Don’t Go Down There Part 5

As you all know by now, many months ago I gave myself a little challenge.
I wanted to write something truly horrific, fucked up, disgusting, and weird.
This is the product of that self challenge.

What follows is Part 5 of what was originally thought to be a 3 Part story, if you all like this story I just might turn it into a series of videos, audio drama style, some day soon.

You can read Part 1 right here:

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Without further ado, Please Enjoy Part 5 of Don’t Go Down There!

Aunt Shei…no, It’s still closed eyes started moving back and forth under It’s lids.
He smacked It’s disgusting face again, the sound of flesh on wet flesh hung in the air.
It’s eyes slowly opened, It raised It’s swollen, blood soaked face and looked up at Him.
He smiled at It.
It tried to stand, but, just like His recently dead previous victim, It’s arms were chained behind It’s back and to the wall.
It had a urine soaked rag covering It’s eyes, just like the last Thing had, and one stuffed in It’s mouth.
He and Stacey wanted to humiliate the bitch.

Sheil…It! Damn it, It!
It spit the rag out once It started getting It’s bearings.

He ripped the rag off of It’s face so he could see the complete and utter disdain in It’s eyes as It tried to spit the taste out of It’s mouth.
“It’s kind of poetic, right? I mean, we were going to go hunting for a new victim, but you deserve it more than anybody else we ever could have chosen.
Isn’t it, Stace?” He said looking at the love of His life.
She stood back behind Him and stared at Her Mother, whose eyes started welling up with tears.
Stacey stepped forward and spit in Her Mother’s face, it hurt Sheila more than all of His abuse ever would or could.

The wad of spit hung from Sheila’s chin, as Stacey stepped back and snaked Her arms around His waist.
Again, their lips met.
Sheila recoiled, seeing Her Daughter and Nephew behave in such a way made her stomach churn…and they knew it.
They parted Their lips and turned in It’s direction, wiggling Their tongues at each other, simply trying to disgust Sheila.
It gagged and puked down the front of It’s shirt.
They both laughed.
He walked up and kicked It in Her chest, It’s back slammed into the wall.
He walked back toward His bench, shaking the vomit off of His boot as He went.

“What did I ever do to you two?” It asked with a slight slur while trying to catching It’s breath.
He turned back toward It with His arms outstretched and screamed “YOU CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT???”, spittle flying from his lips.
Again, It physically recoiled.
“I have done nothing but treat you both with more love and respect than you ever showed me.” It said, starting to hyperventilate and blubber worse with each word.
“And now, finally, you are going to pay dearly for it, mother.” Stacey said, staring a hole through It.

Sheila tried to stand up again, and He ran up and kicked Her feet out from under Her.
“IT DOES NOT MOVE UNTIL IT’S TOLD TO FUCKIN’ MOVE, BITCH!” He bellowed as It’s body hit the matress with a dull wet thud.
“It’s not right, it’s not natural.” It sobbed.
“I took you in when your mother, my sister, died. She would be so disgusted if she could see what you two are doing, what you’ve done. It’s wrong.”
It crawled to It’s knees again.
“Well, you can tell that gross dead swine all about us when you see her in just a few minutes, Mom.” Stacey said.
It was like a knife through Sheila’s heart, Her own daughter, who had fallen so far away from that beautiful little girl who would cry for Mama to read her another bed time story, who gave her a night night smooch until the age of 15, had just told Her that They planned to kill Her.
Sheila’s shoulders slumped.

He walked to his bench, grabbed something small, then stalked towards It.
It looked up at Him and He smacked It’s face with the back of His hand and said “Don’t you dare look at me.”
He fiddled with the chain behind It’s back, where it attached to the wall, and unlocked it.
He walked in front of It’s and yanked the chain toward His bench, It braced.
He yanked again and It collapsed to It’s knees.
The bone cracking sound of It’s knees hitting the cold hard wet cement was sickening, made worse by the scream that followed.
“What are you doing to me? Let me go, damn you!” It screamed.
“Stacey, open the fuckin’ pit, move the grate, lets throw It in!” He hissed.
She did as She was told as He drug Her Mother to the edge.
He shined a light down into it’s depth and laughed a deep belly laugh.
“Look down there” He said “it’s your neighbors, sweet old Mrs. Shapiro and Mr. Tomlinson, and who’s that I see? Why, it’s none other then your dear friend, Mr. Umber! Care to join them?” He said, as He shoved Her in.

Stacey stood by His side and barked with laughter as Her Mother fell onto the rotted, stinking, bloated corpses below.
It’s face landed on the lower back of a body that had started decaying.
The stench made It gag, which was starting to hurt It’s swollen bloody gums.
It rolled onto It’s back and looked up at Him and Stacey, both doubled over in laughter, and finally It felt hopelessness set in.
It closed eyes and gave in as It’s body shook, It was overcome with violent sobs.
And the It heard a zipping sound, It opens It’s eyes in just enough time to see Him pull His dick out and unleash a stream of piss down on It and the former neighbors.
It pulled it’s arms under It’s legs, getting them back in front of It and tried to crawl to the edge, out of the path of His flow as He continued to cackle.
It put It’s hand on what felt like a solid hand hold only to have it rip through the flesh into the still bile filled stomach of Mrs. Shapiro.

He zipped His pants back up, and just then It’s worse fear came true as Stacey’s 2 younger siblings called down the stairs for Their mother.
“Hey, come on down, guys. Mommy has a surprise for you.” Stacey called up to them.
Sheila could hear them coming down the stairs, Her heart broke at the horror Her 2 sweet baby boys were about to walk into.

To be continued…


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How It Happened: Beer Run

Hey gang!
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get a post up this month, The Camping Trip (the original Audio Drama coming soon from TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media, PLUG PLUG) has taken up a lot of time and energy.
I hope I can get more than 1 post up next month.
Anyway, into the video stuff.


The story: 2 Good Ol Boys are looking in the basement of their house for some beer when they find something much more sinister!

So my Mother and I were heading to go clean out my dead Grandma’s house one day (true story) and I figured I’d take my TS-D/JA Productions note book, video camera, and gorrilla mask along just in case.


I’d actually written this particular video a few weeks before, but I’d thought it would be another one of those that just lived in the notebook because I don’t have anybody to shoot with.
I’d gotten it out on paper, I’d done all I could with and for it for now.
I couldn’t think of anywhere that was particularly spooky or scary looking enough to shoot it at…enter Grandma’s house!
As far back as I can remember, that house has given me the willies!
It’s just shadowy, dark, lots of corners that swallow light and that make you feel like you can get lost in them forever, just not a fun place to be…but Perfect for my purposes!

So, we get out work done for the day and I flip through my notebook a bit and land on this little beauty.
Ah…a match made in heaven!
I grabbed the camera and my light and headed towards the dungeo…I mean basement!

As I recall, I think I did about 3 takes, but I know for sure this was the last 1.
It was the smoothest, felt the most nature, and got right to the damn point.
The other ones, how ever many there were, felt rushed, sloppy, and had far more blur and focus issues.
Wanting to get it all done in one go, I said all of the dialogue in both voices each time as I recorded.
It was GREAT!…that is…until I got home.

When I got home and went to add my titles and credits I had a problem.
The audio was completely fucked.
It was echoy and hard to hear, my foot steps were louder than my voice, I accidentally confused the voices while filming because I had no script to read from.
In short, it was unuseable.
So how/why did I end up releasing the video?
Why does the audio not sound like complete and utter mule caca?
Well, for that story, see me after the video.


So I was ready to just scrap this all together and went to bitch about it on the twitter because I was frustrated and tired of dealing with it.
So I was doing just that (bitching on twitter) when I had the idea to rerecord the audio.
I threw it out there to see if anybody would be interested and, honestly, I got a better response than I usually do these days.


The only reason that this video was posted is because the 10 people whose names appear in the picture above wanted it.
Simple as that!

As I said above, I threw out the idea of redoing the audio and posting it like that.
It was a cheat, and it lost some of the live recording ambiance that I had hoped to capture, but a baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!
The 10 above all encouraged me to do it (Doug!) and it was just the kick in the arse I needed.

The one thing I didn’t do too well in the rerecord was the Gorilla noises.
They are far too loud, but I didn’t realize at the time.
The headphones I had at the time were pretty shitty and made them sound almost inaudible, once I posted the video I realized that wasn’t the case at all.
If I had a second go at it I would definitely lower those to make the Gorilla’s shocking appearance more of a surprise.

I will say this though, I loved getting behind the camera again.
I think that’s one of the reasons I really really love this video (and I know I say that a lot), because it’s just plain fun to shoot/direct.
I love the 1st person perspective of this.
I don’t think I’ve shot anything since this and it really does suck.
I mostly focus on just the vocals (voice actor’s obviously would), but it really does feel like something is missing.
I have a few scripts that can only be shot, so hopefully I can find somebody sometime willing to get down and shoot with me and I think I’m pretty sure I would do them Peter Jackson style like this again.
Peter Jackson style being to just get the physical acting done 100% and add the dialogue later, I think that is a great fit for what I do, especially since I have a much better set up with Audacity and a better mic (graciously provided by a great supporter from England).


And that’s How It Happened, Lads and Lasses.
A big thanks to @_13Chris, @WJelks, @AmandaMDanger, @JoeySCarr, @Fitzman73, @SMorgan21, @JoinedToFollow, @ThankSmodItsFri, @JamesCockrum1, and @NeilGat for the encouragement to follow through and get this done.

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How It Happened: Good Evening Mr. J

Based on the church scene from @ThatKevinSmith’s Red State, as preformed by Michael Parks.


When I first saw Red State, after listening to the Red State Of The Union podcast and seeing all of the Sundance fallout with everybody about Kev losing his fuckin’ cookies, I felt weird.
I had a “we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto” moment.
I waited with bated breath and much excitement for every episode of that podcast, and quite often on there Kev would talk about the speech Parks gives.
He talked about it in such a way that actually made me dread seeing it in a way, he’d talked it and Parks up SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much that I figured it couldn’t possibly live up to that hype.
I was wrong!


In my opinion, Kevin oversold Parks, but undersold John Goodman’s performance in the movie, and that’s not me trashing Parks.
But this scene?
When the movie was over I was thinking about this scene and the siege on the compound.
The compound scene stuck out for the very reason Kev said he liked it, because it didn’t feel like something he directed.
It, like the entire movie, was a huge departure for Kev.
But that fuckin’ church scene was riveting!


Jump ahead about 2 years and I’m making these videos, I’m remaking scenes from Kev’s movies, and this comes bubbling back to the surface.
And come on, you know a scene of pure hate speech is PERFECT for The Joker, just change it from gay bashing to hero bashing and it brings it all home.
I took a look at the scene again and I was really grooving on it, so I talked to and enlisted the help of @ComicWasteland.
And I know I say this a lot about this dude, but he really is a champ.
He did all of the shots I asked for, without complaint and with great skill, but most importantly, the dude did something he did not have too.
After he’d sent me all of the REQUESTED SHOTS and I started my assembly, it still felt a little bland because I was reusing the same few shots over and over again so much.
So I asked @ComicWasteland, way late in the game, after he’d finished and delivered everything, if he could give me 1 more shot to help break up the monotony a bit, and while I would have completely understood if he’d told me to fuck off because he was busy…the dude came through.
So, once again, a big thanks to Brad!
You all really should check out his site and show him some love:

Then there was Mr. Mike (@FromTheMonkey), of Monkey Basement Productions, who once again came through.
It started with that cattleprod as I recall, but then I asked him if he could give me the family crowd/flock.
That cattleprod sounds just fuckin’ brutal and the crowd is perfect.
Show him some a little kindness and give an ep or 2 of his pod a spin:

Now go watch the video itself and I’ll tell you about how there was almost a different Ivy!
And stay after the credits for a little extra!




Fun right?
Now about the Ivy, I can’t quite remember how it came about (it very well could have been just as simple as I was just too nervous to ask @ShariSayz to record anything for me after how poorly I handled working with her on Channel Surfing), but I asked around on twitter and wasn’t getting any bites.
Then I was having a conversation with the lovely and always supportive @_13Chris and we somehow got on the topic of it.
And knowing her how I do, I’m pretty sure I asked her if she would do it (I can almost bet she didn’t offer because she’s pretty private, same as me) and she took a stab or 2 at it.
The only problem is that at the time I didn’t have somebody like @Fitzman73 at the ready to convert different audio files (I’m sure @FromTheMonkey or @SpiderScooby would have done it, but Mike was pretty busy at the time and I didn’t really wanna bother Ross because that dude truly does enough for me) into usable formats for me.
The funniest bit of all of this was that Chris had her husband helping her record and send the files (and this is something that made me instantly love her and her fam).
I get this email from her dude that says something to the effect of “She didn’t want me to send this, but I think it was her best take” with an attached file.
I open it up and it’s him saying the Ivy line “SATAN MOTHAFUCKA, SATAN”…and I lost my shit.
It’s legitimately one of the funniest things to come out of this whole entire video makinimage

g thing I’ve been doing for almost 3 years now.

Now how did @ShariSayz actually come to get involved in this?
I can’t exactly remember.
I do remember giving her the direction to watch Arleen Sorkin for Harley.
I also remember telling her for Ivy I wanted something breathy, sexy, sensual.
On both fronts, she nailed it.
I seriously love Shari’s Harley, and can’t wait to bring that crazy ex doctor out of her again soon.
Once again, go give @ShariSayz a shout or go show her YT channel a bit of love:

I also remember struggling with a title for this video.
For a while I was calling it Green State, but that just felt super lame.
I think I went through about 6 other titles before finally landing on Good Evening Mr. J, which for the few who haven’t seen Red State is in reference to the part that Mike and his family did.
When Abin Cooper says “Welcome Family” and you hear 1 person specifically say “Good Evening Grandpa”.
I think it fitz.


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Typecast #18: Bat Kat Begins

Welcome to the 1st Typecast of 2016, and damn it’s a good one!

Our guest here in my super secret evil hideout in the mountains is a great lady what has helped me in the past and been a pretty good friend.
If you follow her on the tweeters, you know she’s damn smart, wicked funny, easy on the eyes, and a GREAT creative soul.
This month in the hot seat, it’s the 1 and only Bat Kat, @KatLong31.

This conversation appears just as it was had, all spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and any other flaws of any kind intact to maintain the honesty of the whole thang.

Our name’s will appear in red, her’s will link to her twitter, mine will link to my Youtube channel.

Without further ado, take it away me!


ThatScoobyDoom: Okay, with a nickname like Bat Kat, you must be a HUGE Superman fan, so what are your first memories of big blue?

@KatLong31: That made me laugh a lot!

Actually as a really little girl my cousin love superman and I lived batman.
So we played supes and Bat a lot, we were both so bummed that the under Roos were only for boys we wanted them so much!
I did love the Batman series a lot, watched it often but I loved the Christooher Reeve superman movies too.

I know it’s running joke/ rivalry that I’m not a Supes fan but I do like him.
Like Supes LOVE that Bat!

ThatScoobyDoom: So Adam West was your first Batman?

@KatLong31: Yes as long as I can remember he was/ is my Batman!
I had to have been very small(under 3) when I first watched the Show.

ThatScoobyDoom: Did you ever go through that period that most of the fans of that show went through where they kinda hated it because it wasn’t cool to like it?

@KatLong31: That whole cast of characters was brilliant!
I love them all!
I mean Julie Newmar!
Who is more stunning then her?
And Yvonne Criag will always be my hero!

No, in fact I was/ still am just naturally uncool and like what I like.
And that show will always be one of the best shows in my book.
And yes I did get made fun of for liking it but I never cared about that.
I am used to people not liking what I like.
Even in college I had a chick tell me I wore batman shirts to much that I was an adult now and should act like it.
I laughed at her in a nice way and said he’s my one true love I have to support him ūüėČ

ThatScoobyDoom: Very much like myself in that respect, cause I was getting shredded in 5th grade for my undying Scooby love.

Did you ever get into any of the comics as a kid?

@KatLong31: I was bullied all the time at that age about a million things so why not just let myself like what I like?

No not as a kid.
I was late teens before I came around and even then it wasn’t until I got older that I read then regularly.

ThatScoobyDoom: Totally understand and agree, lady.

Do you remember what your first non 66 Bat story was?

@KatLong31: Yeah early 90’s Knightfall!
I got into it cuz of a guy, who of course friend zoned me.
But I loved that story and crossover.

So you remember your first comic book?

What are your top 3?

ThatScoobyDoom: What a dumbass he was. Haha

Oh shit, no!
I don’t remember my my first comic or even my first bat comic.
My first would have to be an Archie comic or something.
I guess my first Bat comic would probably be one of the B:TAS Tie-In’s, Batman Adventures or whatever it was.

Do you mean top 3 Bat stories or just top 3 in general?

@KatLong31: No not at all I have been friend zoned plenty!

I meant any, not Batman or Batman but just in general

What do you like?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s criminal.

Well, my 4 favorite Bat centric stories are Mad Love, The Killing Joke, No Man’s Land, and The Long Halloween.
Non Bat, that’s a lot harder for me to nail down.
I know it’s cool to hate it, but I loved Marvel’s Civil War.
I loved the Spidey Tie-In’s to that because I loved the Iron Spidey suit.
I really dug the Death and Return of Superman, I consider that all 1 story.
Can’t think of many other comic stories I’ve really loved.

Gimme some of your favorites beyond Knightfall (which I never got around to getting, sadly).

@KatLong31: Hahaha no not really.
Any or batman?

ThatScoobyDoom: Both.
Favorite Bat and non Bat stories.

@KatLong31: Bat is hard to narrow!
But I like tank girl and XMen it’s tough to narrow it down in general I guess ūüôā

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya.

So, 89 comes rolling around, you had to have gotten swept up in the Batmania that the rest of the world right?

@KatLong31: I did!
But to be honest I was young at the trailers kind is bugged me, I was shocked that they thought they could touch my beloved Adam West and gang.
However I was not even seated all the way at the theatre and was in love!
That movie only served to stoke my bat flame and seal what has turned out to be a life long adoration for That character!
I was so in awe and thrilled with Keaton and could not see it enough!

ThatScoobyDoom: Do you remember how many times you saw it in the theater?

@KatLong31: Only 2 times I wanted to see it over and over!

ThatScoobyDoom: How about returns?
Did that tickle your fancy any?

@KatLong31: It sure did!
With one exception I have completely enjoyed every Batman film!

ThatScoobyDoom: Really?
I have big problems with the majority of them. Haha

What’s the exception?

@KatLong31: I hate saying the exception I often find people who disagree

But aside from one I am a fan of all the flicks

ThatScoobyDoom: Come on, spill!
If you say the one I dislike most, we may have to make this legal.

@KatLong31: Ok Batman forever, it sure tried to bring the comic genre to life but the execution didn’t work for me.
And Val Kilmer was plain awful!!
Just I can’t say it clear enough he was just abhorrent!
It was tragic!!

ThatScoobyDoom: Huh, that’s interesting.
You are right, most do disagree.

In my opinion, we’ve only gotten 2 great Batman movies, the rest are varying levels of shit.
I would put Batman & Robin lower than Forever, but that’s just me.
I think it was B&R that started my life long dislike of Clooney.

@KatLong31: What two are great in Dooms mind?

ThatScoobyDoom: Batman 89 and Batman Begins.
I truly think Batman Begins would be 100% if Bale hadn’t used that stupid “aruh ruh ruh” voice for Batman, cause that shit is laughable.
But the rest is nerdgasmicly good.

@KatLong31: Oh nice those are my two favs too!
Only I have had a crush on Bale since newsies so when he was cast as batman I went Biserk and I doubt he could have done anything to make me dislike his performance.

ThatScoobyDoom: I wanna stick with the bat chat kat, but you gave me a brilliant opening so we’ll get back to the Dark Knight.

Youse big on that thar theater stuff ain’t cha?

@KatLong31: Well I did get my BA in it, and yes it is my passion.
I can’t really act but something about being a part of live theatre is so enchanting it soothes my soul.
Yep that’s dramatic but it is so difficult to describe the joy of live theatre

ThatScoobyDoom: No, you’re not gonna pull that “can’t act” shit around here, lady.
We have proof that you can indeed act.

When did you first get interested in that type of stuff, theater and what not?

@KatLong31: Do you want the long or short answer?

pS thank you!
You know how I feel about your opinion on my acting.

The short answer is always I guess I was always  a ham as my dad puts it and when I was offered a scholarship to change majors from Speech path to theatre it seems like a no brainier

ThatScoobyDoom: Hey, I’ve said it many many times privately, I’ll glad y say it publicly.
You made Love In War what it was, you made it all work.
Was a damn good job.

And the long answer?

@KatLong31: Well publicly thank you!
I was honored you let me work with you!
And it was a fun experience for me!
You wrote a great script and we both know I sent you many many takes so you were very patient.

As I said before I was always a ham.
I was expressive and often flamboyant.
I was a speech pathology major.
And had to take a theatres class as a requirement.
The professor of that class saw something in me, she offered me a scholarship to change majors she put me onstage and then mostly insisted I be her stage manager or assistant director.
I felt at home in these capacities.
I thrived in them, dare I admit I was decent at them.
I can direct and stage manage very well!
Acting is where I find myself second guessing my abilities, but Stage managing and directing, those I know i can do! And do them very well.

ThatScoobyDoom: What exactly is Speech Pathology?

I don’t know jack shit about theater, so how does Stage Directing differ from Film/TV/Voice Directing?

@KatLong31: A speech therapist.

I can’t compare and contrast the two.
But I think one big difference is for a live event you have to block out the moves conscience of the audience in film and TV the can cut away and zoom in so the movements and vocal quality have to be big it is a fine line too, I know live actors often have to pull back when they crossover to film.
And with live theatre you get one shot!
No redo you have to nail it all, and if you don’t you can’t let the mistakes shake you.
I Stage Managed, a show where one actor missed his entrance, so the guy onstage had to adlib for 4 mins ps it was   Merchant of Venice so making up Shakespeare could not have been easy.
Anyway basically you can’t ever mess up and when you do you have to make it look like it was intended to be that way.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, so like, helping people with accents or lisps and shit?

Ah, so it sounds like it’s more detail oriented?
Maybe a bit more important to hit marks and what not than in a movie?

Did you ever deal with any stage fright or anything?

@KatLong31: Yeah speech and eating issues, there are a lot of aspects to it.

Yes there is no room for error and when you have one make it look good.
One aspect of stage managing is when the show adds the technical aspects to the acting the stage manager makes every light, sound, prop que call.
I had a flawless record my entire college career until my last show I was late calling a blackout!
Ugh that late call will always haunt me!
*ironically the show was titled “All in the Timing”

Or with my actors?

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s cool.

That sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure when it goes right it’s worth it.
Ooooo, ouch. Haha.


@KatLong31: In my world there is nothing like it!

Oh yes!!!
All the time!
Only before the show though.
The second I step onstage I block out the audience and only focus on the moment I wish I could somehow attain that focus preshow but I can’t and when I’m nervous I talk a lot so it worked best if I shared a dressing room with my bestie Trina, if she wasn’t onstage with me she was my dresser if possible she knew how to chat distract me and keep me from hyperventilating or puking.
I never have issues until we are in front of an audience, so I really spent the week before opening honing in on an empty theatre and that helps.

ThatScoobyDoom: There was this one time in school where I had to read this thing infront of the entire school, all 9 grades, and I almost fuckin’ died.
I was holding the paper and I could not control my arm at all, I was just shaking like it was -10¬į and I was butt ass naked.
It was fuckin’ horrifying.
I have never performed infront of people after that.
Just knew that it was NOT for me. Haha

What was the rush like after you complete a show?

@KatLong31: Here is an odd fact, I can’t perform or give a speech as me.
I can but I shake and get so ill, it’s awful, but I can focus on my character and that is what works for me.
I know that sounds really cheesy but owell.

It is euphoric and everyone involved has that feeling!
So that backstage energy is electric!
I could go on and on but it’s just the best experience.
And it’s made even better by the fact that the cast and crew naturally become so close in the process and you all feed off each other’s energy.

ThatScoobyDoom: I’m actually sort of similar!
Like, the sound of my natural voice is like nails on a chalkboard, I can’t listen to myself at all because it makes my skin crawl.
But if I throw on a voice, I can listen to that shit all day long.
Even though I can hear myself in every voice, it’s different enough that it doesn’t bother me at all.

That’s cool.

Okay lets get back to the Bat, if you don’t mind.

@KatLong31: It’s liberating I think to temporally shed your own skin.

This is your rodeo DoomADoom whatever you say.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is very true.
Nice to embody somebody you’ll never be.

Okay, so we talked about the movies, lets talk just a bit about my absolute favorite version of the Character.
Batman: The Animated Series.
Where do you stand on that?

@KatLong31: Ugh I’m embarrassed to say I have not seen all of them. What I have seen I liked, it is one of those things I intend to find and watch in its entirety someday.

ThatScoobyDoom: *clutches chest*

@KatLong31: I know I know!
It’s an embarrassing admission.
I wish I was a good liar, I would have loved to coyly say something brilliant that eluded to me enjoying it while I rarely had seen it but alas I’m no good at lying.
*forgive this shortcoming.

ThatScoobyDoom: Okay okay…
*wipes tear from eye*
…how about the animated movies?
You ever get into any of those?

@KatLong31: But if you will indulge me, what do you enjoy about the animated series?

ThatScoobyDoom: The animation, even 25 years later, still holds up.
So fluid, smooth, beautiful.
There is a Clayface episode where they show him transitioning that is a stunning piece of animation.

The voice work is OUTSTANDING!
Just unbelievably remarkable how well they nailed the characters.
Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Gordon, when I think of these characters I think of these versions.
Kevin Conroy was, is, and forever will be the 1 true Bat for me.
Nobody will ever touch what Mark Hamill did as the Joker.
My Joker is just a copy and paste of what Mark did simply because I can not think of anyway to improve on the perfection that he created.

And then there’s Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s ultimate creation from that series, the lovely Harley Quinn.

@KatLong31: Ugh I need to buy this series!
I do like Arleen Sorkins’ Harley when I read Harley I hear her voice.

ThatScoobyDoom: I love Tara Strong, she has voiced so many great characters I love, but her Harley doesn’t hold a candle to Arleen.
If nothing else, that series is legendary for Harley alone.

@KatLong31: Yeah she is great I think I really enjoy Arleen.

ThatScoobyDoom: So the recent animated movies, have you caught any of those?

@KatLong31: I have seen some but not all of them those have not really caught my interest, any ones that you would recommend?

I think the disconnect on the animated things was they began coming out at the age I lost interest in animation and by the time I became fond of it again it was not as accessible.

ThatScoobyDoom: I hear ya.
I’ve seen a lot of people say the same.

Under The Red Hood and Public Enemies are by far my favorites.
Public Enemies has Kevin Conroy & Tim Daly reprising their TV roles of Batman & Superman.
Red Hood has Bruce Greenwood as the Bat and John Dimaggio as Joker, those 2 are DAMN good together.

@KatLong31: Ok I will find and watch those.
Thank you!

Ok so what inspires you Doom what draws you to create your videos?

ThatScoobyDoom: Be sure to let me know what you think when you do.

I think about that a lot.
At the very beginning it was 100% boredom.
Nothing more.
But now?
There are so many reasons, and I know this will sound so masturbatory, but it’s not.
I’m definitely not a bragger.
I’ve had many quite a few folks tell me that they’ve come home after a shitty day and watch one of my videos and it helps wash away all of that bullshit from the day.
I don’t know how much you listen to Kev (Smith), but I listen to all of his pods and he’s said many times that would happen.
At first I laughed it off, thought “what the hell could I ever make that could help somebody in anyway?”, but the dude was right.
It’s happened quite a few times, and it’s always weird for me.

And then there’s just a love for entertaining.
Whether it’s through something like this, a podcast, a video, or an audiodrama, I just like entertaining.

@KatLong31: I can see a progression with the videos, as you know I’ve watched and rewatched many times in order.
It is interesting to note your confidence and growth. 

That would be satisfying to hear somebody say!

I understand that excitement to entertain!
It’s thrilling for sure.

I have told you before Family dinner is one of my favorites of yours so moving.
And channel surfing shows your range, I know it might be difficult, but of your own videos which do you like best and why?

And which character that you have made up is most like yourself?
Is it Chip Skippy ūüėČ

ThatScoobyDoom: Well thanks.
Yeah, especially since those first few were simply done on my phone. Haha
It is good to hear that folks can see the growth.
Appreciate you watching ’em so many times.

It is, it really is.
That something like me making dick jokes in wacky voices helps folks is damn cool.

I was never one that wanted or got a lot of attention, but I was definitely the kid that tried to disrupt class by making the fuckers around giggle and shit.
It is a bit of a rush.

That is hard to decide, but I have 4 in the order they were released.
Dead Or Dumbass, because the ending was unplanned and I still have scars from it.
What’s Your Name?, because it’s so personal and hilarious.
Beer Run, because it’s just so stupidly weird.
And finally, X-Mas In Da Hood, because I made that for my true first audience, my mom.

That is an even harder question to answer.
Chip Skippy would be the easy answer, but it’s hard.
There are a lot of characters in there, some with only 1 line. Haha
Chip definitely has my anger and hatred for being interrupted…but then, so does Satan…but I didn’t create him, so I guess Chip is the answer.
What about you?
Of all the characters, who is your favorite?

And how did you find my shit?
I remember our first conversation, but I don’t recall how you found it all.

@KatLong31: Of course!
My pleasure!

I could never pull that off but my hats off to you!

I love that you wrote Xmas in the god for your mom.
That is very sweet.

Well I have never written for myself (as you and I have talked about at length) so I doubt I have the connection you do.
But I was Truvy in steel magnolias and I enjoyed that whole process a lot.
My fav character I have read is from a script H’tel Baltimore her name is April she is an aging prostitute with fantastic dialogue.
I directed that show, I wish I had acted it instead.
And working with you was a very easy I enjoyed the freedom you allowed me with CD I really enjoyed her, for all the background work you let me put in.

As to me finding your stuff, I think it was Matt I had Heard the Christmas pod.
You and I already followed one another.
And yes our first convo is vivid in my mind we also had Joser and Matt and it was so fun!

ThatScoobyDoom: I never would have guessed I could do it either, but I needed an ending.
We do what we have to do for our art, right?

It is sweet until you realize how horribly, graphically, filthy it is.
But that just goes to show you the sense of humor of my family. Haha

You made my dearest Charlemagne come to life, she exists solely because of you and your notes.
And I won’t ever let you deny or forget that.

Fun stuff, dear.

Is there ANYTHING else you wanna say to the good folks reading?

@KatLong31: Well that was mostly you!
But thank you!
I enjoyed it very much!

I want to thank you Doom, I feel enlightened this was fun.
And thanks to anybody who took the time to read this!


A HUGE thank you goes to @KatLong31 for taking the time out to do this.
This lady has been a great friend and a great help, so go show her a bit of love on Twitter, and remember to stay #BatKatStrong.

Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #Typecast.

And finally!
Always remember that the world is a really hard and unnecessarily shitty place.
Do your part to help lessen that, because you will never understand just how much something as simple as a smile or a kind word to somebody struggling to keep their head above water can be.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back here soon.

Just Jump To The End Episode 20: A Couple Of Jakku Jackoffs

Do you have 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 53 seconds free and you just don’t know what to do to burn that time?
Well kids, we here at TS-D/JA Productions have just the thing for you!
Read on for details!

You know that little movie that recently came out and flopped called *rustles through papers* Star…Wars?
Star Wars, yes!
That was the name!
Well, on December 29th, @Fitzman73, of the Just Jump To The End Podcast, and I went to this little picture that could.
It was fun as hell!
The best way to describe the whole day and experience would be to call it a Patronus day.
Sad as it may be, it really was one of the best days of my life.

Now, why the hell would I post about it on this site?
Well, as soon as we came out of the theater and got in to his motor vehicle, he turned on his recorder…and I said “Move Jerk-Off!”…which will forever go down as the first words I ever said on my very first big boy podcast.

Here you can listen to my extremely overwhelmed, jumbled up, gut reaction to Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.
This was the first time I saw the movie, and this was also the first Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen in a theater and I was also nervous as fuck to actually be recording.
So, here you go, give it a shot.


You can clearly hear me struggling to make sense of it all.
And I know it sounds like I hate the movie, but rest assured I did not.
I loved it, but just because I love it doesn’t mean that it’s flawless.
This movie has big problems for sure, but thinking about it in the days and weeks since I can’t help but smile.
It really was a joy for me.

Fitz says he felt very similar after his first viewing, it is a lot to take in, but that it does does get better the more you see it.
It’s my hope that when ever I do see it again (once, twice, thrice, whatever) he and I get to record again and I can better articulate my feelings on it.

I mentioned last year (I believe it was in my May 27th anniversary post) that I hoped to get a podcast of my own off the ground in the next year.
While this is not that, this is a step in the right direction.
I can assure you, if you folks really give this some love and truly want more, we will make it happen.

One final note, for anybody that’s interested, if you add up all of my videos (which you can watch here), the 2 Typecast FrankenPods (which you can listen to here and here), and this, I have, with the help of many amazing artists and creators, produced 4 hours, 18 minutes, and 12 seconds of content that you can watch and listen to when ever and where ever you want.
Kinda cool.
But there’s something even cooler!
Right now, Fitzman and I are working on something to help get that number even higher.
Work has begun on a new project that I am proud to announce first here.

Coming some time this year from TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2EMedia, on BandCamp or something similar, The Camping Trip!
An original anthology style audio drama written and performed by Fitzman and myself.
I can’t say too much about it at this point as it is still being written, but I wanted to let everybody who visits this site to get prepared for it.
My Youtube channel may not get as many uploads over the next few months as I throw myself wholeheartedly into this project, but I promise you all I plan to make it worth it.


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Follow Just Jump To The End on Twitter: @JJ2End
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And finally!
This world is a rough place.
Do everything within your power to make it better in any way that you possibly can.
Even something as simple as a smile to a stranger can help more that you can ever comprehend.

Thank you all so very much for reading, please stick around because there is a lot of cool shit coming down the pipeline!
See you next time!

How It Happened: What’s Your Name?

This video is a case of me pulling from my own life for your entertainment.
The following is a 100% true story.

I guess it was about 11 years ago this happened.
My brother, our 2 neighbors, and myself were on my back porch talking about something unimportant and I saw a kid that looked really familiar pedaling his bike up the street.
Instantly I start going through the photo files in my brain part trying to figure out where I know this kid from while those 3 kept jabbering about bullshit.
It hits me.
About 6-8 years before that, I went to school with this little shithead.
So I spoke up.


It went down exactly as it did in the video.
Watch it and I’ll tell you about how @FromTheMonkey and @ElTankoDeFranko got involved.

So we hear a huge SLAM sound from the alley behind my garage.
There was a moment of silence where the 4 of us were just looking at the other 3, completely fuckin’ stunned.
Then we all hauled ass, down off the porch, to the end of my yard, and looked down the alley.


There, on the ground, splayed out on the ground next to the dumpster, we see Timmy.
He kind of wiggled a bit and tried to stand up straight, but the best he could manage was that kind of wobble that drunks get when they try to do the same.
We all just looked on in stunned silence, and the best we could manage was “hey, you okay?” and he, in great unintentional comedy fashion, grabs his head, looks around, picks up his bike, waves us off, hopes on the bike, and says “uh, I’m uh…I’m fine!” and he peddled off all wobblylike, never to be seen again.
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the funniest things I have in my memory bank, which is why I felt the need to share it with you lovely folks.

So at the time that I was deciding to make this video, I was talking to @ElTankoDeFranko pretty regularly and the dude was pretty interested in the shit I make, was wanting to know if there was anyway he could help.
We talked about a few ideas, including him shooting a video that I still desperately want to do, but nothing really came of those, and then I remembered and landed on this.
I asked him if he had a few of the things you see in the pics above, I told him what I needed and he came through.
The thing I love the most about the pics he sent, in the second 1, if you look really close, you can see he threw 1 lone shoe in there to that really sells the crash.
Loved that wee little detail.
So thanks for @ElTankoDeFranko!

As for @FromTheMonkey, I can’t remember a lot of the details on his involvement in this one, but if you follow along with these How It Happened posts you know Mike has been a great help round these here TS-D/JA Productions parts.
I think he did 2 passes on that crash, because I feel like I remember giving him a second round of notes that really sold it.
And as per usual, the dude just continues to come through when asked.

This video is really special for me for a number of reasons, it’s an incredibly hilarious personal story, was fun to collaborate with somebody new, but the thing I will remember most specifically about the video itself is that it was the very first video of mine to pass 100 in a week.
Kinda cool.


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Finally, the world is a right foul place full of shitty fuckin’ folks.
Combat that by doing your damnedest to put a little bit more good out there, even if it’s just a smile to a stranger.

Be sure to come back next time, I’ll have something extra special for all of you, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long damn time!
Thanks for reading, hope to see you then.

Abandoned Scooby-Doo! Story Part 3 Of 3

This is it kids, the last part of my Scooby story.

You’ll have to cut me a little slack, I was never good at coming up with last names.
I never wanted to say “this is Bill Smith or Wayne Jones, tried to be different and usually came off goofy as hell.

No more jabberin’ from me, get to reading Part 3 of Scooby-Doo and the Curse Of The Football Spector…

“Well, I guess I’d better tell you then.
This might well be the last game played here in the Igloo Dome.
We’ve had a…well, he claims that he’s thr ghost of the very first owner of the Penguin’s, Tom Hawkrider.
He calls himself “the football spector” and he’s been scaring the day lights out of the crowds.” Carl told them.
“Why, Carl?” Daphne wondered.
“Because, back in 1979, he sold the team and then the man that bought the team turned around and sold the team a season or two later to my father who never got along with Hawkrider.” he explained.
“And let me guess, Hawkrider put a curse on the team?” Velma asked.
“That’s right, he said 10 years after his death he would return and stop whoever owned the team from ever owning another team.
Well, I don’t have to tell you what that means.
This season is the 10th season since his death.” Carl finished.

“You’re not worried, are you Mr. Trekwall?” Fred asked.
“To be honest, I am.
What with all that has happened this season, I’m very worried.” he replied.
“What’s happened, sir?” Velma asked.
“Well, at first it was a lot of minor things that almost went unnoticed.
Broken lightbulbs, dumped over trash bins, simple things that we thought were petty vandalism.
Then the scoreboard started displaying rude messages and things like that.
You may also remember hearing on the news that we had postponed a game, the story we put out to the press said that we had a plumbing issue, when the actual issue was that the entire field had been dug up.
So you see, at that point I knew it had to be the curse, and then the spector showed up.” Carl said, looking increasingly uneasy.

“What happened when the ghost showed up?” Daphne asked.
“It started appearing the day after the field incident, it threatened me.
It told me a horror unlike any the world had ever seen before would befall me if I didn’t step aside by midnight last night.”
“Why didn’t you just step aside a save us all an unimaginable horror?” Shaggy asked with a nervous laugh.
“I have 2 reasons.
1st, the 1 person I would trust to put in charge hates working here as it is, and that’s my daughter.
So I’m sure she would hate having even more responsibilities in the organization.
And 2nd, this is the only connection to my father that I have left.” he explained.

The door opened again and in walked a man carrying a helmet, wearing the powder blue and black gear of the Coolsville Penguins, followed by the ticket girl from the gate, holding a purple purse.
While they all recognized the girl, only Velma and Fred recognized the man.
“You’re the man that almost trampled us in the parking lot.” Velma said at the same time Fred shouted “Oh my god! You’re Craig Walkerton! Can I have your autograph?”
Visibly overwhelmed, Craig said. “I’m so sorry about that, I was late.
But seeing as the dome is only a third full 10 minutes before kick-off, I don’t think many will mind.” he then turned to Fred. “And yes, you can have my autograph.
These days, I’m just glad to know I still have a fan who wants it.”

Just then Daphne notices what the girl from the ticket gate was holding and exclaimed. “My purse!
But where did you get it?”
“Obviously, you left it on my counter when you handed me your tickets.” the girl responded.

“Elizabeth! Where are your manners?
That is no way to treat a customer!” Trekwall said to his employee.
“Yeah, whatever, Dad.” she said
She threw Daphne’s purse at his feet and stormed out.
Scooby walked over, picked it up, and brought it to Daphne as, with surprise, Velma asked. “She’s your daughter?”
“And my wife.” Craig said
“She was the one that grabbed your arm in the hall, she said you’d left your bag and we were coming to return it when you walked by us.
We didn’t mean to scare you.”
With that, the two guards left.

Seconds later yells came from the hall.
“What the hell?
Every single damn time I clean up this dump the morons around here have to make another one.” Ranted a custodian.
“And worse yet, Ig and Ook have to come through kicking trash, making my job even harder.
One of these days I’ll get my….oh! Mr. Trekwall, uh, Mr. Walkerton.
H-how are you gentlemen doing today?” Clearly worried he’d been heard.


That custodian was actually supposed to be a character from an old issue of DC’s original Scooby-Doo comic, #114 if I remember correctly.

That’s it, hope you all dug it.

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And finally, the world is a tough place full of crappy people.
Do your part to change that by being a little less turdy.
A smile or a kind word can help more than you realize.

That’s it for TS-D/JA Productions this year, gang.
There’s a bunch of cool stuff that I hope to share with you next year and I hope you all come back then to read, watch, & listen to it all.
Thanks for your support and thanks for reading.

Typecast #17: There Has Been An Awakening

Hey Gang!
Welcome back.
This go round with the Typecast, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening very soon, I wanted to do something a little different.
So I put the word out on the twitter and asked if there were any folks who wanted to answer 5-10 questions about Star Wars and I got about 5 bites, after a while some folks didn’t follow up so I parred I had 2 then asked Ross, Fitz, & Fafa if they wanted in.
Thankfully, they all said yes.
Also, really quick, I wanna thank @SMorgan21 for offering, if I had known I would have the room I woulda taken you up Sandy.

Now, my questions may get a bit repetitive, but all the answers took us to some cool places, so just go along with it.
My guests this go round, in order, are @SpiderScooby, @CheeryAnt, @SteBoost, @ShariSayz, and @Fitzman73.
Their names will appear in red and link to their respective Twitter accounts.
Also, starting with this Typecast, due to some punkass complaining (I’m looking at you @JoinedToFollow) my name will appear in red, so my name doesn’t blend into the conversation, and will link to my Youtube channel.

These conversations appear just as they were had, typos and all funk ups intact, to maintain honesty.
Also, just incase, I want to put up a SPOILER ALERT, cause things go slightly in that direction with some rumors and images being brought up.
All that said, up first is @SpiderScooby, so take it away me…


ThatScoobyDoom: How far back do you go with this loveable galaxy far far away?

@SpiderScooby: All my life.
I don’t remember the first time I saw the movies.
They were always just there.

ThatScoobyDoom: So you don’t really recall if your parents liked them and it sort of got passed or something?

@SpiderScooby: Oh yeah, they liked them.
I saw the OT at a very early age.
We had the old VHS releases the had the original posters for the cover art.

ThatScoobyDoom: You’re a wee bit older than me, you’ve been a fan way longer than me, so you’ve been through the periods where there has been…NOTHING!!!
So, what has kept you interested?

@SpiderScooby: Good question.
I never really had any of the toys.
I didn’t start reading the books until the late 90s.
I think the Special Editions helped.
That was my first time seeing Star Wars on the big screen.
That was an amazing experiance.
I remember the line for A New Hope being crazy.

ThatScoobyDoom: Did any of the comics feed the addiction?

And being such a fan, how different was the experience for you to 1. See them writ large for the first time?
2. What did you think of that first round of changes?

@SpiderScooby: I never got into the comics because of my eyesight (thank Bob for Comixology).

Seeing that final trench run with the updated SFX was just breathtaking.

The changes never bothered me as a kid.
I didn’t even know Han Shot First was a thing until a few years later.
Looking back on them now, some are better than others.

ThatScoobyDoom: So you, more than most, had a dark time after Jedi in regard to the Wars.

Interesting, consider the way many have reacted.

What was that build up to the prequels like for you?

@SpiderScooby: Not really.
I still had the novels.
And I was lucky enough to miss that dark period in the 80s when there wasn’t amy new SW content.

I didn’t care.
It was Star Wars.
On the big screen.
That was more important to me than any changes.

That lead-up to TPM was madness. the marketing for that movie was crazy.
I was hyped for it, even though when I did see it, it didn’t make much of an impression on me.
I liked it, but it didn’t feel like my Star Wars.

ThatScoobyDoom: Even so, there weren’t a lot of novels back then, comparatively speaking to when I came into it.
You still had to wait for shit, right?

Did you get swept into the hype?
Especially on the merch end?

As the prequels progressed, did it get closer to what you feel is your Star Wars?

@SpiderScooby: Oh, there were plenty of novels.
You had the books that followed the OT(The New Jedi Order, etc), and then the books based off of The Phantom Menace 

Mostly on the book and video game side of things.
That period between 1999 and 2005 was a great time for Stat Wars games  KOTOR, Rouge Squadron, Battlefront. 
I still say the podracibg game was the best thing to come out of Ep1.

Not until the end of Sith.
Even then it would’ve been nice to see a little more of Anakin in the Vader suit.
Ep III especially felt rushed even though it is the best of the prequels.

ThatScoobyDoom: I meant specifically before Menace.
You’ve read some of what they consider the young adult novels, right?

And don’t forget the Republic Commando game, that rocks.
Speaking of Republic Commando, this is a great time for me to eat a bit of crow from one of the earliest Typecasts.
Those Republic Commando novels are fucking masterful!
Sorry Karen Traviss!
Everybody go read them all.

I still haven’t played or seen anything from that podracing game, what was that like?
Because I get visions of like a hybrid between Crash Team Racing and the Harry Potter Quidditch game in style and tone.

The thing about Sith is that it feels like you are coming into the movie like halfway through it (and if you’ve seen the micro series or read Labyrinth Of Evil, you know this is totally the case).
From then on there’s not really a break, it just unfolds quicker than fuck.
Love that movie.

@SpiderScooby: Right, the EU was was going strong by that point(or at least it felt like that).

The young Obi-Wan books?
Yeah, loved those books.
It gave us more Obi-Wan and  Qui-Gon, two of the good things about TPM .

I’ve never read those, and I need to go finish that game.

You had many different tracks(it wasn’t just limited to Tatooine) and different podracers you could race.

The creation of the clone army should have been the first movie, with Anakin as a kid being only a flashback.

ThatScoobyDoom: I stuck to the main novels, I kinda wish I would’ve tried some of those though because I always wanted more Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.

She somehow manages to build her own little world within the galaxy and I’m telling you brother, it is awesome.
The game is pretty damn good too.

Yeah, that sounds great.

That would have been a way different trilogy for damn sure.
But I am really happy with what we got.

How about Rebels or The Clone Wars or any of the old series?
I know you’ve seen TCW, but have you seen any of the others?

@SpiderScooby: I would agree if Ep 2 was good, I would agree.
But they didn’t hit first base til Sith.

Clones Wars started off weak, but turned into a amazing series by the end.
Too bad we didn’t more of it.
Rebels is a lot of fun, this season has been killing it.

ThatScoobyDoom: We will have to agree to disagree on this one, my good sir.
I really love Phantom Menace.
If you wanna get sporty, I’d call I a double, II hitting a foul ball where the ball goes straight up, gets caught in the lights, then comes down and smacks you dead in the face, and III is a home run.

Fitz has said the same about early Clone Wars, but I dug it from the jump.
And from what I’ve heard of Rebels, it sounds amazing.
Hondo, Clones, yes please!

Did you see Droids or Ewoks?

@SpiderScooby: It’s more like that ball comes down, hits you in the face, and puts you to sleep.

I’m one of the 5 people who saw the Clone Wars movie in the theater. That movie is rough to get through.

It’s amazing though.
You have this new character, Ahsoka, who nobody liked at first but everyone loved by the end of the series.

I’ve avoided those like the plague. I’ve seen clips of them, and they just look cringe-worthy.

ThatScoobyDoom: Now you’re just splitting hairs, vod. Haha

It’s funny that every era has had a hated character.
But the OT and TCW eras hated characters were loved by the end of their runs.

They look cheesy as fuck, but I would love to see them.
Same for those 2 Ewok movies.

What do you think of everything you’ve seen thus far of Ep VII?

@SpiderScooby: You’ve seen bits of The Holiday Special, right?

I haven’t been more hyped for a movie.
New Star Wars, plus the original trio returning.
It should be amazing.
I’m trying to stay cautiously optimistic though just in case it sucks.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yes yes, unwatchable it is…but I would buy it if they put it out.

Funny, I gave that “cautiously optimistic” line to Fafa in her portion of this very Typecast. Lol

Besides Ep VII, what are you most looking forward too?
Movies, Shows, Comics, Novels, what has you the most excited?

@SpiderScooby: I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing.

Rebels Season 2 is going on right now.
I hope we get that Ahsoka/Vader confrontation soon.

ThatScoobyDoom: I haven’t seen it all either.
I’ve seen the beginning, some of the Bea Arthur shit, and the Boba Cartoon…it’s just pure shit. Lol

Oh, shit yeah!
That is gonna be awesome.
I love Snips, and when she finally has to come face to face with what Anakin has become, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Okay, final question.
What does Star Wars mean to you?

@SpiderScooby: The Boba Fett cartoon is probably the only good thing about it.

Do you think Ahsoka will die?

Star Wars is my favorite film series of all time.
It is the ultimate story of Good vs. Evil and redemption.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s the only thing I saw.

Eventually, yeah.
Not sure if it will be in this season or even this series.
But I think she kinda has to, she seems to be essential to the rebellion.
Why wasn’t she in the OT?
After she confronts Vader, she will know who he is for sure.
Either he kills her, it drives her insane, or she joins him…and that ain’t happening.

Indeed it is.
A fairy tale exacerbated to monolithic proportions.

Next up is @CheeryAnt!

ThatScoobyDoom: How long have you been following the Saga?

@CheeryAnt: I vividly remember (and this is one of my first memories) my mom talking with my grandfather about the OT when I was 4 and I asked her “Who’s Yoda?” So she told me the story of Luke and the force.
I thought it was awesome!
We didn’t have the movies so I saw them almost a decade later.
I guess I started to follow when I was 13 so 7 years now.

ThatScoobyDoom: So you knew the story before seeing the movies?
Did that ruin or help you enjoy the movies better?

@CheeryAnt: Oh, it toootally ruined the *Darth Vader voice* “Luke, I am your father” surprise.
Which was awful!
But I didn’t know much detail about the rest.
To me was unexpected Obi-Wan and Yoda dying, the twins kissing (ew), Luke losing his hand.
I become a fan.

ThatScoobyDoom: I think almost everybody knows the Daddy reveal.
It’s been referenced to death for years. Haha

What was it about it that kept you hooked into it all?

@CheeryAnt Yeah, but I knew about the daddy reveal because of my mom, not because any movie/tv show reference.
It was totally ruined either way.

Han Solo… Haha just kidding.
(**Editor’s note** I had to do a slight edit here because an emoticon fucked up. Would have left half a page of blank screen.)

Nah, I really liked the concept of the Force, Jedi vs Sith.

I know for sure every SW fan, like myself,¬† have tried to move something using the force… Right?
Right?! XD

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, you would be correct.
I wave my hand at automatic doors all the time.

And here’s another tip, The Imperial March makes for great walking music.
You ever have to walk down a long hallway, get that pumping through your phone, and just walk.
It’s awesome!

Which, if at all, do you prefer, the PT or the OT and why?

@CheeryAnt: Never done that, I’m gonna have to try it haha I do go humming all the time though, especially when I get inside a house XD

Definitely the OT and just because,¬† in my opinion, there’s 2 problems with the PT:
First, acting is not so good.
I like the story, the characters (yes, even Jar Jar Binks, he’s so dumb that it’s funny) but definitely acting ruin them a bit.¬†
And second, there’s absolutely no “chemistry” between Padme and Anakin.
They look like 2 friends forced to be married.
With Han and Leia you know there’s love even when they’re pretending to hate each other and I don’t feel the love with Padme and Anakin, Doom.
I want to feel the love!
If it wasn’t for those 2 things, I’d love the PT as much as I love the OT.
You’re supposed to believe shit is happening for real and the actors didn’t make it in many of the scenes.

ThatScoobyDoom: *grabs shoulders, looks deep into eyes*
Fafa…Star Wars isn’t real…Wookiee’s is just tall guys in fur suits and raccoon eyed make-up.

I sorta agree on the first, but totally agree on the second.
I can’t knock Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, or Natalie Portman’s acting.
Nor the voice acting of Ahmed Best or Frank Oz.
But the Anakin actors…have some…issues…
As for the second, that was forced as FUCK!

Have you seen The Clone Wars or Rebels?
Or any of the animated series for that matter?

@CheeryAnt: No, no!
That’s not true!
That’s impossible!

I’m personally not a fan of¬† MacGregor in The Phantom Manace, he was good in the other 2 though.
Jake Lloyd doesn’t bother me as much as Hayden Christensen, I’ve seen worse kids but Christensen totally fucked the amazing role.
And Portman failed with not making it look real too.

I’ve never seen not one bit of Rebels.
And just a few episodes of The Clone Wars, the ones you and Fitz talked about in the first typepod ūüôā

ThatScoobyDoom: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Ewan is awesome in all 3, for my money.
Lloyd is a pain in the ass.
Like, the Toche Station line from Luke in A New Hope turned up to 11.
Hayden is good in 3 I think.
And as for Natalie, she’s Natalie, she rocks.

What did you think of that?

@CheeryAnt: Shut up, fucker! XD

The kid from Anchorman 2 is a pain in the ass, Lloyd was not so bad.
Christensen is good in The Revenge Of The Sith, but there’s few things I don’t like of that one.
The perfect end of the beginning. 
Portman is great, she’s my woman crush but she failed me in that bit haha

I liked it a lot!
Just when I was looking for some Star Warsy stuff, you told me about how good it is (I’m a loser for not give it a shot years ago) and I saw a few eps.
Wish I could watch the rest.
BTW, I agree with you, Mace is an asshole in TCW, but Sam “mutherfucker” Jackson is too damn awesome to be hated as a motherfucking Jedi!

ThatScoobyDoom: No clue who that kid is, not seen Anchorman 2.
Most kid actors are annoying though, which is why I never make a big deal about Lloyd.

I wish I could see the rest too, I’ve seen a few eps from later seasons and it is just brilliant.
Find some way if you can and watch it all.
Ahsoka is such a great character.
And Rebels, I saw around half of season 1, it is just as good.

Damn straight about Mace.
But credit where credit is due, that was the good sir Fitz what made that revelation, I believe.
I was still drinking the Mace Kool-aid.

Okay, Episode VII, what do you think of everything we’ve seen so far?
Anything standing out for you?

@CheeryAnt: Don’t haha or do but don’t expect much.¬†
That’s my point, he’s just a baby.

Padawan Tano was one of my favorite characters.
Will try to watch both somehow.

Ugh, I couldn’t remember if it was you or Fitz that said it and I was thinking “damn right! What an asshole he is!”

I’m scared, as anyone else (I guess), that J.J will fucked this up.
I tried to keep it down with the teasers release but when I saw the them, honestly, I cried.
I still do… but just a bit.
I’m a big girl.
It’s so exciting to think I’m gonna see Star Wars in a movie theater!
Now I’m really just hoping it will be good.

ThatScoobyDoom: I hated the first, I won’t waste my time. Lol

I think you are correct in thinking that, I know quite a few folks are scared JJ is gonna shit the bed.
The scarier part is that it’ll be a while before we know if he has or not, because whether it sucks or not, this movie is gonna rake in cash.

Yeah, I may have gotten a wee bit misty during the full trailers.
But they were more thrilling than anything, goosebumps for all of them.
Any new shot has the same effect.

Besides EP VII, what are you most looking forward too from the franchise?
One of the Stand Alone movies, the other Saga movies, a book, something else?

@CheeryAnt: Well, there’s idiots that didn’t like the PT.
So I suppose that even if the new saga is outstanding, there’s gonna be people shitting on it.
So I’m just hoping those morons will be wrong.

I bet you cried like a little baby haha
It gets me every time.

Rogue One… Definitely excited about that one.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.
Cautiously optimistic is how I’m going in.
Hope for the best, prepare forcthe worst.

Me too, that sounds like it will be great!
The Han movie doesn’t have you all a quiver?

@CheeryAnt: Exactly!

Yeah, sure.
Curious who will play Han.
I can’t imagine someone that’s not Harrison Ford doing it.
Hopefully they’ll choose wisely.

ThatScoobyDoom: This is very true.
There is only 1 clear choice…Shia Labouf.

Okay, final question.
On a personal level, what does Star Wars mean to you?

@CheeryAnt: Shia Labublafle can suck my ass.

My grandfather was the only one that brought joy and laughter when I was little and even when I didn’t see the movies until I was 13, we used to talk and joke about it.
After he died, Star Wars was mostly what I remembered of my time with him.
Seeing those movies make me happy.
It reminds me of the good old times.

Up now is @SteBoost

ThatScoobyDoom: How far back do you go with the saga?
What are your earliest memories of it all?

@SteBoost: The first thing I definitely remember was going to the local Cinema to watch Empire.
I can’t remember what year but it was a small town single screen in England so it could have easily been ’82.
It seemed to be a big deal but I think at age 3 I was a little too young to appreciate it all.
I do remember the Hoth battle being amazing & Yoda smacking R2 with a stick was funny as all hell but that’s about it.

The real start would have been Ep.4 being the big Christmas movie on TV and despite being pretty poor we had a VCR so it got the honor of being one of the 3 or 4 tapes we had so we watched the shit out of it. 

It was impossible back then to know how big a deal it was but when school started after the holidays every kid was either Luke or Darth, Not many kids wanted to be Han at the time but that might reflect the rural village upbringing we had, Luke was just more relateable & that iconic shot of him looking to the horizon at the two suns of Tatooine is one that definitely struck a powerful chord. 

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, so you go that far back?
I can totally see small town kids loving Luke more than Han.
Han may be cool, but who can’t see themself as Luke?

Episode IV is not a Christmas movie though…The Wizard Of Oz, now THAT is a Christmas movie.

What about it hooked you in?

@SteBoost: Yeah I’m an old fart, not quite Fitzman old but old enough.

After thinking on it I dont think it was any one thing that hooked me in.
It really was the film that had it all.

The world is just so rich and filled, like not just right in front of the camera but all the little stuff going on in the background it made it feel lived in.
The story’s perfect, It’s simple really ya know, boy gets sent by his destiny to fight the evil wizard and save the princess.
It’s basic as all hell but what kid doesn’t dream of that exact thing.

The score too has to have played a big part, I think I was too young to realize it but I remember I used to replay the medal ceremony part over and over and it giving me chills.
As an adult I still think that particular part of the score is the most powerful in the whole trilogy and Princess Leia giving those looks right down the camera in that scene probably didn’t hurt either, she made me want to do something, I didn’t know what at that age but I knew whatever it was I wanted to do it a lot

ThatScoobyDoom: HAHAHA!!!

And playing off of what you said about the lived in feel and the score, the music and sound design lends itself to that with the way the they edited it.
Look at the Cantina scene specifically, the volume of the band changes as they cut around the whole bar.
It’s a subconscious way of subtly drawing you into it, it makes you feel like you are in the world.

As you say, much like Fitz, you were a part of that first generation of fans, so how did YOU feel about the prequels?

@SteBoost: I saw episode 1 in the cinema and I thought it was ok but not quite right somehow. 

It had some great bits in it like the Darth Maul fight & the improved lightsaber action in general that makes any ep4-6 fight look painfully slow.
In fact most of the action scenes are great but The over reliance on CG (as good as it was) hurt that feeling of danger & suspense quite a bit, It was sooo pretty but I didn’t feel for the characters anything like the ones from the OG films.¬†

I think part of it comes from so many of them are quite emotionless due to character, The Jedi is obvious but then you have Princess Amidala with her need to be stolid and regal, Palpatine is the same & Darth Maul is kickass but also very contained & this leads to somthing even Jar Jars antics & lil Anikins enthusiasm can’t drown out.¬†

Having seen some of the behind the scenes & other breakdown videos I think Lucas got stuck behind a wall of “yes men” who just went with whatever he said.
Where as back in the day he was in charge but he wasn’t this god like creator of the holy trilogy and people probably made suggestions or pointed out issues on Episode 1-3 right from the get go it’s him saying “what if we do this” and 20 people going “sure thing Mr Lucas” he’s good but even the best in the world need some checks & balances to prevent things getting messy & confusing.
For example one of them has 5 or 6 different things going on at the same time during the climax it’s just too much to take in comfortably where as Jedi had 3 (Endor, The attack on the 2nd Death Star & luke VS Vader &¬†the Emperor)

A lot of people really blame Lucas & the prequels have become a bit of a joke more than they deserve.
I still get the feeling there is a good movie or two in them if someone could trim a lot of the mess of the edges.
It seems to be a generational thing, we wanted our childhood back but we didnt quite get it.
The spinoffs seem to be more universally liked but as for the prequels You young un’s seem to like them much more any take as to why?

ThatScoobyDoom: My take on it is simple.
The kids of the prequels grew up post T2, post Batman 89…ya know what, fuck 89!
We had Batman The Animated Series every day or every week on TV.
Think about it, when you guess grew up you had, as much as I love it, limited animation like Hanna-Barbera and hokey effects.
We had shit that took what you grew up on and made it look 100 times better.
So the OT, in comparison, is boring.
And some take that as me saying “fuck the original trilogy” which IS NOT the case.
I’ve said many times that I love all 6 movies, but there is no denying the prequels are better made.
Better sets, better effects, better everything with the exception of maybe acting.

The other thing would be the pace.
I’ve used this analogy before and it totally fits.
Look at any episode of Scooby-Doo back then and see how relaxed it is.
There are long periods of silence and whatnot.
Then look at any episode of Mystery Incorporated, the pace is breakneck.
No silence what so ever.
Always somebody talking or an explosion or some sort of action happening.
To your point, stuff from back in the day took it’s time, and as boring as the taxation shit may be, it was another part of a hugely layered story.
They call it sophistication, but it’s just a synonym for busy.
Every year it seems Movies and TV Shows feel they have to be more and more complex to grab attention.

I think that’s totally the case, though I think the majority of George’s ideas were great.

I think I asked Fitz this once, I want your thoughts.
Why do you think Star Wars and Indiana Jones are the only franchises that folks get pissy about CG with?
Nobody cares in superhero movies, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, or anything else, but Lucas puts CG in Star Wars and people lose their fuckin’ minds!

@SteBoost: One of the things with CG is if you can see it it’s somewhat failed.¬†

This is definitely the case in Crystal Skull.
The gopher?
They coulda bluescreened it and it would have probably looked better.

The other is it’s kinda breaking the universe (again especially if it’s a bit wonky) everything in EP4-6 and Indy 1-3 is a real prop and that sets a kind of unwritten rule.
It also stands the test of time much better than digital stuff.
It’s all about being believable.
The scooby movies for example the CG in them is so cartoony you cant not see it but people are expecting a cartoon so it gets a mental pass.

CG is almost unspottable for space battles, the extra X-wings they added for the enhanced EP4 went completely unnoticed but Jabba? That looks ropey as hell especially a few years after the fact. 

AS for new franchises such as LOTR & the marvel movies etc, I think they’ve have CG as a rule from the word go and it’s used well, it’s not being used as everything.¬†

A lot of the sets are real, The CG is top of the line.
I even suspect part of the choice of IronMan for the first marvel movie was that some amount of unnatural movement would be unconcuiosly forgiven & seen as “The suit”.

 Lucas embraced it, He innovated it and drove the tech forward but at the same time he helped expose the limitations and drawbacks of CG.

ThatScoobyDoom: I get all that, but as everybody always reminds me, times change.
The OT broke new ground for damn sure, why folks gotta jam their digital dicks in the dudes mouth for trying out a new technology?

As I’ve said before, without Lucas pushing CG (even if the CG he used looks out of date now) you don’t have the Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Iron Man, Avengers, Spider-Man franchises, and I highly doubt Video Games would look as good as they do now.

And on top of all of that, I honestly think that practical effects age badly the same way CG ones do.
Yes, CG Jabba looks like shit…but the practical Jabba in Jedi is goofy looking too, I love it but it’s laughable now!

What did you think of 2 and 3 after 1 sort of changed the perception of what Star Wars was?

@SteBoost: I can see your point with the CG VS practical I think it’s probably something to do with the amount of time older fans have lived with the way the practical looks even if it’s a little poor here and there it’s all consistent & the mix that is in EP1 was jarring to us grumpy old sticks in the mud.¬†

As for the other 2 movies I think they really turn it around.
Episodes 2 & 3 are far better I think.

2 was my introduction to the clone wars.
Having not read any of the books etc it suddenly got interesting.
When Obi wan finds Geonosis & the army of Fett based clones combined with seeing Palpatine’s political maneuverings It really made you think this is going to be the huge galactic conflict you felt it was from when it was mentioned in the OG trilogy,.
They never gave much detail but it felt like it was a massive part of history. 

It still had some flaws.
The rigid Amidala/Anakin love story falls sooo flat.
Dont get me wrong Portman is a great actor (Christensen is OK in other stuff I’ve seen too) but the triple whammy of stilted dialogue, their character traits of having to be reserved and “proper” & the fact that together they have all the chemistry of a portapotty make it almost embarrassing to watch back.

That’s probably my only real gripe with ep2 (apart from continued excess CG) The Jango Fett fight was good and they even made me buy the Yoda fight.
It all runs along nicely and having the ominous ending of all the clones and early star destroyers really made me want to see episode 3. 

Episode 3 Is the best of the prequels (IMHO) You can see how everything is “coming up empire” but no one seems to be able see it or do anything about it.
The Empire has always been an analogy of the Nazis & knowing that, watching it happen even in a fantasy setting adds a potent sinister tone to the film.
Storywise too it’s a big step in the right direction, most of the actors get chances to emote and even Anakin stops being “mannequin” Skywalker.
While that’s not good for anyone around him (especially any padawans) it helped me start giving a shit and actually engage with the characters.
I guess its a weird paradox, People love the Jedi & want more of them but put them front & center and unless they are kicking asses they have a distinct lack of personality. 

It’s a pretty great film and any gripes I have (asides from the legendary “NOOOOOOOO”) are minor.
I’d like to have seen Grevious fleshed out more (maybe they did in the spin offs I haven’t seen them), He seems like a really good character but with so much else going on I guess they didn’t have time.
It does have a bit of “Pirates of the Caribbean syndrome” you get who’s side your on but sometimes in all the plot threads you can be a bit confused as to why.¬†

The big Obi Wan Vs Anakin battle was to me a little over the top but that might be because of all the other action going on and not their specific fight, but one thing it definitely was guilty of was ropey CG.
They never look like they are really there.
It’s almost as bad as Episode 4 (before it got restored) you can see this area around them that looks added on & the lighting is off, A minor issue but with that much screen time & being one of the most critical moments of the flick it did drag me out if it a bit.¬†

On the whole I think episode 2 & 3 get tarred with the EP 1 brush more than they deserve and several of the criticisms that get thrown at them could honestly be applied to the OG trilogy if people were willing to be equally cynical.

ThatScoobyDoom: 1 last thing I want to mention and then we can drop the entire CG Vs practical thing.
But I was thinking about it and nobody seems to care about Godzilla going CG.
You made a fair point that the other franchises I mention all had CG from the jump, but Godzilla started as a dude in a suit tearing up a cardboard miniature set.
But nobody seems to care.
They bitch about the shitty stories, but CG never comes up.
The recent Planet Of The Apes movies come to mind too.

I’m always surprised that Episode 1 always gets so much shit, there are whole sections of 2 that are like a gigantic Pixar movie.
And I will say, 2 is my least favorite of the entire saga…so far.
It had great concepts, but it is too boring.
The Obi-Wan/Fett stuff is cool, but drawn out.
The Anakin/Padme stuff is just a turd in the punchbowl, drags the whole thing down.
If not for that last half hour to 45 minutes, I’d probably not watch it again.

Depending on the day, but more often than not, 3 is my favorite of the franchise.
I love that end fight.
It has that pace and ferocity that I want to see in a heated battle.
For my money, that is the best fight of the saga.
The OT fights are too slow.

Based on what you said, I’m guessing you haven’t watched The Clone Wars?
Cause the 1st 2 seasons cover Grevious pretty good, give you a bit of backstory and some great action.
As Fitz and I have said many times, that series makes the prequels way better.
Definitely check that out.
And while I’ve only seen the first half of season 1, get in on Rebels too…but watch TCW first.

What have you seen from 7 that has peaked your interest the most?

@SteBoost: I really love that we don’t know much from it at all.
It’s what a trailer should be, It’s a taster not a list of plot points (I’m looking at you The Martian trailer!)

You get an idea about some the characters but almost no idea how it all fits together ya know, It leaves you wanting to know what it’s all about:¬†

Who’s that in the wrecked Star destroyer?¬†

How did Finn end up as a storm trooper? 

What’s happened since Episode 6?

Has the galaxy gone to shit?

What’s going on with that gnarly badass Lightsaber?


Then that score hits the peak (great choice to not go with the main theme) The Falcon spirals in, Han says it’s all real, then even a cynical old bugger like me gets choked up a bit & I have to go change my pants again.

So er.. Whats peaked my interest the most? 

It looks like they might be able to pull off the impossible.
Take what’s great about both trilogies, pay tribute to the past & push the whole thing forward to some whole new place that we don’t even know about yet, but have the distinct pleasure of getting to find out.

So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch those trailers again.

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s what’s exciting to me, they seem to have blended the best parts of both trilogies.
The pace of the prequels and the story/characters of the originals.

Shit, at this point we’ve only seen roughly 10 minutes of the movie, and yesterday they told us the runtime is 136 minutes.
We’ve not even seen 10%.
And folks are bitching about not seeing Luke, can you believe it?

So, besides Ep VII, what are you looking forward to most?
Stand Alone movies, a Comic, the rest of the Saga movies, what?

@SteBoost: The luke thing is interesting.
I’ve read a doze rumors about him already so its best to say no-one seems to have the definitive answer so it’ll be nice to just wait and see how/if they introduce him.¬†

Besides the flick probably the biggest thing I’m hoping for a new Knights of the old republic game.¬†

BioWare have made two of them but it’s been a few years since then (they have made the entire Mass Effect saga since) and a new adventure set in the Episode 7 universe would be fantastic. Perhaps set in the time between episodes 6 and 7 so it wont interfere in any film plots and run the risk of sucking as a result.
I’m a big exponent of the idea of setting the game in the same universe as the film but keep the story totally separate, Games that do this tend to be the better ones as they are such a different medium, and if nothing else expanding the universe is always cool too.

The stand alone movies sound like a great idea, Again it’s expanding the universe & if it all goes tits up it’s not to the detriment of the core movies, but I get the feeling they have learned enough from Marvel to make them work.¬†

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, and I don’t understand the folks bitching we haven’t seen Luke.
It’s like, you fuckers bitch if they show everything in the trailers…but then these same assholes will bitch if they try to leave some shit for the theater.
Make up your goddamn minds people!

KotOR probably won’t happen, but I do miss that era.
That first game was brilliant!
I could see them doing a game like that though for the new era.

The general consensus for the other Typecasters thus far is that Rogue One is the most anticipated of the stand-alones.
It does sound fun and interesting.

@SteBoost: A little twatty bit of me would kinda like it if it turns out Luke’s not even in ep7.¬†

I’m kinda trying to keep my head down a bit so I get each flick fresh, so I’m not up to speed on it beyond that teaser I saw a while back but I can’t see Rouge one not being great.
Having standalones that are in the universe but perhaps not directly connected gives them some great leeway to do something different & it’s gotta help with the writing of the main films, not so much temptation to throw everything that sounds cool into them, they can… stay on target so to speak but we still get some cool alt story line.

The roll Marvel is on just gives me a feeling that they’ve got it figured out.
Having that level of experience to call on can’t hurt.

As for a new KotOR?
Trust me, before episode 8 is out it’ll be happening.
There is a big fat cash cow just sat in the field just ready to be milked. 

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, there ain’t no way in hell that would happen!
People would be fucking PISSED, dude. Lol

Kind of like they did on The Clone Wars.
On there they did Godzilla episodes, horror, mad scientists, every genre was explored from what I hear.

Of all the stuff Marvel has put out, I’ve only read 5 issues total, but I’ve loved it.
And the opening to the first issue of Star Wars was brilliant!
Double page spread crawler.
I loved that.

I think they may do a game like that, but I doubt it would be KotOR III.
I don’t think they are interested in that era right now.
Their interest is almost exclusively focused in just before Ep IV and forward.

Okay, this is my final question for you, man.
What does Star Wars mean to you?

@SteBoost: What doe’s It mean to me?
Hmm, It’s like that dependable awesome rock star uncle.
The one that you sometime don’t see very often but was a huge influence for the better when you were young.
No one else came close, even if he was a little hokey at times he’s always make you feel that all was going to be ok and right in the world.¬†

Someone once pretended to be him at a party one time about 15 years ago, That asshole touched you and made you feel bad and you hated on him for a long time. 

But now?
He’s really back and he’s bringing presents and it’s going to be awesome to see him again.
We can remissness about back in the day & hear about all the wild crazy adventures he’s been on while I’ve been doing boring grown up life things.¬†

I cant wait to dust off the old toys and play space wizards with him again… its been too long.

Our penultimate conversation, with @ShariSayz

ThatScoobyDoom: How far back do you go with Star Wars, where does your fandom for the saga come from?

@ShariSayz: I don’t remember exactly when it started, but it probably would have been between the ages of 12-14.¬†
I remember growing up and knowing that the Star Wars movies were a Big Deal, but I hadn’t actually seen them up until then.
At some point during that time period, they re-released the original trilogy in theatres, one at a time.
My best friend at the time (Jordan) and I, both burgeoning film buffs at the time, went to see all three of them on their opening nights.
Growing up in a post-Jurassic Park era, I was a little let down by how dated the films looked, but I was pulled in by the story and I remember feeling like we were participating in a rite of passage – like it was important to go see them in a proper theatre.
I’ve seen them again a few times over the years, in various situations.
They usually do a marathon on Space around this time of year so it’s sort of become a tradition to re-watch them.
I think my appreciation for both the movies and the legacy grew deeper the older I got, especially after seeing more films from that era and realizing how ahead of their time those original movies truly were.

ThatScoobyDoom: Wow, that is eerily similar to me, with 1 exception.
I saw those rereleases before the prequels came out and it didn’t grab me.
As I’ve said in other parts of this Typecast, this was post-Batman:TAS, I like 6-8 and was used to a different level of action.
At that age, these were boring old timey movies, I remember fallin asleep during the speeder bike chase in Jedi so many times.
I had to grow up a bit as a movie fan to appreciate them.

What was it that wrangled you in and made you really call yourself a fan?

@ShariSayz: That’s a good question… When I re-watched them as an adult, it was during a time in my life when I was feeling the need for something more.
At the time I was either just married or about to be (don’t remember exactly when this was), working a 9-5 and living in the suburbs, and to be honest I was bored out of my mind.
I’ve always been a sucker for a good “hero journey” story, and I think that’s what really pulled me in.
Luke was just this kid, living his life and thinking he was no one special, then he got swept up in this epic battle against the forces of evil, found this whole new pseudo-family, discovered he had secret powers and basically saved the galaxy.
He went from farm kid to Jedi hero in three movies.
I guess it spoke to that same part of me that wanted to run away to Narnia as kid – the part that always hoped that one day someone would scoop me up and take me on a grand adventure.
Also they had cool robots, lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: Until like 3 years ago, those stories were done, did you ever wish for more from the original group?

And how did you feel about the prequels?

@ShariSayz: I don’t remember ever wanting more from the original group.
I felt like the story wrapped up perfectly, and they told what needed to be told.
Actually, when they announced the prequels, I was very much against them.
Although to be fair, I was an arrogant teenager at this point.
I just thought the entire concept of a “prequel” was unnecessary.
I didn’t feel like every detail needed to be explained, and I liked that there was a bit of mystery involved.
It left room for us as the viewers to sort of fill in the blanks ourselves.
I actually refused to see the prequels for years as a form of personal (and completely pointless) protest. 

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s interesting.
Because I’ve seen quite a few (including Fitz in one of the early Typecasts) say they felt a slight depression when it was over.
Like friends had died or something.

And what did you think when you finally broke down and watched them?

@ShariSayz: I get that, I felt the same way when the last Harry Potter movie came out.
I think maybe because by the time I actually got to Star Wars, it was already over and no one expected there to be more.

To be honest, I found the prequels underwhelming.
I don’t hate them the way some people do, I just didn’t find them as interesting, although I feel like I should probably revisit them with a fresh mind.
There was some cool stuff in the last one, though.
I think the scene where they put the Vader mask on Anakin was totally worth the journey. 

ThatScoobyDoom: I felt the same way about Potter, but more so with the books than the movies.
Even though the movies are what lead me to the books, at least lead to my love of them, and I do have a huge crush on Emma Watson.
But I get your point.

And I think the reason the people who actually like the Prequels but felt underwhelmed by them like you did feel that way because the Prequels are like the Titanic.
You know Anakin is gonna hit the iceberg, for the story to be told he has too.
But I like to to cognitively reframe it a bit and think of the journey rather then the destination.
Take the long view and look at the saga as a whole.

And what might improve your enjoyment is The Clone Wars, have you seen any of that series?

@ShariSayz: You make a good point.
A lot of the suspense is gone when you know how the story is going to end.
But yeah, I’ll definitely give them another shot before at some point, hopefully before the new one comes out if I have time.
And no, I haven’t seen any of The Clone Wars.
That one takes place in between the two sets of film, right?

ThatScoobyDoom: Clone Wars takes place between 2 and 3.
It’s a great series and sheds a lot of new light on the entire saga, but even without that aspect it’s a beautiful series.
I’ve never been big on CG Animation on TV, but this rocked.

I really think you’d love Rebels though.
It’s set 5 years before A New Hope, has quite a few Clone Wars characters, but I think you can enjoy it on it’s own.

So, what are you most looking forward to beyond Ep VII?
The rest of the Saga films, one of the stand alones, or something else?

@ShariSayz: I’m cautiously optimistic about the new saga films.
I’m scared to get my hopes up, but so far everything I’ve seen looks amazing (and I just heard a new rumour that I really, really hope is true because it could be so interesting).
But if we don’t get to see a lady Jedi wield a light sabre in this new one, I’m going to be super bummed out.
But apparently Princess Leia is now General Leia, which I LOVE.
I’m definitely really looking forward to seeing the old characters pop back up again.
I’m kind of taking a wait and see approach with all this, but I would definitely go see a stand alone movie about a young Han Solo, if they do one.

ThatScoobyDoom: Cautiously Optimistic is the theme of this Typecast.
That’s how everybody, myself included, is trying to go in.

What’s the rumor?

If you want lady Jedi, The Clone Wars is definetly for you.
Luminara Unduli, Padawan Ahsoka, Aayla Secura, Bariss Offee, and I’m sure there are many more I can’t remember.
Then there is Count Dooku’s Apprentice Asajj Ventress on the Dark Side.
There’s plenty of Saber carrying badass females in the galaxy.

About Leia, I always thought there could be Alderaan survivors out in the galaxy that she could rally to the rebellion and be their Queen.
General? Yes!
But I got the feeling she probably had that title once Alderaan went kablooey, because it’s clear she holds rank in the rebellion with how she acts in Return of the Jedi.

Young Han is happening.
They’re struggling to cast him now. Lol

@ShariSayz: ***SPOILER ALERT***
The rumour is that Luke went Dark Side and he’s the main villain, which is why he hasn’t been seen in any of the ads so far.
I think that would certainly be an interesting take, and given the family history, not completely outside the realm of possibility.
I don’t even remember where I heard it, and there’s nothing to back it up so it could be completely wrong.
But I think Luke would be so much more interesting as a villain, and we all know Hamill is totally capable of being a badass.

Clone Wars sounds awesome.
Next time I need a good binge watch, I’ll definitely check it out.

I hope they find someone good for young Han.
I think heard something about Aaron Taylor-Johnson but I’m not sure he has the swagger.
I always feel like it’s better to go with a lesser known actor for these iconic characters.
The character himself has so much history behind it, I’m not sure you need a big name.
And sometimes it’s better to do without the baggage that a more famous actor might bring.
It’ll be interesting to see who they pick, that’s for sure.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ah, that has been around since the jump.
That’s something that I flip flop on, cause it feels like it would cheapen Luke’s journey from IV-VI.
But it would be cool.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Yeah, if you get Chris Pratt or Bradly Cooper (both were rumored for Indy when the talk was that would be recast) they bring way too much to the point they’d both be distracting.
I can’t think of anybody I would pick to take up the role.
But I heard they have gone through 2500 actors and still haven’t found the right man.

@ShariSayz: I kind of felt the same about Luke being a villain, in that it would take away from his journey, but I think if they made it a story about redemption it could work.
Like if they were able to save him from the Dark Side in the way that he couldn’t do for his father, it would be a nice full circle moment.
Now that it’s in my head it’s kind of all I want.
But I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

I would totally be into Chris Pratt as Indy, but not Han.
I love Chris Pratt, but he’s always very… Chris Pratt-y.
He never really disappears into the role for me.
I can’t think of anyone I would pick for the role either.
I feel like they’re going to find the guy bussing tables at some diner in Ohio or something.
I’m glad that they’re being thorough though.
I can’t even imagine the amount of pressure on the guy who eventually gets it.
Talk about some big shoes to fill.

ThatScoobyDoom: I agree.
It would be a very compelling story.
But I’m not sure.
I’m trying not to dig too deep on it.
I want to think they might be keeping Luke from us solely because they don’t want to reveal everything before the 18th.
They want some mystery, something to keep casual fans intrigued.

I don’t think I’ve seen Pratt in anything, but I’m glad that Harrison is keeping that role.
Fuck recasting, Indy ain’t Batman or James Bond.
But as for the Solo movie, I wonder if they would do something like what is up with the next Die Hard and have Ford in a sort of wrap around story with some young kid running around has young Han.

Okay, my final question for you.
On a personal level, what does Star Wars mean to you?

@ShariSayz: That’s a good question.
I’ve been thinking about this, trying to put it into words.
When you look at the actual narrative of the films, there’s the idea that good can conquer evil, so matter how stacked the odds.
There’s also the idea that family doesn’t have to be blood (or, in this case, human).
Actually, those are both very important themes in most of the stories that I’m particularly drawn to.¬†

On a different level, I think there’s also this secret handshake quality of being a Stars Wars fan.
For a long time, there’s was this idea that it was “for nerds”, and there are probably still people who will scoff at it, but in a way, that’s helped us nerds find each other.
It created sort of a cultural clubhouse.
Star Wars isn’t just a movie series, there’s an entire subculture built around it – one that contains a universe of references, inside jokes and pretty sweet merchandise.
I think that’s also a big part of why I’m drawn to it, because it helps to build a connection to other people with similar interests and values.¬†

And finally, here’s @Fitzman73

ThatScoobyDoom: Way back in the very 1st Typecast, and in a few since, you told us about you and your dad kind of bonding a bit over Star Wars.
That got me wondering, has he seen anything from TFA?

@Fitzman73: Yeah he’s seen some, I think I showed him the first trailer.
Didn’t get too much of a reaction, but then again that’s not surprising.
I asked him on Thanksgiving, so what day are we going to see Star Wars and he was like huh?
I said it comes out the 18th what day are we going?  Ha.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, folks of his generation tend to be more reserved.
Not as excitable as yours, mine, and this new crop of bastards.

Would you call him more of a casual fan?

@Fitzman73: Yeah I would say casual at best.
He definitely doesn’t know the name of the Ewok shaman or that there is a Kyber crystal inside a lightsaber. ¬†

Westerns are his Star Wars.
He has an unhealthy obsession with them.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh christ, my Dad is the same way.
Always with the fuckin’ westerns.

What is that like for you as a hardcore fan?
Because, I mean, clearly you both share a love for it, but your love is more “hopelessly, head over heels”.
Do you ever whip out Kyber crystal at him and he reaches for holy water to get the demon out of ya?
Cause that’s how most folks I know react to me.

@Fitzman73: No, haven’t gone terribly hard core on him since I was a kid.
I’m sure I annoyed the shit out of him back then though.
He likes them but he’s much more in the “dude it’s just a movie” camp.¬†

I think most of his enjoyment probably came from me enjoying them and having it be something we went to see together.

ThatScoobyDoom: With that in mind, has he watched any of TCW or Rebels?
Or is he like my Dad in that respect “cartoons are baby shit”?

@Fitzman73: No he’s not like that, but he hasn’t watched any either I don’t think.
He might’ve watched some by accident with my nephew, but he definitely hasn’t sought it out.

It’s crazy, but literally if it’s not a western (the older the better), local news, or something the grandkids are watching, it basically doesn’t exist in his world. Lol.

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh, I know that so well, sir. Hahaha

Let’s switch gears a bit, you and I have talked about a lot of it privately, but lets go over a wee bit of it.
What have you thought of a lot of the stuff we’ve seen from TFA since last we talked about it?

@Fitzman73: So far it all looks great.
But honestly I’m over the trailers and TV spots.
They’re starting to get pretty maddening since they seem to recycling a lot of the same footage.
I mean I get why they’re so calculated in what they’re allowing people to see ahead of time, but it’s a little too much of a cock tease to keep releasing new spots several times a week and showing 90% of the same stuff over and over.
At this point I’m just ready for the entire film.
Stop fucking around already and let’s just get it on.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, I’m seeing that reaction quite a bit.
With the way they’re doing that, it’s making people feel like it’s further away than it really is, upping the anticipation too high too soon.

What that’s been released to the mainstream had peaked your interest the most since last we talked?

@Fitzman73: The stuff about Maz Kanada probably.
I wasn’t that interested in her before but now that they’ve said she has a special gift and is thousands of years old?
I gotta know more

ThatScoobyDoom: Oh yes, and the potential ramifications of that life span?
That gift?
Damn dude!
It sounds like Maz has seen some shit.

They’ve peaked my interest in Snoke, too.
A giant dude played by Andy Serkis?
That has potential to be astonishing.

I also wonder about Von Sydow, we know next to nothing about him beyond the fact that his character and Daisy’s Rey have some sort of special connection.

@Fitzman73: I just read something that would seem to contradict that 25 foot high Snoke claim that Serkis said awhile back.
The guy actually doing the CG said 7 foot something and very thin?

Oh and fuck what I just said.
THIS has me the most interested …

ThatScoobyDoom: That’s still pretty damn big, unless you spend a lot of time in circuses, wrestling locker rooms, or around basketball courts.

Lemme just throw another ***SPOILER ALERT*** on here, just for shits and giggles.

Is that her staff as you’ve previously guessed?

@Fitzman73: No, looks like Luke’s blue saber to me.
Which begs the question, was Harrison Ford fucking around on that twitter Q&A the other week when he said his favorite action scene was the Rey vs. Ren lightsaber duel or was it for real?

Also, this makes me think Finn may lose a hand….

ThatScoobyDoom: This has been something the 2 of us have struggled with since it happened.
If he just let it slip in an interview then he woulda faced an NDA fine. But something like the Twitter Q&A he had to have PR folks up his ass clearing answers before he hit send tweet.
So, I guess he wasn’t bullshittin’.

I can see why.
But picture this, Rey finds the blade, gives it to Leia, who gives it to Finn.
Let the dude keep his gorram hand.
3PO lost his arm, ain’t that enough?

@Fitzman73: It’s the law of Star Wars bro.
Every film has at least one dismemberment by lightsaber.
It’s a fact.

Ep I: Maul is cut in half
Ep II: Anakin loses an arm, Jango loses a head
Ep III: Dooku loses both hands and his head, Mace loses an arm, Anakin loses both legs and his good arm
Ep IV: Walrus man loses an arm
Ep V: Luke loses a hand
Ep VI: Vader loses a cyborg arm

So I’d say the chances are favorable that at least someone is gonna be an amputee after this.

Of course you do make a good point, it could be there because she supposedly finds it originally.
This isn’t a Rey on Jakku figure now is it?
This is presumably after she’s joined the resistance.¬†

I don’t know, this could go so many directions it’d mind boggling.
The possibilities, for now, are just about endless. 

If it turns out that those 2 do in fact fight, you better believe that was no accident that he let it “slip”.
Like I said it was either him trolling as a goof, or a very premeditated and blessed answer.
A tantalizing nugget to stir the pot.

ThatScoobyDoom: I know, man. Haha

I don’t know.
The figure looks like her Jakku gear.
But the card image’s gear looks darker, more polished, sophisticated.

That there is for true indeed though.
Endless possibilities and who knows what was behind him letting that slip.

Just for a bit, I wanna shift to the comics.
Have you been keeping up with ’em?

@Fitzman73: One last not on that figure, it does literally say Resistance outfit on it.
But as far as costumes, it’s probably just what she’s wearing under her flowy Jakku kit.

I’ve kept up with the comics a bit.
There’s kind of a content overload at the moment for me personally.
Too much shit all at once.
I did read the Force Awakens prelude mini series which is good but mostly a huge cock tease.
And I picked up the first collection of the new Star Wars series.
Prior to the TBP, I’d only read issue 1 of that series and felt it was so-so.
It gets much better and more interesting as it goes along.

ThatScoobyDoom: I didn’t even notice that.
Good eye.

So nothing earth shattering happening…yet in the comics?
I dug that first issue of Star Wars.
I used walmart as a library the other night and read the first issue of Kanan, that was fuckin’ awesome!

Speaking of huge cock teases, and so we don’t spoil it, we should let the folks know we will be breaking down Shattered Empire at some point.

@Fitzman73: Yeah Kanan is on my list.
I think it’s in trade now too.

The art in that Star Wars series is awesome.
I dug the first issue too, I guess I was just expecting more or something.
But the plot does thicken in subsequent issues. 

The other titles I’m honestly not that interested in.
Although I’ve heard they’re good.
Maybe some day I’ll get to them.

ThatScoobyDoom: It is in trade, that’s how I read it.
I really really dug it.
I’ve read many stories where the moment happens, and it’s awesome everytime.
“The time has come, execute Order 66.”

That first issue has my favorite opening to a comic ever.
2 page STAR WARS is a great way to kick off a new era.

The Lando and Chewie books looked great.
I’m so damn interested in the Obi-Wan/Anakin book, I’ve always craves more stories from that time period.

2 questions before I hit you with the final.
1. How do you feel about 3PO having 2 gold legs now?
2. What are you most looking forward to other than VII?

@Fitzman73: Aw fuck I forgot about the Anakin Obi-Wan book.
That looks awesome.
That one I’m interested in.
Is that early next year?

Believe it or not, I didn’t realize he was back to having 2 gold legs.
I was too distracted by that red arm.
I can’t wait to see if there’s some reason given for it or if it’s just left to our imagination.
But the gold legs don’t bother me.
They were both gold in episode 3 too I believe.

What am I looking forward too besides episode 7?
I’m looking forward to the back half of Rebels season 2.
They’ve really taken things up a notch this season and I can’t wait for the inevitable confrontation between Vader and *****SPOILERS***** Ahsoka.
Especially since they’ve made it clear that both parties know the other is alive and well.
They’re actively hunting and spying on each other.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yes!
I think February or March.
Not sure if it’s 4 issues or longer.

There is a 1 shot comic coming out this month that explains the Red Arm.
Yeah, he had 2 golds in Sith.
When I recently saw a pic that had 2 gold legs, I gotta admit, I was a little let down.
I like the idea that after 60 years, 3PO is a mismatched droid that’s made up of all kinds of spare parts just to keep him up and running.

Have they really gotten that across?
Last I heard Ahsoka just had a…feeling about Vader.
That sounds awesome!

@Fitzman73: I don’t know, I would say 3PO is probably kept up and running like you suggest, but those are just coverings right?
It’s clearly not a big deal to gold plate those coverings.
They did it once between ep2 and 3, so it’s not unreasonable to think that once the rebels were able to stop running as much after Jedi and got themselves somewhat safely set up in their own bases and safeworlds at some point they would’ve redipped him just like you’d restore an old car or something.
Given him a proper fixing up.
Since then obviously he’s been beaten around some more, possibly lost his original arm and had it replaced with whatever was handy maybe.¬†

Ahsoka hasn’t come out and revealed that to anyone that she knows it’s Anakin, but her reactions and subtle comments make it pretty clear that she knows and wants answers.
And Vader explicitly knows she’s out there.
I think he even says when he realizes “So. The padawan lives”.¬†

ThatScoobyDoom: I know it’s not a big thing, and you are probably right about them restoring him eventually, but I think it’s a nice subtle sign that he has been through some shit.
Just this patchwork droid hobbling around with an assload of colors is a cool visual, me thinks.

Oh shit, son.
That just gave me chills…wow!
Hopefully that shit pops up on YT when it happens.

Okay, so my final question, and I think you’ll have a great answer for this one.
On a very personal level, what does Star Wars mean to you?

@Fitzman73: That’s a good question that I’m not sure I have a real good answer for.

I’m trying to not get overly theatrical about it or over exaggerate it, but really when I think about it, it’s really one of the foundations of my entire development.¬†

It’s been with me from the time I was 4 years old, it’s been with me longer than my sister for Christ’s sake.¬†

It’s like another appendage or something.
I’ve had very few years in my life where it wasn’t there in some form or another.
Even during the dark times of like ’85 to ’95 it was present in my life if in nothing more than conversations among friends.

At the same time, I don’t want to come off as some kind of weirdo that all that matters to me is Star Wars.
And everything has to be related to Star Wars.

But honestly, it kinda means happiness.
It means security and safety.
It means friends.
It was one of the things that talk me early on the importance of being good and doing right.


And there you have it.

Snoke said it in that first trailer, and that’s why I chose that line for the title of this Typecast.
There Has Been An Awakening in fandom and I think we have all felt it.
Some might say Star Wars is just a movie, just a franchise, but obviously it is more.
It means way more to everybody who enjoys it and that is something special.
It truly does bind us.

I want to thank @SpiderScooby, @CheeryAnt, @SteBoost, @ShariSayz, & @Fitzman73 for taking the time to do this.
It was done in a bit of a rush and they all came through for me and I can’t express how much I appreciate it.
If you are on twitter, please go follow all 5 of them.

Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #Typecast.

And finally.
This world is a very hard place, full of people spewing hateful, shitty bile.
Now more than ever, it is important to combat that in any way you can.
A smile to a random person on a shitty day or just a kind word can help more than you know.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you around here again real soon.

How It Happened: High Art

This should be a quick story.

I took my niece out to the backyard so she could take a dump (my niece is a doggie. We are civilized and don’t shit in the yard…often) and I was just wanting to make a video outside.
I almost took the camera through the blades of grass to reveal a pile of dogshit, but I didn’t wanna get that close to a turd, no matter how funny/shocking I think it would be.


I coughed and spit up a little phlegm…EUREKA!!!
I whip out my dick phone and start thinking of what to do with phlegm.
Knowing that there are certain folks on this planet that no matter what are always looking for some hidden meaning in everything they read, watch, hear, see, or consume in anyway.
I figured I’d fuck with those people a bit if any of them happen to stumble across the vid.

So I turned on the camera, walked over to the wall, hocked a logie, and now you can watch that here…

Completely stupid, but I’m sure someday some artsy fartsy jackass will find it a searing look into the human condition and the depth of artistic expressionism as a way of discovering blah blah blah!


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And finally, the world is a tough and shitty place.
Try to change that by putting a little good into it, it needs it now more than ever.

Typecast #16: Oops, We Did It Again!

Hey Gang, welcome back!
We’ve got another special installment of the Typecast for you here.
Remember that time Fitz and I did a Typecast (it was #9) and turned it into a podcast (which you can listen to here or read here)?
Well, as the title above suggests, we done gone and did it again!

This time around @Fitzman73 and I read issue 17 of the old Marvel Star Wars comic, and had a great conversation that you can listen to by going to this link:

This conversation appears just as it was had, spelling and grammatical cock ups intact, to maintain the honesty of the whole thing.

The good sir Fitz’s name will appear in red and link to his podcast that he does with his sister, @Tacky1Z, Just Jump To The End, available at

Big thanks to Fitz for doing this again and putting in the hours to record and edit.
All that said, take it away me…


ThatScoobyDoom:¬†For those that have been paying attention to our read throughs of these old Marvel Star Wars comics, we’re skipping ahead a bit this time around to issue 17 which is a stand alone prequel to Episode IV.

Before we get balls deep into it, you’ve said before that finding issues back then was hit and miss, is this one of the issues you were able to pick up back in the day?

@Fitzman73:¬†Ya know I honestly don’t remember.

I don’t think so, this issue didn’t ring any bells the first time I read it in the omnibus, but it’s possible.
I’ll check in a minute.

This is a really odd issue, and you’re right it really is a “prequel”, and it’s really crazy how similar some of it is to what we would see in Episode I, or even in the EU novel Kenobi that came out a few years ago.

ThatScoobyDoom: Interesting.

Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, it was definitely memorable for me, but I’ll get into that later when we get to the story.

I still haven’t read Kenobi, but yes.
This issue feels like it has been REALLY influential to alot of stuff in the years since!

Let’s get into it starting with the cover, what do you think of it?

@Fitzman73: I liked the cover actually.
It felt like a movie poster.
It incorporates elements from the story that were more or less depicted accurately, unlike some of the bait and switch covers we saw earlier in the series.

It’s not terribly busy either, and the colors are all sane choices, again, not like the whacked out bright gaudy colors we’ve seen before.

There’s no interior credit for the cover artist, but you can see the person’s signature in the bottom left corner, and unless I’m very much mistaken, this cover was done by legendary X-men artist Dave Cockrum, who had a long run with Chris Claremont on that book in the 70s.

Which….brings me to my first revelation with this issue and that is the plot of this story is actually credited to who?
Chris Claremont.
Small world the 70s were.

ThatScoobyDoom: Agreed.

It truly gives the feel with no weird crap like those 1st 10.

I will admit though that the cover scared me, seeing SPECIAL ISSUE and knowing it’s a stand alone story made me think this was gonna be nothing but BS filler worth less than the paper the original was printed on.
Was shockingly wrong in that assumption.

Yeah, I’d say given Claremont’s involvement, that’s a safe bet.
I’ve never read his X-Men run but I know it’s beloved.
If this is any indication of his work on that, that must really rock, man.

But stay on target, lets talk a bit about the art before we get into the story.
Any panels really pop out for you?

@Fitzman73:¬†Well you know I’m pretty nitpicky, and while I’m a total mark for Herb Trimpe’s artwork, what stood out the most for me, unfortunately, is how much “Aunt Beru” did NOT resemble Aunt Beru.

Did it bug you as much as it did me?
Some of the other designs were a but funky but she was like who in the fuck is this supposed to be?
I thought it was her hot sister or something.
Or the maid.


ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I don’t know if it bothered me as much as it did you, but it was jarring for damn sure.

She almost looks like Margot Kidder as Lois.
Certainly nothing like the kindly old Aunt May type that the movie showed.
The only other thing that stuck out to me as strange was Uncle Owen, he looks more like Clegg Lars than Owen.
Nothing else stands out as bad or out of place…though those “skyhoppers” are something that I’d consider a funky design.
What are the other things what felt funky to you?

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the art for the first time in the 11 issues we’ve gone through.
I think the Banthas, which we know from previous issues have been hard for artists to nail, look impeccable, Biggs looks like Biggs, the Sandpeople look like bloody Sandpeople!

@Fitzman73: Well you can thank Herb Trimpe for the art.

I’m a big fan of his work on the ’82 G.I. Joe series.
This issue is pretty distinctly his style.
They look like they could’ve come straight from the pages of a Joe comic (for example page 304 second panel on the bottom, that’s a generic Joe if I ever saw one).
Side note, he also drew the first appearance oimage

f W




It’s no surprise that this issue was good, or at least leaps and bounds better than the ones we’ve already talked about.
The creative team on this on single issue is insane.

Roll call:

Dave Cockrum, iconic X-Men artist does the cover.

Herbe Trimpe on pencils.

Al Milgrom does the inking.

Plot by motherf’ing Chris Claremont?

And to top it all off it’s actually written by Archie Goodwin whose resume is a MILE fucking long.
Name a comic in the 70s and he either wrote on it or edited it.
He was the first writer on the original Iron Man solo series.
He created the character of Luke Cage.
Co-created the first Spider-Woman.
And was editor in chief of Marvel for a spell.

If this issue would’ve sucked, I think I would’ve had to burn my comic book nerd card.

And actually I take it back.
I flipped through this again real quick and Beru was really the only funky design.
Except for Luke’s daydream space battle.
Those ships are pretty non-Star Warsy.
Actually the one at the top of page 302 looks almost EXACTLY like the fighters that would show up a few years later in the Buck Rogers TV series.
Also, in that panel the pilot in the foreground (Luke?) is a dead ringer for Ace the Skystriker pilot in the old G.I. Joe books.
Almost the same exact pressure suit in my opinion.

The Skyhoppers are pretty accurate though.
They’re definitely odd, but that’s pretty close to what they’re supposed to look like.
These have kind of a protruding nose/cockpit though and I think in “canon” they have flat fronts.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ladies and Gentlemen, school is in session and you professor for this week was just Fitz, dropping nerd knowledge all up in our faces!

I noticed your generic Joe for sure. Haha

He drew Wolvie?
That’s why the noses look so familiar!
There were a few spots like page 310 where the noses just stuck out something I should recognize, but I couldn’t place it.

Yeah, it’s for sure a stellar fuckin’ line up.
And if folks don’t know who ARCHIE GODDAMN GOODWIN is…they need to go edumacate themselves on what comicbooks are.

It woulda been a massive screwing of many pooches for this to suck.
Like, something seriously cosmically fuckin’ wrong.

I liked that daydream for a specific reason.
Luke is stuck on this dusty dirt ball with no connection to anything, sure he wants to go off and join the Academy, but he probably hasn’t seen anything more than distant flashes in the sky.
So I like that the art doesn’t look specifically Star Warsy, the random sci-fi look fits perfectly.

Those skyhoppers are canon?
They almost look like scaled down versions of shuttle Tydirium.

@Fitzman73:¬†Yeah they’re canon.

There’s one in A New Hope.
You know when Luke is fixing up the droids and the scene starts with him on the couch playing with a model spaceship thingy?
That’s a skyhopper.

You get to fly one in a mission in the old N64 Rogue Squandron game too.
I think that was the first actual rendering of it outside of that little model in the original movie.
They do kinda look like a tiny one man shuttle tyderium but I’m pretty sure their noses are cut off and the fronts are flat like a bus.
Not very aerodynamic.

Speaking of that Rogue Squadron game, the mission in that game is one of the things I thought of when reading this issue.
It’s also a Beggars Canyon run in a skyhopper, and I always thought that was the first time you see Beggars Canyon, but no, it happens in this very issue from like 15-20 years before.
It’s close enough in resemblance that I wouldn’t be surprised if the game designers used this issue as inspiration

Oh and nope I was wrong.
Just looked up images of a skyhopper and their fronts are almost exactly as depicted in the comic, not flat at all.
Some of the angles on the images though produce kind of an optical illusion that makes it look flat at first.
But in profile they’re definitely not flat.
Wings fold up too just like shuttle T.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I don’t think I ever noticed that, I guess a rewatch is in order to try to spot it.

Speaking of Begger’s Canyon, lets just get into the story cause I can’t think of anything to say about the art besides it’s DAMN good!

Our story starts with Luke in the Cockpit of the Millenium Falcon where he starts reminiscing about his days back on Tatooine.
Given our harshness in previous issues for similar set-up, did this smack you as a bit hamfisted?

@Fitzman73: Yeah a bit.

They seem to use this “I’m alone flying through space and bored and shit let me have a flashback” device a lot.
This is at least the 3rd time they’ve used it in 17 issues (maybe more since we skipped ahead a few issues).

The other times it was usually to give readers a “last time, on Star Wars” type recap.
Which by today’s standards feels SUUUUUPER lame and hamfisted, almost insulting to the reader.
But back in the day, before direct market comic shops let alone the internet, it was easy to miss a bunch of issues and there was really no way to find out what happened unless they did a recap like those.

This one was different though.
Right from the first panel the writing alone is so much more mature and well done that I knew it wasn’t going to be a cheezy flashback.

ThatScoobyDoom: I totally agree, but I felt given how harsh we were before it seemed only fair to point out they do the same here.

It wasn’t only a “last time on Star Wars”, mind you.
At least once it was a “lets check in with these characters for a page so you don’t forget they exist”.
It’s handled totally different here, it’s him reminiscing and appreciating where he came from and how much things have changed in the weeks since he left.

So, as we head back to Tattooine, we get our 1st glimpse that this isn’t gonna be like the first 10 issues.
We see Luke actually bullseye image

a womp

rat fr

om his


More than even the movie issues, to me it feels like for the first time somebody actually paid attention to the fuckin’ movie!
What do you think of that?
Do you agree?

@Fitzman73: Absolutely agree.
The fact that you’re actually seeing things that were alluded to in the film was really cool.

And you’re right it’s like somebody finally realized hey ya know, we could in fact connect these comics to the movies, we don’t always have to invent our own weird shit.

I thought the womp rats were a great touch.
I also liked that they even included Camie and Fixer, who were ultimately cut from the movie, but those scenes were in the comic adaptation (see prior Typecasts) so it was cool to bring them back and reinforce what Luke’s circle of friends looked like.
They didn’t just create all new random people.

I also liked how they spent time expanding a little on what the fuck they actually DO on that farm.
Not a lot of detail really, but it helped paint the picture that this is serious business.
Owen isn’t just being a dick, it’s really critical that Luke stay on top of his responsibilities.

ThatScoobyDoom: Yeah, it just works.

I’m just gonna flat out say it, I love this issue because it has everything, man.
With 1 small exception that I’ll mention in just a second, this thing still plays well today!

That 1 exception though is when Luke gets back to the farm he asks to go the the Beggers Canyon send off for Biggs, Owen is about ready to shut that shit down when Beru steps in and says Biggs is Luke’s best friend.
Then she tells Owen that he let a brother leave without saying good-bye, obviously talking about Anakin.
That totally gets a pass since this is pre-Empire and pre-Prequel so we know Anakin and Owen were never close, but that was interesting.
I like that when Owen left Beru doesn’t elaborate on it either.

I dug the Fixer mention too, it’s the first time that they actually make an attempt at a real continuity.
Not just the weird random sci-fi shit they create on their own.

Does it make Owen seem like even slightly less of a dick though?
He seems like a bit of an asshole ta me, in the movie I can understand him not wanting Luke to chase after that damn wizard, but here Luke just wants to have a little fun and say bye to an old friend.
Owen is still like “fuck that, work boy”.

@Fitzman73:¬†You saying that he’s like “fuck your fun times, get to work boy!” makes me think maybe he’s really not that much of a dick after all.

Obi-wan turns over this tiny little baby to Owen and Beru and is like hey keep an eye on this for me and make sure it doesn’t get broken.
They have to know who his father is, and even if they don’t know he turned dark (which I always felt like Obi-Wan must’ve told them at some point) at the very least they know he was a reckless Jedi and got himself killed.

So now Luke grows up and he’s hanging out with these people who are all going off to join the military and doing dangerous shit out in the desert and all that.
I think more than anything, all of his dickish behavior is Owen trying to make sure Luke gets as little time to be with those people as possible so that he doesn’t even get the bug to leave the planet much less join the military and get himself killed.
They probably don’t have detailed instructions from Obi-Wan, or daily interaction with him, but I’m sure the prime directive was “keep this boy safe and as anonymous as possible”.

Even when he says oh by the way this new droid belongs to Kenobi they’re immediately like oh that dude’s crazy stay away from him.
You know they know him and they know he’s not dangerous but it’s all about squashing anything Luke ever brings up so that he learns not to question anything.
Owen is going to keep him trapped on that farm, in his mind, forever.

So, is he really a dick?
Or is he just playing a role?
I tend to think it’s a little of both.
Judging by old man Lars in Ep2 and the harsh life he’s lived, Owen is bound to be grizzled and gruff, but at the same time I think most of his dickishness is really just him attempting to smother Luke for as long as possible.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I’d guess that Owen and Beru probably don’t know that Anakin is Vader, but that Obi-Wan did tell them that Anakin was amongst the most powerful people in the galaxy and that Vader and the Emperor might be looking to find powerful kids or maybe even trying to find Anakin’s kid.

So I agree that he probably said don’t let Luke know that he might be one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, but I really don’t see how being an asshole is necessary.
Gruffness for gruffness sake can and, as we saw with Luke, will sow seeds of dissent.
Luke was almost resentful of Owen holding him back until Owen died.

But now you have me wondering what that relationship between Kenobi and the Lars family was like and when Owen started, in your words, playing this role.
I mean, in the tail end of Dark Lord: Rise Of Darth Vader there is a scene of Obi-Wan following them and watching them and they seem like a happy family.
And I know that’s not canon, but I figure everything can be potential canon until they explictly make it non-canon with a new story, so at what point did they go from “happy family” to “Luke, get your head out of the damn stars and get to working you little shit!”?

@Fitzman73:¬†They show basically the same thing in the “Kenobi” novel.

He would basically make the trip across the desert every few weeks and spy on them from a distance to make sure shit was going ok.
So official canon or not (I don’t think that book is “canon” either) I’d say it’s pretty logical to assume that was happening.

I mentioned earlier and we’ll get back to it eventually, but this issue has a lot of the same ideas in it that show up in Kenobi, so somewhere there’s got to be some ounce of “canon” there.

ThatScoobyDoom: Which is kind of comforting if you think about it.

No matter how many times they visit the theme, no matter which writer handles it, Obi-Wan remains the same.

Let me know about those elements as they pop up.
So Beru basically brow beats Owen into letting Luke head to Begger’s Canyon and Luke heads off to work on his Skyhopper.
While doing his tune up he slips into a day dream about swashbuckling across the galaxy and saving a girl.

I mentioned this earlier, but I like the random sci-fi feel of this, it’s almost definitely unintentional, but it really sells the fact that Luke has never broken atmo before, he has no clue what it’s really like out in timage

he real war?


What did you think of it?

@Fitzman73:¬†Even though I knocked the ship designs a little before (although not really because I loved that Buck Rogers show), I liked this sequence. Although it’s funny when you think about it because it’s a daydream within (essentially) another daydream.

I liked it though, kinda gives you a look inside his mind.
Something similar to this is what I imagine is playing in his head during A New Hope as he’s watching the sunset.

And you’re right, the funky ship designs and flight suits really lend to the idea that this kid knows jack shit about what real fighters look like.

Did you catch how they called him “Commander” Skywalker?
It’s cool when you realize the writers put that in a few years before he would be called that in Empire.
A little unintentional foreshadowing perhaps.

ThatScoobyDoom: Chris Nolan stole Inception from this!!!

I didn’t think about that, but that’s a great point.
This very well could be what he was doing, just lost in thought, daydreaming of what is possible.
I like that!

It’s a great bit of unintended bonding of storytelling and art that plays well, even in this post Clone Wars world of Star Wars.
It works beautifully.

I read it but I didn’t really notice it.
That is pretty cool.
Seems to be alot of unintended forshadowing.

@Fitzman73: Definitely.

So what did you think about the Skyhopper race?
Again we get some creative synchronicity between this issue and something we’d see again decades later.
I thought showing Luke in this race, while not as elaborate or dramatic, was very much the same thing we see Anakin doing in Ep1’s pod race.
Maneuvering through a course that’s virtually impossible to survive with human reflexes.

But, this time it’s all humans in the race and by the end everyone has dropped out except for Luke…….and Biggs.
Which is cool to see them race each other, the two hottest pilots on Tatooine.
However, what does this say about Biggs?
Is he just a really good pilot or could he maybe have a touch of Force Sensitivity himself?
Obviously it wasn’t enough to save him during the Death Star Battle like it was for Luke, but since no one else but those two made through the entire canyon, makes me wonder.

ThatScoobyDoom: That was my very first thought as well, podracing runs in the family.

My second thought was “huh, so he actually made the trench run before Episode IV”.
Because think about it, the whole point of this Skyhopper race is to get to the largest Womp Rat Burrow which can only be approached through Begger’s Canyon.
Only way to hit that exhaust port was through the trench.

Unlike the last issues we read where Han made a trench run to destroy the giganto turd monster, this actually works well.
It’s an interesting little piece of action.

I don’t think it means Biggs is force sensitive, because if it does then you have to wonder if Han is.
Han has accomplished many more spectacular feats and I feel pretty safe in saying that he has zero connection to the force.
I think Biggs is just that damn good!

So thus far, it’s all been fun and games.
Biggs won the race, Jawas got pissy cause nobody wrecked, alls good in this hood…until suddenly a Militia Scout crashes his speeder and warns of impending doom from Tusken Raiders!!!


1 question for you.
1. What the fuck is the Militia?

@Fitzman73: Touche.

You make a good point there about Han not being force sensitive.
It makes more sense that Biggs wouldn’t be, that was all just wild speculation.

Ah ha!
Now we get to the heart of the matter and the biggest thing that to me connects this story to the Kenobi novel.
In that book they have local militias, kinda.
They’re basically like volunteer firemen.
When one farm raises the alarm about a Tusken attack (which apparently happens A LOT) the other local farmers arm themselves and come a runnin’ to help drive them off.
It’s very Old West frontier days type shit.

Basically they kind of depict the sand people like Native Americans and the moisture farmers like settlers in the Old West encroaching on their lands.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I’d think Obi-Wan would have sensed Biggs if he’d been force sensitive also.

It’s an interesting notion, but I think that’s barking up the wrong tree.

That’s interesting!
I’m still a dozen or so novels away, were the Militia men mentioned in the Episode IV novel or is this here the first mention of it?
I think that’s pretty fuckin’ cool if this is the first mention and then John Jackson Miller mentions it in Kenobi, shows the dude knows his history.
I wanna read that Kenobi book, man.

That’s a classic trope.
And based on the reaction here and the Episode II novel, yeah…I’d say that the Tuskens attack ALOT!!!

@Fitzman73:¬†It’s been awhile since I’ve read the ep4 novelization, but I’m pretty sure they don’t mention any kind of militia.

I think this comic is the first time.
But since it shows up again so far in the future it makes me wonder if it was in some of GL’s story notes.
I can’t imagine JJM used this as inspiration necessarily, it’d be such an obscure pull, but it could be that he was looking at the same notes on Tatooine that Claremont may have been given.
Again, wild speculation.

One of the storylines in Kenobi is all from the point of view of a band of Tuskens.
So you get to see how both worlds function, the farmers and the Tuskens.
Feels very much like a Western.

What did you think of the Tusken using his gaffi stick as a projectile instead of just a club?

ThatScoobyDoom: Welp, I just asked John Jackson Miller on twitter.
Hopefully by the end of this we have a definitive answer from the man himself.

What was that like?
I imagine their brains to be chaotic and disjointed.
Almost like a ADD Puppy on speed.

I didn’t know what to think of that honestly.
Those sticks have always kinda confused me based on the design.
They look like javelins to me, making it seem like the most logical way to utilize it would be as a projectile, but that curve at the end kinda shoots that down cause it sorta fucks the aerodynamics of it all to hell unless you’re at a close range like this.
Also, given the weirdo shapes on the ends it looks like it could be some sort of low energy weapon.
Like a blaster rifle meant to stun to prolong torture or something.
That curve makes me think it could be used like a propeller too, swing it over your head and bring it down to crack some poor sap in the side of the mush.

Context, the Tuskens attack Luke and crew at their little post-race party, after the militia dude warns them then passes out or dies (not sure they made it clear what happened to him).
One Tusken chucks his stick at Biggs and hits him in the shoulder. Turns out, filthy prick dipped the stick tip in Sand Bat Venom which appears to be highly toxic!
Whatcha make of that image


n o

f e



Turns out he came up with it himself, but he later found a mention of Militias in the Tattooine Galaxy Guide.

@Fitzman73: I saw that.
Go straight to the source.
At least we don’t have to waste any more time speculating.

The sand people in that book were portrayed very much like indiginous people, a little more primal, very superstitious with strong traditions and their own cosmology and creation myths.
It was pretty interesting.
They were more normal and less monstrous than you’d think given what we’ve seen in the films.

I always looked at those sticks as improvised weapons.
I don’t think they all look exactly the same, other than they’re all blunt force club type weapons.
They look to me like they’re fashioned from salvaged junk.
Whatever bits of metal they found that looks sharp, heavy, or pointy.

Of course it was dipped in poison!
Haven’t you ever seen a cowboys and Indians picture?
It’s always dipped in poison.

Seriously though, it was a nice way (even though a little cliche) to introduce a time lock into the story.
It wasn’t dramatic enough that they needed to get into town quick to sound the alarm about the raiders coming, now Luke has to fly the most impossible route through the canyon in order to save his best friend’s liimage

fe (fo

r a co

uple y

ears a


ThatScoobyDoom:¬†The wonderful world we live in, you can go straight to an author and ask all the questions you’d ever desire to know the answers too.
Alot of authors gladly answer too.

Yeah, that’s not what I’d expect at all, especially given what could have potentially happened to Anakin’s poor mother.
I’d think them to be unthinking, uncaring, unchecked beasts.

I should have, but the look of them is just so strange that it seems like it could be anything from a lead pipe to some sort of energy weapon.
It is a great design.

It seems like an unnecessary raising of the stakes, not nearly as bad as the last arc we read, but still.
The unflyable chasm should be enough of a challenge.
Do you mind the whole “nobody has ever done it before, but Luke has to at least try” thing?
I think that may be the only thing that sticks out as a little too hokey for me, ya know…given Luke JUST SAID something about how great Biggs was for making it through Begger’s Canyon when even he couldn’t.

@Fitzman73:¬†I think that’s why the poisoning was necessary.

It gave Luke no choice but to do the impossible or die trying.
As a result he finds out that he’s capable of greater things than being a farmer, and that even when something seems impossible, there’s always a chance to succeed.
It really is the trench run, and seeing how he aced this you can see where all that bravado and confidence came from when they attacked the Death Star.
This story kinda shows you that it wasn’t all just him being young and naive.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I’ll be honest, I’m only trying to poke a hole so we don’t come off as blinded fan boys just slobbering on the balls of this book just for cause it says Stary Wars all up on the covery part.

Is his family being in grave peril not enough of a reason to die trying though?
Does he need yet another reason to rush home?
Do we really need to risk his super best bud who’s just gonna eat it in a few years?

@Fitzman73:¬†No we don’t need it.
But it did make it cool.

And also all this Biggs talk just made me realize something that I never really considered.
As if their relationship isn’t crazy enough, Luke’s FATHER killed his best friend.
Let that sink in for a second.
That’s a fact that gets totally lost in the “Oh my god he kissed his sister” conversation.

ThatScoobyDoom: Ya know, until I started talking with you for these Typecasts a year ago I never really paid much attention to Biggs.
To me, he was just a dude that Luke used to know years back on the dust bowl planet.
But talking to you, he’s kinda become a more important character, even though he gets dead in the trench run saving Luke’s bacon.
It’s pretty clear you always dug him though and it kinda rubs off.

But yeah, that is pretty fucked up that dear daddy Vader basically kills almost every one of the folks what Luke cares about from the old country, if ya will.
Mentor Old Ben, best friend Biggs, depending on what theory you want to believe he also killed or ordered the hit on Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.
This Vader dude is kinda a dick.

I don’t think we said it, but Luke does the impossible and makes it through Begger’s Canyon only to come upon some of those attacking Tuskeimage


ow did th

at tickle

your fan


@Fitzman73:¬†I’m not sure that I “dig him” so much as I obsess over the tiniest details of these movies, to an unhealthy degree.

Plus there was always kind of a mystique about him because almost all of scenes were cut and decades went by spent wondering what he was like on Tatooine, what was thier friendship like, etc.
That lack of information feeds the imagination.
Even now with the inclusion of some of that cut footage, you still don’t get much information.
So things like this comic are cool because it adds to the non-canon stuff that I’ve built up in my head about him over the years.

I thought the way Luke came up through Devil’s Ass Crack or whatever they called that exit from the canyon and shot passed a bunch of Tuskens was cool.
I liked how they used the surprised Tuskens to illustrate how incredible this was.
The way they point out that the Tuskens in all their history have never seen anyone come through that cut in the canyon wall was a nice touch.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I’m not saying you wanna get your hair and nails did and take Biggs out for dinner and see where the evening takes you, but you seem to have a particular interest in him because of the total blackout in detail for him.

I mean, I was trying to find details on him being in some old novels and I don’t really see much, so of course it would cause your imagination to build a history based on their short interaction.

Aye, me too.
If you look close they seem to being just blind firing cause they’re so surprised.

It sells the whole thing and brings it home as Luke streaks through the sky with them firing u’p his afterburner causing a fiery crash image

landing at t

he Lars homestead


@Fitzman73: And then, just like we kinda talked about earlier, Luke even says to himself this felt like some kind of test.

Which then leads into a flash forward to the trench run before Han snaps him back to reality aboard the Falcon in the present.

ThatScoobyDoom: And that page that shows the stuff what happened in IV is just a stunner.
Better than image

the art in those issues.

Okay, I gotta ask, and you did sorta touch on this earlier when talking about Luke’s trench run bravado, but does this in anyway cheapen Episode IV for you?
Does it make Luke’s journey in that movie seem less impressive to you at all?
Cause I’m of 2 minds on it.

@Fitzman73: Not really.
It makes it more believable to me.
Especially when you add in the information you get from Episode I.
To me it connects him more to Anakin, which is something you don’t get much of just from the movies.
It shows he’s more than just a good pilot, there’s something special there.

When he says hey this Death Star trench is no big deal, this issue makes that seem more believable that he would actually feel that way.
But when the shit hits the fan you still get to see him realize that oh this is NOT just like Beggars Canyon, at all.
He almost immediately finds out that yeah maybe the trench run itself is the same, and hitting a 2 meter target, but doing it while trying to evade trained killers all around you is something else entirely.

ThatScoobyDoom: That is my dominating thought.

It actually makes alot of shit in A New Hope make way more sense.
As I said at the start, somebody, probably Claremont, paid attention to the movie and just figured “fuck it, lets make these references mean something” and it totally works.

This isn’t me just looking for a flaw so we don’t sound like Marvel/Star Wars zombies, I feel this is a legit point.
What makes Luke’s story in ANH so interesting is that he’s a good mechanic & he’s a good speeder pilot, but once you insert all of these impressive feats into his background it almost feels like “what’s the big deal? He’s basically done this before, this time he’s just getting shot at the whole time and not just at the last moment”.

Again, I agree that it doesn’t, but I think that’s something to consider for a moment.

@Fitzman73: I could see where someone might take it that way.

ThatScoobyDoom: Our last scene is, as you touched on before, Han coming into the cockpit of the Falcon to take over for Luke in a scene that is actually kinda sweet.

Han tells Luke that he knows Luke must want to get out of the pilot seat because hours at the controls can be pretty boring.
And Luke tells him maybe some day he’ll get tired, but that day’s not today.
How did that hit you?

Also, there’s one thing on this last page that we’ve both bitched about in the past, can you spot it?

@Fitzman73: I thought it was a cool little scene. It reminded me of something out of Firefly.

The boredom of piloting in deep space all alone.
I thought the “Don’t get space happy” line by Han was dismal.
I had my own flashback to the Roy Thomas arc we read before.

Not sure what the gripe was on the last page except the design of the Falcon looked a bit off.


ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I didn’t make the Firefly connection, but that’s a very apt way to describe it.

You just hit the nail on the head.
I read “Space Happy” and it made me cringe SSOOOOOO hard!
It definetly didn’t ruin the issue, but I had hoped we’d moved past that shit.

Yeah, the Falcon has alot less detail than we’d expect.
I’ve flipped ahead quite a few times and we’ll see that again…alot.

@Fitzman73: Yeah that line was fucking awful.

It almost ruins the rest of the issue.
It’s like getting to the bottom of a delicious ice cream sunday and finding a dog turd.

The Falcon looks really flat and smooth like it has the same skin as an old WWII bomber.
At least that’s what these comics make me think of.
Carmine Infantino who takes over from Howard Chaykin after the series of issues we covered previously was really bad (good?) about that.
The Star Destroyers are the same.
They look perfectly trialngular and their surfaces are very smooth almost like glass.

It’s weird because I think the Infantino art is some of my favorite.
But his spaceships are never quite right.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†Lol, I didn’t think it was that damaging.

But at least you gave us all a…good…visual…image…

I wonder if that was him or his co-artists, because I looked and it’s pretty rare that he did the issues alone.
Bob Wiacek seems to be the most frequent co-artist, I can see somebody of Infantino’s stature wanting to do the character stuff and leaving the rest to somebody else.

I do dig what I’ve seen of Carmine’s art though.
It’s great shit.

@Fitzman73:¬†It’s weird, Wiacek was usually an inker so I thought maybe that was the co-artist part, but looking him up at, it doesn’t look like they have him credited on this issue at all.

So then it makes me wonder if he did the layouts or something, or like you said maybe the ships and non character stuff.

Carmine Infantino just died recently, couple years ago, it was a bummer because I would’ve like to meet him.

ThatScoobyDoom: Keep in mind that this issue is Herb Trimpe and Allen Milgrom.

Next issue is where Infantino came back, with Gene Day for that issue, and the detail on that opening page is pretty good.
But lets save that for another day.

Yeah, even at 24, I’ve reached the age where alot of the folks I’d like to meet are starting to go.

Well, my good sir, we’ve reached the end of this story.
Is there anything else you’d like to say about this issue for the good folks reading/listening?

@Fitzman73:¬†No, I’m spent.

This was a fun read with some interesting concepts and nice art.
I give it 7 out of 10 womp rats.

ThatScoobyDoom:¬†I hate giving scores, but I might go even higher. This is without a doubt the best issue of the old run that I’ve read.

As we close, I want to say something really quick. By the time this goes up it will have been 1 year since I launched my site and this whole Typecast concept and you’ve been extremely instrumental in that. Counting this one, you’ve done 9 of these now covering a wide range of topics, 90% of which within the broad theme of Star Wars. I’ve had great guests,¬†@SpiderScooby,¬†@TESDGroupie, @ScoobyAddict,¬†@JoinedToFollow, @ScoobySnaxCom, and @MemeEmSteveDave, but none more than you.
Not to mention the help you’ve given me on videos and shit in that time, and much more

So thanks for all of that.
I know for a fact my site wouldn’t have nearly as many visitors without you, my good sir.

@Fitzman73: Are the mics off?

Should I zip up my pants now?

ThatScoobyDoom: *garbled*
Die fink show!

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