Other Links

They’ve provided music for a few of my videos, check out Shoot The Moon: http://ShootTheMoonBand.com

A Podcast I’ve done intros and bumps for, Just Jump To The End: http://JJ2End.com

Run by my best friend, without whom this blog doesn’t exist, the best Scooby-Doo site on the web: http://Scoobyfan.net

He’s been a big help with a few of my videos, listen to Mike’s Podcast: http://justgivemeafewminutes.podomatic.com

The great @ShariSayz’s site for everything she does, including her blog and YT channel: http://Shaarc.ca

I did the Joker intro you hear at the start of That Man On Fatman, listen to it here: http://ThatManOnFatman.com

The Ant-tastic Supergroup of @TheJSarge & @MemeEmSteveDave who have graciously provided me with a song in the past, check out @IrvingsBasement http://Irvingsbasement.bandcamp.com

The master animator himself, Mark Live of @Chundertoons who has provided me with art in the past, and hopefully in the future, visit http://Chundertoons.com

My 2nd favorite Scooby-Doo site on the web, but the first I ever visited, check out @ScoobyAddict‘s site http://ScoobyAddicts.com for all your Scooby history needs.

The man who’s done many images for me, artist extraordinaire @ComicWasteland‘s site for his art and writing https://wordbloonillustration.wordpress.com/.

The only other Scooby-Doo site I visit, be sure to follow it @ScoobySnaxCom and visit it http://scoobysnax1.weebly.com


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