


ThatScoobyDoom: Hmm, I don’t remember ever going to the other site.

I’ve never done that, I always listen from the start.
I think in the very beginning they, especially Walt, were a little more unguarded.
Now, and they’ve even admitted and joked about it, if the don’t watch what they say they’ll get a flood of assholes tweeting and emailing bitching about what they say.

And yes, Walt’s laugh is a gift from the angels on high.
It’s almost musical, like a scottish accent.

@TESDGroupie: I think for a while Walt was sure this was not going to last… and it has been almost 5 years already.
I guess Bry got most of the mails at first, but once Walt’s mail was out for booty time, people turned to him, and I guess that is not easy on anyone.
I don’t want to imagine that happening to myself.
But I actually wrote him once about going to a Monster Magnet concert because of hearing Dave on the show and how much fun it was and he answered me!

ThatScoobyDoom: The way Bry talks sometimes it seems Walt still expects it won’t last long. Lol

I actually got a reply from Bry way back in the beginning.
I’m sure you remember the episode where they talked about that show Intervention, well I email Bry about seeing an episode about a dude that was addicted to video games and he replied.
I about shit myself.
That and the email I got from Bill Moody AKA Percy Pringle AKA Paul Bearer are to that really meant alot to me.

But yeah, to your point, he must get inundated with assholes whining about shit.
Stupider shit than bitching about Hitlearn.

What are all the SMod pods that you listen too?

@TESDGroupie: Boy, I still remember where I still listened to #TESD57 the first time, was that an scary moment… Lucky!
I have written Bry a couple of times, I wish he had answered, though he has answered in twitter.

As my main personal issues happened within the first year of TESD, I decided to follow Walt and not sweat the small stuff.
Of course, out of 345 hours (as of #TESD233, that I know you like this kind of things, lol) there are things that I don’t agree with, that of course I don’t see the same way.
I understand writing about accuracy, about facts… but writing about opinions is no use.
And I will keep the laughs, the bickering, the what if stories, over all that.
I’m sure you and I don’t see some things in the same way.
Your experience of, let’s say ‘the Goonies’, will be different from me, because I saw it when I was a girl, in the movies, after being on a long line with my friends, but that is just how things are.
I almost wrote about a comment in the TESDXmas pod for 2013 where there was talk about Spain and made things look so great.
But then I thought, I laughed so much, the radio play was so awesome… do they really care about interpreting something that does not exist (and will probably never exist) in the US wrong?
Are they gonna explain people how it was wrong?
So I just didn’t do it.

Right now, I’m pretty busy and my wi-fi is broken, so I listen to HBO, try to keep up with Smodcast (though I’m a bit late) and some WSY.

ThatScoobyDoom: And that right there is why I wanted to talk to you, you have such an encyclopedic knowledge of Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave.
You know the pod how I know something like Smallville, throw out a little fact and the both of us can nail down what somebody is talking about with-in a few eps, you with TESD & me with Smallville.

What was #57 and what was so scary about it.

I know!
That was so cool, I’ve gotten tweet replies but getting that email was before I was on twitter (I was a lurker for years before joining) and was really awesome.

See, as far as I recall, they’ve never said anything that pissed me off, slightly bugged me, annoyed me, or put me off in anyway.

I’ve never seen The Goonies…but I totally understand your point.
And see, that is a huge problem with jackasses on the internet, they think because it’s a thought in their empty heads that it is an undisputed fact and they must act like assholes about opinions.
It’s futile to argue about opinion.

Well, when you have full use of Wi-Fi, are there any other SModCo pods you listen too?

@TESDGroupie: Thanks for the compliment!
In #TESD57 Walt is upset with Bry and Q about not going on with the Halloween project and the question actually comes up Walt to Bry “So you’re trying to leave the show? You’re trying to dismantle Tell ’em Steve-Dave?” and Walt says “I feel this way more often than not, though” Bry “more often that you rather not do it?” Thankfully, the following week there was a new #TESD.

I think I should listen to Edumacation after listening to Andy McElfresh on @ThatManOnFatman.
I had always feel it would have too much science for me, something I am completely illiterate about.
I have listened to some Walking from the American Dream with Kelly Carlin, and she has had some interesting guests, so that would be an interesting one too.
And I shouldn’t say this, but I have some catching up to do with WSY (shame on me I know, especially cause I think Sal can be really funny).
For some reason, when I am feeling low, I find comfort in known things: movies, tv shows, podcasts, even books, and I find it really uphill to step out of my confort zone in any way.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ah yeah, I remember that now.
That’s one of the things I can point to about TESD that I like.
Unlike alot of pods, when they have shit to deal with the turn on the mics.
You don’t get that most places.
And even though they do air that shit, almost everytime that stuff comes up Q mentions that it’s probably boring…it ain’t!
Shits riveting.

If you like SMod, Kev, or TESD at all, you need to listen to Edumacation.
In the beginning, it was Andy trying to legit do a serious show and teach folks some shit…with Kev interrupting to make dick jokes.
Now, Andy has embraced it and they have tons of fun (my nickname) and you really don’t realize you’re learning shit until much later when you start spewing these facts and then the realization sets in “oh shit, I learned that from Edumacation”.

Kelly is awesome, Nuff Said.

I just started listening to What Say You last month, I burned through the first 13 or 14, that one is alot of fun.

@TESDGroupie: That also happened in #TESD214, that is one of my favorites of last year, Q saying “is there anyone left listening at this point?” (or something similar) Or daring to disect the Houston show and make fun of themselves.
You gotta be brave, and also really good to pull that off.
I just wish Walt wouldn’t shut in the live shows, but as a shy person I understand it.
I think this gives it the human aspect that make it so appealing; it’s not that much a show.

I really enjoyed @ThatManOnFatman 51, that was sort of a Edumacation and I even knew one thing!
So that is definitely in my list. It will be easier now knowing things get much relaxed, let’s say.
Wait for WSY19… not saying any more…

ThatScoobyDoom: Exactly!
Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I gotta figure out a way to listen to That Man, the current set up they have just will not work on my phone.
I wish they’d use Lybsync (the thing JJ2End uses) or Soundcloud on the site (like the way SModCo does) cause I really wanna listen to it.

It’s a totally relaxed goofy show with some learnin’ thrown in.

Everybody keeps telling me 19 is awesome, I have it on my phone to listen but I’ve been so busy working on my Videos, Typecasts, and other shit to be able to get to it.

I was gonna ask you about it, but you mentioned how many hours TESD has over 223 episodes.
Do you happen to have what the average length of the show is?
Cause for some reason, that is so interesting to me. Lol

@TESDGroupie: I know it is not very popular now, but do you have stitcher?
@ThatManOnFatman is there.

As an exclusive (haha) part of my episode lenght chart by year: total length, number of episodes and average I actually started it when you asked about it, and have kept it up for my on geeky curiosity too.
Note: 194 is not included as it is not available anymore.


And WSY19 is not very long, about 45 minutes, but just pure genius

ThatScoobyDoom: Don’t have Stitcher, too big for my shitty phone.

Aww, that is so awesome!
Glad I inspired you to keep track.
So, 2013 was the best year?

Do you have a favorite episode of SModcast?

@TESDGroupie: You haven’t seen my phone, lol

And this is updated to the latest episode #233.
Indeed 2013 was a great year, where also the Puppet DVD was release, which I still love.

Not to be topical, but it’s true the saying “there’s so many to choose from” To name a few, the one with Hellen Keller (#15), #74, Scott’s vasectomy (#80)the one with Jeff Anderson (#134), #145, the ones with Harry Scotter… too hard, lol
And with #TESD, Gnome alone and the one with Bridge Beach to say just two.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I said 223 earlier.
Good thing you said so before I got Eduma-corrected.

I still haven’t seen Puppet Theater, what was that exactly.

I love the Harry Scotter eps, the recent eps with Joe Rogan were great, both of the Anderson eps, I’m really looking forward to the episode with Jericho.
Oh, and who could forget The (c)Rapture and 259.

My all time favorite episode of TESD is one that, sadly, is without Q, care to guess which one?

@TESDGroupie: I can’t believe I forgot the Walrus one (Eduma-corrected).
And I now remember the The (c)Rapture… I really would love to see that movie.
It would make Dogma look like a kid’s idea.

Walt goes postal?

ThatScoobyDoom: The (c)Rapture would make a good movie, but if they did a 2 hour super HQ animated movie…that would be the greatest fuckin’ movie in the history of ever.
They could do 2 versions too, go super serious on one and then go for an extremely wacky over-the-top comedy.
Would be awesome!

“IT WAS SUSAN???” makes me bust out laughing too.
That and the Not So Super Bowl are just classic Walt.
And Ming’s stumbling and bumbling under Walt’s hard nosed interrogation is hilarious.

@TESDGroupie: Oh God, now I want to see the animated version of the (c)Rapture so bad…

Love the Not so superbowl, never saw the outcome coming.
And don’t forget the one, true, three!
That’s why I love PuckNuts, Walt does the same with Sunday Jeff but at least he tries to come back, and some comebacks are hilarious.

I forgot about the Puppet DVD.
It’s bits of TESD done with Puppets, Q’s, Ming’s and Sunday Jeff’s one-true-three, the pizza story, the black box and some others.
Really worth the money.

ThatScoobyDoom: Stark did some animation that I think may still be on YT somewhere or it might be on the first SModimations DVD.

Walt has a great creative mind, you can tell he’s spent many an hour listening to Game Show Network. Lol

You keep telling me to listen to pucknuts, but I just can’t stand hockey or sports talk.
I keep wanting to listen but it’s just so hard to attempt. Lol

Sunday Jeff is awesome, that ep of TESD with him and Walt was genius!
It’s funny as fuck listening to those to explode at one another.

They just took the pod audio and puppeted over it, right?

Oh, a few other choice TESD moments: The Black Box was awesome!
Delivering comics, “Wultuh Wultuh, your married?” brilliant!
So much great content in them thar eps.

@TESDGroupie: I’ve seen most of the animations on YouTube.
The one with the panties in the ice is one of the first ones, right?
I am not sure the DVDs will play here, different region.
Maybe you should start in PuckNuts 5, where Walt gives up on the show.
I believe there is a show where about three-quarters in, someone is like “shouldn’t we talk about hockey?” but I can’t remember now.
When Walt introduced Sunday Jeff in the PodWars as “cult podcaster” I thought, genius! and so true.
And he goes along with everything and takes everything.
The interaction between them is one of the best discoveries.
In the puppeted moments there is some edition, but it is just the pod audio.
There are some awesome stories, even the harder ones.
I think how Bry tells his visit to the doctor is how all visits should be told.
We could make and endless list… lol

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, the panties one was within the first 3 I believe.
The Auqaman one, which was the very first one is still my favorite of those.

I may give it a try, but it’ll be a while.

With well over 300 hours of content, you’re damn right we could make endless lists.

Lets talk a bit about the bonus pods, starting with Overkill.
Were you one of the lucky few that actually figured out a way to listen to that when it first went up?
I know I was.

@TESDGroupie: I remember someone posted a way to add it to iTunes and downloaded there, and it worked.
I also have a sister in the States, which was a nice back up plan for this situation.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I did not know that.
I found a way that I had to dive through an RSS feed or 2 but it pulled ’em.

Did you immediately like Overkill?
I’ve heard some say it took them a while to warm up to it.

@TESDGroupie: I think it was hard to know what to do at first to make it a bit different, but Walt’s idea of the paramormal was good.
And JSarge’s theme added to it so well.
The ghostbusters in Q’s house is a moment that still cracks me.
I always thought the contrary was easier, that it was hard to keep that topic for so long.
But it’s definitely worth listening to.


ThatScoobyDoom: I haven’t heard them since they originally dropped, but I remember there being alot of great stuff in there.
And wasn’t that where the whole domain fiasco with Git ‘Em started?

J Sarge is a goddamn master, I’m proud to say I’ve worked with him on my shit.
He makes everything better.

@TESDGroupie: I have done a couple of run-throughs, and relistened to some episodes.
Indeed, that’s the moment, in the ‘Spanish Bry’ episode.

Wow, lucky… That, makes me envious.
I am not creative at all, so much respect to both of you.
How I wish the puppet DVD soundtrack was available.

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn Git ‘Em.

See, that bugs me when people say they aren’t creative.
I know I’m gonna sound like Kev here but oh well.
Everybody is creative in their own way, be it J Sarge and Meme Em making music, be it Bry, Walt, & Q recording a pod, or me making videos that make me laugh, we all have stories to tell.
Hell, even this conversation we’re having right now is a form of creativity.
As soon as an audience, no matter how big or small, is watching you, reading your stuff, looking at your photos or paintings, or listening to you talk about a 30 year old movie franchise, you are creating, you are an artist.
In your case, you’ve just got to figure out what your art is.

Did J Sarge do new music for the Puppet movie?

I feel if we didn’t talk about the Christmas pods we’d be leaving out some of the best stuff…and that’s coming from a dude that’s on heard the 2013 one.

@TESDGroupie: That is why I tweet/retweet your stuff, because I like how you turn your ideas into things.
I think I have the mentality that things are always better in my mind, and that is really the barrier that can really keep you from doing stuff.
That is why I also have never answered to mean tweet or ignore certain people, because I want to enjoy the moment and the people that like the things I do.

I believe there is.
He did an “I sell comics” song and there are some tracks used during the movie that appear later during the credits that I really dig, especially the one that sounds the first.
And it was cool seeing the credits and seeing that you know some of the names that come up.

The Christmas pods are so much fun.
And I think the way they are released, setting the date, so everybody goes and gets it, with enough time to enjoy them before Christmas is really genius.
I found out this year some people that wait until Christmas day to listen to it… don’t know if I would be able to do that.
I guess every year it must be harder to think of ideas, as so much ground has been covered, but they are really top-notch every year.
I enjoyed the first year because of the Xmas in foreign lands, two out of the three happen in Barcelona.
I even sent Bry a caganer and Walt the real figure where the last story was based on.
I guess he must have been like “what the hell is this?” And I love the songs they did, and having callback from one year to another.
Do you have a favourite moment of the ones you’ve heard?

ThatScoobyDoom: You’ve gotta break that barrier, figure out your thing, and make it happen.
Because trust me, it is totally worth it in the long run.

Huh, I did not know that!
Strangely enough, that was another reason I wanted it, I wanted to see how many folks I knew in the credits.

I think one of us said it earlier, but I’ll say it again: screw Kanye, Walt Flanagan is a creative genius!
Just when “you” (or even he) think he’s out of ideas…BOOM!
He pops up with yet another cool little thingamabob, like the dogtags!

Like I said, I only heard the 2013 one, but in that there were 3 things that I found insanely funny. 1. When Git ‘Em was telling his story of a shitty Christmas.
That made me think that that must have been how Q felt when he came into the Stash that day when he’d been in the car accident. Just brutal mocking.
2. Was when Q said he had Mistletoe on his belt and the way Walt howled with laughter when he asked him why when he knew he’d only invited dudes.
3. Fuck the holocust, and fuck you!
I Sell Comics, bitch!


@TESDGroupie: Actually, I was going to say no to Scott when he asked me to be on @ThatManOnFatman.
I was so self-concious about my accent and talk, that I really didn’t know what to do.
Also, I am very shy… but I still don’t know why I did not dare to cancel it.
And look now, I think next week is number 25 TESD pick of the week.
And even though I said yes to Scott pretty quick, you’d never imagine how many times I second guessed myself.

Totally agreed, just when you thought that was it, Walt always comes with something that still makes your jaw drop.
When he talked about the drop of blood in the Cryptozoic men issues, the dog tags, are you worse than Hitler, going on stage with puppets,… even the ice cream truck idea in CBM.
Creative genius indeed.

My bad, I thought you had said you had listened up to 2013. That was a great year too… boy, the radio play was just hilarious.
I loved Sunday Jeff as the narrator.
I know Q has mentioned the mistletoe on his belt several times, but had forgotten about Walt’s answer, lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: See, I look at it this way, English isn’t your first language, right?
So, even that you make the attempt to try and speak it should be good enough.
And BTW, I’ve heard you a few times on That Man, you do a pretty damn good job…plus you’re Groupie, that goes a long way in my book. 😉
Also, I bet I’d surprise you with my understanding of second guessing ones self.

Pod Wars, nuff said.

And don’t forget the clicky contributions of our favorite creaky character, ol @DeQuinn. He’s like the rug in The Big Lebowski, he really ties the room together.
The cats, the music, all of the other effects, dude has got mad skills too.

@TESDGroupie: Right, Spanish born and raised. My birthtown:

I hope there is something PodWars-like this year too.
And I was on the banner sent to the Stash and I got to help Walt with the survey (well, you know that) It was so much fun, especially because people were so excited to take part and I know how weird/fucked up to others the questions were.
Especially because I knew other people were doing it too, so I thought 30-40 people would be okay and I heard on TESD it had to be 100 people and… it was really fun nevertheless.

I think your description of Dec is the best I’ve ever heards… close to ever *high five* Do you know I got to see him in the Manchester show?
I actually found out it was him because Bryan told me.
And only sometimes people notice about the hour difference.
It’s amazing the capacity of work and the effort he does to put the show up at 5am in UK/Ireland, sometimes weirder time.
I really liked how the Fair-re-re Tale Theatre sounds and all the work every week.

ThatScoobyDoom: Then you’ve got no reason to worry about it, dear Groupie.

Pod Wars & Wallywood Squares are also among my favorite eps, but I figure that goes without saying. Lol
That was really cool, I wonder what it is about the pods like TESD and HB-O that inspire such loyalty from the listeners.
Because with everything TESD has done that had listener involvement it seems to have happened with such ease, the survey’s were a perfect example of that.

Hahaha, thanks.
I didn’t even know you went to the Manchester show, how was it?

Dude puts alot of effort in just to have folks break his balls because he’s embezzling and buying Jaguars…totally unsubstantiated…I guess. XD

I haven’t heard Fair-re-re theater either, but I thought it was really fuckin’ cool the way they tried to make it free for everybody.

@TESDGroupie: I think it is just that everything is so unpretentious and accesible that attracts all the effort.
Plus, they are open to acknowledge people.

It was great to see people react to the PodWars survey request and I really enjoyed doing it.
I can’t believe how good sport Declan is about all the ball-busting and Irish jokes.
Can’t imagine the number of tweets asking about the pod, when he hasn’t even received it yet.


The Manchester show was awesome, really funny.
And the after show was really cool: they took pictures with everyone, signed posters, hung around.
I left close to 1am and they were still there with people.

As you can see, I was a groupie already then (I arrived the first and was in the first row).


ThatScoobyDoom: Very true.

Yeah, lets hope General Flanagan does indeed call upon you again.
A good soldier through and through that Dec is.

That’s awesome!
Kev only came here once, on the Groovy Movie Tour, I missed that and the Why Bry after.
Sounded like it was a fun show.

You mentioned it earlier, what did you think of them taking down 194?

@TESDGroupie: I wish Kevin would come here.
I really thought Tusk was my only chance.
I saw it at a nearby festival, where Red State had won the award for best movie and actor.
But, no luck…

About 194, if they didn’t decided putting it up, I agree.
What if you now you decided to take down one of your videos?
Ultimately it’s your feed, and the decision is yours.
Even if there have been con shows posted as TESD, there were usually small intros or comments in most of them.

ThatScoobyDoom: I forget, did we talk about Tusk yet?
Sorry, bad memory.

I agree…to an extent, when it was pulled I think the next ep should have been numbered 194.
Now there’s a gap there.
As OCD as I am, that annoys the fuck out of me.


@TESDGroupie: Just talked about the Smod.
I was really, really lucky because there is horror and fantasy festival here about an hour from Barcelona, and I got to see Tusk there.
It is where Red State won the award for best movie and actor.

I really enjoyed it.
It was around 11am, so I was by the seaside, and by 10:20 I was in the line, about 50-60 people already and growing.
The cinema has 2 floors and if is was not full, it was really close.
And I really liked it, but Michael Parks just captures you.
And I think beyond the laughs, podcast callbacks,… Pretty meaningful.
I think there were some references I only got (like the ringtone, or name sign) but there were plenty of laughs, clapping at the end and the buzz of people talking. Really lucky for being able to see it and for this new experience (first time I ever went to that film festival).
I hope we do get a release date here… I’ll go back again.

ThatScoobyDoom: How closely did it follow the “plot” that they laid on on SMod?

Besides Parks, how did Long, Deep, and the rest of the cast do?

@TESDGroupie: To me, the main difference is the ad.
In the podcast, all is detailed and in the movie some of the explanation included in it is done later… I think it is good to withhold the info to add to Wallace anxiety… and ours…

I liked everybody, but I tend to always be too nice with movies.
Indeed, as Bryan says Johnny Depp is amazing… The first time he appears is… wow!

ThatScoobyDoom: Damn, I wanna see it.
How did the Walrus look?

You’ve mentioned Red State a time or 2, were you shocked that Kev and crew had that one up their collective sleeve?

@TESDGroupie: For me it was a bit hard to see, but thinking about it… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sorry… Not sure I understand the second question.
Could you rephrase, please? :-/

ThatScoobyDoom: What was so fucked up about it?

Given all of Kev’s other work, were you shocked by Red State?

@TESDGroupie: It is certainly different from other movies… Not only for the content, but for the lack of music, the visual image.
It was really a change in what he did.
But radical religion and guns… I’m not surprised at almost anything.

Growing up was a bit different over here.
It was after the dictatorship, with terrorism, so crude violent does not surprise me.
I’m not much a fan of gore or guts though…

ThatScoobyDoom: I mean specifically because it was Kevin that wrote and directed it, alot of people were surprised that he did it.
Alot didn’t think the guy that made Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Zac & Miri Make A Porno had something as fucked up as Red State in his wheelhouse.

@TESDGroupie: It was certainly a surprise and I thought… “when did I miss whatever was said/discussed to come up to this point?” But it sort of ties with something you said some mails ago… try different things.
Certainly, for let’s say painters it’s easier to try different mediums, topics,… but it is part of your working brain trying to push limits.
I guess movies can be different for the kind of money involved.
I also remember Kevin that all his movies had been from a different kind, that he had done an independing movie, a sequel, a buddy film,… something similar.
So a new kind for the list.

ThatScoobyDoom: He talked a bit about it in the 3rd Evening With…but that’s not what I was expecting at all.
It wasn’t a shock, I was prepped for something different, but like you said it has a look unlike anything he’d done.
And Red State had one of the best casts he’s ever worked with for damn sure.

Very nicely put.
It is funny the way Actors, Directors, & Writers get put into “style” boxes.
We saw that recently with Steve Carell and Foxcatcher.

@TESDGroupie: How much credit do you think goes to David Klein?
I know Kevin talked about it too, and how lucky he was to have him.

I just have seen pictures of Foxcatcher, it opens here on February 6.
I guess there’s a lot of money at stakes, and expectations play a very big role in decision making.
Here we have some actors that didn’t break out of their comedy roles until their sixties.

ThatScoobyDoom: I think it was 90% Dave, but keep in mind Dave did Clerks II.
It’s a big departure from that even.

Did you listen to the Red State Of The Union pod?

I haven’t seen it either, but those pix of Carell are a bit shocking.

Til their 60’s???
That must be tough.

@TESDGroupie: But he can certainly add his own road and learnings to it.
I listened to some of when they came out.
The one with Dave, the casting director and assistant director… really interesting all of them.

This is one of the things I wish were different: being about to share my Spanish geek with people… But I’m really starting to think I am really the only Spaniard listening to TESD (not to be confused with people living here or people in Spanish speaking countries, that I have seen a few).

ThatScoobyDoom: No question about it, I hope I didn’t say this already, but that’s why when some folks were bitching about Clerks III getting pushed in favor of Tusk and Moose Jaws I was like “are you people fuckin’ stupid? It’s only gonna make Clerks III better, shut up!” the more experiance he has the better it’ll be for us.

The whole process, from start to finish on that film was fascinating and I loved that they opened up and showed us how they did it all.
I also loved having some of those podcasts on the Blu-Ray, they made for great commentary tracks.

That must be isolating for you, but at least you have twitter to share your passion.
From time to time I try to make the effort to Tweet spanish for you and a few others, but Google Translate isn’t exact so sometimes it’s just a waste of time.

@TESDGroupie: As long as Clerks III is still talked about and it is in the horizon, no problem for me.
(Boy, are we being controversial, lol)

Every mail, I have more pods added.
But may be fun to add them to a trip.

I really love and appreciate anything in Spanish, Espanglish… My favourite is JTF going after Memeem and me when we sometimes speak in Spanish.
So funny!
So Google translate or not, any of your comments is welcome.
And if you want to add subtitles to any video, let me know.

ThatScoobyDoom: Last I heard, Clerks III is the very next movie he’s working on now that Yoga Hosiers is done.

You should, alot of good shit in there.

Yeah, ol JTF likes to pretend he’s an asshole but he’s a big ol pussy…cat, pussy cat.

I guess we can end on Clerks III.
What did you think of his original idea of doing it as a stage play?

@TESDGroupie: I think it would have been really fun and interesting.
Another format to add, that I think could work for this story.
Actually, maybe due to the budget and limitations, Clerks may look like a play sometimes.
The only issue is that is a limited format to people watching it.
But I am sure a DVD of it would have been made even if it was at the end of the run.
It would have been a good reason to return to New York, the Stash, see a play.

ThatScoobyDoom: Clerks could totally work as a stage play, Clerks II and Mallrats could as well…with a little trickery.

I think he said at one point he said they were going to stream it into theaters at the end of the run.

I like all the ideas he threw out there about things to do in the build up to it.
At one point he talked about doing a book or novel.
And I think during the Groovy movie tour he said they have plans to release animated shorts leading up to the release of III, but given how long ago that was that may have changed.

What do you think about all the story details he’s dropped along the way?

@TESDGroupie: The truth is I do not remember much about it… I do remember the talk about the mid-life crisis.
I remember when he asked about actresses ideas on twitter.
I also remember the talk about the first ten minutes being in black and white and then going to color, and if you want to go from Clerks II and want to close the trilogy, maybe the move to black and white should be at the end, but may be with the way the story goes, it makes sense.
I just know I am very excited, though also a bit sad, as I have been there for (almost) all the way.
And they are like some good friends you may have; you just see them from time to time, but you know they are always there for you and when you see again, it seems no time has gone by.

ThatScoobyDoom: He said at one point, back when he was talking about it as a play, that he was going to put Randal in the spotlight this time around.
That should make for a great change.

I saw him ask that on twitter too, that was interesting.
I wonder if he was seriously asking for fan input or just wanting to see what folks thought or hell, maybe even seeing if anybody said one of the actresses he has in mind.

My guess would be that it’ll be like Clerks II, the beginning and the end will be Black & White and the rest will be color.

That is pretty much the same thing @Fitzman73 said about the original Star Wars trilogy and Episode VII.

I don’t think Clerks III will be the end of Dante and Randal’s story.
Just by the way Kev has talked, with all of these ideas he has for the build up to III, I think he may have a series of shorts up his sleeve along the lines of The Flying Car.
Basically, I think he may do with Clerks what Disney has done with Toy Story.

@TESDGroupie: I think it would be great to see more of Randal… He versus life, when everybody seems to be settling/surrendering to middle age, lol
I’m up for everything that has to do to the road to Clerks III… as long as it is foreigners friendly.

ThatScoobyDoom: Unless you have anything else to add, I think we’ll end it there.

@TESDGroupie: Not really… I think this is more than enough of me, lol
Thanks for all your time and thinking of me for one of your Typecast.

Remind people to listen to ThatMan on FatMan.
And just so you know, this is how I first saw Mallrats:

Take care!

ThatScoobyDoom: The thanks is all mine, glad you agreed to do it.


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Thanks for reading, and as usual: the world sucks enough so don’t add to it by being a dick.

How It Happened: Shit Or Get Off The Cobblepot

This may well be one of my shortest How It Happened posts as I really don’t remember much about how this one came to be.

If what I do remember is accurate, I was watching Clerks one night and I was tweeting about it and I got the idea for BatDante and JokeRandal, I think those are the Hashtags I used.

I also kinda remember talking to @SteBoost, while I was Twatching the movie, about different scenes to do and this is the one I settled on.


Much like Mr. J’s Toxic Blues, I spent sometime in my recording booth…aka, the car…and I struggled a little bit to get Joker to the level that he was in Toxic Blues because the Bat voice is a bitch and a half!

You may be wondering “then why didn’t you just do another Bat voice then, dumb dumb?” well that’s because I could either mimic Christian Bale and have nobody question it, everybody knew what I was doing.
Or I could do my own, in which case everybody, including myself, would have compared it to the master that is Kevin Conroy.
Sure, my Joker is an admitted bad impression of the one true Crown Prince of Crime Mark Hamill…but I do my version of that voice, in my opinion, perfectly.
It fits.
But to try and dig a new Batman voice outta my ass?

So anyway, I did both of these voices in one take with with my phone’s shitty sound recorder.
No trickery.
The bouncing back and forth in the moment makes this one of the hardest videos I’ve ever done.
To pump all the energy needed for the Joker into one breath and then drop as deep and throat tearingly gruff as Bale Batman in the next breath left me with a sore throat for a few days, not too mention sweaty as hell once again.
And if I remember right, I had to do at least 5 takes.

I think that’s it.
Let me know what you think of this post and video in the comment below or in the comments on Youtube.
To see what I’ll be talking about in future How It Happened posts go watch all of my videos here.

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