How It Happened: Senior Moment 3

This is not the original Senior Moment 3.
Yes gang, there is a fourth as yet unused Senior Moment script locked away deep in the archives of one of my TS-D/JA Productions notebooks.
This one was about as last minute as it gets from what I recall.


See, I was going through a period where I was making videos based on holidays and pseudo-holidays, and as the New Year approached I figured I would try and see if there was some way I could put a TS-D/JA Productions spin one of the biggest pseudo-holidays around, New Year’s Eve/Day.
So I got to thinking about the *ahem* “franchises” I have and which I could utilize in a New Year’s video, immediately Senior Moment jumped out at me.

Go watch the video and I’ll tell you exactly why it jumped out:

This whole video hinges on me wanting to do 1 very simple stupid joke.
“Well, ya wanted to see the balls drop!”
That’s it.
But I had to build some form of story around that to give me an excuse to tell said joke.
Hey, everybody loves a countdown/that fuckin’ ball drop shit so I had that!

When you take a minute and think about it, really break it down, this is one of the most fucked up videos I have ever put out.
Seriously, think about it, we have this pervy, weird, old grandpa flashing his balls to his family.
Ain’t that fucked up?
And then the after credits scene is one of the greatest fears of every man on the planet.


As for the picture, that’s me sitting in my red chair in my room, fully clothed, with a pair of my pants and boxers around my ankles, my socks pulled up to my short and curlys, and my ratty ass old house shoes.
And for those of you wondering, the shit stain was digitally added later.
I know how to wipe good, I swears it!


I think that’s it for this unholy bastard!
Sorry for such a short post, but this one was pretty straight forward.

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And finally, now more than ever this message rings true.
This world is filled with hateful, cruel, flat out evil people.
You should go out and do anything and everything in your power to make this world a better place, to combat those shitty people, and to spread a little joy.
It is needed now in a big bad way.

I truly appreciate you reading this, I hope you come back soon.


3 Years Of TS-D/JA Productions

I’m really surprised I’ve stuck with it for 3 years, but I’m sure glad I have.
Okay now, this year I’m really flying without a net, none of this shit is planned.
So strap in (or strap on) cause this might take a while.

But before we get into everything else, let’s go back to where it all started on May 27th 2013 with Bitch Slappin’ The Wind:

Also, give a look at years 2nd Anniversary post:

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.
Boil it all down and TS-D/JA Productions, in all of it’s many forms, is really just the continuing progress of 1 dude who’s scared shitless of the real world, who never wanted to grow up and be a big people, who always just wanted to make stupid voices because it made himself laugh, who’s awkward around people because he doesn’t trust them, who just doesn’t want to face reality.
A dude that’s worried that some day he is going to die alone and there’s not going to be anybody on the planet to remember him because he was so closed off, so apart, so detached from the world.
A dude that would desperately love to be remembered for one of the best reasons imaginable, at least in his mind…to be remembered because he entertained you.

3 years after starting on this journey, I’m not sure if I’ve even begun accomplishing that feat…but it’s definitely not for lack of trying.
This last year I, with the help of so many many talented people, have been far more prolific than in either of the 2 years before, maybe even more so than those 1st 2 years combined.
Once again, on a personal level, this past year hasn’t really been the greatest, but I have creatively thrived in spite of that.
Probably as a way to try and escape the craziness.
But lets just keep to the public shit.

Sadly, in the past year, there have been fewer posts on my channel and on this site.
Hell, the Typecast has basically become a thing of the past as it’s becoming harder and harder to get folks to do them and cover new ground.
The videos have become rarer and rarer on the channel because it’s getting harder to come up with new material, whether it’s based on known properties or just making shit up.
But there is a good excuse for that!

If you follow either of my twitter accounts (@TheScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction, if you didn’t know) or if you’ve been paying attention to this site you’ve seen me talking about The Camping Trip.
I think I started writing it the day before or the day after Christmas and it took me about a month to write my half of the story.
After a few persisting issues with my old Rock Band mic that I’ve used since I made Dumbass Poets Society, I was able to get a new mic from @SteBoost (who has actually, and probably without even realizing it, been a really big hero to TS-D/JA Productions this year) in February and it took me about a month to record all of it in 8 voices or so and send it to my partner in crime, the dude that’s basically become the Scotty Mo to my Kev Smith in the last 12 months, the good sir @Fitzman73.

Over the last 2 months Fitz has edited, and I’ve heard, over a half hour of The Camping Trip.
And let me tell you folks, this will be the best sounding anything to have the TS-D/JA Productions name on it, the dude is fucking CRUSHING it!
I wish to hell I could give you the release date here, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
But I can give you a little hope on that front, I’m 75% sure it will be out before the end of July.
There could still be a bump in the road that causes a delay, but right now it’s looking good.

Until then, enjoy this trailer I just posted not too long ago:

Cool and creepy, right?

Now, what’s the other thing that’s kinda made me slack off on everything else?
Again, if you’ve paid attention to my 2 twitter accounts, I’ve launched a 3rd twitter account!
Wait…that’s not the thing, it’s what that twitter account is for that’s worth celebrating!
If you read the 2nd Anniversary post that I linked to above you know I was big time dreaming of hopefully launching a podcast before this years Anniversary.
Well guess what!
After @Fitzman73 and I went and saw Episode VII back in December (right after I started writing my half of The Camping Trip) we recorded a pod on the way back to my house (which you can read more about and find out how to listen to here: and it was fuckin’ fun, man.
First time I met the dude and we had an awesome time, at the very least from my perspective, which just added fuel to the fire of folks begging us (based on all of our Typecasts) to do a pod of our own.
Well, on April 16th @NerdBlitzPod set sail into the harsh waters of Podcastdom.

Fitz (again, like a champ) does ALL of the editing, so why has my shit been so sporadic?
Well, those intros and outros don’t write and record themselves.
That’s been my thing since The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz launched, I write and record all of the intros and outros (Fitz does lines as needed) you hear on the pod (which you should all go listen to at and I’ve been making and editing videos for the Nerd Blitz YouTube channel (which you can find HERE), where very soon you will see the podcast episodes popping up as soon as I can make them and get them to Fitz to post.

So yeah, you are getting fewer posts, but you are getting far more content.
We’ve been recording weekly and banking episodes, but bi-weekly, for the foreseeable future, you will be getting at the very least 1 hour of new content from your favorite giant dog man Doom and his hockey helmeted friend Fitz in the form of The Nerd Blitz (which you should read more about here:, and we have a few things planned that we hope you folks will dig to give you more content than just the regular bi-weekly show, plus a few things we hope some of you will want to help us with to help us grow our listenership.

Something else that was pretty fuckin’ awesome in the last year was that, thanks to the rocker and roller that is @TheJSarge, my voice can be heard on one of my favorite podcasts!
At the end of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave (a podcast which has been talked about many times around these parts) Halloween special last year, the creepy little voice that says the title is none other than me!
It’s nothing huge, but it’s pretty damn cool for me.
You can listen to it at this link:
And here’s my very first reaction to it:
I’d talked to Sarge before and sent him some takes of me saying Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave that I’d recorded on my old phone with the shitty built in mic.
Well, I offered to redo them for him with my slightly better set-up (the old Rock Band mic and such) and he said sure.
He said he’d try to use them if he could, and I honestly didn’t really see when he’d have the opportunity to use them, but hey, at least I tried!
Then the dude came through with this!
He really is a cool motherfucker.

Now, lets get into the numbers game, which is what I obsess over more than anything else. Haha
Total views for everything I’ve done in these last 3 years are as follows…
The Site: 4919
The main YouTube Channel has: 8697
The Pod Youtube Channel has: 120
And the Pod has: 237
Pretty fuckin’ cool, right?
All combined, that’s 13,973 views.

Now, lets talk about total combined hours of content in these 3 years.
Between both YT Channels (not including The Camping Trip trailer, that goes on year 4’s record) I, with crazy amounts of help, have created and produced a total of 2 hours 13 minutes and 36 seconds of video content.
Between the 2 bonus episodes posted on the JJ2End Feed, Episode 20 of Just Jump To The End, and the 1st 3 Episodes of The Nerd Blitz With Doom & Fitz, Fitz and I have produced 5 hours 46 minutes and 26 seconds of glorious podcast content.
All that comes together for a grand total of 7:59:02 by my mathin’.
Just 58 seconds short of 8 full hours in 3 years.
That’s over 4 times the 1:43:00 I had last year.

Now let’s get into the thank yous for the last year.
For the videos, I want to send a huge heartfelt thank you to the following people: @ShariSayz, @_13Chris, @FromTheMonkey, @Woody_TESDFan & @JoePeel of @ShootheMoonBand, @AmandaMDanger, @Fitzman73, @GingerNacre, @NeilGat, @Forgeticus, @SteBoost, @KatLong31, @LookingForEight, @Gabryelledam, & @Joinedtofollow.

For their help with the site, deepest thanks go too @Fitzman73, @Joinedtofollow, @ScoobySnaxCom, @MemeEmSteveDave, @SpiderScooby, @CheeryAnt, @SteBoost, @ShariSayz, @KatLong31, and a special thanks to @SMorgan21 for offering to doba Typecast (I still wanna give it a whirl, Sandy).

To start wrapping up, and to reiterate what I said last year, of you’ve been here since the beginning, THANK YOU!
If you just found something I made yesterday, THANK YOU!
If you read, watch, subscribe, or listen to anything or everything I have made, THANK YOU!
And if you have ever helped, left a comment, or engaged in conversation based on any of it,
It really does mean the world to me and I THANK YOU!
You’ve helped me through those small simple actions more than you could ever realize.
And a Huge Thank You goes to @SpiderScooby for encouraging me to get on the twitter in the first place, without that push, none of this exists.
Thanks for that and so much more, brother.

One more time, here are all of the links to all of the ways you can consume and support TS-D/JA Productions.
Pod YT: Nerd Blitz on YT
Pod Twitter: @NerdBlitzPod
My YT:
My Scooby Writings: ScoobyFan.Net/Author/Scooby-Doom/
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And finally, quite often the world can be an incredibly shitty place.
Do EVERYTHING in your power to combat that and spread a little bit of good and kindness in any way you can.
Even small acts can help far more than you realize.
Thank you so much for your support, I hope to see you back here again next year.

How It Happened: Family Dinner

This one was my first really big stretch.
It has a joke or 2, but those were only added to kind of try and offset just how heavy this video was.
I also had a plan for this one that, due to some unfortunate circumstances for one of my intended collaborators, kind of got chucked out the window…and in a weird way made it more memorable for some of my viewers.
Give the video a watch and lets get into it afterwards.

In 2014 there were a lot of folks I dug, public and personal, that died and this was a bit of how I tried dealing with it.
But that’s not actually how it was originally intended.
Ya see, I had originally planned to have the wife in this video, and it was my intention to have @ShariSayz play her…but Shari was going through a few things at the time and needed to work through them, so I decided before I even started writing to leave the wife out…and that decision is what gave this video all of the heart it has.


Just to spell it out, this video is about a family gathering for their first Thanksgiving following the death of a beloved and important friend/family member, something I sadly have a lot of experience with both of my Grandpa’s dying when I was at a very young age (the 20th and 19th anniversaries just passed earlier this week) and both of my Grandma’s in the last 15 years.
I saw how it affected my parents, I remember well how it affected me, so I dumped all of that into this.

I can’t remember if it was during or after the writing of this that I reached out to @ComicWasteland and @TheJSarge/@MemeEmSteveDave of @IrvingsBasement for their help.
As per usual, I gave @ComicWasteland a breakdown of what I needed and the dude nailed it all.
I had him add a few things to the table pic to fill it out a bit, and I sorta remember having him add something to one of the kid’s rooms.
But all of these images are slick as fuck!
That stairway particularly tells a story of this house and it’s history.
Dude did damn good AGAIN!!!
Show him some love and such by visiting his blog:


So, we have Parents of the Husband left behind (Morty and Gloria, who are 2 characters/voices I’ve used for many years to entertain myself and my Mum), the grieving Husband and Father of 2, and the 2 Sons, Bobby (a douchey, selfabsorbed kid loosely based on my brother) and Stevie (named after the owner of the comic shop I when to who died earlier in 2014) all gathering for the first holiday dinner following the recent funeral for the Wife/Mother/Daughter-In-Law.
We start with the man’s Parents having a conversation before following the Widower as he goes and gets the boys for dinner.


Bobby, the problematic son, blasts music with no concern or consideration for anybody else in the house gives his Dad a hard time when Dad requests his lordships presence at the family meal.
Again, this is ripped from my own life.
There were many many years where we had to chase my brother down for our holiday dinners and got the same kind of assholic reply.
The soundtrack for this scene is brilliantly provided by @IrvingsBasement in the form of their song Comfort Problems, which you can buy here:
I forget which of the duo I hit up for permission to use this song (probably @MemeEmSteveDave cause, as busy as I know Meme Em is, I’ve always been a bit worried about bothering @TheJSarge since he’s a fuckin’ rockstar and all), but they sent it right over.
That’s the really cool thing about these 2, no matter what, they are always willing to try and help somebody with some creative type shit in any way they can.
Both really good dudes.


Then there’s the other son, Stevie, loosely based on myself, alone in his room playing with his toys and shit in a world all his own.
As I said a couple of times above, there were a few deaths that rocked me that year, and one of which was Steve who owned the comic shop I went too.
So, as a little tribute, I named this kid after him.
Then there’s the sound effect that @FromTheMonkey provided, which again my memory is shitty, but I think he did it for me for another video and I used it for this.
Mike is another one of those dudes that always comes through for me, cool fucker, check out his site here:


I thought it was kinda funny having the Dad say “5 minutes, bud” and then having “6 minutes later” pop up.
And then there’s this final scene, where it all comes together.
The whole family gathers for the meal and they do that thing I’ve always seen families do on TV and in Movies where they sit around and say a few things they’re thankful for, seems weird but it’s a trope I will gladly use to get my point across.
Once I made the decision to leave Shari out, I realized what I wanted to use this video to do.
On twitter, I used to try to thank everybody who RT’d my shit, but with as much shit as I do sometimes it does get hard to keep up, so this video is me breaking the fourth wall.
When the Dad says “everyone of you who can hear my voice right now” that’s me talking directly to all of the people who watch my videos, and retroactively read this site or listen to my pod.
It gets really serious and I know I was walking a fine line that could have easily tipped into lame, cheesy, sappy, or overdramatic territory (some might say it did, I like to think it didn’t) and it just gets progressively heavier until the end…and yes, this is why I threw in the fart joke at the end to try and let off a little of the steam/pressure that had built up through the entire video.

So there ya have it, gang.
This was a huge step out of my normal range, and hopefully you all dug it.
As heavy as it was, it was nice to stretch and work a new muscle for a change.
Hopefully I’ll have even more different shit in the future.


As per usual, the world is a rough place full of a lot of shitty people that can and will try to tear you down at every turn, combat those bastards by throwing a little good in the world in anyway you can.
Be it a smile to somebody having a bad day, helping a stranger carry something, or any other way you can.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here next week for my TS-D/JA Productions 3rd Anniversary post.

How It Happened: Channel Surfing Again

Hey gang!
Time to break down Channel Surfing Again, so settle in as I get to explaining this little late night stoner brain dropping of mine.


Watch the video and afterwards I’m slappin’ it out on the table, lets have some fun!

Pretty fuckin’ goofy, right?
And that’s why I bloody love it.


The Opening: The lovely @ShariSayz came back to play my wifey!
Just like the first 1, I needed something to give me a reason to have the TV going, and what better reason could there be than having to take a shit…and who doesn’t want a TV in the shithouse???
Nobody, that’s who!
So dude goes to take a boom boom and his lady says no TV?
That shant stand!


Senate Ad: As those of you that listen to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave (and if you’re reading this, there’s a 80% (or higher) chance you are a TESD listener) know, there was a joke about long time TESD listener, and frequent TS-D/JA Productions collaborator, @Fitzman73 being “a Senator or something”.
Well, as I was getting to know Lord Fitz better, I figured why not fuck around with that image/joke a wee bit?
So I wrote the ass end of a goofy little ad that made a little reference to an episode of Fitz’s podcast Just Jump To The End (he may have even suggested I make the reference, I can’t remember), I designed his “campaign logo” using the Superman colors, he recorded his lines, and I slapped it all together.
My favorite part of this segment is the selfimportant voice I chose, it drips with the fake bullshit nature of all political ads.
And the quick little “Paid for by the ants” makes me chuckle too.


Knife Showcase: We’ve all seen this video, the dude slinging knives on the tube cuts his hand or what ever the hell and he tries to keep his cool.
That type of shit is a late night TV staple, so I had to make reference to it at some point. Haha


Channel 37 News: This was another instance of universe building.
Bringing back the news station from the first Channel Surfing, but this time making reference to one of my other videos Dumbass Poets Society 2: Fallout.
The anchor throws to the Family Guy reporter doing an update on the events in that video.
I also changed the slogan of Channel 37 for 2 reasons.
1. I didn’t want folks to just fall asleep because they already saw that picture in the first one.
2. I’ve noticed that the local news would run shit, especially entertainment news, that was 1-4 days old and act like they were breaking it.
And if you bring the internet into the equation, the lag time is even longer.
It’s baffling.


Jerry Springer-Esque: The picture was taken at the former bar across the street from my house, to simulate the back alley, big city feel of the Jerry Springer set.
Again, trash TV like this is a late night staple.
How could I skip it?
@ShariSayz gave me an adorably sweet delivery of a pretty serious line.
She definitely made it better than I expected, especially on that 2nd lines.
I get the feeling her character is a sweet, innocent, lovely young girl that just found out she’d been cheated on.
She’s probably not a foul mouthed lady, so she’s saying her first curse words too.


Craig Ferguson: For years, every night at midnight, I would switch the channel from the Charlie Rose show on PBS to CBS to watch The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.
Seriously, years.
And if I missed an episode I would feel bad.
THAT is how much I loved Craig’s run on Late Late.
So it was around then, or before, that Craig announced he was leaving the show…and it was pretty heartbreaking.
For years, Craig was there through all the hard times, we were there with him through quite a few of his hard times.
Making weird, goofy, off color jokes, unlike anybody else, with the possible exception of Conan O’Brien.
Making you laugh, cry, think, and wonder.
To this day, I maintain that Craig is one of the greatest interviewers to ever have his own show, he’s up there with Charlie Rose.
So as a way to say thank you for all the laughs and entertainment Craig has provided me with over the years, I wanted to pay tribute to him in this.
The image is a variation on his gay, robot, skeleton, side-kick named Geoff (voiced by Josh Robert Thompson).
The vocals are my spin on one of Craig’s long time bits, Italian Bill Clinton.
James Corden does a great job hosting Late Late, he’s made it his own, but I’ll always miss what Craig did.


Nature Show: Inspired by Steve Irwin and his always entertaining work, an over excited nature presenter describing another one of his astounding adventures.
Not much depth to it beyond that. Haha
The picture was taken in my backyard, which looks like a jungle in summer time.
Trees, flowers, vegetables, bushes, if you shoot it right, you could make a jungle movie/nature doc in that sumbitch.


Dating Show: This here was another funny little bit of business.
This is a segment, much like another coming up shortly, that WILL NEVER HAPPEN, but it would be so damn awesome if it did.
You know they would never let a gay dude slip through as a potential date for a straight woman…why would they?
It would just be wasting her time and taking away a potential date for her.
They would also never let a dude that LITERALLY just threatened to kill the contestant, and you’d think nobody is stupid enough to scream that intention infront of a rolling camera.
Neither one of them makes any fuckin’ sense whatsoever…but think of how hilarious/interesting that would be!
It would be more interesting than the top 10 highest rated TV shows combined!
So much dysfunction, it would be riveting.
But alas, it only exists here, in the twisted world of TS-D/JA Productions.
And again, @ShariSayz sold the fuck out of it, and made it better.
A true elevator of the material.


Hal’s Qwik Check Commercial: Just like in the first video, this is a reference to a series of videos that still has not happened, Why Us.
Mr. Mike A.K.A. @FromTheMonkey did me a solid and voiced Hal.
There’s not much meat to this segment either, but hopefully if I dust off Why Us, write an ending, and get these damn things out there it will make that series even deeper because of the long history I’ve built for the character/universe.


Zombie Movie: The picture is of my hand, run through Microsoft Paint.
I’d somehow gotten a cut on my wrist, so I put two little droplets of blood coming from it.
I colored my finger nails black, added some cracks.
Painted some veins on my arm and hand, threw some color spectrum effect on it that made it all seem to glow, and it was ready.
I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of Zombies, Zombie movies, and Zombie TV shows, I can’t explain why.
There’s just something fucked up about somebody gettin’ dead…then standing up and walking/running after some poor dunch, and chewing their goddamn guts out.
Some have said the best Zombie stories mirror our political or social climate, but I say that’s dogshit.
Just give me rotting corpses chasing after some poor schlub that can make me believe it’s real and I’m happy.
I don’t need overtones of some other nonsense.
I would kill to make a Zombie movie of my own, but for now this segment is as close as I’ll get…or is it?


Channel 69 News: This is the other segment that will never happen.
For years, I have watched the news and some dude gets hit by a car, he slip into a coma, and you have a parade of people saying what a good soul he is.
He feeds birds, he kisses babies, he buys girl scout cookies, he helps old ladies cross the street, the motherfucker is 1 miracle away from bona fide sainthood…I call BULLSHIT!!!
I would pray to Jebus and Santa’s dyslexic twin that just 1 goddamn time when somebody would ram their car into a school for blind, deaf, retarded, 1 legged bunnys, and launch through the windshield, skid across the ground (turning their face into ground hamburger meat on the pavement), and you would have just 1 dude in the parade of dimwitted interviewees say “ya know, fuck that guy. For 2 years, 2 FUCKING YEARS, this cocksucker has owed me $246…2 YEARS!!!
He won the lottery…TWICE…he never gave me a cent.
Fuck him, I kind hope the injuries…LEAVE THE CAMERA ON ME, DON’T YOU CUT TO THE STUDIO…I kind hope the injuries are so severe that they kill him.
I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna see the money anyway, right?” because as it is, it’s just the same fucking shit…over…and over…and over…and over…AND OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN!!!
Just different people saying the same shit…FOR YEARS!!!
It’s further proof that The News is just bullshit, paint by numbers, soundbite collection entertainment.
You may think this is a big joke, but I swear to fuck it drives me batshit crazy.
Fucker dies, bunch of fuckers repeat the same lines.
It feels scripted, directed, forced.
This segment is me spitting water in the face of TV News and saying fuck you.
Also, the Channel 69 logo is pussy pink and the numbers looks like boobies! Teehee!


Music: Because I did it in the first, I had to do it again.
I called on @Woody_TESDFan and his band Shoot The Moon to provide me with a song, and they gave me an early version of their song I Want What You Got off of their upcoming 2nd album.
I really can’t say it enough, or express just how appreciative I am to Woody and the fellas for allowing me to to play with one of their songs, especially a unfinished song.
I look at this way, through a movie prism, I was the dude that was given the exclusive teaser trailer for their next movie.
It’s not finished, but it gives you a taste, gets you excited for it.
Woody also provided the photo.
All in all, it’s good shit!
Thanks guys!


TV College: This is another staple of crappy TV.
They find some loud motherfucker with an accent or affectation, have them move around a lot, and edit it like some sort of shitty vlog.
It’s like these things are aimed at fuckin’ 5 year olds…or somebody else with a short attention span.
The image is sloppy as hell because that’s how I imagine these TV Colleges would look, basically 1 step above a fuckin’ outhouse.
I know they aren’t, but I like to think they are.


Senatorial Debate: My memory is a bit murky on this one, but I think when I asked Fitz to do this I didn’t actually give him the full script for this scene.
I seem to recall wanting him to experience it with the audience.
I’m pretty sure all I told him was that he would be in a debate and I needed him to start his reply with a bit of an awkward laugh.
I love the idea of 1 politician having a complete and utter mental break down and the other guy has to soldier on.
Then I threw in a little bit of Nixon/Admiral Ackbar as the moderator, and the ever so clever Master Debaters tag, you have the magic of this segment!


Boner Pill Commercial: Again, a late night staple. Haha
I specifically made this sorta spin out of what @Fitzman73 said in the last segment cause it makes me giggle.
“What my opponent doesn’t seem to understand is that *shkurrr* your dick don’t get hard?” is just fuckin’ funny, man.
And read that disclaimer line under the slogan, that’s funny as hell too.

Closing Segment: My youtube wifey @ShariSayz busts the damn door down and starts breakin’ my balls when I’m tryin’ ta pinch a poo off.
The same picture as the opening segment makes it’s triumphant return to close us out.
I’m proud of the details in this picture, though I’m still not happy with how the crapper just floats there.
I mean, there are turd bowls that don’t have pedestals, but I’m not that great of an artist and I wanted to do it myself.
But look at the remote and the shower door, ain’t it cool?
I done did it all on me onesie!
…no head pat like a puppy what piddled on the pad…?
Okay, moving on!

There’s also a reprisal of the Zombie segment and the song from @ShootheMoonBand.


And that’s it for this go round, gang.
Please go thank all of the cool fucks what helped make this video what it was.
@ShariSayz, @Fitzman73, @FromTheMonkey, & @Woody_TESDFan/@ShootheMoonBand have been great helps in many many projects.

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How It Happened: Beer Run

Hey gang!
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get a post up this month, The Camping Trip (the original Audio Drama coming soon from TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media, PLUG PLUG) has taken up a lot of time and energy.
I hope I can get more than 1 post up next month.
Anyway, into the video stuff.


The story: 2 Good Ol Boys are looking in the basement of their house for some beer when they find something much more sinister!

So my Mother and I were heading to go clean out my dead Grandma’s house one day (true story) and I figured I’d take my TS-D/JA Productions note book, video camera, and gorrilla mask along just in case.


I’d actually written this particular video a few weeks before, but I’d thought it would be another one of those that just lived in the notebook because I don’t have anybody to shoot with.
I’d gotten it out on paper, I’d done all I could with and for it for now.
I couldn’t think of anywhere that was particularly spooky or scary looking enough to shoot it at…enter Grandma’s house!
As far back as I can remember, that house has given me the willies!
It’s just shadowy, dark, lots of corners that swallow light and that make you feel like you can get lost in them forever, just not a fun place to be…but Perfect for my purposes!

So, we get out work done for the day and I flip through my notebook a bit and land on this little beauty.
Ah…a match made in heaven!
I grabbed the camera and my light and headed towards the dungeo…I mean basement!

As I recall, I think I did about 3 takes, but I know for sure this was the last 1.
It was the smoothest, felt the most nature, and got right to the damn point.
The other ones, how ever many there were, felt rushed, sloppy, and had far more blur and focus issues.
Wanting to get it all done in one go, I said all of the dialogue in both voices each time as I recorded.
It was GREAT!…that is…until I got home.

When I got home and went to add my titles and credits I had a problem.
The audio was completely fucked.
It was echoy and hard to hear, my foot steps were louder than my voice, I accidentally confused the voices while filming because I had no script to read from.
In short, it was unuseable.
So how/why did I end up releasing the video?
Why does the audio not sound like complete and utter mule caca?
Well, for that story, see me after the video.


So I was ready to just scrap this all together and went to bitch about it on the twitter because I was frustrated and tired of dealing with it.
So I was doing just that (bitching on twitter) when I had the idea to rerecord the audio.
I threw it out there to see if anybody would be interested and, honestly, I got a better response than I usually do these days.


The only reason that this video was posted is because the 10 people whose names appear in the picture above wanted it.
Simple as that!

As I said above, I threw out the idea of redoing the audio and posting it like that.
It was a cheat, and it lost some of the live recording ambiance that I had hoped to capture, but a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!
The 10 above all encouraged me to do it (Doug!) and it was just the kick in the arse I needed.

The one thing I didn’t do too well in the rerecord was the Gorilla noises.
They are far too loud, but I didn’t realize at the time.
The headphones I had at the time were pretty shitty and made them sound almost inaudible, once I posted the video I realized that wasn’t the case at all.
If I had a second go at it I would definitely lower those to make the Gorilla’s shocking appearance more of a surprise.

I will say this though, I loved getting behind the camera again.
I think that’s one of the reasons I really really love this video (and I know I say that a lot), because it’s just plain fun to shoot/direct.
I love the 1st person perspective of this.
I don’t think I’ve shot anything since this and it really does suck.
I mostly focus on just the vocals (voice actor’s obviously would), but it really does feel like something is missing.
I have a few scripts that can only be shot, so hopefully I can find somebody sometime willing to get down and shoot with me and I think I’m pretty sure I would do them Peter Jackson style like this again.
Peter Jackson style being to just get the physical acting done 100% and add the dialogue later, I think that is a great fit for what I do, especially since I have a much better set up with Audacity and a better mic (graciously provided by a great supporter from England).


And that’s How It Happened, Lads and Lasses.
A big thanks to @_13Chris, @WJelks, @AmandaMDanger, @JoeySCarr, @Fitzman73, @SMorgan21, @JoinedToFollow, @ThankSmodItsFri, @JamesCockrum1, and @NeilGat for the encouragement to follow through and get this done.

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Hopefully next month I’ll have more around these parts for you lovely folks to enjoy.
Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here next time.

How It Happened: Good Evening Mr. J

Based on the church scene from @ThatKevinSmith’s Red State, as preformed by Michael Parks.


When I first saw Red State, after listening to the Red State Of The Union podcast and seeing all of the Sundance fallout with everybody about Kev losing his fuckin’ cookies, I felt weird.
I had a “we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto” moment.
I waited with bated breath and much excitement for every episode of that podcast, and quite often on there Kev would talk about the speech Parks gives.
He talked about it in such a way that actually made me dread seeing it in a way, he’d talked it and Parks up SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much that I figured it couldn’t possibly live up to that hype.
I was wrong!


In my opinion, Kevin oversold Parks, but undersold John Goodman’s performance in the movie, and that’s not me trashing Parks.
But this scene?
When the movie was over I was thinking about this scene and the siege on the compound.
The compound scene stuck out for the very reason Kev said he liked it, because it didn’t feel like something he directed.
It, like the entire movie, was a huge departure for Kev.
But that fuckin’ church scene was riveting!


Jump ahead about 2 years and I’m making these videos, I’m remaking scenes from Kev’s movies, and this comes bubbling back to the surface.
And come on, you know a scene of pure hate speech is PERFECT for The Joker, just change it from gay bashing to hero bashing and it brings it all home.
I took a look at the scene again and I was really grooving on it, so I talked to and enlisted the help of @ComicWasteland.
And I know I say this a lot about this dude, but he really is a champ.
He did all of the shots I asked for, without complaint and with great skill, but most importantly, the dude did something he did not have too.
After he’d sent me all of the REQUESTED SHOTS and I started my assembly, it still felt a little bland because I was reusing the same few shots over and over again so much.
So I asked @ComicWasteland, way late in the game, after he’d finished and delivered everything, if he could give me 1 more shot to help break up the monotony a bit, and while I would have completely understood if he’d told me to fuck off because he was busy…the dude came through.
So, once again, a big thanks to Brad!
You all really should check out his site and show him some love:

Then there was Mr. Mike (@FromTheMonkey), of Monkey Basement Productions, who once again came through.
It started with that cattleprod as I recall, but then I asked him if he could give me the family crowd/flock.
That cattleprod sounds just fuckin’ brutal and the crowd is perfect.
Show him some a little kindness and give an ep or 2 of his pod a spin:

Now go watch the video itself and I’ll tell you about how there was almost a different Ivy!
And stay after the credits for a little extra!




Fun right?
Now about the Ivy, I can’t quite remember how it came about (it very well could have been just as simple as I was just too nervous to ask @ShariSayz to record anything for me after how poorly I handled working with her on Channel Surfing), but I asked around on twitter and wasn’t getting any bites.
Then I was having a conversation with the lovely and always supportive @_13Chris and we somehow got on the topic of it.
And knowing her how I do, I’m pretty sure I asked her if she would do it (I can almost bet she didn’t offer because she’s pretty private, same as me) and she took a stab or 2 at it.
The only problem is that at the time I didn’t have somebody like @Fitzman73 at the ready to convert different audio files (I’m sure @FromTheMonkey or @SpiderScooby would have done it, but Mike was pretty busy at the time and I didn’t really wanna bother Ross because that dude truly does enough for me) into usable formats for me.
The funniest bit of all of this was that Chris had her husband helping her record and send the files (and this is something that made me instantly love her and her fam).
I get this email from her dude that says something to the effect of “She didn’t want me to send this, but I think it was her best take” with an attached file.
I open it up and it’s him saying the Ivy line “SATAN MOTHAFUCKA, SATAN”…and I lost my shit.
It’s legitimately one of the funniest things to come out of this whole entire video makinimage

g thing I’ve been doing for almost 3 years now.

Now how did @ShariSayz actually come to get involved in this?
I can’t exactly remember.
I do remember giving her the direction to watch Arleen Sorkin for Harley.
I also remember telling her for Ivy I wanted something breathy, sexy, sensual.
On both fronts, she nailed it.
I seriously love Shari’s Harley, and can’t wait to bring that crazy ex doctor out of her again soon.
Once again, go give @ShariSayz a shout or go show her YT channel a bit of love:

I also remember struggling with a title for this video.
For a while I was calling it Green State, but that just felt super lame.
I think I went through about 6 other titles before finally landing on Good Evening Mr. J, which for the few who haven’t seen Red State is in reference to the part that Mike and his family did.
When Abin Cooper says “Welcome Family” and you hear 1 person specifically say “Good Evening Grandpa”.
I think it fitz.


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Also check out the original tweet for this video, from be for the @TSDJAProduction account even existed!

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Show them some support for helping me come up with some great content for you all.

And remember, the world is a hard place.
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It really helps.

Thanks for reading, hope ta see you back here soon.

Typecast #18: Bat Kat Begins

Welcome to the 1st Typecast of 2016, and damn it’s a good one!

Our guest here in my super secret evil hideout in the mountains is a great lady what has helped me in the past and been a pretty good friend.
If you follow her on the tweeters, you know she’s damn smart, wicked funny, easy on the eyes, and a GREAT creative soul.
This month in the hot seat, it’s the 1 and only Bat Kat, @KatLong31.

This conversation appears just as it was had, all spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and any other flaws of any kind intact to maintain the honesty of the whole thang.

Our name’s will appear in red, her’s will link to her twitter, mine will link to my Youtube channel.

Without further ado, take it away me!


ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, with a nickname like Bat Kat, you must be a HUGE Superman fan, so what are your first memories of big blue?

@KatLong31: That made me laugh a lot!

Actually as a really little girl my cousin love superman and I lived batman.
So we played supes and Bat a lot, we were both so bummed that the under Roos were only for boys we wanted them so much!
I did love the Batman series a lot, watched it often but I loved the Christooher Reeve superman movies too.

I know it’s running joke/ rivalry that I’m not a Supes fan but I do like him.
Like Supes LOVE that Bat!

ThatScoobyDoom: So Adam West was your first Batman?

@KatLong31: Yes as long as I can remember he was/ is my Batman!
I had to have been very small(under 3) when I first watched the Show.

ThatScoobyDoom: Did you ever go through that period that most of the fans of that show went through where they kinda hated it because it wasn’t cool to like it?

@KatLong31: That whole cast of characters was brilliant!
I love them all!
I mean Julie Newmar!
Who is more stunning then her?
And Yvonne Criag will always be my hero!

No, in fact I was/ still am just naturally uncool and like what I like.
And that show will always be one of the best shows in my book.
And yes I did get made fun of for liking it but I never cared about that.
I am used to people not liking what I like.
Even in college I had a chick tell me I wore batman shirts to much that I was an adult now and should act like it.
I laughed at her in a nice way and said he’s my one true love I have to support him 😉

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much like myself in that respect, cause I was getting shredded in 5th grade for my undying Scooby love.

Did you ever get into any of the comics as a kid?

@KatLong31: I was bullied all the time at that age about a million things so why not just let myself like what I like?

No not as a kid.
I was late teens before I came around and even then it wasn’t until I got older that I read then regularly.

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally understand and agree, lady.

Do you remember what your first non 66 Bat story was?

@KatLong31: Yeah early 90’s Knightfall!
I got into it cuz of a guy, who of course friend zoned me.
But I loved that story and crossover.

So you remember your first comic book?

What are your top 3?

ThatScoobyDoom: What a dumbass he was. Haha

Oh shit, no!
I don’t remember my my first comic or even my first bat comic.
My first would have to be an Archie comic or something.
I guess my first Bat comic would probably be one of the B:TAS Tie-In’s, Batman Adventures or whatever it was.

Do you mean top 3 Bat stories or just top 3 in general?

@KatLong31: No not at all I have been friend zoned plenty!

I meant any, not Batman or Batman but just in general

What do you like?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s criminal.

Well, my 4 favorite Bat centric stories are Mad Love, The Killing Joke, No Man’s Land, and The Long Halloween.
Non Bat, that’s a lot harder for me to nail down.
I know it’s cool to hate it, but I loved Marvel’s Civil War.
I loved the Spidey Tie-In’s to that because I loved the Iron Spidey suit.
I really dug the Death and Return of Superman, I consider that all 1 story.
Can’t think of many other comic stories I’ve really loved.

Gimme some of your favorites beyond Knightfall (which I never got around to getting, sadly).

@KatLong31: Hahaha no not really.
Any or batman?

ThatScoobyDoom: Both.
Favorite Bat and non Bat stories.

@KatLong31: Bat is hard to narrow!
But I like tank girl and XMen it’s tough to narrow it down in general I guess 🙂

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya.

So, 89 comes rolling around, you had to have gotten swept up in the Batmania that the rest of the world right?

@KatLong31: I did!
But to be honest I was young at the trailers kind is bugged me, I was shocked that they thought they could touch my beloved Adam West and gang.
However I was not even seated all the way at the theatre and was in love!
That movie only served to stoke my bat flame and seal what has turned out to be a life long adoration for That character!
I was so in awe and thrilled with Keaton and could not see it enough!

ThatScoobyDoom: Do you remember how many times you saw it in the theater?

@KatLong31: Only 2 times I wanted to see it over and over!

ThatScoobyDoom: How about returns?
Did that tickle your fancy any?

@KatLong31: It sure did!
With one exception I have completely enjoyed every Batman film!

ThatScoobyDoom: Really?
I have big problems with the majority of them. Haha

What’s the exception?

@KatLong31: I hate saying the exception I often find people who disagree

But aside from one I am a fan of all the flicks

ThatScoobyDoom: Come on, spill!
If you say the one I dislike most, we may have to make this legal.

@KatLong31: Ok Batman forever, it sure tried to bring the comic genre to life but the execution didn’t work for me.
And Val Kilmer was plain awful!!
Just I can’t say it clear enough he was just abhorrent!
It was tragic!!

ThatScoobyDoom: Huh, that’s interesting.
You are right, most do disagree.

In my opinion, we’ve only gotten 2 great Batman movies, the rest are varying levels of shit.
I would put Batman & Robin lower than Forever, but that’s just me.
I think it was B&R that started my life long dislike of Clooney.

@KatLong31: What two are great in Dooms mind?

ThatScoobyDoom: Batman 89 and Batman Begins.
I truly think Batman Begins would be 100% if Bale hadn’t used that stupid “aruh ruh ruh” voice for Batman, cause that shit is laughable.
But the rest is nerdgasmicly good.

@KatLong31: Oh nice those are my two favs too!
Only I have had a crush on Bale since newsies so when he was cast as batman I went Biserk and I doubt he could have done anything to make me dislike his performance.

ThatScoobyDoom: I wanna stick with the bat chat kat, but you gave me a brilliant opening so we’ll get back to the Dark Knight.

Youse big on that thar theater stuff ain’t cha?

@KatLong31: Well I did get my BA in it, and yes it is my passion.
I can’t really act but something about being a part of live theatre is so enchanting it soothes my soul.
Yep that’s dramatic but it is so difficult to describe the joy of live theatre

ThatScoobyDoom: No, you’re not gonna pull that “can’t act” shit around here, lady.
We have proof that you can indeed act.

When did you first get interested in that type of stuff, theater and what not?

@KatLong31: Do you want the long or short answer?

pS thank you!
You know how I feel about your opinion on my acting.

The short answer is always I guess I was always  a ham as my dad puts it and when I was offered a scholarship to change majors from Speech path to theatre it seems like a no brainier

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, I’ve said it many many times privately, I’ll glad y say it publicly.
You made Love In War what it was, you made it all work.
Was a damn good job.

And the long answer?

@KatLong31: Well publicly thank you!
I was honored you let me work with you!
And it was a fun experience for me!
You wrote a great script and we both know I sent you many many takes so you were very patient.

As I said before I was always a ham.
I was expressive and often flamboyant.
I was a speech pathology major.
And had to take a theatres class as a requirement.
The professor of that class saw something in me, she offered me a scholarship to change majors she put me onstage and then mostly insisted I be her stage manager or assistant director.
I felt at home in these capacities.
I thrived in them, dare I admit I was decent at them.
I can direct and stage manage very well!
Acting is where I find myself second guessing my abilities, but Stage managing and directing, those I know i can do! And do them very well.

ThatScoobyDoom: What exactly is Speech Pathology?

I don’t know jack shit about theater, so how does Stage Directing differ from Film/TV/Voice Directing?

@KatLong31: A speech therapist.

I can’t compare and contrast the two.
But I think one big difference is for a live event you have to block out the moves conscience of the audience in film and TV the can cut away and zoom in so the movements and vocal quality have to be big it is a fine line too, I know live actors often have to pull back when they crossover to film.
And with live theatre you get one shot!
No redo you have to nail it all, and if you don’t you can’t let the mistakes shake you.
I Stage Managed, a show where one actor missed his entrance, so the guy onstage had to adlib for 4 mins ps it was   Merchant of Venice so making up Shakespeare could not have been easy.
Anyway basically you can’t ever mess up and when you do you have to make it look like it was intended to be that way.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, so like, helping people with accents or lisps and shit?

Ah, so it sounds like it’s more detail oriented?
Maybe a bit more important to hit marks and what not than in a movie?

Did you ever deal with any stage fright or anything?

@KatLong31: Yeah speech and eating issues, there are a lot of aspects to it.

Yes there is no room for error and when you have one make it look good.
One aspect of stage managing is when the show adds the technical aspects to the acting the stage manager makes every light, sound, prop que call.
I had a flawless record my entire college career until my last show I was late calling a blackout!
Ugh that late call will always haunt me!
*ironically the show was titled “All in the Timing”

Or with my actors?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s cool.

That sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure when it goes right it’s worth it.
Ooooo, ouch. Haha.


@KatLong31: In my world there is nothing like it!

Oh yes!!!
All the time!
Only before the show though.
The second I step onstage I block out the audience and only focus on the moment I wish I could somehow attain that focus preshow but I can’t and when I’m nervous I talk a lot so it worked best if I shared a dressing room with my bestie Trina, if she wasn’t onstage with me she was my dresser if possible she knew how to chat distract me and keep me from hyperventilating or puking.
I never have issues until we are in front of an audience, so I really spent the week before opening honing in on an empty theatre and that helps.

ThatScoobyDoom: There was this one time in school where I had to read this thing infront of the entire school, all 9 grades, and I almost fuckin’ died.
I was holding the paper and I could not control my arm at all, I was just shaking like it was -10° and I was butt ass naked.
It was fuckin’ horrifying.
I have never performed infront of people after that.
Just knew that it was NOT for me. Haha

What was the rush like after you complete a show?

@KatLong31: Here is an odd fact, I can’t perform or give a speech as me.
I can but I shake and get so ill, it’s awful, but I can focus on my character and that is what works for me.
I know that sounds really cheesy but owell.

It is euphoric and everyone involved has that feeling!
So that backstage energy is electric!
I could go on and on but it’s just the best experience.
And it’s made even better by the fact that the cast and crew naturally become so close in the process and you all feed off each other’s energy.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m actually sort of similar!
Like, the sound of my natural voice is like nails on a chalkboard, I can’t listen to myself at all because it makes my skin crawl.
But if I throw on a voice, I can listen to that shit all day long.
Even though I can hear myself in every voice, it’s different enough that it doesn’t bother me at all.

That’s cool.

Okay lets get back to the Bat, if you don’t mind.

@KatLong31: It’s liberating I think to temporally shed your own skin.

This is your rodeo DoomADoom whatever you say.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is very true.
Nice to embody somebody you’ll never be.

Okay, so we talked about the movies, lets talk just a bit about my absolute favorite version of the Character.
Batman: The Animated Series.
Where do you stand on that?

@KatLong31: Ugh I’m embarrassed to say I have not seen all of them. What I have seen I liked, it is one of those things I intend to find and watch in its entirety someday.

ThatScoobyDoom: *clutches chest*

@KatLong31: I know I know!
It’s an embarrassing admission.
I wish I was a good liar, I would have loved to coyly say something brilliant that eluded to me enjoying it while I rarely had seen it but alas I’m no good at lying.
*forgive this shortcoming.

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay okay…
*wipes tear from eye*
…how about the animated movies?
You ever get into any of those?

@KatLong31: But if you will indulge me, what do you enjoy about the animated series?

ThatScoobyDoom: The animation, even 25 years later, still holds up.
So fluid, smooth, beautiful.
There is a Clayface episode where they show him transitioning that is a stunning piece of animation.

The voice work is OUTSTANDING!
Just unbelievably remarkable how well they nailed the characters.
Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Gordon, when I think of these characters I think of these versions.
Kevin Conroy was, is, and forever will be the 1 true Bat for me.
Nobody will ever touch what Mark Hamill did as the Joker.
My Joker is just a copy and paste of what Mark did simply because I can not think of anyway to improve on the perfection that he created.

And then there’s Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s ultimate creation from that series, the lovely Harley Quinn.

@KatLong31: Ugh I need to buy this series!
I do like Arleen Sorkins’ Harley when I read Harley I hear her voice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I love Tara Strong, she has voiced so many great characters I love, but her Harley doesn’t hold a candle to Arleen.
If nothing else, that series is legendary for Harley alone.

@KatLong31: Yeah she is great I think I really enjoy Arleen.

ThatScoobyDoom: So the recent animated movies, have you caught any of those?

@KatLong31: I have seen some but not all of them those have not really caught my interest, any ones that you would recommend?

I think the disconnect on the animated things was they began coming out at the age I lost interest in animation and by the time I became fond of it again it was not as accessible.

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya.
I’ve seen a lot of people say the same.

Under The Red Hood and Public Enemies are by far my favorites.
Public Enemies has Kevin Conroy & Tim Daly reprising their TV roles of Batman & Superman.
Red Hood has Bruce Greenwood as the Bat and John Dimaggio as Joker, those 2 are DAMN good together.

@KatLong31: Ok I will find and watch those.
Thank you!

Ok so what inspires you Doom what draws you to create your videos?

ThatScoobyDoom: Be sure to let me know what you think when you do.

I think about that a lot.
At the very beginning it was 100% boredom.
Nothing more.
But now?
There are so many reasons, and I know this will sound so masturbatory, but it’s not.
I’m definitely not a bragger.
I’ve had many quite a few folks tell me that they’ve come home after a shitty day and watch one of my videos and it helps wash away all of that bullshit from the day.
I don’t know how much you listen to Kev (Smith), but I listen to all of his pods and he’s said many times that would happen.
At first I laughed it off, thought “what the hell could I ever make that could help somebody in anyway?”, but the dude was right.
It’s happened quite a few times, and it’s always weird for me.

And then there’s just a love for entertaining.
Whether it’s through something like this, a podcast, a video, or an audiodrama, I just like entertaining.

@KatLong31: I can see a progression with the videos, as you know I’ve watched and rewatched many times in order.
It is interesting to note your confidence and growth. 

That would be satisfying to hear somebody say!

I understand that excitement to entertain!
It’s thrilling for sure.

I have told you before Family dinner is one of my favorites of yours so moving.
And channel surfing shows your range, I know it might be difficult, but of your own videos which do you like best and why?

And which character that you have made up is most like yourself?
Is it Chip Skippy 😉

ThatScoobyDoom: Well thanks.
Yeah, especially since those first few were simply done on my phone. Haha
It is good to hear that folks can see the growth.
Appreciate you watching ’em so many times.

It is, it really is.
That something like me making dick jokes in wacky voices helps folks is damn cool.

I was never one that wanted or got a lot of attention, but I was definitely the kid that tried to disrupt class by making the fuckers around giggle and shit.
It is a bit of a rush.

That is hard to decide, but I have 4 in the order they were released.
Dead Or Dumbass, because the ending was unplanned and I still have scars from it.
What’s Your Name?, because it’s so personal and hilarious.
Beer Run, because it’s just so stupidly weird.
And finally, X-Mas In Da Hood, because I made that for my true first audience, my mom.

That is an even harder question to answer.
Chip Skippy would be the easy answer, but it’s hard.
There are a lot of characters in there, some with only 1 line. Haha
Chip definitely has my anger and hatred for being interrupted…but then, so does Satan…but I didn’t create him, so I guess Chip is the answer.
What about you?
Of all the characters, who is your favorite?

And how did you find my shit?
I remember our first conversation, but I don’t recall how you found it all.

@KatLong31: Of course!
My pleasure!

I could never pull that off but my hats off to you!

I love that you wrote Xmas in the god for your mom.
That is very sweet.

Well I have never written for myself (as you and I have talked about at length) so I doubt I have the connection you do.
But I was Truvy in steel magnolias and I enjoyed that whole process a lot.
My fav character I have read is from a script H’tel Baltimore her name is April she is an aging prostitute with fantastic dialogue.
I directed that show, I wish I had acted it instead.
And working with you was a very easy I enjoyed the freedom you allowed me with CD I really enjoyed her, for all the background work you let me put in.

As to me finding your stuff, I think it was Matt I had Heard the Christmas pod.
You and I already followed one another.
And yes our first convo is vivid in my mind we also had Joser and Matt and it was so fun!

ThatScoobyDoom: I never would have guessed I could do it either, but I needed an ending.
We do what we have to do for our art, right?

It is sweet until you realize how horribly, graphically, filthy it is.
But that just goes to show you the sense of humor of my family. Haha

You made my dearest Charlemagne come to life, she exists solely because of you and your notes.
And I won’t ever let you deny or forget that.

Fun stuff, dear.

Is there ANYTHING else you wanna say to the good folks reading?

@KatLong31: Well that was mostly you!
But thank you!
I enjoyed it very much!

I want to thank you Doom, I feel enlightened this was fun.
And thanks to anybody who took the time to read this!


A HUGE thank you goes to @KatLong31 for taking the time out to do this.
This lady has been a great friend and a great help, so go show her a bit of love on Twitter, and remember to stay #BatKatStrong.

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And finally!
Always remember that the world is a really hard and unnecessarily shitty place.
Do your part to help lessen that, because you will never understand just how much something as simple as a smile or a kind word to somebody struggling to keep their head above water can be.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here soon.

How It Happened: What’s Your Name?

This video is a case of me pulling from my own life for your entertainment.
The following is a 100% true story.

I guess it was about 11 years ago this happened.
My brother, our 2 neighbors, and myself were on my back porch talking about something unimportant and I saw a kid that looked really familiar pedaling his bike up the street.
Instantly I start going through the photo files in my brain part trying to figure out where I know this kid from while those 3 kept jabbering about bullshit.
It hits me.
About 6-8 years before that, I went to school with this little shithead.
So I spoke up.


It went down exactly as it did in the video.
Watch it and I’ll tell you about how @FromTheMonkey and @ElTankoDeFranko got involved.

So we hear a huge SLAM sound from the alley behind my garage.
There was a moment of silence where the 4 of us were just looking at the other 3, completely fuckin’ stunned.
Then we all hauled ass, down off the porch, to the end of my yard, and looked down the alley.


There, on the ground, splayed out on the ground next to the dumpster, we see Timmy.
He kind of wiggled a bit and tried to stand up straight, but the best he could manage was that kind of wobble that drunks get when they try to do the same.
We all just looked on in stunned silence, and the best we could manage was “hey, you okay?” and he, in great unintentional comedy fashion, grabs his head, looks around, picks up his bike, waves us off, hopes on the bike, and says “uh, I’m uh…I’m fine!” and he peddled off all wobblylike, never to be seen again.
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the funniest things I have in my memory bank, which is why I felt the need to share it with you lovely folks.

So at the time that I was deciding to make this video, I was talking to @ElTankoDeFranko pretty regularly and the dude was pretty interested in the shit I make, was wanting to know if there was anyway he could help.
We talked about a few ideas, including him shooting a video that I still desperately want to do, but nothing really came of those, and then I remembered and landed on this.
I asked him if he had a few of the things you see in the pics above, I told him what I needed and he came through.
The thing I love the most about the pics he sent, in the second 1, if you look really close, you can see he threw 1 lone shoe in there to that really sells the crash.
Loved that wee little detail.
So thanks for @ElTankoDeFranko!

As for @FromTheMonkey, I can’t remember a lot of the details on his involvement in this one, but if you follow along with these How It Happened posts you know Mike has been a great help round these here TS-D/JA Productions parts.
I think he did 2 passes on that crash, because I feel like I remember giving him a second round of notes that really sold it.
And as per usual, the dude just continues to come through when asked.

This video is really special for me for a number of reasons, it’s an incredibly hilarious personal story, was fun to collaborate with somebody new, but the thing I will remember most specifically about the video itself is that it was the very first video of mine to pass 100 in a week.
Kinda cool.


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Finally, the world is a right foul place full of shitty fuckin’ folks.
Combat that by doing your damnedest to put a little bit more good out there, even if it’s just a smile to a stranger.

Be sure to come back next time, I’ll have something extra special for all of you, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long damn time!
Thanks for reading, hope to see you then.

How It Happened: High Art

This should be a quick story.

I took my niece out to the backyard so she could take a dump (my niece is a doggie. We are civilized and don’t shit in the yard…often) and I was just wanting to make a video outside.
I almost took the camera through the blades of grass to reveal a pile of dogshit, but I didn’t wanna get that close to a turd, no matter how funny/shocking I think it would be.


I coughed and spit up a little phlegm…EUREKA!!!
I whip out my dick phone and start thinking of what to do with phlegm.
Knowing that there are certain folks on this planet that no matter what are always looking for some hidden meaning in everything they read, watch, hear, see, or consume in anyway.
I figured I’d fuck with those people a bit if any of them happen to stumble across the vid.

So I turned on the camera, walked over to the wall, hocked a logie, and now you can watch that here…

Completely stupid, but I’m sure someday some artsy fartsy jackass will find it a searing look into the human condition and the depth of artistic expressionism as a way of discovering blah blah blah!


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And finally, the world is a tough and shitty place.
Try to change that by putting a little good into it, it needs it now more than ever.

How It Happened: Channel Surfing

Strap in, cause this is a long ass story!


I realize I may say this a lot, but this is a video I love and am beyond proud of because I was able to show off my talent on every front.
Editing, Voice Acting, Producing, and Directing.
This is a showcase of just exactly what I can do at my very best!

I want to make this extremely, blisteringly, painfully clear here at the top, I hold no ill will, grudge, or anything else of the sort against the brilliant artist mentioned below!
What I say below is just my perspective on the situation and how I felt at the time.
And I will own it right here and right now, it is my fault and I definitely could have and should have handled it better.

With all of that out of the way, lets get into it, and trust me when I tell you there is a story and a half to be told here.

Some of you may have noticed that all of the female voices in this video are credited to a Twitter account (@Sunnee_dayz) that isn’t really active and there is a reason for that.
The lovely lady behind those beautiful voices is none other than the supremely talented @ShariSayz.
As I recall, this video came together in an extremely short amount of time to meet my fast approaching deadline, I think it was less than 2 weeks for the full production of this one.
And that includes the writing.
So, the idea I had for this thing originally was that a dude was sitting up late one night watching TV, flipping through the channels, and running across all the types of shows and infomercials that we all know exist in those wee hours of the night/morning.
But that felt a little too weak, I needed something to strengthen the video, I didn’t want it to just be a collection of me doing weird voices and shit.
I struggled to come up with a wraparound story to give it all a purpose to exist, and that was when I came up with the closing segment (which had it’s own set of problems that I’ll get to later) of the dude watching a porn on TV and getting caught by his lady.
I had my hook!

I knew I needed to write a lady in at this point, which gave me the idea for a new segment to include.
I figured I had to come up with a reason for the wifey to be gone long enough for the dude to flip through all of those channels too, and I’ll admit her having to park down the block is a bit weak but it’s enough to get into the showcase of voices.

As I was breaking and recording the segments, I started thinking of who I could get to help me out with bringing this baby home.
While technically this is the first time I’ve worked with @ShariSayz on something that you guys have gotten to see, I’ve actually written something with her in mind before that kind of stalled out due to my feeling overwhelmed by the story and another actor being hard to reach.
@ShariSayz had recorded and sent me some takes for that and a bit of a sizzle reel of her doing some voices and I liked what she did.

Now this is where things started getting complicated, and as I said above, I could have AND SHOULD HAVE handled it better, but this is how it happened from My perspective.
I DM’d Shari on Twitter and asked her if she would be interested in working with me on a new project.
She said yes.
Then I dropped the bombshell, because I figured if she didn’t want to be in based on what I had to say we could get it out of the way early, no harm no foul.
I broke it down and told her exactly what I needed, being PAINFULLY clear that there was a porn scene.
Her reply was that that was fine, she had no shame.
I was shocked she’d agreed, but she did.
I told her the timeline would be very short as this just popped into my head and the deadline was creeping up fast.
She said she’d do her best.
I was relieved simply because I thought, understandably so, the porn scene would be a hard sell.

So she recorded and sent the audio and it was brilliant!
I don’t say this because she was kind enough to help me or because I’m pretty sure she’ll read this, I say this because it is the goddamn truth, Shari is AMAZINGLY talented and made my work better just by taking part in it.
But I had a slight issue with her initial porn track and asked for a rerecord, which she quickly did for me, and it was perfect!
I quickly set about recording/editing it all together (which was a fiasco in and of itself that I’ll tell you about a little bit later) and that was when I got an email from from Shari that almost brought it all crashing down around me.

2 days before it’s ready to be posted, I’m still editing and recording like a bastard trying to get it ready to post when I get and email from Shari telling me that she’s getting cold feet because of the porn.
She was afraid, and understandably/rightfully so, of the possibility that future employers or, god forbid, her parents would hear it.
I tried my damnedest to talk her down, mostly for the incredibly selfish reason that at the time I had no other lady I could turn to (a problem that persists to this day, with the exception of the lovely Bat Kat), and I will admit that to this day, while I love this video deeply, I do feel a bit guilty for the pressure I did put on her not to drop out on me.
It was insanely selfish, and I’ll felt bad about it for quite a while and it continues to flare up when I’m in a particularly bad mood from time to time.
I’ve mentioned many times the guilt I feel about folks doing work for me for free, and that is something I still battle with.
I still try to do whatever I can without help because of that.

So I convinced her to sleep on it, all the while I was losing my fuckin’ mind on twitter.
The crunched production time already had me on edge and this seemed to be making all of the hard work I’d put in useless.
But thankfully the next day, after talking it over with somebody, she sent me an email and said cooler heads prevailed and gave me the go ahead to use her audio if I put that fake @ on it.
Which was a version of one of the contingency plans I’d posed the night before.
So that was settled.
Now before I go into breaking down each segment I want to make it clear that I only tell this story because @ShariSayz gave me permission.
For that and for doing the video, I thank you Shari.
And I do apologize for putting pressure on you to go through with it.
That WILL NOT happen again.

Now, go watch the video and afterwards I’ll break it down segment by segment for ya’s.

Fun, right?
Now lets get into the details!


Opening: As I said above, that was all just to get the wife/girlfriend out of the house so the husband/boyfriend could do some Channel Surfing.
But there is a bit more to it than you all realize.
When I said above that I had worked with @ShariSayz on something else, the image of Hal’s “qwik check” is a reference to that.
That story was called “Why Us” and featured @TheGuy4420, Shari, and myself in a story full of death, mobsters, and mayhem that I had intended to turn into a trilogy of videos.
It was also to feature @FromTheMonkey as Hal!
It was my little attempt at universe building, trying to connect all of my shit together in a View Askew kinda way.
But as of today, Why Us remains unproduced.
Maybe someday…


3:16: Any WWE fan knows exactly what this is, but for those of you reading who may not, this is a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s famous King Of The Ring ’96 promo after he won that basically helped launch his character and career to new heights.
Great promo, check it out on YT.


Channel 37 News: Obviously, Channel 37 is a reference to Clerks, but the cauterized assholes actually is a sorta reference to something from my childhood.
There was this kid in the neighborhood who had a video camera and a fascination with fire, one dangerously hilarious story had him put his finger into a bottle of finger nail polish remover, he turned the bottle upside down to soak his finger real damn good, he turned the bottle right side up, pulled his finger out, and lit his finger on fire…his finger went up, all of us (including him) laughed...THEN SUDDENLY THE FLAME TRAVELED UP HIS ARM TO HIS ARMPIT!!!
What dumbass didn’t realize was that when he turned the bottle upside down his finger didn’t create a perfect seal, the polish removing liquid leaked down his arm.
After that, we told him someday he’d melt his asshole shut.


Tube Man: Joke from Family Guy that I’ve always loved.
Everytime I see one of those fuckin’ things I think of that entire bit, and on occasion I break out and do the bit.

Televangelist: You all know late night TV is littered with these fuckin’ DOUCHE BAGS begging for money so they can maintain their goddamn arena churches.
Using the voice of Reverend Tim from Dumbass Poets Society, I did my version…which is, as per my usual, (and to quote @NeilGat)  about as subtle as surprise prison rape, Reverend Tim just flat out tells you to “GIVE ME YOUR MONEEEEY!” sounding a bit like Chris Tucker.


Music: Ah, now this segment has a pretty good story to it as well, most of which happened after the video dropped.
After @Woody_TESDFan did the song for me for Dumbass Poets Society 2: Fallout we talked about doing more together.
When this video developed I knew I wanted to have a segment with some music in it, so I talked to Woody about it and he graciously provided me with Part Of Life by his band Shoot The Mood.
I asked him for a picture to go along with it, again he came through.
The video got posted, everything went swimmingly…but that fuckin’ song, man!
I couldn’t shake it!
Just something about it kept giving me these flashes of images, images that were slightly depressing but realistic none the less.
You might notice I’m not telling you what those images are/were and that would be because I did a break down, including numerous time stamps, of these images and sent the entire idea of the music video I had playing in my head to Woody.
He talked to the band, said they dug it, and the plan was that he and a few folks he knew were going to go forward and shoot the video, send it to me to edit together, then it would be posted on the Shoot The Moon YouTube Channel and on My YouTube Channel…now somewhere along the way we both got busy with other projects and sadly nothing has happened since.
But, either they way described above or on my own (if they give me approval, obviously) I wanna go forward and make this video.
In my estimation, it’s too damn good not to make it!

Super Bright Flashing Light: This is just me poking fun at the stupid bullshit products they show in late night commercials and infomercials with so much excitement they make you wanna fuckin’ puke.


Russia From My Backyard: We all remember this particular soundbite of pure stupidity, no need to break it down any further on that front.
But the picture?
Ah, it was actually taken winter 2013/2014 from my back porch during the record snowfall we had.
I thought it was a bad ass pic so I snapped it.
While making this video, I had the idea for this segment and it fit.
I remember the reaction when I pitched it to @ShariSayz because, as detailed above, I figured she’d take issue with the porn right away but this is the one that seemed to stump her the most.
She said something like “I don’t know if I can do that. I’ve never done a Palin impression.” which still to this day makes me laugh.
I remember telling her it didn’t have to sound exact just to have the same feeling, but if she didn’t feel she could pull it off I would do it.
Obviously, she did it and she did it well.

Clouds: This segment here is an almost direct pull (I made 1 slight derivation in the restaurant name) from one of Gabriel Iglesias’s bits.
I have been a fan of Gabriel since his days on All That days on Nickelodeon and wanted to do a little tribute to him.


Veg-etarian: This I thought was funny simply because it’s not what you expect them to say.
You know you expected some kind of ethicist or homophobic bullshit to flop out of their mouths and it gives you a bit of shock when they pull a swerve and go in a different direction.
And I liked the pic I came up with for it, something kinda peaceful about a crapper at the foot of a mountain.


Balls Deep: Usually before I record I use songs from Family Guy and The Cleveland Show as warm ups.
So, with that in mind, I figured I’d bring some of the warm up into the work, and since we all know just how much I love doing the voice that Kevin Michael Richardson perfected on The Cleveland Show, I felt there was no better choice than to go with my Favorite Cleveland JR song Balls Deep.
That song is fucking hilarious and you need to search it on YT.
For the image, I took my inspiration from the episode/song itself and made a picture that in some way resembles a ball pit.

Cooking Show: Cooking shows are every fuckin’ where, man.
You flip the channel any which way and you have some goofy asshole in a hat telling you how you cut an onion wrong.
So there’s that.

Joker: As said previously, I love my Joker voice.
I imagined this segment as “The Joker enters the house in the pilot of his own sitcom finding Harley right where he left her…tied to a chair for the last 4 hours”.
Not sure if anything similar to that came across, but that’s what it’s meant to be.


Porn/Close: Besides everything listed above, this segment was the biggest pain in the dick.
The editing on it was a headache because for some reason I could not get that porn audio to work right.
As you’ll notice if you really pay attention to it, my part of the porn audio starts really loud then fades to nothing and Shari’s does the exact opposite, starts at nothing then ramps up to a huge crescendo.
What I was trying to do with it was layer them evenly so we both maintained a consistent volume.
If you don’t mind me getting technical, the way it should work is I lay her audio into the timeline with a photo that doesn’t matter so I can publish it as a video.
Then I take the video version of her audio and lay it into the audio portion of the timeline, lay my version into the audio portion of the timeline, edit and sync my audio to fit with hers, then publish that as a video to have our audio perfectly in alignment and lay it into the Official video’s timeline as audio…but no matter how many times I tried this process (which, trust me, is way easier than it sounds) it would not fucking work!
I later got it to work flawlessly in the ending of Dumbass Poets Society 3: The Return, but back to Channel Surfing, I kept trying like a bastard with no result.
So with the deadline looming, I took the lazy way out and just slid her audio file on top of my own which created the cheap fade.
This is one of the very few things that I would go back a fix George Lucas style if I could, because it really bugs the fuck out of me cause I know I can do it better with a little more time.

Credits: Here, just for shits and giggles, I felt it appropriate to revisit Reverend Tim 1 last time for a wee bit more fun.
Then, as my credits and thank you’s rolled, I decided to give @Woody_TESDFan and the @Shoothemoonband gang one more chance to shine and played a bit more of Part Of Life.
Thanks for the great song, lads!


And that’s it gang!
That’s the entire breakdown for this behemoth!
Since you’ve all made it this far, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the next Typecast!
If you follow me on twitter (@ThatScoobyDoom & @TSDJAProduction) you’ll know I’ve been teasing that it would be late this month because it’s being “worked on”…that’s because Typecast 16 will be another PODCAST!!!
That’s right kids, @Fitzman73 is hard at work editing our next conversation together.
Look for it real soon!

Screencaps provided by @ThatJoser and @JoinedToFollow.

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And finally!
The world is a hellish place full of a lot of assholes, do whatever is within your power to combat those pricks and spread a little bit of joy.
You never know how much it can help.
Thank you for reading, I’ll see you real soon right back here!